Blood and Traders

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Hot Springs

Created by the fires of the volcano a pocket of ancient air has created this huge open cavern in the black stone. Most of the floor is covered by bubbling mineral water that gleams azure in the dim light of glows. Swirls of green, blue, red, yellow, black and white are awash on the walls and floor, earmarks of earlier times when the hot water boiled out of its bed and rose to fill the dark cavern.

A few signs of humanity can be found. A trunk with soft fluffy towels, soap and a boardwalk erected through the middle of the four pools so that people can find their way to the hot water without burning their feet along the way. It is rumored that an hour in the hot water can melt away even the worse of troubles, leaving a person relaxed and ready to face a new day with vigor.

It's eveningtime at Half Moon Bay Weyr, but the hot springs are delightfully empty at the moment, only one person occupying one pool. A well-maintained crossbow hangs from a hook on the wall, dirty and bloody clothes piled on the stone beneath, clearly indicating which the owner holds in higher regard. The owner, though, is scrubbing the blood off his arms with a handful of sudsy soapsand.

Erina has been on her feet all day, selling her wares at the market. Time for a relaxing dip in the springs! She stops to disrobe and hangs her clothing on a hook. That's when she sees the crossbow. And the blood. Her eyes go wide. Then she spies the bloody fellow in the pool. She scrambles over, looking quite worried. "Are you okay?" She asks.

"Huh?" Daranyl looks up, "Oh, this?" He raises his arms indicatively, then reaches for more soapsand, "Naw. 'Snot mine. Help'd butcher a herdbeast is all." His voice has a definite back-woods sound to it. He wets more soapsand, twisting in place so he can soap up his back now, as if this is all totally normal.

Erina briefly looks more alarmed when Daranyl says that the blood isn't his. Fortunately, the explanation calms her down a little. "Oooh. I see. That's messy work, I suppose." She laughs, tension dissolving away. "Ah, sorry. Being rude. I'm Erina, trader. Do you mind company?"

Daranyl rolls his eyes just a little, "Wha'? Didja think I beat a man ta death 'n' was jus' sittin' in here calmly cleanin' up? Weyr kinda frowns on tha'." There are a few scars on his side and back, but nothing too heinous or anything, "Don' mind if'n ya do. 'M Daranyl." He nods towards the crossbow on the wall, "Jus' a hunter."

Erina is feeling a little more calm now. Suddenly all the weaponry and blood seems a lot less sinister and threatening. "Pleasure to meet you, Daranyl." She slips into the pool, settling in against the wall opposite the hunter. "And I don't know what I thought! I just saw a bunch of blood and… well. Blood is scary!"

"Blood is life." Daranyl wiggles vaguely pink fingers at Erina, then goes back to working the gore off, "Unfort'nat'ly, it's also sticky, hence th' washin'. 'N' it does star' ta stink after awhile." He dunks under the water to wet his hair and stubble, plucking a bit of vein out of the latter before starting to soap that as well.

Kyra needs a bath, so here she is. She has her leg wrapped in plastic again to protect the cast around it as she hobbles along, for once not bringing along a crutch, just a bag of things to wear when she's done. She has her white shift-style beach dress on and a sandal on her good foot, indicating this is purely bath time rather than, ah, needing to scrub off gore. At the sight of Daranyl, she props her fist on her hip and exhales roughly, "Really? You're gonna get a bloody film all around that pool." She looks to Erina as if to say 'am I right, man?' before shaking her head a bit again and finding a place to set her bag down near enough to Daranyl that she'll be able to talk, but not anywhere near the bloodied water, "Hi, I'm Kyra!" This cheerful, chirping introduction is apparently for Erina, as Kyra is smiling lightly and invitingly in her direction.

Erina is beginning to question the wisdom of sharing a pool with the bloodied fellow, noting the pink tinge approaching her in the water. She grabs some soapsand to clean herself as a protection against the bloody film. "S'pose that makes sense…" When Kyra introduces herself, she looks up and offers a little grin in her direction. "Oh! Nice to meet you, Kyra. I'm Erina, trader."

"It'll clear up. Lay in th' nex' pool if'n it bothers ya." There are four, after all. Daranyl snags more soapsand. He is, at least, serious about getting it cleaned up, "Where else'm I meant ta do it, then, Kyra? Lagoon's no' fit fer it 'n' walkin' aroun' bloody from fingers ta waist is har'ly p'lite." Because polite is his biggest worry, ever, right?

Kyra chucks some soapsand off the dish and over towards Daranyl as she snorts out a little laugh, "A dip in the lagoon could've at least made it a little less gooey, you know?" She reaches back to untie her dress while giving Erina a mildly apologetic look, "You can skip out and join me if you want. It's nice to meet you. You're a trader, yeah? Where'd you just blow in from? Anywhere interesting? Does your caravan specialize in anything?" Don't worry, Erina, everybody gets that sudden waterfall of questions. Slipping out of her little beach dress thing, she folds it in half and sets it next to her things so she can slip slowly and hissingly into the hot bath water. It takes a few seconds for her to get used to it, but once she does, she plops her butt down on a rock with a relieved sigh.

Erina is torn. She doesn't want to be rude and flee from Daranyl. On the other hand, she doesn't really want to be soaking in bloody water. Ultimately, her concern for hygiene wins out. She gives Daranyl an apologetic sort of smile as she pulls herself from the pool. "Thank you…" She offers, scampering over to slip into the water with Kyra, sighing at the heat. "Mmmm… our last major stop was at Ista." She answers. "We have jewelry from the smithcraft, sweets from the bakers, and the latest fashions from the weavers."

Daranyl snorts something that might be amused and just starts scrubbing with that soapsand, too, "'M nearly done, anyway. 'Twas only one heardbeas', anyway." And, truthfully, his tanned flesh is starting to show through. Soon, he may look like a real boy again, "'N' b'sides, who wan's bloody wa'er on th' docks?" The mention of jewellery, sweets, and fashions just makes him roll his eyes again. Nothin' he wants, then. He'll let he ladies talk.

Kyra just makes a face at Daranyl, wrinkling her nose up playfully before she laughs and looks over at Erina, "Ooh, sweets, yeah? I might have to look at your stock. I've been trying to get some new clothes, too, sort of… update myself. A little less function, a little more fun, you know?" Daranyl will get a flick of water for that eyeroll that Kyra did not miss before she dunks her head underwater and comes back up sweeping her hair back. She pulls herself up to sit on the walkway so she can start scrubbing her feet and legs, inquiring further of Erina, "How long do you think you'll be here at Half Moon?"

Erina glances back at Daranyl, catching sight of that eye roll. Well. There's one sale she won't be making. But Kyra is a much more plausible target. She works up her best smile as she starts soaping again. "Well, I'd certainly be happy to show you what we have! We've got some excellent new warm weather clothing that is very trendy… oh, I'll be here another few sevendays, at least. Maybe through the month."

The next time Daranyl dunks his hands, they come up clean outside of just around the fingernails, and he seems satisfied with that for now, leaning back against the edge of the pool with a contented noise, "Whatcha mean, clothes fer fun?" He flicks a bit of water back at her, but he sounds honestly curious about what that means.

Kyra finishes scrubbing the pads of her feet and her legs, so she slips back into the pool and starts on her torso, nodding attentively to Erina, "That's good. That'll give me plenty of time to check it out." She looks over at Daranyl when he asks her that question and shrugs, "Well, like, instead of heavy duty fabrics and stuff that won't tear when I'm hunting, things more like… well, I own this little pink dress that I like. And some of the girls at Xanadu were even talking about bikinis." She's blushing a little bit now as she has to explain it, "Just… stuff that doesn't have to hold up against daily chores, but I can wear whenever I'm not doing anything important."

Erina gives Daranyl a sideways glance and a vaguely amused sort of smirk for that remark. "Don't you ever just want to look your nicest?" She asks, though it sounds like she already expects the answer is 'no'. She looks back to Kyra, grinning. "Well, we have some lovely pieces that should fit you fine. And…" She pauses, sounding a little surprised. "… We have bikinis, too. Though… ah. Sorry, I hope I'm not being rude, but… I was under the impression that weyr residents usually… went without?"

Daranyl shrugs those shoulders as he can, "Never really been an issue. 'M a simpl' man." He glances over at Kyra, then reaches for more soapsand, pulling his right leg up enough to scrub at it, "Ya do look nice in tha' dress, though." His gaze flicks briefly to Kyra, then back to his perfectly not-dirty knee, scrubbing fit to find new skin.

"Sometimes we do, but that doesn't mean we don't like a bit of flare once in a while. We also tone it down a bit if hold folk are around, as a matter of courteousy," is Kyra's amiable response to Erina's question, smiling at her easily to show that it really wasn't rude at all. She folds her legs under herself as she takes a seat once more, looking pleased to hear that there are likely things to fit her. Daranyl's comment earns a small look of surprise from Kyra before she laughs and grins over towards him, "Thanks! I really liked wearing it when I was doing candidate chores in the tavern. It goes good with a serving apron." Okay.

Erina seems a little relieved by the smiling reassurance from Kura. "Oh. Good. Well, I'm certainly glad to show you the swimwear we have. We have a nice variety, from daring to conservative." She blinks, glances to Daranyl, then looks back to Kyra with a smile. "We also have some very nice dresses." Scrub scrub scrub.

Daranyl switches legs as he glances at Kyra again, "'Strue. Ya shoul'… ya shoul' wear it more. Ya know, when yer no' huntin'." COUGH. "No one ever toned it down 'roun' me." Kyra may know the truth, but most don't.

Erina continues to make her pitch about the various things she has to sell until Kyra ends up fleeing from her endless salesmanship. Then she leans back in her back, finishing up her scrubbing and glancing over at Daranyl.

Daranyl dunks under the water one last time, then pushes himself up out of the water and leans for a towel. He doesn't say anything for a long moment, then glances at Erina. His gaze is almost… confused, then he murmurs, "Ya sai' ya have jewellery? Like necklaces 'n' such?"

Erina arches an eyebrow, looking a little confused for a moment before a little grin stretches across her face. "Yes, we certainly do." She glances at the exit. "… Something for the woman who just left the cavern, perhaps?"

Daranyl's shoulders lift and fall, a delightfully non-committal nature that comes to him as easily as breathing, "I may come 'n' see. Migh' maybe fin' somethin' I like, yeah?" He doesn't look up at her this time, though. He's not good with these feelings… things.

Erina smiles a little wickedly as she pulls herself out of the pool. "Well. I certainly have a few pieces that would look very nice on her… drop by the market sometime, mmm? I'll set some nice things aside for you." She winks, then goes to towel off and dress. "Pleasant evening!" And off she goes.

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