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Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.
The vast majority of residents bustle back and forth on their many errands, keeping Western Weyr running smoothly. Children released from lessons scamper across the bowl while weyrlings bathe by the lagoon and practice. Delivery wings can be seen coming and going all day long overhead.The days grow slightly shorter as the turn winds its way into fall, and the air becomes gradually a bit cooler, carrying with it smells of moist earth and changing leaves.

It's night time at Western. A bit cool, as it is fall. Zi'on has built a fire, and has some meatrolls in a pan sitting next to it, keeping them warm. One has a bite taken out of it. Not too far away there's what's left of a six pack of his favorite citron juice in a bottle, just three bottles. The empties have been stuck in the sand nearby. The bronzer is using the fire's light to unpack a small crate filled with straw and sawdust. He lays the contents out carefully on a large flat rock. They're fireworks! Suldith sits close to the bronzer with his head on his forepaws. He gives a little yawn as his rider attends to the items. Why was this worth staying awake for again?

Velokraeth comes in to land after circling in his customary lazy glide, the pale bronze taking his time before choosing a spot well enough out of the way not to disturb Zi'on's setup or Suldith where he lays. The younger bronze gives a low croon of greeting, ending in a curious chuff as he tilts his oversized head to the side. Th'ero unbuckles himself from the straps and dismounts, peeling off his helmet the moment his hands are freed. Gloves are pulled off next and then the weyrling is striding over to Zi'on, an equally curious expression written on his features. "You're up late." He muses to the bronzerider, brown eyes glancing to note the fire, food and… fireworks? A brow quirks up at that and perhaps he hesitates a moment in approaching closer.

Maybe word got around. Maybe Ryska is just that good? Or maybe she's just lucky. Either way, the smith apprentice heads towards the glow in the dark, the campfire, and comes upon the bronzes. "Room for one more?" she asks. It's rhetorical, since Rysk drops to the sand without waiting for an answer.

Suldith's head lifts at the landing of another dragon. He gives a trill to the younger bronze and pads over to him after he lands. Th'ero is given a whuffle in hello, as well. Th'ero will notice that Zi'on is looking… much better than the last time he saw him. No more black eye! Also his stitches are out, though the wound on his head is still there. The hair will grow back, eventually. He grins to the older bronzer. "Nice to see you, too. Enka said I could test out a few of the fireworks. She was supposed to come. Pat, too. But I couldn't wait anymore." There's a wave given to Ryska as she approaches. "It's a free…. beach, I guess?"

Velokraeth gives a pleased little warble; jaw dropping down in a draconic like grin that does nothing to help his looks. He settles into the sand once Suldith joins him, straps and all. Th'ero gives Suldith a passing wave to acknowledge the whuffle sent his way, before he leaves the two bronzes to their own devices. The weyrling's gaze does linger on the bronzerider at one point, no doubt satisfied that Zi'on is looking better since the last time he saw him. "You're like a weyrbrat and sweets, with your impatience." He teases, before smirking slightly. "And how's your head?" Th'ero asks next. Sure, he can see for himself that Zi'on is healed, but the weyrling feels like pointing it out it seems. Ryska's arrival is noted with a quick side-glance and a welcoming smile, though soon the weyrling his chuckling dryly. "More the merrier."

Suldith settles in next to Velokraeth and will explain what he understands of the fireworks if the younger bronze is interested in hearing why he shouldn't take a nap. "Where were you, anyways? Or do you still get completely geared for a flight across the bowl?" He grins a bit. "I am a weyrbrat. And I do like sweets. Why do you think I'm dating Enka? Anyways, this is -better- than sweets. Also I sent them both a message. If they don't want to come that's their own business." He rubs a finger along his head wound. "Mostly healed. Stitches are out." There's a grin and a nod to Ryska. "Yep. Found a box in the stores."

Velokraeth is always up for talk, especially if it means learning something. So Suldith will have the full attention of the younger bronze. Not that he had plans to nap, anyhow. It may be nightfall, but the pale bronze seems revved up. Th'ero blinks for a moment at Zi'on's question, before realizing he is, indeed, in his flight gear. With a shake of his head, he sets his helmet and gloves aside, before unbluckling most of his jacket. It may be Fall, but it's not that cold! "Oh. Here and there." He replies cryptically, sounding bemused. There's a snort given to the remark about Enka and then the weyrling is finding a spot to sit for himself on the sand. To Ryska, Th'ero grins faintly. "Yep, fireworks, it would seem." Glancing back to Zi'on, he's back to smirking. "You're lucky it wasn't more. But good to know."

Ryska might have just sat down, but now she's getting up. Sand is brushed from her hands in an audible slap-slap motion, and she eyes the crate of fireworks longingly. Alas. "Well, don't blow up something you might miss," she advises with a wicked grin. No explanation is given as to her hasty exit, but she does lift a hand as she saunters away. "Bye!"

Suldith yawns a bit. He'd much rather be taking a nap than doing… whatever this was. If Zi'on wanted fire, he just had to tell the bronze to eat some stone! Zi'on raises a brow to Th'ero. "I see. Did you get your mating flight lesson yet?" Zi'on asks idly as he sorts through the fireworks. "I think I'll try this one… and this one." He waves it around, it's a bottle rocket. "I guess you put the long stick into a bottle and then light it off. I think I like this one, too." It looks like a Roman candle. "It's tall and skinny. Like me." He laughs a bit. "I guess I'll prop it up in the sand. What do you think?"

Velokraeth gives an amused chuff as Suldith's yawn. The pale bronze doesn't mind lounging idly, since it gives him time to study the world around him. Th'ero fidgets a little, though perhaps he's only trying to get comfortable? "Yeah, I did." He admits, with a smirk. "It was shardin' awkward." There's a bit of a sigh and the weyrling leans back a little, propping himself up against rock. And if Zi'on has good hearing, he may catch Th'ero muttering something about Fort and greens. Eyes widen a little when the bronzerider starts to wave the fireworks around, gaze flicking between them and the fire. "Might want to be careful there…" Th'ero begins to warn, before shaking his head. Is there a point? "They all look similar to me, except for the size." Though the weyrling does chuckle at Zi'on relating one to himself. When he's asked for advice, he only shrugs his shoulders, looking rather clueless. "Makes sense? Prop it up far off though."

Zi'on is quite used to Th'ero's fidgeting whenever he's around. Maybe Zi'on makes him nervous? Who could tell why! He raises a brow at Th'ero's muttering. "Heh. Well… if it makes you feel any better… Suldith won Damasth's last flight." And yes, that means Zi'on slept with Lissi. Thankfully Zi'on doesn't accidentally fling anything into the fire. He does laugh a bit at Th'ero's suggestion to light them off far away. "Yeah. Over there a ways, I will." He hands the Roman candle to Th'ero. "I'll start with this one, I think." He picks up one of the empty bottles and heads down the beach a ways, finding some hard sand to set everything up in. Then he comes back, for fire. "You ready?"

It's not so much nervousness now that it's just lingering awkwardness from Th'ero, though he is getting better. Slowly, but surely, though Zi'on's remark doesn't seem to help. The weyrling's expression is blank for a moment, before he pulls a bit of a face. "I guess it does? Maybe I'm considering myself lucky then I wasn't here." He replies with a bit of a crooked smile. And it is a good think nothing goes accidentally flying into the fire, though it would certainly liven up the night. And probably end in another infirmary visit for the both of them. When Zi'on hands the Roman Candle to Th'ero, the weyrling hesitantly takes it, holding it as though it were a fragile ticking time bomb. "This one?" he echoes, eyeing the firework warily though is soon shuffling himself to his feet to follow the bronzerider. He watches Zi'on carefully, setting up the Roman Candle in the same fashion, though he puts some distance between it and the others. Th'ero then backs away pretty quickly, as if they'll explode on their own and reaches the fire first. At Zi'on's question, the weyrling gives a bit of a laugh, though it sounds nervous. "Sure. Lets see if these are any good." Though he seems to leave it to Zi'on to light them.

It's probably good that Zi'on doesn't really register the fidgeting as lingering awkwardness, instead interpreting it as a sort of nervous tick. Th'ero is one of his closest friends! He would be sad to know he was still feeling awkward. "Heh…. So did have you and Jey taken advantage of your new found… freedom?" Zi'on chuckles a bit. If Zi'on showed up at the infirmary again this soon the healers would probably let him suffer. Zi'on nods about the fireworks once they're set up. He lights the end of a stick on fire and grins. "Well, here we go." He heads out to the fireworks, lighting the bottle rocket's fuse, then running back towards Th'ero. Just as he turns around the firework shoots up into the sky and explodes with a big pop and lots of color. Zi'on is grinning away, but his dragon gets a little startled. Suldith stands up and growls rather loudly at the noise. Though the falling sparks quickly distract him. Ooh, shiney!

"No. Not yet." Th'ero slowly admits and after a lengthy pause. That ought to show that he trusts the bronzerider enough to actually say it outloud! He was the type to sputter and flush before. Well, he still has that creeping flush on his neck, but at least he's not a complete spaz. "I'm probably in trouble with her as it is, already." He mutters next, before the firewords draw his attention again. His gaze follows Zi'on as the bronzerider lights a stick and Velokraeth watches from his spot as well, just as intent to see what the result is. It's probably because of the pale bronze that the weyrling hasn't out rightly fled to a farther distance. Once the firework is lit, Th'ero braces for it, starting a little at the initial loud pop. But he grins too, whistling a little as he glances sideways to Zi'on when the last of the sparks die out. "Huh, so they do work!" And they still have all their limbs! Suldith's reaction has Velokraeth tensed and halfway up onto his legs before the younger bronze settles again with a huff. Geez, way to scare a guy! There's a low rumble given to the other bronze, perhaps a teasing remark or two fired his way.

Zi'on chuckles. "I can get you some massage oil if you want. Or maybe something to impress your little lady. You'll be a full rider soon. With full rider's pay. Also… Lissi makes jewelry." He blinks a bit. "Why're you in trouble? Most of the time girls just like to know you're thinking about them it seems. When they're not around. Especially us bronzers." Once the firework is done and everyone is relaxed again Zi'on claps a bit, still laughing. "That was great! I'm going to go light off the second one!" Suldith gives Velokraeth a playful nudge. Hey! Usually loud noises meant trouble! Zi'on gives the Roman candle the same treatment. The candle spews its fire upwards spraying sparks into the air for a few seconds before going silent. It's not as intensely loud as the pop, but still impressive. "It's like a volcano or something!" Zi'on looks impressed. "That was fun!"

Th'ero can't help but laugh off the awkwardness from Zi'on's offer, though the weyrling is genuinely amused too. "I don't think she'll go for the oil. But the jewelry…" and he seems to mull on that thought for a moment, before snorting and waving it off. He then smirks a little, one hand coming up to rub along the back of his neck. "Well, last I saw her, I had warned her what was to come. With the flights and all. She… understood I think but wasn't entirely okay with it." There's a shrug of his shoulders, a helpless sort of gesture. "And now Velokraeth's gone and caught some green in Fort. If I get a gift, she'll be suspicious. If I tell her, she'll be mad. If I don't…she'll be mad? So what's one to do?" And then he's shaking his head, thoughts focusing back on the fireworks. The weyrling laughs again at Zi'on's enthusiasm, letting the bronzerider go on to light more. "Wonder what it'll do?" he muses. Velokraeth gives a soft grunt, before turning his blunted muzzle towards Sulidth and nudging back. Okay, so the bronze has a good point! As the second firework lights up, Th'ero watches intently, grinning widely. "It is! Not as loud either." He points out.

Zi'on chuckles a bit. "Aw, no oil? I guess I don't really know what she likes. Other than dolphins. I don't think you can pick one of those up at Ierne." There's a blink and Zi'on nods. "Ah… right. She's holdbred. I forgot. Enka just… laughs at me usually. Then… asserts her dominance, or something." He peers a bit. "Being forced to be with someone else can help you appreciate what you have. You can't not tell her though. But… you can play it like it wasn't a very fun time. And that you're very glad to be back with her. She'll be mad, but it'll pass." There's more grinning at the fireworks. "I don't want to light off too many more. I wanted to light off maybe a few at the graduation party. You want to try lighting one?" Zi'on doesn't want him to feel left out!

Th'ero gives Zi'on a bit of a long look before the weyrling suddenly dawns on something. "Shells. I'm doomed then. Cause I don't really know either." He gives a bit of a groan then, scrubbing at his face before he blinks and gives the bronzerider a long look. It doesn't last though and soon he's cracking up again. "She really does that?" he teases slightly, before sobering a little. There's a bit of a grimace and the weyrling makes a 'tsk' noise with his tongue. "You're right, you're right." He sighs. "Thanks." When Zi'on mentions lighting one last one, the weyrling seems hesitant, eyeing the firework left in the distance. "Alright." Th'ero finally agrees, trying not to look too nervous when he grabs a stick to light in the fire. "Can't hurt for one last go. And I think having these at the graduation would be… different!" he says, with another lopsided grin. Once he has the stick lit, he's off, mimicking Zi'on's previous trips out. He then beats a hasty retreat, reaching the bronzerider and the fire just in time as the firework takes off with a loud pop! Unlike the others, this one wails on its way up before exploding into white sparks. The weyrling starts a little and then laughs. "Shards. If your previous two didn't wake some of the Weyr, that one might've." He muses. Velokraeth gives a curious sort of rumble, before he makes some crude remark that has Th'ero both eyeing and cursing his lifemate.

Zi'on chuckles. "Well, she might be one of those girls who likes to be whisked off someplace. Or… likes when you cook her dinner. Or likes it if you leave her little love notes." Zi'on, master of wooing wimmin? He grins a bit. "There's a reason why she leads the weyr." The bronzer stretches and laces his fingers behind his head. "Heh… I'm hoping it'll be a celebration to remember. Ours wasn't anything special. The usual boring social mixer type of thing." Zi'on grins a bit as Th'ero heads out to light a new type of firework. As it goes off he looks so startled by the noise he almost trips and falls over. There's a grin, then a blink. "Uh oh. Look." He points up to the sky. There are two dragons approaching from over head. Zi'on starts to frantically pack everything up. "Search riders! Cheese it!" And by that he means… run away. Even with Enka's permission, that wouldn't save them a lecture if they're caught. Zi'on runs with the box of fireworks and the rest of his juice towards Suldith. After strapping everything in crudely they take off. "You head back, I'll distract them!"

Master or not, Th'ero is honestly taking some of this advice to mind. In fact, he's even nodding his head a little. Travel, he can do and maybe the rest? "Hmm, those are options." He admits, before chuckling deeply, grinning back to the bronzerider. "I won't question you on that." The weyrling mutters, before quirking a brow in interest. "Oh? Well, maybe you'll get to change the course of history then." Th'ero has to bite back a laugh when Zi'on almost falls over himself, though all traces of humor vanish the moment the bronzerider points out the approaching riders. The frantic packing has the weyrling almost diving for his gloves and helmet. Th'ero doesn't need to be told twice! "Shard it all! You didn't get permission?" the weyrling calls out after the bronzerider, leaving Zi'on to pack up the evidence while Th'ero hastily mounts up. Velokraeth is ready to go, though the bronze is rumbling in obvious amusement. Run! Run away! With a brisk nod, Th'ero gives a hasty wave before they're off and gone, bee lining it back to the barracks. If Zi'on wants to distract, well… Th'ero isn't going to argue!

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