Dangerous Conversations

Autumn-Winter - Day 16 of Month 10 of Turn 2714

Fort Weyr - Gemstone Tavern

The dim lighting by the flicker of candles lining the walls is enough to offer a view of a room decorated in such a way as to be tastefully appealing. Each piece of furniture and decoration is chosen to accent another piece, and so on and so forth, matching and tying the whole room together in a theme that's separate, and yet at the same time unified. Tables line one wall, dimly lit by candles hanging in sconces all along. The bar along the far right wall is made of richly toned mahogany, tooled by a master and polished to shine with the soft glow of wood at its finest.

Candles strategically placed add to the atmosphere, accenting, punctuating. Towards the back is an open fireplace, constantly burning with a bright light, warming the tavern on cold nights and serving as a gathering place for patrons' story-tellings. Across the room, lush pillows and soft-covered floors promote relaxation at ease. Just before the pillows is a long stage, so full of its own vigor and memory - nicks here, marks there, scuffs from footware and other things - that it's possible to imagine the shows put on for the patrons without necessarily seeing the performances.

The afternoon is cool and overcast out side, as the Fortian Autumn is turning into Winter. Inside the Gemstone Tavern however is warm and inviting, there isn't a large crowd but it is enough that the owner has lit the hearth. Riohra is sitting at a table glass of something dark in his hand while he is fiddling with one of his many, 'contraptions' this one is about as big as his hand and all that can currently be seen are a lot of little gears. There is another glass across from him at the table set for someone the tall hunter is waiting for, this is filled with a clearer liquid.

It took some doing, but eventually S'van manages to find his way into the tavern. He's dressed for the northern winter; a dark scarf coiled around his neck, thicker riding jacket, and gloves still on his hands. It doesn't take him long to scan the place and locate his friend, faint smile on his face as he moves easily through the not-yet crowded space to slide into that empty chair. "Hey Rio," and he goes for the glass in his spot, lifting it with a questioning glance before he takes a sip.

Riohra grins up at his butcher turned rider friend "Hey Sev, or is it wingleader yet? I don't know if you were still not drinking alot so I just went with water." he says to explain the glass the rider has. Unlike the bronze rider, Rio is dressed in a short sleeve shirt with his jacket on the back of the chair he sits, "Thanks for coming, did know if you would get the time off."

A quick snort and a quirk to the corner of his mouth precedes S'van's response. "Yeah, no. I can't even make it through the damn obstacle course yet," he notes, which is oddly amusing to the bronzerider. "Think I'll settle for just surviving the training for now. Worry about fancy knots later." A quick, "Yeah no, not really," for drinking. "Water is great. Thanks," and a few hasty gulps are taken. It's warm enough inside that he's soon removing scarf and jacket both, twisting in his chair to lay them over the back of it. "Afternoons are typically free," he notes. "It's too damn hot to do drills with the sun in the sky, so we finish everything before lunch time." Another quick smirk and a glance at the door. "Sometimes I forget the rest of the world is actually headed into winter. Well. The Northern half, at least. Doesn't feel much different at Half Moon." A glance back to the hunter. How're you? I heard Kass Impressed a queen; congrats."

The hunter laughs at talk of the rest of Pern changing "Everything changes man, you just got lucky enough to get put in a place that the changes don't involve the weather." Riohra grins as his face lights up at the talk of Kassala "Thanks, though I can't be adding my name to that credit list. But Kass is happy and that is all that matters, Xerosaeth is beautiful. When you get a chance you should go see her, I think she would like to talk to another rider." In his eyes there is a twinkle of mirth as he adds "Well another one than Risali.."

"I was referring to the weather," notes S'van dryly, setting the glass back on the table. He leans back, stretching out long legs and slouching comfortably. Another half-smile for the response that bringing up that particular name brings to his friend. "I can, I suppose," he offers hesitantly. "But not sure what I'd be able to tell her. I was just there, actually; went to go pick up a friend and ran into some of the weyrlings. Brings me right back to when Aede was little."

Riohra nods and points a finger when he talks about his own weyrling time "that right there, she is with a bunch of people she doesn't know. In an environment that is still new to her. An old friend who has been through it would be a welcome thing I would imagine." He finishes turning a last screw and then places a thin brass plate on the back and screws it down. It is a wooden music box and he sets it on the table before drinking his whiskey.

"I'll go," agrees S'van, reluctantly, "But I'm not sure I'm best to be giving advice on how to get through Weyrlinghood…" a shift in his chair, a small twitch to the corner of his mouth that is more dry and humorless than truly amused. "You know I spent most of that time breaking every rule they set, right?" Maybe not, considering Riohra was in Fort and Sev didn't write any letters. "But I'll go, if you want me to. If she wants me to," he amends. A curious look is cast toward the music box, a quick, "S'that for her?" asked.

Riohra shrugs at the box "I don't know yet, just found it broken so put it back together." He will take another drink before saying "Thanks, I think she would like that." he chuckles and nods "I had heard rumors when I would visit Baylee, and Xyvette, but sometimes you have to break some rules to grow up." Says the rule breaker king himself.

"Yeah. Some…" says the former weyrling who broken them all. And isn't at all apologetic for it, really. But those times are past, and S'van is free to do as he pleases; within reason. "Where did you find a broken music box?" he wonders next, conversationally curious if nothing else. "Doubt you found it laying around the forest."

Riohra grins "Oh I was down by the Minecraft hall and it was there in a pile of busted things near there tavern." He does have that road warn look of someone who has been traveling alot. "Figured just because it is a little broken you don't toss it away right?" He reaches over and winds it up, and the soft notes play of some child's lullaby. "So what new and exciting things have you and that amazing flyer of yours been doing?" Glass is drained and placed on the table to await a refill.

"Depends on why it's broken, I suppose," says S'van philosophically. "Could hold some bad memories, for someone. Never know." Shrug. "But it's yours now." He reaches out to grab his water, lifting it for long sip before he hmms thoughtfully. "Not much exciting, to be honest. Which is probably a good thing, considering what Wing we fly with; exciting would likely mean something bad happened somewhere," he notes with a smirk. "But we did go up to Reaches for some ice skating, and Aede felt the need to chase a damn gold. Didn't catch, tho." There's a quick glance down for that empty glass and the flagging of another, small frown but no comments.

Riohra nods and teases the stern rider "I see, well at least you get to travel alot." He looks over as a new glass is brought for him and he smiles at the waitress before looking back S'van "You know your sister wants a pair of ice skates right? You better get them for her before that harper friend of hers does."

"She told me that she did some skating last winter," notes S'van, following the waitress with his gaze briefly before it flashes back to the new drink and then Riohra. "What Harper friend?" because this is news to him. "Ran into her friend down at Igen that I never knew about, either," he states flatly, only a little peeved. "Some weyrling that knew her. Apparently, she's been doing more traveling than me," he says wryly, cracking a half-smirk at the thought. "Didja know about him, too?"

Riohra nods and drinks his whiskey "Who Z'ki? Good solid man, family of guards. Good manners, no real bad things about him." Yes the hunter vetted him, yes Sephany will be mad, "And as far as getting around, you can blame Risali and Tanit from what I have seen.." there is a look of amusement and then sympathy for the tall bronze rider. "She is just experiencing life my friend, you going to tell me you never did anything crazy, like say biting someone?"

There's a strange expression on S'van's face, something that flashes between disapproval, shock, and disbelief. "What do you mean 'getting around'?" because he doesn't exactly like the sound of that particular phrase. "I hope to Faranth you mean literally getting around." As in, traveling. That weird expression just sort of solidifies into something hard, and cold, and not at all friendly. It's not meant for Riohra, but rather for the information that Riohra is giving him. "That is different," he insists. "And she better not be biting anyone!" Or. "And if someone's bit her, I will take their fucking head off." He's… not even joking. Don't try to talk about logic here; there is no logic when it comes to over-protective big brothers.

Riohra watches the man drop into over protective brother mode, he does it all the time with Kelani so not surprised at all. "There has been no, crossing of lines, least you would have received a noticed to watch over Kelani for me as I would be locked away." Yeah the hunter is a lot of things but restrained isn't one he takes another drink of his whiskey "And yes she gets around by traveling, she is young not brash.." that he knows anyway.

S'van is not certain that he believes Riohra, and the look on his face says just as much; narrowed eyes and tight jaw. "You just said that she was 'experiencing life', Rio. Just what does that mean?" Because Sev sure had a rather… deviant way of experiencing his own life, and is trying desparately not to picture Sephany doing any of that. "And I am watching over her, though she doesn't appreciate it one bit," for Kelani. "How long as she known this Z'ki guy? And who is the Harper?" Because yeah, he caught that, too.

Riohra nods and drinks more "she is expressing her self with drink and dance, mostly around Risali and Tanit from what I have seen so there really is nothing to worry about….is there?" he asks S'van. "And there are several new harpers here that we all are friends with, but the one I am currently talking about is young Eiram. You will like him, good with stories but also fun to have on an adventure. You should come to the next Karaoke night my friend, I can play a song for you on the guitar."

"That is not at all reassuring," replies S'van, frowning. "I have seen both of them dance." And it is not a fond memory, from the expression on his face. But he seems somewhat satisfied, if not entirely pleased. "Maybe I ought to drop in on her…" and grill her to death, no doubt. His glass of water is promptly grabbed and chugged, and when he flags down the server it's something a bit more alcoholic that he orders. "Maybe," for Karaoke night. "I'll offer moral support, but I don't sing." A furrowed brow and frown. "Why aren't you at Igen with Kass more? You are her are still a thing, right?"

Riohra drinks a little and raises his eyebrows at the question, "Why do you ask? Already plotting out your next gold flight" there is enough teasing in his eyes but it doesn't reach his voice. And the smile he has knowing he might be winding up the bronzer but he just can't help it. "She asked me to give her space as she learns, here or on the Yoko, my heart is still for her so it matters not."

"Really Rio?" asks S'van, exasperation clear in his tone. "You really think I would do that?" There's just enough hardness in his tone to say that he is actually offended. "You know nothing of what it's like when Aede chases," he says darkly. "It is not at all pleasant for me. He's caught once, chased twice, and I hated and regretted it both times," he admits. "And secondly, I would never do that. To the best that I can control it, Aedeluth will never chase Xerosaeth. But someone will, someday, and the sooner you can wrap your head around it the better it'll be for you and Kass. She's going to need support, not a guilt trip." It's a darker scowl that greets the serving girl when she comes back, and Sev takes his glass with a quick swipe of his hand, though he doesn't drink it yet.

Riohra nods and puts his drink down saying "You are right of course, I know nothing about it. But why would I guilt trip her? Xerosaeth will rise and bronzes even yours my chase and win. This is her dream, she is among those that she has watched and admired for turns." While S'van has the scowl to burn down a Weyr down, Riohra has that solid stone cold stare. The one that only comes from standing infront of death and laughing. "But it isn't for me to decide whom the dragon chooses, only to be here and wait if she wants to come back." His face now is guant as if sleep has been the one prey he has yet to catch.

"Then you shouldn't joke about it, Rio." That look is not vanishing anytime soon, even if it's directed at the wall and not the hunter. S'van's fingers curl around his mug without notice; it's more to hold than to drink. "It's part of being a dragonrider. But it's not a fun part. Not for me, at least. And Kass will have it worse. Aede may chase, but he'll lose a lot more than he wins. Xerosaeth may only rise once a Turn, but she'll always be caught." And now grey eyes find Rio once again, narrowed in thought rather than anger. "You know… Kass could take a sub. It usually doesn't work," he notes, "but it did for Baylee. She was able to take Krenn instead." Instead of him. "If you're there, when she goes up, you could take Kass away." It's the haunted look that does it; a look that Sev knows rather well. "Doesn't do any good to think about it. Just takes you into dark places."

Riohra laughs, not his usual jovial one but a harsh cynical sounding thing that is as out of place on the hunter as can be. "I actually don't worry about it anymore, after the third or forth nose you break about the same subject you learn to just let it go." He shakes his head ruefully before he drinks and adds " Not the darkness finds me, sometimes when I am wide awake the nightmares come, do you know what it is like not to want to sleep and always have to keep moving so your own mind doesn't try to drive you insane?"

There is a hard study of Riohra's face; Sev doesn't even pretend to hide it as he rakes his eyes over his friend, taking in those little expressions and tell-tale signs that he may have missed; the dark eyes, the hollow, gaunt look. "Breaking things doesn't help, either," comes in a flat tone of voice. He straightens just a touch, enough to rock his shoulders back and turn his casual lean into something not at all casual anymore. The mug is finally lifted, finally sipped at, only to be dropped down and forgotten a moment later. "Yes." It's a single word, but it holds so much weight, a heaviness there that is soon enough mirrored in his own expression; distant and dark. "I do. And I know what it is to not sleep at all, and still find no relief."

Riohra nods and drinks more, looking over at S'van "than you know what it is to want to just find something that keeps you going, anything be it drinking or tinkering" he motions with his glass to the music box. "I spent fifty-six hours teaching my self the guitar, the harpers want me to go and apprentice at the hall. I have hunted everything here, that is still allowed inside the the limits of the promise Kassala made me give. and yet the dreams still come, the mind healers say I am fine, at least as far as everything goes."

"Then you are talking to the wrong Mindhealers." There is no amusement in his tone, but there is an edge of anger. "Seriously. What mindhealer tells you that you're fine, when you have reoccurring nightmares? Rio, go to the Hall." He pushes the glass away, something about the conversation making him regret the decision to order something alcoholic. "I know why I had nightmares," he murmurs finally, low enough to be private, loud enough for Riohra to hear. "And I thought I could handle it myself, but I couldn't. It got to me, twisted me up. Almost made me someone I'm not. And it took Baylee telling me to get help before I actually did so." He leans forward, elbows on the table and a very pointed look fixed on his friend. "So if Fort's mindhealer is telling you that you're fine, find another. Because you're not fine."

Riohra nods looking at S'van "I haven't told the healers at Fort, I don't need that in the place I work. I do my job, I make marks to save. I tell them I am having bad dreams, they will label me as unstable. There goes my job, and any chance i would have of standing for another clutch." He drinks again and looks into those grey eyes of S'van's "and i am getting help, I am talking to my friend."

There's a sound made in the back of S'van's through; disapproval and disgruntled. "That's bullshit. It's their job. What do you think they did when I showed up to tell them I had fantasies about killing a dead man?" he argues. "They're sworn to secrecy, and unless they think you are a danger to yourself or others," and he narrows his eyes, assessing the hunter once again, "They have no reason to take you away from your work. And if youare a danger to yourself or others, you owe it to the rest of the Weyr to get help." A curl of his lip, something vaguely predatory in his expression. "I am not a professional. And I ain't got any advice besides what I just told you. I couldn't help myself; there's no way I'd be able to help you. Get actual help."

Riohra thinks about that now as he mulls over his drink, "I have a friend in Xanadu, mind healer good man. usually tells it to me straight." He looks over at S'van eyes narrowing slightly "But I go, you don't tell anyone. Not your weyrmate, your sister, certainly not Kassala, Catwin, or Baylee." he takes another drink still watching the bronzerider "I don't need them worrying me or getting after me about it because I know I will just close up and stop trying."

The hardness in S'van's grey eyes does not diminish; nor does the tension wrought through jaw and shoulders. But when Riohra lays his conditions on the metaphorical table, the look changes from disapproving to shock and hurt. "I wouldn't tell anyone," is the immediate answer, firm and resolute. "I would never do that. Your secrets are your own, Rio. I'm not going to spill them to anyone. It's none of their business. But," and here a hand comes up, a finger pointed for emphasis but kept well away from personal space bubbles, "I will be checking up. Because you need a friend who is in the trenches with you."

It is now Riohra's turn to look shocked, not so much at the promises being kept but more of the promise of solidarity. He looks down at his glass saying "I would like that, I have missed having you all close." his voice has enough emotion in it to sound grateful. He will knock back this drink and instead of waiting for another he will flip the glass upside down and leave it on the table.

S'van does not immediately go for his own drink; rather it sits just out of reach but near enough to not be dismissed. Eventually, there is a sort of release of the tension he carries in his shoulders; whether this is because Riohra has agreed to seek help, or because of that flipped-over glass is hard to tell. Either way, it allows the bronzerider to relax enough to take up his own alcoholic drink and sip at it. One is certainly not going to cause inebriation, not for someone his size. But one is where he will stop. "I don't have a lot of free time, but I could likely manage to visit Fort about once a month… " It's an offer, laid on the table and available to be accepted or denied at will.

Riohra sits in the Gemstone tavern, this afternoon across from his old friend and bronzerider S'van, there is a glass up side down on the table infront of the hunter to signal that he has stopped drinking for the time to the bar staff. "If you can spare the time and it won't interfere with visiting your sister or free time that would be nice to see ya at least on a regular basis." he says to the taller man.

"It won't," interfere with S'van's visiting of Sephany. "I don't visit her as often as I ought to," he admits, "So this will give me that opportunity, as well." Whether Sephany is going to appreciate the gesture remains to be seen. His own glass is sipped from in turn, a slow consumption of alcohol that promises to keep him from going too far. "Do you have regular days off? I don't know what kind of schedule a hunter keeps."

Well its good practice for the young harper to play at the local inns and taverns. Those places that seek out entertainment for their patrons. No doubt enough people who aren't harper entertain that even a harper trained apprentice would be welcome. So here Eiram is with his instrument bag over one shoulder, arriving a bit earlier to catch a bite to eat and a drink. He may have had a bit of a growth spurt over the last month. Finally breached 5 foot! Yay! Still there is a youthful look to the fourteen turn old that will likely get him mistaken for someone turns younger for most his life.

Riohra nods "I am sure it will be recieved well" probably not but hey that is family right. He thinks about it saying "Really I just put in for time off when I want to, i have been over clocking so much i am sure they would welcome me on a set schedule." he tries to lighten the moood with humor but it is the now taller Eiram who strides into the bar that catches the tall hunters eye. "Eiram?" He calls questioningly, if the lad is playing oneof his games he might not respond so Riohra will know to play along.

It was not so long ago that Riohra had mentioned that name in conjunction with hanging out with Sephany, so naturally S'van's interest is piqued. He shifts, twisting in his chair to take in the arriving Harper. Grey eyes roam from head to toe, assessing in a way that is not exactly predatory, but not exactly "nice" either. And while Rio may be willing to play along, the familiarity that was betrayed in that tone of voice, the fleeting recognition that Sev totally saw in the hunter's expression, and the fact that said individual is matching the description (namely, a Harper) leads Sev to the truth whether Eiram wants to deny it or not. At least there is no aggression in that gaze. Rather, once the assessment is complete, Sev seems to shrug it off and deem him to be no threat at all.

The speaking of his name is met with a look of surprise from Eiram and a grin for his older friend. "Hey Rio.." He calls out to the man lifting a hand in a wave, wading through the crowd to join their table. "How goes it?" He says conversationally as he settles into a seat, still wearing a heavy coat over his clothing. There is a look to the bronzerider who is assessing him and sticks out a hand to the man, "Eiram, Harper extroidinaire at your service." He says with a bright tone to his voice. He has been weighed and found…young. If only he knew!

Riohra grins and nods saying "WEll better now, I got and old friend and a new one to introduce. This is S'van bronze rider from Half Moon, him me and Kassala all stood for the clutch together." He will leave out other treats least he robe his old friend of simple brotherly joys, "And S'van This is Eiram, musician, teacher as he taught me to play the guitar, and a pretty decent hunter." There niceties observed now he will sit happily as they can all be friends.

Eyebrows raise, and there's definitely amusement in S'van's expression for that introduction. "Well met, Eiram, Harper extraordinaire," and he takes the offered hand with his own, grip firm but not painful as he offers, "S'van. Aedeluth's boring bronzerider." Grin. "Apparently you know my sister, from what Rio says here," and there's a thumb-jab toward the Harper. "Are you actually playing in this venue?" Because that seems… surprising to the bronzerider.

"Well I know a few people's sisters I reckon. There is that gold rider who can play the piano like noone's business.." Oh the sigh of someone in love? Or one just so impressed. He goes on to mention a couple other lasses he knows in similar Harper elucidation. "And a weaver lass who is my warrior at arms. We have conquered snow and ice together to become champions!" There is a watchful look on Eiram's face to see which one he might be related to. "Ah yes. An apprentice can make a few marks practicing at venues like this." He grins at Riohra's introduction of him, "Well I am good at shooting…I am still not sure if I am a good hunter and you were an easy student. You play really well for not having the proper harper training."

Riohra bows his head at the complements and grins over at S'van "Him and his mentor think I should go to the harpers for apprenticeship, could you imagine me in that? I barely survived candidacy" and that wasn't even as ridged of a program as studying would be. He looks over at Eiram and raises an eyebrow "I see you recovered from your turn day trip, i feared i broke your mind as there was not exciting story during the time."

"That one," with a bob of his head at the 'weaver' bit, "is probably mine. Though I don't know about Seph being a warrior…" But he won't argue too much on that point. Mug is lifted, a few swallows taken, before he sets it down and pushes it aside in a clear 'I'm finished' gesture that has the serving girl on the way to collect the glass. As for making marks playing at a venue? Sev will just shrug and accept it; he knows nothing of such things, and is easy enough to convince on this front. "Think you've passed the age cap on apprenticeship, Rio, so no worries there," he tells him, a half-smirk pinned on the Hunter. "Best stick to your day job. Even if you do play well."

"Broke me? Oh no…To see Pern lying alone in the darkness of space with just the twinkling of stars and Rukbat to guide her way…Oh no I am not broken good sir, I am inspired!" Eiram responds to the hunter with a grin and it seems he has found his gift for words once more. As S'van recognizes one of his descriptions he grins again, "Oh she is a fine friend and boy can she dance!" He says with an expressive face. "Oh Seph is a feisty one I reckon if you get on her bad side. There is certainly the warrior in her." With those words he rises and sheds his heavy coat to reveal some fancy dudds. A black jacket with tails lined in green in silk. Silver buttons up each side with a chain attaching them. He has chosen to wear his purple pants and shirt beneath them. It makes quite the look.

Riohra feigns looking hurt at S'van saying "Oh come on I am not that old.." but he will grin and look at Eiram as he starts to dance himself into that hole. "I see you like the jacket then?" yes save the boy from death.

S'van knows nothing of trips to outer space, though he can put two and two together well enough and come up with the answer, voicing an amused, "Yokohama, hm?" But that is all he says on the matter. There is certainly interest there, just no practical experience. And the subject of his… feisty sister and her dancing has dark eyebrows lifting again, and another look being given to Riohra. "Yeah, he mentioned something like that," is drawled out, just enough amusement to not be dangerous, though there's definitely an edge to his voice. "Hm." Seph may just get more visitation from her big brother than she bargained for. "Rio, I think the apprentice cut-off age is fifteen," he postures, having no real knowledge. Nope. Sev knows nothing; this is being firmly re-established. The screech of his chair as he pushes it back precedes his move to standing. He twists at the waist to grab his jacket and scarf in one quick move. The article is carefully wrapped around his neck as he catches Eiram's opposing gesture. "Nice," for the jacket that is revealed. "Knock 'em dead." A nod of his head for Riohra and a quick explanation, "I've got to get back before Jae wonders what happened to me."

Riohra nods and stands, sorry Eiram the tall people are in the room, he will offer his hand to S'van saying "I will let you know how my first appointment goes." With another amused grin he will glance to the stage and say "I think I will stay and let the master of mayhem here teach me more about the fine art of music making." he nods to Eiram.

"Well I reckon it depends on who finds you. Some of them masters are so hidebound that they think anyone past thirtteen is too late to shape and mold into their image. They just threatened by the older apprentices who already have a mind of their own." Maybe he was a little molded, but Eiram mostly seems to be still quite spirited at least. At the final words of S'van he grins again, "I sure hope so." He does a little twirl in his new fancy duds, "Fits really well, a little growth room in it still but I love it."

"Enjoy, then," is S'van's parting words for Riohra, coat thrown on as he moves to the door, and slips outside.

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