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Half Moon Bay Weyr - Rooftop Patio

This roof patio extends over the part of the living caverns that juts out into the bowl. A set of stairs has been carefully hewn from the rock, leading up to a flat expanse that is covered with normal dirt and topsoil. Trees and flowers grow in this section of the created gardens turn-round, all carefully trimmed and cultivated by the weyr staff. There are several benches scattered about, each secluded and private due to the surrounding foliage. A stone path winds through the expanse, leading to the other parts of the gardens.

After the early morning wake up call most of the Weyr is still quiet, sad and many of the dragons are in mourning. Irkevalath is one of them and he is settled on a ledge that rests near the Patio, keeping a close eye on his rider. Sundari is sitting on her own looking out over what she can see from her seat. Clothing wise she has on a tanktop and capri pants, she is sitting so her back is pressed upon the armrest of the oversized chair and her legs are tucked close to her. A pair of firelizard rests upon her lap, a green cooing out at her at times, though Sunny is quiet, and yes she looks to have been crying at some point, red eyes and all.

Even Daranyl looks pale, but where others grieve, his face is set in stony preparation. He didn't really know the WeyrLeader, but he knows he's likely to be looked at as a suspect, now, and that there could be more danger in his new home." A teeny-tiny ball of green is curled up on one shoulder, so small it could be overlooked, and his crossbow is hanging from the other. He's still a bit worse for wear, but nothing compared to when he first returned to the Weyr. When he sees Sundari, he starts her way, daring to wrap an arm over her shoulders and squeeze gently, but no words. No words.

Sundari emtions are running a bit high, thanks to being pregnant just about anything could honestly make her cry at the drop of a hat now. Though this, this is a bit more then she was thinking honestly. There is a pause and she looks up to Daranyl, soon she is leaning back against his arm and attempts to give him a one armed hug back. Words, who needs them?

Daranyl lets the quiet hang there, sad but essential at the same time. He looks down at her, then nods slightly before turning his ever-vigilant gaze out to the bowl, both guardian and protector now for the bluerider. Finally, he manages, "D'they know wha' happen'd?"

Daranyl's shoulders lift and fall, "Coul' be rela'ed ta wha' happen'd ta me, coul' be nothin'. Still, be'er safe'n sorry, yeah? 'N' 'M no' gonna le' anyone hur' ya." His voice is gruff, but honest. "Th' Weyr may no' trus' me righ' now, bu' I'll do wha' I can anyway."

Sundari isn't sure for a moment, she looks like she is working on following what he said. She gives his hand a faint tug and points to the spot next to her. "Why.. How would they ever get to the Weyrleader.." She frowns at the idea, his dragon would have done something.. wouldn't he? "Why.. would someone try to hurt me?" Oh she is confused.

"Poison in his food or wine's th' mos' likely, bu' there're other options, too. 'S… they're no' goo' people." That has finality in it, his fingers tightening just slightly on her shoulder, "Bu' I don' know wha' they had plann'd. I coul' be wrong." He looks down at her again and frowns slightly, "Why do renegades do anythin' they do?"

Sundari doesn't like the sound of that, posion.. That can't be a good way to die, wait is there a good way to die? She's quiet now and herhead lwoering a bit while she glances to that baby bump of a belly that she says. "I dono.. I haven't meet to many renegades.. Just you and a few others. My father knows more." Which there are more then a few think that someone her father knows is what sent the rest of her family all missing like.

Daranyl nods slowly, "Come in all shapes'n'flavors, really. Bu'… when th' bad ones set their minds ta somethin'…" He trails off, but the implication is there: when they want bad things to happen, bad things happen. "Ya mention'd tha' yer fam'ly's boa' dissappear'd?" Because that's a less painful subject. Right.

"Suppose so.." Sundari says with a soft tone at the idea. "Everyo group has good ones, bad ones, troublemakers.." There is a pause at the talk of her family and she is quiet for a few moments. "For about a turn.. Haven't heard anything from them. Went looking for them dozen of times, info here and there.. Though ntohing ever found."

Daranyl's fingers tighten again, trying to be something resembling comforting, "Was'n' born in th' camp. M' folks died 'n' Ez'n I jus'… ended up there."

Sundari doesn't have a problem with that comforting touch, it is helping, and she isn't balling so that must be a good thing? Though her eyes are watering up as if tears are just there about to spill. "I'm sorry that you all had to end up there.." It doesn't seem like a good place for anyone to grow up in.

"'Sdone. 'N' 've never done anythin' ta regre'. No' even wha' go' me this." Daranyl taps his chest gently and gives his head a shake, "Won' say I was happy there all th' time, bu' I wasn' always unhappy, either. 'Twas home fer a time."

Sundari sniffles a bit, her hand lifting to rub at her eyes a few times. No tears, no tears.. A few tears roll down her cheeks no matter what she thinks. "I'm glad you had some good times at least.." She pauses. "But i'm glad your not there anymore Daranyl."

"Me too. 'M no'… 'twoul' only have been a ma'er o' time 'fore they ask'd me ta do somethin' I coul'n' do." Daranyl doesn't move his hand from Sundari's shoulder, adjusting his crossbow with the other instead, "'N' then I woulda been in th' same place wi'ou' somewhere ta go."

Sundari nods at that and a soft breath esacpes her before, hey she spots something on his shoulder and is left peering at him. "Did the egg hatch?" On to talk about other things!

An oddly conflicted expression crosses Daranyl's face, "Yeah. Doesn' do much more'n eat'n'sleep righ' now. 'N' make me feel weird."

Sundari looks a bit amused, a faint smile seen. "Well.. That is about all they do at this stage. When she gets bigger that won't be the only thing on her mind. Did you name her?"

Daranyl gives his head a slight shake, careful not to dislodge the sleeping bundle, "'M no' sure wha' ta call 'er. I though' they pick'd their own names 'r somethin' like tha'?" Dragons? Firelizards? totes the same thing!

Sundari shrugs slightly at the thought and peeks at her figrelizards. "I suppose they could.. Dragon's are more abilities then a firelizard in a sense. Firelizards don't 'talk' in the same manner as dragons do after all."

"They don'?" Now poor Daranyl just looks confused. "Wha's diff'ren' abou' dragons, then? She tells me when she's hungry 'r angry 'r sad. Made th' mos' horrendous noise when… when th' dragons sai' farewell."

"Irkevalath does that too.. But the way the first dragons where made I guess is the kicker." Sundari offers as she ponders. "Dragons and firelizards are alike to some degree but so far from them in others. Dragon's can think on there own, the abilitiy to talk.." What else..

"So ya've… go' a sec'nd voice in yer head all th' time? Tha' don' soun' fun." Daran glances over at the little ball of green, "Are th' fligh's th' same?" Oh, yeah, there's a hint of worry there…

Sundari smiles. "Sometimes.. Though you learn over time how to block it to get through things and the like. The link is always there but can sometimes been dulled down so to speak." She blinks and chuckles softly. "Naw.. Don't have to worry about that with firelizard."

"Thank Faranth." Daran's relief is palpable. "Don' much 'spec' anythin' when it comes ta dragons. 'M no' dragonfolk'n'all. 'M jus' gla' ta be welcome here."

Sundari chuckles softly and shakes her head. "That is ok, really. I didn't know anything until I got her myself. First one in my family to have a dragon."

Daranyl shrugs again, "'M no' 'spectin' nothin'. 'M jus' gla' ta have somewhere ta call home. 'N' this li'le girl's more'n enough."

Sundari chuckles a bit and smiles. "Yeah.. I didn't think I'd go about finding a dragon. Funny how things work out honestly." This said with a glance towards the blue before shrugs and glances back to Daranyl. "Not to much changed.. Other then I have a dragon and I'm living in the weyr."

Daranyl shrugs again, "I never though' I'd like th' Weyr, bu'… well, I don' think it's th' Weyr so much's th' people in it, bu'… Jus' hopin' nothin' goes wrong there."

"Funny how things work out huh?" Sundari questions with an amused like tone. Well at least she isn't as down like when he found on. "It'll be alright.. Nothing is going to go wrong." She doesn't want anything else to happen.

Daranyl shrugs yet again. The boy really needs a new gesture. "I wish… I wish I coul' believe tha'. Jus' see too much go wrong, I guess. 'M jus' hopin' 'M wrong 'n' th' Weyrleader's death is a coincidence."

Sundari thinks he needs a new gesture, she reaches over to poke at his side a few times. "You have to think postivly at some point Daranyl.. It can't be always doom and gloom."

Daranyl jumps away from the poking, still sensitive in his ribs even if they're not cracked, "Why? 'M never disappointed." It's one of those statements that's profound… and awful all at once.

Sundari i quiet at that. "Because… It's not good for you.. It's not fun to be like that.. Least it isn't for me. Gets all depressing.."

Daranyl reaches to touch Sundari's shoulder gently, "'Ve done fine so far. If'n I ever have a reason ta change, I will. 'Till then, migh' as well keep focus'd on doin' wha' 'M goo' at." He doesn't leave for a long time, just staying there with her. Keeping them both safe.

Sundari isn't to sure about all that right now, her hand move to rest upon his giving it a squee

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