In the Living Caverns

Western Weyr - Living Caverns
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

Torian looks at the rest of the residents and their reactions, he stumbles to his feet and offers a curt bow toward the Werywoman. Where he has never directly interacted with her, well before yesterday not much in the way any of the riders, he certainly knows who she is.. and was brought up to provide her the curtisy that her station deserves.

Well so much for going incognito. Maybe her halo was polished too brightly or something, but Enka hasn't got much of a choice but to acknowledge the greetings of anyone who just happened to be in the caverns at the time. Sans offspring for the moment, and certainly looking like she's in need of a good strong mug of klah, the goldrider attends to such with the autonomous actions of one who's been up far too often in the middle of the night. Thus, mug in hand, she's noting the young man stumbling upright and bowing. "Shells," comes her comment, "aint one to stand much on ceremony right now. No reason for you to be jumpin' out of your seat like that."

Souvani is much slower to get up behind Torian.. and /behind/ him is the key word. She stands and slides so he's between she and the Weyrwoman. She tilts a little, though, so she can see past his shoulder a bit.

Torian looks a bit in discomfort as he slips back down at the table by the fire pit.. the multicolored thigh extremly visible in his haste. "Its nothing more than your station deserves he comments softly." pouring from the fresh pot of Klah at the table into his mug.

Zsriston strolls into the caverns. Since Enka has been taking a fair amount of time off of work, that generally meant he was allowed to slack off. Well, actually he probably should be doing /more/ work, ferrying the important documents back and forth to the weyrwoman, but really it just mean that because no one was around to watch him he did whatever he wanted most of the day and only popped into the office once in a while to run an errand. He spots Enka on his way in, looking a lot thinner than the last time he saw her. And a couple of other weyrgoers who look like they're in trouble or something. He of course has to poke his head in. "Hey, Enka. You given these two the what-for?"

Souvani loses her meat shield when Torian sits, so she quickly folds herself into the chair near him, her feet and legs tucked up under her skirt. She snags up her mug and holds it with both hands. Small shield. Better than nothing.

Enka's in need of a few sips of klah. Well, make that drinking half the entire mug in a couple of gulps — err, more than a couple, she's not exactly swilling it down anyway. "No really," she remarks, "I don't need anyone hoppin' up and down on my account." Station be hanged at this point, she's a woman vastly in need of a good mug of klah as a pick-me-up. "We're a laid back sort here." Must be all the sunshine and stuff, gets to their brains. The goldrider had better well /look/ thinner. She's got a very pointed reason to be. "I'm not givin' them nothin'," she says scoldingly in the direction of her assistant, quirking a brow at Zsriston. "At least not a what-for." Her smile does soften a little as she nods at both Souvani and Torian. "Just stay seated, really."

Torian offers the half filled fresh pot of Klah toward the Weyrwoman, "Wyerwoman, there is a fresh pot right here if you would like to warm that mug. And the fire helps take the edge off of the damp evening. " he comments in a bold declaration that would not have been possible 2 days ago. "Join us?"

Zsriston wiggles a finger at the goldrider. "Finally laid your egg, hm?" If the teen's come into the caverns for a reason he's soon forgotten it. He'll probably remember a little later when his stomach is growling. "You coming back to work soon? I don't think Rea likes me much. She keeps telling me I'm 'my father's son'. Whatever that's supposed to mean." He grins to Torian and Souvani. "So what's you guys' story? New here or something? I'm Zsriston. Enka's assistant. That means she bosses me around. Sort of like she does everyone else, but I get to hang out in her office during the day for it."

Souvani wide eyes at Torian, then lowers that gaze to her mug, looking into it's depths. What does she see there?

"Tsk," Enka clicks her tongue in disapproval in the direction of Zsriston. "Surprised you didn't hear Mir screechin' about it the other day. But yes, two healthy little boys." There's something to be said for the dreamy happy-faced grin of a new mother. "And yes, I will be back to work soon. Have to rescue Rea from you, you know. You /are/ your father's son." That's said rather blithely as she steps over to regard Torian for a second. "Well, wouldn't mind some more klah." Seeing as her mug is half empty, she could top it off easily. "So, who're the two of you?" she asks of them, casting a sideways glance at Souvani. "Aint goin' to bite you," she tells the younger girl. "Bein' as I'm really not /that/ much older than the two of you. And I was a 'brat once." Still is, if one gets down to the heart of it.

Torian looks at the boy, shaking his head, "born and raised here.. just until yesterday, was afforded the luxary to be here at this time of day. " he slips his leg out from under the table so there is clear view of the terrible bruise on his leg, you can just make out the outline of a hoof mark in the center of the discoloration. He smiles at the Weyrwoman and her exclamation of the birth. "I wish you and yours many years Weyrwoman.. Please join us." as he slips his leg back under the table and lifts it slightly to rest it on another chair. Then proceeds to fill the mug.

Zsriston grins at Enka. "Oh, that's what that was all about. I just tend to tune that stuff out." He's gotten good at turning things out. There's a peer for Enka then. "Yes. I am his son." But what it actually meant was beyond him. He squints a bit at Torian's bruise. "Whoa-oh! That's a nice one. Did you get kicked by a runner? I guess it's good it was there and not like on the kneecap or anything. Bam! Then your leg woulda snapping in two! Does it still hurt? I haven't gotten any good bruises in a while." Excited about something gross? Yes he is.

Enka winces. "Ouch," she takes note of Torian's bruise with a grimace. "Hope it wasn't Bubblies that took aim at you, though he aint that mean." Although he's got a pretty big hoof for a pony type. "And he's smaller, so I doubt he'd get you right there that easily." She smirks a little in Zsriston's direction. "You been tryin' to flirt with Rea or somethin'?" she regards him levelly for a moment or two. Which is probably a good indication as to what she actually means. "Thanks," the now-filled klah mug is lifted in salutary thanks to the young man.

Souvani is, one might miss, kinda quiet during all this, letting Torian take the lead and the spotlight. Yup. She lifts her mug and goes through the motion of drinking. Can't talk, see? Mouth full.

Torian grimces lightly at the mention of discomfort, "yes, it still stings it has only been a day.. " he turns to the Weyrwoman and shakes his head, "it was one of the racing runners. Something startled it. I just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. " he pauses briefly, and the reconsiders this statement, "Or maybe, it was the right place. " he looks at Souvani as he states it. Then echos that poem that has been going through his head for the later half of the day..
"Who wills,
Who tries,
Who loves,

Zsriston peers at Enka. "No. I don't flirt with people. And Rea is kind -old- for me, isn't she? Isn't she older than you even? Not that you're old, but you kinda too old for me, right?" The weyrbrat hasn't really gotten down the whole thing about how to make girls swoon. At least not yet. There's a blink for Torian then. "I can't imagine being kicked like that was very fun when it happened though." He wiggles a finger at the leg. "Anywho I should get going. My mom is coming to pick me up in a little while for a visit. Uh, congrats or whatever Enka. See ya, later all." The teen waves a bit before heading off.

"Well, I am glad it wasn't my pony," Enka makes a slight face. "Really ought to get down to the stables and visit him. He's been standin' around for a while." she muses for a moment, regarding the klah mug for a long moment. "Race runners do tend to be a little more jumpy." Probably the young goldrider's very reason for avoiding them in the first place. "Y'know more than you think," she calls out to Zsriston as he leaves. She tilts her head, and then glances over in the direction of the bowl. "Err, excuse me. Mir's callin'." The dragon summons — she must go.

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