Straps and Sexuality (with tattoos, steaks, porcines, and puppies to boot)

Winter - Day 9 of Month 11 of Turn 2714

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Rooftop Garden

Soft grasses form a lawn central to this open air garden, producing a pleasant picnic space. Surrounding this greenery is a sanded and bordered path that wends around it and continues toward the front of the roof, where the pleasant aromas of cultivated herbs waft on the breeze. Rock gardens and low-hanging tropical trees form shelter from the elements, combined with an overhanging jut of the caldera wall, underneath which benches and sun chairs have been arrayed, rather like a natural gazebo.

Lunch has brought S'van out into the garden, a plate of food balanced in one hand while a glass of juice is carried in the other. He bypasses the traditional seating area and opts for the garden instead, twisting and turning amongst the various plants until he's find a spot that's mostly devoid of debris and flat enough to make sitting comfortable. That his riding straps area already there, coiled neatly at the base of a tree and awaiting inspection, seems indicative that this was a pre-planned ordeal, and the bronzerider has every intention of spending his afternoon right where he's settled. But before straps can be tended, lunch must be had.

Ah, the gardens. Krenn and Baylee haven't been seen here for a while, as they've been off traveling on their honeymoon. But now they're back, walking hand in hand as they look for a good little place for a picnic meal. As they're looking around, Krenn spots S'van and his little collection of food and leathers. Krenn greets him with a smile and wave. "Sev. Long time no see."

A lovely day has brought more than S'van up to the rooftop gardens as Kelani takes a break herself. A break that involves a little ball of fluff in need of energy release. She may have carried him up the stairs but Sava's feet are already dancing before she is set on the ground to go tearing around like a mad puppy. The pup has to be about a turn now so it looks like 'Miniature ball of black and white fluff' will be its adult state as well. Leaving the pup to its manic minute Kelani catches sight of the familiar folk up here and walks over, bagged lunch in hand. "How goes the great strap inspection? He still requiring the detailing on his straps?" She smiles to the happily mated couple, "Good honeymoon, eh?"

Baylee actually was here the other night, but Sev had been sleeping at that point and she didn't wish to wake him up. Kelani had been about though! The greenrider follows Krenn into the garden and smiles when she spots Sev there awake. "Hey Sev." she says to him with a smile on her face as she watches him settle himself down for lunch.

It is lunch first, and then straps. Which means that Krenn and Kelani's greetings happen to occur when S'van has a mouthful of food. There's a nod of his head, a throaty sound of acknowledgement and then copious and swift chewing before he can swallow and greet them properly in return. "Krenn! Sure has been, yeah," for the length of time. "Saw Baylee in practice," but of course, no real time to converse there. Whatever else he is going to say, it is cut off by the distraction that the black-and-white ball of fluff represents; Sev's expression souring some as he watches the tiny terror dash around. Kelani is favored with a much more hospitable expression, though his gaze goes quickly from her to his plate as he picks up another bite of food. Fork poised at the ready, he offers, "It goes," for the strap inspection. "Don't really have to do as much, since he's not growing. But it's always good to give it a once over and a good oiling. And yeah," for detailing the straps. "Got a flame pattern," and he nudges the straps with the toe of his boot to indicate them, fork disappearing into his mouth as he does so. A nod of his head and another grunt of greeting for Baylee, minding his manners enough not to speak with his mouth full.

Krenn eyes S'van's project with a little bit of a grin. "Just let me know if you ever want some professional help with all of that. You're a proper wingrider now, you can afford it. Doing straps with flame detailing sounds a little more interesting than most of my work these days." He says with a chuckle, taking a look around to find a space to set his and Baylee's stuff. Kelani's question earns a bright, warm smile. "Fantastic honeymoon. Best honeymoon of my life, in fact." He grins at his own terrible joke. "It was magical."

"It seems that opinion is unanimous from my conversation with Baylee the other day." Kelani offers with a grin for Krenn before finger waving to the Baylee in question. "Back to the daily grind hmm?" She asks of the greenrider, "Well I am sure there will be time for more vacations." She offers sympatheticly before looking back to S'van and notices the look he gives her 'beast' and just smiles, "I saved you from being licked to death by her the other day when you were up here sleeping, you should be thankful." She says clearly amused at his distaste for her pupper who is currently on her back rolling around in the grass.

All the baby dragons have stopped growing because they aren't babies anymore. So straps can be used for longer and longer periods of time, though Sev's right about checking them to make sure that they are safe. "Yep saw you there too." But as he said, no real time for any conversation. She looks at the straps and nods with approval, "You said you were going to get that done." Though when Krenn says that its the best honeymoon he's ever been on she can only roll her eyes at her mate, "And it had better be the only one you ever go on." she points out with a sharp but still loving gaze in his direction. "It was very very nice." she agrees. Kelani gets a wave in return, "I don't think he would have been licked to death, but maybe just licked into the infirmary."

"Thanks, but I prefer to make my own straps." It is not meant to be rude, but there is a certain amount of possession in his tone, grey eyes drifting to the coil of leather near his person. S'van pokes at his plate of food, pushing a little of this or that to the side as he seeks out the best bits. "Stamp came in handy, though," for the flame design he has imprinted into the leather. "Definitely some of the best marks spent." A glance to Kelani, a wry expression given for her 'saving' him from tiny puppy kisses. "Gee, thanks," but there is a true note of gratitude there. "Doubt I would have slept through that, tho. And she may have been kicked." Nope. He's not joking. He probably would have kicked the dog. "Did get it done," he says between mouthfuls, chewing and swallowing before speaking. "The last set I made as a Weyrling had the pattern; right after I knew he wouldn't be growing anymore. Still going strong, too," with a nod to indicate the coiled leather as that same set. A smirk for the playful banter between weyrmates, a glance between Krenn and Baylee. "Glad you had a good time," he adds, eyes back on his plate as he pushes a bit of broccoli to the side. "Yah can sit, if you want," and he points to the ground with his fork.

The offer to sit is taken by Kelani though she sits a 'safe' distance away knowing Sava will no doubt join them. There is food after all and people to pet her! What more could a little dog want? Grass and sunshine, butterflies and lizards! Yes she is in the great pursuit of one such butterfly around the garden for now. Who can resist this cute? "More likely Sava would have ended up there not him." She says with a roll of eyes though her attention goes to the coiled leather to inspect the final design, "It does look amazing, glad you were able to find a way to get it done easier."

Krenn chuckles a little at Kelani's question. "Afraid so. It's a little tough getting back into the swing of things after an adventure like that, but I'm sure it'll happen soon enough." The little warning and sharp gaze from Baylee earn a sheepish grin. "But what if we want to go on a second honeymoon for one of our anniversaries?" Not quite the same, but hopefully that works as a save. The comment on the straps earns a shrug. "Well, if you ever want some help, you know who to talk to. Could save you some time, and all that."

"Krenn's straps really are great." Baylee says with a smile directed at Krenn, though she can understand why Sev wants to make his own. When your life depends on something you really want to be sure. She moves over to sit herself down on the grass near Kelani and Sev. "How are you and J'en?" she asks Sev. "Did you guys move into the same weyr or did you each get your own?" she asks. She glances over toward her weyrmate and hmmmms, "Actually that isn't a bad idea. I'd go for something like that. Maybe for our 5th or 10th anniversary." Those nice round number anniversaries deserve big celebrations. "We wouldn't want that for Sava. Sava is cute."

"Yup," from S'van to Kelani, for getting it done easier. "Stamp makes all the difference. Can't imagine doing the whole thing by hand." Another forkful vanishes, this time chased by a hasty swallow of his juice. Eventually, that furious pace slows and he actually sets his plate aside in favor of picking up the coil of straps, calloused fingers running along the leather edges. A bob of his head in acknowledgement for Krenn's offer, though he follows it by, "May see you about a jacket," rather than about straps. "Only got the one, and should probably have a second made." Hands move down the straps, and he offers Kelani an easier look at the pattern, even if she is sitting a fair distance from him. "We're good," follows Baylee's asking after him and J'en, Sev glancing up toward the greenrider briefly. "Busy, seein' as he's Wingleader, but good." Grey eyes back on straps as he moves along, though there's a half-grin and a quick, "No, I moved in with him. Didn't see the point of getting my own weyr, knowing I wouldn't be staying there." And for those that shared living quarters with him as a weyrling, Sev's immediate and complete disappearance from the barracks immediately after the mating flights lecture may give some indication as to when exactly that 'moving in' happened. A brief lift of his gaze, a snort and an eyeroll, follows her comment about the mutt being cute. But at least he doesn't speak about it. Live and let live.

Kelani opens up her own bag lug and that sound of paper seems to be a siren call to Sava who comes bounding over to the circle of people. She settles of course to look up oh so hopefully at S'van, pink tongue lolling out as she tries to impress him with her cuteness no matter how much those efforts are wasted she will keep trying! Everyone HAS to love her right!? Kelani leans forward to look at the stampwork as the people talk about their happily weyrmated life. The leaning does give a glimpse of the tattoo on her chest, etched wings peaking out from the edge of her top. "Fine work it is S'van. I suppose the important question is does Aedeluth approve?"

Krenn can't help but grin at Baylee's endorsement of his work. "Thanks, Baylee." He's also pleased with her reaction to his whole second honeymoon idea. "Fifth or tenth? Why not both?" He suggests with a chuckle. When S'van turns the conversation to business, he nods quickly. "A proper rider should have a full collection of jackets. What if you're called to perform rescue operations somewhere particularly cold? You'll need heavier ones, too." Salesman mode over here.

"I don't think you'd regret getting a jacket Sev. It's really a good thing to have lots of clothes." Baylee was a weaver after all and now as Krenn's weyrmate she wants to help him in the buisness department. "Ahhhhh." The greenrider says softly as Sev explains what has been going on with J'en. She'd had her own distractions after that lecture and so hadn't really noticed Sev's absence from the barracks since she'd moved out right away too. Baylee knows the skinny on the tattoo but makes no comment about it, "Yeah? How is Aede?" she asks. She glances toward Krenn and nods, "We could do it for both. I wouldn't mind." With Krenn going into salesman mode she can only smile. Thats her man! Making the marks for them!

Poor, misguided puppy. Sava's efforts are totally and completely wasted upon S'van, who peers back at her as though she is a ball of lint that needs to be plucked from a shirt and discarded, upper lip curling just slightly in an expression that is about as far from a friendly smile as one can get. "Kelani…" because he doesn't really want to hurt the dog. He just also really does not like the dog. But the Healer is already moving in, and no effort is necessary on the part of the bronzerider to rid himself of the mutt. And while Sev really has no intention of looking at Kelani's chest, he can't exactly miss that flash of ink displayed at her movement. There's a brief furrowing of eyebrows and then a hasty look at anything but down Kelani's shirt, even if he is lifting a hand and pointing at her in a distinctly 'What is that?' gesture. "That's new." Captain obvious. "And he does," for Aedeluth's approval of the straps. As for Krenn? There's a quick bob of his head and a "right you are," for heavy winter jackets, finger pointed in his direction as he continues with, "was in the Reaches not that long ago. Woulda been nice to have a thicker flight jacket rather than borrowing just a winter coat. Can you line it with fleece." Hands are once more employed to the discovery and inspection of his straps, a nod of his head for Baylee's inquiry. "He's good. I mean. He's Aedeluth, so…" jerk on steroids. "But he likes having a job where his talents are appreciated rather than questioned. Tried to fly a damn Gold a few months back, tho," which has the bronzerider looking rather annoyed.

At the warning tone from S'van, Kelani laughs and scoops Sava into her lap, "It isn't gonna work, you are a girl." BEcause thats totally the reason! "Your charms are wasted." And so she pulls out a bit of meat from the bag and distracts the pupper with it and at least the ploy works as she takes it and settles between Kelani and Baylee, leaning against Baylee's leg as she munches on the meat stick. The jacket discussion gets her attention though, "I know I am not a rider, but I wonder if I can get one made proper too? I often get stuck on delivary duty for the healer here and would love to have a jacket of my own instead of borrowing spares." She looks up to S'van's comment on her tattoo and nods, "Yes it is." and may have explained the itchiness at Igen anyway. She gives S'van a look as if daring him to challenge her new personal artwork. The comments about Aedeluth cause her to smile at least, "He is just keeping you on your toes. Who knows, you may end up a Weyrleader some day."

Krenn grins at Baylee's assistance in his little salesman routine, nodding in agreement with her advice, even if it is transparently self-serving. "You've got the right idea, Sev. I can line it with fleece. Riohra tells me he can even get me feline fur, if you want something toasty that'll also make quite the fashion statement." Then there's another prospective customer. Kelani gets a big grin. "Absolutely! Fine leather clothing isn't just for riders. Come by the workshop, I'll get you set up." If he notices Kelani's new tattoo, he certainly isn't commenting. He knows better than to look at another woman's chest area, especially with Baylee so close. That goes double for actually commenting. But Sava is safe to look at. And adorable. "Aw."

The little ball of fluff that is Sava gets a pet once she is close enough. Baylee might not have alot of interest in having a dog herself, but she can recognize that Sava has the cuteness going on. Sev noticing her tattoo gets a smile from Baylee. People are going to notice it for sure! "Yeah. Aede's who he is." That bronze is a real piece of work in many good ways and many less good ways. The greenrider won't comment on all the clothing questions. Krenn has this, she'll just focus on the little ball of fluff for a moment or two. Though at the metion of Sev being weyrleader she nods, "Could happen." It is a theoretical possibility. Baylee does offer Krenn an encouraging smile. He's so well trained!

S'van can't really say anything about tattoos, considering he's sporting a rather obvious one on the back of his neck these days. But there is a bit of an eyebrow lift for that challenging look Kelani's giving him. "What?" he wants to know, though the amused twitch to the corner of his mouth says he knows what. "Who did it?" the tattoo, he means. "And what'd you get it for?" Because tattoos are interesting, and no one permanently marks themselves for no reason, right? As for the Baylee-Krenn double teaming him on the sale… Honestly, S'van is not exactly a hard sale here; he needs a leather jacket (or five) and Krenn is a tanner. So… an easy pair of dots to connect. "Great," says the bronzerider, as if that has settled things, even if a moment later there's a hesitating sounding, "Er… no on the feline fur. I think fleece will be sufficient." And maybe that settles things? There's a pause, a bit of leather lifted as Sev eyes a patch of strap that has caught his attention. It's dismissed a moment later, and he continues on. "Ugh, no," for Aede chasing him right into a knotted position. "No way. You notice how I we were suspiciously absent when Celimoth went up?" Maybe not, considering it's a big Weyr and all. "I am staying the hell away from those seniors. No thank you." And while it may be a tease, there is definitely a look leveled on Baylee and Kelani for the suggestion. "If I am, I'm tapping both of you as Weyrsecond." Never mind that one of them isn't even a dragonrider.

Well at least someone gives her the worship that she is due and Sava revels in it, rolling onto her back for belly rubs from Baylee. Kelani looks up to Krenn and nods, "I will do that. I reckon I got most of my growing done now so might as well." She responds before looking over to S'van, a pause before she responds, "Triven…and..well he heard me complaining about how ..well what you got was just too much trouble for me right now." She makes a gesture to the happily mated couple, "And he draw it up for me." She lowers the neckline a bit to show the wings are attached to a heart that looks like a lock, with a chain going down into the cleavage. Given she is not overly endowed it is not so risque a reveal. "Just a reminder I guess to not throw away the key, but my heart can still be free to soar or such." She stumbles a bit over the explanation, her mocha skin darkening a bit in embaressment perhaps. "Well when he showed me the drawing…I said yes..and well there it is." Yes good spur of the moment thing that if she had took time to overthink she might not have gotten! The threat of being Weyrsecond gets a defensive hand gesture from her, "OH NO!" She declares but before she can say more , one of her fellow apprentices is trying to get her attention for something, "Excuse me." She says to the group and heads over to the younger gal. With Book in hand, perhaps asking homework advice? But the pair get stuck in animated conversation.

Krenn is extremely well trained. Though Kelani's display makes it difficult to pretend he doesn't notice the tattoo at all. He'll just keep his comments on it brief and polite. "It's very nice." That's bland enough to be safe, right? Krenn is very cautious about these sorts of things. The comment on Weyrseconds gets a little grin to S'van. "What, I don't make the list?" He jokes.

Baylee has already seen the tattoo so doesn't really have to worry about looking at it again. Though eventually her petting of Sava must come to an end. She does glance over to Krenn as he 'notices' the tattoo and reaches out to take his hand. She isn't going to be yelling at the man for looking at someone that someone showed him. Besides Kelani is a friend and she knows full well he isn't interested in her. "But Sev you'd look fabulous in fur. Don't you want to get your fabulosity going?" she can't help but tease her fellow clutchmate, "I like the idea of being weyrsecond. I'd use my power to make sure everyone was fabulous." Uniform changes for everyone!

S'van is trying so damn hard to just look at the tattoo and not anything else but… well. He is a man. So there is some appreciation to be had for the placement of said tattoo, and maybe a little bit of lingering on that chain for just a smidge longer than is strictly necessary. Krenn definitely has him beat in this, with his remarkable show of self-restraint. Eventually, grey eyes are removed from tattooed flesh and he's looking at her face and listening to her words, a little frown pulling at the corner of his mouth. "What I've got?" he repeats, clearly confused. But her explanation for the tattoo gets a little 'ah' of acknowledgement as he settles back against the tree trunk. "You're young, Kelani. S'not like you gotta settle down with the first person you see," says the nineteen-turn-old. Ahem. "And if you don't wanna be involved with anyone, then don't." Sound life advice? Maybe. He's trying. There's a lift of his hand, a touch to the tattoo on the back of his neck in an absentminded sort of way, and then a shrug and a smirk for her hasty retreat. "Don't think they'd let me, anyways," for tapping her as Weyrsecond. Though Baylee's determination to make everyone fabulous has him laughing outright. "Ugh, on second thought," he groans good-naturedly, grinning her direction.

Krenn may be a man with excellent self-restraint, but it can't possibly hurt that he has his weyrmate right there. Plus, they just got back from their honeymoon. Krenn is still definitely completely smitten, and consequently has eyes for no one but Baylee. He is also not a great role model for the whole 'not setlling down' idea. Baylee's determination for fabulous-ifizing the weyr earns a grin. "You know, I still need an outfit from you, Baylee. Seems like I should have one, doesn't it? You've got leathers from me, it's only fair."

Baylee is not a man. A fact for which she is very thankful. Though she does notice Sev's gaze, since Krenn's is appropriate. Baylee wouldn't be Baylee if she didn't ask those awkward questions that Sev is already well aware that she can ask, "I thought you were gay?" Not that she has really asked him before, or at this point that it really matters. But Baylee is Baylee. Krenns quest is met with a smile, "I could probably come up with something for you, but you have to understand I'm only an apprentice. Or was an apprentice." New life, new job it seems, "Though we could find something that works I think."

Indeed, Baylee would not be Baylee unless she asked those point-blank questions with no consideration to the appropriateness of such a question. So there is definitely a moment where S'van is just kinda… staring at her in abject disbelief, mouth slightly agape and eyebrows pulled downward. The open-mouthed look lasts only a second before he's kind of recoiling, sitting up straighter as he frowns at the greenrider. "Uh…" because he has no idea how to answer that question; that is how caught off guard he is. "No?" is what he finally settles for, the question not being whether or not he is but rather, a continuation of her having had to ask in the first place. A sort of 'is this a joke?' tone to that single word that he eventually supplies in response. There's a clearing of his throat, a little roll of his shoulders, and a quick seize on the change of subject that is most welcomed. "Are you gonna continue in the craft?" he wonders, glancing between Baylee to Krenn. "I mean. Would be kinda nice for Krenn if he had a live-in tailor, right?" teasing. Definitely teasing.

Krenn gives Baylee a smile that somehow manages to be both loving and, perhaps, just a little bit embarassed on her behalf. "… It's pretty rare for any rider to be completely heterosexual or homosexual, Baylee." He says gently. "I mean, most people have strong preferences one way or another, but…" The more Krenn tries to talk about this, the riskier a subject it seems to be. Crafts! Crafting seems like a much safer topic. He takes S'van's lead and tries to steer the conversation that way. "Well, whether she does or not, I think it's only fair I get something. Baylee wears my leathers, after all." Great free advertising.

Baylee is the picture of confusion when Sev answers with a no. She is taking him literally of course. "What?" she asks, now completely confused. "I thought that you and J'en were a romantic couple though." There's all this evidence that has piled up over the many months that she has known him now. It is all so confusing. And then Krenn jumps in to muddy the waters further, and in the black and white world of Baylee that just doesn't work well, "But that is just…" she begins. There are some things that just don't compute for Baylee. She also makes notes of the frowns and embarassed smiles. "What?" Baylee likes to ask questions, but doesn't always like the answers. "Not at the moment." she says absently about her craft. "Maybe someday." Krenn gets a quizzical look and an answer to his question, "I can come up with something for you."

Krenn's assistance with trying to change the subject is certainly appreciated, and S'van shoots him a grateful glance. Unfortunately, it fails, and his sexuality and relationship are called into question once more. A long sigh and Sev tips his head back with an audible *thunk* against the trunk of the tree he's using to support his body. "We are," for him and J'en. "He's my weyrmate," which seems to settle that argument, in the bronzerider's mind. There's a deep breath, a glance for Krenn and a nod of his head in acceptance of the statement regarding 'rider sexuality. For the greenrider's further confusion, there is only discomfort and awkwardness as Sev tries to sort through how best to explain. "I've never had my sexual preferences called into question," he notes dryly, one hand lifted to rub at his eyes and pinch at the bridge of his nose. "If ya wanna think about it this way, they I guess the best answer is that I like both?" men and woman. Even if his eyes and heart have been set on a single one person for quite some time. "That answer the question?" Grump. He's happy enough to sink into silence as the pair discuss crafting, only an absent nod offered for the answer to his own (innocent) question. Lazy movements begin gathering up the strung out leathers, coiling them with practiced ease.

Well, no escaping this subject, it seems. Krenn continues to do his best to deal with it diplomatically. "A person can have a preference for one thing while still appreciating the alternative." Krenn tries to find an appropriate analogy. "I like herdbeast steaks best, but I still think porcine chops are tasty. You know?" Probably not the best or most appropriate analogy for the spectrum of sexual attraction, but Krenn is doing his best on short notice here. He shoots S'van a brief, almost apologetic sort of look.

If someone is going to be the first to call something into question its going to be Baylee. The answer that he provides is more satisfying than trying to dodge the question. "Ok. Thats what I thought." she says as he describes what she already thought was going on with J'en and Sev. Though when he goes on to say that he likes both she just glances over at Krenn who seems to confirm this is a real thing. "Thats just…" she says trailing off. "I guess." It sorta answers the question but not really. She takes a good long look at Krenn, "Ok?"

Kelani finally returns to the circle of lunch eaters and if she noted the lingering look for the 'key' at least she hasn't said anything though she comes to the end of the conversation over the outcome of that look. There is a thoughtful look at S'van's answer and gives a nod, "Well I guess …Like My mom is mated with a woman now but well she spent enough time with my Da to have me." She finally gives a little shrug at that even if some other thoughts are tickling behind her eyes. She picks at the grass in front of her as Krenn explains things and can't have help but smile at the analogy.

Steak and Porcine. Well. That is definitely one way to put it. "And on that note," decides the bronzerider, moving to throw the coil of leather over his shoulder, plate and glass grabbed up in quick sucession, "I think it's about time I skipped out…" because this conversation's gotten awkward and Sev's gotta fly in a wing wing with Baylee later. "It's alright," is said for the greenrider's benefit, honest and accepted. "S'ok that you're confused. But honestly, does it really matter? I mean. I love J'en, and that's it. That's all that matters." Certainly it's all that matters to him. He's just reached his feet when Kelani returns, and Sev is now actively avoiding looking at any part of her but her face for oh, so many reasons now. "Good luck," he offers the healer, whatever that means. "See ya," for the trio, followed by a flash of a wry grin and a quick, "Thanks for trying," given to Krenn in appreciation for his efforts.

Krenn tried his best to come up with a good analogy, he really did. It may not have been a success, but he gave it a try. He smiles at Baylee and gives her a little bit of a shrug. "Sorry. Just… people in weyrs have a lot of different sexual orientations, and most like men and women to some degree or another." He's about to give S'van another apology, but it somehow seems inappropriate now. He just offers a little "Good seeing you, S'van." With a bit of a wave.

Baylee is going to have to think about this, though not right now. With Sev leaving her main route of questioning is gone and so there is silence. "See you later." she says to him as he picks up his stuff and goes home. But she will see him at practice. There is no escape for Sev. Kelani's description of things is met with a shrug of her shoulders. Krenn gets a half nod of sorts, but for the moment Baylee seems to be willing to let the subject rest.

Well Kelani has an upbringing that has mostly left her in confusion about all of this really. Hall raised but amoung harpers with their myriad of romantic notions and healers to teach… well the 'biology' of things. And she has certainly had quite the education in the time she has been at the weyr amoung these peoples. "I guess regardless, you like who you like." She finally says with a shrug. As S'van rises she finally looks up at him and gives a finger wave, "Talk to you later. Be safe." Cause search and rescue is perhaps the least safe of the wings.

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