Awkward Greetings

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.
The vast majority of residents bustle back and forth on their many errands, keeping Western Weyr running smoothly. Children released from lessons scamper across the bowl while weyrlings bathe by the lagoon and practice. Delivery wings can be seen coming and going all day long overhead.The days grow slightly shorter as the turn winds its way into fall, and the air becomes gradually a bit cooler, carrying with it smells of moist earth and changing leaves.

Slowly the changes happen in the seasons, and today is one of the days where a person would swear Summer isn't coming to an end, with the occasional cloud drifting across a blue sky, the temperature perfect for cavorting outside. It's early afternoon, with Rukbat just past it's peak, and Qiana can be found at the lagoon, seated comfortably in the sand, wearing a pair of shorts that come just above her knees with a snug tank and an open, light-weight cardigan. She's not playing in the water, as one thinks people would do at the lagoon, but instead has a sketchbook in her lap while focused intently on something in front of her. That something being a pair of young firelizards, napping in a ball-like form.

Luckily for one pair, this early afternoon won't go wasted indoors, through training or duties. Instead, the perfect conditions can be enjoyed while the timing is good. Velokraeth glides in from above, banking slowly as he makes a lazy circle downwards to land as close as he can to the shallows, careful to send neither sand nor water flying. With a snort, he gives his wings one final flick before folding them neatly to his sides and waddling his way into the lagoon waters. Th'ero is not far behind, though obviously arrives on foot. The weyrling is in his casual clothes, and carries an old, worn looking book under one of his arms. He's about to pick out a spot to sit when he spies Qiana not far off to his side. There's a curious tilt of his head when he notes her sketchbook, though he probably has not spotted the napping firelizards. Just as he's about to launch into a greeting, he hesitates awkwardly, clearing his throat a little. To disturb for sake of curiosity or not too?

Qiana is not so far gone into the world of drawing that the arrival of a dragon doesn't go unnoticed. Especially one the size of a nearly full grown bronze. The shadow passing over head makes her lift her eyes off the pair of firelizards in front of her, instead gazing upwards, looking only semi-thoughtful as she stares at Velokraeth. Then Th'ero is clearing his throat and Qiana gives a mild jump, as she twists around to look at the direction of the noise. You know. Thought being that maybe it's someone else. Ahem. With her mouth half open she looks at the weyrling for a few heartbeats until her mouth snaps shut and she grins lopsidedly. "Ah-er… Hi?" She was paying attention, really.

Velokraeth is, indeed, almost fully grown, but he's not the prettiest of bronzes by a long shot. Stunted legs, boxy end, oversized head and blunt muzzle among other quirks shows that fate just did not lend him a helping hand in physical looks. But the young bronze pays no heed to those on the shore, contenting himself simply to lounge in the cool waters. Th'ero, on the other hand, is left to simply awkwardly stare back at Qiana as she jumps a little and turns to face him. He gives a sheepish grin of his own as he settles down to sit on the sands, carefully placing the book upon his lap. "Afternoon." He finally replies, though in a low tone. Oh, so the weyrling does have a voice. Another quick darting glance to the sketchbook and he adds, "Sorry if I startled you and interrupted your work."

Amazingly enough the blob that is the napping firelizards doesn't move, even as Qiana starts to chat with Th'ero. And misshapen or not, the bronze Vel is still a dragon, prompting that thoughtful look. "Work?" Qi is looking down to her lap, at a rather accurate (if minorly styleized) rendition of the napping duo. "This isn't work?" The girl chuckles before she looks at her shoulder, realizing after a few moments her knot is … not there. Whoops! "I'm a beastcraft apprentice. Qiana." She holds her hand out to him, still twisted so she can face him. Talk about awkward greetings. It's possible her name's been thrown about by Iris, but then again, maybe not.

"It isn't?" Th'ero echoes back, blinking a little before looking sheepish again. Looks like the weyrling assumed and well, perhaps the lack of knot could be an excuse. "Ah, well met then, Qiana." He says, leaning forwards to clasp her hand with his briefly. It is an awkward greeting and it only intensifies by the gesture, mostly on the weyrling's part. He's never been good at these things and it shows. There's a pause where he mulls the name in his head for a moment, but no connection is made. "I'm Th'ero, weyrling to bronze Velokraeth." And he gives a quick jut of his chin towards the waters, where the bronze is currently lounging. Curiosity brings his attention back to the apprentice Beastcrafter however and he gives her a faint smile. "Work or no… it wasn't my intention to disturb you." He states again, fumbling somewhat. "Though it's a good day for it. What were you drawing, anyhow? If you don't mind me asking."

Qiana looks back out to the water where Velokraeth can be found lounging in the waters, before her smokey blue eyes turn back to the weyrling. "Nice to meet you, Th'ero. And there's no harm, no foul." She says cheerfully enough, not seeming to mind the interruption much at all. Qi doesn't seem to mind the fact that he's asking after her drawings either, though it takes a few seconds for her to turn the sketchbook for him to get a good look at the mostly-done drawing. The blue is on bottom, partly curled around the smaller green who is mostly sprawled ontop of the blue. With just lines it's almost hard to tell where one ends and the other begins, especially since the tails haven't been fleshed in yet. The style best used to describe her drawing technique would likely be 'stylized realistic'. There's no way it could be compared to a photograph, but neither is it cartoonish. "My two settled down for a nap. They seemed a little bit more convenient than the scenery." Not to mention her hand at scenery is slightly less appealing.

Th'ero relaxes a little, now that greetings have been exchanged and the weyrling is convinced he's not intruding on the apprentice's time. "Good to know." He murmurs with a light chuckle, before leaning forwards again to patiently wait as Qiana turns the sketchbook around to face him. Brown eyes slowly scan the drawing; a broader smile working it's way onto his features. While it may be only in the line phase, the weyrling seems impressed by the work done so far. "It's coming together nicely! You've some talent there." He says, before the smile switches to a lopsided grin as he spies the napping firelizards. "Ahh, they would make good subjects for sketching while napping, wouldn't they? Can't blame you for not wanting to do the scenery."

"They're just so cute when they actually stop moving for more than two seconds." Qiana quips, grinning even as her cheeks redden just slightly under the praise. "It's just a hobby, really." Mortification might be called for if someone ever suggested she sell her drawings, though surely some might be interested in them. There's a momentary rustle of wings from the green Taimi before she settles back down into her nap with small thrumming noises. Dreaming? Maybe. "The scenery will be here whenever I get around to practicing again." It's basically an agreement. There's another small stretch of awkward pause as she looks out over the water. "So what're you doing out here? I know how sparse free time is for you guys."

"At least yours stop at some point." Th'ero quips in an amused tone, grinning slightly in return as Qiana colors slightly from the praise. The weyrling shifts a little where he's seated, settling into a more comfortable position with his legs out in front of him and knees slightly bent. "Hobby or no, the talent is there. Ever consider taking small commissions? Can't hurt to earn an extra mark or two." The weyrling suggests, purely out of innocent idle chatter. Or perhaps he is sincere? There's a slight chuckle in agreement to the remark on the scenery, lapsing into silence during the awkward pause and then a soft exhale of breath that borders on a sigh to Qiana's question. "Time is sparse, that's for sure." Th'ero admits with a smirk that soon fades into another light smile as he glances up to the apprentice. "To be honest, I'm waiting for someone, though I did, ah… bring some "light" reading incase luck doesn't favor me." One hand reaches down to pluck the worn book up from his lap, showing it briefly before tucking it away again. "Funny thing is…you'd think I'd be out exploring, now that we've finished the last of it. Yet, here I am."

Qiana just shakes her head, her cheeks growing one more shade darker. "I couldn't take commissions. Even small ones!" Right. Couldn't is probably more along the lines of wouldn't. Her slim shoulders lift in a small shrug. "I'd much rather make a gift out a sketch, than try to sell it. What if it wasn't what the person wanted?" Her shrug turns into a grin, turning her head to look at him. "I earn extra marks when I get to ride during races. Or sometimes after exersizing in the morning, if it goes really well." And whomever owns the runner is feeling generous. The mention of possibily meeting someone has Qi opening her mouth "Wh—Sorry. None of my business, is it?" At least she has enough brains to catch herself trying to pry into a near-stranger's life. "Exploring?" The apprentice mulls that over in her head for a few moments before lifting her shoulders in another shrug. "I see nothing wrong with staying at the Weyr and having a … lazy day."

Th'ero gives an honest puzzled look to Qiana's reaction to the suggestion of commissions. He blinks for a moment, before one corner of his mouth curls up into a half-smile. "It was only a suggestion." He muses. "Though you've got a far better idea there, keeping them as gifts." The weyrling pauses, frowning a little. "Huh. Good point. Guess it wouldn't be worth the headache to deal with picky people." Th'ero's brow quirks up when she mentions racing, another grin slowly working its way onto his features as he crosses his arms loosely overtop his knees. "Now /that/ sounds exciting. The racing I mean. So I take it that you work primarily with the runners?" Th'ero knows little of the Beastcraft or even runners themselves, though it doesn't seem to hinder his curiosity. There's a short spurt of laughter when Qiana catches herself mid-sentence, Th'ero half lifting one hand to wave off the apology. "No harm done." He points out, before shaking his head a little. There's a shrug of his own shoulders and his gaze slides out to the waters, somewhat distractedly. "We've been cleared for Between for awhile now. I thought I'd be raring to go to explore Pern. I've never left the Emerald Isles… always thought of it, but could never afford it. Now I've the means and… I balk." More chuckling follows, as the weyrling seems amused at his predicament. "Hmm. But, again, you have a good point. Lazy days can't hurt."

Qiana nods with enthusiasm, confirming Th'ero's guess. "Yup! I'm really a glorified stablehand at the moment, though I probably know a /little/ bit more than the 'regular' stablehands around my age do. About runners that is." Her grin is impish. "I definitely know more about riding." The girl has been in the saddle for roughly ten turns, a portion of that time dedicated to learning how to race. As his gaze slides back out over the waters, so does hers. "I was born here, in the Weyr. And I was petrified when I left for the Beastcraft Hall." She murmurs. "Sometimes you just have to have someone hold your hand for the first few steps." It's an offer of an idea for the weyrling, but anything else the apprentice might want to say is cut short as a beastcrafter of journeyman rank comes striding from the track area. "Qiana! Go put some real clothes and boots on. You're needed." The girl has perked up in her seat, looking over to the journeyman before she starts grinning widely, offering Th'ero an appologetic look. "Duty calls!"

Th'ero can only give a nod in response to Qiana's knowledge on runners, the weyrling awkwardly lacking in response again and mostly because of his lack of knowledge beyond the simplest of basics. "You were?" Curious draws the weyrling's gaze back in, brown eyes focusing on the apprentice again with renewed interest. "And… I bet that was a big step. I've done something like that before. Going from Hold, to Weyr." Th'ero chuckles dryly, looking thoughtful as old memories kick in. The idea is considered though, judging by the frown that creases his brow. All that is cut short, however, when he starts a little as Qiana is called away. There's a lopsided grin to meet her apologetic look and Th'ero nods his head a little. "So it does." He muses, the worn book pulled out once more, as it seems he'll be left to his own devices. "Take care. And ah… it was nice meeting you." He finishes, only a touch awkwardly.

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