Boy Meets Boy

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Infirmary

This long, rectangular cavern smells faintly of antiseptic and strongly of pleasant medicinal herbs. The general atmosphere is one of bustling but orderly quiet and strict cleanliness. The back of the room is dominated by a small hearth for heat and medicinal preparations and by swinging double doors that lead to a small DragonHealing bay, an emergency surgery for human patients, the main storage, and the staff area where Healers can eat, shower, change, and the like during their longer shifts. The front of the room is a waiting and reception area where patients and staff can check in to receive treatment and begin work, respectively. The east wall of the room features examination, birthing, recovery and outpatient treatment rooms while the opposite wall is curtained off to provide privacy and bed-space for patients requiring overnight care.

Western can certainly handle most of the routine and sometimes urgent treatment needs of its residents here. It lacks some of the equipment available at the main Healer Hall. Once they are stabilized, patients requiring specialized or ongoing care are surely transferred there.

"You know, I have no idea at the moment. The klah isn't strong enough in the caverns and given whats going on, I'll have to dip into my stash." That last little bit jokingly whispered to the bluerider as he leans over and peers around the room. One thing about being a trader, is you don't have to always wait for the weyr to provide. Just locate the home caravan and buy away! S'rorn doesn't keep all those boxes, jars and bottles around for mere decoration after all.

Sundari chuckles softly as she hears that. "Just don't partake into it too much. Especially since I can't right now." This said with a soft teasing tone. She was a seacrafter, booze is there thing! Though for rather obvious reasons she has not touched it. "We're figure some out later, there's time." She isn't about to have the kid so yay for time! "Don't suppose you could talk the healers into letting me come home? The bed is more comfy then this one. Either that or you just have to stay here with me." This said with a slight nod. The Healers are all a buzz with helping people after everything that has been going on. Sunny is there still though seems fine, save for a bump on her head from whatever hit her the night before. Though yes she has been crying, eyes are red and slightly puffy. S'rorn is sitting near her and the two are talking, holding hands and all that lovely cute stuff people do.

Daranyl is covered in dust and grit with a few small scratches here and there, but it was, apparently, worth it as he's carrying in a little girl, no older than 6 turns, who appears to have collapsed in sleep now that she's no longer half-trapped. Unsurprisingly, the healers swarm to help with her, taking her off the hunter's hands to find somewhere to settle her to sleep, then get food in her. Run, Sunny, now while they're not looking!

"I'll see who I can 'encourage'. If they did their job and checked you, there's no reason why some bedrest at home where it's less stressful is not in order." S'rorn doesn't like the infirmary, either. If it's busy, he'd be taking a patient off their hands. The brownrider rises to his feet and peers around the room for a moment. He catches sight of the man bringing the little girl in and he holds his breath for a moment til the healers step in. He exhales and turns to press a quick kiss to Sundari's brow. "Let me see who I can catch, and as soon as we're home, I'll make sure dinner is on the table." Nyz better wake up if escape is possible.

Sundari nods as she hears S'rorn, a smile seen while she squeezes his hand. "Thanks hon." Is said while she looks out at more movement and catches sight of Daranyl carrying someone in, she frowns a bit.. She should be helping, not all unable to help.. Which makes her feel bad, its her job to help after all. Her gaze lingers at Daranyl a moment to make sure his alright before she looks back to S'rorn at the kiss and she smiles while giving him one back on the cheek before he can get to far. "Alright, sounds good." Irk can take them, the blue is back settled near the entrance anyway. Though there is plenty of buzzing around to be found in the place, healers all over and the like still after all.

Daranyl gets dabbed in numbweed on the cuts, grimmacing before the numbing kicks in and a healer shoves him towards a chair to 'rest before he kills himself', which just gets a grunt from the healer before he drops into a chair near Sundari's bed and starts to guzzle water, offering her a mute greeting with one hand. Water good.

Lisbei is at it again- Trades are a booming and Lisbei is on yet another delivery to the Infirmary. This time she has less medical supplies and more of the fun stuff like nice new bedding for the cots from the Weavers at Monaco, decorative tea mugs with an assortment of tasty herbal teas from Ista and exquisite, yet tasteful art from Ruatha for the reception area. The petite blonde pushes her way through the door, arms full of knick-knacks and bags, followed by a portly gent who carries the artwork surprisingly gingerly and sets it by the reception desk. With a grunt and a mark from the Farmcrafting Trader he's off and Lis conducts business as usual with smiles and handshakes of another deal well done. Turning on heel she spot Sundari and Daranyl "Well if it isn't my two favorite Infirmary faces. When they letting you out Daran?" She asks while shuffling in a side pouch for the fresh meat she's procured for the gent's new firelizard. "Then again-" that warm expression turns on Sundari "If I had her taking care of me I probably wouldn't want to be getting better any time soon either. How goes?"

Sundari looks to Daranyl once he is sitting next to her, a soft smile is seen. "Hey, your out there doing good an't you?" She looks over to him much lik she did with S'rorn to make sure there isn't some bones or the like sticking out. "You doing alright?" Lisbei gets her next look and she nods to her, a soft smile seen now as well. "Daranyl's been out, now his getting to help people." Unlike her!

No bones sticking out. Daran gestures towards Sundari for the explanation of him already being out while he finishes emptying that glass, then sets it aside, "Yeah. Hasn' been too ba' so far, bu' there're still some af'er-quakes 'n' folks trap'd." He glances towards the little girl briefly, well-aware that the healers are more than capable, then back to the two ladies near him, "'Sgood of ya ta bring more supplies. I hear' For' ha' some troubles, too."

When the meat appears, a little green thing appears from between and zooms into the packages, nomming away almost before Daran can even get it open. He has, perhaps, been a bit more focused on helping people than feeding his lizard.

That came out wrong.

Lisbei raises a brow and nods with genuine delight and encouragement at Sundari's tidbit of info "Well now! That's about the best story I heard all week, a wounded warrior recovers and helps others. Well done you two loves- nothing like paying it forward, ya know?" Around her the proffered supplies start finding their ways towards new homes, pictures hung, teas and mugs in place and bedding swapped out all around. The aspect of instant results and a business deal coming to completion puts an even bigger smile on her face, however, when she hears the after-quakes comment her face loses that shine and she comments "I heard 'bout that. Was over on the Eastern continent when it happened- tween that n'the fires at Fort you'd think Pern was about to rotate out of orbit or something!" She instantly prays that isn't true and wish she could retract the mere thought to begin with. "Thanks!" She says to Daran with a slight shrug "S'just part of m'duties- least I can do is help get things from Weyr to Weyr in times of need. Anything else I can do to help here?" A smile returns with a chuckle for the little green's antics "Someone's hungry!"

Sundari smiles and nods to the bit on Darranyl. "Now.. I just need outa here.." Sooner rather then later for her honestly. "It.. Was a mess.." Tis said at the talk about the quake which actually makes her pale a bit at the thought and she swallows a touch. She would rather not deal with one ever again thank you very much. A glance is sent back to Daranyl and the green hatchling. "She'll be alright, the healers will take good care of her Daranyl." Meaning the girl he went and saved out of trouble.

Daranyl's shoulders lift and fall, "Jus' doin' wha's righ' 'sall." The mention of the fires just makes him snort, "Don' know nuthin' 'bou' tha', bu' soun's like things're jus' a bi' unus'al overall, yeah." He reaches to run one finger lightly down the tiny green's spine, "Prolly. 've been busy." He nods slightly to Sundari and shrugs again, "Wan' me ta sneak ya ou'?" He'd do it, too.

S'rorn comes back into the room, shoulders slumped and a crooked frown about his face. He settles back down in the stool at Sundari's bedside and presses a kiss to her brow. "The healers are going to look at your chart and they'll release you if they deem is safe. They just need a few… hours. Things are still hectic." The brownrider nods to Daranyl for a moment and glances around the room. If it doesn't look it from the angle they're all in, it definitely sounds it.

Lisbei head shakes and tongue clicks. "S'just awful." she says in somewhat of a finalizing tone noticing that Sundari is looking a bit peekid at the thought. "You alright Sundari? Can I get ya some tea? You're looking a lil flush." A hand is gently places on her shoulder in a comforting manner. "That's a good way to put it Daran, and really all we can do I suppose." Her properness is exuded by her enunciated words, which seem so over articulated in comparison to Daran-slang. A gentle shrug of shoulder and a sigh and she's back to a little chuckle at the thought of breaking someone out of the Infirmary "I'd watch your tiny and can make a diversion!" She'd do it, too! Fortunately it seems that the slumped shouldered gent is doing things the proper way.

Sundari is actually thinking about that, getting sneaked out. "S'rorn will be back soon.. I bet he'll get me out." She can hope! Though the look that S'rorn has says that is a 'no'. At the talk of her needing to stay she makes a slight face. "Alright.." She isn't happy about it but hey, so be it. She leans close to S'rorn, tugging him near if she has to. "S'rorn, this is Daranyl. His a hunter, an my friend. Daranyl this is S'rorn, my Weyrmate." There may have been some unsure in the past but she sounds rather sure about that now. She smiles to Lisbei and nods to the talk of tea. "Some tea would be great actually.. An I'm alright, just tired." Though that shouldn't be a surprized carrying a kid and stressing out over quakes and the like!

Daranyl nods slightly to S'rorn as the brownrider arrives, then offers a hand as they're introduced, "So you're Li'l bit's poppa. Pleasure." He glances back at Lisbei, then down at the little green, "Yeah. I shoul' prob'ly hea' back ou' soon. They're always findin' someone else wha' needs help 'n' 'M strong 'nuff ta get 'r done."

S'rorn takes Daranyl's hand and gives it a friendly firm handshake in reply. Not that posturing male 'I can squeeze harder,' but a genuine one. If Sunny approves, then he has to follow suit. "Well met, and be safe out there. The air is clearing up but there's still alot of settling debris. Drink lots of water, that's what I've been hearing being an issue with people out there. They forget."

Lisbei takes the introductions opportunity to slip away and grab the most delicious honeyed tea for Sundari (something likened to a coconut almond tea), giving thema moment to sort out whatever uncertainty or awkwardness there is that seems to be temporarily hovering in the atmosphere. "Glad you'll be ok. Again, if any of you need anything don't hesitate to ask." And on that note- seems like a good segue to escape from the not posturing male stuff that is going on with "I better get back to it. Got two more deliveries t'make before the days is out. You two take it easy and I'm sure I'll see ya around- just got to keep doing what is right, right?" A bow of the head for the two she knows is extended beyond that to the gent whom she doesn't know, and with the turn of momentum she's out the door.

Sundari is glace that S'rorn and Daranyl are all friendly like, good! Friends there she did something good tonight there at least. Hearing Daranyl she blushes a bit and glances to S'rorn. "Yeah he is." This said with an amused tone and she leans closer to the brownrider and gives his cheek a quick kiss. As for tea, she'll take it happy when getting it, yay for tea she won't ask how Lisbei found it right now. "Just becareful out there.. Both of you. OR.. else.." Else what? She isn't sure but she'll figure it out if something should happen to either one of them.

Or else they shall face the wrath of mom! And that's a terrifying thing. Daranyl nods to Lisbei, "Be safe." He glances at Sundari and shrugs, "'M no' lookin' ta die jus' ye'. Promise." Daranyl raises his glass, giving it an almost playful waggle, "Ev'ry time I come in, they force twice this on me. Don' worry."

Sundari will indeed unleash the wrath of mommynes on them all if someone gets hurt. "Good.. Gotta have someone teach me how to use a crossbow." She will not forget that is for certain. She'll keep up the conversation between them three until Daranyl needs to go, and then she'll jut continue with S'rorn for there is much to talk about. At some point in time the Healer will let her leave which means she gets to go home to her bed which is ok with her. S'rorn and Sunny get to go home, much talk about baby name for certain.

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