Infirmary Mayhem

Western Weyr - Infirmary
This long, rectangular cavern smells faintly of antiseptic and strongly of pleasant medicinal herbs. The general atmosphere is one of bustling but orderly quiet and strict cleanliness. The back of the room is dominated by a small hearth for heat and medicinal preparations and by swinging double doors that lead to a small DragonHealing bay, an emergency surgery for human patients, the main storage, and the staff area where Healers can eat, shower, change, and the like during their longer shifts. The front of the room is a waiting and reception area where patients and staff can check in to receive treatment and begin work, respectively. The east wall of the room features examination, birthing, recovery and outpatient treatment rooms while the opposite wall is curtained off to provide privacy and bed-space for patients requiring overnight care.
Western can certainly handle most of the routine and sometimes urgent treatment needs of its residents here. It lacks some of the equipment available at the main Healer Hall. Once they are stabilized, patients requiring specialized or ongoing care are surely transferred there.

It's mid-day at Western, but it'd be hard to tell by the darkness outside. Heavy, steel-grey clouds block out the sky and rain has been falling on and off since the early morning. The rain has started up again, followed now by a mild wind that makes the outdoors just plain cool and miserable for the unlucky to be caught in it. While normally one to dislike the rain, Th'ero would much prefer to be out there then inside where he is now. The weyrling is scheduled for physical check up, but he's doing everything he can to linger, procrastinate and just plain avoid it if he can. But eventually, even he can't escape it and now grumpily awaits his turn in the reception area, his mood looking about just as dark as the weather outside.

Rain. It generally came around the fall season at Western. At least it wasn't overly cold. But it mad for bad weather for the congratulatory lunch at the tiki lounge for F'war. He and his weyrmate had just managed to have their first child after a number of turns of trying. But with all the riders drinking and carrying on in the humid insides of the tiki lounge it was a recipe for disaster. Most of the responsible riders had already left, including wingleader and wingsecond, leaving the low wingriders to partake in drinking and games. And well… one thing leads to another as soon as someone is accused of cheating. Suddenly there's a roar of upset dragonminds and a large influx of riders into the infirmary. Zi'on is one of them. His right eye is swollen shut and he's got a little blood trickling down his head. He looks generally in rough shape, but is helping one of his wingriders carry an unconscious member of their wing into the infirmary. There is general chaos amongst the healer staff as they try to sort out the 'needs medical attention right away' vs the 'can sit in the reception area a while'. Zi'on is one of the latter. He looks a little disoriented, but finally spots Th'ero and takes a seat right next to him. Almost in his lap.

Dark and rainy, woe is a wet bedraggled weyrbrat. Poor Patori comes trudging into the infirmary, water dripping down his hair and face, clothes totally soaked, shoes all muttdy with spatters about halfway up his pantlegs. He isn't looking quite anywhere, but certainly not up, so the bustle of the infirmary takes him a little by surprise, especially all the bruised and bleeding riders. There's some wide'eyed blinking, and then weyrbrat looks as if he might be considering just sneaking back out the way he came, but he's having to sidestep out of the way to some riders carrying their unconscious fellows in. Amongst it all, a familiar face is spotted - that'd be poor Th'ero there, and the weyrbreat edges that way all mousily, mumbling a quiet, "What happened?" as if the weyrling would know. Pat himself is sporting a number of bruises, mainly on his arms, but one or two on his face, and even damp clothes indicate he's been roughed up a bit, though it's like he wasn't involved int the tiki hut commotion, as he tends to avoid that place unless he's been recruited for something there. It's a second before he spots Zi'on, even if the man is right beside Th'ero, and there's a slightly head-bob for the man, Pat shifting uneasily with all the injured folks about.

Th'ero starts a little when the roar of upset gets passed down to him, the weyrling turning his head to glance at the infirmary entrance in mixed apprehension and curiosity. He's just about to get up from his seat, only to promptly sit back down when an influx of riders come stumbling in. So he can only watch, brows raised and gaze missing nothing as the worst off are tended too first and that's when he spots the familiar face. "Shards. What the…" Th'ero begins to blurt out as Zi'on approaches, only to cut off mid-sentence when the bronzerider practically lands in his lap. Grimacing, he attempts to nudge Zi'on carefully into a more comfortable position that does not involve using him as a cushion. Taking a deep inhale of air, the weyrling lets it out slowly to calm himself a little before asking again. "What in Faranth's name happened to you? To them?" he exclaims, frowning when he notices the blood. At least he doesn't flinch or look queasy? He starts again when Patori suddenly appears, having not noticed the soaked weyrbrats arrival among all the chaos. One quick look and the weyrling is groaning. "Shells. Not you too? What's happened with you?"

Today is not a good day to be at the infirmary. On the bright side, Th'ero might get out of his physical! Or he… may be stuck there for hours waiting for a healer to poke his knees and look down his throat. Zi'on doesn't look quite like himself today, so it's a small wonder Patori doesn't even notice him. With Th'ero's help though, he does manage to get his behind in a chair, though he's wobbling around a bit. So either he's drunk, or he's got some sort of head trauma. Or both. The grin on his face and the blood on his head seem to indicate… both. He pats Th'ero on the shoulder. At first it's friendly-like, but it goes on much too long. "I know you." Then he points to Pat rather abruptly. "AND YOU! Hi. Ha!" He tries to focus on Th'ero as all the questions come out. Peer. "L'enri tried ta cheat. So then Kelisi and H'rat told him he was kicked out and he had ta forfeit all his chips. So he said they was cheatin'! Then a bottle went flyin' an' hooo doggy. Before ya know it every'ne was goin' at it. Fists and bottles flyin' aaaaaaaall over the place." He swings his arm to demonstrate. Hopefully Pat isn't standing too close. "Anyways when T'ramus there got 'is lights cut out things calmed down and we all kinda rushed 'ere." He points to his right eye. "My eye dun work no more. Think it's swollen right shut."

Patori shakes some mud off his shoe, the stuff glopping into the floor. He's already left a little trail of footprints from the infirmary entrance, but with all the traffic coming in, who's going to notice, really? "I wasn't with them!" Pat protests immediately to Zi'on, but then his own less than hale and healthy state has the boy looking a little nervious, "Um. I fell." A pause, "Down soem stairs." Yep, that's totally what happened. Those stairs totally roughed up his shirt and had him slogging through mud, too. But he's saved from further explanation by Zi'on's own explaining of the tiki hut brawl. "Shards.." the weyrbrat mumbles, taking in all the injured riders and then darting back to the bronzeriders, jumping a little when he gets pointed at. There's a sudden /squeak/ and some quick ducking while Zi'on desmonstrates punchery, bad edging over to the /other/ side of Th'ero as he mumbles, "That sounds like it was really scary." Yup, scary. the weyrling gets a wide-eyed glance too, and a mumbled, "How did you manage not to get all beat up?" It probably doesn't occur to him the guy could be in the infirmary for any other reason.

At this point, Th'ero has likely forgotten about the dreaded physical of horrors in light of new ones. Now that Zi'on is no longer too close, the weyrling gives his wobbling a concerned look. That is, until his shoulder is given a far too lingering pat. Zi'on's hand is eyed, then the rider himself given a bit of an incredulous look before he moves to gently pry the bronzerider's hand away. No touchy. "Shards. You're drunk off your ass, aren't you?" Th'ero remarks with a hint of amusement despite the seriousness of the situation, though his expression goes blank when Zi'on rambles on. "So, long story short… all of you got into a huge drunken brawl." The weyrling points out, flinching a little when Zi'on suddenly swings his arms out to demonstrate his own points. There's a sigh when the bronzerider points out his eye and Th'ero smirks. "It is and you're also bleeding." Suddenly, Patori is on his other side and he has to turn his head away from Zi'on to fix him with a long look. The weyrling doesn't seem to quite believe the weyrbrat. "Stairs? And that's really what happened?" he pries, before snorting. "I wasn't involved in this!" Now it's his turn to gesture with a swing of his hand towards the group of roughed up riders. "I can't drink, remember? I'm here cause I was supposed to have a routine checkup."

Zi'on peers at Patori. Even with one eye and drunk that story doesn't seem credible really. There's nothing said about it right away though, as Zi'on processes what the short man has said. "Sorry," he says as Patori moves away. "Ah it was mostly just crazy. I think I caught an elbow in the face while I was trying to help G'lom up." He gently pokes at his eye. "Ow. Ow." He doesn't notice much as Th'ero removes his hand. "Nope!" He tells the bronzer weyrling. "I'm drunk off your ass! Ha!" A few seconds go by. Crickets chirp. Zi'on furrows his brow then. "Wait…I don't get it. I'm bleeding? I'm bleeding!" There's a sudden rush of panic. "Oh. Guess I caught a beer bottle." He pokes at his head then. "Ow. Ow. Ow." Then suddenly he looks to Patori as Th'ero starts addressing him about looking beat up. "Wait, did someone beat you up in the caverns? One of the other weyrbrats!? I'LL KILL THEM! WHERE ARE THEY!" Suddenly the bronzer gets up and starts towards the exit, cracking his knuckles in an aggressive manner. Oh no, someone let out the giant!

Patori totally relaxes a bit once Th'ero accuses Zi'on of being drunk off his ass. Though the older bronzerider is still given a bit of a wary look for the possibility of more flying limbs. "Stairs!" Pat insists, totally adamant. Just ignote that fidgety at his shirtsleef or the awkward shifting of weight from one foot to the other. He's totally not looking at te bronzers either. There's an, 'oh' when Th'ero claims not to have been involved, and then the boy winkles his nose, "Maybe they'll let you out of it, with it so busy here?" Silver lining, maybe? "..Ouch," is at least mumbled semi-sympathetically to Zi'on, at the explanation of an elbow to the face, with some staring afterward for the comment about drunkeness and asses. He might glance at said ass too, a little dubiously. Though the boy's eyes are then widening significantly. "N- no- um. /Stairs/, um. Stairs.." yeah, he's about as convincing as wher in a chicken coop, full of dead chickens. He'll shrink back from knuckle-cracking, scarygiantman! And maybe try to hide behind Th'ero again.

Oh, this day is just getting stranger and stranger by the second. "Stop that." Th'ero almost hisses at Zi'on when the bronzerider goes about poking his wounds. His retort is only met with dead silence and a very puzzled look from the weyrling. Drunk off his…what? Shaking his head, Th'ero either doesn't or can't think of a reply to that. Not that he has much time before Zi'on is panicking over the fact he's bleeding and Th'ero is cursing his choice of words. "It's not bad, but —- will you /stop/ poking yourself!" he says, sounding a little frustrated when he does. No doubt a side effect of all the chaos and earlier grumpy mood over the prospect of spending this dreary day having a medical check up. Patori is given another look, one that seems to read "tell the truth - or else". But then the weyrling grumbles. "No, this just means it'll be postponed and I'm going to be stuck here much longer." Th'ero then goes to say more, but Zi'on's aggressive outburst silences him and the weyrling is on his feet. "Zi'on. ZI'ON!" he calls out, leaving poor Patori sans a shield as he strides after the bronzerider before he can leave. Last thing they need is a drunken raging giant rampaging through the Weyr. "Shards, will you calm /down/." Th'ero snaps as he moves to either barr Zi'on's path (even if he's a few inches shorter!) or reach out to clasp a hand on the bronzerider's arm to stall him. "He never said it was other weyrbrats. And you're in no shape to go beat sense into their skulls. We'll do that later."

Zi'on thankfully is still quite drunk and therefore mailable. Also Th'ero likely has muscle mass on the younger bronzer, even if Zi'on is a little taller. Zi'on is quite the bad luck charm for poor Th'ero. Maybe he ought to punch the other of Zi'on's lights out as compensation. He flops back down into his seat. "Argh!" Then he waggles his finger at Patori, distracted for a moment as one of the healers hands him a very large cup of water. Likely to keep him hydrated and stem off a terrible hang over. He smiles up at her and says, "Ya'll must be tired.. ya'll've been runnin' through my mind alll day." Thankfully the healer rolls her eyes and moves out of the way before Zi'on can goose her, though he was clearly reaching for it. His attention turns back to Pat and Th'ero then. "I hope I get a pretty healer." He leans over then, as if to tell them a secret. "It can be embarrassing though… you know when they're all feeling up on you. Am I right?" Whoever is closest to him will get an elbow nudge. "Am I right? Ha!" He grimaces then after taking a long drink of water, then bend his head down. "Do I have any glass in me?" Lovely.

Patori is without meatshield! Oh noes! Sad day. The weyrbrat stands there watching the other two with wiide eyes, slightly boggling at them, and looking like he can't decide whether to flee outright, or hide under a chair. So he just stays where he is, and watches Th'ero raign Zi'on in. "It- wasn't nobody!" he continues to insist, eyedarting around nervously before nibbling on his bottom lip. Hugging his arms around himself, shifts awkwardly from one squelchy foot to another, "B- besides, it's raining out," and he might be shivering just a little bit. Since he's all soaked. Some passing healer does take pity and drop a towle or blanket or something over his head, and Pat squeaks a tiny thinks and promptly wraps himself in it. He'll just hunch and shrink down at Zi'on's finger-waggling there, though his face slowly starts to turn a bit red at the /rest/ of what the bronzer says, the boy sputtering somewhat incoherently.

Th'ero is probably considering punching Zi'on out for all their sanity, but the weyrling won't do it. For once, the bronzerider is still maliable. Second, Enka might kill him. Third, there's been enough uproar for one morning. So with great willpower, Th'ero resists. Though he probably wants some of the drinks Zi'on and the other riders had been enjoying right about now. Once he's back in his seat, Th'ero settles heavily into his, his relief short lived when Zi'on tries to hit on the poor Healer. That promptly has the weyrling bringing one of his hands up to warily scrub at his face before he slumps back into his chair. Glancing towards Patori, he notes the towel that someone was kind enough to give the weyrbrat and Th'ero manages a quick smile, though he still seems concerned him. He'll remember this and probably harass Patori another time for the truth. He then turns his head to the side when Zi'on leans forwards, a questioning look on his features that's soon replaced by an awkward grimace. "I've no idea what you're talking about." Th'ero lies, judging by the flush that creeps up his neck, obviously understanding. Then the bronzerider is bending his head down and the weyrling sighs, taking a quick glance and nothing more. "I think you lucked out. I don't see any. Patori, do you?" Hey, he's not going to be alone in this!

At least Patori gets some compassion from a healer. Hopefully they're not used to seeing him around. Zi'on pats Pat's back a bit once he gets the towel. Maybe it's his way of letting the slightly younger weyrbrat know that he's here. In case he forgot. The bronzer is happy to avoid a second swollen eye provided by the older bronzer. It's very possible that Enka may murder him and the rest of his wing anyways though, so Th'ero may miss his chance. The poor healer who has to deal with the drunk horny teenager rider… woe to her. "Right up in here." He pokes around at his headwound with his fingers, which only causes more bleeding. "Ow. Ow!" Probably much to the relief of Pat and Th'ero a healer catches him, taking him up by the wrist. "Come on now, you need stitches." She is… not exactly what one might call pretty, but the drunken bronzer in his beergoggles can't tell, and he's grinning away as she escorts him off to an examination room.

Patori is likely just happy he isn't being interrogated right now, looking awkward for Zi'on's back-pattery, and snuggling down in the blankets, finally taking a seat somewhere out of the way, and out of drunken-bronzer swinging range. "M- me either!" he's quick to pipe up after Th'ero, in response to what Zi'on had said, then peering over at the injured bronzerider and slowly shaking his head, "I think if there's glass on him. Um. Maybe in his head." He's just a /barrel/ of sunshine and optimism today. There;s some staring as Zi'on gets hailed away for wound-pokeage and stitches, and Pat winces, though whether in sympathy for the bleeding bronzer or because of his own bruises, might be debatable. He is, however, soon seen to, casting a brief, tiny smile at Th'ero and suggesting, "Maybe you can sneak out while everyone's busy," before scuttling off after a kindly healer, who probably /has/ seen the weyrbrat in here one time too often.

Th'ero has missed his chance and seems fine with it. Despite it all, he does actually like Zi'on, since he's one of the few riders he actually knows beyond just a name. There is a sigh of relief though when a Healer finally comes to take the bronzerider off for stitches, though he does give a sympathetic look and half-smile to the poor Healer. Shoulders sagging a little, he groans a little. "Shards. What a morning." Glancing over to the towel wrapped weyrbrat, he smirks a little bit; no doubt ready to resume prying him for more information to why he's soaked, muddy and bruised. But alas, now Patori is next in line to be escorted in by a Healer. So the weyrling only smirks. "Hardly likely. See you around!" he says, his gaze sliding towards the exit once the weyrbrat is out of view. The idea is tempting, but with a slump of his shoulders, Th'ero simply hunkers down in his chair to wait. With it raining outside, there won't be much to do anyhow, so he'll simply have to suck it up and hope he won't be left up at the front for hours.

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