Aedeluth Ticks Off Myra; Fascath Catches Fish; Cat talks to Sev.

Winter - Day 24 of Month 11 of Turn 2714

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon

A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

Is it winter? Half Moon Bay has clearly NOT GOTTEN THE MEMO. It is a warm, breezy, beautiful day that sees more than just S'van and Aedeluth on the beach. But despite the crowd, there is enough sand and surf for all, and the bronze pair has staked out their own private slice of paradise. Aedeluth is sprawled out, taking up as much space as he POSSIBLY can, to includes spreading his wings wiiiiiiide over the sand. S'van is a bit further down, settled in a chair, under an umbrella, drinking something boring (water) and guarding a tray of oysters from a band of firelizards that are circling like vultures.

Out in the lagoon ripples appear off in the deep and are rapidly arrowing inland. Catwin herself appears from weyrside and she's dressed casually today, long skirt, and long sleeves and a glass of something fruity in hand. Fascath is not there to be seen. At leasst not right away. But soon those ripples grow a pair of head knobs. And though Catwin is no where near where S'van and Aed are, yet. Fascath's approach to the sand has got him on a straight course for the bronze. It isn't long beofre more and more of the blue show, along with a rather large fish that he has snaggeed, along with some vegetation. Soon the dripping wet blue is on the sand and dripping water every which way.

Myrakath hops along the beach. Hop hop hop. Then she spots a bronze that she knows very well and goes hopping off in his direction. Once she reaches that sprawled out form she does the only sensible thing a person can do. She begins to make an attempt to climb the mountain that is Aede. Climb every mountain, and Fascath is ready to ford every stream. « Aed you lazy lump. You should be doing something other than just laying here on the beach. You need to have fun and go exploring. » And where is Baylee? She is nowhere to be seen, at least not yet.

Aedeluth is a LUMP OF SAND you fools. A very LARGE lump of sand, that has cracked open an eye to peer lazily at the green attempting to climb him. This is unacceptable behavior, and he gives just such an impression in the flashing screens of his mind, all of them emblazoned with WARNING and DO NOT ENTER and FIREWALL BREACH! type of messages, hissing electrical connections and a very pointed shake of his bronzy form. « Get off, » curtly delivered, bristling with discontent and just all sorts of GO AWAY vibes rolling off of him. « Worked my ass off earlier. This is my just reward. » And while his eyes may have been closed, and he is POSSIBLY facing the wrong direction and does not see the wave that becomes Fascath, he can certainly sense the approach of his blue-brother, and is already bristling in anticipation of those drippy-drops from he's raining down on everything. « You drip on me and I'll… do something unpleasant. » because laziness pervades even where witty comebacks are concerned. Aede's got none. Sev? Not unaware but certainly unconcerned with the Dragon Drama down yonder. MUCH MORE concerned with the growing firelizard hoard eyeballing his lunch. "Shoo." And it's coupled with the flick of an empty shell in their direction, the oyster meat having already been consumed.

"You know, sometimes it's easier to offer them something else to distract them from your food." Catwin offers maybe not so helpfully. Fascath on the other hand is not so concerned with non-witty comebacks «Unpleasant? Yer not gonna be singing are you? That really might not sit so well with lunch." And fish is dropped with a sandy and wet sounding smack. He gives himself a shake and well Catwin has come up close enough that she is also got in the spray "Seriously, Fascath? Seriously?" She lets out a sigh as she looks down at her clothes. "I just got these ones fromt he laundry today." she mutters.

It is perfectly acceptable behavior! There should be more of climbing on Aede. Especially when he is pretending to be a sandy lump on the beach. Myrakath is a living firewall breach. « No. » She responds simply, « I can climb on you whenever I like. » The entitlement is real. So the green continues her way up mount Aede. « You didn't work it off. I found it. » Myra says in passing as she climbs, « Besides I worked just as hard as you did and you don't see me lazing around do you? No. I'm here having fun. » She sends a look over toward Fascath « Hey Fascath. » she says warmly to her blue brother.

« No. » for the singing. « Bodily harm. » Aedeluth is… not one for words either, it seems. And now there is a whirling eye peering over at Fascath for his little dog-shake approach to getting dry, a hiss of a noise crackling through Aedeluth's mind even as it is a very guttural growl that emits from his throat. « Lunch? You're going to eat that? » he asks, only a slight inflection of his tone indicating any real interest in the topic. « But you have no idea where it's been. What it may have touched. Or swum through. » It's half-hearted; Aede doesn't really care. Fascath can eat his fishy meal if he wants and the bronze would be not at all concerned either way. But Myrakath? Yeah. That he is concerned with. The green gets a much more dangerous sounding growl, and then suddenly the bronze is no longer impersonating a lump of sand but is a moving entity once again, tail lashing at the same time that his head snakes around and he SNAPS pointedly at her, stopping inches from her neck. Teeth bared, snarling, bristling with all sorts of promised pain. « Get. Off. » Her clever-answers are not at all appreciated by the dragon, though S'van is snort-snickering from his place on the beach, amused at his lifemate's predicament. He took the rain-drop-splatter easily enough, though a turn of his torso shielded his meal from the worst of the onslaught. "Tried that," he notes to Catwin, frustration mixed with amusement in his tone. "And now there're more of 'em. Now I figure it's just best I eat them as fast as I can." A glance up at the bluerider, a welcoming grin, and the plate is offered her way. "Want to help?"

Fascath slides his teeth into the fish «Sure, fish pee, fish poop. Tastier than those fluffy balls that look like they could light on fire well. That pee gets all through that fluff of theres afore you eat them. Or them bovines. Have you seen that brown goo shoot out from them when they run just before you eat them? » Catwin is looking a little green around the gills "FASCATH!" «What? It's true. At least fish have it washed off, somewhat. »He flops down on to the sand, flicking fish bits here and there as he eats. «I think he needs a good ruff and tuumble., put him in a better mood. You get him Myrakath » Oh yes, He is ever so helpful « Maybe Ishould join in?Looks like fun. » Catwin eyes the oysters and then shakes her head "No thank you, Ican't really stand the taste or maybe it's the texture."

Myrakath is small but mighty and a growling bronze isn't going to intimidate her. Nope! She is left with no choice but to hunker down and hold ond as he tries the wiggle worm approach to Myrakath removals. The attempted bite does get her attention though and she has her own growl, « Listen you! You aren't going to bite me and we both know it. You owe me some cuddles and I'm here to collect. So buck up and take it like a bronze. » She still has time to listen to Fascath's dissertation on excrement. Fascath knows his shit. « Yeah. Fish have washed it off mostly. I ate fish when I was on vacation. I liked them ok. » If Fascath wants up there is lots of room.

« Your logic is flawed, » decides Aedeluth, though the growl in his voice is more for Myrakath's continued shenanigans than it is for Fascath. « The beasts run away from their mess. The fish marinate in it. » And Aedeluth's snap is not an idle threat; it is a warning. Because a moment later he is moving in to actually bite her, though it's not nearly as vicious as it could be. « I owe you nothing, » he counters, haughty and dismissive. « I did as I said I would. I caught you, » and even now, though the memory is fading, there is smug pride in that fact. Gloating. « I said nothing of cuddling. » And while the bronze may not find the topic of conversation gross, S'van is certainly wearing a look of disgust at the blue-and-bronze banter. "Ugh. At least we skin 'em first." And de-scale the fish, too. Humans have the right of it, clearly. "Suit yourself," for the oysters, and the plate is dropped back to be balanced against his chest, another shell plucked. "Have a seat?" There's almost certainly a chair nearby she can steal, right? "Sephany doesn't like oysters, either," he offers conversationally. "Not much for any seafood, actually. But I love it."

And just think what dem oysters have been marinating in all their lives. Catwin pulls up a seat and settles herself under that umbrella shade. "Well fish is fine, shellfish, not so much." she notes. «I wouldn't bite her if Iwere you. She may have been swimming through that same fish poop and all. Just imagine how that would taste. »Helpful isn't he? "Well, Ithink your sister has good taste then." she notes, that wasn't a dig or anything, was it?

Myrakath is small and limber so when she sees him coming in for a bite she pivots to try to whack him in the face with her tail as she departs his form. « You need to work on how you talk to ladies. Fascath will be able to teach you. » Once safely back down on the sands she makes her way toward Fascath. If Aed refuses to cuddle Fascath will not refuse. And it won't matter because perhaps they are both covered in invisible fish poop.

« Then go smoosh yourself into his side, » decides Aedeluth, dodging her tail and turning the movement into a dismissive jerk of his chin. It's coupled with a shake of his wings, as if he is ridding himself of some unpleasant sensation, a roll of his shoulders following as she departs from him. Hrmph. "I'm pretty much OK with anything that is food," says S'van with a shrug. "Cooked properly, that is. Though some of the spices in Igen can be a bit strong…" but right now, he has oysters. And a brood of firelizards that is still, somehow, getting larger despite the bronzerider's total lack of sharing with them. "So whatcha been up to?" he wonders of Cat, eyes on his plate as he carefully selects an oyster, pushes it into position with his finger, then goes for a wedge of lemon to squeeze over the top of it. "Have you ever seen her eat?" of his sister, an eyebrow arched and sideways glance cast toward the bluerider. "She basically lives off of fruit and bread. Sometimes cookies. I have no idea how she's still alive." He's only half joking.

As if Catwin would say anything about a persons eating habits considering how little she herself eats in general. "Well, been making deliveries." Well duh, that is her job. "Been up on the Yokohama a bit. Interesting place it is." she notes "And even ferried a few people here and there."she notes quietly. That wasn't easy. But she did it. "And whats wring with cookies?Ilike cookies." « Well, looks like my impecable chest wins. » he says with a slight taunt to his bronze brother oh pal.

Myrakath does cuddle up with Fascath. The green gets ALL the CUDDLES. See what you rejected Aede! SEEEEEEE! The green is not simply content to be cuddling up with Fascath, oh no, she must ramp this up to the next level and work on making the bronze feel jealous. Hell hath no fury like a Myrakath scorned. « Yes Fascath. You are impeccable. Next time you will catch me. » Or not. But she's gotta say it because we are trying to make Aede jealous and that is part of her clever rouse.

Aedeluth gives zero F's about Fascath's chest. Nope. He has no need to compare himself to the blue, and he's certainly not going to start an argument that might bring Myrakath BACK OVER TO HIM. The blue is welcome to her (at least until she is glowing again). And since that flawless green hide has not a hint of glow to it, Aedeluth cannot be incited. Myrakath's attempts to rile him up roll off of him like water; Aede even has the audacity to close his eyes and pretend to go back to sleep, a very pointed exhale made as he settles back down on the sand. S'van just grins, though his thoughts on the dragon-situation are kept to himself. "Yokohama?" he wonders, attention turning back to Catwin. "What's going on up there, then? I heard a couple mutterings about the craft, but haven't been to check it out myself." A little once-over for the bluerider, though there's nothing at all suggestive about it, and he wonders, "Didn't peg you for the type to volunteer to ferry people around…" What with the no-touchy thing she has going on. "And cookies are fine," he agrees, "but you can't exactly live on 'em. Gotta get some substance to you…" and oh, now his attention is BACK ON HER BODY (but again, not in THAT way, no. Perfectly innocently) as he pointedly decides, "you need to eat more, too."

With her eyes on the dragons, Catwin shrugs a little "Well, ferrying people about is not my idea of a good time. But."There's silence for a moment and then she lets out a sigh. "But it was suggested by, I mean that I give it a try."she notes quietly "And well, supposed to be some big party up there. Been bringing supplies up and some people who are working on the setup as well. " She frowns a little "I think the people who work up there need a bit of time down on the ground a bit more then they might get. Some of them are just a little odd."she notes quietly. There's a look at Myracath from Fascath and a slight rumble «Perhaps, or perhaps not. We shall see. »There's a thoughful look for Aed « Though it would indeed be interesting if Iwere to catch, solely because I gave cuddles now. » Catwin's lips purse a moment, but in no other way does she seem to acknowledge her blues thougts on the the subject.

In addition to a degree in excremental physics it seems that Fascath is also working on a masters in flightology. Such a learned fellow. Not that the green was being especially serious. Though she's willing to entertain the idea, « That is a very interesting thought Fascath. What if to win you have to pay attention before the green even glows. » she says glancing over to the large form of Aede for a moment before looking back.

A snort from the bronze, though it's much more a mental suggestion than a physical expression. « That's not how it works, » he drawls, of cuddles equating to flight wins. « Greens you claim. You snatch them from the air and make them yours. Golds are the ones you woe. They're the ones that have to choose you. » Only not Fascath, for he is a blue. And though it is not vocalized, the sentiment is there. And while Myrakath may be looking his direction, Aedeluth is decidedly not looking in hers. Back to closed eyes and lump-of-sand impressionism. "Oh?" from the human half, attention on Catwin rather than dragons. There's an uptick to his eyebrow for the information, though he doesn't press for who may have suggested such a thing. There's no hint of teasing, either, just general curiosity for the discussion. "Well… I can see why they might be. Spending all that time just… floating around above Pern, in space? I'd go bat-shit crazy for sure," S'van decides, picking up another shell and quickly downing an oyster. He follows her glance to Fascath, reaching for his water as he does so. "He chase anything, yet?" he wonders idly.

"Well, they do have gravity turned on in spots, so you're not always floating. But floating is certainly an experience. A bit unnerving at first." She notes and then she blinks at the question. "Well, no. But he's just not been interested in taking the time to chase after them. We have been pretty busy and all. He's not worried about it. I mean, it's not like he doesn't notice them, Imean he will show off for them and all, but well, there's just never. Imean, well. He's prefectly healthy."she stammers out and then just stops talking.

Myrakath stands up from her place at Fascath's side. Her normally blue green eyes shine a shade of red. Aedeluth has crossed a line from being merely annoying to something far more offensive. She marches with purpose in the direction of her brother. « Do you think that greens are so useless? » The offense of Myrakath is almost a living thing. Her mind is a storm that threatens to sweep Aed away with it, « You did not pluck me out of the air to be used like some thing. I chose you. » For a moment or two she almost looks as if she could strike him.

An eye cracks back open, whirling a slow blue-green as Myrakath advances upon him. He is unafraid, and unconcerned with her irritation. « Useless? » he repeats, the huff implied in tone if not in actual breath. « You're not useless, » said flatly this time, dismissive. « I was just stating a fact. You're quick. You're agile. You slip through the air like a dancer. But so do I. And you tire faster. » It is simple logic that he is attempting to present, dismissive of her wounded pride. It is not an intentional slight; this is how Aedeluth sees the world. Though now both eyes open, and his wedged head turns to face her, a pointed look and pointed touch of his mind to her own. « I tore through Teimyrth and took you as mine. » Simple fact, as though her choice mattered not. « It was fun. You certainly didn't have any complaints at the time. And I'd do it again, too. » But right now? He's feigning a nap again. S'van is either not privy to this part of the draconic discussion, or decidedly ignoring it. Even if a somewhat similar discussion is now happening between him and Catwin. "I didn't say he wasn't…" he replies slowly, tone carefully level and even. Cautious. "I was just curious. Aede's chased twice now. A win and a loss. And I was just… wondering…" and maybe wanting to commiserate about how dragons are evil, evil creatures that like to torment their riders? Or not. Another oyster vanishes, and suddenly the plate is devoid of edible things, set down on the sand and dismissed; the flight of firelizards descends upon the empty shells but find nothing to nibble. "I'm sure he is perfectly healthy," he agrees. "Maybe he's just a helluva lot more respectful of your wishes that Aede is of mine."

«You have certainly said it this time, yer on yer own. Even I would not say a green is simply there to be caught. After all, what would be the fun in that? »Fascath rumbles softly at Myracath «Ignore him, you will show him next time if you are there simply to be plucked from the sky. » Catwin looks a liitle sheepish "No, you didn't,, I'm sorry. I know you probably wouldn't say anything of the sort. Though some people have talked." she notes quietly. as she looks out over the water "But that's neither here nor there. But wondering? Well, I suppose it's only natural to wonder, but maybe he is more respectful, or well, he seems to care more about how I'm feeling about things than his own needsl Though I have noticed that a great many dragons don't seem to be quite that thoughful."

Myrakath is offended and there is little that can be said by either that will make her feel better. Aed made Myrakaht out to be little more than a toy to be used and discarded, while the golds were held up as worthy of his attention. Fascath's attempt at trying to make her feel better isn't something that he just can't at the moment. The green unfurls her wings and kicks as much sand as she can and takes to the skies to fly away.

Aedeluth is genuinely confused by Myrakath's rejection of his reasoning, whirling eyes closed against the onslaught of sand as she takes off. But there is little concern to follow her, and the bronze accepts her retreat easily enough. Pft. Women. « I said nothing but the truth, » he argues, answering Fascath. « Greens can be caught. Golds are stronger and faster and must be convinced. » A mental shrug is given, coupled with a physical one as he simply lets it go and gets back to the task of sunbathing. "S'alright," from S'van on the beach, shifting in his chair as he stretches out long legs and slouches down further. "Trust me. I know all about people talking," he drawls dryly, flashing her a knowing look. "It's no fun, and it's not nice. If I hear anything, I'll set 'em straight." Possibly with his fists. "He's always been like that, tho," he comments, thoughtful. "He was always way more interested in your… needs than his own. I remember." Even if he was distracted during weyrlinghood, he did pick up a thing or two. "And he's still young," he notes logically. "May just take some time. And if he never goes up?" Shrug. "That's fine, too."

Fascath watches as Myrakath heads off into that wild blue yonder « That could have gone better. » The blue settles down in the sand himself « Well, I am sure you know all about chasing golds. but still, with all the greens that fly, at a time, well, I think it would be more enjoyable to not antagonize. After all, they are but what they are. » There's a look at Aedeluth before he closes his eyes. «But, I almost forget you are what you are as well. » Catwin gives a soft smile and shakes her head a little "It is okay, you don't have to say anything to them. But you are right, he has always put my needs first. He's made it much easier ferryung people as well."She glances over at Fascath and she smiles even more as she looks at him. "He will do just about anything for me, I swear."

« Eh. » Aedeluth is unconcerned, wiggling himself a little against the nice warm sand, wings stretched wide to soak up the sun. « Again. Flawed logic my friend. What is one ticked off green, compared to the flock of 'em ready to rise at any moment? There's one over in the training field right now, ready to go up. » But he is clearly not interested in her, as he is here on the beach. « Let Myrakath be pissed if it'll keep her from climbin' all over me like a damn mountain. » A rolling wave of self-satisfaction; Aede certainly is who and what he is. And he can be no one else. « Ya done with your fish yet? » As for the human on the beach? A shrug of tanned shoulders, a tip back of his head and a close of grey eyes as Sev gets comfortable. "Wonder what that's like," is murmured in a wry tone of voice, a little twitch to the corner of his mouth, for her final statement. "Well. Least to the extent that Fascath does. Aede's…" Aede. "Still floors me, how different they are." Dragons. "Even how different Aede and Leketh are, even though they're both bronzes. DIdja know Leketh doesn't chase greens?" HINT-HINT AEDELUTH! And then, subject change! "Didja ever get a journal?"

"He doesn't?" Catwin asks "No, Ididn't know that. Though Imust admit I haven't really paid much attention to whom he does chase." She looks thoughful "I suppose dragons can be like some people I guess, chasing anything and everything that moves, or being more discerning perhaps in what they do chase. Though I'm sure someone, somewhere has done a paper on it or something." she hmms a little and then she blinks. "Umm, I did." she says quietly "I umm, I'm also seeing someone, and they said that it's a good idea."she notes softly. « Well, Iwould suppose it would depend upon the green. But I guess if you really don't care anything at all about Myrakath… »

"I wouldn't really expect you to. He's not your dragon," for Leketh. "But no, he doesn't." But that's as far as S'van takes that train of thought, grey eyes wandering to rest on the sunbathing Aedeluth briefly. For a moment he is lost in his own head, a darker expression crossing his face for whatever thought has flittered through his mind. But it is dismissed easily enough, and his attention returns to human companions. "Really?" and he twists in his chair, pushing up a bit more to give her his full attention. "Good… I'm glad you did…" and he means it, too. "It'll get better." Whatever "it" is. And while Aedeluth may be soaking up the rays and looking like he hasn't a care in the world, he is still present in the conversation. « Who said I didn't care about Myrakath? » he wonders. « She's… » Acquaintance. Adversary. Friend. Enemy. Companion. Familiar. These are the words that flit across the mental connection and are attached to the hippity-hop green. So many things that Aedeluth cannot express in word or thought. « But I stand by what I said. I spoke the truth, » and he is adamant on that point. « And there are others to chase. One pissed-off green ain't the end of the world. » Besides. « She'll get over it. »

« Well, then perhaps I may just chase Myrakath since there are others for you to chase. » Fascath remarks in a slightly sun warmed sleepy daze. "Well, she said it's about choices really, Ican choose to continue to let it get to me, or Ican choose to get past it. And it really has to be a choice to do such. Because there is no getting past it if Idon't want to, no matter how Itry,. And A bunch of other things, but well."she shrugs a little

« If you think you can catch her… » There is no cares given by Aedeluth. « Be my guest. » And should they meet in the air as rivals, well. All's fair in love and war, right? « Gotta have some competition or it's no fun, really. » But right now, Myrakath is not aglow, so Aedeluth is not threatened, and no jealous rise will be gotten from him. And over on that chair, Sev is listening, attention quietly focused on Catwin as she speaks. And then a knowing nod, a distant look and a smile that does not really touch his eyes. "Yeah. I had… a similar conversation. I could either hang onto the rage and anger or I could… decide to let it go and work on letting it go." A small pause. "So I did. But it was hard." A tilt of his head, a friendly look sent her direction. "Do you want to?" he wonders.

There is no return comment from Fascath as the sun warmed blue seems to have fallen asleep. Catwin is silent herself for a few moments and then she's looking at Sev "It's not an easy answer, but I do want to learn to get on with my life." she murmurs softly "I don't want to be afraid anymore."she adds as she turns to look at the water again. "The rage, the anger?Those are easy enough to let go in some ways. The fear though, that's not so easy."

Lack of comments suites Aedeluth just fine; the bronze is well on his way to a nap of his own, now that pesky green's aren't attempting to climb him. It certainly makes it easier for S'van to carry on a serious conversation when his head isn't full of raging bronze dragon. There's a slow nod of his head, an acknowledgement, and perhaps agreement, for her words. The fear, though? That gives him pause, and he remains silent, gaze distant. Eventually, he offers a somewhat apologetic, "I didn't have to deal with that, so I am not sure what to say. With me it was… anger. Rage. A boiling hatred with no outlet. But I what happened didn't happen to me so…" no fear. "At least… no fear for myself." Hmm.

Silent musing is all to be had for a short while, but Catwin does fnally answer again "It's not so much a fear for myself, but of things. Of life, of living, of giving myself another chance. I guess a fear of me as opposed to for me. Fearing to dream again."There's a little quirk to her lips "Would you believe that once upon a time I dreamed of having lots of children? I didn't want to have just one child to be an only child. I'd always wanted brothers and sisters, but it just wasn't to be. So I wanted to have lots of them. "

Grey eyes settle on Catwin, though it's not an intense sort of looking by any means. S'van is quiet, not really the type to employ all those 'active listening' techniques that tend to annoy rather than satisfy the speaker. There is brief confusion, then dawning understanding, and he suddenly 'gets it' as she continues. "Ah… Ok," is the verbal responds to such epiphanies. But her comment on kids gets another look of surprise; nothing unkind, and he doesn't attempt to hide it. But it is clear that Sev had not considered it before. "Tanit's an only child, too," he offers. "She's always wanted siblings." If Cat wasn't already privy to that information, well. There it is. "You can still have kids… I mean. You can always foster, too…" Right? Maybe he should just shut up.

"It's kind of funny, so many only children want siblings and just as many with siblings would rather have been an only child. And then there are those who are happy with what they have. Many times I've wondered why I just can't be happy happy with what I have." There's a sad look that comes to her eyes at the thought of fostering. "It is always a possibility, but there lies one of the things I fear. I fear having a child to take care of. What if I mess things up? What if I am just not fit to be a mother? After all, I killed my own child, who's to say I wouldn't kill another one?" And there is the sheer power of fear there itself. She shakes her head a little "I can't risk that, Ijust can't. I try to tell myself that it's different, but then the nightmares come and then I'm a mess all over again. '

"I'm not close to my older sisters," he begins, thoughtful, "But I don't know that I've ever wanted to be an only child. Maybe it's cause of Sephany, but I was always pretty happy with things. It was hard, being the only son, but otherwise it was OK…" Or at least, time and faded memories have softened the experience. More quiet listening, coupled with a sympathetic sort of smile. "Hey," and if she was anyone else, and touching was OK, he would likely reach out to catch her hand or arm with his own. As it is, there is simply his tone of voice to convey reassurance. "It doesn't have to be now, right? Maybe right now is not the right time. But in a few more Turns? After you've had a chance to kinda… work through all this?" Hopeful, maybe. "Don't write it off. You don't have to think about all that right now, though, if it's too much."

Catwin just shakes her head a little, but there is a bit of a smile "You're incorrigable, you know that?" she murmurs. "I won't write it off, but I make no guarantees. Going in and fostering a child on my own, issues or not. That's a lot of responsibility for one person. I always thought it was something to go hand in hand with someone else on, and well. there is no one else, so." She shrugs a little and then she looks curious "What about you? You ever think about kids?"

"It's called persistence." Actually, it's called STUBBORN, but hey. Whatever. S'van just grins at her. It's not quite smart-ass, but it's definitely a grin. "True," for being a two-person thing. And he does not attempt to argue that point with her, though there's one of those looks cast in her direction that says, more or less, 'don't count it out'. But then she goes and asks that question, and he kinda recoils and laughs. "Me? No," and a shake of his head. "Not, 'no I don't want kids' but more like… No I haven't really thought about it. Maybe someday? I dunno. Kinda something you need two people for," he teases, "and one of them kinda needs a womb." A shrug. "And I don't think J'en really wants any more kids."

Catwin hmms a little "True, a womb does tend to be neccasary if you want to do it the old fashioned way, course, being a bronze rider of a bronze who likes to chase, well, I guess there is always the chance if they decide to not abort Between or anything." She shakes her head a little at that, the impunity that some just have when it comes to ending possibilities. "You could always foster, I think though you'ld be be great as a daddy."There's a puase and she just can't resist "Or would you be the mommy?" She shakes her head a little though "Besides, you care about people, and what they do or don't do. Maybe if you had kids, you could channel that through them instead of your friends." she teases lightly. "Then again, maybe forget the the kid, it just might make it worse."

"Yeah, well…" and a shrug, for the whole dragon-chasing thing, a somewhat awkward expression crossing his face as he shifts uncomfortably in his chair. And no more is gonna be said 'bout that right now. "Could," he agrees. But clearly, this is a conversation that the not-quite-20-turn-old is uncomfortable having. Babies… are not his thing right now. "Hey," he grumps, "I'm getting better 'bout that, right?" Maybe not. But he's trying. There's a grunt as he pushes himself up out of his chair, a quick bend to swipe his plate from the sand, and a glance at Catwin. "I'm gonna go get more," cause why not? "You want anything?"

Catwin looks curious at the whole awkward little bit, but she doesn't push it. Instead she gives that empty plate of his a look "So long as it's not oysters or anything like that." she notes "Those things are dangerous, I tell you. And shards, us eating oysters together?What would people think? I'll take some fruit or something like that though." she says as she settles herself a bit more comfortably in her seat and then she shoots him a grin "And maybe a little Shine to wash it all down?"

"Fruit it is!" Because no. S'van does not need to be eating oysters with Catwin. The scandal! And off he goes; long, easy strides making fast work of the distance between his seat and the Tiki Lounge. Eventually, he will return with a plate of goodies; fruits among them. And probably another glass of water for himself and maybe… MAYBE… something alcoholic for Cat. Maybe.

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