Western Weyr - Weyrling Training Field
Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise manuvers required for the rescue and protection work that Western Weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

The Training Field never looked less functional. Across one end an area has been set up as a stage with rises to elevate it so everyone can see the podium, chairs, and those who will be filling the seats. The stage is skirted in black with the twisted colors of Western forming a swag that drapes from corner to corner and each chair is covered with a drape, the colors alternating between purple and blue-green. The front of the podium bears Western's sigil and on the field, rows of benches await guests, each one topped with a skirted, black cushion. The Weyrwoman, Weyrleader and Weyrlingmaster are present as well as other riders, guests and family members, the breeze is light and the sun is warm, just chilly enough that by late evening when it's party time, a bonfire will feel good.

Nyzieroth quickly lumbers out of the barracks, stretching his wings thoroughly before making his way out onto the fields to hide in the crowds as best a dragon his size can though he'll likely fail miserably. Freshly bathed and oiled, the brown finds a spot for him to perch while he awaits the ladies. He's gotta look good for somebody! S'rorn, on the other hand, isn't wearing elaborate for the occasion. Just a simple harper blue tunic over black pants that are tucked into leather boots. The only ornate thing on this weyrling is nothing more than a woven sash tied around his waist which ends in small bells that chime lightly as he walks. Traders aren't traders without the jingly! He wanders over to a blend in somewhere until the ceremony begins. Hopefully he can do something about his poor disheveled hair thats slicked in many directions courtesy of his lifemate and the oil in his suppy. "Of all the days, Nyz. Couldn't you have done this hours ago so I can fix it!?" S'rorn tries to slick it into a favorable shape but he's also failing miserably.

Zi'on is in his Sunday best! He's got on a pair of nicely shined black shoes and sleek black dress pants. He's wearing a dark maroon button-up shirt with his knot all nice and clean and plainly visible. He's even gotten a hair cut and trimmed his beard. As he waits for the ceremony to start, he makes himself useful by guiding guests to their seats. It was going to be a full house! Plus this allows him to look for his friends amongst the crown.

A'ven looks up from arranging some of the chairs. People are starting to file in. Well, time to look presentable. He straightens his tunic and stops trying to get the chairs just so, taking his place as smoothly as one who has been caught making somewhat last-minute preparations can. He nods to the few dignitaries that have arrived, looking expectantly for more arriving and finding none, just yet. He perches carefully, feeling a little bit awkward and *looked at* as people arrive. Oh well, a fine smile fixes everything. He does have one of those and he knows how to use it.

For once, Miraneith is alert and awake, the queen lumbering into place, her tail carefully hoisted upwards so as not to drag the heavy appendage along through the sand and dust and ruin her freshly oiled hide. Enka's already arrived, dressed nicely in her best Gather outfit, and neatly turned out. "Oh Mir," the weyrwoman remarks to her dragon, grinning broadly, "goin' to be a great evenin'. Your little babies, all grown up and ready to take on the world." The goldrider wiggles her fingers in A'ven's direction before she greets one of the local Holders with some pleasant conversation. "Yes, we are expectin' the best of this weyrling group." And then there's a brown and a green coming in to land, their riders dismounting and heading to greet Enka. "Glad you could make it, Da. Demira." the goldrider greets her father and stepmom with cheerfulness. "Dali's been doin' great."

Th'ero is among the crowds for once, simply wandering around since he's too wound up to stand still along the sidelines with some of the other weyrlings. He's dressed in his best uniform and gear, all black and neutral hues, never one for color, even in special occasions. An off-white tunic is almost entirely covered by the thin black jacket he wears over top, visible only because he has the neck partially unbuckled. His pants are also black, just the same as his knee high riding boots. In other words, he blends in. Which suits him just fine. Usually messy hair has been recently combed to look halfway decent, though it still seems to have a mind of its own. While he weaves among the crowds, Th'ero is keeping a careful eye for familiar faces. Velokraeth on the other hand, has already picked out a spot to lounge and watch from, the pale bronze looking both intrigued and amused by the whole event.
Ila'den is… less than dressed for the occassion, though considerably more dressed than what one might usually find him. He's in blacks, sleeves rolled up to his elbows with the hem tucked away into the waist of his pants. Teimyrth follows closely behind, snorting his dissent at his brown clutchmate's existence before making a point to pretend as if Nyzieroth doesn't, in the least, exist. "You promised to behave yourself," Ila'den tells his lifemate under his breath. Those giant wings open lazily in response as the beast lumbers to a more open spot, and curls to participate in mute luxury. Informal as ever, waves are offered up for every present body before he finds a place to sit and wait.

Once the sun is in exactly the right place a loud bugle sounds and the skies above darken in dragon shapes as a formation soars above the fields from one end to the other. It is led by one of the Junior Golds and has a rider from each wing in a pointed, arrow shape though once over the middle of the field the formation breaks into a series of criss-crosses and loops and turns then resumes the pointed formation as they exit at the opposite end. The bugling sounds off once more and Lissi makes her way to the stage and to the podium, the weyrlings following to take their places on the stage, hopefully.

V'ric is in his best! Really. Too bad that even his best looks well-worn and a bit traveled. Good thing his clothes are at least clean. Though he's apparently taken a razor to his face as well. There's smooth skin on that jaw of his! Loxiath seems quite interested in the goings-on, even though his rider seems a bit less so. There's a softly thrumming hum from the dragon at least. And while he does look uncomfortable, one hand lightly brushes against the brown's hide before he begins moving away from him. The dragon can just..lounge. He's good at that. Really. There's a faint nudge to Ila'den's shoulder as he passes into the other weyrling's zone of space, and a quiet glance for his friend before jerking his head toward the stage.

Contrary to what some of the other dolphineers were gossiping about, Jey did /not/ in fact show up in a wetsuit or bathing suit. Heels were no stranger to the dolphineer and today she is indeed wearing a pair, silver ones. The dolphineer is a stranger to dresses however, but has donned one for the occasion anyways. A simple, strapless lavendar dress that hangs just above her knees. She scans the crowds quickly, taking a place that seems to give her a fairly decent view of the stage as she waits for the ceremony to begin.

Having spent most of the day already with her half-sister, Qiana has finally left Iris' side to get seated out in the audience. And it's a spectacle to be sure with the fine, flowing dress that the beastcrafter has been decked out in. It's a sight that .. well.. no one has ever really seen: Qiana primped. There's a periwinkle shawl around her shoulders to help ward off the breeze. For a few moments, Qi pauses at the back of the seating scanning both it, and the sidelines that likely contains the weyrlings, trying to spot two in particular. But it's apparently time for the ceremonies to begin, and she's quickly finding herself a seat.

Iris started out nearby her half-sister Qiana- the pair had primped together and the weyrling is stuck like glue to the dolled up beastcrafter's side. Shadhavarth is chilling out in a more open area nearby her clutchmates, half-dozing and taking in the sun. When the bugling begins and Lissi makes her way to the stage, Iris leaves Qi's side and hurries to join her fellow about-to-be-graduates. She nervously smoothes her silky, flowing green dress and brushes tendrils of hair out of her face, smiling lightly at her fellow weyrlings and settling next to Ila'den in line. "You look good," she murmurs by way of greeting.

A'ven finds Enka in the crowd, greeting others as diplomatically as he can. Many are here from remote corners of Pern, and it's difficult to do them all justice but he tries. He does manage a bright wave to the Weyrwoman and then is distracted by the aerial flyover. "Nice!", he says, admiring the crisp precision of the simple-looking but not-so-simple-to-do formation. When Lissi takes the stage, he straightens his tunic again and quiets, looking at the Weyrlings assemble with her.

Th'ero begins to move to the stage by some unseen cue, trying to keep his mind off
the amount of people crowding in. As he lines up near the stage with the others, he turns his head once more towards the benches where the guests have settled. There's a quick scan and he does spy a familiar face or two, which promptly brings a small smile to his features as the weyrling relaxes a little. But then the bugling starts and he's being ushered up with everyone else, coming to rest once he's taken his place among the class. And while he's up there, he's doing best not to look nervous, though his darting gaze may give that all away.

Zi'on figures that once Lissi has taken the stage the festivities are about to begin. He doesn't want to bother Enka, he's got nothing to say really to holder dignitaries and would just assume fade into the crowd. Instead he sits himself down next to Jey. "Hey. I barely recognized you without a bathing suit on. You look good in a dress. Mind if I sit here? I imagine our dates will both be… occupied." Nevermind that he's already sitting.

Ila'den's quick to return the shoulder-bump, nervousness evident in the smile he turns onto his friend, even as those dark brows rise up toward his hairline in question of the headjerk. Yeah. He knows. It's almost that /time/. 'Walk with me,' is mouthed to his best friend, but even then grey eyes are turning onto Iris. Surprised? You could say that. Suddenly his smile is smug as he turns a rather pleased look from Iris' appearance to V'ric and waggles his brows, nodding in the, 'Allllriiiight' kind of way. Still, the time has come for them to take the stage, and even as Ila moves to stand in his designated area, he's leaning to whisper something in Iris' ear, laughing at whatever it is he's just said as V'ric's arm is caught near the elbow and used as a best-friend anchor.

Patori is amongst the crowd, probably sneaking a sweetroll or something while everybody bustles about. The weyrbrat (who is probably too old by now to really be called a weyrbrat) scurries to a seat, peeking at all the fancy attire and offering Th'ero and Zi'on a wave, even though the boy's way over in the crowd. He plops down and nibbles while watching Lissi and the 'lings, his own clothes the less threadbare pants and oversized, dingy shirt he owns. At least he's not looking like he just fell out of a dustbunny or something today.

S'rorn takes a deep breath before sliding a finger under his collar and he tugs on it nervously as he makes his way to the stage. He glances over to the weyrlingmaster, nodding his head to her before falling in and awaiting further instructions. Nyzieroth simply sprawls, he's in a good spot and he ain't moving for no chump! The brown-paired weyrling schools the irritation of his his expression and raises a hand to mess with his hair but pulls it away at the last second. Really, things couldn't possibly get any worse on this day, could it? Seeing a familiar face of his own out there waving cheerfully replaces that schooled expression with a face of loathing.

Once everyone is on stage Lissi nods to them, signalling them to sit then she addresses the audience. "Welcome. Western is proud to present this cycle's class of Weyrlings for graduation. They have worked hard and proven ta be assets to Western already through their training. We tried new things this cycle and they met their challenges with determination, I'm proud ta see them ready to graduate and a bit sad at the same time. As it should be." A pause. She nods to Enka and then steps aside to give the Weyrwoman the podium.
Jeyinshi looks up at Zi'on seats himself, grinning a bit. "Go ahead. And thanks. It's kind of odd….I'm used to eithe swimming clothes or pants. Dresses aren't exactly mine thing." She sort of picks at her dress a bit before looking up at the stage. "Just a /little/ occupied." There's a scan of the stage area and she falls silent for a bit as the cue for Enka is sent.

V'ric blinks somewhat, staring at Ila'den for a moment when Iris arrives at his side. Eyes roll though, showing off his own slight aggravation. He steps forward just a bit, quite possibly inching ahead..although he hangs back when his arm is caught. There's another quiet glance at Ila'den though, before he simply falls silent. After all, the show has begun!

Enka's eyes flicker upwards at the formation above, Miraneith rocking back onto her haunches and craning her shortened neck up to watch as well. "Nice flyin'," the goldrider observes to her father and his weyrmate before she gestures them towards seats at the very front. They say it pays to get in good with people of authority, but then again, these are proud parents, of a sort, to the occasion. Once her guests are seated, Enka moves across the aisle, returning A'ven's wave with a warm smile. "Our best group of weyrlings yet, Weyrleader," she comments, casting an equally warm smile at the assembling weyrlings as she climbs up the steps to the stage to take her place. From the stage, it's easy to see the crowd, and the goldrider blows a kiss in Zi'on's direction, taking the podium with a gracious nod in Lissi's direction. "Weyrlings, I cannot say how proud I am today, of all that you've accomplished, and the things that you have done to get to this point. I am especially proud to see that everyone has come through with flyin' colors and you're ready to take your places within our wings. Western Weyr is proud to send you forth into the world to represent us. To you all, I say fly high and soar!"

Lissi retakes her position and nods to A'ven to beckon him to the stage then she looks to the Weyrlings, "Please rise and come accept your new knot when your name is called," she says to them. "Bronze Velokraeth's Th'ero," she says and looks to A'ven then on past him to the weyrling lineup. "Th'ero will be joining the Archipelago Wing," she says as he moves to accept his knot.

Zi'on grins to Jey. "I bet Th'ero will like it though. If it makes you feel any better, dresses aren't my thing, either." He chuckles a bit. Zi'on reaches up to 'catch' Enka's kiss and blow her one of his own. After she gives her speech, he yells, "And if you're sober drink some more! You've pushed through all lessons you could hear, enough with the lectures bring on the beer!" Of course it might get him into trouble later, but hey!

A'ven joins Lissi on stage to properly knot the newest of Western's /former/ Weyrlings with brand new knots. Let's just hope it wasn't a mistake to give him sharp objects. Surely he's had a lot of practice with the pins. His eyes crinkle happily as he waits for Th'ero.

Th'ero gives one last quick scan of the crowds before taking a seat, trying not to fidget by leaning back and loosely crossing his arms. Nope, completely calm here. There's an equally quick side glance given to his fellow weyrlings and then Lissi begins to speak, his attention turning to the Weyrlingmaster. Another faint smile is given at the end of her speech and then he's quietly watching as Enka takes her place at the podium. The weyrling nods his head a little, smile broadening though he doesn't clap or cheer. Not his style. Though he overhears some of Zi'on's yelling and has to stifle a laugh. Nice! Suddenly, his name is being called and he's up on his feet, striding forwards to calmly accept the knot from A'ven, grinning now in possibly a mixture of surprise, happiness and relief.

Jeyinshi snickers a bit. "Really? Could've had me fooled. You've got a nice womanly figure." When Th'ero's name is called the dolphineer looks up, letting out a small whoops and clapping her hands. The booze comments earn another smirk. "Tonight's the night to get drunk. But no swimming!" She's still a dolphineer after all, despite the dress.

A'ven pins Th'ero's knot, saying under his breath, "Seems to me you'd look good in a dress.", with a little wink. Nobody heard that, probably.

"Next up, Brown Nyzieroth's S'rorn," Lissi calls out with a smile as she looks toward them again. "S'rorn will be joining the Archipelago Wing," she continues as the weyrling makes his way up to get his knot.

S'rorn does his best to ignore his cousins and the rest of the trader folk that decided to come gawk at the poor man. As he averts his eyes from there gaze, something else attracts his attention and it does effectly. There's someone out in the stands and as soon as he found her, the weyring stops breathing. Whether it's just nerves or he forgot how to could be anyones guess. Everything going on around him might've well been nothing more than a distant memory when the very image of beauty is all he wishes to remember this day. A light smile finally finds his place upon his face and he exhales. The weyrling does his best to relax but it's hard when his face is blushing furiously. Did she catch him staring? When his name is called, he straightens up and begins to stride over to A'ven, accepting his knot and bowing his head to the weyrlingmasters and weyrleaders before falling in beside Th'ero.

Qiana claps enthusiastically as S'rorn's name is called, but unlike Jey and Zi'on, the girl isn't calling out her own remarks, no need for such things after all. "Whoo!" Is as much as she hoots out. And of course the stare was caught. After all, she's watching one man, and one woman up on that stage.

A'ven shakes S'rorn's hand, saying earnestly, "You're certainly one of the most patient people I know. I know today is the end of a very long wait. Congratulations."

One by one they pass by, "Next up, Brown Loxiath's V'ric, also for the Archipelago wing," Lissi calls out.

Enka will probably have a few choice words for Zi'on because of his outburst. Or maybe not, because she laughs when he yells out the words. "And that's why Western's the best place there is," she chuckles good-naturedly before applauding as each weyrling name is called.

Th'ero waits patiently for the knot to be pinned into place, though he's blinking from the remark only he could hear from A'ven. "Uh, thanks?" is all he manages to mumble in surprised reply before moving away. As he passes by S'rorn on his way back to his seat, he flashes the other weyrling a quick grin. Congrats or reassurance? Who knows. But he's quickly retaking his seat, taking a slow, deep breath now that the wait is over for him. Gaze wanders out to the crowds and when he spots Jeyinshi this time, his gaze lingers and a grin spreads across his features before his attention slips away as more of his fellow weyrlings are called out one by one.

Time to move again. V'ric's head moves toward Lissi as his name is called, and a tense step is taken forward. A single step. There's hesitation, certainly, but with a faint headshake the brownrider strides forward after S'rorn, making his way to A'ven just after the other.

Zi'on is a handful, for sure. There's plenty of whistling and whooping from the bronzer as well. Poor Jey. She's got the worst seat in the house. Somehow Zi'on's missed Pat's entrance, but he'll be sure to fish him out of the crowd before the party starts for certain. He looks over to Jey in the meantime. "You and Th'ero have any big plans once this is all over?"

The WLM waits then calls out the next name, "Bronze Teimyrth's Ila'den." She grins and looks to the audience, "Our fourth weyrling for Archapelago. I'm not sure if I feel much safer or worried that we need four more fer search an' rescue," she says with a grin as his knot is pinned.

A'ven smiles, pinning on V'ric's knot with a flourish. He notices the hesitation and offers, "Are you all right?", just before deciding that the new rider probably is. "Congratulations, and welcome. Archipeligo is getting full." His smile broadens. Then he realizes he's a bit behind and doesn't want to miss Ila'den.

Ila'den's hands come together politely, stifling down the desire to call out congratulations to Th'ero for fear of being unable to further contain the laughter Zi'on's outburst has summoned. Next is S'rorn, and Ila is leaning forward to gently pat the graduating weyrling on his arm as he moves to recieve his knot. But then it's V'ric's turn, and Ila is grinning like a fool as he gives his best friend the loudest applause yet, and a quick thumbs up should the man glance his way. Then…? /His/ name. Ila'den's looking nervously at Iris for a moment, but gains his feet quickly enough. There's one stumble, two as he nods at Lissi and moves to stand beside V'ric, awaiting his knot.

Jeyinshi laughs at all the noise coming from the bronzer sitting beside her. There's certainly less yelling from her, but she /does/ have the whistling down with turns of practice. "Plans…." There's a slight furrow in her brow at the question and she shakes her head. "Nope. We've both been kind of busy I guess…haven't talked." Shaking her head a bit then, as if clearing her thoughts, the dolphineer looks back to the stage, letting out another whistle.

A'ven pins Ila'den's knot, appreciating his applause for the others, "The honor is mine.", he says quietly. "Well done."

What /is/ formality? Ila'den doesn't even know. When A'ven pins his knot in place, the newly graduated dragonrider is catching the weyrleader up shamelessly in a hug. "Thank you!" he exhales on a laugh, making haste to remove himself from the stage so that others may graduate in his stead. Eyes are roaming over the crowd, and while each familiar face is given a series of smiles and thumb-ups, he's ultimately heading toward one little girl who looks a twin, the same girl who squeals out her delight at her brother's change in status: Kiltara.

A smile. "Gold Shadhavarth's Iris." She pauses again then continues, "This one is not for Archapelago. Iris will be joining the Atoll wing," she says with a smile.

As Iris stands, waiting for her name to be called, she continues to needlessly fuss with the skirt of her dress, gaze wandering between whichever weyrling is called up, out to the crowd, and back among those waiting to be called. When it is Ila'den's turn, she gives him an encouraging smile and a nod, glancing out into the crowd to spot Kiltara among those clapping for the bronzer. At her name, she blinks, somehow surprised that it's come so soon. She's shaking out the skirt she's been fiddling with, and quickly heading across stage, unable to contain her broad grin of happiness. "Thank /you/ for being such a fine instructor," she murmurs to Lissi before turning that grin on A'ven and Enka. "It's an honor to join your work."

V'ric messes with the knot for a moment or two once it's pinned, although he leans subtly /away/ from Ila'den when the other man is /hugging/ A'ven. Yes, he'll just have no part of /that/ weirdness He shakes his head though, lips twitching into a vague sort of smile. It's Kiltara's squealing that gets his attention though, heading that way after Ila'den to clap the bronzerider on the back. The little girl at least gets her hair ruffled faintly.

Glyith adds his own low trumpet in congratulations, to A'ven's surprise. He adds, "Not at all, your work honors us all." "Thank you for accepting the challenge."
There's harder clapping to be had from Qiana. Not much harder than it was for S'rorn, but give the girl some slack: it's her sister. There's another shoutout as well, but Qi is hardly getting rambunctious.
The sun is starting to set just as the last remaining weyrlings are called up and knots are given. As soon as the last name is called Lissi nods to A'ven and steps away for the podium to make room for the Weyrleader.

Enka's expression is beaming, a smile that would probably were she capable of it, stretch from ear to ear. "Glad to have you on the team, Iris," the goldrider greets her new junior with cheery chuckle, moving slightly to give the younger woman a reassuring hug. "You're goin' to do great," she says, that spoken matter of factly. "We're honored by you joinin' us." There's a loud bugle from Miraneith as well. This queen approves.

"Lissi be careful, Ila'den is putting the moves on your bronzer!" Oh yes, that would be Zi'on, yet again. He smiles a bit to Jey and chuckles. "You should casually suggest a little get away. There's an island not too far off Western's shores you know. Unless you'd rather go someplace more exotic. Doesn't have to be for long, since you can between wherever you might want to go. Just a suggestion."

A'ven takes the stage, promising something about keeping it short to the Holder from Nabol who is nodding off. "Fear not, dessert is near at hand." He clears his throat.

Opicheskiduth rises up on haunches, letting out a long series of croons and warbles to his newly knotted rider. R'oy groans rather audibly, placing a hand over his face and shaking his head at his blue life mate. "Not… now. NOT NOW." HISS. As Lissi steps away from the podium, he straightens up with a look that could only be described as fear. Cue dramatic ground hog.

A'ven begins, "Good evening. I'll make this brief because I want cake, and to celebrate with friends and family as much as you do. It is my custom to speak plainly on such occasions, and tonight is no exception. As large as this graduating class is, it was plain to everyone, even as far back as Candidacy, that it would be a tight knit group. I am perhaps most pleased that it has remained so, but let me caution you just a little bit, and offer some needed advice.
Fate has brought you to this milestone at a critical time in Pern's history. Some important changes are needed and I want you to be part of it. You see, for too long now, the Weyrs have increasingly kept to themselves. Western's riders seem to find the company of other Western riders. We have fewer visitors. We send out fewer patrols to the outlying holds. We busy ourselves with local concerns, dangerously narrowing our vision. We would do well to change that."

"Riders and non-riders, residents young and old, stand together for we serve all of Pern. Having a dragon only reminds us that neither borders nor walls should exist between us. There are no barriers in time nor space that we cannot cross. Likewise, there should be no barriers in our hearts. The best way to represent yourself as a Western rider, is to be open and kind to everyone, regardless of: Rank, knot, age, gender, Craft, specialty, background, or experience. It's a tall order, and you have just been through the twin crucibles of Candidacy and Weyrlinghood. If you have hurt or offended anyone in your rush to get here, to this day, perhaps it is time to make amends. Let Western's riders be the first to extend hands of friendship, no matter where their travels take them."

"And lastly, please know that no matter how far those travels, or how weary your journey has been - no matter what mistakes you think you've made - no matter how large your troubles seem, Western will always welcome you home. Rest with us, your tired wings - borrow our strength, find your smile again, renew your courage, it's the least we can do for you, as your family, now and always."

Lissi looks on with a soft smile then when A'ven finishes she applauds and steps back up to the podium. She turns her head and looks to the lineup of RIDERS and smiles, "You are official graduates!" and she applauds again. Once it finally dies down she says to the crowd, "Alright, this fine cool night is perfect fer a bonfire and we got porcine on a spit at the lagoon, please join us and enjoy this special night!! You are all dismissed to party!"

Iris grins at the reactions to Ila'den's hugs and nods sincerely in response to the leaders' words of approval. Shadhavarth's bugle echoes Miraneith's, the young gold finally having stirred herself from sunning to voice her pleasure at the graduation. The newly minted goldrider settles into a chair to listen to the speeches, sending a glare R'oy-brother-wards when his lifemate decides to make noise. A'ven's speech has her full attention then, and when it finishes and Lissi dismesses them, she meanders into the crowd, seeking out S'rorn and snagging him by the elbow. "Hey. So um. I have a present for you."

S'rorn flinches as he's startled from his current train of thought and he peers over at Iris rather sheepishly. "I, uh… Alright?" The brownrider chuckles nervously, glancing around for a less crowded spot. Poor man, he'll calm down around these female-types eventually.

"Um…I'll try to I guess." Jey seems a bit more than hesitant to do any suggesting and such, but soon the ceremony is ending and she grins, clapping after A'ven's speech. With Lissi's dismissal, the dolphineer stands, craning her neck to catch sight of one particular face among the Weyr's newest riders.

Th'ero is actually grinning, though lightly, by the time A'ven finishes his speech. The newly made rider rises to his feet again, only this time he's making his retreat off the stage and into the crowds below. Hey, he's waited long enough, after all? Stopping only to give polite responses to those who congratulate him, his goal is obvious: he's heading straight towards Jeyinshi and Zi'on, his entire mood changing the closer he gets to them. In fact, the new rider looks positively excited by the time he finally gets within earshot of them both. "Hey! Zi'on, did you yell something about booze?" he asks the bronzerider, almost laughing as he says it. Jeyinshi is given one long, long look now that he can see her up close and there's an almost smug smile from Th'ero. "You look great. I'm glad you made it!"

Ila'den's coming together with Kiltara to make as much noise as possible when Iris is called to graduate. The child is first to gain her feet after the ceremony is all said and done, and she catches at V'ric's leg as she breathes out a rather pitchy, "Congratulations!" Before Ila'den can catch her up again, she's disappearing in the sea of ready-to-party people, and beelining for Iris, whom is caught by tiny grubby hands. This gives the bronzerider ample opportunity to gently nudge his best friend in the ribs. "Ready to go party, my friend?" he inquires, moving to stand.

Zi'on grins and nods to Th'ero as he heads through the crowd himself. "Congrats! And… maybe!" He chuckles a bit. The bronzer is making a b-line through the crowd though. There's a certain weyrwoman in a dress that could light up the weyr, and he's pretty intent at getting a closer look before she's sidelined by holders. And he'll be tugging her off to the beach, for certain.

And as soon as the Not-Weyrlings are released to go socialize, Qiana is on her feet and making her way to where she thought she just saw Iris snag Rorn's elbow. Weave here, dodge there, and Qi is around the mass of milling relatives and friends, wanting to congradulate this rider or that one. She's coming up in front of Rorn and Iris and drops into a brief curtesy. "I-ahm… I would be your gift, S'rorn." Oh, the girl is grinning like a dope, and a grin is given to Iris before she's wrapping her arms around the brownrider for a hug. "Congradulations!"

Iris is grinning fit to burst at S'rorn as Qiana approaches, and as her half-sister comes over, Iris explains, "I did have one other gift- you were my secret pal, you know- but this is one I couldn't wrap in paper… I'll bring the small things over sometime but for now… here's you a lovely date for the party." And then she's being grabbed by Kiltara hands, and the little girl is lifted into a hug and a little twirl. "Kiltara! You look so cute!"

Jeyinshi grins a bit in return and tugs at her dress for a second. "Thanks. And of course. Wouldn't miss it!" Turning to look at the now emptying area before twisting her head to stare at Th'ero with an almost expectant look. "I get a date for the party too, right?"

V'ric is /abandoned/ by Kiltara? There's a bit of a stare as the little girl /flees/ into the crowd, giving Ila'den a quietly bewildered look. Hey! He makes a slight face though, swatting offending elbows out of the way. "That's assuming I'm any good at that." Partying? Him? Sitting by himself with a drink is more likely the case. Still, fingers do come up, raking into his hair for a moment. "Anyway.." He trails off somewhat, gaze shifting instead to Loxiath as the brown slides his way around the crowd. Oh how the sea /parts/ for him and his..bulk. But the dragon does drop a wrapped bundle into V'ric's waiting arms, one that's rather unceremoniously shoved at Ila'den. "Here."

Enka's descent from the stage is well-timed, easy steps taken, and then she's slipping through the knot of well-wishers and dignitaries with grace and poise, nodding briefly at some and murmuring back to others before she makes it clear enough to find a particular bronzer. "And that's a wonderful endin'," she states, beaming at Zi'on when she wins free of the crowd. "Weyrlings all ready to fly free."

Patori is totally still there - and still nibbling that sweetroll! Though he's mostly eaten all the edges off by now, and is popping the last center bit in his mouth. Munch. There's appropriate spplauding in places, and then the weyrbrat is scurrying through the crowd in Th'ero and Zi'on's direction, and possibly Jey as well, a badly-wrapped brown parchment lump tucked under an arm as he tries not to get jostled too much in his attempt to find the two bronzeriders.

S'rorn doesn't know what to say when Qiana approaches. The poor man is at a loss for words and when she offers her hug and congratulations, only then does he know he's not dreaming. The brownrider hugs her back, taking in a breath of her hair before he whispers, "You look beautiful." Reluctantly, he pulls away, holding her hands in his as he glances at his lovely date for the evening one more time. A crooked smile forms on the edge of his mouth and slowly it turns into a full smile before he erupts in laughter, blushing furiously. "I'm sorry but I… I don't know what to say. Other than I'm glad you're here with me."

Whatever could it BE? Ila'den is smiling for Loxiath, and then taking the package offered. Suddenly he's laughing, and twisting sideways to hug his best friend rather awkwardly. "I should have guessed it was you," he murmurs, and then leans back to tear away at the wrapping. A… Bow? "/Shards/, Vel. This is brilliant." Of course, he can't test the weapon here, but it's clear his fingers are itching to as they run along the string and wood. Soon enough, he's practically stringing himself between it as he shifts it to his back and tugs at V'ric's elbow. "I have one last thing to do, and then we're going to go and test just how good you are." And he's off, towards Iris, who is caught up from behind and around the waist, swung around to face him (though he's careful not to jostle Kiltara) just as he leans down to kiss her right-smack-dab on the lips. When he pulls away, he's holding up a small, squished package for her, and laughing. "I was your secret pal. This is a cake- or /was/, anyway, but I entrusted it to Kiltara and this is what's left." The little girl merely giggles, ducking her head away into Iris' neck with a shy little, "Sorry."

Th'ero laughs softly, probably still on a high from the whole event. "Of course. Want to head down now?" he asks, extending an arm for Jeyinshi to take, if the Dolphineer would wish too. See? He does have manners. Though the bronzerider does linger for a moment, gaze scanning the crowds one final time. Luckily he does, since it's how he spots Patori scurrying towards them. "Hey, Patori! You made it too." Th'ero gives the (not so young) weyrbrat a broad smile, before gesturing with his head in the vague direction of the lagoon. "Coming too to the lagoon for the party?" he asks. Velokraeth finally rouses himself enough to rumble in low agreement about joining in, a series of chuffs signalling the pale bronze's amusement before he gets to his feet, waddling to a safe spot before taking wing and no doubt heading to the other party down on the beach.

Jeyinshi takes Th'ero's hand with a grin. She turns as he says Patori's voice, smiling once more at the weyrbrat. "C'mon, you. I bet there's going to be a whole hoarde of dolphins out right now." And when they head to the lagoon, she follows along.

Iris was already practically melting with glee at S'rorn and Qiana, and at Kiltara, but let's just layer it on a bit more and bring Ila'den into the mix, shall we? As she's caught up and swung around her arms raise up to arc behind his neck and return his kiss with a laughter-filled one of her own. She takes the squished package, tilts her head, and giggles at it. "I'm sure it tastes /delicious/- squished cake is how they came up with pound cake after all!" Kiltara gets a squeeze before Iris's smile returns again to Ila'den. "Thank you… and thank you for the gloves- they are exquisite." Smilesmilesmile. "So… hungry? I think it's time for some real food- I'll save this cake for dessert!"

Ila'den calls to Teimyrth and he bounds to his side, slipping in behind him.
V'ric does look a bit proud of himself. "There's not a lot of things I can make well..had to work with what I had." There's at least a nod though, eyes rolling as he eyes his friend. "You still don't know by now?" Ha! He will have to beat him yet again! But then Ila'den has things to take care of, and the brownrider's gaze trails slowly along after the other man. He stays put at least..for a moment anyway, before Loxiath's head comes down to nudge into him. "Yeah. Yeah we're going." There's a pat given to the brown's jaw then before he turns with the dragon, heading off after the rest of the crowd.

Qiana seems to be content to lean against S'rorn until he's ready to let go. And even then he doesn't let go, but change his hold to her hands. And that seems perfectly kosher with her. The compliment has her cheeks flushing slightly but she seems to be taking it in good grace today. His laughter gets a giggle from her as she shifts to his side, looping her arm through one of his. "Who said you need to say anything? Though… thank you." Yes, Qi seems to be in high spirits today, and then she's gently propelling Rorn forward, slowly following the flock to the lagoon. "Shall we head on over to see what they've provided you tonight?" Because tonight is about the new riders. Qi looks over her shoulder just long enough to see Iris get swept up in a kiss and the apprentice laughs, shaking her head before turning back to Rorn, whatever she was going to say to her sister apparently wasn't that important.

"Ready as I'll ever be." Ila'den's winking toward S'rorn, jerking his head toward Qiana and giving the brownrider the thumbs up with a nod of his head before those grey eyes are trailing after V'ric. He watches the renegade-turned-rider disperse, and makes a tutting noise in his throat as he holds out his hands for Kiltara. The child leans toward her brother, but even the child's eyes are on the lone figure making headway. As soon as she's set on the ground, she's racing off toward him, catching him before he can leave and smiling up at him in that way that only Kiltara can. "We have a brownrider to catch," Ila'den laughs to Iris, making an arch with his arm to put her hand through should she wish. "Let's go party."

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