Valigath and Dhonzayth's Hatching 2015

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Hatching Grounds
The entryway is in the shade, but its no escape from the heat. The heat of the hatching sands nearby is such that it warms even a cavern as big as the one before you. The edges of the entryway look to have been carved by a dragon's claws, possibly the original queen who first chose this place and broke down the wall to make it posible for her to enter. The rest of the cavern looks like a natural formation, except the seats of the galleries perhaps.

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Galleries
An amphitheater cut of rock with row after row of hard benches to sit on. The galleries have a good view of the sands below and the action that takes place there during every hatching. Despite the times, people still come to see the new pairs formed and place bets on the outcome.

C'vryn walks into the hatching grounds, from the west bowl.

C'vryn says, "I found a trundlebug."

You say, "Awesome! Did you step on it?"

C'vryn says, "Not yet, but I might."

You say, "I think that might be bad luck."

C'vryn says, "Oh. Then I won't."

Janja gasps. "Our son is 2 turns and 5 months old!

C'vryn dangs.

C'vryn says, "He's getting so big."

You say, "So. Shall we, Ryn?"

C'vryn moves to hold out his arm to Janja, "Yes, love." We shall.

C'vryn moves over to the galleries.

C'vryn hurries, moving to find a set of seats so that he can offer the first to Janja, then taking the next for himself.

Janja arrives chatting happily at C'vryn's side, holding on to one arm, even with the insanely late hour. She beams as C'vryn seats her first. "So the nanny said she'll keep an eye on him even if the hatching wakes him up. So we should be fine for now."

S'yu steps into the galleries, from the hatching grounds.

C'vryn continues to try and keep his eyes pried open, listening almost attentively to Jan as she talks. "So we're free for at least a couple of hours then, for this. Before one of should go back and check." He looks longingly at some of the more richly cushioned seats. "Do you think we could err, borrow those for this hatching?"

Excited doesn't even begin to cover Krysalia's excitement. She's practically dancing back and forth between S'yu and the galleries. She reaches back to grab the rider by the hand to pull him along faster "Come on! I don't want to miss any bit of it. Oh, I can't wait! Isn't this exciting? Do you think Tray will Impress?" she just fires off the questions one by one, not even hardly pausing for a breath. "He'd probably get one just as lazy as he is. Though it'd be funny if he got one with a work ethic. Don't you think? Oh look! Seats still near the sands. Come on!!! We'll miss them!"

<Sands> Aglaia steps onto the sands.

K'yan wanders in, heading toward the back so he doesn't have to fight anyone over a seat. He stretches a little, standing in front of one, then settles down into it, leaning forward a bit to get a decent, if distant, view of those sands.

Janja's eyes widen at the question. It's almost a look for complete shock. Then they get even larger if that's possible. "Well Fey says to take them and she seems very grumpy about it. So I guess?" The blonde shrugs very blondely. "I could ask Rusty to bring something form our weyr? I'd think he and Aurora could carry one or two items?" And as she speaks the gold and brown flitter into the galleries to land on the seat beside them.

S'yu acks and is drug along, the short pretty ride almost trips, but the excitement of Krysalia is hard to ignore. He stumbles and gains his footing as she bounces to the gallery, "You still have some time. You still have some time! Relax, really, the energy will be high enough in here…" he looks out over the sands of the weyr. Different, yet the same. He really should visit more weyrs. Taking in the atmosphere of Half Moon. "A lovely place," his comment as Kry tugs again, "And I can't predict that, really I don't know!" he objects.

C'vryn is moving down to stealthily steal a few cushions, because really. As he mutters, "It's for Jan, so it's perfectly alright that I take these." With that, he's grabbing four of them, possibly a fifth if he can carry it, so they can sit in comfort.

Janja happily stands and arranges her pillows just so. In the process she manages to bump a few bodies here and there in a distracted, brainless fashion. Those who object or wish to engage with her are more than welcome based on how quickly she becomes distracted from the settling into place. "Oh dear. I'm sorry. You know me!" she mutters with a twitter for an amused Igen rider. "How are things back there? I haven't visited in some time." She sighs dramatically. "We really can't get away right now."

Krysalia rolls her eyes and grins "Oh come on, that's half the fun. Guessing who might get what. For instance." she says as she plops into her seat "I think, that the first egg to hatch will be a brown." she states and then tilts her head "What about you? What do you think will hatch first?" she asks as she looks around "It is pretty neat here. I never got a chance to explore over here when I was last over here. And how can I relax?! Isn't this absolutely exciting?! "

<Sands> It's early - and early makes for a cranky, CRANKY Valigath. The queen hasn't been sleeping well - if at all, of late - and, after a few sevens spent bellowing for Candidates to COME when she calls, they're plenty accustomed to her bellow. And that's the bellow that starts to rise in earnest, though there's yet -some- time. The other dragons haven't yet truly started to hum, but word has quickly been spreading that the eggs are due to hatch - and soon. Never mind that people and dragons have already begun gathering; clearly, she's a little late to her own party, somehow. There's no sign of Aglaia, not yet, and Rukbat only knows just where she is at the moment.

S'yu gives a little cough at Cry, "no, no, and I think it's always bad luck. The dragons always know your feelings after all. Should be left up to them…" he sits down next to Kry. "It's not so relaxing when you're on the sands, trust me…" the first hatching he's attended since his ow. The queen's bellow causes him to wince, and toss his hair back with a gulp, "Right then. Guess it's time."

<Sands> Dhonzayth is amongst the first to gather, though the older bronze leaves a wide berth from the cranky young queen, pale tail wrapping around his body from where he is settled upon the sands, eyes whirling as he regards the clutch - and keeps an eye on Valigath just to be sure.. A gaze which intensifies as L'ton joins him on the sands, staying clear of the queen for now.

Krysalia looks thoughtful "Well, no I suppose maybe not. I hear it's really, really hot standing there. It's warm enough here as it is. Were you nervous? I'm sure I'd be nervous if I ws ever asked out there. But still. It was exciting wasn't it?" She glances out over the eggs and ponders "Why do you think it's bad luck? People bet all the time, so how is that bad? And well, it's not as if we're making them do something, just trying to guess at it and all and woah!" she leans back at the bellow "Wow, I didn't think dragons made that kind of noise. Milchbeasts and all and ovines and such. But dragons?" Huh.

C'vryn is one of the folks bumped, but then that's normal so he just waits for thunderstorm Janja to settle in and he finds a seat after her. "Well, that's so much better than before. All ready to watch those eggs down there hatch and find riders, love?" He even manages to find something for her to drink, pulling a water skin out of the bag next to him.

<Sands> Serena steps onto the sands.

<Sands> Trayvel steps onto the sands.

<Sands> Valigath's bellowing intensifies and someone is sent to summon the candidates - presumably from the barracks, given the hour. Aglaia eventually makes her way onto the sands with a grimace, still clad in her dressing gown and with her hair down. Her features scrunch up a little and she cuts an apologetic look to L'ton, with a little finger-wiggle wave sent his way. She'll move that way -eventually-, probably when Valigath's a bit more distracted by the candidates.

"Oh thank you, Ryn." Janja takes the offered skin and pats her mate gently on the leg. "I do think we'll all be able to sit back and relax for a bit now. I'm sure those kids are just about to jump out of their skins with excitement." And as she speaks it seems the candidates are starting to arrive. "OOOOO!" She sighs eagerly. "Look. Here they come. I know that boy. He's related to S'dny somehow." She was told but as normal, waves off 'unimportant' information with a hand flip. "I saw him searched."

<Sands> Slowly, oh so slowly it moves, with barely a start and a shake before even that falters. Then another shudder as something within rocks the Utterly Common Treasure egg. It wobbles back and forth, unable to be still now and following its own beat to destiny.

<Sands> Thump. Thump. Thump. All that twitching does nothing for the So Fashionable That It Hurts Egg. It rolls a bit, but soon settles again in its wallow.

S'yu gives a little laugh, "I was terrified, and then the lights went out. So you could hear the shells breaking and you could not see the little ones." he shakes his head some, "And I was the fool who took a step forward to try and make the other candidates have courage. Despite me being terrified myself. SO there I was, in front, in the dark, and in front of the newly hatched. Oh I should have fainted…" he rubs a hand across his smooth face. His cheeks flush in embarressment. "Hopefully there's no technical difficulties today"

<Sands> There is a half smirk as Aglaia appears, and L'ton offers her an apologetic smile, while Dhonzayth turns his head to stare at Valigath, snorting loudly and spreading his wings to shift his balance. Shards, enough is enough the look seems to say. And then the eggs begin to wobble, and it seems that the bronze is distracted - after all, its time to see which half of the parentage prevailed.

<Sands> Lexava steps onto the sands.

Krysalia starts waving as she see's Tray "Look! Look! It's Tray!" she beams brightly at S'yu and then blinks "You? Faint? Nah, you wouldn't do that." she says brightly "Go Tray!" Okay, so she's just a little excited. Just a smidge. And then an egg moves. She goes to grab S'yu "Look! It's moving! An egg moved! Did you see it?"

<Sands> Serena enters the sands through what has become a very familiar route. Her hair is a mess but her robe looks to be in decent enough shape and not too wrinkly. She bows to both the sire and the dam and makes her way to the predetermined location. A look of surprise crosses her face as the eggs actually seem to be wobbling this time. She glances back to see if her fellow candidates are making their way in.

<Sands> It's as the first eggs wobble that Valigath's shrill cries for attention abate and transmute into a throaty hum. Okay, throaty isn't the word for it; the sound is still aggravating on a soul-deep level, but it blends in with the rising hum of the rest of the Weyr and that's okay. Aglaia remains where she is for the moment, her gaze cutting from the queen - now firmly settled on her haunches - to the candidates that are still filing in. "Oh, drat," is muttered. "Dratty drat."

C'vryn is staring down at the sands, attempting to find whomever Jan's pointing out before he just gives up, losing the idea in the midst of all the folks milling about. "Ah well then. Was it a good search? Full of drama and such?"

<Sands> Such an assault on the eyes is the Opulence of Spirit egg, as the first hints of movement begins, it is much too hard to focus on. Too bright, too busy, and too loud is the egg. It already seems to move anyways. So as the first gentle wobble sends the egg tippling slightly end to end, it's likely no one notices.

S'yu acks as he's squeeze by Kry, and he pats your head, "Yes…yes eggs do that." he chokes out, "it would be bad if they didn't , relax, please, calm yourself…" he looks around "Just enjoy it Krysalia, is this your fist hatching?"

<Sands> Not Fooling Anyone Egg gives a tremendous shake! It almost hops in the sand, making a bold statement that it's here and ready to go!

<Sands> Trayvel is one of the last candidates onto the sands, frowning from lack of sleep and the heat that is already seeping through the soles of the sandals. Plucking at his half mended robe, he thankfully is still wearing his shorts underneath. Tray gives a little headdip to the obsessive queen, as if following a routine thanks to the queen's /sand drills/, barely looking up as he mutters "…just another one of her tests…" Finding himself near Lexava and Serena he holds one foot above the sand to let it cool a moment "G'luck to you both." Wait, the eggs are actually moving?

Janja cocks her head sideways thoughtfully. Finally she turns and just shrugs at C'vryn. "I don't really know. Feyruth was in such a fit about that bronze I was just trying to keep anyone from getting hurt. You know she's got such delicate feelings." And it's even said with a straight face. She looks side to side before adding in a near whisper. "She said he was not at all polite to her." Which anyone from either weyr would know was likely not the whole story. "But the blue picked him up and didn't seem at all bothered by their little argument."

Krysalia calm down? Well, she may after a little but, a hopping egg! "It jumped! I swear! It jumped!" she giggles and then she pauses at the question and nods "Yeah, I've never had the opportunity to get to come to a hatching before. No one comes out to a small farming hold just to bring some nobodies in to watch." She looks back out over Tray and frowns a little "You know, I think he's lost weight. I told S'dny that he wouldn't be fed properly. No one there to make sure he ate. and he doesn't look like he's been sleeping much either."

C'vryn ahs very softly, solemnly as she mentions Feyruth's feelings. "She is a good judge of character, your dragon." He moves to pet Jan on the arm again. "I'm just grateful that you managed to keep everyone as calm as you always do. Just imagine, how poor Feyruth would deal with anyone else besides you." With that, he gives her a sunny smile and goes back to egg watching.

S'yu ohs a little bit at Kry and gives a cough, "Well yes of course. I mean the eggs move, after all, the dragon inside has to be strong enough to break the shell, to come out, to have life. It has to be strong in order to survive the first few weeks, to break the shell is proof enough of that." he nods and pats Kry, "So this is your first, okay I suppose you could be exuberant then"

<Sands> Lexava enters in the middle of the group of candidates. She seems a bit non-chalant about the whole thing. Been there, done that. What's this the four dozenth time now. A quick bow with the others and she hangs unattentively waiting for the next false alarm to be dismissed. It's only a nudge from another near her that does get her attention. What, wait for real this time? Hmm.

<Sands> Bam. Bam. BAM. Just a little more movement from So Fashionable That It Hurts Egg - and it's just enough to send a series of startling cracks against the oh-so-perfect exterior.

<Sands> Rapidly spiraling cracks form within the bright green of the enameling on the Utterly Common Treasure egg, slowly eating away at the integrity of the shell. It rocks in its own small hollow on the sands, waiting for that one good kick that will make it shatter into shards.

Krysalia gasps! It's cracking! "Yuyu! Look! It's cracking! Quick! What color do you think is gonna hatch first!" She grins brightly, she can't help but be exuberant about it all." She then pauses a moment "Wait, do some eggs not crack open then?" she asks as she frowns a little and stares at the eggs. "That's terrible."

Janja beams at the praise offered to her and hers. "She is, isn't she?" She gets that half besotted look so frequently seen on riders of all sorts before turning to focus on the sands more closely. "A crack! Likely to be any moment now. What do you think? Do you think we'll get another gold?" She seems a little worried at that based on the furrowing of her brow. "I'm not at all sure if Valigath or Feyruth would be happy about that."

<Sands> Serena keeps her eyes peeled on the eggs as they begin to move. She finds herself holding her breath and forces the air out so that she doesn't just pass out, "For real." she says to Trayvel. When he wishes them luck she says nothing but nods her head absently, still keeping her eyes on all the eggs that are beginning to move.

<Sands> So Baroque It's Broke Egg wobbles a little to and fro on the sands, with a little wiggle to the rhythm of cheering around it.

<Sands> Not Fooling Anyone Egg just sits there in the sand. Not doing anything, not moving. Maybe it's changed its mind? No wait? it looks like it's starting to rumble? Like a tiny earthquake on a tiny planet in the space of the sands.

<Sands> All Fluff And No Substance Egg is definitely not ready to reveal itself to the world. It twitches a little, but soon stops - as if it can feel all the eyes resting on it.

S'yu grunts again, "No guessing, I shall not guess, as I said I believe it's bad luck. Even the biggest hatchling can have trouble breaking out of it's egg if it has no room to peck. Just watch, watch and experience it."

<Sands> With time, even the garish exterior is overtaken by the motion of the Opulence of Spirit egg. The golden suns on the apex bow and cave as the struggles of the one within stress the shell. They seem on the edge of going supernova until with a final sharp snap, a long crack forms around the larger end.

C'vryn continues to pat Jan's arm. "I'm sure that if we do get a queen, she'll be properly behaved toward her elders." He pauses, watching the continuation of the eggs' movements out there. "Still, even if we do not, I know that our resident ladies shall be very happy to have all the new riders in the weyr."

<Sands> Lexava's interest shifts. She's gotten to watch a hatching or two from afar, and with the eggs still just eggs she risks a glance towards the galleries. It's impossible to pick out just if her family might be making this round or rolling over in their beds at another presumed false alarm. Either way there isn't much she can do about it and the faces are a blur anyhow so the more important thing is to look forward and see which will hatch first, what and the big question, to whom!

<Sands> That one good kick comes faster than might be expected and so the Utterly Common Treasure egg falls apart in a spray of egg pieces. Left after the explosion is a soot darkened green that is impatient, impetuous, and oh so clumsy. In fact, she nearly falls on her nose in first steps.

<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Fire of Knowledge Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
<Sands> A green so dark she appears blackened, smudged by soot and flame over her stocky, shortlimbed build. She moves awkwardly, unused to movement after so long cooped up and her steps are jerky and short as she hops on the sands, trying to unkink unused muscles. Eventually she blunders into a smithcrafter, standing on a dare from his friends and his shock as he says her name is absolute. "Gieth, oh Gieth." Then N'drew is so careful with her, guiding her off the sands.
<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

<Sands> Trayvel goes still, one foot still held up, as he sees more than a couple eggs actually twitching, and a few sounds of creaking and cracking from some of the shells. "Owwiieee!" He hops from foot to foot suddenly, trying to watch the eggs near him while doing the /fan the hot foot/ sand dance.

Krysalia shakes her head a little at S'yu, but does stop pestering him to guess, and besides, the question is moot now. "Oh look! She's a green! She's so dark." she grins "Glad I didn't put marks down on it, I'da lost. But still, this is so exciting!" She cheers as Impression is made and all but bounces in her seat "Maybe Tray will get bronze?" She frowns a little and then grins "No, maybe a spirites green, one to keep him on the move." she giggles brightly at the thought.

<Sands> Valigath's shrill hum rises higher at the birth of her first - and so what if she's green? Ill omens aren't for the likes of her to believe. Aglaia, meanwhile, just looks relieved that the dragonet looks reasonably normal and healthy. "Oh, thank goodness," she breathes, shoulders sagging with relief.

<Sands> A shiver of anticipation runs through the Pointedly Scandalous Egg. It's not enough to do anything yet - but SOON.

<Sands> Feast, Never Famine Egg does a wibbly wobbly before wiggling back within the relative comfort of the warm sands. Still so sleepy.

<Sands> Not Fooling Anyone Egg rumbles more! It looks almost seizurely on the sands for a moment, and then the egg splinters outward into tiny pieces that fall to the sand in a cloud of dust. All that's left is the shell's occupant, spread out on its hind legs, forearms and wings spread out into an X shape!

<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Big Buff and Beautiful Blue Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
<Sands> This dragon is large and bulky! For a blue, at least. It's got an impressive physique, each muscle perfectly sculpted under its hide. An angular handsome face leads into a thick powerful neck and then down to a long, whip-like tail. It stands on strong legs, with feet and claws that look almost too large for it, making it a study thing, even on the ground. Its wings, when folded back, look to be of normal size. But when unfolded they, too, appear to be a bit oversized, even for the blue's additional girth. It's coloring is not specifically of note. A standard blue, just a bit deeper than the sky. There are some unusual darker patches though around the eyes, mouth and covering the feet. These make the eyes, teeth and bone white claws pop out against the rest of the hide. Oddly enough it doesn't make the blue seem threatening though, more like he's smiling jovially most of the time. There's also a strange swirl on the top of it's head in a lighter sea-blue, difficult to see other than from above.
<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

<Sands> WHAM! It just takes that one last blow to send shards of the So Fashionable That It Hurts Egg into the air. The result is a startlingly-patterned blue dragonet, who stands in the pile of shards - alone, for the moment, but not for long.

<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< I Put A Spell On You Blue Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
<Sands> This blue is a stark study in contrasts; while the bulk of his hide is an even, pale blue that verges on near-whiteness, it is a pallor that is just perfect for corruption. His entire physique is angular and sharp, composed of harsh lines that will never know softness. His eyes are encircled by heavy lines of deep blue; his mouth, too, is limned in the same shade. The circles around his eyes bleed down over his cheeks, not unlike the markings of certain Southern felines. His paws are likewise; ink-dark blue covers his feet and oozes up his limbs like teardrops moving in reverse. Violent slashes of dark blue form in the valleys of his neck- and tailridges, turning into rings on the latter. His wings are spectacular - and eerily similar to his dam's - each sail is marked with a stylized eye of sorts, almond-shaped rings on each sail, with smeared dots in the middle of them. He fans those wings out briefly and utters a shrill sound before he's on the move. Most move. One doesn't. Tavotee, a tall, dark-haired young woman with a pallor to match his own, just spreads her arms wide. She's weeping, but the tears are silent - and she can only utter the name "Marsonth," before the pair are lead off the sands.
<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

<Sands> So Baroque It's Broke Egg cracks! Crackling spreads across the shell of this eager egg to get this party truely started.

The admiring sigh is heartfelt as Janja watches the first impression. "She was a lovely dark thing wasn't she? And so decisive. Not the wander aimlessly kind at all." Then another says something which draws her attention. "Tray! That was his name. Tray. And they seem to think he's likely to get a bronze too. Like his, er, like S'dny!"

S'yu grunts a little at Kry, "The right dragon for the right rider. It does not matter what we think, the connection is formed in an instant, and soon, they will never be alone again, united as one. Who can guess what such a bond will be"

<Sands> Big Buff and Beautiful Blue Hatchling has finally made his entrance! After padding about (or maybe prancing about?) he slides over along the line of candidates. Back and forth he paces, looking over all of them several times at a glance. And then? he spots her! Older, long blonde hair. That one was his! He bounds through the crowd toward her, nearly toppling her if not for an agile move to the side by the candidate herself. Instead his front paws fall into the sand and he stretches his neck out toward her. The candidate's expression doesn't change, but her eyes seem to twinkle a bit. "Mmm, yes? Allouisineth, understood. Livia, then. Fine. I suppose you do need to eat something. Don't concern yourself, I will take care of your basic needs until you can hunt on your own? This way, follow me." And the pair move off the sands after a weyrlingmaster.

<Sands> With a triumphant cry the Big Buff and Beautiful Blue Hatchling has found its lifemate at last. After a few moments the Weyrlingmaster leads the new pair off the sands.

<Sands> Serena casts a glance over to Trayvel as he dances back and forth and rolls her eyes. Though she doesn't have too much time to worry about what the other candidate is up too. Impressions are happening. She looks to the green and then the blue and more and her lips form a silent 'wow' that never really creates sound.

C'vryn merely arches an eyebrow back at Janja. "So, S'dny is closely related then, to this Trayvel." A soft hmmm as he looks back at the sands. "I rather do like the hatchlings that just seem to know what is going on and who they want. It just seems more right, somehow." Another glance at the sands. "That was a pretty green, but then the blues were rather remarkable, too."

<Sands> All Fluff And No Substance Egg tries again, after steeling itself for the inevitable. A few cracks form, ruining the illusion of fluff - but not yet destroying it.

Krysalia glances around as she hears Tray's name said and then she's grinning at Janja "Trayvel! He's S'dny's cousin." she says brightly and then there's two blues. "Oh, wait, myabe blue would be better for him." she murmurs as she looks up at S'yu "Well yeah, you can't know. But I still think you can guess, I mean. What harm is there in me guessing? How can wht I think hurt them?" she asks curiously "Oh look! Another Impression!"

<Sands> As the end is in sight, the Opulence of Spirit egg only gets more eye-wateringly painful. The large end continues to separate from the rest of the shell, giving glimmering hints of jewel tones from within. More cracks radiate from that end horizontally. The shell begins to crumble, sprinkling gemstone shards onto the sands below as a sapphire head and neck finally pushes the near end off.

<Sands> A fine shiver trips through the Obnoxiously Overwrought Elegance Egg. It does nothing more, as if it must catch its breath lest it attempt this hatching thing again.

<Sands> Lexava shifts on her feet. A green, lovely and a quick choice. She sighs in a happy way as it's finally happening. Of course that the first didn't even glance her way doesn't dishearten so much as there are many more eggs yet and the arrival of several blues are watched briefly until they pair too. A look to Serena and then back to the eggs.

<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< A Weaver of Words Blue Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
<Sands> As the light strikes the young blue form it seems to refract outwards so that the silken hide glows with sapphire brilliance. He is long and lean, though not angular, and moves with a sinuous whipcord motion. With a mesmerizing grace he slinks over the sands, wings partly spread so that the crush gemstone sails glitter and sparkle in the cavern lights. He weaves a circuitous path towards the candidates, flirting coyly with the line. He stops randomly in front of one or the other as if he were attempting to seduce them. Occasionally, the candidate will tentatively step towards the blue only to have him slink away again. This goes on for a time, ending only when the blue stares intently at Samunael the butcher. Sam'el asks with a dazed expression, "But what happened to the frog, Wainth?"
<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

<Sands> Sundari steps into the hatching sands, from the hatching grounds.

<Sands> Trayvel winces at a shrill cry one a hatchling when the shell splits, the skinny little candidate forgetting his hot feet and diving for cover, not that there is any to be found, but he'll figure that out soon enough. Peeking his had up, after a few seconds, he scrambles back to his feet, and tries to brush the clinging hot sand off as a green and some little blues appear to be admired.

<Sands> This time, Obnoxiously Overwrought Elegance Egg trembles a bit more violently. A fine webbing of cracks manifests on the surface, threatening to break the whole thing apart.

<Sands> Feast, Never Famine Egg forms a single crack right down the center of this egg in a mostly straight line. The surface of the egg glistening from the newly released egg to, only to dry up quickly in the heat of the sands.

Janja seems to sense that maybe she's pushed C'vryn a bit far with regards to the rider to win her last flight so though she grins and nods in agreement with Krysalia, she lets the conversation slide on that subject. "So many handsome blues. I hope we get a few more greens too. They always keep things exciting. So aerobatic in flight." She absently reaches down to stroke the head of the little gold who's slipped into her lap. Rusty on the other hand seems just as happy to push his way over against C'vryn. "It's a good sized clutch at least."

<Sands> Serena can't help but notice Trayvel's travails. Instead of rolling her eyes this time she very quietly 'shushe's him, "You are making a spectical of yourself." she says under her breath, not wanting to disrupt or upset the new dragons as they go about their search for lifemates. The new hatchlings are closely watched as they break free from their confinement.

<Sands> All Fluff And No Substance Egg tries one more time and, this time, it's ready! The shell falls apart, leaving a dainty lady of a green to stand, momentarily confused, in the mess.

<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Glittering, Glamorous, And Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
<Sands> On the small side as greens go, this dainty beauty is definitely not to be ignored. Her hide is a flawless flow of palest jade green that starts at the tip of her exquisitely rounded muzzle and over her expressive eyeridges. Her neck is graceful and leads into a slender body that's feminine but not frail by any means. The faintly glittering green of her body is contrasted by the deeper, jungle-like iridescent hues that claim her neckridges; that rich green trails down the back of her neck and her spine, only to fully engulf her tail in a dramatic sweep of color. That color manifests again on either side, where three diamonds seem to have been emblazoned on her haunches, while another such diamond is placed squarely on her forehead. The darkness of her wing arms and spars is stark against the pallor of her jade-hued wings - stark, and powerful, and glamorous all at once.
<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

C'vryn is absent-mindedly scritching the little brown's head and under his chin as he watches the impressions come now, fast and rather surprising in some of the choices. "Well, it's at the very least always good to see the nice mix of colors. And any new rider is always a celebration, I should think."

Krysalia's eyes widen as Tray dives into the sands "What is he doing!?" she exclaims "Come on get up!" She breaths out in relief as he does get up. "What does he think he's doing? He could get trampled and all, and then what? He'll be a mess and.. and… " she swallows and then goes to lean against S'yu. "He'll be okay, you think?" she asks quietly. Her enthusiasm having dropped a little. Though she does still comment here and there "Green's and blues. Maybe there isn't any browns in there, that'd be sad."

<Sands> D'nyl meanders into the hatching sands, from the hatching grounds.

<Sands> Lexava is near enough to catch Trayvel's dive and snorts. "Trying to peek up a skirt?" she teases lightly, the crack of another shell draws her attention away to a green with interesting markings. She seems unsure if it's yet considered pretty or simply different/unique and she shifts back to her other foot waiting to see where this newest will head.

<Sands> It always starts with a tremble. Imperious And Impressive Egg shifts subtly, in a move that might be easily missed.

<Sands> It must be the faintest of breezes that sets the Big, Bold, and Over-embellished egg to fluttering so. Tulle shivers, ribbons flutter, and there's a hint of a whisper of silk from the yellow petals. Almost one can hear the tinkle of the golden charms clinking against the shell as the egg begins to twitch ever so gently.

<Sands> So Baroque It's Broke Egg splits into two perfect halves that fall away onto the hot sands, revealing an eggwet hatchling.
<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Dance Through The Night Brown Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
<Sands> Molten chocolate slips down chiseled musculature from powerful broad jaws down to a long whip like tail, shimmer and shadows as liquid perfection moves into the light. Darker shades claim slender talons, sweeping up forearms and over a wide chest where wisps cling to the light like delicate fingers. Large wings sweep behind this dragonet, swaying with each step to a melody played only for his presence. Metallic copper conceals his face, from his upper jaw over long head knobs, only to break up into glistening flecks before vanishing over the tips of prominent neck ridges and into the darkness. The brown sways slowly from side to side, turning from one candidate to the next until he turns and pauses before a slender young man. The hatchling rumbles, pawing at the sand beneath it's feet, huffing air through its nostrils before lowering his head in a graceful bow. The young man pauses, staring off into the crowd before slowly lowering his own gaze to his new lifemate. "Me?" He begins, taking a step forward as he reaches out to run fingertips across the offered head. "Of course! You're right, Columbinoth. R'aoul is more fitting than Rinaoul. Let's go and get this party started." Not more than two steps and the new-found pair is quickly ushered off the sands.
<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

S'yu tries to pull Kry back, "Relax, relax, almost no one gets hurt, very few. relax. Let him breath ,let him feel the connections on his own. Yes I am sure he will be fine. The realization of what is happening may finally be settling upon him. That's enough to stun anyone"

<Sands> Sundari is standing off with the other AWLM's quietly watching while the eggs go about hatching and finding the right lifemate. She moves here and there, talking with a few before going about seeing a newly impressed pair off the sands.

<Sands> Dhonzayth seems pleased as the hatchlings being to appear and pair off, the older bronze looking well, rather smug as he watches each move away in turn, even as he turns to snort at Valigath. So there. L'ton, for his part, can't do much else than roll his eyes, offering a pat to his life mate's shoulder, relaxing as it seems that there will be no major incidents, even as the eggs on the sands dwindle.

<Sands> Trayvel chances a quick glance to Serena when she starts shushing him? "Why are you shushing 'me'? Didn't say anything." Looking back as a brown hatchlking makes short work of his egg and the whole picking out a canddiates thing pretty quickly, he shakes his head at Lexava with a tsking sound "Oh no, just making sure of all possible exit paths." Seeing a older boy about looking the wrong way, he flags the guy down and motions to get moving "Like, run man!"

<Sands> Aglaia, for her part, is mostly relaxed - or, at least, as relaxed as she can be. Things seem to be moving along at a healthy clip - and no one's out there bleeding, so that's good, right? As more eggs hatch and hatchlings find their lifemates, Valigath doesn't seem to grow -calm- so much as she stops sitting on her haunches. She settles on the sands properly and watches, red-limned eyes whirling rapidly while she levies her judgment on those her - and Dhonzayth's, -technically- - spawn have chosen. She still huffs at the bronze all the same and mantles her wings but, well. It's not -that- bad now.

<Sands> D'nyl's gaze is calm, but those that know him can certainly tell he's tense. The last time he was on these sands, well, his dragon was plaing proud papa. Now he's watching the children he'll be responsible for start to pair off.

<Sands> Serena 's eyes fall on the green hatchling and then the brown hatchling, but her attention is quickly drawn back to the green hatcling, "She's pretty." she says to no one in particular, but guesses at least Lexava and Tray will hear it.

<Sands> It starts with a twitch, the barest flicker of movement before it ends, stuttering out into nothingness. But even then, the Too Pretty to be Useful egg seems to be just a step from moving again, of starting the dance that will end all too soon in disaster.

<Sands> Oh Faranth, It's Everywhere Egg has been contained for long enough - it is about time for some excitement. Now, if only it could manage to open up… Perhaps a little wobble will do the trick.

<Sands> Glittering, Glamorous, And Green Hatchling wobbles uncertainly, wings spread, then folding, then spreading against as she gets the hang of them. Then she's -moving- and that's fascinating! But those white-robed things over there? Those are even better. She stumbles in their direction, all but prancing with delight.

Krysalia lets out a squeal "A brown! Oh! Isn't he a handsome one?" she grins "Course, no where near as handsome as Bhaltairth is, but still, he's a very nice looking brown."Oh! Look! He bowed even!" she grins brightly and never one to be down for long she nods. "Well maybe. But still, he really needs to be more careful with himself."

There's a pause in the conversation while the next few impressions go by, then Janja is back at it again. Still absently petting Aurora, she comments on the brown. "Columbinoth. There's a mouthful. Though he looks plenty big enough to carry it off. Might be why there's a hint of shine in his color. Almost a bit bronzen you could say, don't you think?"

C'vryn considers as he watches Janja now, almost more than he does the hatching. "Well, he'll certainly have to have at least something of a forceful personality with that name. Something to let you know that he's there." He watches the brown hatchling for a long moment. "Maybe, perhaps. Although, he's definitely a brown for all that."

<Sands> The Big, Bold, and Over-embellished egg should be ringing like a wind chime with all the dainty rocking it is doing. Instead it seems to be making a curious chirping noise timed perfectly with each swinging motion over the sands. With one more chirp a spinner's web of lacy cracks spreads through the fabric shell.

<Sands> Lexava giggles at the excuses. "Well I guess they did tell us to keep awares and all." a generous out mumbled as she watches the brown with interest finding his partner. R'aoul, seems she'll owe him a beer though it'll be awhile before she has to actually pay up now. "She's interesting" is agreement to Serena.

<Sands> Another series of shivers works through the Pointedly Scandalous Egg. This time, the pattern is broken up by a series of cracks and chips. It reveals nothing more than the eagerness of the one within.

<Sands> Feast, Never Famine Egg shatters into what looks like a million pieces, sending shards in all directions as it reveals a very outlandish eggwet hatchling.

<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Loosen Your Corset, Have A Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
<Sands> Poised and perfectly proper is this green dragonet, everything in it's place as it should be from her narrow and dainty snout, down to her long and slender tail tip. Accoutrements are a must as verdant satin slips down her form, covering every smooth curvature of this tiny dragon so adoring eyes are not without their precious living treasure. Emerald adorns razor talons, sweeping upward with tiny tendrils touching shoulders and hind quarters, shimmering with each graceful step. The finishing touch to her vibrant tones are teal rosettes nested atop her narrow head between headknobs that fade as they descend down neck ridges. Nature took pity upon other dragonets and graced her with an average form fitting for a lady. As though well rehearsed, the young green makes a smooth glide over to one unsuspecting young candidate from High Reaches, butting him from behind with her head as she warbles curtly. "Hey! Alright, alright," Demmitch grumbles as he turns around, only to take her head butting in the stomach instead. "Fine, Euphemiath! Let's go, forgive me for making a lady wait." M'itch and Euphemiath are quickly greeted by an Assistant Weyrlingmaster and are ushered off the sands.
<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

S'yu considers and he nods, "interesting, they are the backbone of any weyr. You said he had some problems with encouragment though? Ha I bet he'll soon be through with that…oh my. Dragon waste has such a unique smell. You never forget it…"

<Sands> Dainty motions become exuberant rocking and the Big, Bold, and Over-embellished egg just comes unraveled. As the sides seem to swell in and out, the chains break loose. One final shove sends the whole thing outwards in an explosive shower of frills and frou-frous. In its wake is a great brute of a brown curled wetly on the sands.

<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Ever a Bull Moose Brown Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
<Sands> Of a moderate size in height and length, this saddle leather brown is somewhat on the bulky side. A strong, muscular torso supports the heavy weight of dusty dark sails. The blocky masculine head seeks curiously across the sands, ever in motion though not violently so. His tail is as broad as his neck, dragging behind on the sands as he rises and strides out in a great, swinging gate. Decisive and confident, once on his feet, he seeks neither to the left nor the right but heads straight towards the dragonhealer trainee searched just the other day. With great dignity, the brown plops heavy hind onto the sands and creels demandingly at Therodor. Th'dor answers gruffly back as one shaking hand drops with shock to touch the leathery brown. "Yes Sevelth. With our eyes on the stars and our feet on the ground."
<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

<Sands> Dhonzayth offers a soft croon, dropping his head towards the edge of the ring of candidates, turning it then to peer at the eggs which remain, settling back as one begins moving again.
<Sands> Ah! And there! A final struggle within the Obnoxiously Overwrought Elegance Egg ensues and, ultimately, results in the destruction of one piece of finery - and the birth of another. A tiny green emerges from the wreckage, wide-eyed and breathless.

<Sands> Trayvel 's warning is quick enough and his fellow candidate, who turns in time to sidestep getting run over. Nodding to himself, he gives two thumbs up to M'itch as a pretty little green claims his attention "Congrats." He sidles around to where Lexava and Serena are keeping a watch eye out.

<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Passion And Pearls Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
<Sands> Such a dainty and delicate green! Her hide is like the finest of silks, a gorgeous and velveteen green that shimmers with inner radiance. Her muzzle is narrow and inquisitive, her eyes wide and innocent. Her neck is a swanlike curve that leads into a narrow chest - a chest that's decorated with curious dot-like markings that resemble proper pearls in their pallor. Her wings are striking in their seeming shift in texture - they are more satin than velvet, nearly silver for all their lack of color. Her claws, too, are silvery-hued, with a curious ring-like marking encircling one of her forefingers. Her tail is a lengthy thing, wrapped around with the same pearlesque markings as her neck, lending a sense of completion to her image as a lady. She traipses from the wreckage of her egg with a faint sniff and proceeds thusly, her movements airy despite her youth. Her grace is innate and exquisite, which draws more than a few eyes and raised eyebrows. She takes her time in choosing, however; this one won't do, nor will that. She snorts disdainfully at a handful of others before, exhausted, she falls into a dramatic swoon at the feet of one lad - tall, dark, and dashing with a magnificent mustache. Fr'esco - as the he'll be known from here unto eternity - kneels to gather the green up and breathes, "Oh, Lucregiazth. Come, let us get you some food and water. I promise, we'll be together. Always."
<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Janja blinks her surprise at the last green pairing. "Oh my. That's going to be interesting." She mutters in an aside to C'vryn. "He's not at all what I would have thought for a green, especially one so, well, green?" The last is said with a delicate shrug that seems to mimic the green while being so uniquely herself. "Oh! Another brown too. Just missing a bronze or gold now."

Krysalia watches as more hatch "Another green, so many blues and greens, well. I've always been told they are the most numerous and oh! Oh!! Look! ANother brown!" she exclaims and her eyes widen "Wow, what a name." she blinks as she catches yet another green Impress. "Oh I think I'm glad she's not at our Weyr, I don't think I'd ever remember that name." she murmurs and then she looks around for Tray "Well, he likes to laze about and sleep."

<Sands> It may have begun with delicate movements, but the Too Pretty to be Useful egg does not stay gentle for long. Soon it rocks and rolls, tumbling out of the slight hollow made for it and the spinning slightly as cracks start to form over the surface, shattering the opaline glassy perfection.

<Sands> Oh Faranth, It's Everywhere Egg is getting closer to sharing itself with every one - slight cracks have started to appear along the sides, threatening to spill the contents, well, everywhere.

<Sands> Imperious And Impressive Egg quivers again, this time with a weighty sense of unspeakable anticipation. Cracks start to ruin the glory of the shell - or is the shell as glorious as it seems?

<Sands> Pointedly Scandalous Egg explodes violently, in the end. The shards are sent flying and the vibrant, vivacious green within is finally freed!

<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Express Yourself Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
<Sands> She is green - and she is proud. Shapely in all the ways a female is supposed to be and, yet, there's just something to the way she moves and the way she acts that says she's so much more than just another green dragon. Her hide is a vibrant green that glistens with the odd fleck of gold here and there along a curve of muscle or crease of joint. She's handsome more than beautiful, solidly built and designed to endure. Her lack of markings are more than made up for by her raw energy, her drive - and her practically palpable sense of purpose. No sooner than she's out of her shell than she's on the move, head held high and pride in her whirling, red eyes. It doesn't take long for her to find another young woman with that same, strong sense of purpose. Though Ciccone - blond, green-eyed, and athletic - might have thought she was returning to the Harpers when she was done, it's clear that she'll just have to wait a little longer. Not that she seems to mind, for the exultant cry of: "Dominath! Of course! We can do anything together."
<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

<Sands> Serena can't help but direct her attention this way and that. So many candidates finding their lifemates. A look of intent interest settles across her face as her breathing continues as an accelerated rate. It's exhilerating being so close to the action. She continues to keep tabs on that pretty green that had caught her attention.

<Sands> Glittering, Glamorous, And Green Hatchling slows a little when she realizes how many of those white-clad things there are. And look at that! Those white -things- just- no. No. They won't do. She snubs her nose at one or the other, only to discover that some of the robed things seem to be waiting for something. Hoping. She creels a little and continues down the line, wide eyes getting wider and wider.

<Sands> Lexava ohs as the passion and pearls green emerges. "So pretty" she loses track of the glittering one still wandering to watch the smaller green who picks another calling a half-hearted congrats to Fr'esco. A little nod to Trayvel as he shuffles in closer but she's trying to pay attention to things, and well wipe a bit of sweat from her brow as well. Robe gets used in a multi-purpose fashion and unlike some she'll make sure it gets washed before its returned to the chest.

<Sands> Valigath regards the rapidly thinning herd of candidates with whatever passes for narrowed eyes among dragons. She swings her head back to consider the remaining eggs - and the much larger pile of shards. With a huff, her gaze cuts back to the wandering green and she rumbles at her in a way that's probably supposed to be encouraging. Maybe. Or maybe she's chastising her for taking so long. Who knows? Not Aglaia, who's doing a quick head count and wincing a little. "This is going to suck," is muttered, sidelong, to L'ton. "The speech, I mean. It's always terrible."

<Sands> Oh Faranth, It's Everywhere Egg shatters then, shell shards flying in every direction, sticking to anything that happens to come in their path - bits of color that will just NOT go away. Not even the occupant escaped from the shower - the large, bulky blue seeming to be wearing more of his shell than his own color.

<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Gimme Two Claps and a Blue Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
<Sands> Powdered blue gathers upon this buff hatchling's hide, the pale color tenaciously clinging to each and every inch of him - muscled hindquarters, lean belly, powerful forelimbs - leaving no inch of him uncolored. Despite repeated attempts, it seems that the blue-lavender that teases the very tip of his muzzle, his talons, his tail has been unable to gain any ground; nor, it seems, has the navy that attempts to color his ridges - the powder blue is unstoppable. He's here now - the stage is his, the bell has rung - let the showdown begin! Slowly, he gets to his feet, and begins wandering, occasionally spreading still damp wings as if attempting to elicit a cheer, working his way around the circle of waiting candidates. But then, he pauses suddenly, turning his head to stare at a young man with white blonde hair. Is that.. a challenge? His body swivels, and he glares at Ralic before suddenly launching himself at the teen, knocking him over in a pile of limbs and wings. "Flairth, stop.. Stop Flairth, you're going to hurt me." And finally, it seems the match is over, and R'ic is slowly getting to his feet, Flairth by his side looking satisfied before they follow the weyrlingmasters to find food.
<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

S'yu chuckles, "He'll have no time for that. Feed, oil, scrub, muck, feed, oil, scrub, muck…haha…" he says hollowly, and looks a little dizzy, as if reliving.

Krysalia leans forward as she watches the green and then she's once more tugging at S'yu and points to the green "Oh, she's not seeming to find who she's looking for. She'll find them. Won't she?" she asks as she watches the green go down the line so to speak. "Maybe she'll want Tray…" she looks up at S'yu and blinks "You okay there? I think it'd be good for him to not sleep so much. I mean that can't be healthy."

<Sands> D'nyl falls out of line with other Assistant Weyrlingmaster's to step up to one of the newly-impressed pairs, exchange quick words, then guide him to the exit.

<Sands> "At least it doesn't look like you'll have to give it to-" And L'ton pauses mid sentence as one of the candidates remaining is knocked over. But when it seems that there is no blood involved, he finishes his thought, "Give it to anyone trying to stay conscious from blood loss.." Way to stay positive, right? "Just.. make sure you mention the feast.. that cheers everyone up." Or, well, the liquid portion does. Dhonzayth snorts at Valigath, trying to tell her to be nice - though, for Valigath, maybe she *is* being nice.

S'yu blinks and he tries to focus, "wait a dragon that didn't find a candidate?" he's suddenly worried and he focuses. Staring hard, shifting on his seat. He rests a hand on Kry's shoulder and waits.

<Sands> Trayvel looks around the sands and the dwindling number of candidates as the hatchlings drag them off one by one and gives a quick peek to Serena and Lexava "Getting close to the end now isn't it? How about we go empty a few wine bottles when this is done." Eyes go quickly to another hatching when the shell splits.

<Sands> Imperious And Impressive Egg gives way at long last, crumbling inward with a sigh. The bronze left behind is still for a long time, his hooded gaze leveled on the white shapes just beyond.

<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< Unsettling Charismatic Mystic Bronze Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
<Sands> He's a terribly large beast - in length, if not in build. He's a ragged looking creature, a monster by any other description, and yet- yet there's something to the skeletal visage. His eyes are deeply sunken, hooded under prominent eyeridges; his neckridges are jagged and his claws unnaturally long. His hide is an icy hue of bronze for the most part, tattered in places to reveal deeper bronze-browns or brighter bronze-golds here and there. His paws are murky and tinged in red, with ruddy smears manifesting elsewhere on his form. His wings are paler yet, seemingly ice-rimed for eternity. The gaunt creature unfolds from the ruins of his former estate and stretches for a good, long time before he finally starts to stalk his way toward the candidates. None of them seem to be able to meet his gaze directly, not until he finds his way to a young farmer-turned-Candidate - the only one that has no fear when he stares into those lurid, red eyes. G'rii does not smile but, instead, nods once to the beast - and gestures off the sands with an intoned, "This way, Raspovyith. This way."
<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

<Sands> Aglaia goes a little wide-eyed when one of the candidates is bowled over. She catches her breath and holds it until it seems all's good - and then she heaves a sigh of relief. "I guess?" Sounds way more dubious than she wanted it to. "I mean. It's gone better than I thought it would. Her first clutch was so small and… well, I guess that seemed more harmless somehow." She considers, then slides a look askance to Dhonzayth. "I'll blame him for the dragonets not being bloodthirsty monsters." There are worse things to be blamed for! For the rest, she just nods and worries her lower lip, forehead furrowed. And Valigath? Well. She really is being nice. And shrill. And mostly nice. She shifts her wings and starts to pace a little among the shells that remain. Watchful. Waiting.

Krysalia stares at the newly hatched bronze, her eyes going wide. The searching green momentarily forgotten "Wow, he's kinda creepy… isn't that just cool!" she exclaims and then looks around for the green again. "Did she Impress, did I miss it?" she as she looks around. "What'd happen if she didn't find someone?"

<Sands> Serena ignores the other candidates, both those that are impressing and those that are waiting on the stands still. She keeps her eyes fixed at the present moment at that green hatchling walking the line with those big wide eyes. Her own eyes widen as well as she continues to get closer and closer.

<Sands> Glittering, Glamorous, And Green Hatchling seems to have run entirely out of options. She looks around desperately, wide-eyed and keening, as she just can't help -all- of them! She just -can't-! But, there! That one. She can help -her-! She rushes forward to a brown-haired and brown-eyed young woman and sits before her, red eyes shifting eagerly to bright blue.

<Sands> With a triumphant cry it seems that the Glittering, Glamorous, And Green Hatchling has found its partner at last and impression is made!

S'yu squeezes Krysalia's shoulder, "It would be best not to dwell on it. It's why there's so many candidates. Even if they do not get selected , they serve a very important purpose, to prevent such an event…" he squeezes again and leans back. Hmmming at the Bronze, "Similar to Bhal when he hatched. He was such a ghoul. He took advantage of the dark, and attacked me from behind." he laughs, "Clever hunter from the start."

<Sands> Lexava hadn't noticed the dwindling eggs, although it makes sense. The chaos of the moment seems to drag on and its hard to believe there'll be an end, soon even. "Mmm, I dunno. I think I'd like something more fruity… and desert." cause, who doesn't like desert right? "Well at least if we aren't otherwise occupied…"

Krysalia would dwell on it though, but now it seems she doesn't have too. "Oh look! She found someone!" she cheers and yells and then she's grinning again. "Really? I wish I could have seen that. I'd love to have a hunter or something." she says and looks just a little wistful and then shrugs.

<Sands> Serena can only stand there on the sands with her mouth agape as she hears that other voice inside her head. A voice that she is going to be with for the rest of her…their lives. "Yes. Of course Samiryth. We must get you something to eat. You are positively starving." And without a word to her fellow candidates she will wander off the sands at the direction of the weyrlingmasters toward the place where dinner for a dragon may be found.

<Sands> Once it has started, the hatching of the Too Pretty to be Useful egg moves on with a rapidly quickening pace. Shards fall off and litter the sands and leave out a brightly colored, dainty little green hatchling that looks momentarily shell-shocked when she hatches, blinking slightly in confusion.

C'vryn moves to touch Jan's arm again. "Always such a letdown when the eggs start dwindling down. Too bad that there are never more of them. Although I suppose the weyrs would be eat out of house and home if there were." He continues to idly pet the small brown using him as a pillow. "So, when are these two going to have a clutch?"

<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~< La Belle Dame Sans Merci Green Hatchling >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
<Sands> Elegantly poised, the bright green hide of this dragon glints slightly in the light. She is daintily built, small and rather fragile looking, although put together beautifully. She is careful, light on her feet as she moves over the sands, seeming to float rather than walk. Nearly dancing as she moves, wandering far from the shattered remains of her egg as she looks. After taking her time, she finally winds her way toward one of the harper lads, Byeron. It is him that she pushes with her head, leaving the boy to announce, "Her name is Lynath," even as his name now becomes B'ron.
<Sands> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

<Sands> Trayvel grins to Lexava and nods. "Sounds groovy." Peeking over to Serena, "Hey Serena.." he notices her attention over there, so follow her gaze to a green inching closer. Looks like it'll be one less for drinks. He claps and hoots for the new green pair as they are led away "Congrats Serena."

S'yu shakes his head, "Don't Krysalia, the old days when such things happened were a much rougher time…" he nods a bit, "The eggs are thinning out though." he ponders, "But do not worry. Not everyone gets picked their first time after all."

<Sands> Aglaia steps up after the last has hatched and Impressed - and the humming has finally calmed. She clears her throat and attempts a smile, but there's a tinge of sadness there as well. "We thank you all for Standing today," she states. "Yours was not here this time but that does not mean that yours will never be." There's a glance to the exit and her smile tilts. "We hope you will stay and make Half Moon Bay your home. Or, at least, stay for a nice, big breakfast of a feast." A beat. "They do have klah. I can guarantee that much. Klah and liquor, probably, for those so inclined. Uh." Right. Speeches. She's bad at them, which means she's looking at L'ton for anything else that needs to be added.

<Sands> D'nyl moves over to Serena once impression is made with the requisite bowl of meat, but doesn't interrupt the moment other than to gently guide the pair towards the arch to the barracks.
<Sands> "If you would like to go home, or somewhere else, we'll be happy to arrange for it, send messages, whatever you would need. But like Aglaia said, we hope ya'll stay, at least for a bit." And L'ton looks almost as awkward as Aglaia does tacking on that little bit. "Congratulations to our new weyrlings!" And no death!

Krysalia sits there and stares out at the sands and those left standing. She purses her lips a little and then lets out a soft sigh "He didn't get one." she murmurs more to herself than anything. Her voice is an odd mix of sadness and happiness and then she's looking back at S'yu "No, I would guess not. Not if they bring in more than needed and well…" She turns her attention back to the speakers on the sands. "I hope he doesn't stay. He needs feeding up.'

S'yu laughs a bit, "Well that is the thing isn't it. Once you're selected, to stand, you're part of the weyrs. All the weyrs. They look after each other. They help each other, in oh so many ways." he nods and gives Kyrsalia a pat, "And there's always more clutches, ahem, After all even Bhal contributed to one"

<Sands> Lexava grins back to Trayvel and means to say something to Serena only to find her otherwise occupied. Oh "Oh, wow, congrats!" it's likely lost with the look in the others eyes and the way she turns and heads off. Right, starving hatchlings. Then there is a quiet, like the ending of a storm and you can't quite believe it's over, and speeches. Only this time she is on the receiving end. Well it's only her first time ever standing and she takes a moment to gather a few of the pretty shards from this unique clutch before heading out after the other former candidates. Klah, or drinks, or maybe back to bed after all. Crazy hatchings!

Janja sighs at the rather abrupt ending. "It's always go, go, go and then nothing." She gently pushes the gold from her lap and stands with a mighty stretch. Stiffling a yawn, "is it back to bed or check on Javelin? We could use the sleep before Feyruth ends up out here. IF she ever ends up out here."

<Sands> Sundari glances after D'nyl and Serena before looking to the ones left, a smile offered to them. "You all are welcome to stick around the Weyr for a bit of a party. It is alright to be disappointed, but remember this just means your lifemate wasn't here right now." She'll see the rest of the former candidates off the sands, answering the questions and the like if any are asked.

Krysalia nods a little and then grins "That he did." she says brightly "It'd be so sweet to be able to have a dragon that Bhaltairth was the daddy of." she says brightly and then she's up and ready to tug S'yu on out "Come on! Lets go enjoy the food! I hear hatching feasts are the best!"

C'vryn nods and stands up, before offering Janja his arm. "Well, I'd like to peek in on the boy, just for a moment. Not to wake him up though. Otherwise, we'll both be exhausted then all day today. So I say, see Javelin and then sleep."

<Sands> Trayvel scratches his head as the number of eggs and hatchlings as dropped to zilch. When did that happen? Turning his attention to Agalia and L'ton , he gives a brief nod and candidate salute. He was warned not to forget that part. Tray glances to Lexava while still high stepping to cool his hot feet, "So, juice or ale with your eggs?"

S'yu grunts a bit and he nods as he's tugged, "And some wine. I brought a jug of sake for your friend to enjoy. Since, ah, of course…he didn't get picked. He can of course drink to his hearts content. Lead on, I'll chat with him of course."

<Sands> Lexava catches up to Trayvel and chats as she steps out. "What, I have to choose?" voice dwindling from the grounds as she leaves.

<Sands> Lexava moves over to the hatching grounds.

<Sands> Trayvel moves over to the hatching grounds.

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