My knife is bigger then yours (Warning: Swearing, Innuendo)

Emerald Isle - Sunset Beach
Soft pink sand lays along this stretch of seaside like a comfortable blanket. Its hue is a soft one and comforting to look upon, as is the smooth aquamarine of the ocean. Although the beach is beautiful at all times or day and night, it is the most profound at sunset when the sky is painted with the soft pastel colours of a setting sun. Dramatic reds, pinks and peachs stretch into one another, the seperate colours' boundaries left undefined, but as it gets darker you can notice a light purple continuely creeping into the others. Even the pink sand's shade changes, ranging from containing an almost fiery element to being a smooth pinkish purple.

Suldith eventually will lose track of the blue, and come up to the surface with a fish instead. He's happy just to paddle around a bit and nom fish once the chasing game has concluded. "What have you been up to the past three turns?" Zi'on asks the bluerider, from his lounging spot on the beach. "Welcome back I guess. Hm… you were A'ven's weyrmate, right? Now I guess he's with Lissi… sorry about that." He clears his throat a bit. "Suldith is like that, too. Generally he's curious and playfully, but he can be pretty serious if we're working. Or if one of us is threatened."

omg I want a fish. So would say Varmiroth, if he spoke in internet text language. The expression on his face and the thoughts running through his mind say that pretty clearly, just the same, as he stares at Suldith's wiggling fishy of delight. And the blue simply /must/ have one of his own. The trouble is he has zero attention span, so after trying to find fish for all of five seconds, he's distracted by the swirls in the water, and he starts to follow them. On shore, Kimmila adjusts the twine strap of her faded blue bikini, and sighs. "I was, yes," she says softly, her eyes flashing with pain. "And…a lot of things, I suppose. Being a bad mother and weyrmate were at the top of my To Do list, apparently," she says, her voice carrying with it a hint of sarcasm that doesn't do a very good job of hiding the pain that lies beneath. "Traveling with my parents, mostly. Exploring Pern. Being out, and away, and spending time with my lifemate. Nothing wrong with that…" She trails off, shrugging a tan shoulder.

With afternoon duties done for the time being, one lone weyrling pair was making their way back to the Weyr when suddenly deciding to sidetrack and take their break outside of Western. The pair has been to this beach before and it's not long before Velokraeth lands, careful not to stir up too much of the uniquely colored sands. There's a swivel of his oversized head and when he spots Suldith in the waters, the younger bronze warbles a greeting that is extended to Varmiroth as well. Th'ero has just enough time to dismount and unbuckle the straps before Velokraeth is waddling off to join the others, muttering under his breath about impatience and deftly piling the discarded straps at a safe distance. That task done, he finally turns to the other two riders, warm smile in place and a hand coming up in a half-wave as he approaches, totally unawares of the conversation he's about to drop in on. "Afternoon you two!" he says, glancing between Zi'on and Kimmila both.

Suldith's attention span is a big longer. At least about certain things, food being one of those things. After a big bite that include the fish's head, the rest is tossed over to Varmiroth. It's not quite as good as one that's wiggling, but it's still pretty fresh. Of course if he's not interested he's free to leave it to the other predators around to consume. The bronze issues a bugle to the approaching pair from the water. Zi'on blinks at Kimmila. "Er… that sounds good. The traveling, I mean. I never did much traveling with my parents even though they were both riders. What made you come back, then?" There's a wave to the approaching bronzer. "Hey, Th'ero. How's it going?"

Varmiroth does not mind leftovers, so he warbles his thanks and gobbles it down. Then, another light, high pitched bugle of welcome is offered to Velokraeth from where he still paddles in the water. "The traveling was wonderful," Kimmila says, pushing a tangled bit of long hair over her shoulder when the wind blows it forward. "Adventure, mystery, explortaion. Testing your limits. Not much better than that. See this?" she asks, twisting a bit to point at a twin line of scar tissue along the outside of her right thigh, stark against her tan skin, "that's from a feline that jumped me further south. His rug is in my weyr." There's a grim smile on her face as she touches those scars, and then shrugs. "I wanted to come home. I missed my family. It has been…well." She chuckles softly. "Let's just say /those/ scars aren't visible. Th'ero!" she says, looking up to the bronzerider Weyrling and waving. "I'm officially single. Cheers."

"Good. We're off duty finally. Figured we'd land here since Velokraeth likes this spot." Th'ero says with a bit of a grin directed towards Zi'on. Truth be told, the weyrling probably likes this area too. Not too busy and another of his places to escape. Meanwhile, Velokraeth has slipped into the waters, giving a low groan of relief before settling in to simply mingle with Suldith and Varmiroth. "Hey, Kimmila!" Th'ero almost directs the same grin to Kimmila as well, though it falters for a moment when she gives him the news, so it winds up more like a crooked smile. "Ah… is this good news, then?" he finishes awkwardly.

"Sounds like fun," Zi'on agrees. "Though I'm not sure I could last three turns without seeing Western. My friends and family live here. At least bits and pieces of both." The bronzer tugs at his beard a bit and then looks over at Kimmila's scar. "I bet it hurt. How many stitches did it take? The only scar I have is here." He points to a spot on his head where the hair is just starting to come back in. "Beer bottle. Anyways, sorry about all of that. Western is a good place though, you can start over pretty easily here I would think. If you can stand bumping into your ex once in a while." He glances between the two riders then. "Clearly you two already know one another." There's a brow raised to Th'ero. "Guess you two will be joining a real wing soon enough."

Kimmila shakes her head, her smile a little twisted. "No," is her simple reply, once more brushing hair away from her face. "It was fun. But. I don't think it was worth the price I've paid, now that it's over. And it took ten stitches. My mother's a Healer. And yes, Western is as good as any. Varmiroth hatched here. I'd try to find another weyr, but. I don't know. I can't leave my daughter again. And yes, we met briefly, though this is the first time we've met while I was sober." She smirks a bit at that. "Beer bottle? Shards, what happened? And yes, how long until graduation, Th'ero? I still owe you a drink. But I promise not to throw it at your head."

Th'ero blinks for a moment in confusion when Zi'on mentions stitches and scars to Kimmila, though the weyrling doesn't ask. He does smirk though when the bronzerider points out his own. "Beer bottle because of a brawl, you mean." He teases lightly though Kimmila is soon asking for the details and he promptly lapses back into silence, loosely crossing his arms over his chest and shifting his weight to one side as he lets Zi'on tell that story. Th'ero chuckles next. "Happened to run into her at the Tiki Lounge." He skips the fact that the bluerider was drunk, instead giving a bit of an exhaled sigh. "Soon enough is right and it might be yours, you know." His grin returns, with a bit of a shrug of his shoulders and then his attention is sliding back to Kimmila. "Only a few days now? Heard we're getting our own weyrs soon. That's usually a good sign, isn't it?" At the mention of the drinks, the weyrling's grin broadens. "Good to know I'll be safe when I take you on that offer." He muses, before side glancing back to Zi'on. "I owe you drinks too, don't I?"

"Ten stitches!" Zi'on exclaims. He's got a bit of a morbid curiosity. "Mind if I look up close?" He moves over to get a closer look at Kimmila's scar. "Did you eat the feline after you killed it?" He chuckles a bit. "Th'ero has a knack for attracting drunk riders, I think. Right Th'ero?" Zi'on feels the scarred bump on his head, then. "Was with some wingmates in the Tiki lounge. They were playing cards, when two of our wingmates caught someone else cheating. Tempers flared and things got a little out of hand for a few minutes. I took an elbow to the face and someone hit me with a beer bottle." He chuckles at Th'ero. "Maybe. That's fine with me. You can suffer sweeps like the rest of us." There's a blink for the other bronzer, then. "You do? I would think with everything that's happened that I owe -you- drinks."

Kimmila smiles, "Would be happy to have you in our wing," she says. "Oh, yes. That is a very good sign. Is…your Dolphincrafter going to come for a visit?" she asks, directing her question more to the sea than Th'ero as she watches Varmiroth paddle around, once more chasing the spirals of the ocean's currents. Looking over at Zi'on, she studies him for a moment and then shrugs, shifting onto her opposite hip so he has a better look at her outer thigh. The scars run from the middle of her thigh up to her hip, beneath the band of her bikini bottoms. "Mom's never been pleased with how it healed, but you do what you can when you're trekking through the jungle and the dragons can't land." There's a wry smile for that. "Ha!" she says, glancing up at Th'ero. "Drunk riders are a habit for you, then? Shards, I wish I'd been there," she says to Zi'on, shaking her head. "Remind me to never miss a drinking outing with you guys." Glancing between the two men, she lifts her brows curiously. "What's that about? Maybe we all owe each other a round, and call it even? And yes, we did. It wasn't…great, if I'm honest. But it was satisfying."

"Ugh. Why would you want to eat a feline?" Th'ero remarks, pulling a bit of a face at the idea while Zi'on moves in on Kimmila to compare scars. The weyrling doesn't for his part (though he may sneak a quick peek of a glance), but he snorts when both bronzerider and bluerider points out his magnetism for drunken riders. "Seems like my luck runs that way, doesn't it?" he mutters, shaking his head a bit. Staring back at Zi'on, the weyrling grins sheepishly. "What's it matter at this point if you owe or I owe? Though I think you've got it right and I got it backwards." Kimmila's suggestion is given a thoughtful frown, as he mulls it over, before nodding his head. "You know… I could go for that. All three of us, all even." There's a blink from him now and his attention slides back to Kimmila, brows rising in mild surprise. "You're in the same wing as Zi'on as well?" he asks, before coughing slightly at the bluerider's next question. "I ah, suspect she will? Or hope. Though she's got her own place on the lagoon." Th'ero fumbles a little, though trying his best not to be awkward.

It would be a weird thing to ask Zi'on about 'his' dolphincrafter. Since he doesn't have a dolhpincrafter, only Th'ero does, that he's aware of. The bronzer takes a close look at Kimmila's scar and even traces over it a bit with his finger. "It's bumpy." He chuckles a bit, then leans his head down. "Want to feel mine?" He chuckles a bit about the barroom brawl. "Eh. It didn't last too long. Someone else got hit over the head and knocked out, so we all kind of went into rescue mode then and went to the infirmary." The bronzer grins a bit at Th'ero. "What do you owe me drinks for, anyways? And yeah, we're in the same wing. I'd be up for drinks whenever, really."

Kimmila shrugs, "Because I killed it?" she answers Th'ero. "It wasn't very good, no. I wouldn't recommend it. And sure. When you graduate, we'll go and we'll all be even. And yup, we're both in Archipelago." She watches him thoughtfully, and then nods. "Good," is her only answer to that, looking seaward once more. Her attention is drawn to Zi'on's observations on her scar, and her eyes briefly close when his finger traces it. "Sure," she says, lifting a hand to touch the scar on his scalp.

"I don't plan on trying feline anytime soon." Th'ero points out with another grimace, though he seems intrigued on the mention of actually killing one. To Zi'on, the weyrling only shrugs again, freeing one hand long enough to wave it in a slightly dismissive gesture. "Nothing, I guess? Chalk it up to my tired mind. I'm screwing things up." He admits, glancing away when he and Kimmila go about investigating each other's scars. His attention seems drawn to the water as well, where Velokraeth lounges in the shallows. "How about after graduation then? Or the night of, if we're all there." Th'ero offers, eventually glancing back to look between both Zi'on and Kimmila.

Zi'on looks to Kimmila. "What did you kill it with? I bet it didn't taste good, but if you have to kill something, you may as well try to eat it. Unless the dragons want it or something." He keeps his head down while Kimmila feels his scar. "I only took four stitches. And they were close together. I guess the skin pulls more on your head than on your leg. I like you scar though. It's uh… exotic, I guess." He chuckles a bit at Th'ero. "True. I'm sure there'll be punch at the graduation. But I won't want to get drunk until after the fireworks. After that though, sure. I'll drink until I can't stand up!" He laughs. "I'll make sure I don't have any early shifts the next day."

Kimmila doesn't linger near Zi'on's head, pulling her had back and scooting over once more, until her personal bubble is back in place. She snorts, twisting her leg to look at her scar. "Exotic. Excellent. That'll fix all my problems," she says with dry sarcasm. Looking back at Th'ero, she nods. "After graduation, then. We'll go drinking. It'll be fun. And I killed it with my knife," she says, nodding towards where Varmiroth's straps are piled.

"Would dragons eat felines?" Th'ero asks out loud and to no one in particular, frowning a little at the thought before smirking. "I guess they would, wouldn't they?" he adds, before snorting softly. "Only four stitches and lucky it wasn't more." The weyrling quips, jumping in on the conversation of the scars only to lightly tease Zi'on again. His interest is piqued though, when the bronzerider mentions the fireworks. "Heh, so they'll be using them for sure then? Great! I bet those will go over well." If it doesn't outright startle some of the weyrfolk, though Th'ero seems actually excited over the possibility of fireworks for the night. He rolls his eyes a little at Zi'on's last comment. "Figures! And I'll have to drag you around, won't I?" He mutters, though in good humor. To Kimmila, he nods, grinning towards the bluerider. "I bet it will." Th'ero agrees, before his expression turns back to one of surprise. "Just your knife? I thought felines were sharding hard to kill."

Zi'on heads back over to his own towel, probably much to Kimmila's relief. He grins a bit at her. "What? What's wrong with… exotic?" He wraggles his eyebrows at the bluerider. "How big is the knife?" There's a shrug to Th'ero. "They would probably eat one, if it was attacking their rider. Though they probably wouldn't choose it as prey, I don't think. Usually predators like that don't make very good food. They're tough. Maybe in a stew, if the meat's been boiling for a while it might be better." He laughs a bit to Th'ero. "You're free to leave me where I fall. Maybe someone else will rescue me. Like Enka. Or Pat. Or I'll wake up the next morning right there. All alone. Probably cold… sick from the hangover." Sniff sniff. Here's the world's tiniest violin for Zi'on.

Kimmila nods, "Sure they would. It's meat. Varmiroth once ate a runner. Saddle and all." She winces at the memory. "Cost me a month's salary and name-dropping my parents' names to mend that one. And yes," she says to Th'ero, her grin slightly feral, "they are sharding hard to kill. I'm thinking of going hunting again, if you want to join me." Glancing at Zi'on, she stares at him hard for a long moment, before snorting. "Are you coming on to me, bronzerider? It's a fairly good sized blade," she says, holding her hands about seven inches apart. "Bought it from a guy in Crom."

Th'ero frowns in thought, mulling over the new information. "I guess that makes sense, though I still don't think feline makes good eating for humans. Period." Kimmila's tale about the runner earns a sympathetic wince in return from the weyrling. "Shells, that was one pricey runner." He mutters, no doubt making a mental note to never let Velokraeth dine on someone's runner. At the offer to hunt, Th'ero can only blankly stare at the bluerider for a moment that is until a snort from the water from a certain bronze snaps him back to attention. "Sure." he agrees, though still sounds faintly uncertain. To Zi'on, he rolls his eyes a little at the bronzerider, smirking crookedly. "And well deserved if you drink yourself to oblivion." He quips, before the smirk changes to a smile. "You know I wouldn't leave you out in the open. I'd at least drag you under some cover." Aww, he does care! Sort of. Kimmila's comment earns a bit of a snicker-like laugh from Th'ero, but he doesn't toss in his own comments on knives, though he's clearly interested.

Zi'on chuckles a bit. "Ew, a runner? And the saddle? That's gross. I guess if you're hungry. And if you're looking for something new. Suldith says he'll stick to the herdbeasts though. Miraneith eats most of the wherries in the pens." He raises a brow at the offer to go hunting. "I will. I'll even get myself a big knife." He grins and chuckles a bit at Kimmila. "Maybe. I thought you were single now?" He grins to Th'ero then, stretching out a bit and laying back down on his towel. "You're a softie, Th'ero. It would stand me good to wake up a mess. I'll try not to get that drunk though, if I can help it."

Kimmila grins at Th'ero, shaking her head. "They don't make good eating. I know that /now/." Smirking, she nods. "It was. And he was sick from it. It was a costly lesson, but he doens't go after runners now. And great, we'll all go hunting too. /Not/ while we're drunk, though. That'd just end badly." Very badly. She smirks at Zi'on. "I am. But I'm not easy. It's going to take more than you calling my scar exotic to get anything from me." She glances away, staring out at the water.

"Hard lesson learnt too, if he got sick from it." Th'ero points out, before smirking and shaking his head. "Shards no. If we're going hunting, we're doing it sober." Even the weyrling knows that that could end badly, as Kimmila predicts."Velokraeth is the same. Herdbeasts and wherries - if he can get them - are plenty, he says." Th'ero muses, finally seeming to have enough of standing and settling down on the sand instead. A single brow quirks upwards at the bronzerider's mention of larger knives and the weyrling snorts in amusement. "What? Is it a 'who has the biggest' competition now?" he drawls slightly, glancing between the two riders. When Zi'on calls him a softie though, he feigns a hurt expression. "Oh, thanks. Fine, fine. I'll leave you to suffer the elements then if you pass out cold. And here I thought I was being a good friend!" Cue the tiny violin? But it's all in jest, if the dry chuckling from Th'ero gives any suggestion.

Zi'on stretches out a bit and shuts his eyes. "Poor guy. At least maybe I can keep the notion out of Suldith's head. Though I don't think he's much interested. If he wants a hunt he usually goes for the fish." Zi'on grins a bit. "We can all drink -after- we've gone hunting. Hopefully over a kill! That would be fun." There's a brow raise given to the bluerider. "Ah well. I'm also quite lazy. I suppose I'll just settle with my current lady. Though you seem a bit… wild. I guess that intrigues me." He chuckles at Th'ero. "Well, there you go being a nice guy. Anyways I think we're the only ones who could play the who had the biggest game, anyways. Kimmila lacks the proper… equipment for that. Though she could judge."

Kimmila snorts softly, turning to look at Zi'on. "Guess you'll just settle for her, then," she says dryly. "Lazy men aren't my type." Then she laughs, though there's no humor in the sound. "Wild. I suppose I am. There's a certain safety in the wild. An understanding. Things are easy to figure out. And no, I'm not judging a cock contest between the two of you. Or anyone, for that matter. You two can just stand side by side and figure it out on your own." She pushes smoothly to her feet, adjusting her bikini as she rises and pushing more tangled hair over her shoulder.

"That could be fun." Th'ero agrees with Zi'on, nodding his head a little before glancing towards Kimmila as he continues. "/If/ we make a kill. How easy or hard is it to find one of those felines?" he asks her, mostly out of curiosity. The weyrling makes no comment what-so-ever with the banter over types and relationships between Zi'on and Kimmila, though he does give them both a long look. Oh no, he won't be sticking himself into that. Zi'on's next comment earns the bronzerider some… sand? Seems Th'ero takes the mature route and promptly takes a handful of the stuff and flings in his general direction, though most of it may fall short or miss all together. The weyrling then snorts, before laughing. "You'd like that, wouldn't you? Well, I'm not game for that, sorry." He then juts his thumb towards Kimmila when she shares her opinion on that, beginning to nod his head in agreement only to then frown. "Hey now. I never agreed to it." He says, glancing up to her when she rises. He's innocent, honest!

Zi'on grins to Kimmila. "Sorry." Then he laughs. "I was just kidding. Relax. I don't intend to uh… whip it out. You scare me enough that I don't think it would end well." He blinks at Th'ero. "We have to hunt the felines? We can't start with something smaller and less dangerous?" Cold feet now, apparently. "Bleh!" is his response to the sand. He shakes himself out and dusts out his hair. "You're the one who suggested it! I just wanted to know how big her knife was!" He gets to his feet as well, then. "Anyways, I think I'm going to go for a swim. Something tells me I've overstayed my welcome. I'll see you two later." After a brief wave, the bronzer is heading out into the water.

Kimmila shrugs, "Not too easy, actually. They tend to be very sneaky and reclusive," she answers Th'ero. She then turns to stare down at Zi'on, frowning and looking a bit confused. "I scare you?" But then he's leaving them, and the bluerider sits down on the towel again with a low sigh. "I'm not scary, am I?" she asks, giving Th'ero a baffled and slightly hurt look.

"You're the one that twisted it!" Th'ero fires back, trying to sound serious but barely able to contain the laugh that threatens to bubble out. Instead, he only coughs. "And yes, we agreed on felines I think. What else can we hunt that's a challenge worth drinking over?" the weyrling muses. No cold feet here! Tilting his head a little towards Kimmila, he gives a slow nod. "So a good challenge, in other words?" Blinking a bit when Zi'on gets to his feet, Th'ero follows suit, pausing only to brush the sand from his riding pants. "Nah, you haven't. But I'll catch you later, I guess." He says, returning the wave before the bronzerider disappears. The baffled and hurt look from Kimmila is met by awkwardness at first, Th'ero rubbing at the back of his neck. "Well, no. No, you're not." He replies, with what he hopes is a convincing smile. "I don't think he meant it like that?"

Kimmila sighs, watching Th'ero stand. "Fine," she says, not completely convinced. Instead, she just lays on her back on her towel, covering her eyes with her arm. "I don't mean to be…whatever" she says, her voice very quiet as she presses her lips together tightly and shakes her head. "I'll see you later, Th'ero. Hopefully after graduation for some drinks."

Th'ero opens his mouth to say something, then closes it and reconsiders. So he stands there, for a moment, lingering and fidgeting over the decision. Eventually, he only gives a faint sigh. Women - he'll never understand them entirely. "But you're not." He lamely repeats, unable to think of anything else to reassure the bluerider. "Kimmila…" the weyrling begins, hesitating again and then shaking his head. "I'll see you later, after graduation, for sure, for drinks. And maybe the hunting sometime too." Th'ero then turns on his heels, taking a step or two before stopping and tossing one last comment over his shoulder. "Take care." Is all he says, before going to meet up with Velokraeth. The young bronze looks reluctant, but he allows the straps to be slipped on and buckled before the weyrling mounts up. There's a farewell rumble to Varmiroth and then they are airborne, flying straight back to Western.

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