Talk over Drinks

Western Weyr - Tiki Lounge
The room seems far bigger inside than outside, even when full of relaxing weyrfolk and travelers. Towards the front, in the western corner, is a small stage, providing the intoxicated or just plain brave a chance to display their talents. Several tables with chairs decorate the floor and a small area is open for dancing. The bar is rather long and well stocked, glasses of different shapes and sizes hanging suspended from a rack above the bar. Behind the bar is another open window that gives one a view of the forest behind the tavern. Turning around, one is greeted by a lovely view of the lagoon. A decent breeze helps to cool the room. Up above, rafters provide a perch for fire lizards and local avians. The thatch roof, made of straw, rarely lets in any rain.

Another autumn day is going out in a flare as the sun begins to set, the sky and towering white clouds cast in an array of hues as the darkness of night slowly settles in. It's the hours just after dinner, when most weyrfolk have finished work and for some it means a chance to find some rest and relaxation. With the late evening air being cool, most of those found at the Tiki Lounge are indoors, rather then out on the patio. Even so, the lounge is far from crowded, with a few riders and weyrfolk mingling along the bar and some are seated at tables, conversing over drinks. Th'ero has picked out a spot of his own, somewhat tucked away from all the others. He sits with no one, the bronzerider not seeming to mind as he slowly works away at a pint of beer. There's no books or work with him, his only company his own thoughts to judge by the distracted look to his eyes as he focuses on nothing in particular, brows knitted together in a slight frown.

In steps Kimmila, the bluerider tugging off her helmet and letting her long hair tumble wild and unkempt down her back. And not in a sexy way, either. It falls in snarls and tangles from a day jammed beneath a riding helmet, its color darkened by sweat and grime. Hanging her helmet and jacket on a hook by the door, the bluerider tugs off her gloves and walks with a slight limp up to the bar without looking to the side, ordering an ale and accepting it and paying for it before she looks around. Then, spying Th'ero, she walks in his direction until she's standing in his line of sight. "Join you?" she asks her wingmate.

Th'ero must have had an earlier shift then his wingmate, as he's dressed in his more casual clothing and lacks any of the grime and sweat from a day of work, though his long hair seems to be a mess no matter what. As distracted as the bronzerider is, he's unaware of the bluerider's presence until she literally moves into his line of sight. Blinking a little, it takes a moment until his thoughts kick into gear and with a warm, though slightly crooked smile, he gestures with a hand to the empty seat in front of him. "Of course." He replies as he resettles in his own seat, leaning back comfortably with one arm bent over the armrest and the other extended forwards so he can rest a hand on the table's edge and within reach of his drink. "Just got off shift?" Th'ero asks next, one brow quirking up as his gaze gives Kimmila a long, searching look.

Kimmila quirks a twisted grin at Th'ero as she flops into the seat, though carefully enough so she doesn't spill her ale. She takes a sip and then sets the wooden mug down with a thunk. "Naw, I got off candlemarks ago. Just felt like being covered with sweat and grime. Good for the skin, you know." Her smirk fades into a laugh, and the sarcasm eases away from her tone with another sip of her drink, as the day's stresses fall away. "Just had a long flight to the north, is all. Stopped to clear some trees that fell across the trail. Var's sleeping like the dead, which is good, because I was tired of him talking about those damn trees." She rolls her eyes and leans back in her chair, exhaling softly and kicking out the chair beside her, so she can rest her bad ankle on it.

There's a snort and a smirk given to the sarcastic remark, Th'ero letting it slide after a quick, "Is that so?" murmured in reply. The bronzerider has a knack for stating the obvious it seems. His own drink is grasped with his hand and while he gives Kimmila a curious look, it's over the rim of his glass as he takes a long sip. "How far north?" he echoes a heartbeat later, head tilting a little to the side. "Ahh, I see. That is tough work." There's a slight chuckle when the bluerider mentions her lifemate and Th'ero shakes his head. "What has him so fascinated with them?" The bronzerider ventures to ask, even though his wingmate just made it clear she was tired of the subject of trees and possibly on purpose. "Aside from a long, tiring day… you're doing well?" Th'ero adds in after a moment's pause, glancing downwards slightly and possibly noting how Kimmila rests her ankle.

Kimmila shrugs, exhaling and pushing a tangle of hair over her shoulder. "Bout an hour's flight north, or so. Near the mountains up that way." A hand is removed from the mug to gesture in a vague 'over there' motion. She gives him an even look for his question, and snorts. "Just the things he could make with them. Stuff to carve, or build, or whatever his artistic fancy is at the moment. I let him carve a little, but when he started to get frustrated I made him leave it alone. I just don't have the energy for one of his tantrums right now." She scowls, but there is a hint of guilt in her gaze, which she buries in another pull from the ale mug. "Other than the obvious, I'm doing…wouldn't say 'well', but I'm doing alright. Ankle's healing, at least. Healers keep telling me I'm pushing it too much, but I just can't sit still."

Even if a vague gesture, Th'ero glances upwards to follow Kimmila's hand, a frown settling briefly over his features as he works out the distance in his head before it vanishes and a more easy going, relaxed expression replaces it. "Hmm, I think I know the area you speak of." The bronzerider remarks in a tone that he's careful to keep casual to hide his odd interest in the location of the bluerider's work. Instead, he focuses back on the topic of Varmiroth and his artistic tastes. "Really? Huh. Didn't think a dragon would find much of interest in trees…" he admits with a slightly sheepish smile that falters a little when she scowls. There's curiosity in his look again, but this time Th'ero seems to keep his comments to himself rather then pry Kimmila further. When the ankle is mentioned, the bronzerider frowns a little. "It's good that it's healing. But you're not worried about injuring it further?" Before adding more, he takes another slow sip of his drink, lips drawing down into a thin line. "Healers tend to nag anyhow. You're lucky it was just your ankle." Another pause, and a bit of a sly smile curves up at the corners of his mouth. "You're still young. You'll probably heal fine, despite what those fussy Healers say. I can't blame you for not wanting to sit still."

Kimmila eyes her wingmate curiously, her eyes narrowing somewhat. "Why?" she asks, pressing him to explain his curiosity. "He finds interest in everything," she says, and despite the eyeroll that follows, there is a bit of affection visible in her eyes. Then she shrugs, lounging back in her chair with her ale balanced on her lifted leg. "'course I am, but when I stop working I start thinking, and that's shitty. And yeah, I was lucky it was just that, especially since they sent in undertrained personnel to help me." She smirks at the bronzerider. "Still young, yeah. I'm sure it'll heal fine. It's just going to take a little longer than if I sat around on my ass until it was perfect."

Th'ero shifts a little under his wingmate's narrow, curious look and shrugs his shoulders, his free hand giving an idle, almost uncaring and dismissive wave. "My home cothold is located in the northern regions." He explains, giving Kimmila a look to signal that that may be the only details she'll receive. The bronzerider gives a knowing nod of his head though to the bluerider's remark on her lifemate, raising his glass up a little and tipping it slightly towards her before tilting it back and draining the last of the beer. "I understand that all too well. Velokraeth is similar. His mind is always working and he's always observing." He says with a bit of a weary sigh, though it's all in jest. The glass is settled with an audible thump to the table and the bronzerider wastes little time in signaling a server over. Turning his attention back to his wingmate, Th'ero then smirks. "Shitty is right." He agrees with a dry chuckle, which dies off at Kimmila's next comment. That earns her a narrowed look. Under trained? "It couldn't be helped. We had to work with what we had." The bronzerider says, seeming a little defensive. The server comes over at this point, and Th'ero quickly places in another order before side glancing to the bluerider in a silent question.

Kimmila ignores, as always, the look, and instead presses for more information. "Oh yeah? Where abouts? Is it that one with the really nice fences?" She shakes her head. "I swear they spend more marks on keeping those fences straight and white, and then ignore the growth that is creeping right up to their Hold's door." There's a low snort for that. "What does he observe?" she asks, always ready to have a conversations about lifemates - and how bizarre hers is. Then she's waving a dismissive hand. "Not /you/. And you didn't order Iris and that one kid…what's her name…in with us. Whoever was organizing the first rescue attempt was an idiot, to send in a goldrider and a child with no training. I don't know who it was, but A'ven said he'd look into it. We're lucky no one else died. Wasn't talking about you. You and your group were trained." She shakes her head at his offer of another, lifting her still mostly full mug in answer.

When subtleness is ignored, Th'ero goes to the next step. So when Kimmila presses him, his lips settle into a thin line and the bronzerider regards her with a narrowed look, uncertain and possibly… untrusting? Despite it though, amusement sneaks back in and with a sniff, he shakes his head. "Shards no. Nothing fancy like that." He murmurs, before his mood changes again. "Try again." He says, divulging no new information but instead teasingly turns it into a game. Another shrug of his shoulders and Th'ero is relaxing again, though the beer he just consumed could be helping with that. "Oh, a little of everything." He replies in a bit of an amused drawl. "People, the surroundings, and ah… the local females of course." That earns a bit of a scowl from Th'ero. "He's got a knack for finding details I'd would never have considered. He's… ugly to look at for a bronze but his mind is sharp." He admits, seeming to share the same interest in sharing a conversation about lifemates, even if to simply compare. As the server moves away to take his order, Th'ero folds his hands into his lap as he gives Kimmila his full attention, no longer on the defensive. "Wait, someone /ordered/ them in? Why?" he states, sounding just a puzzled as others may be. There's a pause as he mulls over his memories of the incident. "Keelyra, was it?" Now he frowns in thought, making a soft 'tsk' like noise with his tongue. "Doesn't make any bloody sense. Hopefully A'ven will find answers. We lucked out, I suppose, this time to whoever's lack of judgement that was."

Kimmila lifts her eyes skyward as she searches through her mental maps and images of those cotholds that are 'north'. Pretty vague. "Oh, is it that one where they tried to build the two story barn, and it collapsed in the first typhoon?" she guesses. "Or perhaps it's that one that is plain and ordinary in all aspects, except that dead tree at the entrance, which so fascinates Varmiroth that we have to fly past it at least once a month, when he remembers its existence." She glances at her wingmate to see if her guesses were close. Then she laughs. "What does he notice that you'd never consider? Like…'check out that greenrider, she's got a great ass?'" she teases, her eyes bright. "Or do you see that well enough on your own?" With a twisted grin of amusement, she sips her ale. "They're all different. Varmiroth isn't the prettiest blue, either. And he's too bumbling and distractible to get much attention from the girls. Not that he usually minds." Then she shrugs, moving on to the third topic in their neatly braided conversation. "Someone said, 'you and you and you, go into the mine and help out'. I don't know who it was, though. And yes, Keelyra. Fool girl has no training. She shouldn't have been in there. Really, I should have sent her out."

Vague was done on purpose, just to add some flavor to Th'ero's little game. The first guess is off the mark and the bronzerider shakes his head, though he does laugh. It may not be right, but he knows something of that area. The second guess though is closer and he gives it away by the slight upwards tilt of his head and a crooked smile that seems a touch too forced. "Wrong again on the first, though I know the hold you speak of. Never were able to live that down." Th'ero muses, "But you're getting closer on the second." He teases, giving no new hints this turn. Cheeks flush a little at Kimmila's laugh and remarks to follow, the bronzerider trying to keep an innocent air about him but his grin betrays him in the end. "Maybe a little of both." He admits to her teasing, though soon his grin reverts back to a smirk. "Though that's /not/ what I had meant. He just… observes everything and feeds it back to me, asking my outlooks and opinions and then giving me his own. It's like having a constant debate going on up here." And the bronzerider raises a hand up to tap a finger lightly to the side of his temple. As the bluerider reveals more on Varmiroth, Th'ero gives a soft chuckle. "That they are, that they are." He agrees, before resettling on their discussion of the mine rescue gone awry. There's a sharp snort and a look of disbelief given to Kimmila, though not directed at her. "No training but you can't blame the girl for wanting to help and with no one having the sharding sense to call her off, she probably figured she could. I pity the poor soul who made that call. He or she is damn lucky we didn't loose any more then we did."

Kimmila's eyes focus on Th'ero's at his added information, tapping her fingers idly against the edges of her ale mug. "Hmm. What about the cothold with the little orchard behind the barn? There can't be more than ten trees back there, but they're tended to like they're more passion and obsession than food source." Then she grins wryly at his blush, nodding her head in reply. "Ahh, yeah. It's kind of similar with me and Varmiroth, only he doesn't notice…the real important things. I could be in the middle of a strongly worded debate with a hold about tithes, and he could be feeding me images and songs and words, waxing lyrical about how lovely the Lady's underwear looks as it dries on the line and waves in the breeze." She smirks, taking another pull from the mug. "Shards, yes," she says, setting the mug down. "I told A'ven they should be demoted back to Weyrling - or worse - for doing that. And I'll be damned sure I /know/ the skills of my team before I do any other rescue missions like that."

"Oh, you're getting a little off track again." Th'ero remarks with a saddened and mocking tone as he teases the bluerider a little further with his game, though eventually even he's had enough. "You know the region well." He says in compliment, stalling for time. His beer arrives then and with a warm smile, he pays the server before turning back to both drink and wingmate. The bronzerider stares down into his drink, rather then at Kimmila herself as he finally gives her the answers. "Plain and simple as right. Cold, rocky and dismal can also describe it. Some call it homey. I call it decrepit and poor. Simple cothold for a simple life of fisher folk." Th'ero's tone shows he seems to hold little, if any, love for his home and with a grimace, he drinks to those memories, knocking back a good portion of his second beer before the glass is returned to the table. He leans forwards now, resting his one arm on the table's edge as he glances back to the bluerider. All seriousness leaves his expression though the moment Kimmila reveals more about her lifemate and soon Th'ero is laughing again. "Shells that must be difficult to handle sometimes. I'd never be able to keep a straight face." Never mind he can't do that now. The bronzerider blinks a little at the response from his wingmate concerning the rescue, but from his lopsided grin, he's on her side in the end. "Good suggestion and that aught to send a warning to others too to wise up. I mean, I may still be new to the wing but even I know better." He admits with a hint of smugness. "Do you figure we'll be getting more training with mine rescues then, seeing as we near to botched the last real one?"

Kimmila shrugs, "We fly around a lot," she says, dismissing her knowledge off as nothing but a time filler. She listens from behind the rim of her mug, sipping slowly at the ale within. "I take it you don't visit much?" she asks with a slightly dry edge to her voice. "Did you leave home as soon as you could?" Then she's chuckling, shaking her head. "I'll tell you what, it's given me a /very/ good poker face, if nothing else," she says, her lips twisting up into a wry grin. "And I certainly think we should have more S&R training, not just in mine rescues. I don't think we're trained enough - don't know if you could ever be trained enough. We should do more drills, I think. More practice, just so when the situation rises we /really/ know what we're doing."

Th'ero gives a low chuckle to Kimmila's dismissive response before lapsing into another one of his silences. His gaze slides away again, back to the depths of his drink as he raises his glass again for another long sip. Liquid courage? He darts a side-glance to his wingmate, eyes narrowed again and seeming to consider some inner struggle before he looks away and exhales heavily. "Don't, can't…" he lets slip, before shaking his head and scowling. "It's a long story." The bronzerider finishes tersely and in a tone that hints that he's done with that particular topic. The bluerider has pricked something, that much is obvious and so is his sudden defensive shift in mood. His second beer is polished off at this point, the bronzerider setting the glass aside and signaling for another. At this rate, he'll be drunk before nightfall has settled completely, though he shows little sign of being even tipsy or buzzed. "I can imagine." Th'ero muses with a faint, crooked smile. "A good poker face can have its uses though." He points out, before his head tilts a little to the side and his brown eyes focus back on Kimmila with a quizzical look. "Huh. You're quite passionate on that, aren't you?" he remarks, perhaps as a compliment or another teasing jab or it could even be a little of both. Either way, Th'ero's third drink arrives and without skipping a beat, he gives a nod to the server and pays, but his attention never drifts from his wingmate. "No, we can't be trained enough. No situation is going to go as planned." He murmurs in agreement, pausing only to indulge a little in his drink. "Ever think of bringing your thoughts to the Wingleader?" he asks out of simple, innocent curiosity.

Kimmila sips her ale and watches her wingmate closely, her eyes narrowed with a keen intensity. And for once, she doesn't press him. Not yet, anyway, as she watches him pay for his third drink. Perhaps she wants him to get a little more drunk before she asks for more information about his cryptic past. "Oh yes," she agrees, "a poker face /does/ have its uses, and not just in poker either." There's a wry grin offered to the bronzerider, before she sets her mug down and nods firmly. "I am. And why not? There's no thread. There's nothing to /do/, so we might as well prepare for the things we /can/ do. Like search and rescue. I don't know about you, but transport or hold relations are about as boring as watching shit turn white. I'd much rather be out there practicing precision flying and how to lift a person off a sinking ship with nothing but a rope and some know-how." She shrugs. "Maybe I will. Wouldn't hurt to suggest it."

At the rate Th'ero is working through his drinks, Kimmila might just luck out this night and have a drunken bronzerider to pry information from. For now though, he has enough of his senses to still follow the conversation, looking no more then quite relaxed and at ease as he settles back again into his chair. "I can believe that." He muses, before brows rise up in mild surprise to his wingmate's response, one hand coming up in a mock defensive gesture. "Hey, I'm with you on this. Why do you think I asked to join this wing? I'm not cut out for hold relations or diplomatic work and transportation would bore me to tears." Th'ero explains with a lopsided grin, trying not to chuckle and keep his tone serious. Either he really does struggle at the poker face or he really is buzzed on alcohol. If he isn't, he will be, as he polishes off more of his third drink, almost draining it all though he stops just short of emptying the glass. "I think you should." He fires back, almost as if in challenge, gaze fixing itself on the bluerider and another smirk on his lips. "Can't hurt and who knows. Maybe you'll get promoted?" Teasing again? Who knows, as Th'ero is suddenly pushing his chair back and slowly getting to his feet, lingering there for a moment with one hand lightly resting on the table's edge.

Kimmila sips her ale much more slowly than her wingmate, watching him thoughtfully as she does so. Then she snorts a laugh, setting the mug down with a thud to the table. "I will," she returns, just as heatedly and rising to the challenge. But then she laughs - short and sharp. "Yeah, right. Whoever would promote /me/ is either blind or stupid or beyond caring. I don't want leadership. I just like commenting on it." There's a wicked grin, there, as she watches him stand. "What? Have to go pee?"

"Oh come on now, Kimmila. Have /some/ confidence in yourself. Even if you don't want it, doesn't mean you aren't cut for it." Th'ero fires back at the bluerider, a broad smile to follow his uncharacteristic and unrestricted comment. To take the possible edge off, the bronzerider laughs, before fixing her with a crooked grin. "Maybe? But that doesn't concern you." He teases, still lingering by the table's edge before finally moving away. He seems steady enough on his feet, though judging from the flush of red that's creeping its way up his neck and to his cheek, he's pretty muddled by this point. "I do hate to cut our delightful conversation short. But… I am needed elsewhere." He says with a bit of an apologetic look, before he's giving a half smile, half salute to Kimmila. "Take it easy and I'll see you around." The bronzerider muses, before moving off and managing to keep a fairly straight path out to the patio and disappearing into the night.

The bronzerider's remarks take Kimmila aback, but perhaps not for the reasons he might fear. She just stares after him as he leaves, before she settles back in her chair to thoughtfully sip at her ale, staring out into space in much the same way Th'ero was, when she first came into the bar.

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