Told You So

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrleader's Office
This large office is arranged in an H-shape with the weyrleader's desk in the middle of the room sitting slightly towards the back. The desk is made of sturdy wood of good quality, stained and finished to a dark mahogany. It is forever covered in stacks of paperwork for the weyrleader to look over, binders, books and clipboards as well as writing utensils. To one side sits a refurbished computer. The far wall from the door is covered in a large bulletin board, covered in maps, notes and memorandums. Below are a series of wooden drawers, for storing additional maps, paperwork or other odds and ends. On the right wall there are mostly bookshelves, leading to the weyrsecond's L-shaped desk that juts into the front of the room. The left wall is occupied by further bookshelves and filing cabinets, except for a small desk against the front corner, meant for an assistant. There are stacks of crates to either side of the door, pushed out of the way.
There are comfortable chairs situated at each desk, as well as two in front of the weyrleader's desk and one in front of the weyrsecond's. The floor is covered in a light colored wooden flooring over the stone. Over that is a plush blue area rug to match the chairs with Western's symbol on it. The room is lit by overhead electric lighting with glow baskets on the desks for extra light.

It's… early. Perhaps not insanely so; the time is well past dawn, and some of the weyrfolk have been up and at it for hours already, but it is perhaps early for the weyrleader offices to be occupied the day after a goldflight. The lights are on, however, beaming out the open door, and a single figure occupies the office. It's entirely possible R'hyn hasn't been back to his weyr since the flight - clothes have those distinctive floor-rumpled, ill-cared-for sort of wrinkles, boots have been sloppily laced, hair askance at angles that have been attemptedly tamed if only to be ruffled again by the passing of an anxious hand. He does it again right now, fingers pushing back through honey-brown fringes, a slight frown notching his forehead as he just… stands there in the middle of the room and stares at EVERYTHING THE LIGHT TOUCHES.

Sundari has been absent from the Weyr for the last few days, there may be other reasons she switched to S&R, not that she'll ever admit to them unless pressed into it. Though she's back now and almost thankful that she missed the flight given how Irk keeps swearing he will fly after golds still. The blue is trying to kill her he really is. Yet here she is carrying a basket of stuff with her, still in flight jacket and leathers proving she hasn't been at the Weyr long, though let's face it children where checked on and most likely triple checked at this point. A knock is heard at the door and she will wait a moment before opening it and peering inside slightly. "R'hyn?" Is questioned with a curious yet soft tone.

On any other day, R'hyn might ask after Sundari's abscence - he might yet, given time and ability to recover - but right now the man just looks… overwhelmed. The knock doesn't quite occur to him, so it's good Sunny peeks in immediately after, the bronzerider rotating on the spot to look at her and blink hard for recognition. "Oh. Shells. Sorry. I'm not…" Hand gesture, one that tries to encompass a whole lot of things. He's not supposed to be here yet. He's not in his right mind and forgot to answer the door. He's not staying long. All of it, summarized in that handwave that he then abandons to continue staring. A beat. Two. A soft sigh and then, "I didn't expect him to catch her again."

Sundari moves on into the office as one he didn't tell her to leave, and two didn't toss anything at the door. It could have happened before! She'll close the door behind her as she moves on over to the desk and sets the basket on the floor. "It's alright." Is offered with the same soft tone, a faint smile offered to the other. She's seen that look before, maybe not from R'hyn but she knows it well. "I'm pretty sure I told you all that in class, always possible." She totally told them, they don't tend to remember such things after all. She'll lean over and attempt to ruffle and smooth his hair down a bit. "Your be fine."

To be fair, none of the things in here are R'hyn's to throw! Not that he would - if anything, Sunny's presense seems to help, pulling him out of absent reverie into the present, even if the present isn't really where he wants to be right now. Or does he? He doesn't know, and the conflict is part of the problem. He allows her words to distract him, though, lips pressing with petulance, gaze going flat with a wry, "This isn't time for 'I told you so's, Sunny." But she did tell them so, and it takes the edge out of his shoulders. They drop, as does his head, leaning back to sit on the edge of the desk to better put himself at a level where she can smooth his hair into some level of compliance. In the end, it just makes him look small, feet tucked up against wood, shoulders curled, head lowered to press into her hand, blue-grey eyes wary and maybe just a little bit scared as he peeks up at her, opens his mouth, ponders words, and finally says, "Will I?" He looks away. "I suppose I will be. But will the weyr?" Totally different ballgame, that.

Sundari is quiet for a moment at that and glances off slightly before a soft breath escapes her. "Sorry…" Is offered after trying to fix his hair and she shifts to hop up and sit on the desk. Her gaze drifting over the office slghtly. "Last time I was in here Zi'on was Weyrleader." Seems like forever to her at this point. Hearing R'hyn she glances back to him, her hand moves to lightly touch his cheek in a friendly way. "Why wouldn't it R'hyn? It is a job, a hard job but still a job." Her words soft. "Your a good person, you are well liked. You know how to get a job done. You will get through this and so will the Weyr." There is a slight pause. "No one says it will be easy, no position ever is. But you will get through this and I am sure of that."

"No, don't be sorry, I was only teasing," R'hyn says, putting some fraction of levity into his tone for emphasis. "It's my own fool fault for thinking Xermiltoth wouldn't gun for it despite it bein' all he's wanted since he broke shell." Well. More or less. She hops up onto the desk beside him, and R'hyn leans into her presence, shoulder to shoulder as she looks with him. "Hm," uttered for Zi'on's leadership. "Ila's mentioned him. He was before my time." Has L'ton been weyrleader the entire time R'hyn's been here? Entirely possible, but he doesn't get to dwell on it - Sunny's hand is on his cheek, and it bids R'hyn turn and look at her, gratefulness for her words tinged by a touch of self-deprecation and sadness. "You're right. It's just a job. But it's…" Exhale. "People know what happened, when we went to get-" Their families. He tries but can't say it, changes tack, lifts one hand to cover Sundari's, doing more than leaning into it but not quite nuzzling it, more of a smush of cheekbone into her hand. "I wasn't ready to be in the public eye." For many reasons she and perhaps only a few others will fully understand.

"I shouldn't have said it." Sundari offers with a slight shake of her head, even if he was teasing. "All bronze long for it R'hyn. All of them have the chance for it they will try. I love Xermiltoth but he is the same as the others with that little thought. I wasn't surprized when I heard the news either." She'll let' her shoulder press back against his a bit of amusement seen at Zi'on perhaps. "He… Was different to say the least. I haven't talked to him in a long time." Life happens after all. As for the rest she's quiet, tensing slightly even though she tries not too. "They don't know what happened, they only think they know what happened." She still blames herself for everything, and she always will it was her family that attempted to rip other's apart after all. "None of us want to be in the public eye R'hyn. Though… I do feel you can handle it better. You just have to take it day by day, and your have help. Kadesh wouldn't let you faulter I sure." She let's her hand stay put, and just stays close to him. "You have to believe it will be alright."

"You're right though," R'hyn says, voice still low but more than a little cajoling. "You did your best to warn us. I've warned people myself. And still… Flabberghasted," he murmurs with a twinkle in his eye, referencing the word he once used to describe Ila'den being weyrleader. "Mm. I suppose they do, and on some level as well they should aspire to something greater, but." Shrug, and a crooked smile for the idea of Zi'on being different, but he focuses more on Sunny's tensing, hand leaving hers that he might wrap it around her shoulders, pull her against him in a sideways hug. It serves the dual purpose of expressing 'I don't blame you' as well as saving them both from having to look each other in the eye for the moment. "Yeah. Ila won't let me drown in it, either, and I'm sure Cita's been riding the same boat since Ilyscaeth broke shell. Plus I've always got you to call on when I need a talking-to." He tilts his head just enough that he can look down at her, appreciative for her words and actions, fond. "You always know just what to say." He's still not 100%, might not be for a long time yet, but he seems somewhat cheered, a little less melancholy-mindblown as he finally leans sideways over her to peer towards that basket. "What're you carryin' around? Tell me it's kittens so somebody can be in a worse mood than me." CoughcoughIlacough.

Sundari chuckles a moment. "I know a few things. Not all are right, but a few of them make sense sometimes. Point of the matter is, you shouldn't beat yourself up so much R'hyn. Irkevalath wasn't thrilled when I didn't want to be Weyrling Master anymore, but he got over it." Blue's don't tend to get very far in the pecking order when it comes to dragon related things. "Just look at it this way, a new experience for you both." As for the hug and the meaning behind it she slip quiet her arms lowering and is left quiet for a long few moments. She'll always blame herself, a shadow or more like a nightmare she'll never be able to escape. "Course Ila won't, nor Cita." A faint laugh is head. "Right…" She doesn't think to highly on many things she says but won't go into that. As for the basket a soft ah escapes her. "I figured you didn't go home afterwards…" She'll leave it at that, as for the basket is it tuggged over and plopped on her lap. "Some foody things, nothing good for you, perhaps some booze. Though no limes, and your not allowed to drink it alone." She'll reach in and get a box and offer it to him. "Well this isn't alive but will amusing Ila'den and yourself perhaps. I'll see if I can find a few more kittens to drop on your ledge later." An yes the box will have a pair of fake furry plushie like black kitty slippers that have green eyes and a little green ribbon around the neck. "Hope they fit, sorta had to guess."

"You know more than you give yourself credit for," R'hyn argues because it's fast becoming that kind of a conversation, where two friends give of themselves in an attempt to out-console one another into oblivion. "I'll try, though." And he will, but for right now he's content to hug on his Sunny, hand sliding a soothing path along her arm, not trying to change her feelings on the attack four turns previous and her perceived responsibility for them, but offering wordless support nevertheless. His arm shifts to curl one hand against the side of her head for that faint laugh, holding her there so he can press a smooch and an argued, "You know I'm right, I've always been able to count on you for advice, even when it isn't what I want to hear," to her temple before he releases her to fetch up baskets full of what are apparently presents that bid his brows to raise. There's a quiet huff of a laugh for him not going home afterwards - he can't even argue that, even if it makes him ruffle his hair again in slight shame - instead eyeing the basket's contents along with her words. "Will you drink with me then?," asked even as he accepts that box, cracking the lid open before issuing an honest-to-Faranth bark of a laugh. "Sunny. Where in Faranth's name did you even find these?" They're hideously adorable and he loves them, already kicking boots off so he can jam them on his feet and lift them into the air for mutual enjoyment. "I am fair to certain this is the best gift I've ever received," said on a laugh as he waggles the slippers obnoxiously.

Sundari use to not have these problems, or these thoughts, for her it started before four turns ago before she knew what evils her family did or could cause and when she found out it broke her many ways. Four turns ago just sort of put the nail in deeper. She's quiet for a few moments during that hug, something perhaps she's needed for a while and a faint smile is seen after that there kiss. "I am glad I could help. I know I've told Ila, but your in the same boat if you ever need tot alk just have to find me." She'll let her shoulder just stay pressed in against him while looking in the basket of items she brought to surprise him on his new road in life so to speak. "You know what time it is?" Is questioned to the bit on drinking with him, she didn't say no and rattles a set of glasses that are also in the basket with what looks like a bottle of rum. She glances over and grins once he opens the box and will lean against the basket to watch him put them on. "They fit ok? I got them from High Reaches on a recent trip up there. Got loads of them, bunny ones, mouse ones. Some real fur some not, think those are maybe a mix of both." She holds up another box and just grins. "These though are for Ila'den." Well of course she got him a pair as well. "As much as I would love to see his face when he opened the box I get the feeling he might not take a gift from me after the kitten."

R'hyn, on the other hand, has had blood on his name for over thirteen turns, skeletons in his closet no more or less valid than hers, merely present enough that he can attempt to understand, empathize, make time to just exist and be themselves - sad, complicated, but no less wonderful - with no real need to break the silence. He only does when it seems fitting, taking in her faint smile with a scrunch of blue-grey eyes. "Thank you, Sunny. That means an awful lot to me, and likewise is true. My door is always open for you." Even if it might be suddenly open to everyone else in the weyr now, too. Sigh. He pushes the thought aside, staying leaned against Sunny even when he finally drops his feet, still snickering when he points her a look. "It's time for me to put alcohol in my face before I have to start doing this job proper," said with a grin that's only a little queasy even as he nods. "Nearly perfect fit. Little big but better'n being small, yeah? And they're comfy to boot." And then there's another box, this one destined for his weyrmate, and R'hyn is delighted. "Oh no, we're saving this. We'll corner him with 'em later and make him open them. He can't say no to me today," said with a devious eye-twinkle. "He is still mad at you, though that's mostly Bitty's doing. She sleeps on his pillow, follows him around like a shadow, drives him mad." Poor Ila, what'd he ever to do deserve friends like them?

Sundari has never asked, nor does she plans on asking about R'hyn's past, she knows better then to push things after all. If he wished to tell her then she would find out. With a weyrmate like D'nyl plenty of things still go unsaid between them and she understands when not to push. Likewise she's never been very forth coming with what happened when she was held against her will, even D'nyl has never been told the whole truth. Oh the lives they lead, they could all write some interesting books that would turn into best sellers for certain. Her smiles stays and she nods slightly to him. "Your welcome. I appricate that. Might take you up on it sometime and your regret the offer." Her tone more amused now while she sets the basket to the side and goes about opening that there bottle. "Please… There will be plenty of times for drinking even when you have that facy big knot on your shoulder." One glass is picked up and she pours some of the carmel colored and rather nice smell rum into the glass and offers it to him. A faint grin is seen and she chuckles. "Does she now? Little stinker. It was ment to be then, I would have brought her home but I couldn't help myself after he told me not too." The conversation and thoughts about their past slipping for her mind for the moment. "Anyway, last feline I had in my life trying to use me as a chew toy. Still got the scars form that thing."

Someday, perhaps, but this day has seen enough dark memories come and go in their mind's eyes; R'hyn is only too happy to move on, to point a droll look Sundari's way and lift just one eyebrow in a dubious look. "Oh, somehow I doubt that, but you are certainly welcome to try to convince me otherwise." His tone is pretty clear though: there's little that can be done to chase him away once his mind's been made up to let somebody in. "And be that as it may, the days in which I can be absolutely shitfaced the whole day just might dwindle, so why risk it, right?" He takes the offered glass with an appreciative hum for it being rum instead of whiskey, swirling it once to really appreciate the smell even as he waits for her to pour one for herself. "She does, though, and we all enjoy the entertainment value if nothing else. I think he even does, too, though he does a good job of acting otherwise. I catch him absently petting her from time to time, though," he adds with a quiet laugh and a thoughtful noise for her own feline experiences. "Sounds like the triplets Cita gave us." They really do have a lot of cats… "Glad she's back in the weyr because they're damn near feral with anybody else. I've got scars places we don't even want to talk about from those little assholes." Snicker. "But no. We definitely have to see his face. It'll be priceless."

Sundari looks a bit amused and smiles while pouring herself some rum. "Just remember that when I annoy the hell out of you sometime." This said with a grin seen now. Booze does the body good. "Oh come now, even Weyrleader's get a rest day… I'm sure. Though Zi'on did whenever he felt like it." She ponders that a bit. Yes other thoughts are quickly replacing the ones from before, not to say they can't creep back in later on. A soft ah is heard. "When I say feline R'hyn I mean the big man eatting types." She points to her right leg. "You don't want to see it up close, fangs the size of steak knifes in my calf below the knee." She seems almost cheerful as she talks about it. "Went on a hunting trip with D'nyl and his sister, two of them wild felines found us instead." It was before R'hyn's time at the Weyr after all. "I knew Ila would warm up to her… Best idea I had other them the slippers of course." She'll hold the glass up to lightly tap his. "Weyrleader… Don't ever expect me to call you sir though."

"I'll just have to be annoying right back," R'hyn asserts with a crooked grin and an amused twitch of his eyebrows. "I promise I can be infinitely more annoying than you could ever hope to be." IS THAT A CHALLENGE? It might be! But he moves on with a snort and a ceilingwards glance. "That might well be, but I'm not going to count the clutch before it hatches. Xerm's occupied with Celimoth, but he's got ideas," ideas that might just keep him from indulging nearly enough. Or maybe it won't be as bad as it seems. He'll just have to find out. For now he's busy raising both brows at Sundari for that clarification, blue-greys darting from her face to her leg with a breathed, "Faranth, really? What'd you do?" Because clearly she survived the endeavor, is even cheerful about it, so it seems safe enough to ask. "The slippers are your best idea yet," he agrees, swinging his feet hard enough the little kitty faces come back into their view, humming amusement even as he clinks his glass against hers. Back some of it goes, liquid held in his mouth a long moment to appreciate the flavor before he cants her a dry, humorous look and swallows. "Thank Faranth. I'll thank you not to call me weyrleader, either. Can't much stop anybody else, but I'm just R'hyn to you, Sunny." Lip twitch. "Unless you're feeling a certain type of way, that is." Ironic usage of his shiny new title is totally acceptable.

Sundari eyes him playful like. "Wait, you can be annoying?" She quetions with a curious tone. A chuckle esacpes her hearing about a certain bronze having ideas. "What sort of ideas does he have?" Well now she is the curious mind you. A slight nod is seen to the bit of her dealing with the feline. "It wasn't that much fun.. You ever dealt with one of them? They are rather tricky, and two are even worse." A soft ah escapes her. "One went after me and the other went for Aerza, D'nyl had been tracking elsewhere. Needless to say it was a mess, two dead felines in the end and me learning how to walk again. D'nyl and Aerza took some nasty hits too." She won't admit it but she still has isues with that leg. She points at the slippers. "Of course they are, look at them? Little ribbons and everything. I thought about getting D'nyl some bunny ones." She pauses slightly at that and hums before glancing to him at the weyrleader bit and chuckles softly. "R'hyn it is, unless your in trouble and I'll go all 'Weyrleader Sir!'." Because that makes total sense right?

"You have no idea," R'hyn drawls with a lean into her person, matching her for playfulness. "I was on my very best behavior when you were my teacher." And if that was his BEST, can you imagine his WORST? As for Xermiltoth: "Oh, you know, complete overhaul of the candidate system. Total wing reassignment. Reassessment of weyr needs and a shift in imports, exports, and priorities. He thinks we're too often viewed as a lax party-weyr rather than a political player and - thanks to draconic memory - frequently forgets my arguments as to why that's alright. And that's just things he told me he wants to tackle on day one." Sigh. "But no, thankfully. Ista wasn't terribly well-known for its feline population and I've gotten lucky here - only seen a handful maybe and those from a distance. I can't imagine it was much in the way of fun." And then she tells him and that's about right - he winces sympathetically for her description, gaze drifting down to the leg in question. "That bad?," he asks about her need for recovery, voice low. "I'm glad you came out of it as well as you did, then." And he is, leans his shoulder a little harder against hers as though - not for the first time - imagining what life'd be like if their fates were only a little different. He's happy to focus on slippers instead of his thoughts. "The little noses are what gets me," he says with a rumbling chuckle. "And you should definitely get those for D'nyl." Because he's a terrible encourager of chaos, laughing even as his nose wrinkles. "Faranth, no. Remind me never to get you mad, then. Even you sayin' it just now in jest was terrible." Cue a playful shudder. "Besides, then I'd be required to call you 'Wingrider Sundari' and start 'ma'am'ing you again and that's just a whole tunnelcat hole we don't want to start down." Twinkle.

"Well that is because we are a party-weyr." Sundari says with a slight laugh heard. She never was one for political things, she was a WLM and that was to much for her at times. "I always failed at my paperwork, never had much use for it. Even now I'm sure J'en is going to be pissed that I never make a full report." Does she care? NOPE! She would most likely eyeroll any conversation that involved her and making a full report. She is sipping at her glass, gaze lifting faintly and she is quiet for a moment in thought. "Torn the muscle clean apart." It is funny that she can sit there calmly talking about it. "Honestly? I had worse before." His seen some of the scars on her back after all. A soft ah esacpes her at the slipper talk is brought up and she smiles. "Whiskers too. I was tempted to put little bells on the collars." As for D'nyl and his slippers there is a slight pause. "Perhaps when he comes back." She doesn't say much more to that and is even finishing the rum in her glass. "Oh please, I never made you ma'am me in class. Though it does make me feel rather old… Don't you dare ever say that again."

"You know that, and I know that, and I can't count the number of times I've told him that, but Xerm's never been content with things as they are. It's always been the next big thing. Though he's never been smugger than he was this morning," R'hyn mutters, though at least he's managing an amused tone to bely sarcastic words. He laughs for the bluerider's opinion on paperwork, flashing her a toothy smile. "He's rueing the day he let you back on the wing I'm sure. What can he say, though? Who could be mad at this cute face." Cue a smudge of one thumb against Sunny's cheek, not pinching but definitely teasing just the same. It sobers quickly, fleeing with a description of the injury with a sucked inhale and a breathed, "You have," because he has seen her scars, but it doesn't make hearing about them any less visceral in his imagination. "You're one of the biggest badasses I know, but I'm sorry you had to go through that. Recovery must've taken forever." Thump, down goes his head on her shoulder, that he might snicker quietly at the idea of bells being added to slippers. "Nah, you made the right choice leaving 'em off. Ila might not wear 'em otherwise. Could you imagine him ding-a-linging through our weyr, though?" Because he can, and it's almost funny enough to carry him through - almost. He doesn't miss that slight pause, however, and R'hyn is quiet for a moment himself, that sort of stillness that comes of one debating over whether or not they should pry. He must dismiss the urge, but he rubs his cheek on her shoulder instead before murmuring a low, "Perhaps." He lifts his head then in order to drink as well, laughing nasally into the glass before he swallows. "It's a pact, then. I'm no 'Weyrleader, Sir' and you're no 'Wingrider, ma'am' and we'll fight anyone who says otherwise."

Sundari hums faintly at the thought of the Weyr in Xerm's talons so to speak. "He'll figure it out and understand soon enough. Just explain to him that it is more /work/ that he will have to deal with every day perhaps?" Well honestly it will be R'hyn doing most of it but they don't need to let the bronze in on that bit of information now do they? A faint squeak like sound escapes her at he touch of said thumb and she lightly swats out at him with a laugh. "I suppose so… Anyway I keep out of his hair, and most of the other riders are happy I take the further routes so no one tends to complain." A curious glance is sent to him at the biggst badasses comment and she is amused. "Really? Come on you know more super cool people then little 'ol me. Yeah it did, still have issues with it sometimes." She chuckles softly. "Should just put a bell on Ila'den… maybe get some fake cat ears too." Yes she just said that, fear her thoughts right now. If he would pry at the moment she would most likely let a lot spill and she's only had one drink. She'll let her head tilt and ligtly bump against his enjoying the bit of closeness quietly for now as her fingers rest losely on the glass. A soft laugh is then heard. "Right, I'll kick 'em in the knees and you just put 'em in a head lock." Totally Weyrleader behavior!

"That's the problem. He relishes in the work. Sleep is a terrible inconvenience," R'hyn says, but it's… fond, almost. For as much as he complains, he likes his dragon's enthusiasm - it'll be half of what carries him through, no doubt. There's a snort of amusement when she swats him away, and his hand does retreat even as his head shakes. "Some. Most of the ladies in my life are badasses, truly - I am lucky in that regard - but you are definitely counted amongst them." Firm nod. He chokes around the end of his drink for the idea of Ila'den in bells and cat ears, blue-grey eyes sliding slow to fix right on Sundari's face as he drawls a darkly-amused, "Sunny. If I didn't know better, I'd say you were thinking something kinky." Brows waggle something horrible even as he sets his drink aside, humming suspiciously under his breath even as he busies about clearing a small space he'll claim as his to store alcohol, glasses, replying in a bland but happy tone as means of distraction. "Oh yes. Very good. Nobody will bat an eye at that." And then glasses are stored and everything is neat and tidy, and he's gathering up the box of his weyrmate's slippers and— "I'M TELLING ILA." And if she plans to stop him she'd better run fast because there he go! Out the door and racing to tattle on the bluerider's maybe-smutty thoughts with a box in his hands and kitty slippers on his feet and hair a'blowing in the breeze and really it's… just about the perfect depiction of what this weyr is into with R'hyn as their new weyrleader but shhh. Let them live in denial for one more day.

Sundari chuckles. "Hey… Sleep is awesome, sometimes." She hums a touch and smiles while nodding to him. "Well, that is rather nice to know. Thank you R'hyn." Is offered softly. As for the rest she looks rather innocent. "I have no idea what you are talking about, why would I ever think of something kinky?" OH IF HE ONLY KNEW! "Anyway, that would be for you and he to play out that kinky spell." Get it spell, cat.. black cat maybe? Ok who's a witch or wizard here? She'll let him go about cleaning things up and brushes her hands off as she hops down from the desk. "Of course not, if you start running around in the nude they might call you Zi'on though." Sadlly she still remember's those times. She blinks at his words and looks speechless for a moment which gives him time to escape for now. "HEY!" Is yelled out after him and she follows as quickly as she can. "R'hyn don't you dare!" Who knows maybe Ila'den will enjoy the idea?

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