Aiming for that bullseye.

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Tiki Lounge
As one walks onto the wood panelled flooring of the patio, they are greeted with the scent of burning oil, the likely source the various torches burning along the perimeter of the flooring. The flooring is littered with tables shaded with umbrellas, matching chairs tucked beneath when not in use.

The inside of the Tiki Lounge seems far bigger inside than outside, even when full of relaxing weyrfolk and travelers. Towards the front, in the western corner, is a small stage, generally occupied by harpers. Several tables with chairs decorate the floor and a small area is open for dancing. The bar is rather long and well stocked, glasses of different shapes and sizes hanging suspended from a rack above the bar. Behind the bar is another open window that gives one a view of the forest behind the tavern. Turning around, one is greeted by a lovely view of the lagoon. A decent breeze helps to cool the room. Up above, rafters provide a perch for fire lizards and local avians. The thatch roof, made of straw, rarely lets in any rain.

That dartboard that Jonteim was nailing up the other day wasn't just for looks. Tonight, it's getting some use. There's the usual early-evening cluster of people in the bar, some drinking lightly, some heavily, some here for the atmosphere and some here to get hammered. The group of five near the dartboard is a mixture of the lot, with Jon (and, yes, his curvy waitress friend) in among them, watching a very heavyset man whose thick fingers ought to not have so much finesse throw a perfect bullseye - twice. There's a general moan of displeasure at the first one, then a roar of shocked dismay at the second, and then the whole party is broken up when the bartender on duty tonight comes over to disperse the crowd with a grumbled, "Enough, enough. Back to work, all of you." The waitress pouts, Jon gives her a meaningful and beaming smile, and then he goes to collect the thrown darts. Apparently, 'all of you' didn't include him, but now he's all by his lonesome, woe.

Having visited with a couple of her crafter friends from the old Hall days, Briari has made her way to the Tiki Lounge with a bright and cheery smile. She is wearing a playful blue dress with a hint of gold trim pattern along the flowing fabric that makes up a few spiral like flowers. She has her hair pulled up into a loose bun with her bangs framed along her face. The buzz of activity catches her curiousity and she heads over to the group of dart players with interest. "Oh! Hey, Jon." She calls over with a smile. "Do you play?"

Kyra isn't wearing a mini-skirt, but it's something of a white linen mini-dress that wraps like a halter around her neck, with ties that go around her back and knot in the front. She's got a loose, slightly oversized knit jacket over it and a pair of bright blue short swim-trunks under it that just barely shows below the hem of the dress. Somebody has been spending ill-advised time at the beach. Ahem. She has little slip-on shoes on as well, so that the light cast, which looks like a sheathe of black bandaging under pink bandaging, doesn't interfere with shoe-wearing. She's also got a netting bag full of, well, something in her hand, which may be why Briari only gets a bright grin and Jonteim gets a wave before she passes through on her way to the kitchen. When she comes back out, it's gone, and she's on her way over towards the both of them - more or less - while dusting her hands off lightly, "Hey, guys. Bri, I didn't know you were visiting! When'd you get here?"

'Hey, Jon,' is something he probably hears pretty often, considering the dude works here, so Jonteim doesn't seem surprised at its initial utterance. He does, however, seem surprised by its source when he turns to see Briari there. His brows knit and, for a second, he has this look of total bewilderment, like his whole version of reality just fractured. It doesn't help that, hot on Briari's heels, here comes Kyra with all her legs showing. For just a second, while he scratches his forehead below his hairline with the darts rolled into his fingers, it's obvious that he's contemplating using one of those darts to lobotomize himself. The other players have dispersed before Briari gets there, so it's just him with the darts when he answers, "Sometimes, yep. Where're your pants?" We can assume that, although he's answered Briari, he's asking (well, demanding, really) that question of Kyra.

"I play darts also. Want to go for a round?" Briari says with that typical grin of hers, arms swaying at her sides as she hold out her hand for him, motioning for the small little weapons of dartboard death. The sound of Kyra's voice brings out a loud squeal as she turns around instead, (sorry Jon), and grabs her in a big hug. "Hey! I was here for a few hours, working on some history with a few of the apprenctices. Doing it as a favor for Ray' since he's tied down at the moment. I was hoping to track you down sooner or later. Figured I may find you here or at the beach. By the way, great tan you got going on." She rambles for a moment as she drops her eyes down to her legs. "Those are looking good also." She winks. "Almost done with the cast I hope?"

It's not really usual for Kyra's legs to get so much attention, frankly, and she arches her brows at Jon's blunt question only to start in surprise as she is squealed and embraced. Gah! She blushes slightly and returns the hug, patting Briari's back a little awkwardly due to her own surprise before she shrugs and points out, grinning slightly, "I have brown skin. I'm always pretty well tanned. And yeah, it should come off next week. I'm going to go hunting to remind the animals on the island that they must continue to hold me with fear and awe." Heh. She pokes her tongue out at Jonteim afterwards before she shrugs, "I just got back from the beach, what do you want? A three piece suit?" She looks between the pair of them before asking curiously, "Are you guys gonna play darts?"

It's hard to tell if Jonteim's snickering because of the hug, the compliment about Kyra's tan, or the idea of anyone (man or beast) regarding the girl with fear and awe. Regardless of the reason, at least it means he's gotten over the fact that Kyra has legs and that Briari is here at all, both of which briefly but thoroughly rocked his world for a minute there. As for playing darts… he's got all six of them in hand at the moment, so he answers by shrugging and handing over a set of three to Briari, dragging an errant chair out of the way of where a line has been taped on the ground some seven-ish feet away from the board. There's a 'by all means' gesture of his hand to the blonde, then the board, and he steps back. Based on the chalkboard scoring of the last game, Jon's been playing cricket. "You in?" to Legs McTan over there.

"It's good to see you also, Jon, by the way, in case you were getting lonely over there." Briari says as she takes the darts from his hand, tucking one behind her ear as she slips her fingers around the long needle of another in her left hand. Whipping her left hand over hand style, there is a loud THUNK as the dart strikes the '16'. Single. No rings. "And you're tanner than usual." THUNK. The next dart sinks into the '17'. "So, just saying, it's working for you. Chrystyne moved in with me by the way. You're welcome to come visit us if you want, Kyra. Would be fun to get the three of us together." Taking the last dart out from behind her ear, she tosses it about her fingers.

"Yeah, I'll play. Please, snicker at my legs and then give me sharp projectiles," is what Kyra drawls as she makes her way over, finding the other darts and taking three for herself. She takes off her jacket as well, draping it claimingly over a chair. She has arms, too! Try not to faint, Jon. She's got all kinds of limbs under there. She'll stand back while Briari takes her shots, ordering a drink from one of the wandering waitresses. Chatting idly with Briari, she inquires, "Chrystyne? Why'd she move in with you? I would've thought she'd have gone home or something. Sure, I've been doing some travelling since I broke my leg, anyway. I can take a dragon over some time soon."

Jonteim probably isn't any too lonely, though he does nod back at Briari's good-to-see-you comment while he beckons his own waitress over, not just some wandering one but that one in particular with the dark hair and the curves (so he's got a type, big surprise), and - while Briari takes her shots - he puts in an order. Which involves him talking a lot closer to her ear than he really has to, but at least he limits the groping. Unless you count the way his eyes attach to her while she goes off to fill that order, necessitating that he drag his attention back to Kyra like reeling in a whale: takes some serious effort. She accuses him of snickering and he offers amiably, "You want I should look at them instead? 'Cause I can." He just eyeball-undressed the waitress, after all, he can subject Kyra to that if she really really REALLY wants. Since he probably doesn't know who the hell Chrystyne is, he lets them discuss it and chalks up Briari's scores, leaving a chance for Kyra to go next.

With the last dart, Briari lines it up and lobs it hard, creating a louder than should be THUNK into the board. '15'. Giving a flex of her arms, she turns back to the pair and smirks at them. "Well, she was pretty upset by what happened on the sands so I offered up my home to her so we can have some bestie time and just hang out. She is going to join the guard in Monaco, maybe, and help out while we figure out what we want our next adventure to be." Glancing over to the curvy waitress for a moment, she gives her a studious look before her eyes roll upwards. "Hey, at least he's offering to check you out. He doesn't even like talking to me. The sound of my voice is like nails on a chalk board for him."

Kyra rolls her eyes at Jonteim and makes as if she's aiming a dart at him as she says, "I could just do without the laughter, I guess. Hey, if you give her another tap, maybe you could get some extra days off, eh?" Nyah. She looks to Briari as she finishes up her turn, then moves to take position as well. The way she stands is more indicative of getting ready to draw a bow than throw a dart, but that's likely to be expected. She goes quiet and serious a moment, then throws sharply, angling directly for the bullseye and smacking it promptly. Rather than grin about it, she just goes through her two other darts, landing one in 18 and another in 19. It's a little aggressive, frankly, as she throws hard enough to sink the sharp tips deeply enough that they have to be wiggled to get pulled free. She'll take a second to mark herself on the board, then moves out of the way so Jonteim can take his turn. Finally, she answers Briari while taking a seat, "It's good Chrys has somewhere to go, then. She's welcome to come visit here, too. We've already got at least one female guard, so she wouldn't have to worry about it being too much of a boys' club."

"Why do you think I'm here? She gets off in a couple hours." There's a pause, a slow-spreading grin, and he concludes, "So do I." Get it? He's funny. Jonteim's brows climb at the violent throwing of the darts, hovering there a few seconds while Kyra marks her scores, and he clears his throat afterward like the whole display's made him appropriately uncomfortable. It's his turn, and he doesn't make as good a showing as the girls do, landing a valueless 10 and two 15s, addressing Briari from the midst of his dart-aiming distraction: "Every time I talk to you, you wind up in tears." Rather than disdainfully, he puts it out there as just the facts, ma'am.

"That's because you're an asshole." Briari says as she takes her darts again, then turns her eyes over towards him wtih a level look. "You also suck at darts." She says as she throws her arm forward, letting the dart bullseye once, twice, then a 19. Thunkity-thunk-thunk. "And now that we're not candidates now, I'd have no problem throwing you out a window in front of your friends and your big boobed waitress that has obviously low standards when it comes to men." Turning her head to face him, a smirk curves upon her lips. "You'll have to try a lot harder to get tears out of me now. I grew that thicker skin you told me to get." Blowing a strand of hair away from her face, she smoothly turns her attention back to Kyra. "I'll let her know and see if she'll be interested." And with that, she's making a beeline for said curvy waitress. Uh oh.

Kyra just rolls her eyes and laughs at Jon's fairly transparant ways, "Wow, that was just, super clever. Good job. Ten out of ten." She gives him a double thumbs-up only to smirk and shake her head again, looking to see how Briari does at darts. As things take a turn for the hostile, the girl winces and exhales a deep, gusty breath, looking between the two of them before rolling back to her feet for her own turn. Her only comment, preferring to stay out of it mostly, is, "Don't say mean things about someone you don't know, Bri." That's about the waitress. It's not her fault Jonteim tricked her into liking him. Hehe. She glances after her friend, but seems to find some relief being able to focus on the dartboard, just going tunnel-visioned on it to make herself feel better. With quick, darting (ha) motions, she smacks two more darts home in the bullseye, closing it out for herself and stealing Briari's points. Ahem. Her last dart cozies up to Jonteim's fifteens before she goes to mark it all down and try to get back to her seat in time to weather the possible coming storm.

The waitress in question had actually been filling orders, one of them Jon's - a beer and some fizzy, fruity drink with an umbrella stuck in the top - and was on her way back toward the dartboard, so at least Briari won't have any trouble finding her. Jonteim looks… pained. Not by the hostile words, 'cause guys like him have probably heard plenty of hard words about themselves, but about the fact that the waitress is getting dragged into the fray, by the looks of things. Pinching the bridge of his nose with his fingers, he says to Kyra, "Buy you drinks for a month if you can call her off." Because the waitress? Has no clue. The bar's too loud for her to know what's going on by the dartboard, so - as far as she knows - she's just droppin' off drinks.

Oh. It looks like Briari has found Jon's kryptonite! She moves like a shark through water as she passes through the crowd towards the waitress. Flashing her a broad grin, she stops her and leans in to whisper against her ear. The brows of the waitress rise upwards, as does Briari's. After a few seconds, the two share a loud laugh and the Harper reaches out to take the drinks. With another soft murmur of conversation between them, she winks and heads back to the pair of dart players, letting the waitress head back to her job. Briari has a wide grin on her face as she puts the tray down and plucks up her pineapple drink, giving it a stir.

Kyra has her own pineapple drink coming from the other waitress and she takes a sip of it only to arch her brows at Jonteim, glancing after Briari and the waitress before looking back at him, "How about you just be nice to me for a month and I'll save your ass?" Negotiations. When Briari comes back to the table, however, she props her jaw on her hand and gives her friend a mildly disapproving, curious look, "What'd you say to her? You guys laughed pretty loudly." She'll steal the umbrella from Briari's drink as well, tucking it into the curls of her hair. With short, dark hair, it doesn't look too stupid. She'll wait to hear what Briari might've said before she snags her drink, pours half of it into an empty water cup, and proceeds to head off for the poor curvaceous waitress herself.

Jonteim may be screwed (figuratively rather than literally, alas), but he still has it in him to dicker with Kyra. "Define nice." But she can probably assume they have some sort of deal, just as long as she's not expecting hugs and compliments or anything out of it. At least she won't be subjected to what Briari's getting out of him right now, which is a cold, flat stare that's not even full of loathing; it's full of nothing. His original plan (don't say anything at all if you can't say anything nice) is back in action while he drops to a seat, never minding that he never even got his durn beer. Tough night.

Reaching out to snag Kyra by the hand, Briari gives her a tug back. Her eyes are full of mischeif as she reclines back in her chair. After a quick sip of her drink, she simply says, "I told her that I think she's gorgeous and asked if she'd be interested in getting dinner with me after her shift. She said yes. What can I say? This dress makes me look fabulous." Popping the cherry into her mouth, she gives Jon the most delicious grin as she rolls the piece of fruit about her mouth, then chomps it off the stem. "And, I can see what you see in her. She's very sweet, real pretty. I hope she likes roasted peppers. I'm in a spicy mood tonight. Oh, so, yeah.. we're even now, Jon. All is forgiven."

Kyra may be friends with Briari, but she really doesn't like being grabbed, especially when she has something on her mind. She blinks once at Briari, hazel eyes large and quiet, before she gently disentangles her hand and breathes a deep sigh, "I thought you were going to have dinner with me, Bri. I figured you'd want to while you're here, but… I'm going to go see what happened to your beer, Jon. Maybe order some fries, too, I'm hungry. It's your turn, by the way, Bri." With that, Kyra, looking just a little, tiny bit hurt herself, heads off through the press of people to hunt down that waitress and chat with her a bit as well. Apparently she winds up getting asked some questions of her own - not surprising seeing as she knows both of them - and she winds up smiling her usual cheerful, amiable smile and shrugging lightly before she stands to wait for a basket of freshly made fries and a freshly poured pint for Jon. This leaves Briari and Jonteim alone for a few minutes. Fear.

Give the dude credit for making a plan and sticking to it, at least? Jonteim says not a single word to Briari, but he does have a whole answer for her summed up in a single gesture: a middle finger. The bland look stays well in place, though he at least peels it off to follow Kyra's activity while she's over there. There's a touch of honest concern in his expression while he watches, even apology when he manages to catch the eyes of one or both of them, but he's got sense enough to stay where he is for the time being. And trust Kyra (omg what a scary notion) to do Kyra-things and resolve the situation.

There's nothing to be resolved. Briari literally asked a girl out to dinner and didn't say a word about Jon. She's not a total bitch. Giving a wider grin at the middle finger, she taps her cheek gently with her dart. Stepping up to the line, she throws the first dart as hard as she can, creating a loud thunk into the wall that may draw a few stares. 19. She throws a double 15 to close it, then another 16. With a glance over towards Kyra and the waitress, she simply heads back to her chair and flops down upon it across from Jon, /staring/ at him.

Kyra isn't just standing there, chatting to the waitress; as she waits for the beer and fries, she winds up talking fairly cheerfully with a couple people just standing at the bar as well as the bartender himself, who seems to get into a deeper conversation with her about beers. She gets to taste a few in a little glass and smiles again when they both agree on something. Overall, she's just being sociable and when the waitress returns with the fries and beer, she smiles again, nods gratefully, and heads back off towards the table, setting the two things down, "Gary's going to send me a beer, too. On the house, no less." That being the bartender she is apparently now buddies with.

Being that Jon is giving her the silent treatment and Briari is not complaining in the least, she gives Kyra a bright smile on her face. "We can get breakfast tomorrow. I'm not heading back to Monaco for a few nights, so we can hang out al day. I can even see about getting Chrystyne over here so we can make it a 'thing'. I just have some work to do with the kids and then afterwards I'll be free." Curling a length of blonde bangs about her finger, she gives it a few tugs to let it spring out. "With candidacy out of the way, I figure I'll just drown myself in work, maybe start doing something serious for a change. Look into lawmaking instead of just.. singing and dancing."

The scene: It's early evening. There's a dartboard up and three people - Jonteim, Kyra, and Briari - in its general vicinity, with hash-marks on the chalkboard to keep track of their scores. There's a curvy brunette waitress moving around nearby, apparently keeping up with this trio, and a bartender named Gary serving up drinks. Although most of the bar's atmosphere is convivial, there's a distinct chill in the air where the darts are kinda happening. Briari's just finished finger-curling her hair and talking about being serious, and Kyra's just returned talking of beer, and Jon's apparently not interested in either of these subjects, though he does address the huntress after the blonde's said her piece: "She cool?"

d-nyl looks, well, a bit worse for wear, really. It's been long enough, at least, that the bruises have faded to more yellow than blue-purple, and while the fact that his one yee had a sharding huge shiner is still obvious, the swelling has gone down enough that he can, in fact, see out of both eyes again. Mostly. Maybe he was actually released.

Yeah right.

He's at least dressed properly, though, and the way he moves implies that the bandage on his chest may finally have been removed and, while there's a gingerness in his step, he's no longer in obvious agony. And his crossbow hangs from his shoulder, once again in its proper place. He looks tired, but at least he's walking without stumbling as he scans, then spots Kyra, Jonteim, and NewGirl overthere by the dartboard and starts that way.

As much as he wants to know about how things went between Kyra and the waitress (and, more specifically, how things are likely to go between himself and the waitress), Jonteim lets himself get distracted when Daranyl enters. The guy's obviously seen better days, but it's not that. It's… "You really gotta stop bringing that in here," he essays over the tops of some heads, pointing to the shoulder-mounted crossbow the guy is sporting. It brings Jon no joy to say it, evidenced by the fact that is' bordering on apologetic, but even a joint like the Tiki Lounge has gotta have rules, right?

Daranyl snorts softly and shrugs, "Don' trus' many others wi' it 'n' one of 'em's si'in' there schoolin' ya at darts. 'Sides, when a man looks like this," he gestures to his bruised and battered self, "He's go' ta make sure folks know he's no' a goo' target."

Jonteim rolls his fingers in a keep-it-coming gesture, prompting Daranyl to finish the explanation before he points out, "All well and good, friend, but a crossbow's really got no place in a bar. Can leave it with Gary," the bartender, "if you want, but he's gonna tell you the same thing. Just inviting trouble." Considering what's been going on until this point, Jon might have good cause to be worried about said trouble. "And nobody in here's gonna pick a fight with a guy that's already been picked over."

"Oh, she's fine. She said it was nice to meet one of your friends," is what Kyra says cheerfully enough to Jonteim, shrugging over at Briari as she says, "I'll be busy during the morning and early afternoon tomorrow, but we can just grab food after that, whatever time it is." She takes her seat again and starts eating her fries, not sure whose turn it is but not about to miss out on nomming. When Daranyl comes in, she is distracted from whatever else she was going to say, her eyebrows rising almost to her hairline, "Dar! What're you doing out of the infirmary? Did they let you go?" Her eyes narrow slightly in suspicion, though she also nods to the bar and smiles a bit, "Yeah, Gary's a nice guy. He'll look after it."

Smirking triumphantly over towards Jon for a moment, Briari looks amused. "All I did was order another drink, I didn't ask her out to dinner. I gave her a compliment on what she was wearing and asked where she got it from." It seems she just wanted him to sweat it out bit. "Oh, is this -that- Dar?" She asks with wide blue eyes as she looks over to the man with the crossbow, squinting her eyes. She picks up the darts again, unsure of who's turn it in, but she just likes to chuck them. "It's nice to finally meet you." She drawls out in a playful sing-song voice as she gives Kyra a bump with her hip. "Kyra has told me -all- about you."

Daranyl grumbles under his breath, "Tha's wha' ev'ryone says," and moves to the bar to avoid any further crap coming his way over his weapon of choice. That managed, he takes a few steps to close the distance between himself and Kyra, offering her what passes for a smile from him, "'Course they did. Can open both eyes, can' I? Thanks fer the help 'n' fer cleanin' up my bow. Means a lo' ta me-" As if noticing Briana for the first time, he looks past Kyra to the other woman, blinks once, then looks back at Kyra, then back at Briari, "Shoul' I know ya?"

Jonteim's eyes widen for just a second at the word 'friend,' alarm taking roost and then flitting away a moment later when he gives a nod, looking away with sudden distraction in the scores on the chalkboard. And if he has a smirk while he does so, enh; at least he halfway hides it. He calls a genuine sounding, "Thanks," after Daranyl when he disarms himself voluntarily (throwing people out when they're armed to the teeth is never a thrill), and - with only another of those dull looks at Briari - he stands to chunk his three darts into the board. If he finds the gossipy implications of Daranyl + Kyra interesting, it sure doesn't show. None of his business, really.

Kyra's response to Briari's various teasing reactions cause her to put her face in her hand, looking towards the girl and stating flatly, "Thanks." She gives her friend a mildly disapproving look once more only to look up at Daranyl, arms folding, "Uh huh. You know I'm going to check that before long, but for now, I'll leave it be. If you fall down and pull stitches or something, I'm not promising to help you." So there. She does smile and shrug a bit regarding his thanks for cleaning up the bow, though, "Sure. I knew how upset you'd be if you got up and it was all rusted or gross. Anyway, we're playing cricket. You can get in on the next round, if you want? …and yeah, Daranyl, this is Briari, a friend of mine from Xanadu. Well, she's not from Xanadu, but that's where I met her. I told her about what happened before you left, so she's been curious to meet you." Jonteim gets a look that threatens to shoot him with an arrow if he says a word before she rolls to her feet and takes her turn as well. Just in case.

"Yeah, she told me you're a fellow hunter. Guess that's why you got the crossbow." Briari says as she takes another sip of her drink. "I am Briari, Journeyman Harper from Monaco Beach. Kyra and I are friends from candidacy, as, she kinda just mentioned. I preform music and I study hisotrical law on the side." She cuts another look over to Jon for a moment, sucking the last of her drink through her straw in a noisy rattle of ice cubes. "This was a good choice by the way, Jon. Thank you."

Daranyl inclines a nod to Kyra's words, "I woul' have, yeah." He glances at the dartboard, then shrugs, "'M no' sure how ta play, but if'n you'll teach me…" He nods slightly to Jonteim, watching the interplay between the trio a moment before turning back to Briari, "Yeah, "

"Yeah, 'M a hun'er." See how he just totally avoids the threat from Kira? Briari's speech just garners a slow blink. Those were… certainly words. "Pleasure ta meetcha?"

Jonteim's committed, 100%, to maintaining silence in Briari's direction. The thumbs-up is about as far as he's willing to go, and even that is delivered with haste to illustrate just how grudgingly he dredges it forth. He pries his darts out of the board, marking up some sort of score (I've lost track, but he's definitely not winning), and holds them out to Daranyl. "Fifteen through twenty're what you're aiming for. Need three scores per number to close it." He adds in the rest of the details for scoring the game in quick, concise instructions, and concludes, "Can take my place. Won't be starting from zero, anyway." He answers Kyra's threatening look with a very nice smile, clearing out before she starts chucking darts.

Kyra looks somewhat relieved as Briari drops the playful language, even if she does poke her tongue out at her anyway, taking a swallow from her own bright yellow drink before she dips a fry in ketchup and pops it into her mouth. She wrinkles her nose a bit at Jonteim's smile as well, but can only offer a somewhat weary grin in response. Saa. She folds her arms on top of the table while tucking her feet underneath her chair, leaning forward a bit while looking curiously at Jon, "You're not bowing out, are you?" Aww.

"He just doesn't want to be around me." Briari states rather bluntly as she puts her own darts back on the table. She gives a quick smile to the trio, then flicks her fingers upwards in a bit of a wave. "So, I'll just take off. I have some work to do tonight anyways, but I'm glad to have seen you again, Kyra. Nice to meet you Daranyl, as well." She cants her head over towards Jon again for a moment, then starts for the entrance after tossing some money down on the table to cover her drink.

Daranyl glances between Briari and Jonteim, brows arching slightly, then shrugs. Not his problem. He looks better than he did when he first managed ot stumble back to the Weyr. He's still bruised as hell, and the shiner is still obvious, but it's all starting to fade and he's trying to be normal again. Instead of grabbing darts or anything of that nature, he just lowers himself into a chair with a slight groan, "How bad is th' rumor mill runnin'?" about him, presumably, but he doesn't specify.

Is he? Jonteim teeters his hand and disputes, "Not bowing out so much as quitting before I'm completely crushed." He only just gets it out before Briari chimes in, not a word of argument from him, but he does lower himself back into a chair when she seems to be beating a retreat. The rumor mill is not his forte, so he asks a totally clueless, "About?" His guess is obvious - about Kyra and Daranyl, between whom he looks questioningly once or twice - but people who live in glass houses with curvy waitresses better not be throwing stones.

Kyra just snorts softly at what Jonteim alludes to as his reason for quitting, "I guess that's a good point. Dar is probably a better player, since he uses a crossbow." She looks up at Briari, eyebrows lifting, when she mentions leaving just like that, "Oh, ah, well. Okay, Bri. I guess I'll see you later." She furrows her brow and lifts her hand in a bit of a wave, then shakes her head a bit and motions for Daranyl to sit down, "Let's take a dart break. And so far, everybody is tossing around the idea that you got hit by a pack of wild felines to a really, really pissed off husband." Her expression regarding that particular theory is purely amused. Looking to Jonteim, she motions towards Daranyl and comments, "About his lovely new fashion statement. He fell off a mountain, more or less."

Zu'to comes in with a pair of riders from his wing in quite a good mood, so much so that he's looped an arm around one and gives her a quick kiss on the cheek and a quick "You're a darling.", before he peels off from them to go to the bar to get himself a drink. He might have just conned someone into some extra work on his behalf, or, it's anyone's guess otherwise. Dark eyes look around to see if there's anyone else he recognizes - taking note of the bruised guy, but failing actually knowing anyone the bartender is certain to know him as he comes in often for drinks and requests his usual drink which is just some rum.

Daranyl nods to Jonteim as he settles back to sit, "Wha' she sai'," he gestures to his state, "I like ta know wha's bein' sai' 'bou' me." He snorts at the implication of pissing off a spouse, "Tha's 'bou' as likely as a green layin'. I can hol' my own be'er'n tha', yeah?" Not that Kyra's seen him fight, but he'll presume she knows. He glances over as the unknown rider enters, taking the man in and interpretting the knot before turning back to his two companions, "Thanks fer tha', too. I know ge'in' my bruised up butt ta th' infirmary was prolly a pain."

Jonteim ahhhhs, fell off a mountain, more or less. Here's his pro-tip: "Yeah, not what mountains are usually for." Anyway, he does actually decide to quit his chair once and for all now, pushing to his feet. His knuckles rap twice on the table, a quick staccato that concludes when he says, for Kyra's benefit, "Thanks." And he's off. His eyes pass briefly over the bar, across Zu'to (who he probably recognizes if the dude's a regular, by drink if not by name), with a chin-nod toward Gary behind the bar, with his gaze catching briefly on the curvy waitress, and he's strolling off.

"Eh, I've hauled worse stuff out of the woods," is Kyra's amused response to Daranyl before she looks up towards Jonteim and exhales roughly, "Oh, no, we mentioned mountains and gotten him all distracted." Ha. She shakes her head and takes a moment to notice the man who just walked in, her nose scrunching a bit out of mirth. That does look a bit like someone just convinced another to do something they'd rather not. Seeing as she's really not very shy about it, she waves a bit to Zu'to when he chances to glance over, "Hey, our third darts player just left, if you're interested."

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