Sharing is (Not) Caring! (Warning: Some Swearing)

Western Weyr - Tiki Lounge
The room seems far bigger inside than outside, even when full of relaxing weyrfolk and travelers. Towards the front, in the western corner, is a small stage, providing the intoxicated or just plain brave a chance to display their talents. Several tables with chairs decorate the floor and a small area is open for dancing. The bar is rather long and well stocked, glasses of different shapes and sizes hanging suspended from a rack above the bar. Behind the bar is another open window that gives one a view of the forest behind the tavern. Turning around, one is greeted by a lovely view of the lagoon. A decent breeze helps to cool the room. Up above, rafters provide a perch for fire lizards and local avians. The thatch roof, made of straw, rarely lets in any rain.

Sitting at the bar is a woman who looks like she trekked through all the jungle on the Western Isles to arrive at this very spot. Her clothes are worn and patched, threadbare in places with ragged hemlines. Her boots are dirty, her hair long and braided tightly, but still clearly not having seen the scissors in a while. She sits slumped forward, elbows on the bar, toying with a half empty glass of ale. Staring forlornly into its depths, the scowl on her face makes wrinkles on her tanned skin, her green eyes sharp despite the alcohol.

It's been awhile since Th'ero stepped foot inside the lounge. Being barred from drinking alcohol tends to take the fun out of places like this. Unless, of course, one enjoys a bit of people watching and which is exactly the weyrling's intent this day. As he slides into a free seat by the bar, he orders his own drink though non-alcoholic despite the odd look he may receive. While he waits, his gaze wanders and it's not hard to miss the rider next to him, given her current state. He gives her a long, curious look before tilting his head a little to the side. "Long day?" he quips with a faint smile.

Kimmila turns to look at the Weyrling, her eyes first focusing on his face before they flick to the knot on his shoulder. She snorts softly, her own knotless shoulder shrugging. "You could say that," she says, with a bitter twist to her lips as she lifts her ale and takes a big gulp from it. "What's a Weyrling doing in a bar?"

Th'ero chuckles dryly, shrugging his shoulders in response to his question. "Why not? Kind of tiring haunting the same places day in, day out." He replies only to be distracted for a moment when his drink arrives. The weyrling ignores it, however, instead turning his attention back to the knotless woman next to him. "That bad, huh?" Her bitterness isn't lost on him and that only seems to fuel his curiosity. "Are… you from Western?" he asks next. Not the most tactful of questions, but there it is.

Kimmila sighs, staring at the wall behind the bar as she sets her now empty glass down, wordlessly pushing it across the polished surface towards the bartender. He stares back at her and doesn't make a move to pick up the glass until she puts a Smith's mark down, proving she can pay for yet another. While he fills it, she turns to look at the man beside her. "I'm from…" she begins, trailing off with another soft sigh. "I'm not sure, anymore. I suppose. I lived here for a time. /From/ here, though? I don't know where I'm from."

Th'ero watches silently as another drink is paid for, one brow arcing up ever so slightly. No doubt the weyrling is wishing he could indulge… but no. He'll be breaking no rules. He reaches for his own glass, fingers gripping the edges but he only idly twists it, glancing up again when Kimmila gives him more cryptic answers. "You don't know? Or don't remember?" he asks, though in a gentler tone. Again, her knotless shoulder is glanced to but for the most part, he's watching the woman. "Maybe I shouldn't pry. I forget some don't like to share past and especially with strangers." He muses, leaning back a little and resting slightly against the bar.

Kimmila shakes her head slowly, using a puff of exhaled breath to move a long strand of hair away from her eyes. "I'm not sure about anything anymore," she admits. "I remember," she adds, giving him a slightly twisted smile. "I'm not suffering from any loss of memory. Not yet, anyway," she adds, lifting her drink meaningfully and taking another deep pull from it. "I don't mind the prying. I don't care about much anymore. Pry away," she says, waving a calloused hand in a 'go on' motion.

Th'ero wasn't expecting that for an answer and for a moment he can only blink at Kimmila while his thoughts churn into motion. There's a smirk when the drink is lifted to make a point and the weyrling snorts a little. "Least you have that option." He mutters, before clearing this throat and resting one arm on the bar top, his own drink in hand and still untouched. "What got you to this state? Knotless, obviously trying to escape." Th'ero asks, figuring to avoid skip the sugar coating.

Kimmila laughs softly, giving the Weyrling a twisted grin. "I won't tell if you indulge," she assures. Then she glances over her shoulder, nodding her chin towards the exit. "There's no escaping a lifemate," she says. "You know that by now. Lost my knot somewhere, just haven't bothered to get another one yet." She shrugs, taking another deep pull from her drink. "Came back from a long vacation to find my weyrmate had hooked up with someone else. Didn't bother to tell me until I came home today."

A slow, crooked smile curves up along the corners of the weyrling's mouth and for a moment he seems tempted. So, so tempted. But then that smile falters back into a smirk and he takes a small sip of his drink. "Oh, I'm sure you wouldn't tell. But there are other eyes in here that would. So, I'll play the good weyrling for a little bit longer." There's a nod of agreement to the lifemate remark, but he offers no comment on it. When Kimmila finally comes to the root of the issue, there is a sympathetic look from the weyrling, followed by a bit of a grimace. "Shards. That is rough." He admits, before adding in a very dry, sarcastic tone. "And how kind of them."

Kimmila glances sidelong at the man and then grins with a little shrug. "Next time," she promises. "Maybe when there aren't as many eyes around." Then she snorts, staring into her drink. "Tell me about it," she mutters. "And had the nerve to tell me that I should be okay with sharing him with this other woman." She shakes her head firmly and finds that to be a mistake when she sways on her stool and needs to set her glass down hastily to catch herself.

"Oh, I'll be free to drink all I want, soon enough." Th'ero points out with a small chuckle, taking another small sip of his drink. "Sharing? With another woman?" The weyrling sounds more puzzled then confused and judging by the frown that settles on his features, the concept is not quite clicking in his head. Oh, the woes of being Holdbred. He had just placed his glass down when Kimmila sways and the weyrling is instantly reaching out with one hand to steady her though doesn't actually touch her as she catches herself. Exhaling slightly in relief, Th'ero smirks. "Careful there." He says, before eyeing her glass again. "How much have you had?"

Kimmila sighs, putting her face in her hands and taking a deep breath. "Yes," she says, her voice muffled. "Sharing him with another woman. Which I just…it turns my stomach to think about him with someone else…" She glances over at him with a little smile of thanks for his attempted rescue, and then she shrugs. "A few. I should stop, it's upsetting Varmiroth, but fuck it. I don't care about anything right now."

Th'ero's frown only deepens, though confusion still lingers hidden beneath the worried and sympathetic look he also shows. And here he thought his relationship was difficult. "I'll admit it, I don't get why anyone would think sharing would be a good… or even pleasant, idea." The weyrling says reluctantly, no doubt not wanting to seem too naive or even slow. Kimmila's next remarks earn a genuine surprised look and not from the swearing. "Varmiroth? You're a rider?" Th'ero then flinches a little when he realizes how harsh that comment could seem and quickly adds with a light smile. "Maybe just take it easy for a bit?" he suggests.

Kimmila laughs outright at the Weyrling's surprise. "Yes, I am. Don't look the part at the moment, I know, but that's another thing I don't care about." She shrugs. "/Been/ taking it easy. That's what the vacation was /about/. Getting out, and away, and being /myself/ for a while. Then to come home to /this/. I haven't even seen our daughter yet. Don't know if I could, right now, without falling to pieces." She shakes her head again and stares vacantly at the back wall behind the bar. "Never in a million turns would I have dreamed this would happen," she admits, her voice soft and edged with deep emotion.

Th'ero gives a bit of a nervous laugh in response to Kimmila's, as the topic starts to turn into areas that the weyrling has no expertise in and rapidly begins to feel a little awkward. Shame he decided to not sneak a bit of alcohol himself. "Ahh, I see." He says, fumbling a little for a reply and stalling for time by draining the rest of his drink. Then, with a steadying breath, he turns his attention back on the bluerider. "Now I see why you'd want to forget for a bit." Before he continues, there's another pause and another half-smile. "I don't think anyone expects something like that to happen."

Kimmila shakes her head, finishing her drink and setting the glass on the bar with a final-sounding thump. "Nope," is her simple and succinct reply. "Never." She turns to look at him, her green eyes piercing. "You have a girlfriend? Boyfriend?"

Th'ero doesn't flinch from the piercing look from Kimmila, though a slight flush creeps up his neck as he leans up against the bar once again and he can't quite meet her gaze. "Girlfriend. Kind of complicated." He replies a little tersely, before snorting sharply. "No boyfriend. Don't swing that way." The empty glass is given a nudge with his fingers, as he's back to idly playing with it — at least until the bartender comes by and takes it away.

Kimmila tilts her head a little. "Complicated how?" she asks, since it's her turn to pry and all. "Just because you're Weyrlings? That's temporary."

Indeed, the tables have turned for now. But Th'ero doesn't seem to mind, as it means the bluerider isn't focusing entirely on her relationship issues for a bit. The weyrling gives a bit of a lopsided-smile. "Ahh, I'm the weyrling. She's a Journeyman Dolphineer." He explains, with a low chuckle. "That's what I meant by complicated." With a slight sigh, he brings one hand up to scrub along his jawline. "I mean, I just had to talk to her about flights and how I won't be holding Velokraeth back. Not that I could."

Kimmila ahhs, nodding her head in understanding. "Is she okay with it? With…" Now a frown creases her brow, "with sharing you?"

Th'ero notices the frown and can sense he could enter dangerous waters, perhaps, if he's not careful. "I don't think she's entirely okay with it, but I don't blame her." He admits, fingers now idly tapping out some mindless rhythm on the bar top. Now he too frowns a little. "I don't see how she'd be sharing me though. A flight is a flight, isn't it?"

Kimmila nods, "Yes," she says firmly. "A flight is a flight. If that's the only time you stray, than you're being a good boyfriend to her." Very slowly, and slightly unsteadily, Kimmila starts to move off her stool. "I need to go," she says quietly. "I need to tend to Varmiroth. Thank you for the talk, Um…" Name?

Th'ero actually smiles a genuine smile when Kimmila says what could pass as a compliment. "Thanks." Is his simple response and then he's giving the bluerider a concerned look when she begins to move off her stool. He too, slides of his and while he doesn't quite go right to her side, he sort of hovers nearby. "Th'ero." The weyrling helpfully supplies, back to giving a half-smile with his concerned frowns and glances. "And anytime. Maybe sometime soon, if I run into you again, I'll join you in a few drinks." He muses, before glancing towards the exit. "I better be off myself. You sure you're fine…" And now it's Th'ero's turn to pause.

Kimmila doesn't answer him for a moment, her eyes closed as she tries to get the world to stop spinning. "Sure, I'm great," she says with a twisted little smile. "Drinks on me when you graduate, then," she says, making her careful way towards the exit, with liberal use of the backs of chairs and peoples' shoulders. "Kimmila," she also offers.

Th'ero doesn't quite believe the bluerider, especially when she has her eyes closed and is using chairs to help herself along. But he's a wise weyrling and doesn't question or push the issue. Instead, he subtly follows along on the pretext of having to leave at the same time. "I'll remember that, then, Kimmila." He says with an amused tone as they near the exit. "And, well… take care."
Kimmila nods, "You as well, Th'ero," she says, met at the door by a blunt blue muzzle. "Easy," she murmurs to the blue, holding to his muzzle as he takes a few careful steps back, eyes spinning with concern. "Good night," she says over her shoulder as she makes her careful way to the blue's straps and, with her dragon's help, hauls herself up.

"Good night" Th'ero calls back, smile still in place despite his obvious concern now. He waits until Kimmila is mounted up before stepping through the door himself and taking a few short strides to his own lifemate, who lands on the lagoon shores outside seconds after the weyrling immerges. As he pauses to give the bronze a reassuring pat, he turns to give one final wave to the departing pair. And, perhaps, to watch to be sure nothing goes wrong. Worried? Oh, just a little. Don't drink and fly, folks.

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