When Pern Shakes

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Rec Cavern

This large cavern is painted a pleasant shade of pale blue-green, with purple highlights along borders. The weyr's badge is featured in a twin tapestries hanging on either side of the entry. Directly inside the doors and to the right is an area with bookshelves and a long computer desk for the public computer. Several chairs line the desk so that people waiting for the computer may pursue other studies. To the left of the entrance is a sitting area with a chess set built into a table.

Along the wall to the left is a bar, set up against the storage closet. Tall metal chairs with bright purple and blue-green cushions line the bar; beside the bar is a pair of gambling machines. Prior to recent renovations, the bar was set up on the other side of the room in front of a huge mirror inset into the wall. Now that mirror is behind a slightly elevated stage featuring a piano recently built by the Harper Hall and transported to the islands. Several music stands and musician's chairs are stacked against the wall, for use when Harpers or weyrfolk desire to perform.

Along the wall opposite the entrance are dart boards, each with a set of couches and chairs nearby for relaxation between turns. And all throughout the room are sitting areas with similarly constructed couches and chairs, all featuring blue-green or purple fabric. Short, darkly stained wooden tables are centered inside each sitting area, for games, food, drinks, and whatever else weyrfolk need. Near the center of the room is a large, long table useable both for crafty pursuits or table tennis, and interspersed throughout the room are card tables with wooden, cushioned chairs.

It's getting on towards evening with a bit of cool coming in off the water as the seasons turn, so Daranyl has set himself up at one of the poker tables in the rec room, a cloth laid out on it, though it looks like the work it was laid out for has been finished. He turns the crank one last time, then plucks the string on his crossbow, testing it before he nods, reaching absently to stroke the little green ball of firelizard curled up on the edge of the cloth. He's humming softly some sort of camping son, seeming momentarily serene in this simple, rote activity.

For a change, the sideboard tables have been refreshed just before she gets there, instead of being cold and barren after. Kadesh drags her feet in and heads straight for sustenance, gathering up some bubblies and meatrolls on a plate before slowly wandering over to Daranyl's table. She pauses, not saying a word as she watches him, choosing a meatroll to start with. She takes a bite from her selection, then stares across the room. The recreation area has been bleak since the Weyrleader's passing. Maybe it'll come to life again soon. For now, wandering outside of her office was only due to cabin fever, otherwise Celimoth's pursuits would keep her away from… everyone.

Makoto comes in, her satchel bag tucked under her arm. She comes in looking toward the computer terminals but turns when she notices Daran. She walks over reaching in her bag but stops when she sees him working on the crossbow. "I.. I take it you found the tool you were looking for?" She looks as the weyrwoman passes by but stays quiet with a little frown.

Sundari is sitting not to far from Daranyl actually, curiously watching as he works. "Don't suppose.. You could teach me how to use one of them at some point?" This questioned about the crossbow. The bluerider is sitting nice and comfy in the chair, and if anyone tells her to give up pillows there be in trouble, she is getting that motherly glare down rather well already! She glances up as she hears the others, a soft smile and nod is seen before she is glancing to Desh as well. She is quiet for a few moments and is soon waving to her as well. "Kadesh.. Want to sit with us?"

Daranyl glances up at Sundari, then down at the freshly restrung crossbow and nods, "I coul'. Weyrwoman." He bobs a greeting, reaching to relocate the comatose little firelizard so that Kadesh has somewhere to put down her food, then turns slightly to offer the crossbow to Sundari, "Usin' it's simple, hittin' wha' ya aim at's wha's hard." He looks up at Makoto, then nods towards the odd little wrencherdriver, "Yeah. T'anks fer yer help, tho'. I migh' need th' claw," he taps the hoop at the head, "reforged soon, though."

The last of the meatroll is popped into Kadesh's mouth and she takes a deep breath, her feet taking her around the room. "Thanks," she mutters and nods her head to Sundari and Daranyl before setting her plate on the table and her butt in a seat. She sighs, tossing her braid over her shoulder. "How often do you need to play with that thing indoors?" She raises a questioning brow, fingertips selecting a delectable bubblie which she starts to tear into messy little pieces. The blue firelizard tightly wound around her arm and nestled into her collar hisses, little beady eyes flashing red. Don't shoot, mister!

Makoto smiles and nods to Sundari. "Hey Sunny." she reaches back in her bag, looking at Daran. "Looks like I'm a little late then." she pulls the tool he needed out of her bag and puts it back in. "Ah well, it's better you found one your self. I can reforge the stirrup whenever you need it. That looks like a pretty easy piece." She takes a seat nearby. She smiles at Kadesh a little nervously. She was frequently skittish around people she didn't know, especially important people she didn't know.

Sundari nods as she hears Daranyl while she shifts to lean upon the table a bit while she curiously watches as the crossbow is put back together. She glances to kadesh and then back to Daranyl looking a bit amused but she'll let him answer it seems.

Daranyl nods to Makoto, "No' ta compl'cated, jus'… well, I'll talk ta ya la'er abou' it." He reaches to tilt the bow and nudges it towards Sundari, "See how heavy it feels in yer han's 'n' such. Mine's kinda heavy." Hopefully, she takes it, because he reaches to fold up the slightly oily cloth, "Well, ma'am, can' risk dust'n'such ge'in' in while I'm cleanin' it, so I do most o' tha' indoors. No bolts in th' room, tho'. Dunno wha' more ya wan' from me."

"So long as it's not loaded, all it takes is for some to bump your elbow, then I'll have a new head to mount on the wall when it's all said and done." Kadesh manages to crack a smile before glancing down at her loaded plate. She picks it up and holds it to Makoto in offering, plenty of meatrolls and bubblies to go around. If the goldrider shares her prey, then you're good company in her book. Nightmare hisses again, pushing with his back legs to get into Desh's tunic but stubbornly won't unwrap his tail from her arm and shoulder. "Lizard, you're going to be target practice if you don't calm down." When the blue flit settles, the plate is also held out to Sundari in offering.

Makoto giggles at Kadesh's threats to Daran. That crossbow can be pretty unnerving sometimes. She perks up in surprise when she offers the plate. "T-Thank you ma'am!" she smiles and takes a few meatrolls with a big smile. She watches Kadesh's firelizards intently while slowly picking at the food she just grabbed.

Sundari looks back to Daranyl and nods while she does go about taking hold of the bow, which hey it is heavy. Her arms lower a bit but she is able to keep it up. "Yeah.. It is heavish." Hey sheis a rider, have to haul straps around and the like right? She lifts it somewhat but not that high as she looks over it. "Maybe I can look into getting one. For lessons or somesuch." This said whie she looks to Daranyl with a smile seen. As for that plate of food oh it is eyed but with the crossbow in hand she isn't able to grab anything just yet from it. Leave it to expecting rider to have a grumbling tummy now.. "Cuse me.." Is said with a sheepish tone from that grumble.

Daranyl's little green wakes just slightly, hissing until he plucks up a bit of meatroll and forces it on her. It's bolted down, then the green slips back off to slumber. "Ma'am, even if'n it were loaded, which it ain', it's be'er tuned than tha'. Been maintainin' it m'self since I was eigh'." He offers Makoto a soothing nod. Kadesh can be unnerving, but he likes her. He reaches for the bow so that Sundari can eat if she wants, "Bes' ta getcher own, yeah. Righ' weigh'. Righ' pull strength. Prolly hafta wai' 'ntil af'er ya've had Li'l Bit. Jus' ta be safe."

Kadesh hisses and sets the plate down. Standing up, she tilts her head to the side, her hip banging against the edge of the table on the way up. "Shard it, Nightmare! Stop digging your claws into my shoulder!" The blue flit hisses again, not relinquishing it's grip on his human as he tries to hide his head in the collar of her tunic. The very ground beneath her shifts under the Weyrwoman's feet and she bumps into the table once more. Honey hued eyes peer at the walls around her as bottles and furniture begins to rumble and shake. "What now," she groans, the lights in the room flickering for a moment before turning off entirely, leaving the room in utter darkness. The shaking intensifies. "Earthquake! Everyone take cover! Or try, damnit!" A chair clatters to the ground behind her and she uses her hands to feel about in the dark. The table was there one minute and gone the next…

Kyra was just on her way to the rec room, intent on doing something crafty if the bag overflowing with yarn in one of her hands is any indication. She recognizes everyone fairly quickly, seeing as she knows them all, and throws up a wave towards Daranyl and Sundari while cutting off towards Kadesh, "Mom! Hey. Do you-" She's cut off by things shaking, a firelizard going crazy, and a very abrupt cover of darkness. Without the extent of time the others had to even know where things might be, Kyra is left, momentarily, standing stock still in the dark with no real solid idea which direction to go in.

Makoto looks at Kadesh in confusion and then gives out a shrill scream as the lights go out! She drops to the ground and covers her head with her bag. She tries to think of someplace to hide but realizes she has no sense of direction anymore, so she just curls up, the bag also helping to muffle her screams.

Daranyl's little green gives a sudden undignified squawk and disappears between. Daran nods at Kyra, then the room goes black and the Renegade dives to the ground, naturally coming up with the unloaded crossbow pointed towards the door, as if he could kill the earthquake, "Kyra! Sunny! Hit the turf! Faranth's egghole." There's the sound of shuffling, "I know I've go' one a those 'lectric ligh's in here somewhere."

Sundari smiles and nods to Daranyl. "I'll hold you to that." She offers with a happy tone at the idea. She goes about picking up a meatroll once the crossbow is out of her hand and is thus chewing on it when everything get a bit crazy. Firelizards disappear, the lights go out and then everything goes black. Luckly she doesn't choke on it and she is diving downwards while things start to fall around them. "Shards.." Is muttered out.

Kadesh let's out a long string of indignifed, unladylike cursing as she crawls across the room. A loud crash stuns her for a moment as she feels her way, "How long is this blasted thing going to go on!?" She can barely hear herself in all the chaos. There has to be torches or candles around somewhere. SOMETHING. A wall! The goldrider slides her hands along the wall, trying to find her footing. Glass begins to break off to her right, likely the bar being raided by the earthquake or some desperate resident. Her fingertips find a cabinet and she jerks it open, feeling around for the contents.

Makoto cries into her bag for a moment before she years Daran mutter something about electric lights. Of course. Makoto can have all the tools and none of the wherewithal to use it in an emergency. She reaches in her bag and feels around her bag in a panic. Suddenly a small light pops up in the room, Makoto pointing it around frantically. She might have a light, but she has no idea what to do with it. She just points it around, trying to find everyone. She lets out a tearful cry. "I-IS EVERYONE OKAY?!"

Kyra resists the urge to respond to Daranyl with a large barking 'duh' out of sheer anxiety, but she drops to the ground all the same, taking a little bit to see if there's any light coming from anywhere at this point. She keeps one hand over her head while she crawls along with the other out, trying to make her way towards where the doorway was just so she can find a wall and use it as some form of navigation. With everything shaking like this, she feels sort of nauseous, but she just tries to focus on the task at hand. She nearly misses the light flashing all over the place at first, but when she notices it, she suddenly does decide to bark, her voice like a clear crack of lightning, "Hold the light still! Find one of those heavy tables and get your ass under it so we can find our way to you!" There you go.

Daranyl manages to find his light and turn it one with a click, though his is tinted a deep orange and is thus, less painful on the eyes, "Watch where yer pointin' tha' thing, Mako'o. Ye'll blin' someone if'n yer no' careful." Boy's a hunter, of course he has a tinted light. He twists, shoving himself under the table he was so-recently using to repair his bow, then reaches for Sundari to try to drag her under as well, "Shardin' ha' these things." And there's only so much space under each of the tables, "How long da these things las' here?" He grasps the table leg, helping keep it upright. At least this isn't his former family. Not unless they're much more powerful than he knew.

Sundari is scrambling a bit to try and find a place to take cover, a half cry escapes her as something slams into her. Why hello book, how did you get here? Either way it caught her in the sid eof her head and that is going to be throbbing for a few moments. She grabs hold of Daranyl's hand and doesn't put up a fight at the help under the table and is leaning close to him while tucking her leg near her as possible.

The shaking stops, tapering off to a tremble then nothing but dust filling the air. A buzzing echos across the room before the lights flicker on and off. In the brief moments of light from the lamps over head and a few others, the room is torn into utter disarray. Furniture and bottles from the bar lay upon the floor, fluids and alcohol saturating the corner. Kadesh coughs for a moment, rubbing debris from her eyes as she tries to fathom what just happened. She pushes away from the wall, peering up as one lamp bursts and is lifeless in the fray. The others stop their flickering, all but one that manages to stay on, dimly. A chair is propped back up and shoved out of the way, burning eyes trying to seek out injured. "If you're able, get up and check one another. Look for injured, get them to the healers!"

Tables! Right! Makoto looks around frantically before finding a large table to crawl under. \She could haul it pretty fast when she has to! She slides under and points her flaslight up. "O-OVER HERE!" she cries out and sniffles, buckling over and gripping at her chest. When the lights turn out, the emotions flood into her and she chokes up and starts hyperventilating. She collapses in a ball on the floor and begins to sob.

Kyra is a dust-and-debris coated figure crouched near the far wall, her knitting bag abandoned and likely rolled under something by now. Her spot in the room is also amusingly decorated by ping pong balls from the table tennis area that are slowly rolling around in idle circles. With the flickering lights helping her out, she makes her way over towards Makoto, eventually getting under the table with her and simply taking the older girl's hand, arm going around her shoulders, "Hey, hey, it's alright. Don't forget to breathe." The shaking is over, but Kyra isn't moving yet, even in response to Kadesh's order. Just in case of an aftershock, you see. Ahem.

Daranyl holds Sundari tightly through the end of the shake. There are no words from the quiet hunter, he just holds her steady through it. When it ends, though, he unwinds his arm, "Stay here. Sometimes it shakes again." He gives her shoulder a quick squeeze, then slides out from under the table, getting to his feet and casting that tinted light around carefully, "Mako'o? Kyra? You bot' alrigh'?" He slides his crossbow over his shoulder, seeing the girls huddled there beneath the table, seemingly at least alive and whole, and inches towards the door, nudging it open with one foot, he shouts out into the Living Caverns, "Anyone hur' in there? Ya go' ligh's 'n' all tha'?"

Sundari isn't moving, nope, and she is rather quiet to say the least. She swallows slightly, fingers actually gripping at Daranyl's arm while everything is falling down around them. Oh yeah she's a bit scared here. Perhaps it wasn't a book that hit her, something thunked her good in the side of her head though, hello blood as she feels it down. Her free hand moves to her head and she blinks a few times before nodding to Daranyl at the staying put part while letting go of his arm.

What do you do in times like this? Kadesh coughs to clear her throat and she makes her way around the room before pausing at the entrance. She glances at the sparks from the busted lamps and the debris around the room. "If you're able to move, clear this place to be on the safe side. Aftershocks… Faranth, not any time soon." Celimoth gathers her attention for a moment and her concerned face melts into a terrible scowl. She slams her fist against the wall, peering down the way. Echos of other residents in different part of the weyr proper are rising. "Sundari, you go straight to the healers! Someone escort her, no exceptions!" The Weyrwoman growls as she stalks out into the unknown.

Makoto leans against Kyra. She's trembling. Breathe… breathe. She tries to control her breathing but it's still a struggle. When Daran asks about them she tries to speak. "W..ww-w-w-were fine-" she's even harder to understand than with her usual nervous shutter. She squeezes Kyra's hand. "T-t-t..thank you…" she buckles over, dry heaving a bit. She felt nausious and her chest was tight… but she's been here before. A lot. Like Kyra said, breathe… breathe… slowly. She was still panicing but the steady breathing started to take some of the edge off.

Kyra gives Makoto a sudden sharp smack on the back to try and shock those lungs out of seizing up. She gives her a few lighter pats on the back to follow it up, then rubs her back furiously, her brow furrowed. It's a very back-oriented sort of soothing followed by Kyra saying, helpfully, "I'm Kyra. You're Makoto, right? Okay. Look. We've got to get out from under here. Sundari needs someone to take her to the healers - do you think you could do that for me?"

Daranyl flashes his light around the Living Caverns, then turns back to the rec room, "Can' ya stan', Sunny?" Even as he asks, he's moving towards the table where he left her, glancing over at Kyra and Makoto as Kyra tries to entreat the smith to perform that duty, his gaze flicking between the two, then back to Sundari as he leans to offer her a hand, "I thin' Mako'o's gonna' help ya ta th' 'firmary, yeah? Can ya make th' walk?"

Makoto lets out a surprised gasp as she gets whacked but slowlys tarts relaxing again. "T..Thank you Kyra." she offers up a nervous smile but then quickly frowns. "… I.. I-I don't… know if I should." her face wrinkles a bit and she lets out a sigh. People need help and she should focus on that. Focus on helping. She repeats it in her head like a mantra. "I.. I'll do it." she says almost in a whimper, dragging her self to her feet. "Y-Yeah.. I.. I got you, Sunny." she grabs her bag and staggers over. Her face was wet with tears but she tries to keep it together as she makes her way to Sundari.

Sundari isn't moving, nope nope.. no arguing either, as she is just scared stiff. Who would have thought something like that would get to her so much. It'll take a few moments before she's able to come to her senses it seems. She blinks a few times and glances upwards as she hears her name more then once. "Yeah.." Is offered softly, well she is rather sure that she can. Her hand moves to lightly take hold of Daranyl's hand while she slowly stands up with his help. She's in some pain here and it isn't from her head knock. With all the mess around and dragons 'freaking' out Irkevalath is there near the caverns as close as he can get thanks to all the mess and he is bulging out loudly for his rider with worry.

Kyra looks relieved when Makoto ultimately accepts the task, pulling herself out from under the table as well and ruffling dust from her hair before she takes the chance to look around as much as she can in the dim light, trying to gauge the actual damage to the room. An earthquake where everything's built of stone can get nasty fast. She brushes some dirt off her hands as well before moving towards Daranyl and Sundari, giving the latter a look of quiet concern, "Are you okay? I think maybe we should all head towards the infirmary with you. If there's anybody else, we can grab them on the way." Kyra must spend too much time with her mom because she's really mastered that authoritarian tone of voice that tends not to accept arguments. Either that or she's just naturally bossy.

Daranyl's fingers tighten on Sundari's in just a hint of comfort, but he lets Makoto take the lead on helping her. Perhaps even he realizes that having something to do will help the smith focus, "Tell him yer okay or he'll make it har' fer us ta getcha ou'." That settled, he takes a moment to give Kyra a quick once-over before he nods, "Yeah, le's stick t'gether jus' in case."

Makoto leans down by Sunny and puts a hand on her shoulder. She's still trembling. "I-It'll be okay…" She was telling herself that as much as she was telling Sundari. She tries to help her up and forces a shakey smile on her face.

"I'm trying to get him ta calm down." Sundari offers softly, she does look a bit dazed with that thought as she is working on talking Irkevalath down so to speak. It takes a few moments but the blue finally calms himself and will be there waiting for them to come out for certain. Sunny swallows a bit and gives Daranyl's hand a squeeze. "Infrmary sounds good." She isn't to sure what's up, but she doesn't feel all ok right now. When Makoto over, she is going to get a rider leaning against her somewhat for help once that walking bit starts.

Kyra doesn't comment on how Sundari's feeling at the moment, instead hunting down her knitting bag and yanking out a couple things only to present Sundari with a somewhat shoddily made scarf, "Use this to cover your face a bit so you don't breathe in too much dust." She gets to be the center of attention because she's the only one currently acting as a human incubator. Kyra will flash Makoto a light smile of encouragement as well, then shrug and motion for the door, "Alright, let's go. We can't expect the healers to come to us, right?" She'll take Makoto's free hand in order to help create something of a train and lead their little group through the dimness towards the rest of the Weyr, the infirmary the goal.

Daranyl touches Sundari's back gently until he's sure Makoto can support her weight alright, then falls back and to the right, casting the light from his torch ahead so they can see where they're going. He doesn't train up, he needs a hand for the light and another to cut a bi- er, handle anyone they find along the way, no matter how they need to be handled. Just keep moving, guys. We'll get there.

Makoto gets a good grip on Sundari and takes a deep breath. You got this, Makoto. Ahw smiles back to Kyra and trains up along with them. She seems to mostly have it together for now — or is at least saving the breakdown for later.

Sundari takes that scarf and offers a faint smile to Kyra. "Thanks." Is offered softly. She'll lean against Makoto for a good few moments during the start of it though soon enough she's able to keep herself up rather well as she is starting to feel better. Even though everything is dark she is looking all over here and there thanks to that light. Onwards they go to the Infirmary!

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