In the Aftermath

Lexava stumbles a bit as she enters with the post-candidate crowd. The excitement of the event which /finally/ came is still keeping her moving but the early hour is also slowly starting to take its own toll. For now though there's food and drink and things to toast and celebrate.

K'yan moves into the living cavern, from the west bowl.

Trayvel made a little detour to get out of that ripped up robe and into his own clothes. So he may be a couple minutes behind LExava, strolling into the bcavern barefooted. His feet are still very hot from the near broiling they recently took. He stifles a yawn as best he can, the early waking hour, and the heat are fuzzling his brain. Well, tis as good an excuse as anything.

K'yan heard rumors of breakfast… or should that be break/feast/? Either way, here he is, coming in with those who decided to come eat instead of going back to bed. He glances around, looking for familiar faces… hey, those were some of the candidates!

Lexava us quite parched after the sands heat. She's still in her hastily thrown on robe with pajama's left underneath. The thin sandals weren't much protection but the earth and stone between teh grounds and here has helped considerably on the heat front. For now its a race to get rehydrated and where things go from there is unclear. She grabs a pitcher and juice and another of beer and finds a table that's not yet taken, waving to Trayvel as he makes an entrance.

Trayvel moves along, slowing to look over someone's plate before hurrying on. Seeing Lexava waving, he signals her back and turns his step her way. He nods and sidesteps to avoid a few groggy riders before he gets to the other former candi "I'm surprised so many decided to stay up." He an't resist rubbing his bare feet over the cool stone floor while he waits in the short line.

K'yan joins the line a bit after Trayvel, and gives him a nod. "I think the adrenaline makes them good and awake. That, and those that have bets want to collect while they're hot." He smiles.

Lexava plunks down an empty mug and grabs a pitcher to refill. "Man that's hot work. Well or else there are some needs which should be taken care of first. Food, drink, bath" maybe not in that order "Sleep is on my list but I don't want to curl up all sweaty." she wrinkles her nose "Though you were smart to go change I was just so parched." the actual events haven't really sunk in yet, that she's still just she and all "I hope no one'll take offense on taking a day off though."

Trayvel grabs a few things before he's all set, but rather than step walk the few paes to the table Lexava plopped down at, he cants his head to the rider behind him and nods "Hmm, I didn't even think of that. Owed marks would be a good reason to put off sleep." He nods and balances a little plate on his arm and sticks a hand on "I'm Trayvel. Join us?" He gestures with his chin to the table before moving to flop down in a chair. Lexava gets a little headshake "Wouldn't say smart. I wanted to check on Chief. Making sure the goofy pup was staying out of the fowl pens."

K'yan tips his head to Trayvel, nodding. "I'm K'yan," he says. "Brown Khaneth's, of Ierne." Another nod at the offer, and then he takes the take to gather up some food and a mug of morning klah before he heads over to… right, that's where the former candidate got off to. He slides in with Trayvel and Lexava, nodding to her. "Good morning," he says, and then hmms. Should he be calling it good to them, when they were left standing? Oh well, the words are escaped!

C'vryn walks into the living cavern, from the west bowl.

Janja walks into the living cavern, from the west bowl.

Janja says, "And there's another trundlebug!"

C'vryn takes great joy in smooshing it.

C'vryn is looking just slightly better than he was at the hatching, a little bit more awake and certainly more refreshed. He even looks freshly bathed. He stops at the entrance to the caverns, opening the door for the goldrider following him in.

Lexava doesn't rush on her second mug of whatever, the initial thirst taken care of. "Morning," is returned to the rider K'yan who slides into the table with her and Trayvel. There doesn't seem to be any tears so far, although other candidates round the room might not be as positive, awake or things just haven't sunk in. Or maybe it's cause its a feast, a party or the hour when folks should normally be sleeping? To Trayvel "That sounds smart to me. You know you'd have to round 'em up if he scared 'em all out of the pen." which would mean more work at an dreadful hour.

Janja steps in after C'vryn, with their son in her arms and in an odd gate that one might consider dancing. She also seems to be singing her conversation in a breathy, but passible mid-range. "And then we're going to have some food to feed the hungry boy. And daddy will get us our food while we dance and sing some more." The strawberry blonde toddler in her arms begins to giggle. This is when a harried and rather put upon nanny follows the family into the caverns. "Really, Jan. He's already been fed!"

Trayvel winces and shakes his head "Now that just sounds like too much work." Which is not on Trayvel's to-do list. "More like I'd need to scrounge up a couple of marks for the wherrys the goofy dimglow dined on." Chuckling, he tips up a juice glass that is quickly drained and goes to refill it. We may need a new pitcher over here. The short skinny runner jockey doesn't seem to be of the heartbroken group, but there are a couple sniffling figures around the cavern. Looking to the visiting rider "Ierne hmmm. Don't they have a series of runner races scheduled next month?" Hearing voices he spots a fae he knows, one his cousin knows as well and waves to the queenrider, though he doesn't actually yell out across the cavern.

K'yan smiles, eating as he listens to the former candidates converse, then hmms to Trayvel. "Races… aye, I think they do. The ones being sponsored by Redfire Stables?" he asks, then glances up to the new arrivals, looking at them a moment before offering a nod and returning his attention to those he's sitting with.

C'vryn knows a command when he hears one, so he heads on toward where the feast is spread out, starting to fill a plate with things that might tempt both a grumpy, sleepy toddler and the momma trying to take care of him. "Well, a little bit of the celebration food won't hurt him, Nonnie. And it's not like we'd let him gorge himself. We learned that when we were weyrl… Oh. Well, lets just say we know better." He is then obediantly trotting the plate back to Jan, and offering a wave and a smile for the folks sitting around. "What's on tap for everyone today?"

Lexava realizes while she grabbed two pitches of drink that didn't leave her hands free for any actual food. Now that her thirst is slacked her belly grumbles loudly its own reminder, early hour or not, it's wanting to be fed. Eyes drift to the plates nearest her to see what morsels might be snuck, or shared, as she otherwise relaxes conversationally. "Races?" there's somethign she doesn't know all that much about. "Not gonna hang around then, you know there'll be more eggs soon." reminded of the fact by briefly seeing a certain face in the growing crowd. It's half a question, half a statement. Hearing C'vryn for their table at least "There's still soem beer, but the juice is abotu out. I think I saw a few skins up at the tables if that's your preference." or its early, there's probably also water around somewhere.

While C'vryn is fetching the food, Janja is moving towards the table holding one of the candidates she knew. She plops herself and son at table just at hand, within easy conversation distance of Trayvel, Lexava, and K'yan and bounces Javelin on her lap until C'vryn returns. "Thank you, Ryn." She offers with a smile and peck on the cheek. Nonnie seems to have accepted the inavoidable and takes up guard not to far away as Janja starts offering the child tidbits. "I'd like to see some races 'Ryn. Do you think Emmy would agree to take us all? I've never been to the races before."

Trayvel nods to K'yan "Yeup, that's the one." He considers for a moment, nudging his plate closer to Lexava when her belly kicks up a fuss. "Guess it's just as well I wasn't able to get word to the stableowner. Seems I'll still be available for the next circuit." The bronzer's questions hs him thinking before smirking "I'll probably be heading back to bed then trying to get S'dny to come get me." So he may be here a turn or two. Nodding to Le xava, "Yea, I'm a jockey for some runner owners" Hearing the qoldrider excited about seeing some races, he grins "If ya wanna win, be sure to bet on my ride, if I'm in that particular race."

K'yan nods to Trayvel. "I might even be there to see it," he muses, thinking about those races, then shrugs. "Well, whether I'm there or not, good luck!" A grin, and then he looks to C'vryn. "Oh, well… once things have calmed enough, I'm picking up some supplies from a seacrafter here and shipping them back to Tillek. Not much point trying to look until the feast's over, though." He shrugs a bit, nibbling more of his food and listening.

C'vryn seems to keep moving, dropping a plate off now for Nonnie before he is finally getting back to filling one for himself. He half turns when Jan calls out, before pausing to think. "I don't think he'd mind. Or even so, it's not like he couldn't take all of us if we wanted to go. If there are races going on. You said Redfire Stables? Where are they located?." Then he's turning back, picking over the few remaining pitchers for one to bring back to the table with him. "What to drink. Did you want wine, Janja dear?" Another nod toward the other rider. "That's true enough about the feast. And even after, if he's a seacrafter you'll probably find him soused."

Lexava fingers a few bites from the offered plate wiht a look of thanks. "That sounds scary, runners can go so fast!" although mental notes on who to consider betting on if she should have the chance. As she munches she gets a bit more time to look around at the faces and waves to another of the ex-candidates who grabs a plate but then slips out away from the party. A frown and she mumbles something to herself before taking another bite and listening.

"Oh yes, wine please!" Janja scavenges a few bites for herself and plays juggle the baby as she receives a glass of her favorite white from C'vryn. The child seems content to nibble a bit more under the watchful eyes of three adults and is for the moment well behaved. "They do seem very fast." She agrees with Lexava, sipping at her drink. "Not that flying dragonback doesn't have it's own scary moments, or sailing a ship for that matter." The last is added with a nod towards the visiting rider. "I much prefer sewing to a more dangerous form of work."

Trayvel grins to Lexava. "They can get pretty fast." He lowers his voice so it doesn't carry past those at the table "The trick is to hold on as tight as ya can while making it look like you are making the runner go even faster." The short skinny guy gives a sage nod before snickering to show he's mostly kidding. He drains another glass of juice before refilling and nudging the plate on over to Lexava. "I'll see you back at the barracks Lexava .It was nice meeting you K'yan. And chatting with you again ma'am." he gives a polite nod to the queenrider and pushes to his feet "I'm gonna go find my canine before he gets us both in trouble. Or more trouble." He shrugs and laughs as he takes his full glass with him as he wanders outside, sidestepping wide for the reapproaching bronzer on his way "G'evenin' sir."

C'vryn reaches out for his son, to hold him for a little while at least. "Let me have the boy, while you eat, love." As he's busily stuffing the last of a meatroll in his mouth so he's not hungry in the least. "And you, lass. Will you be staying here with us for a little while, or do other parts of pern hold your heart and call to wandering feet?" He hands another skin of wine to Jan, looking curious to the answer, then to the candidate jockey. "You'll let us know when the races are to be? Or I'll be asking you later, I guess." as he watches the boy walk out the door.

"Is that how it works?" K'yan says to Trayvel's relevation of the secrets behind racing runners, and chuckles a bit before he nods. To C'vryn, he says, "Redfire's near Ierne. On the south bit of the island, but the races will be near the main Weyrhold." He then nods about the drunken seacrafters. "…I might be here a while," he muses, then shrugs and has another bite to eat. At least the food's good! His mouth is full as Trayvel departs, so he just waves a farewell instead of talking.

Lexava snorts "Riiiight." she sounds completely convinced, not. Never sure jsut how much of what the other candidate says at face value she adds a quick "Later" as he slips off. A yawn catches her then, seems the days early start will be taking its own toll but for now she finds another nibble from the left plate and works on her stomach, at least until there's a question directed her way. "Oh, I'll be hanging awhile yet. Well if you'll put up with me and the Hall doesn't have other ideas. I'd only gotten through a third of my survey work so I can't imagine they'd transfer me right away." or at least she sounds like she hopes not. Not necessarily dragons even, but the Weyr does seem like a home beyond her most recent experience. "Least Serene found herself a job afterall. Do they let us talk with the weyrlings or are they all work, work, work?"

Janja is happy to turn care over to C'vryn based on how quickly she offers him over. Hunger is taken care of with a few quick bites from the last of the plates C'vryn had brought over so her mouth is too full to do more then mumble incoherently at Trayvel as she waves cheerfully. And she's even polite enough to finish chewing before joining back into the conversation. "He seemed in good spirits. His little friend that was here watching seemed a bit sad but I think she'll be happy to have him home. But I'm glad you're staying." She adds hurriedly towards Lexava as if worried she was hurting the other's feelings. "I'm sure you can talk to Serena. And it might be good to stick around anyways. Feyruth is so egg heavy at this point, I don't think she could get off the ground. So we might just need you on the sands again soon."

K'yan has a bit more to eat while he listens to the conversation, and then his plate looks empty… which won't do, here at a feast, so he takes it in hand and rises to his feet. "Pass my congratulations along, when you see her," he says to Lexava with a smile, then adds, "And good luck for you, wherever life may take you next." He nods to Janja and C'vryn, then heads off for more food… or wherever else he's going to end up among the people celebrating.

K'yan has disconnected.
C'vryn nods as well, before he looks rather distracted, waving a goodbye to the departing rider. "Do you think he'll find the seacrafter?" Then he's looking at the sleepy, snuffling child he's holding. "And honestly. WE probably ought to get this one to bed as well, Jan." A bright smile to Lexava. "Anyhow, I agree. She'd like company when she has time and I'm also glad you're staying. Always need new folks here."

Lexava catches another yawn which helps to hide the blush. Right, more eggs. "Poor Feyruth. Well I hope she'll have an easier time than Valigath seemed to have. Not sure on candidacy again," but then hers had been rather short so maybe she hasn't been scarred to badly from the experience "Will have to see what life holds, but for the moment i think bath, and bed." she fingers the robe which droops a bit now and will certainly need its own cleaning before being returned. She gets up and grabs what's left of the beer pitcher before making her way deeper into the weyr.

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