Meeting at the Infirmary

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Infirmary

This long, rectangular cavern smells faintly of antiseptic and strongly of pleasant medicinal herbs. The general atmosphere is one of bustling but orderly quiet and strict cleanliness. The back of the room is dominated by a small hearth for heat and medicinal preparations and by swinging double doors that lead to a small DragonHealing bay, an emergency surgery for human patients, the main storage, and the staff area where Healers can eat, shower, change, and the like during their longer shifts. The front of the room is a waiting and reception area where patients and staff can check in to receive treatment and begin work, respectively. The east wall of the room features examination, birthing, recovery and outpatient treatment rooms while the opposite wall is curtained off to provide privacy and bed-space for patients requiring overnight care.

Western can certainly handle most of the routine and sometimes urgent treatment needs of its residents here. It lacks some of the equipment available at the main Healer Hall. Once they are stabilized, patients requiring specialized or ongoing care are surely transferred there.

The infirmary is back to a general flow of business after the furror yesterday evening when Daranyl was brought in. The hunter has been moved to a cot near the back and looks definitely worse for wear. His left eye is swollen shut and the skin that's visible is more bruise than anything else now, all a few days old and some starting to yellow at the edges. His entire chest is concealed beneath a thick bandage as well and it's hard to tell right now if he's awake or not. He's just lying there on his back, looking like death warmed over.

Makoto came in, tool bag over shoulder, wearing a slightly pained and tired grimace. Her back and feet hurt and she was getting sick of walking arounf with a bag of heavy tools. She heads to the back where she had reports of a troublesome leaky sink. She puts down her tools and lets out a heavy, relaxed sigh, before looking to injured man. Didn't she meet him in passing not too long ago? Was he the one everyone was murmuring about? She was still having a hard time matching faces to names about the weyr. Fortunately he seems to be out, so Makoto gets down on her knees, opens a cabinet and starts looking at pipes.

Daranyl must be awake because he shifts, one hand coming up to very cautiously push through his hair. For all it must hurt when he presses gently on that shiner, he doesn't make a sound, just grits his teeth slightly. It's afternoon, and Daranyl has been moved to a cot near the back, where he seems to be waking, looking no better than yesterday, really, though at least the wound on his chest has been dressed and bandaged over now. Makoto is working on a sink nearby.

Makoto gets out from under the sink to dig through her bag before noticing Daranyl moving. "S-Sorry, I… hope I'm not disturbing you. I-I'll try and keep it down…" Probably not much more annoying than being suck in bed and having to hear someone work on something. She grabs a wrench and slides back under.

Sundari did leave the night before once Daranyl was asleep, and the healers /let/ her go. All she did was create life and they are all freaking out over it. Though for good reason seeing how she's been ill for a good amount of the time she's been pregnant. Though now she is back carrying a tin with her, and a green firelizard is perched upon her shoulder. The bluerider peeks around as she moves onwards to where she last saw Daranyl, and even though he is quiet she catches that movement from him none the less. "Hey.." Is said after a moment, a soft smile sent to the hunter while she plops herself down upon a chair that she tugs over next to him. A glance is sent over to Makoto and she tilts her head a bit to peek at her. "Hey.. Makoto right?" Well she thinks it is her.

Daranyl says "Wha?" Daranyl looks up and over at Makoto, blinking his one good eye with complete uncertainty, "Didn' even know ya were there. Hey, Sunny." He lets himself fall back against the pillow, turning his gaze to the ceiling, "I s'ppose ya know now." He says it very much like he expects she's only there to tell him to go get scored."

"O-Oh, sorry then…" Of course Makoto would apologize for pre-emptively apologizing. She puts a smal bucket under the cabinet and turns the water on… Ugh, leaking still. At least she knew where it was coming from now. She glances back at Sunny. "Y-Yes, Hi!" she smiles awkwardly, mind trying to remember names. "Y.. You're… Sundari, right?"

Sundari glances back to Daranyl, a soft smile seen once he talks, at the rest.. There is a pause and she tilts her head before shaking her head a touch and offers him the tin she was carrying. In the tin would be cheese, and some wherry jerky. "Yeah…" She saw the marks on his skin the night before and isn't one to toss stones at anyone. Sunny likes everyone until they give her a reason for her not too, of if there is a mommy mood swing coming on. "I hope the healers are giving you the good pain drugs. I remember after a feline got me one time that I was high as a kite." This said while she grins a bit. Hearing Makoto she nods, a smile seen. "Yep that's right."

Daranyl's head moves just enough to show his acceptance of Sundari's words, "I unnerstan' if'n ya don' wanna-" He pauses when suddenly there's a tin there. He opens it cautiously, then a faint smile appears… at least until the crinkling of his flesh makes him wince, "Jus' numbwee'. 'S 'nuff." He glances at Makoto, then, then back at Sundari, doing all of his moving with his eye as he reaches for some of the cheese and gives it a small nibble, "Don' be. 'Sno' becomin' on ya."

Makoto feels relief at remembering a name. The little victories… She smiles back before turning to Daranyl. "Oh-s-or~" she cuts her self to just… nod in agreement. "R-Right… Anyways, can… I ask what happened?" she frowns a bit. "I've heard a lot of talk but, well… I… you know, just came here so I don't really… have many friends who are keepimg me up onthings. I'm… kinda out of the loop." she gives an awkward laugh. "O-Of course you don't have to, it's noneof my business."

Sundari watches Daranyl a moment, a soft smile is sent his way. "I'm not going anywhere.. Sorry your stuck with me." She knows plenty about Renegades, knows the problems they have caused, but this this is different. She has plenty of reason to not like them, though that isn't something she brings up in simple conversation nor now. "Being high as a kite? It was amusing.. for the healers I suppose." This said with a slight grins seen. Speaking of healers one is giving her the evil eye right now. A glance is offered back to Makoto. "He fell down a cliff when out hunting. I think he thought he could fly or somesuch." There is a nod at that and she peeks over at Daranyl. "Told you to stop smoking stuff!"

"Ya can ask." Daranyl nibbles a little more cheese, then sets it aside. He just can't eat much right now, but he reaches to touch Sundari's arm, "Than's. 'M no'… woul'n' be su'pprise' if'n they make me leave now, once I'm heal'd." Because carelessness totally gets folks kicked out of the Weyr now, right? "Wha' can I say, there's some goo' stuff growin' on th' more northern islan's."

Makoto can't help but to snicker at Sundari's comment about Daranyl trying to fly, but she quickly starts choking it back. "S-sorry. That sounds… really scary. And… looks painful. Are you going to be alright?" She frowns and slides back down under the sink to disconnect something.

Sundari lets her hand move to try and lightly takehold of Daranyl's, she shakes her head a touch. "Naw.. Don't worry about that alright?" She'll do what she can if anything is said, not that her word pulls much weight as she is just a rider, no title to her name so who knows. She looks a bit amused and smiles. "Better share it next time."

"I'll be alrigh'." Daranyl actually manages to sound slightly comforting with that, "Nothin's broken or nothin'." His breathing is shallow, avoiding causing too much stress to his chest, but he gives Sundari's hand a slight squeeze, "Wish I couldn'. Bu' I won' share nothin' like tha' until after th' li'le one's movin' on 'er own."
Makoto pops back out with some sort of pipe nut. She reaches into her bag for some putty and starts fiddling with it. "Nothing broke?" she smiles. "Well, at least that's good to hear." Makoto gets a little confused by the pair's conversation, but under the sink was still a good retreat. She grabbed a wrench and slipped back under.

Sundari smiles to Daranyl. "Glad nothing is broken.. It is honestly not a lot of fun." She pauses. "I suppose, I never broke anything actually." A bit of an amused look is seen. "My brother did, his leg when he jumped off the boat and misjudged where the boat was and the water." So she is amused by it, her brother would be rather cross for certain on her telling that tale. She squeezes Daranyl's hand back and holds onto his hand if he wants. "Well then I'll remind you later on." She is joking of course.

Yeah, holding hands with a pregant woman? Just a little awkward. After a moment, he kind of tugs his back, "I owe ya, Sunny." Breath in, pause, breath out. "'M jus' hopin' ta ge' ou' o' here t'morrow. Shardin' hate healers."

Makoto pops out and turns on the water again and watches under it. No leaks! Success. She turns off the water and begins packing up, scribbling some notes down on what was probably a form or something. "… They'd let you out so soon? You.. still seem pretty beat up."

Sundari peeks at Daranyl curiously and smiles. "Don't owe me anything." She points out while letting her hands fold losely upon her baby belly as she leans back upon that chair. "Just do with they say.. Trust me easier in the long run. They have been known to chase people and tie them down to the bed." As if she would know that first hand.

"Kyra may have my crossbow, but I've still got my knife." Grumpy hunter does NOT like infirmaries. Daranyl looks at Makoto, "S'long as no one tells 'em, yeah." He's already been told they want to keep him at leat until he can see out of both eyes. "I do, Sunny. Figger it'll ge' back ta th' Weyrlea'er 'vet'ally 'n' then we'll see wha' happens."

"Honestly you don't look like you'd put up much chase right now." she grins a little. "Sundari's right. if you try and get out, all you're going to do is make it so it takes longer to heal. Just trust them… you'll be out hunting again sooner that way." she smiles and finishes packing but is than unsure if she should leave right away or not. She starts scribbling on a notepad in an attempt to look like she's doing something and not just hanging around.

Sundari is quiet for a bit as she hears Daranyl and she takes in a soft breath. "Your have to talk to them at some point Daranyl.." She watches him a moment as she says that. "I can only keep them at bay so long." They will want to know… Especially when the healers get the nerve to say something.

"I know." Daranyl takes another shallow breath, this one ending on a sigh, "No' much I can tell 'em, anyway. I don' know much." He looks between the two again, then shakes his head, "It's like murder stayin' here. 'M alrea'y bore'er'n strand'd wherry."

Makoto gets even more confused listening to the two. Did she miss something? She scribbles and taps her foot nervously. "I.. I'm sorry to intrude again but… W… what do you have to talk about?" she shifts a little nervously. "S-sorry if I'm prying, I can always take go…"

Sundari shakes her head slightly and glances to her hands a bit, her mind wandering. "Then what do you plan on doing, leaving?" This questioned curiously to Daranyl before she looks to Makoto a moment. "Just.. something.." There is a pause. "It isn't my place to say Makoto.."

Daranyl's eye blinks at Sundari, "Jus' the 'firmary, Sunny. I like th' Weyr or I wouldn' be in this mess in th' firs' place." At least with rest and numbweed, he doesn't sound like a groaning sandstorm anymore. "Jus' why I was ou' on th' ridge'n'all. Jus'… stuff. Ya don' hafta leave, though.

Makoto nods a bit. Well, at least he said she could stay. She relaxes a bit and puts down her note pad. "I-It's alright. But if you n-need me to go to talk about stuff, well.. Just ask" It's not like they really knew her or anything and she at least appreciated being somewhat included in the conversation.

Sundari blinks and ohs softly, she looks a bit sheepish and nods. "Right.. course.." What did she htink then? No telling mommy brain over here. "Naw, stay Makoto.. Did you fix what you was working on then?" She turns to look over curiously.

"'Ve jus'… made some mistakes is all." Daranyl nods towards the sink, hoping to distract them long enough to sit up a bit despite the pain. Lying on his back alone is killing him by inches, "'N' now 'M payin' fer 'em."

"Y-Yeah, it was just a leaky pipe, no big deal." she wipes plumming putty off her fingers with a rag. "… Real basic, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of smiths around here, so… I've kinda been getting called around a lot for little things like this." She sighs. Probably didn't help that she was new and getting all the boring jobs. At least hauling tools around was desperately needed exercise. "We all make mistakes… just… some jobs make you pay for them more than others. Usually when I mess up it's just… my fingers and toes." she flexes one of her pinky fingers as if remembering a bad accident.

Sundari she peeks back to Daranyl and smirks some though soon offers her hands up to give him a bit of help so he can sit up. She won't go yelling at him it seems. "I once got a hook in my hand when I was fishing.. Though my brother sort of caused that I think.." She pauses at that thought, a bit of amusement seen. "An then was a bad sunburn when I was a weyrling.."

Daranyl makes use of that hand, though he winches a few times, and manages to get himself into a seated position, leaning back carefully against his pillow. He listens to their tales of woe, then gestures to himself, "Some of us're more prone ta dyin' when we mess up. How long've ya been a smit'?"

"Yeah, though that can go for some smiths too, depending on what they're doing." She gives a sad, knowing frown. She leans back against the sink. "… A long time." she smiles, but still has a sad look on her face "My… father was teachingme things before I was even formally an apprentice."

Sundari glances around and is soon stealing another pillow from a bed and giving it to Daranyl to use for some more comfy sitting. Well no one was in that bad so it works! She glances to Makoto and ohs softly before nodding, a glance is sent over to Daranyl. "Well.. yeah.. It happens somewhat huh?" She frowns a touchthough sorry that his had such a hard time of things. Sure she didn't have a life of roses growing up at sea all the time, but her family was always there for her at least.

Daranyl shrugs slightly, "'Snot all ba'. 'M free, at leas'." His tone says he's not sure if that's really a good or a bad thing. "Can' really 'magine tha', I guess. 'Sbeen this way a long time. Ez's gonna be upse' a' me." He takes another cautiously shallow breath, shifting the new pillow into place, "'Ve always been jus' a hun'er. 'M goo' at it."

Makoto nods. "… Being free must be nice." she gives a little smile. "I'd be a little jealous, but I have no taste for hunting." she chuckles a bit. By her complexion she didn't look much for outdoors in general.

"Nothing wrong with being good at somethng." Sundari points out while she leans back in her chair upon another pillow that she did steal. Yes she is a pillow hog, especially now. "Though I have to admit it was rather nice just staying at sea all the time without any worries.."

"Do ya no' like smithin'?" It's a simple enough question, right? Daran Shifts uncomfortably against the pillows. There really is no winning right now. None. "I hate th' sea. Well, no' th' sea spec'ically, jus' bein' on boats. Makes me sicker'n a wher."

"… Smithing is a big craft. There are parts I hate and parts I really really love… and unfortunately I know how to do a lot of stuff, whether I'd want to do it or not." she laughs a bit. "Part of me wishes I specialized earlier, but… I feel like I'm better at the things I love due to knowing about the things I don't. No love for plumbing, for example." she gives the sink a little kick with her heel. "… But even with the parts I don't like, I wouldn't want to do anything else."

Sundari looks a bit amused as she hears Daranul, a soft smile seen. "I was born on a boat, grew up on it.. Being on dry land took a while to get use to honestly." This said with an amused tone at the thought. She glances to Makoto. "Funny how that works out huh?"

"Huntin's pre'y much huntin'." Daranyl's shoulders lift and fall again, "Don' know wha' I'd do if'n I couldn' hun' no more." He glances at Sundari, making a slight face, "Can' stan' it, sorry." Faranth help him if he ever has to travel by boat again.

"Yeah… And I guess 'fun' wouldn't have the same meaning if everything was fun." she seems to be loosening up, making eye contact and no longer stuttering nervously. "… Living out at sea seems like…. quite something. I like boats but… living out at sea both seems free and claustraphobic at the same time."

Sundari smiles to Daranyl and shrugs. "That's fine." She offers with an amused tone. "I travel by dragon now anyway. I haven't been on a boat in turns now honestly." She glances to Makoto. "It's not bad.. though not all that great. Living on a boat with your family and all, only so much room to escape from poking brothers and bratty sisters."

"Can' travel 'tween 'til th' ches' heals up. Have a' leas' tha' long 'fore they can kick me." Yeah, Daranyl's still thinking that's likely. He glances back at Makoto and lifts one hand, "Ya sai' ya migh' make me some met'l bol's?" SUBJECT CHANGE!

"… Yeah I would probably go crazy if I couldn't get away from people occasionally." she turns to Daranyl and smiles, remember Hotaru asking about this too. "… Why yes I could." she says confidently. "… Metal work like that is also one of those things I actually enjoy doing. Couldn't tell you how much it'd cost yet — I'm not familar witht he prices of materials here yet — but it shouldn't be too hard or expensive for me to draw some bolts."

Sundari grins a bit and shakes her head before she peeks at Makoto at the talk of making bolts. "You can make that sort of stuff?" She questions curiously at the idea.

Daranyl coughs in his throat, "I, ah… I don' have much in th' way o' marks." Where he grew up they used a different kind of currency: the one healing on his chest right now. "I coul' tra' ya meat'n th' like?"

"… Yeah, if I had a specialty it would be blacksmithing. I like working with metal… you can make so much with just a hammer and an anvil. It's fun, creative work." she smiles and turns back to Daranyl. "Oh sure, we can work something out. It'll just be fun to have something to do for someone. All they have me doing right now is repair… and usually the most boring kinds of repair."

Sundari nods to Makoto. "Very good skill to have. You thought about just going fo that only then? Could talk to your journayman about it.. No harm is doing what you want after all." As for the bit on marks from Daranyl she ponders and will have to talk to Makoto later on that one.

Daranyl nods carefully, "I 'ppreciate it. Ya shoul' spec'lize, tho'. If'n ya don' like th' work yer doin', time ta tell 'em so or ya'll always en' up doin' it." He shoots Sundari a pleading look, "Hel' me up? I won' run off, I promise, jus' wanna be on my own two fee' fer a few."

"Mmm, it might be fun, but there are advantages. Like that cross bow of yours… You need someone to draw the cable, you need someone to hammer out the lath and the stirrups. You need to know wood work to make the body of it." she grins a bit. "Some people are natural specialists. Other people want to be able to create as much as they can." Makoto seems almost prideful. "I might love to hammer iron, but I don't want to be the person who just makes parts to other peoples creations."

Sundari glances to Daranyl and nods. "Sure.. But don't do anything silly now." This said while she works on getting herself up, which takes a moment thanks to how she was sitting. Once up she holds her hands to Daranyl, a soft smile seen. "I can see your point there Makoto.. But I guess if you get to make things you want from time to time it isn't so bad?"

Daranyl turns carefully, reaching for Sundari's arm once she's stable, and pulls himself to his feet with a minimum of groaning, but the pain is obvious nonetheless. Still, he gets to his feet, slowly releasing Sundari until he's standing on his own, "Ya shoul' still star' ta speak up a bi'. If'n ya don' like somethin' 'n' it's stoppin' ya from growin' in yer craf', say as much."

She smiles at their support. "… I'm sure it'll get better once I've been here longer. They're… still feeling me out I think." she shrugs. "Besides, they're at least having me do different things and, well.. someone has to come and fix busted sinks. I'm not sure if anyone quite likes doing that." she gives a bit of a laugh. "… I can always read and study and find time to practice my own stuff anyways."

Sundari slowly and carefully pulls Daranyl upwards, she keeps put letting him lean against her as long as he needs to. "Don't go falling down." She offers with a soft murmur to the hunterbefore she looks over to Makoto. "True.. Give them time, and just let them know what you like to do." This said with smile.

Daranyl inclines his head slowly, "Tha's goo', at leas'. Don'… don' le' anyone contol yer life." The corner of his mouth gives just the slightest upward twitch, which at least Sundari might recognize as a smile from the bruised and battered hunter, "I won'. 'M act'lly fealin' pre'y steady. I think I'll jus'… hobble ta th' bathroom."

"Yeah, they seem reasonable enough here…" Makoto grins at Daranyl suspiciously. 'Hobble to the bathroom' doesn't mean 'hobble out of the infirmary', does it?" though it doesn't look like he'd be able to hobble out very fast.

Sundari chuckles softly and smiles to Makoto. "I think I could catch him if he tried to hobble out the door." This said with an amused tone while she eyes Daranyl. "If your gone to long I'll send a healer in after you." Well she isn't going to go in after him!

"'M no' gonna run off." Daranyl stretches his neck until it gives a few small pops that sound like they might be painful except that he seems relieved, then starts towards the lavatory, shooting back, "Doncha dare. I haven' gone in days, leave a man ta his peace, woman."

Makoto winces at the pops and looks at Sunny. "… I hurt just watching him move." What a sad sight! "I think if I was in his position, I'd just be crying like a baby the whole time."
Sundari watches Daranyl, a soft breath escapes her and she smiles a bit before she sits back down upon her chair. "Yeah.. I do to.." She is worried about him that is for sure and she closes her eyes for a few moments.

Makoto, the ever great conversationalist nods and leans against the sink again and gives Sunny the moments she needs, all while swaying back and forth nervously and wondering if she should say something.

Sundari lifts her hand to rub at her eyes a few moments before she glances over to Makoto, a soft smile seen. "So.. you've been enjoying yout time here..?"

Makoto perks up in surprise. "Y-Yes…! It's… very nice here. Been actually meeting people." she smiles a bit. "Kinda… wasn't very popular in my last posting." she sighs a bit. "But everyone is much more relaxed here."

Sundari peeks at the other curiously. "Not pupular.. Whatever for? You seem really nice to me. I'm glad everyone's been nice too you." As they should be!

Makoto looksa little sheepish at the topic. "I mean… it's probably pretty obvious that I'm…u… at least a little awkward." she sighs and looks up. "… I used to be a lot worse though. I … think I just had a reputation for being a headcase so… people just sorta kept away." she shrugs a bit "I didn't even realize how bad it was until I came here. People have almost been… overwhelmingly friendly."

Sundari frowns as she hears this. "I'm sorry people treated you like that Makoto." That isn't nice at all! "Everyone here was always super friendly to me.. Only Weyr I've lived in though honestly."

"… I can't exactly blame them, who wants to deal with an unstable nervous wreck all the time?" she sighs. "I mean, there were… jerks when I was younger, but… Eh. It was easier to leave." she smiles a bit. "… I actually was born in Ista. But… I spent a lot of time after that at holds and such. That probably also helps. Hotaru was telling me the Weyrs tend to be nicer."

Sundari keeps her frown, not liking that at all. "Doesn't matter.." She grew up in a good family, and was lucky to find HMW to not be some stuff uptight weyr so perhaps it worked out for her. "Yeah.. They are, we're more laid back then holds tend to be honestly. I've goten some flack from some holds but it never lasts long honestly."

"I guess… I just don't feel like… I should be any other person's responsibility, I guess? No one owes it to me to be my friend." she frowns a bit. Even though that was true, it was still shitty. "Yeah, I… almost forgot what it was like. Coming here was a real breath of fresh air."

"Seems to me like you take care of yourself.. I don't see anyone being there here for you Makoto." Sundari offers softly. "My parents made sure we could take care of ourselfs, and here at the Weyr we help one another so it helps too really." She smiles a bit and nods. "Well, I'm glad your here."

"Yeah it's a good lesson to learn." she smiles a bit. Her parents definitely made sure she could take care of her self, but the situation was… ugh. She zones out a moment before snapping back to the conversation. "T-Thank you! I'm glad to be here. Like I said, the friendiness has been overwhelming. I almost feel like a different person."

And…. the door opens! Daranyl grunts quietly, leaning on the doorframe a moment, then hobbles back towards the two and his cot, bits of sweat beading on his brow. The effort is obvious, but the stubborn man doesn't stop until he's safely ensconced back in his little nook, lowering himself gingerly to the bed. "Nice folks here."

Sundari looks to Daranyl as he hobbles on back, her hand there if he should need the help to sit back down. "Yeah.. Lots of good people found here."

"You seem to be moving a little better already…" she smiles. "Yeah… I don't think I've really had to deal with anyone… particularly rude yet. Everyone has just been real nice and hlpeful"

Daranyl groans softly, forcing his body to move despite its protests, "Only way ta heal is ta force yerself ta." He looks to Makotoa and shrugs again, "If'n ya surviv'd Hotaru 'n' Nae, yer good ta go. Well… have ya me' 'Desh ye'?"

Sundari peeks at Daranyl to make sure he is able to sit back down alright. "Well, true there." She murmurs softly about healing. She looks amused at the bit on Hotaru and Nae before peeking at Makoto. "Those two are a interesting pair." Well that is one way to put it.

Makoto can't help but to blush a bit at their mention. "T… They're very sweet… and Hotaru has been a really good friend." she gives a nervous smile. "Have I met… who?" she thinks for a moment. "Oh, Kadesh? No I haven't."

"Tha's… one wor' for it. They showin' ye'?" Daranyl does, indeed, manage to sit down without assistance, stubborn wher that he is, "Hotaru's a goo' cook, tho'. 'N' they can be… convincin'."

Sundari looks a bit amused as she hears Daranyl. "Yeah.. Nae is very convincing.." She is actually blushing a touch at the thought and soon clears her throat. "Kadesh is nice. I'm sure your like her too."

"… I think it's the perfect word." she smiles a bit. "Hotaru is but… only a little. I haven't had her food yet but… I don't know, checks in on me alot and is just… really nice. I haven't had a friend like her in a long time." the 'convincing' comment makes her blush, and Sunny's blushing backs her blush more. "Nae is… V-Very convincing." she agrees, in almost a defeatist tone. She's quick to want to change topics though. "W-What's Kadesh like?"

Daranyl shrugs again, it's a safe, familiar gesture he uses to excess, "She's a bi'… 'nique. I like her." That may say something right there, really. He glances between the two, then shakes his head, "Yer gonna ligh' up th' room soon, ya know."

Sundari sends a faint glance to Daranyl and huffs a bit. "Will not.." She says with a defense lift of her head. Not that she and Nae got /that/ close but it nearly happened a few times.

Makoto mimicks Sundari! "Y-Yeah, will not.." she looks around nervously and shifts from side to side, still red in the cheeks.

Daranyl rolls his eyes and leans to his side, wincing again at the pain, "Spi' it ou' or ge' over it. Won' do ya no goo' ta hol' onta it."

Sundari tibbits at Daranyl a bit. "Don't make me come over there and get a nap in with you." She threatens with a teasing tone. A glance is sent to Makoto wondering if she has something to add..

Makoto shrinks at the glance but keeps her mouth shut. She instead chuckles at Sundari's threat and tries to pass the whole thing off as nothing.

"How'd yer weyrma' feel 'bou' tha'?" Daranyl pauses to lean the other way with similar results, "'Sides, 'M too tire' ta act on it, anyhow."

Sundari pauses a bit and shrugs. "We're.. not really weyrmates.." She isn't sure what she and S'rorn is as of late. She's just pregnant and not pushing the matter maybe? "To tired to stop me from napping with you?"

Makoto struggles for context but decides to not even ask this time and just go with the jokes. "… In your condition I'm not sure you could do anything to stop her anyways."

"'Cisely." Daranyl rolls his shoulders and there's a definite crickle-crack up his spine. He's certainly not letting his state keep him down, but he's not stupid, either. "Prolly woul'n' be very comferble, tho'."

Sundari chuckles softly and smiles to Daranyl. "Right.. Cause I'm comfortable anymore." She is enjoying teasing him right now. Honestly she is comfortable as she can be on that chair with a pillow for her to lean against. The blueirder is totally carrying a baby and all can for certain see it now thanks to larger baby bump. Daranyl is in a cot all bandaged up and banged up while Makoto and Sunny are near him for the talking.

Makoto chuckles a bit at Sundari. So many pregnant people! She gets sick of standing finally and goes and finds a chair, pulling her bag of tools next to her.

Daranyl's left eye is blackened and swollen enough that it doesn't seem he can actually open it, the parts of his flesh that can be seen are more bruise than anything else, starting to yellow a little with age now, and his chest is covered over entirely with a bandage, "I'd offer ya my co', bu' I have a feelin' ya'd smack me fer it."

Sundari was at least.. somewhat planned for her pregnant bit? Well they talked and then you can figure out the rest right? She smiles to Daranyl. "Next time I'll fight you for it how's that?"

Hotaru has heard through the grapevine that Daran went and got himself banged up. So she's come down to gloat! Or something. Not really. The redhead is down with Nae, and has an apprentice point her to where the hunter is laid up. She's got a bag of high quality sticks with her and a pocket knife, and she pops her head into wherever Daran is. "Hello?" There's a wince once Hotaru gets a look at him. Ew.

Nae thinks she's the perfect one to lift the spirits of their recently injured friend. She announces herself in a singsong voice as she approaches. "I hear somebody needs some rum and…" And then she actually sees Daranyl and promptly joins Hotaru in wincing. "Ooh. Ouch."

Makoto lights up with a big smile as the two come in, giving an overexcited though rather cute wave. Still, she tries to keep from being too excited — they were here to check on their friend.

Sundariwas at least.. somewhat planned for her pregnant bit? Well they talked and then you can figure out the rest right? She smiles to Daranyl. "Next time I'll fight you for it how's that?" More visitors it seems. "Hey Hotaru, Hae.. How goes it?"

"Soun's fair." Daranyl glances up at greenrider and weyrmate, stubbornly sitting up in the bed, which has a few of the healers giving him the stinkeye, "Hey you two. How've ya been?" He'll just… pretend not to be aware of how he looks, and thankful it doesn't seem that his bandage is due for a change.

Hotaru holds up her bag. "And something to do! Sticks. I think you can make them into bolts. And a knife. I'm not here to kill you. You look like you fell from the ass-kicking tree and hit every branch on the way down, Daran. Did you run into my mom again?" Hotaru sets the bag of sticks down next to the bed someplace. She blinks at Makoto's wave. "Makoto? How do you know Daran?" Other than the one night in the caverns. "Hey, Sunny."

Nae smiles a little uneasily. "Hey, Daran… lookin' good…" She tries, she really does. It doesn't come across as at all convincing. She hands over a flask once Hotaru has provided the craft project. "Here. For when the healers aren't lookin'." She winks, then looks to Makoto and gives her a wide smile. Sundari gets the same a moment later.

She looks at Hotaru and gestures toward her tool bag "I really didn't too well… but I was fixing the sink over here and,= well… Him and Sunny recognized me so I just… stayed and kept chatting with them." She smiles. "But yeah.. you should have seen him walk. My body ached just watching him." she gives a small laugh.

Sundari tilts her head slightly while she looks to the items that are brought in to keep Daranyl busy it seems. "As long it doesn't make him move around to much I bet the healers will let him work on something. Can keep him busy if nothing else." The comment to Makoto and she nods a bit. "Yeah.. I made her stay and talk with us." She grins to the smithy.

"T'anks." Daranyl moves gingerly, swinging first one leg back up onto the cot, then the other, before taking the bag of sticks and the knife, "Somethin' like tha', yeah. Don' do nothin' by halves." His eyes actually light up a little at the sight of the flask, "Thanks Faranth. Was startin' ta think I migh' die o' thirs'. Nothin' bu' wa'er 'n' juice here. She's a nice girl." He nods indicative towards Makoto for that, then adds, "I thin' they'll jus' be gla' if'n I don' figh' my way ou'."

Hotaru finds another seat, even if she has to go to another room to get one. Nae can sit in her lap. "Ah. Makoto… you're turning into a regular social butterfly." She says with a wink to the smith. "Hopefully just whittling sticks isn't too much movement. Should be fairly innocuous I hope." She grins to Makoto when Daran calls her 'nice'. "How long do they figure you're stuck in here?"

Nae doesn't hesitate to sit herself down in Hotaru's lap. Going to have to do as much of that as she can before pregnancies make that impossible. "Mmmm. I remember looking at certain boys and feeling all achey." She says in a suggestive manner that entirely misses the point.

Makoto chuckles at Hotaru. "If only it were that easy…" she does seem pretty comfortable though, but she groans at Nae's comment. "Augh, no. Not now! If any girl got achy like that looking at him right now that'd be reaaaaally weird." she gives a nervous laugh.

Sundari blinks as she hears Nae and holds back a slight laugh at the idea while she just grins and looks to Daranyl. "Do you believe these two?" This questions with an amused tone to the Hunter.

Daranyl just shakes his head at Nae, "Only ya'd be thinkin' tha' way wi' me in this state. They haven' given me a timeline ye', bu' they're no' le'in' me go 'fore I can see out o' bot' eyes." He looks at poor, poor Makoto and mutters, "Ya haven' me' th' women I grew up 'roun'."

Hotaru's arms wrap around her weyrmate once Nae is sitting. She giggles at the greenrider. "I felt achey when I first saw Daran…" She says in an equally suggestive manner. "But not now, because apparently that's 'weird'." Hotaru nods to Daran's sort of timeline for escape. "Ugh. Well, I'll bring you a whole bottle of something good, in that case."

Nae looks briefly sheepish, but giggles as soon as Hotaru joins her in the entirely inappropriate suggestive remarks. "Well, don't worry, Daran. You'll be making girls all achey again soon enough, don't you worry. Until then we'll keep you liquored up."

"… You grew up around women who liked the look of beat up men…?" She thinks about this a bit and… maybe it isn't too bad. But Daranyl was pretty grizzy looking. "Ugh, you two are terrible." though she can't help but to chuckle a bit.

Sundari peeks at Daranyl a bit. "Wait.. What about the women you grew up with?" Seems she caught that and is not a bit confused herself. WHAT did she miss? As for the comments from Nae she chuckles softly. "She isn't that terrible honestly.." She's heard worse!

"Yer a special case, Hotaru. Ya 'n' Nae brough' me booze." Daranyl can't wink, which is a pity, really. "Don' hones'ly much care if'n I make girls achey. Jus' happens." He glances at Sundari, blinks once, then nods towards the bandage on his chest, "Wha' d'ya thin'? Doesn' ma'er. 'M here now."

Hotaru grins at Nae. She idly scratches at the greenrider's back, then laughs at Makoto's question. "I would hope he means they're forward. Not that the prefer their men shaken and not stirred." Hopefully that is what he meant? She grins. "He don't much care, he says, Nae. He looks worse than when you fell during weyrlinghood."

Nae shudders a little at the memory Hotaru brings up. "Don't remind me of that." She sounds like she's only sort of joking. Nae is easily traumatized. "Eh, he cares. It's just different. Scars are sexy on men, after all…" Eye scars might be their own category, though.

Makoto gives a little laugh. "Well you never know, some people can be into some weird things" folds her legs on her chair and leans back. "S..scars can be hit or miss?"

Sundari ohs a bit as Daranyl goes about explaining to some degree. She nods a moment. "Yeah your here now for certain." This said softly at the idea. At thet alk of Nae's injury during weyrlinghood she makes a face. "A few injuries happens during then. So glad it's in the past."

Daranyl coughs, looking down at the care package in his hands. He just… won't answer that one. Nope. Instead, he snags the other topic, "I like ta keep fi'. Be able ta take care o' myself. If'n tha' makes girls achey, more power to 'em." He reaches for the flask, twists the top, and throws back a large gulp without even thinking about what's inside. "I'll heal. Some scars aren' mean' fer tha', though. 'M gla' y'all're alrigh' now, at leas'." One of the healers starts hovering and he curses softly, "Ya don' nee' ta change i' jus' now."

Nae is easily traumatized? -Nae-? Hotaru chuckles. "Why? It's a good memory for me. And there wasn't any lasting damage. It's the only time I've been cuter than you." She nods. "Scars are sexy on men. They can be on women, too, depending. Do you have any, Makoto? From smithing?" She grins and nods about Nae. "Still cute as a button."

Well, Nae is easily traumatized by injuries to her nose. And by certain incidents on remote islands which shall never be spoken of again. She gives Sundari a firm nod in agreement, then grins at Daranyl. "You'll be fine, is the point. You're a tough guy, right? You'll manage." When Hotaru speculates on Makoto's scars, she looks the smith and grins wickedly. "Clearly, we should check."

"N-Not really? I've… broken some fingers and toes? … I've…had some burns but… you really can't see them anymore?" the 'check' comment makes her turn red like a light switch "H-Hey now…!"

Sundari shakes her head a bit and can only chuckle as she listens to the three, though honestly she is starting to doze off it seems. She lets her head settle against her arm and is peeking at Daranyl as he curses about the healer hovering. "They do that a lot." She offers seeming amused before Nae and Hotaru are after Makoto looking for scars it seems. "Oh dear.. You might want to run Makoto."

The healer utters a short insistence and Daranyl groans, "Fine. Fine. Jus' be quick 'bou' it, yeah?" He'll just… try to pretend there's not someone peeling a big sharding bandage off his chest, though the occasional grimace of pain destroys the illusion, "Don' be so mean ta th' poor girl, Hotaru. She'll show ya in her own ti- shard it, woman!" He bats at the healer's hand as she starts peeling off the old numbweed, "Tha' hur's." His invective doesn't stop her, though, and he turns slightly, making his chest less visible as she works.

Hotaru laughs at Nae. "Clearly." She grins at Makoto. "Come on, you show me yours and I'll show you mine!" She ponders. "I don't remember seeing any scars on you, either, Nae." Hotaru chuckles at Daran. "Eh… she'll be fine, Daran." There's a nose-wrinkle at the bandage changing. "Well, I think I've bothered Daran enough. Are you sticking around, Nae? I'm feeling a bit peaked. I think I'm going to head back."

Nae leans back to give Hotaru a wicked little grin. "You'll have to check me too, then." She winks and giggles, then catches sight of the bandage-changing and promptly grimaces. That's her signal to go. "… Yeah, I think I'll head up, too. We'll have to check you later, Makoto. Daranyl, hope you get well soon. Sunny, good seeing you." She's back on her feet, offering Hotaru her hand.

Makoto chuckles, though is red face. "You two really are terrible…" she gives a big smile though. "You two take care… Hopefully I'll see you two soon!"

Sundari glances to Daranyl and then looks away while the healer works on him. "Good to see you Hotaru, Nae.. We're talk more later." She smiles to them. With Makoto sticking put she just winks at her. Though as for leaving? She is staying put for the moment in her comfy chair. The healers will most likely be thrilled that way they can poke and prode her if she lets her guard down. Though for her she is going to doze right off, keeping the banged up hunter company for a bit longer at least.

For all Daran's trying to hide it, it's hard to miss the word 'Traitor' carved into his chest above a swirling renegade sigil before fresh numbweed is slathered on and he slumps back in obvious relief while the new bandage is laid over that, "Sorry. Come back la'er?"

Makoto seems confused by the wink more than anything! She peaks over and sees the sigil though… huh. She didn't know what to make of it and it didn't alarm her — everyone was normal around Daranyl — but… certainly there was a lot she obviously didn't know. She looks at Sunny drifting off and shuffles restlessly. "I… probably should be taking off too."

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