Sometimes, The Hot Springs Can Be Platonic

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Hot Springs

Created by the fires of the volcano a pocket of ancient air has created this huge open cavern in the black stone. Most of the floor is covered by bubbling mineral water that gleams azure in the dim light of glows. Swirls of green, blue, red, yellow, black and white are awash on the walls and floor, earmarks of earlier times when the hot water boiled out of its bed and rose to fill the dark cavern.

A few signs of humanity can be found. A trunk with soft fluffy towels, soap and a boardwalk erected through the middle of the four pools so that people can find their way to the hot water without burning their feet along the way. It is rumored that an hour in the hot water can melt away even the worse of troubles, leaving a person relaxed and ready to face a new day with vigor.

Sundari has taken a few moments out of the day to get a bath in, and why not? The waters are warm and it helps her relax after all. At the moment she is settled in one of those warm pools, leaning against the side with her arms folded upon the edge of the rocky pool. Plenty of other people have came and gone throughout the day to work at getting washed after working hard to try and get the Weyr back into some working order. Though at the moment it seems the blueirder has a pool to herself.

Daranyl is a bit dusty when he makes his way into the caverns, tossing his vest to the side before he hangs up his crossbow and kicks off his boots, but where earlier he would have just stripped down and climbed in, he pauses, scratching at his chest through his shirt before just dropping trous and sliding into Sundari's pool with the shirt still on., "'Ey, Sunny. I see they letcha ou' fin'ly?"

Sundari glances up at the voice and smiles. "Hey.. Yeah they did actually. A little while after you left." She shifts slowly, stretching a bit while she moves to get hold of a shirt and is pulling it closer to her, he only sees her shoulder and back at the moment though. Why yes she is rather nude therein the water. "How you doing?"

Daranyl doesn't mind nude. He doesn't really notice it, either, though. He reaches for the soapsand and starts scrubbing between his toes, "'N' Li'l Bits alrigh'?" he glances up at her at the question about him and shrugs, "'M alrigh'. Leas'wise no one questions why 'm helpin' 'n' I like ta do it."

Sundari doesn't mind either, and she isn't paying attention to it realy while she sinks down into the water a bit and turns around and can talk to him better. "Yeah, she's alright. The healers were just worried cause I was feeling so painful like and all." She smiles at the rest and nods to him. "No one is going to stop anyone who is helping I'm rather sure. We're thankful for all the help at the moment that we can get.

"She? How d'ya know it's a girl?" Daran pulls one foot up out of the water, scowling slightly at a sliver there, "Bu' no more pain now, righ'? 'S good ta see all these other Weyrs helpin' ou', too. Didn' really 'spec' tha', yanno? Where I come from it's more… ev'ry man fer hisself."

Sundari smiles at that and lifts a hand to push some wet hair out from her face. "The Healers wanted me to go and see the dolphins, one I saw was a bit talktive it seems. Kept saying 'she' so I'm gathering it is a girl after all that honestly." She offers with a soft tone at the idea. A nod is soon seen. "Weyrs help one another out actually.. Though even this is a bit out from the norm honestly."

Daranyl dunks his foot back under to rinse and scratches at his chest again, "Pick any names, then? Sunrori?" He actually smirks slightly at that, tugging up the side of his shirt to scrub there a bit, "'Suppose 'M jus' no' use' ta it, yanno? More used ta bein' laughed at fer wantin' ta help folks. It's… I like it here."

Sundari laughs a bit now as she hears that, she is soon grinning before a slight shake of her head is seen. "No, we're still working on names actually." No worries her child will not be named Sunrori! "No one is going to laugh at you here for wanting to help others that's for certain. Which your rather good at honestly."

Daranyl's shoulders lift and fall, "Goo' luck with tha'." Daran will continue to call the child Li'l Bit no matter what her name, likely. He glances up at the compliment, letting the shirt fall and lifting the other side instead, "'S jus'… 'portan'. Don' see why anyone'd no' help however they coul'."

Sundari doesn't mind Daranyl calling her kid Li'l Bit, it is rather cute to her honestly. "I.. Was going to see about my mothers name, but I want to make sure S'rorn likes it too." Well he is the father an all. "Anyway, have some time really before we really need a name." She pulls on that shirt, as she's still in the water and slowly but surly hauls hersef upwards to sit upon the edge of the pool, wet shit anda ll, along with pulling a towel over while her ankles cross in the water. "Honestly.. Most do at least from what I have seen in all honesty." She pauses a moment knowing that it isn't the same for him and from where he came from. "Your here now so things are different, for the better maybe?"

Daranyl tilts his head forward, scrubbing at the back of his neck now, "'M still no' used ta bein' aroun' so many folks who're actually… decen' folks. Didja ever talk to Aladin?" He remembers things! Mostly. "I'll be gla' if I never ge' rock dus' on me this thor'ly again, tho'."

Sundari nods a bit at this with a smile seen. "Give it some time.. It'll be alright." She offers softly at the idea of it all. "My family helped one another, my parents made sure we helped others to. I grew up with it I suppose.." For a moment she pauses before she is peeking over to him. "Ila'dan? No I didn't get a chance to seeing everything that happened. But I'll make sure to try and talk to him soon enough." Given what all has happened that shouldn't be a surprize really.

Daranyl bobs a nod, moving the lather up into his hair, "I don' really… 'member my fam'ly tha' much, hones'ly. 'Member da work'd th' fields 'n' ma cook'd… I don' remember, bu' it was always tasty. 'N' Ez 'n' I wen' ta th' woods a lo'. I still don' know why he shoul' be able ta help, bu' I trus' ya."

Sundari is quiet tehre for a few moments, her eyes closing. "I remember mine.. Suppose that's all I have left to remember. They found my father's ship out at sea, seems it was under somewhere, all broken up." She is rather sure that her family is gone it seems. "He can help because.. He was a Renagaged ba long time ago. He understand things like that. If anyone can help he can."

Daranyl takes hold of the ledges, still sudsy, and pulls himself up next to her, "The coul' still be alive. Th' dolphins'll drop people lotsa places." He runs a hand through sudsy hair and shrugs, "Or he'll make it worse. Only one way ta know, I guess. I mean, at leas' he'll…" He shrugs again, "We'll see."

"They would have gotten some word to me by now." Sundari says with a soft breath escaping her at the thought while she looks over her hands a few times. "There gone." She says after a moment in thought. "How do you think he could make things worse?" This said after a few long moments to get her mind back off her family. Yay for mommy hormones.

Daranyl slides an arm around Sundari, letting her lean against him, and shrugs, "Dunno jus'… migh' bring ou' th' wors' in me? 'M no' prou' o' everythin' I've done. Nothin' I truly regre', nothin' evil, bu' no' all of it good, either."

Sundari glances to Daranyl, a soft smile is seen while she leans back closer to him. "Ila'den isn't the type to do such things.. I'll talk to him and feel him out, how's that? I won't bring up names or anything to lead back to you." She doesn't want him hurt after all.

"I trus' ya, 'M jus'…" Daranyl shrugs, letting her fill in the end of that thought, "I am sorry 'bou' yer fam'ly. I know how tha'… yanno?" He snorts softly and squeezes her a little tighter, "Bu' 'M mark'd now. Hard ta hide my pas', all I can do is try ta fix my future."

Sundari lets her hand move to lightly take hold of his, in a friendly manner thank you, it is given a squeeze. "The future isn't written yet Daranyl.. Its open and there for you just waiting and willing for you to write in it." She gives him a faint smile, it looks a touch sad. "Thanks.. I know.." This said softly. "I wish someone would prove me wrong on it honestly.." She would love to see her family again.

"If I can, I will. Promise." Daranyl returns the squeeze gently, "Jus' makin' the most of it. 'N' gla' I go' the chance to make frien's here. Ta be… a person again."

Sundari watches him a moment, a slight nod soon seen and she smiles a bit before looking to the water. "Your doing good though.. Made friends faster then I didn." This said with an amused tone. A glance is sen tback to him. "Your always be a person Daranyl, no one can take that from you."

Daranyl gives his head a slight shake, "Easy ta say, harder ta b'lieve. 'M…" He shrugs, "Ain' kill'd no one, bu' I've…" He shakes his head, "Naw, I wasn' always much of a person there. Here I can be."

Sundari waves a hand as she just stays put leaning there against him. "I suppose things are harder to believe then say at times.. I can understand that honestly. Here you can be, so I hope you stick around so they can prove it too you as well."

Daranyl nods slowly, going silent as he stares into the water his feet still hang in. His breath is steady enough he might be sleeping if he weren't sitting upright. Slowly, he squeezes Sundari just a little tighter and nods again, "'M jus' gla' ta be away from there."

Sundari is honestly content to just sit there with him, feet soaking and enjoying the moment. She lets her cheek press against his shoulder a bit, her eyes closing a moment. "I'm glad you got away too." This offered softly while giving him a squeeze back. "We're friend Daranyl, you ever need anything let me know." Friends do that for one another.

Daranyl takes a slow breath and lets it out in a soft, "Yeah." The silence is companionable and comfortable. He even lets his head come to rest on hers before he murmurs, "Same here."

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