<< SMASH HIS NOSE! >> or << Proddy Revolution! >>

Winter - Month 1 of Turn 2715

Half Moon Bay Weyr

About: Myrakath and Toith discuss the best form of revenge for bronze-dragon-jerks (aka Aedeluth).

Toith rolls across the mind like the midnight sky, all navy blue darkness, velvet soft but sharply contrasted by grating tone and almost squeaky-metallic vocals. « 'Ey. You tha' green's goin' 'round talkin' smack 'bout tha' bronze-guy? Aede? » Oh yes. She's heard things. « Wha's he done? » Curious, prickling at the consciousness, sharp and shiny.

Myrakath returns the darkness with images of the open ocean, « I am not talking 'smack' about anyone. Aede implied that greens were here to be used and nothing more. He implied that I was what humans would call a whore. He does not believe we deserve any attention outside of being proddy. He's wrong and I'm going to make sure that he learns his lesson. » This isn't about revenge no, it's about education.

Toith will take that ocean and hashtag ROLL WITH IT. « Ya got th' wrong idea, sis', » she interjects with humor, bubbling up from the ocean with great bubbles of greeny-blue slime. Pop-pop. Huff-Huff. Dragonic laughter « I ain't mad atcha. I'm with ya on this'un. » but education? Pfft. Definitely a 'thbpt' raspberry ripple through her mind. « Screw th' edumacation. Jerk bronzes. Jus' smash his nose inna th' ground. Tha's wha' I'do. »

Myrakath is just a small little green and smacking him in the nose is likely to earn her some sort of physical damage. Myra gives a mental shake of her head, « That wouldn't change his mind. I've known him a long time. » If Aede could be easily compelled she would have done so when he was much younger. « I have a different idea in mind. One that will tortue him far more and make my point more clearly. » Myra mind be kind but she's also clever, « I suggest that we talk to the other greens and golds and make them aware of the sitaution. As far as we can we make sure that none let him catch them. Though I suggest they flaunt themselves before him. In short he never wins until he realizes that greens are just as good as golds. And that all females are more than just proddy objects. »

Toith's amusement just grows, bubbling up like a big, goopy pile of… something you'd probably rather not picture. « Nah nah, » she counters. « Yah dun' smack 'im. Yah smash 'im » and she demonstrates with a sketchy-sort of play-by-play of times gone by, of a furious and WAY TOO BIG TO BE REAL Toith pouncing unsuspecting dragons and literally smashing their noses into the ground. « Grind 'em good, » smash-smash cackle. But the memories fade in a puff of blue smoke, vanishing quickly. She listens with half-interest, until it sort of dissolves into a 'blah blah blah' in her mind. « Too complicated, » she decides, still roiling with amusement at the entire situation, bubbles blistering around the edges of her mind. « Yer cute, » she decides. « Yah kin try, but i' ain't gon' work. I've been 'round a while, » nice way of saying she's old. « Yah really thin' I'd le' any o' 'em catch me if I had th' choice? » Pft. Nope. « 'sides. Not all green's 'n' golds mind tha' sorta thin'. » Her advice? « Yah migh' do better ignorin' 'im rather'n let 'im getcha down. » SMASH HIM. Or ignore him. She's cool with both. « E's jus' a dumb bronze. »

Myrakath has no great dislike for males in general, or even all bronzes. Just this particular bronze and his lousy ideas. There probably are others out there though who could also use a good thrashing, « It's not complicated at all. We just find a proddy green or gold and tell them not to let him catch them. Simple. Females have to stick together. It won't take long for him to realize the error of his ways and be open to treating us better. » She's under no grand delusion that Aede will ever be personable, but still there's got to be some things he can learn. « I would let a nice dragon catch me. I don't object to the process just the way he's going about it. And what female in their right mind would want to be treated as a thing? » Some girls is dumb. « I'm not letting him get me down. I'm just rectifying a mistake. » Does Myra regret mating with Aede? Yes. Yes she does.

Say what now? Toith is all sortsa confused and amused. « Yer… gun' go 'round… lookin' fo' proddy greens 'n' golds, jus' t' tell 'em 'bout this bronze's ticked'cha off? » she seeks to clarify, finding the entire thing REALLY FUNNY. « Suite 'self I s'pose. Soun's like a was' o' time ta me tho'. 'ow's yer Bay feel 'bout tha?' » She means Baylee. She uses nicknames for ALL PEEPS. « Yah do know 'ow big Pern 's righ'? » HUGE. MASSIVE. SO BIG. « An' 'ow many girls th' are? » Fools errand, but somehow Toith approves. If just because RECKLESS is her middle name. « Well… goo' luck, princess. » It's affectionate, really, it is. « Imma jus' stay 'ere in Half Moon 'n' soak up th' sun. »

Myrakath has got a plan! Because that is what you do when you want to get something done. You sit down and you think about it until you come up with something that works, « I don't have to go everywhere. That would be impossible. In fact I don't even really have to leave the weyr. What you do is just talk it up among a few of the more social greens and golds then they tell their other friends and those friends tell their friends and so on. Before you know it all Pern knows.» This is some 7 degrees of Keven Bacon style things going on here. Dragons are gossips this natural quality can be used, « I'll start by talking it up to Sakrayeth. Then go from there. »

Toith considers this, midnight blues rolling along right into cerulean and sapphire tones before bursting once more. « Welp. Soun's like a plan a'ight. An' more power to yah if yah c'n pull it off. Still say'sa lotta work f' nuttin' » A pause, a bit of a fuzzing of the colors of her mind; velvet blues a she goes distant. « Ah! » Sakrayeth's image blossoms in her mind. « Sh's glowin' » Yup-yup! Bright and neon, at least in Toith's mind. « G'luck wi' it. An' lemme know if i' works out. » Cause she's curious now, even if she's definitely got her doubts. « Still thin' yah sh' jus' smash 'is nose inna groun'. » But maybe she'll do it for her? Cause what're friends for if not smashing noses? « Duty calls… » Another burst of encouragement in the form of… something gross probably, dripping along the edges of her mind before she retreats.

Myrakath is not entirely sure what to make of Toith, but friends are friends and any sort of support is better than none. « It is most definitely work for nothing. In the sense that I'm working to make sure Aede gets nothing. » She'll make Aede a no go zone if theres anything to say about it. The fellow green is indeed glowing and it shouldn't take much to presuade her to pick someone else. Anyone else. Heck maybe even some males will get onboard in spreading this round. « Bye! » she says.

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