Ila Appreciation Day

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Living Cavern
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

It is after dinner time around the weyr and Sundari is just now getting to settle down upon a chair at a table. She has a plate of food at a mug of something to drink and she is sipping at it hile eyeing the plate a bit wih a tired sigh escaping her. Someone is tired it seems, between lessons, and children, and stress and more lessons and there is the fact that she is expecting another child so that just leaves more reason as to why she is in the state she is at the moment. She leans back in her seat holding onto her mug and just works on relaxing for a few moments there it seems.

R'hyn is, frankly, no better. The weyrling looks as though he's gotten about as much sleep as Sundari, dark tunnelcat rings showing under both eyes, and while that might be normal considering the hours his dragon continues to keep, he also appears grumpy and agitated, lips pursed and eyes flicking rapidly around the cavern as he enters. They catch and seize upon Sunny's presence, and it's towards her he eventually drifts when food and his usual oversized mug of klah is fetched. Yes, klah at this hour. Sue him. "Mind if I join you? 'Cause I'm real tired of people realizing who I am and asking me to tell my dragon to stop yelling and their dragon. It'd be super great if I didn't have to do that right now." Not that he's guilting her into letting him stay, just explaining himself even as he's taking a seat, assuming he won't be turned down, and willing to get up again if he is. Quick blue-grey eyes skim the weyrlingmaster, but withholds commentary until he's given the chance to stay or go.

DID THE SLEEP DEPRIVATION DUO NEED A THIRD? BECAUSE THEN THERE IS ILA'DEN. Ila'den, the bronzerider who just up and disappeared for a fortnight without rhyme or reason, telling nobody, directing Teimyrth to respond with mental DND's (NOT the Dungeons and Dragons variety, alas) every time somebody tried to ping him - /if/ anybody even did. But he is here now, and he looks as haggard as ever if ever means /more/ and the fact that he's clearly not bothered to groom himself (though does he EVER?) are tale-tells that something is amiss. As with all good things, his drunk escapades outside of Half Moon had to come to an end, and he /is/ only human so - food. Food is also necessary. It's why the bronzer's even bothering to stalk through the living caverns now, looking like he would rather be asleep than /here/, and gathering an alarmingly small plate of noms. Give him a moment, maybe two, and it might /seem/ like he doesn't notice Sundari OR R'hyn, BUT HE DOES. And woe be the duo, he /drops/ (yes, not SETS, actually DROPS) his plate onto the table opposite of her, right next to him, caring little for bits of food that make a hasty retreat off of his place. Ila'den doesn't take a seat, he does the unthinkable: he drops calloused fingers into R'hyn's hair, tangling digits in thick strands even as he leans down to brush a rather chaste kiss against a high cheekbone. "Alright?" comes that huskily gruff growl of a burr, just as he lets go, /just/ as he drops himself into the seat opposite of Sundari and grey eyes that have seen too much, and know too much, and are /tired/ of all that knowledge settle on the rider opposite. It's clear from the lingering silence that he's thinking of what to say, gauging appearances of both man and woman at the table, and then he settles on jokes - with a ghost of a smile that just /doesn't/ reach his eyes. "Is it Ila'den appreciation day in Half Moon?" HAH. YOU BOTH LOOK TERRIBLE. TAKE HIS LOVE-INSULT AND LIKE IT. But then, more gently, "Alright, Sunny?"

Sundari looks up slightly over her mug of what looks like klah at least, well it can't be anything stronger even though she wants it to be right now. A soft smile is seen and she nods to R'hyn. "Sure, sit on down." Is offered softly. She sips at her drink and eyes the food once more but makes no move for it with a tired bit of a breath escaping her. "How are thing's R'hyn?" Antyhing right now to get her mind of things it seems! The voice of Ila get's her attention and the plate dropping make her blink and she just watching as he kisses R'hyn which has a bit of amusement seen across her face but that is it. A faint smile caught. "Oh yeah, I left your gift at the Weyr, your have ta get it later. Where you been hiding lately?" She's looked for him it seems.

R'hyn… well, 'relaxes' is a strong word, but he seems a little more at ease when Sundari indicates it's okay for him to take a seat, nodding his thanks as he leans forwards, elbows on the table so he can push food around with his fork instead of eating it. "Thank you. I might break that promise I made you if somebody insults my dragon to my face again today, but otherwise, I'm dandy," the weyrling quips, sarcasm game STRONG today. And perhaps he's sensing the lack of desire to talk about herself, because he doesn't ask after the bluerider's appearance or her well-being, instead making a funny face and sliding his mug over to compare the size of hers against his. "Faranth, Sunny. How do you drink so little and manage to stay awake?" He's impressed! And clearly not paying nearly enough attention to his surroundings now that he's seated, because the plate dropped next to him about makes him jump out of his skin, brows snapping down with a daggery glare pointed up at— "Ila?" Ila whose fingers are in his hair, and who is pressing a kiss to his cheekbone, and R'hyn is sighing as tension goes out of his shoulders - Sundari isn't the only one to have marked the bronzer's absence. R'hyn huffs out a low, "I'm good," for Ila'den's first question, and snorts hard for the second, lips twitching up at the corners. Sass incoming! "Damn, and it was supposed to be a surprise. We were going to bake a cake and everything. Banners. Streamers. Confetti. The whole nine yards. Ah well, here you are. I suppose it's just as good to appreciate you in person as it is in concept." Sunny's gift comment earns a flash of teeth in his face and a brow-raise over at Ila'den, but any addition to that gets buried into his mug. Not even going to go there.

DON'T THINK ILA DIDN'T CATCH THAT AMUSEMENT, SUNNY. He did, and there's a playfully incredulous look being shot across the table at her, the kind that says THIS IS NOT THE ILA YOU ARE LOOKING FOR. He even turns that playful look onto R'hyn, one that says WHO DIS? WHERE IS HE? WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE? WHAT CENTURY IS THIS? But then there's a smile, slow-coming, but genuine, followed by husky laughter that never rises above a low rumble of sound. "If it's another cat, Sundari, so help me, not even D'nyl will be able to save you." He has enough of those. INCOMING R'HYN SASS. Ila'den endures the bronzeling's brand of humor with a half-curl of the lips, grey eyes intent on the bartender's face right up to the flash of teeth, and the raise of brows, and Ila'den's responding with laughter. "Oh, aye. I think I rather enjoy the in-person appreciation, though cakes and confetti are my favorite." But it's Sundari's second question that has grey eyes dropping to his plate of food, the rider suddenly bereft of humor seconds before he spears a stray piece of nourishment almost violently. His response is an unnecessarily gruff, "Leave it." He doesn't want to talk about it, though he does amend after with a much more gentle, "Please." LET US REGALE IN JOKES AND PRETEND ILA NEVER DISAPPEARED. THIS IS THE BRONZERIDER'S GOAL. MAGICAL HANDWAVE. Which is /probably/ why he's suddenly reaching out to swipe /both/ R'hyn's and Sundari's mugs of Klah. If either of them have a mind to protest, Ila'den simply raises both of his hands to shush them, and breathes out a humored sounding, "Leave the drinking to the adults, children." Rude. And yeah, he /does/ actually take a drink from both of their mugs. IF THEY TRY TO GET IT BACK, THE WILL BE MET WITH ILA SWATTING AT THEIR HANDS AS HE DRINKS MORE. PROCEED WITH CAUTION.

Sundari chuckles as she hears R'hyn. "Simple… I just refill it, also I have a child bouncing upon my bladder so it is sort of silly to get a big mug of it." She points out with an amused tone to the bronzer with a slight grin. A glance is sent to the two and she lifts a brow but that is it, nope he will NOT go there, and she is sipping at her drink once more. She just grins at Ila at the talk of the gift. "I will not say what it is, but it is not something you can take with you how's that?" A slight waggle of her brows is seen. As for herself she does not answer that nope. The answer from Ila is caught and she is quiet but does not question him nope! A soft squeak escapes her as her mug is stoken from her hands and she pouts while leaning against the table. "Hey! Give 'er back!"

R'hyn can't help it - whatever lingering grumpiness he's clinging to flees in the face of that overdramatically incredulous look, eyes rolling ceilingwards as his little smile flickers and tugs and finally gives up and expands with a shake of his head. "You're impossible," he says, voice still holding an edge, if only out of stubbornness. As for Sundari and her klah issues, "But that takes effort. Still, that's- that's a fair point. I didn't think about the whole bladder issue. Shards, it's a wonder women even have kids," R'hyn says in that odd, detatched, vaguely-awed sort of tone that paints Sunny as an everyday hero in his book for having not one, but now three. Bless her heart. Blue-greys roll over Ila'den's way for the man's laughter, eyes crinkling around the edges as he shoots back a wry, "Duly noted. Maybe next time. Imagine how much more we could do with a whole turn of planning, yeah?" Wink~. And then he's burying amusement as well as concern into his mug, whatever reaction he might have ordinarily given that sharp-food stabbing concealed, content to sip quietly until— SNORT. Like literally. He snorts so hard into the klah that some of it splashes over, and likely invades his nose, too, because he's wincing and 'ow'ing even as his shoulders shake with amusement for Sunny's brow-waggle. "Well, at least it's not a cat?," he manages after a moment before sighing heavily as his mug is taken from him. "Hey!," gets uttered in time with Sundari before he tacks on a mock-offended, "Children?" And oh HE REACHES FOR THAT MUG, only to be swatted at, blue-grey eyes lighting up with mischief when it makes the bronzer drink more. Hopefully Ila'den catches on quick, or else he'll be downing lots of klah fast as R'hyn goes full-on asshat and continues to reach for the mug at regular intervals, turning to speak to Sundari, tone totally blase as he says, "I think he's forgotten what happens when he tries to play keep-away with us. He really is getting old, isn't he? Memory loss is an early sign, you know. First thing to go." Twinkle.

Something that he can't take with him? The bronzerider's eyes go skyward, mouth forming the words without sound, and then there's a positively /roguish/ smile that greets Sunny's brow-waggling before he leans across the table, and drops his voice into a playfully conspiratorial whisper. "/Sunny/," he says, sounding scandalized. "What would D'nyl say?" But there's an appreciative sweep of Sundari's person in /just/ enough time for R'hyn to ALMOST DIE IN KLAH - and there you have it, the /real/ reason why the bronzerider is confiscating drinks. TOO YOUNG TO HANDLE THE KLAH. The bronzer claps one hand down between R'hyn's shoulder blades to help excavate any nose-invading-Klah that might threaten to drown him right before he breathes a somber sounding, "Children," right back at R'hyn. AND THE FIGHT IS ON. DO NOT DOUBT THE MAN. HE CAN CHUG KLAH LIKE IT'S HIS LIFEFORCE. Oh, except for… well… /that's/ not good. Ila'den is choking, because he's /laughing/, and he has to slam the mug of Klah down on the table just as Sundari breaks for the bathroom or wherever it is that Sundaris retreat when the bronzeriders around her are getting SCANDALOUS. "Aye, memory loss. I reckon I've got a serious case of that. I think you'll have to remind me of something that just keeps nagging at the back of my mind. Something about… journals? And forts." Oh, that /smile/. Ila'den keeps it in place even as he takes another sip of Klah and keeps grey eyes rapt on the bronzeling beside him. WHAT SAY YOU, WEYRLING. What. Say. You.

AH YES, he was just stealing their klah for their safety - and if you believe that, R'hyn has a bridge in Tillek he'll be willing to sell you! "Ow, shells, ow, that doesn't help," R'hyn chokes out around laughter, wincing playfully for claps across his back, an elbow aimed for Ila'den's ribs to fend the bronzerider off. "And that's what you get!," he quips, victory in his tone when rapid klah-drinking and laughter just don't mix, mischief becoming outright amusement when mugs are slammed and Sundaris flee, a small waggle of fingers offered the departing woman before he fixates an entirely too keen look on the bronzerider. NOW WHO'S TOO YOUNG TO HANDLE THE KLAH? EH, ILA'DEN?! Or so reads that look, a crooked, fey little smirk that belongs entirely to Ila creeping up slowly, curling one side of his mouth as the rider speaks. "Mm, well, that was a very long conversation. So many things were discussed," he says with a pointed flick of his gaze along Ila'den's person before he leaaans in, barely a breath away as he adds, "But I think I can manage to summarize it for you." Not here, though, no - R'hyn is already getting to his feet, plate abandoned in favor of pressing both hands to the sides of Ila'den's face, kissing him soundly before backing away, chin tilting in a 'suivez-moi' gesture before he turns and heads deeper into the caverns.

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