Rest At The Rooftop Garden

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Rooftop Garden

Soft grasses form a lawn central to this open air garden, producing a pleasant picnic space. Surrounding this greenery is a sanded and bordered path that wends around it and continues toward the front of the roof, where the pleasant aromas of cultivated herbs waft on the breeze. Rock gardens and low-hanging tropical trees form shelter from the elements, combined with an overhanging jut of the caldera wall, underneath which benches and sun chairs have been arrayed, rather like a natural gazebo.

Lisbei is doing what she does best, frolicking in the flowers and soaking up the sunshine. She's stoked to see all the new imported exotics from various Weyrs around Pern- vibrant blossoms, lush vines and frisky ferns have filled the rooftop garden. Lots of B.E.A.utiful new sights to see in the area and sweet wildlife to boot! Various fluttering creatures are about, and various groups are mingling here and there. Lisbei wanders towards the scarf table she set up earlier, with brilliantly colored wraps of various shapes and sizes. A few wild firelizards keep her company and singsongs, along with a cuddly feline and some butterflies. Yep, it's pretty ridiculous looking, purple flowers crowning her head, a couple small braids in her hair, and the whitest summer dress imaginable. Is there a Pernese equivalent to hippies?

Recent events have been hard on Makoto. Her skills were in high demand and she was being worked to the bone. A great opportunity for a new arrival to the Weyr, but still exhausting. The currently disheveled smith makes her way up to the rooftop garden, large satchel under her arm and a bottle of juice in her other hand. She looked exhausted, but still had a slight smile on her face. Finally, a nice lovely place to take a break and maybe read a level. She steps up and gives a nervous smile to Lisbei. "H-Hello..!" she says in a shakey but friendly tone before finding her self a place to sit. She comes down with a heavy FWHUMP and lets out a massive, relaxed sigh.

Lisbei tries to remain positive in times of serious stress, and while many areas have been hit hard by natural disasters, the sense of community across Pern has been nothing short of amazing. Lisbei spent the earlier part of the day beast wrangling and quick transporting supplies (though you'd hardly be able to tell it now), so a little R&R is much needed. Speaking of- nervous smile, shaky hellos and dishevelment catches her attention quickly. "Hello there! Would you like to have a sea…" the offer is taken before she can even finish. "How about a beautiful scarf and some redfruit juice?" They're both offered without hesitation. "My name is Lisbei. Farmcrafting Trader at your service." Warm and welcoming smile will match an extended hand (hoping it will be freed of its offerings.)

Makoto seems a bit taken aback by the friendliness! She could never say no to juice though! "O-Ooh thank you!" she stutters out a bit. She was obviously the skittish type. She looks at Lisbei's outstretched and and puts out her own, before retracting it to try, desperately, to clean it a little on the side of her pants! "S-sorry I'm a little messy right now…" she finally extends her hand back and gives it a gentle shake. "I'm Makoto… Smithcrafter." She looks about it. "I… take it a lot of this is your work, then?" she asks with a smile.

Lisbei can have that effect on people sometimes- which is probably why she's so good at the Trades business. "You're quite welcome." Is assured solidly and she smiles. "It's ok. No judgement here. Things everywhere are a little messy right. You should have seen me a candlemark ago." A soft chuckle lets out and the butterflies on nearby flowers float away. "Well met Makoto. Everything alright on your craft's end of things? I have to wonder what on Pern triggered so many strange events lately." Looking around it is as if the blonde takes a survey. Her half nodded smile confirms "More or less. I've had a lot of help, and it was already a wonderful start to work with, but all the new stuff, yes." The small feline rubs against Makoto's leg and mrows.

Makoto nods at Lisbei's reassurance and takes a sip of the juice. She lets out a refreshed sigh. "Aaah, this is really great…" apparently she came to the right place because this was what she needed right now. "B-Busy… things have been busy." the smith flexes her fingers a bit. Her hands and, frankly, a lot of her was quite sore at this point. "… So much to fix. But I … think I'm impressing my seniors a bit so I guess it's not all bad" she lets out a giggle as the small creature rubs against her leg, reaching down to pet it. "It seems this place held up well… We're… lucky to still have such a pretty place to retreat too."

Daranyl is not a subtle man. Now that the worst of the rescue efforts are handled, he's focusing on supplying food since rebuilding is not his talent (after he nailed a chair leg to a table, he was suggested to find other ways to help). Apparently, today, those other ways involve a dozen tunnel snakes. He ducks into the garden, not really aware at first that there are others there with the tunnel snakes tied together on a sort of creepy bandolier and he doesn't head towards the sitting areas, no, he heads towards the back, trying to find a quiet, secluded space to work on his… find. The poor girls.

Lisbei watches the on-edge gal with those pale blue eyes as she seems to relax just a bit. There's a contented smile at her enjoyment and Lis responds "I'm glad you like it! Fresh squeezed and have as much as you'd like. I've got an extra skin over here that will surely last me until I head home." She doesn't mean to be sickeningly generous, it's just in her nature to share and live so unabashedly. "I bet." a nod accentuates the comment about being busy and she adds "That's a good way to look at it." Calico meow will get as much lovings as possible, weaving between the two gals. Another nod with a bit of a side to side shake and click of the tongue regarding the recent events "Very lucky up here, could have been easily awful." Cue Daranyl-she's seen that face before, just not out and about anywhere besides the Infirmary. Catching sight of the strangest thing out of the corner of her eye she cranes her neck and perks "What in Faranth's name?"

"Y-You're too kind, Lisbei." Makoto sems to be relaxing a bit. Hard not to with Lisbei's friendliness and generousity! But don't test her, this girl can put down a lot of juice! "… At least things have slowed down enough that I can actually get some sleep." thats when she really did look like a wreck! She turns to Daran as he comes up. She doesn't say anything, but peers at him with Lisbei, wondering what he could be up too.

Who wants boots? Daran sets his crossbow down, then settles beside it, unlooping his haul and laying it out across the grass, "'Fternoon. Lis. Mako'o." His knife comes out as he unties the first tunnelsnake in the line and stretches it out. He glances briefly at the Calico, then back to his work, "Ya shoul' ge' some sleep, Mako'o. Ya look tire'."

Lisbei puts her hands up in a genuine and considerate way, a softness to her, despite being a fairly in-yo-face kind of gal. "Oh it's nothing. Sharing is caring." Cheesy much? Lis never underestimates, when she offers a whole skin-she offers a whole skin. "Agreed, and we can just pick up the pieces and carry on, doing good where we can." Ok-super cheesy! As for Daran; again- what in Faranth's name?! "You're looking a little intense right now Daran. Guess you are a good wrangler, I'll kep that in mind- tunnel snakes are not my favorite." Despite having some love for all animals, she shudders at the thought of the crawly creatures. That tiny calico is curious though. Mow? He lowers the front half of his spotted self, rump in the air, tail swishing from side to side, ready to pounce despite the lifeless state of the tunnelsnakes.

The smith can't help but to giggle at Lisbei's cheerful attitude. Relentless positivity wasn't something she was exposed to a lot, but was definitely something she needs more of. She frowns at bit at Daran's grisly work and turns away. "… I bet everyone wishes they had more sleep right now. I-I'll be alright though…" she was just glad to get any sleep at all at this point!

Daranyl gives his head a slight shake, deftly chopping off the head of the first snake and tossing it towards the feline, "Foods food, times like these. 'N' tunnelsnake's good eatin' if'n ya let it be." He glances at Makoto again, then shrugs, "Ev'ryone's workin' hard, Mako'o, bu' ya can' le' 'em work ya ta death, either."

Lisbei would be particularly fond of the concept of relentless positivity, tis a good descriptor! "Soon enough we will all rest for 24 candlemarks straight!" Another scarf is pulled from the table, this one much more manly style. "I suppose you're right. Would you like a head scarf Daranyl? It'll keep your noggin safe from burning." Not that she plans on approaching him and those tunnelsnakes. The gent has good advice, and good looking tunnel snakes according to the feline that's sauntering his way. Whether her wants it or not, the head scarf is sent his direction with the cat who's sure to take a liking to the tunnelsnake wrangler. Just then a firelizard pops in from *between* and drops a scroll for Lisbei. "Welp, that's my cue. Time to pack up and head back to the caravan. I'll leave this skin for you guys two. Both of you should rest and enjoy some of the day. You've worked hard and deserve it." She packs up her things and heads out with a smile and wave.

Makoto smiles and waves as Lisbei runs off. It was nice to meet someone who made her feel happy. She lets out a sigh and drinks more juice. "I'm not, I'm not… But… stuff has to get done." she grins a bit. "I bet you've been working pretty hard even though you should probably still be resting."

Sundari is out and about, so why wouldn't she wander here of all places? It is nice and calm right? Sure! She yawns a bit while she goes, a curious glance is sent over the area, a smile seen as she catches sight of a few people here. "Hey.." Is ofered with a happy tone. "How is everyone doing?" So far she hasn't caught sight of anyone skinning anything it seems.

It's… some sort of daytime. Makoto is sitting, drinking some juice. Daran's seated on the grass with a line of dead tunnelsnakes. He pulls the skin off in one smooth yank, then glances at at Makoto, "Gone longer withou' sleep. Ya ge' use' ta it if'n ya hafta, bu' ya don' hafta." He glances over as the calico dives at the head tossed its way and begins to play with the gruesome toy. "Gonna make some stew la'er when I go' these clean'd up. You?"

"I'll be fine, Daran.." sighs and pulls out a book. For her, her psychological well being was more important than her physucal well being. She was tired but at least she was in a good mood. She takes a swig of juice. She gives a big smile toward Sundari. "Hi Sunny! I'm just… taking a break."

Sundari is thankfully not going to get sick over the skinning of the tunnelsnake, her green firelizard is ever interested and is hopping along inching over to the calico to eye the skin. She moves on over to a spot to settle down upon, a hand resting against her belly. "Breaks are good to take.." She pauses a touch, feeling bad that she can't do more then she can, which isn't /much/ at the moment..

There are others that wander hither and yon, and Keldan is one of them. Maybe he was lurking about in the berry patches or something. Or what's left of them. There's certainly cracks in the ground in places, after all. And there may in fact be a few leaves stuck in the teen's hair from taking some sort of bush-nap. Fingers ruffle through his hair as he walks though, bandaged fingers included in that raking motion. Then there's the picking, tossing what debris he /does/ find lurking up there off onto the ground again. But there are people nearby, and he wanders that-a-way to take a leaning peek at what's going on. Apparently tunnelsnake skinning is what's going on. There's a slight nod though as he gives a look around as well at Sundari and Makoto, lips pulling into a grin before he returns his gaze to Daranyl's work. "Huh. Hey there. You plannin' on sharing or drying that all out and munching jerky for….ever?"

Daranyl looks up at Keldan and smirks, "'M gonna share." The cat bats the head towards Keldan, then runs and pounces on it. MRROWL! "Enjoy yer break, then, Mako'o. TSST!" That hissing noise is directed automatically at the firelizard stalking his hide. He's got plans for those multi-hued strips of flesh later. "Yer lizard's tryin' ta steal mah hides, Sunny." And where's his lizard? Probably sleeping somewhere.

Makoto looks at Keldon but stays quiet. More people she hasn't met before! This place was a lot emptier when she got here! "So…Sunny, I assume everything went okay at the infirmary?" she wasn't able to stick arond there much once she got her there! She seemed perfectly okay at least…

Sundari hums a bit and glances to the green that is eyeing one of those skins. "Kelpie.. Stop, leave it be.. Sorry she likes to chew on them.." Kelpie just eyes the skin and is ignoring the hissing cat as she just hunkers down, tail swaying about as she looks rather feline like herself now. Sunny smiles and nods to Makoto. "Yeah.. Worked out alright really." A glance is sent over to Keldan at the talk of the tunnelsnakes

Keldan nods somewhat. "Good, good. It's not my favorite or anything but it's something different." He shifts around for a moment then before he finds himself a nice rock to sit on, head tilted. Makoto is at least given a slight look. Alas, there's no sister lurking about to introduce him. "Don't think I know you.. it's Keldan. Hi."

"We broke her out, don' worry, Mako'o." Yes, Daran's accent has infested Makoto's name indelibly now. "Ya wan' some, Keldan?" Daranyl leans slightly, offering the other lad the already-skinned carcass, apparently oblivious to the ichor on his hands. The feline turns and bobs at Kelpie, her tail waving in a twitch twitch twitch. Someone's hunting. But who's hunting whom?

Makoto gives a nervous smile. Keldan was certainly blunt! "H-Hi! I'm Makoto… N-Nice to meet you." She tried to stress the T so Daran couldn't be a bad influence. As good as a mood as she was in, new people always made her feel like the most awkward person in Pern. "Broke her out…? A-Are you sure that was a good idea, Daran?"

Sundari looks amused and grins at Daranyl before looking back to Makoto. "All good.. Promise." She offers with an amused tone. Kelpie is eyeing that feline and is slowly rocking back and forth while her wings unfurl slightly. Come on kitty do your best! Sunny glances to the firelizard and feline and curiously watches for a few moments before she looks back to the others. "I bet he makes a pretty good tunnelsnake stew." Well who wouldn't if they are having to live on the stuff?

Keldan lifts a brow slightly as the /corpse/ is being offered to him. "No thanks? I don't like mine raw and all. That's just…eh….not my thing. You go ahead." No hands are being offered to take /that/. Heck no. But the talk of the infirmary and breaking people out gets a slow blink from the teenager. "Wait, breaking who out of where, now? Pretty sure..people..get put in the infirmary for a reason."

Daranyl shrugs and sets the food-in-potentia back aside, "Suit yerself. I was jus' offerin' ta letcha make it up how ya wanted instead o' bein' stuck with what I want." He snags the next as the feline pounces at the little green firelizard with a playful yowl and tosses its head into the mix, too. "They releas'd her, Mako'o. I was jus'…" Making a joke, but Daranyl doesn't joke… does he?

Makoto narrows her eyes at Daran "You're not allowed to joke about that, Mr. Constantly Trying to Escape the Infirmary." Makoto rolls her eyes a bit. It's hard not to take it serious when he's the one saying it. She couldn't look at Daran and his work long before she had to look somewhere else, focusing on the feline playing with the firelizard with a big smile. That seemed pretty cute.

Sundari chuckles a bit and smiles to Makoto. "I wouldn't have left, promise." She offers with an amused tone before peering over at Keldan. "No one broke outa no where, promise." She isn't that crazy! Kelpie hisses out at the feline and is bouncing backwards before scralbing up into the air with a flutter of wings before she turns about sharply and tries to pounce down upon the feline!

Keldan shakes his head somewhat, resting his head in his hand. "I'm not all about cooking. Kyra knows how to make with fixing that stuff up, I just generally watch." It's dead! He doesn't know what to do with that. With /cooking/. "You fix it however you want, I'm not picky." There's been assurances that there have /not/ actually been any infirmary escapes though, and he nods. " then. I mean, I guess we'd know if there were people around who really shouldn't be out of the infirmary." They might be missing limbs. Or zombies. Or crazies. Still, he does get up again, stretching his good arm above his head. "Looks like it'll be a while though before that's..actual food. My stomach's not about to wait that long. Nice to see all of you!" And with that, the teen is wandering off again.

Daranyl snorts at Makoto, flicking the end of his knife so a small spray of ichor flicks across the grass, "Place is like death fer someone like me. Sunny waited until they le' 'er go." The feline hisses back up at Kelpie, raising overlarge paws up in the air as if it could catch her. Daran just shrugs, "Yer loss. I'll pu' i' ou' la'er, tho. Fer whoever wan's."

Makoto givs a little wave as Keldan leaves. "I'm pretty sure no one -likes- being in the infirmary, Daran. It's a pretty miserable place." she frowns a bit. "You do it to be safe." Though clearly there isn't much safe about Daranyl.

"If I wasn't pregnant I wouldn't have waited." Sundari offers while smirking a bit at the thought. She eyes the feline a few moments. "Who's.. feline is this anyway?" Does it even have an owner she wonders. Kelpie hisses out at those paws and disappears between, the green isn't gone long and is soon back and appearing behind the feline and is once more trying to tackle it.

The calico meerowls as it's tackled and rolls playfully with the lizard. Daranyl just shrugs "It was aroun' Lisbei earlier, bu' stayed when she lef'." He starts to make quick, methodical work of the tunnelsnakes, laying the skins out to dry as he does, "Ain' 'bou' bein' safe, 'sabou' bein' healt'y. 'N' I can' stan' bein' stuck doin' nothin'."

Makoto pouts. "You two are terrible." she shakes her head. Figures she's the only goody-goody. "Yeah it… might be Lisbei's? I dunno. Real friendly and cute though…"

Sundari isn't a goody-goody that is for certain. "Ah.. I was thinking I might have seen it before. Cute little thing.." Though no she is not looking for a new pet. Kelpie rolls around and then goes about trying to toss the feline off before she is zipping off to find a perch to sit on and peer down at the feline. "I spent to much time in the infirmary when I got a super bad sunburn when I was a weyrling.. Haven't liked it since then honestly."

The calico lets Kelpie escape, then starts to stalk her slowly across the grass. Daranyl just shrugs again, setting the hides to dry flat. "Healers're good fer some things, bu' jus' gimme some numbwee' 'n' sen' me on my way, yeah? Only reason I stayed as long as I did was b'cause Kyra made me."

"T-That bad?" Makoto frowns."I gotta watch out for that my self… but I can't imagine getting it that bad." the fair girl has gained a little color since coming to Halfmoon, but still looked ready to be burned into a crisp if she wasn't careful. "Well Kyra, like the rest of us telling you to stay in bed were just looking out for you."

Sundari tilts her head and shrugs. "It was third degre burns really.. Got some scars on my back from it, fell asleep out on the beach." So yes it was bad! She peeks over to Daranyl and tibbits on him. "We all just wanted to make sure that you was alright.." Kelpie hisses out at the calico, there is a slight bobing of her head and a lash of her tail as the little green is clearly eyeballing that feline.

Daranyl shrugs where he sits on the grass, pulling offal out of skinned tunnel snakes. Luckily, they don't have much offal. He tosses one tiny organ at the calico, who purrs and pounces on the tidbit, snapping it up in a flash. Distracted from the hunt, again. "I can take care o' myself. Bu' I knew y'all mean' well, I was jus' mis'rable."

Makoto cringes at Sundari's story. "Aaaaah, my back hurts just thinking about it. Ugggghgh—" she fidgets in her sheet and wiggles her back. Makoto rolls her eyes again at Daran. "Yes, you really looked like you were taking care of your self back there."

Sundari peers at Daranyl a bit and lets her hand rest upon her cheek, elbow on the armrest of the chair she is sitting upon. "Yeah I know you can Daranyl.. But.. Friends are helpful from time to time." She points out softly. The rider is sitting near the two, she has her other hand settled upon her baby belly. "Just make sure to wear plenty of sunscreen Makoto your be fine."

Daranyl shrugs again, as he's so fond of doing, "'M fine with frien's, jus' don' nee' healers hoverin' over me." He shoots Makoto a dark glare, "It was jus' a few bruises. 'N' 'sno' like I coulda avoided endin' up like tha' af'er… fallin' down a moun'ain." Right. Mountain.

Makoto takes a swig of juice. Ah, bless Lisbei for this stuff. "Yeah that's what I've been trying to do…" or just covering up which also works and is a little bit more… Makoto. "Exactly. People just can't rely on themselves. Things happen to us that are outside our control. Even when you are self sufficient, you're leaving your self to the mercy of chance if you don't accept the help and knowledge of other people." she frowns a bit. Even she was starting to get suspicious of that mountain story!

Sundari isn't about to comment on the mountain story, she knows it wasn't a mountain and that is what matters. A glance is sent to Makoto and she shakes her head a bit. "I say we go fishing early tomorrow.. I saw some fish back in the pools close to shore.. Fish stew is good. I know a dozen different ways to cook up fish." There they can talk about fish and cooking, and hey food!

Daranyl looks back up at Makoto, his eyes narrowing slightly, "If'n ya've go' somethin' ta say, say it, Mako'o." Daranyl can feel your suspicion! "Fish'd be a nice 'ddition ta th' 'snakes."

"Mmm, fish is nice…" she smiles a b it then looks up in surprise at Daran. "W-What? Nothing! I-I just think you shouldn't dismiss the help of others just because you want to be 'self sufficient' or something. If you wanted to be that, you wouldn't be in a Weyr."

Sundari smiles a bit andnods to the talk of fish. "So.. We're all go out early maybe..?" There is a slight pause at the question from Daranyl to Makoto and she tilts her head a bit but that is all.. Nope she is just going to keep quiet here for the moment..

"Don' think yer lis'nin' so good, Mako'o. Never sai' I don' like help 'r frien's 'r new things, jus' tha' I don' like healers." Daranyl nods towards Sundari, "I le' folks help me. 'Sno' my faul' Kyra's jus' abou' th' only one here who's willin' ta help me with processin' game."

Makoto's frowns even more and slumps a bit. "… Sorry if I misunderstood you, then." she still didn't seem satisfied but there was no real point in arguing. "Fishing sounds nice but I'm probably still going to be busy…"

Sundari pauses a moment, about to say something but just stops. She watches Daranyl a few moments, a pointed glance is seen for him to try and not be so gruff with Makoto. "I'm good at gutting and cleaning fish.. Not so good with other things I have to admit." She's truthfull.

Daranyl meets Sundari's eyes, then sighs-grumbles to himself, setting the last carcass aside to turn and face Makoto a bit more, "Cracks happen, Mako'o. 'Sno' like 'M… upse' or nothin'." It's just that everyone was telling him who to be and he's had enough of that in his life. "Jus'… findin' my own way now is all. Don' nec'ly mean alone jus'… makin' my own d'cisions."

Makoto nods a bit. "… I understand. Just… trying to make sure you're not being stubborn for no reason." She could, in a certain way, relate to Daran. She had moved around earlier in life for similar reasons.

Sundari takes in a soft breath and nods a bit once he gets the idea to not pick on the girl anymore. "Nothing wrong with finding one's own way.. Happens to all of us." This said with a soft tone. "Soon or later one finds it too. Anyway, nothing wrong with being stubborn!" She has her moments after all.

"'M never stubborn withou' a reason. 'N' 'Ve never been alone. 'Ve always had Ez." Daran sucks in a breath and lets it out. People are not his strong suit. "Bu' 'M no' tryin' ta ge' m'self kilt 'n' 'M here ta stay, don' worry."

Makoto points at Sundari. "I guess SOMETIMES it's okay but… not without a reason." And Daran seemed to agree with her. Her ear perks. "Ez? … Who's Ez?" she asks curiously.

"His sister." Sundari offers with a soft tone as she did met her once at least. "Many people have reasons to be stubborn. Most of them thanks to some situation that has happened before. Like I'm very stubborn about making sure I have sunscreen on my shoulders now." She doesn't need to worry about getting burn again after all!

Daranyl opens his mouth to answer, then nods towards Sundari, "My twin." Don't be jealous, they're related. "Stubborn can keep ya alive or it can getcha kilt." He glances over at Sundari again, brows raising slightly as he finds a tree to lean against, "Tha's specially importan' with Li'l Bit on the way."

"Oh a twin?" she smiles. "It must be nice to always have someone line that in your life." she takes the talking-to fro Sunny. She pouts but she doesn't seem to be taking it too hard. "… Yeah, I get you. But I do know some people who are…. stubborn for the sake of being stubborn. OR…e ven if they have a reason, it doesn't actually… help them to be that way"

Sundari isn't jealous thank you! She peeks over to Daranyl and she looks amused for a slight bit. "No worries, I'm being all careful." This said with a faint glance to her belly. "Yeah I suppose there are some people out there that are stubborn just to be stubborn. Know a few like that honestly." Well she /did/ know as it was her father.

"Known more'n a few of those, yeah. Worst is when they get others killed." Daranyl takes another long breath, then nods slightly, "'Tis. Gives me some… 'sistency. How much longer 'ntil Li'l Bit makes her appearance, then?" He knows nothing about babies and gestational periods

Makoto could relate that to a parent too, unfortunately. At the mention of babies, Makoto laughs a bit and smiles. "Yeah, when are you due? I feel like all the women I meet here are having babies."

Sundari is quiet for a few moments while thinking on that is seems before she glances up slightly. "Ah.. Oh.. a short bit yet.." This said with a soft tone and a smile seen. Nervous? Her? Naw never..

Daranyl smirks slightly (the fact that he smiles at all is a sign of how much he's loosened up since coming to the Weyr), "'Sno' like you'll be alone. Ya've go' yer weyrma' 'n' th' whole Weyr ta help ou', yeah?"

Makoto smiles. "Yeah you seem like you have a lot of friends… Can't imagine you not having a ton of help…"

"Yeah I do.. and I know just.." Sundari says while waving a hand at her belly. "Doesn't matter I'm still nervous and worried and.. Everything else rolled into one."

Daranyl arches his brows at Sundari and shakes his head, "How d'you thin' I feel, then? I won' ever even know if Hotaru's kid is mine or no', prob'ly."

"It's… hard to avoid anxiety, even when you know better." she gives a… knowing smile, being an anxious headcase pretty much all the time. She turns Daran and blinks a bit. She… heard about this situation but never saw it addressed openly. "T-That must be a… strange situation."

Sundari blinks a few times while she looks to Darayl at the talk of Hotaru. Now a few things make more sense it seems. "I'm sorry Daranyl.." This said with a soft tone, her shoulder slumping a bit at the thought of him not knowing if it is his or not.

Daranyl's shoulders lift and fall, "Knew what I was gettin' inta, jus'… didn' realize it was act'ly gonna bother me. I'd be an awful da, anyway." That he says with the soft undercurrent of true belief. He's certain he'd be an awful father. "I'll help ou' either way, tho'."

Makoto sighs a bit. "… I suppose that's something easy to agree too in the spur of the moment too. Especially with… those two." she looks off to the side a bit sheepishly. "Y-You don't regret it, do you, Daran?"

Sundari shakes her head slightly. "Don't say that.. You have no idea what would come of it. Maybe you don't think so now but you might change your mind later on." She glances to her belly a moment. "Everything changes over time. I honestly didn't think I'd be having a kid now a few turns ago."

Daranyl's shoulders lift and fall yet again, "Dunno." It's about as honest an answer as he can come up with. He glances at Sundari, tilting his head slightly to the side, "Mebbe. Who knows."

Makoto really couldn't expect more than that for an answer. There must be so many forces pulling in Daranyl. "Well.. at least you seem to be.. handling it well and having as good an attitude as you can."

Sundari takes in a soft breath and is slowly but surly getting herself up so she is standing. She moves on over and gives Daranyl's arm a squeeze, she would offer him a hug but isn't sure if he would take it at the moment. "Time changes a lot of things, some good some bad." She isn't about to say it is all good times after all. "I'm going to get on home, tired." An achey, and hungrey, and well they can figure it out. "I'll see you guys in the morning for fishing, down at the lagoon nice and early." If she can get herself to wake up that is.

Daranyl nods slightly to Sundari, "Ge' th' restcha need, Sunny. I'll ge' these done 'n' have some sen' up if'n ya need?" He looks back at Makoto and shrugs again, "'Tis wha' it is, yeah? 'N' even if I'll never be sure, 's good ta think I migh'… yanno?"

"Take care Sunny…" Makoto smiles. "I'll see if I can escape repairs a bit to do some fishing." At least things were starting to slow down so that might be possible. She turns back to Daran. "Yeah, I guess it really is just what it is… Probably goingto be a … number of guys feeling the same as you… I wonder how it's going to feel for them too." she just shakes her head thinking about it all.

Sundari smiles to Daranyl and nods. "Sure, I wouldn't mind trying some. I'll make fish soup tomorrow then how's that?" Yes she is /that/ sure they will catch something. Onwards though she goes moving of as she waves to the two. "Don't work to hard Makoto. See you both later." Soon enough she's gone.

"Soun's fair ta me, Sunny." Daran watches her go, mostly making sure she's alright, then he glances back at Makoto, "Dunno. S'ppose with fligh's 'n' all, weyrfol' are more usedta it."

"I-I'll try Sunny!" Hard not to though, she had a lot to prove. She gives Sunny a wave as she leaves. "I guess so…" she frowns a bit. "That always struck me as… quite a lot to get used to."

"Yeah." Daranyl shrugs again, starting to gather up his gorey collection, "I think some're more use' ta it than others, bu' Nae 'n' 'Taru cert'nly are."

Makoto takes the cue from Daranyl to start getting her stuff together too. She should probably get back to work. "I… I guess so." Nae was, without question but she wondered a bit about Hotaru. "Still it seems… frustrating to have to rely on others to have kids with the person you love."

Daranyl shrugs again, carefully tying up the hides and meat for easy carrying, "I can' really… I don' know, bu'… 'Taru's moms're th' same way." He goes quiet, his mind elsewhere a moment, then he clamps his jaw and stands, "I shoul' go."

"O-Oh I see…" From all she heard from Hotaru, that didn't necessarily go over smoothly with her parents either. "A-Alright,don't let me keep you, Daran. I should get going too." she pulls up her satchel and pours the remainder of Lisbei's juice in with her own. Can't ever have enough juice!

Daranyl glances at Makoto, his expression clearly conflicted before he schools it away, "Take care."

Makoto just smiles weakly as she heads out. "You take care too, Daran."

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