Rescue at Riverside Cothold

Western Weyr - Center of the Bowl
This is the center of the huge oval crater of the Weyr. Standing here you can see how immense it is. The cliff sides rise up all around you, dotted with the caves of the dragon rider's weyrs. To the west you can see the arch open to the sea. North is the hatching grounds, south you see the cave entrance to the living caverns, and to the south east the entrance to the infirmary, raised a little from the weyr wall.

With all the rain that's been falling, the residents of Western Weyr are in luck today. Instead of a steady downpour that lasts most of the day, it's merely intermittent showers beneath the glowering clouds above. At least nobody's getting washed away here. A few dragons are settling to the floor of the bowl, drudges hurrying out to pack some supplies on them when a loud bellow echos through the Weyr, Miraneith appearing on her ledge, her call an alert for all the dragons. « There is a problem. » the queen informs them. Enka's emerging from her office and making a stately waddling progress down the steps to make her way to the central area of the bowl. « Everyone on alert. » Miraneith is informing the dragons, who probably will pass it along to their riders and their riders will pass it along to the non-riding weyrfolk.

It's only moments before Zusamenth's lithe form swings in - Liandyn's been kept close to the Weyr these days, and thus she and her green are near when the senior's call goes out. Landing near Miraneith, the green briefly lowers her muzzle to the queen, while her rider, remaining perched upon her neck, peers at Enka as the Weyrwoman emerges. "What is it now?" she grouses, wrinkling her nose.

Zsriston emerges not too far behind the waddling weyrwoman. He doesn't have a dragon of his own, but if something fun and/or exciting was about to happen he sure didn't want to miss it! As they head out into the bowl, Zsriston pulls on his parka. "Is it bad? Are people gonna die? Can I ride on Miraneith? You're not gonna go, are you Enka? Bein' pregnant and all." There's a flurry of questions for the weyrwoman as the teen follows closely at her heels.

Miraneith rumbles softly, her dismount from her ledge to the ground something of well … a flop. She does flap her wings once or twice, but she's mostly just oozing over the edge to the ground, since it's not more than a meter or two off the bowl floor anyway. She dips her head in acknowledgement of Zusamenth, the queen crooning softly at the green as several more dragons land, drudges packing them up quickly, and a number are already taking off faster than anyone can say knife. "Riverside Cothold," Enka replies, checking to make sure her jacket is securely fastened. "They were afraid of this, so we had an extra set of sweeps overflyin' 'em. River's inundatin' the place." That's when Zsriston gets a look. "It's bad, and people /shouldn't/ die unless they get trapped underwater, but hopefully that won't happen. You can ride on Miraneith," the senior pauses for breath. "And yes, I'm goin' but I'm not wadin' in to rescue people." She'll just sit there on the gold dragon after all. More dragons are taking off. "We're goin' the long way." Which means flying straight. At least it wasn't raining today.

In much the same predicament as Enka, Liandyn settles herself more firmly on her green's neck. "We'll fly with you, and take as many supplies as my Zusa can handle. We can at least tend to those pulled from the drink." Maybe she can't quite perform up to snuff, but she is a member of Archipelago - this is very much her line of work. "Can we go before Ae'gus gets here with the senior weyrlings? I don't want to have to explain myself until after all this is done."

Zsriston blinks a bit at Enka. "Ooh. No floating bodies or anything then, hm?" He heads over to Miraneith and gives her a pat. "Hey Mir! You ready to fly off to Riverside?" She better be! Because he's already climbing up onto her neck and leaning down to give Enka a hand up. He's an expert dragon-climber, having be climbing browns and bronzes since he was even littler. "I can wade in to rescue people!" Maybe smaller people. Or maybe he'll just pick things out of the water.

"I hope there aren't," Enka says, wrinkling her nose. "Or else the dragons that are already goin' on ahead will pick up the floatin' bodies." Hopefully. Miraneith rumbles at Zsriston before she crouches low to allow both her rider and her rider's assistant to mount, aiding Zsriston as he gives Enka a hand up by placing her forearm just so to allow Enka to balance on it. "Don't blame you," Enka calls out to Liandyn as she buckles herself in, drudges approaching to help pack supplies on both queen and green. "Would have to have to explain to anyone why we have to go." But then again, a certain bronzerider /is/ part of search and rescue himself. "Off we go." Miraneith leavers herself up, tossing her head as she lumbers skywards towards the clouds. « Follow us. » she says to the green, certainly her greater bulk will provide a nice little windbreak for the smaller dragon to snug right down behind.

Zusamenth huffs softly as she's loaded down with supplies, Liandyn directing the drudges to add a few more bags when they would have normally stopped. "We can handle it," she says kindly to the confused woman, even as the green snaps her teeth and grumbles audibly. Once they're laden down with supplies, the dragon pushes herself into the air, laboring into the wind until she's sheltered behind Miraneith's bulk, wingbeats growing stronger. « We follow. » The soft, sly voice sounds in the gold's mind as she takes position in their formation of two.

Zsriston pouts a bit. "Aw. I guess I'll just have to poke a dead body some other time." It was more exciting when they were floating, though. Zsriston straps himself in behind Enka. He leans forward a bit like he's going to hold onto her for the flight, then tilts his head a bit in puzzlement. Too awkward! He holds onto the straps, instead. "How long is it to Riverside if you don't between?" He questions Enka. Then he turns around a bit to wave to Liandyn behind them.

Flooded Courtyard - Riverside Cothold
A large flat area of trampled ground forms the courtyard for the bustling cothold — aptly named for its location not far from the curve of the river as it bends around the small spit of land that the cothold rests upon. Several outbuildings are erected around the courtyard barns for livestock and cottages for holder folk with orchards beyond them.

Now the courtyard lies beneath nearly five feet of murky flowing water bracken and debris choking the spaces between the outbuildings doorways blocked off with only the upper windows of the structures themselves visible. The river — once so calm and peaceful — has overflowed its banks rushing across that spit of land with a determined charge. And the water only looks to creep higher inch by inch.

Enka lets out a long exasperated sigh. "You are incorrigible." she notes to her assistant. "Wantin' to poke dead bodies. Why don't you go huntin' tunnelsnakes sometime. They're dead after you snare 'em." she hunkers close to Miraneith's neck, the gold reaching a comfortable height and then veering off through the skies beneath the clouds, her steady wingbeats carrying over over the soggy and rather moist terrain below. "Aint that far," Enka replies, Miraneith craning her short neck towards the ground. "Western's a big island, but it's not like we're flyin' from here to Tillek." Someone could probably ride a runner around the whole island in a couple of days, and runners can manage up to 40 miles a day pretty easily. A dragon could probably fly pretty fast too. It probably wouldn't be long before the flooded out cothold is below them, and the senior gold is dropping towards the waters below. A number of dragons have already arrived, and their riders are hard at work trying to pull people free of the cothold's second story windows.

As they come within sight of the flood, Zusamenth shifts, sliding down and ahead of Miraneith as she moves to drop her supplies in a secured location, several other members of Archipelago moving to meet the green and her rider. As they swarm her, tugging off bags, Lia pulls off her riding helmet and tucks it under the straps, then dismounts, rubbing fitfully at her belly. Raising her head, she looks up to see where Enka and her queen have gone, clearly intending to keep a close eye on the Weyrwoman - hey, she needs a good excuse to be here, just in case.

Zsriston blinks at Enka. "Am not! Wait, what's that? Incorrigerigable? Meh… tunnelsnakes are boring. I want to see something bigger dead. And smelly! Plus I heard when you die first you're all soft and squishy, then you get all hard like a rock! Then you get all decompose-y. Woo! I can see it! Holy Faranth look at all the water." The teen looks a little lost as they head in. "Uh.. what do we do?"

Miraneith's wingbeats create ripples across the water as she hovers, dropping down over the ground to land on a soggy, but thankfully still solid bit of ground, her forequarters slumping down towards the muddy ground as her rider unbuckles the harness, and wiggles around awkwardly to be able to slide down to that helpfully uplifted forearm before the queen sets Enka gently down. "It means you're a rascal," Enka says, peering up at Zsriston. "And you'll probably get to see your dead bodies," So far, the riders and dragons sent ahead are pulling people out first, but there goes the rather sorry looking corpse of a herdbeast floating by. "See," Enka makes a face, watching a couple of riders from Seamount appear, and set to work unpacking the supplies atop Miraneith. "How's it lookin' so far?" the goldrider calls out, resting her hands against her stomach. "They get everyone out?" There's a shake of the head from one of the Seamount riders. "Still working on it."

Once Zusamenth is unloaded, Liandyn sends the green up to the air, to survey from above and report back to the other members of Archipelago anything that they may have missed. Waving off helping hands, the greenrider picks her way across the soggy ground, moving towards higher ground with several bags of supplies. Once she's settled, she has her dragon send word to several of the rescue teams, letting them know she's in place to receive wounded.
Zsriston grins to the weyrwoman. "Am not." Wasn't rascal synonymous with weyrbrat, anyways? As Enka points out a dead herdbeast, Zsriston's eyes light up. "Eeeeeew!" He jumps down off the gold and looks around for a stick. Locating one, he tries to poke at the herdbeast. By the time the stick reaches he's almost flopped into the water. The force of the stick makes the beast spin around awkwardly. "Ewwww!" Having satisfied that need, the teen heads over to Enka, still brandishing the stick. "Okay, who should I rescue?"

A'ven arrives, flying low and making a face. "Yuck.", can be heard clearly from that height. Glyith does his best to land some distance away, preferring to make A'ven walk. "I didn't realize it was….. this bad." "Is everyone okay?"

Enka leans against Miraneith's shoulder, using her harness as a means of support as she listens to the reports given from the Seamount riders who are helping with the transportation of goods. Hence why they're available for news rather than being involved with pulling people out. "Water came from over there," the stocky tow-headed rider is saying gruffly, pointing to the location where the river spilled its banks. "Came flooding in all through here. Made an awful mess." As evidence. "Thanks," Enka nods, her expression rather grim as she watches Zsriston poke at the herdbeast. "You fall in," she calls warningly to him, "I aint fishin' you out." A'ven's arrival is greeted with a slight nod, as rescue teams with victims for triage begin orienting on their location — and then beyond to where Liandyn awaits. "Awful aint it? Not sure if there's drowned people yet." she answers. "Obviously they didn't get all the livestock out in time." As evidenced by that herdbeast.

Slowly, members of Archipelago - Seamount choosing to use Enka as a staging area - bring refugees to Liandyn. As yet, no one seems more than a bit waterlogged - a few cuts and contusions, but nothing to vex the greenrider's rudimentary first aid skills. In between helping people and getting them prepared for transport to a safer locale, the greenrider scans the skies, watching Zusamenth as she floats above, sending reports to the other dragons. It's the green who spies the young boy first, clinging to a downed tree in the midst of the flood waters, sending the information in a broadcast sending to the other dragons.

Zsriston pouts a bit. "I ain't gonna fall in. Seems like a waste though. All this stuff is ruined and the herdbeasts are all dead." The teen can at least help hand out the supplies. He pulls what he can down from Mir, handing out food and dry clothing to the people who really need it. Obviously most would be transported elsewhere, but some of the children and what not were in rougher shape. Not to mention the riders who were working hard to evacuate everyone.

A'ven takes a long moment to assimilate what Enka is saying. "I certainly hope nobody drown.", he echos, "… though I can understand why they'd want to save the livestock. Times would be awefully lean here without the beasts… they depend on them a lot." He looks over to where the triage is happening, no doubt checking for pediatric patients. "Maybe that's where I can help best…", he says, inclining his head toward the Healers — "But, wherever they need me is fine. I'm sure Glyith would be fine moving debris.. he loves to play in the mud." Oh if only this was a game. But the Weyrleader's grim expession says otherwise. It's at that moment that A'ven gets Liandyn's dragon's relayed message, "Faranth…", he says under his breath.. knew there had to be at least one…" He does manage a smile for Zsriston though, it's good to see a young person helping, and it'll make the very frightened less so to see someone closer to their own age. He starts off in the direction of the picture from Zusamenth, trying to see if he might help there.

Miraneith's head lifts, her grumbling sound a warning to all the dragons present as the message is passed along to her from Zusamenth. "Oh shells," Enka swears under her breath, straining her gaze towards the flood waters. "Someone help him," She can't. Not in her condition, thank you. She thumps the queen on the shoulder, assisting with the removal of packages and bundles containing necessary items for the now displaced holders, smiling gratefully at Zsriston. "Well, I don't think anyone expected the river to rise this much," she answers him, "and nobody anticipated the place gettin' flooded." She grimaces slightly, eyeing the dead herdbeast again and nods at A'ven. "We'd better take 'em back to the Weyr till this all dries out. Might have to help them with food and other supplies till they can get more beasts." She turns, glancing up towards the drier ground and Liandyn. "You doin' all right up there?" she hollers to the greenrider.

A tiny blot in the horizon grows bigger and bigger as another dragon makes his way onto the scene. It doesn't take long before the slim, elegant form of bronze Halinith circles into view, wings extended in a glide as he tries to find a landing. Wind whirls and swishes as he soars lower, eventually alighting somewhere close by that's dry enough to hold his weight. Ae'gus is quick to dismount, agile and speedy despite his stockiness and size. He flicks his goggles up to the top of his head, letting them rest in the disarray of his reddish gold hair as he surveys the scene with a furrowed brow. Picking his way over the ground, he lifts a hand towards Enka and A'ven, "'lo there! Wonder if'n y'need some help? Thought I'd lend a hand. Where might y'need someone extra?" As he heads in a bit closer, he inevitably spots Liandyn and a bright smile appears despite the grim surroundings, "'lo there, Lia love. Y'doin' okay?" He does spare a moment to look her over from his vantage point, perhaps wantign to satisfy himself that she's not being overworked in this situation.

Zsriston is helping! And bragging to all the younglings how -he- got to poke a dead herdbeast. At least it might keep their minds off of the fact that their homes were flooded with water. "You guys will all get to come back to the weyr, it'll be fun!" He tells a younger holder. Then to a group of older holders. "Yep, I'm really important at the weyr. I'm the weyrwoman's assistant. I also got her pregnant. Yep." There seems to be some commotion though as it looks like someone might drown. Hopefully it's enough so that Enka didn't hear Zsriston's claims. "Is someone keeping track of who was rescued?"

A'ven is gone for a good while, assisting as he is with the attempted rescue of the boy caught in the current of the nearby river. There's some shouting now and then as the boy's rescuers try to get the ropes into place, words of caution lest the rescuers get swept away themselves, and now and then a call for more ropes and more hands. At least, the commotion is indication enough that the boy hasn't gone under. If they're still trying to save him, that certainly means he's not yet drown. A somewhat frantic woman runs past, looking this way and that, trying to find her way to the river too. "Someone said my Dane is missing, have you seen him?", she asks nobody in particular, she starts toward the river, looking ashen. "It can't be…" A few more steps and she faints, crumpling softly into the muck.

It's a good thing that Enka can't hear Zsriston's bragging, intent as she is at overseeing the Seamount riders as they assist in passing out nice warm blankets for those uninjured persons that were pulled from the flood, and the upper stories of the cothold and outbuildings. She's also distracted by the sound of Ae'gus's voice, the goldrider nodding over at the Weyrlingmaster. "Could use some help checking the area around the cothold. Bigger dragons wouldn't get washed away in the river, but we need to make sure the area is clear of anyone who might have been washed away. The fainting woman is noticed, Enka moving awkwardly towards her. "Ma'am," Enka's patting at her arm, bending down gawky-like as best she can, pregnant as she is. "Ma'am, you all right?"

Ae'gus bobs his head once to Enka, lifting two fingers to his forehead in a lazy salute as he grins, "Not a problem then. I'll go checkin' 'round for anyone. Hal can help, too." He takes a moment to brush a hand over his hair, smoothing it back where it sticks up around his riding goggles. Then he's off, boots squelching slightly in some of the wetter areas of mud as he starts to survey the area around the cothold. Halinith, his great bulk visible further off, starts to amble off in another direction as he too peers around. With both of them searching it's obvious something might be found soon enough.

A green dragon bursts out of _between_ high above the scene, trumpeting her arrival for all, draconic or human, to hear.

T'burk comes sligging in with his granddaugher half a step behind. They are both fairly soaked but still bright of eye and trying to watch everywhere at once. The old healer…(not /that/ old!)…has a long coil of rope draped over one shoulder and across his chest. "We got those wagoners free!" he calls out to A'ven. "Everyone is fine. How can I help here?"

The dragon circles down and lands in the courtyard with an almighty splash, and the rider dismounts, coming in along with T'burk, the younger rider panting but still energetic as she lugs a huge pack through the flood. "I managed to get some folks to safety just before they hit the rapids. They were drifting around on a /raft/ for Faranth's sake. Anyway, I brought some supplies."

There's a squawk from the middle distance. "Okay, deary," Kyldar says, "/we/ managed to rescue and /we/ brought supplies."

Working steadily, Liandyn takes a break as there's a pause between refugees to her station, wiping at her head with the back of her hand, and rubbing a hand over her distended belly, murmuring softly as she peers downwards. Assured everything is okay, the greenrider then turns her attention skyward as above, Zusamenth slides sideways, neck extended as she studies something - then slips back into her hover, clearly dismissing whatever captured her attention. A brown lands nearby, long enough to deposit a man with a sizeable gash in his head before taking off again, and the greenrider groans to herself, staggering over to help him.

A blue can be seen gliding in low over the river. There's a bit of a hush from that direction as the boy, Dane, is lifted to safety on dragon's wings. The blue warbles nonchalantly, at such a simple thing. The people on the other hand are quite relieved as the almost-drown boy is deposited lightly on the shore… and just like that what had been a tense situation is now one of celebration. A'ven returns in due course, trudging upward on the difficult footing back to the main group. "Dane is going to be fine… they'll fly him to Healer Hall just to be sure." He looks to see T'burk and waves, and Kyldar too… with supplies! That's a blessing! Only then does he notice Enka, still tying to rouse the woman who fainted. "Oh dear…", he says, eyes flickering to T'burk for a look of professional concern, "When did that happen?" His brows furrow as his mind catches up with the scene that he had so hurriedly left. We'll need more dragons to clear this debris.." "… can't hardly walk in this mud…"

Miraneith dips her head, the big queen whuffling as Enka peeks upwards in her direction, tugging on the woman's arm now. "Oh dear is right," she calls over at A'ven. "She just fainted dead away." She rubs at the woman's arm, moving her hand to pat on on the cheek, and gives a grateful sigh of relief when the lady is stirring. "Let's get you up," Enka suggests, shooting another pointed glance at Miraneith, who scuttles sideways, and moves her paw towards her rider, the weyrwoman using the gold as a brace to help the woman stand, the queen's forearm helpful as something for the holder lady to lean against. "You're boy's gonin' to be all right." she says, "you're goin' to need to get somethin' nice and warm to wear." Enka looks fleetingly towards the two greenriders arriving, and grins faintly at them. "Thanks," she says, nodding.

T'burk says, "Don't send /anybody/ *between* to /anywhere/ till they are absolutely dry!" he calls out to several riders who look eager to leave. He heads over to Liandyn to check to see how the woman is faring. He kneels down beside them."Do you need a dry towel here?" He turns his head ove his shoulder to call over to his granddaughter, "Kyldar, you got that thermos of hot klah? I think this lady here could use some."

Kyldar makes a beckoning gesture to her dragon. "Come on, Sina," she says. "Help me with this." The dragon splashes through the floodwater and takes hold of the rider's pack. Kyldar disengages herself from the pack and opens it, taking inventory, climbing on to the dragon's forearm as she does so. "Let's see, we have blankets, medical kits and medicines, dry goods, flashlights, fresh water, cooking equipment and a couple portable radios. Who needs what?" She looks around, particularly at the injured victims and pulls out a med kit. "Right," she says, handing the kit over to T'burk. "Aside from that, who needs what?"

As she binds up the man's headwound, Liandyn grimaces as his blood coats her hands. "I sure hope you're clean," she mutters, glancing into the glassy eyes of her patient. "Faranth. T'burk!" Glancing towards the nearby greenrider, she lifts one crimson-stained hand for him. "T'burk, this one's bleeding bad - head wound, and I think he's in shock." Biting at her lip, she shifts so she can hold the towel to the wound, keeping pressure on it as she waits for someone more experienced than she to deal with him.

Kyldar adds to T'burk: "Yeah, we have the K'lah too." She hands that over to T'burk as well.

T'burk orders, "Quick! We need to get him dry and warm. Shock is far worse than the head wound. Here, give me a hand with him. We need to get him someplace dry where we can build a fire."

Ae'gus trudges along through the mucky muddy terrain, sidstepping here and there to peer around debris for any injured parties. Some things are a bit difficult for him to traverse across due to his short stature, but he makes up for it with strength and agility. He manages to climb over a heap of some broken wood and nearly runs into someone on the other side trying to make their way up - a young woman limping on a bleeding right leg. "Oh … ouch," Ae'gus grimaces and straightens, offering an arm to the woman, "C'mon. Let's get y'to th' triage." It takes some doing, but he starts to carefully guide his find back towards Liandyn and the healers. "How are y' Lia love? I … " He begins but stops short, noticing the blood on her hands. He immediately stammers to a stop, "Ah … ah. I hope that's not yours, is it?" His eyes widen and he reaches out with his free hand to touch her shoulder. The injured young woman gives a little whimper of pain and sits down amidst the triage area, clutching at her right leg.

A'ven allows himself just a little smile. Things are getting handled and that's a good thing. The man who is bleeding makes his little celebration a short one but as T'burk takes notice he relaxes a bit. He says to Enka, "I think what you said earlier is probably right… we've got to take in some of these people… there's just too much to clean up and do… every person we can evacuate is one less to burden them as they try and rebuild." He says, thinking long term.

Kyldar is lifted in the green's hand, and looks around. "I think we can set up a makeshift triage there," she says, pointing to a nearby shack. "Good sturdy roof to set up cots and a fire for cooking and heat. Can the patients be moved to there?" She wipes rain from her face and looks around a little more. "And any spare supplies can be set over there I think."

"If you can find a way to get him dry in this, be my guest," Liandyn murmurs, but she leaves the man to T'burk's care, moving towards the bags of supplies she and Zusamenth had brought in. Extracting a towel, she wipes at her hands, starting slightly at the touch on her shoulder. "Huh? Wha - no, love," she murmurs, smiling at Ae'gus. "It's his," and she nods towards the man. "Here - help me get a blanket for him, and some bandaging for your friend there." Her eyes flicker to the injured woman, and she tears open the neck of the bag, dumping its contents atop the others. Blanket is handed to Ae'gus, for T'burk, while she grabs a towel and a roll of bandaging, moving to approach the injured woman. Above, Zusamenth jockeys in the wind, continuing a never-ending list of stranded people.

T'burk asks, "Kyldar, for time's sake, can Sinathapelth carry the man over to the shack please? If we can get im there I can take care of him."

"Aint gonna be any way most of them are goin' to stay on here," Enka says sourly to A'ven as she bustles Dane's mother towards a place where warm clothing, warm klah and somewhat dry shelter can be found. "Not till the waters recede and they're able to start rebuildin'." the goldrider looks worried and ill for a moment, and then snaps her fingers towards Miraneith. "Mir," she orders the queen, "have someone fly sweeps, check further down the river and make sure the cotholds and villages down there are all right. And then have someone else go up river." The goldrider nibbles her lip thoughtfully. "We don't have to go /between/," she remarks to the assembled healers. "Aint like Western's that far away. Might be a bit longer than we'd like for the wounded, but it's not that far flyin' straight."

Sinasapelth lifts Kyldar up to the roof first so she can be of better assistance to the patient. The rider pulls a blanket out of the pack and wraps the man in it as he squats shivering on the roof. Kyldar the grabs a tankard of klah and takes a swig, closing her eyes and sighing in satisfaction as if it were the most wonderful thing in the world. "Any other injured, or otherwise in dire need, bring them here," she calls out. "This will be the triage at least until the flood recedes."

Ae'gus gives a faint smile of relief as the blood gets wiped away, "Y'had me worried for a moment there, love." He leans forward, settling one hand on Liandyn's shoulder and moving to try to catch a quick kiss, "I'm off t'try t'find more people. Y'be careful, eh?" He lets his hand linger on her shoulder for a bit more out of fondness before pulling away and leaving the young woman to his weyrmate's ministrations. He does pause on the way to dropt he blanket off with T'burk for the bleeding man, "There y'go. Try t'get him warm, eh?" And then he's off back into the semi-flooded area, searching for any other victims that haven't been able to find the triage area yet. It's not long before he's lost to sight amongst debris, though Halinith is still a bright spot nearby for those who might look for him.

Liandyn takes a moment to watch Ae'gus walk off, expression fond, before she awkwardly kneels at the woman's side, making quick work of bandaging up her injured leg. "I don't suppose this could have waited three months, hmm?" she asks wryly as she finishes working on the woman, getting her settled before moving to take a breather, leaving the incoming injured to T'burk and Kyldar for the time being. Hands clasped over her stomach, she tilts her head back and watches Zusamenth as the green continues to scan for anyone needing help, clearly enjoying the role of director as she relays her finds to Archipelago and Seamount.

Miraneith warbles, stretching her short neck up to regard Zusamenth as the green goes about her director work. « Good job. » the queen relays the words to all dragons assembled. « You are all working hard. » The queen's doing quite a bit herself, a bulwark of solidity on the ground as she oversees the coordination of all the dragons and relays the findings from the dragons up- and downriver. "Least the other places aint havin' as much trouble," Enka says, nibbling at her lip as she passes Dane's mother off to someone who can feed her and settle a blanket around the woman's shoulders. The goldrider rests a hand against Miraneith's shoulder, waiting for the cotholder's person in charge to come slogging through the mud up to her. "Weyrwoman," the stocky little man nods in greeting, looking rather waterlogged and tired. "We're grateful that Western Weyr responded so quickly." "Wasn't a problem," Enka said, pushing the man's shoulder to turn him towards the respite tent. "You look half-drowned, man, grab a warm blanket, and get some klah, and you can tell me everythin' you need to tell me." Pitching her voice forward, Enka calls out. "Need klah for the cotholder here."

Kyldar, still in possession of the supplies, grabs another tankard of klah, and directs Sinasapelth to take her and the klah over to the Enka and the cotholder. "Here ya go," she says, handing it over. "Mental note," she adds to herself, "bring more klah on the next run."

T'burk gets the man with the gashed head up on the roof of the shed and carefully pulls off wet jacket and short and wraps him in a dry blanket. Dry feet next. Once the man is dry he can take a better look aat his scalp. He mops it up with a clean cloth then gets out the redwort from his black bag that's always with him. Then the numbweed is applied. In the dim light it is hard to see but with expert hands theveteran healer can put in a fewstitches then bind the rest with tape. The bleeding soon stops as a clean dressing is applied and then tied down with a bandage.

As the number of injuries slows - a cothold only holds so many people, and many managed to make it out fine, Liandyn settles down on the sacks of supplies, scrubbing tiredly at her face as she watches Zusamenth kite about above. When several minutes pass without the green having to direct traffic, she sweeps in for a landing nearby, reaching out her muzzle to nudge the girl in her side. "Soon, love," the greenrider murmurs as she strokes the malachite muzzle. "These people need rest more than I do. We go when Enka goes, and not before." Discontented rumbles sound, but the green doesn't press her rider.

Vinteth comes sailing in, wings out wide, no worse for wear aparently. She circles the area slowly, bugles out to Sinasapelth and lands as close to her rider as she can. Evidently she's been back to the Weyr and has bundles of dry blankets and other leather sacks of supplies strapped to her.

Enka's free hand is stretched out, accepting the offered mug of klah that she then presses into the cotholder's hands with a grateful nod and a murmured word of thanks to Kyldar. "There," the goldrider says, commenting to the cotholder. "You drink that up, we'll get a warm jacket for you, and I'll take you back to the weyr myself." With the klah mug in the man's hands, Enka's own are free to rub briskly against her back, the young woman wincing and stretching awkwardly. "Shells," she mutters, glancing down at her belly. "All this runnin' around, I'm goin' to need to get off my feet and take a rest." But it was important for the weyrwoman to come after all. "Good," she notes the arrival of T'burk's green, Miraneith crooning a good job note to Vinteth. "She's a handy green, you've got there, T'burk." Only then does Enka's gaze stray towards Liandyn. "How you holdin' up, Lia?"

Sinasapelth responds to Vinteth's greeting in kind.

T'burk checks his patient's pulse. Then with a satisfied nod to himself silently calls to Vinteth to come to him. "Thanks, Enka!" T'burk calls to hEnka. "We're veterans at floods, we are!" he says with a smile. Carefully Vinteth hops to dry patches…the water seems to be receding a little. T'burk can now get another blanket to wrap around his patient. "Thanks, Vinnie! Lets see what else they gave you…" He rumages in the sacks. "More hot klah!" he calls out to the others.

"I'm alive. When this is over, I'm going to let Ae'gus pamper me outrageously." Liandyn flashes a tired grin at Enka even as she shifts on her perch of supplies, letting several riders get at blankets and bandages to take to Kyldar and T'burk. "My Zusa, she says she's not hearing anyone else in real trouble - just a bunch of panicked holders worrying about their things." The green grumbles again, flicking her wings back as she lifts her head to study first Vinteth, then Miraneith.

Kyldar watches Vinteth land and waves to the green. "Yes, more blankets! You're a Faranth-send, Vinteth!" She watches T'burk rummage through the new delivery. "And klah! You miraculous dragon, you!" she adds. There is a squawk from her own dragon. "And yes, you too," she says. "Say, Sina, do you think you can scoop some rocks and mud together and make an island in this floodwater? It might make a better triage camp than that sharding roof."

T'burk smiles brightly at Kyldar. "Good idea!" But now he's keeping an eye on Enka and Liandyn.

"I'd say you've earned it," Enka grins cheerily back in Liandyn's direction, "ought to get him to draw you a nice warm bath with lots of sweetsand bubbles, and then give you a nice massage after that." The goldrider seems decidedly thoughtful as she glances around for the bronzerider, who's probably off rescuing people or doing whatever. "I've got a couple of ideas of my own," she remarks to the younger greenrider. "I do know I've got to get off my feet though. K'ael and I have decided we're goin' to have a big strappin' boy based on how much he's kickin' me. And he's heavy." Ooof. She looks over at the cotholder, and then tilts her head at Miraneith. "Round up that assistant of mine, Mir," the goldrider calls out to her dragon. "We'd better start gettin' people back to the Weyr. Bundle 'em up good so they can tolerate flyin' back straight." She gives T'burk a smile. "You're welcome, and I'm shardin' glad we've got such experienced veterans here today. Knowin' what to do in floods, can't say that's the case for me." she chuckles a bit, and then addresses Kyldar. "Might be a good idea that, we can take the kids and anyone else who isn't too badly hurt back to the Weyr, and see what can be done for everyone here."

Sinasapelth rumbles an acknowledgment to Kyldar and sets to work pushing the dirt together in to a mound.

Pushing herself up, Liandyn groans softly. "T'burk, ready a couple of people who need to get back to the Weyr - we'll take 'em, me and Zusa, since we have to fly straight anyway." Sliding down from her mound of supplies, she moves towards the green, pulling free her helmet and jamming down over her curls before preparing the straps for passengers, ignoring the tart grumbles from her lifemate. "By the time we get there, at least, the lower caverns should be ready to receive anyone we evacuate."

Kyldar nods to Enka. "Let's see what we can do then. Sinasapelth is always full of energy and enthusiasm. There are plenty of dry places in the weyr, too, and better food than can be brought out here. Oh, and we're going to need some firestone so the dragons can vaporize the water and dry up that mound she's making over there."
T'burk nods as he helps to hand out blankets. He gives Enka a salute. "Aye, Aye!" he calls. Looking at the mound that Sinasapelth is building he muses, "Dragonfire on that mud and we'll have baked clay!"

Miraneith rumbles softly, scuttling over the mud to rest as close to her rider's location as possible before the goldrider offers a jacket to the cotholder. "Right then," she nods at him. "Up we go," she gives him a reassuring smile. "We'll go back to the Weyr, and have a nice chat in my office about what you need and what's missin' and destroyed," she pats his shoulder, and then moves past him to reach her dragon's side. A number of dragons and their riders are gathering around to convey passengers and refugees back to the Weyr. "Aye," Enka nods over at Lia. "They'll be all ready for us back there, and we can have a fresh shift move in here to spell the rescue teams." The weyrwoman looks thoughtful. "Might be better to build a berm or somethin'," she says, "divert the water away from this area. At least here, we're on a bit higher ground." She's at Miraneith's side now, waiting for Zsriston and the cotholder.

After securing some of the more stable injured on Zusamenth's back, Liandyn clambors awkwardly up to her seat on the green's neck, grunting softly. "Soon," she remarks to the dragon, "I'm going to have to start having Halinith take me everywhere. Your ridges are starting to pinch me." Snorting, the green tosses her head, then paces towards Miraneith, waiting patiently at the gold's side for the signal to head back to the Weyr.

Kyldar says to T'burk, "Baked clay is good. It'll be dry, and warm to boot." She gives Enka a pat on the shoulder. "That sounds good. I'll follow you back to the Weyr when Sinasapleth finishes up over there." She allows herself a tired smile. "All in all, a pretty good shift."

T'burk says "Wait! Wait,wait, wait……" He thinks. "If it /is/ clay…after te water recedes we can build up a wall around the town at the banks of the river….have the dragons fire till it's hard….prevent the river from flooding again."

Enka takes her own sweet time in clambering onto Miraneith's neckridges, thankfully aided by the helpful uplifted forearm of the gold dragon before the other passengers are loaded up as well. Buckling everyone in, Enka chuckles, glancing in Liandyn's direction. "Least I've still got some room." she calls out teasingly, her gaze flickering away to note the other riders and dragons that are taking more refugees on. "See you back at the Weyr," the goldrider nods at Kyldar. "And thanks." T'burk gets a thoughtful look. "It's somethin' to consider," she remarks, "but we'll have to wait and see if the water's goin' anywhere first." And with that, Miraneith lets out a bellow, and then leaps upwards, ponderously gaining altitude to lead the way back to the Weyr.

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