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Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon

A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

It is early morning, just like Sundari had talked about for that fishing trip, which really isn't a trip as they are just down at the Lagoon, or what is left of it at least. Sunny is sitting upon what is left of the pier over near one of the Tidal pools that is higher then normal thanks to everything with the quake. The bluerider has on a tanktop and shorts, which giving that she is pregnant the clothing fits her just fine. A pair of firelizards are settled near her, a bronze chewing on a bit of bait while Sunny is tossing her line back into the water.

Daranyl remembered! The little green curled up on his shoulder, he makes his way down towards the lagoon, feigning a lack of awareness of of the calico feline following behind him. When he spots Sundari, he turns that way, making his way over to her and saying quietly, "So… 'Ve never fish'd b'fore."

Sundari glances up at the voice and smiles. "Hey.. That's alright, take a seat?" She points to one oa few extra poles that she has brought with her. "Pick up a pole and I'll show you how to get it all ready to cast out for something." She catches sight of that feline and looks amused. "Looks like you have a new friend."

Daranyl he glances over at the feline, then shrugs, "Think she's jus' needy." He reaches for a pole, then scowls slightly, feeling the weight in his hands, "So… now I just throw the hook in, right? I mean, it's no' hard, righ'?"

Sundari shrugs a bit, a bit of amusement seen across her face. "In a sense, yeah." This said while she points to the bucket near her that has some bait, which in this case is small bits of what looks like squid. "Just need to put bait on it and then toss it out and wait for a nibble."

Daranyl eyes the bait, reaching for a bit and eyeing it. Very carefully, he sniffs it, then tries to stick it on his hook, but his other hand moves and it swings out of the way. "Shards." He tilts his wrist, trying to swing it back, but does so a little too well and it catches on his tunic.

The tall brownrider wandered the lagoon idly. She was wearing black pants and a black tank top and her red glasses, much like Hotaru's seemed to glow in the morning sun. Her dragon lazed off in the sands in the distance. Finally things were starting to slow down and she was left waiting for work. She stretches as she circles the lagoon. Maybe a good time for a nice run? As she passes the pier, she glances over the Daranyl and Sundari fishing and immediately recognizes Daranyl. Hotaru's friend and the young man from the bar… she grins a bit. "Yo-! Crossbow boy!" she shouts in his direction.

Sundari blinks and grins a bit before a soft chuckle escapes her. "It doesn't smell to good but the fish do seem to like it. This said with an amused tone. There is a moment and she holds back a soft chuckle heard while she moves to work on unhooking him. "I towards the water might be better." The voice catches her attention and she glances over to the new owner of the voice and there is a friendly smile and nod seen.

Daranyl gives Sundari a grateful smile and takes advantage of her help to get the bait on the hook and toss it out into the water… probably not far enough, but hey, it's his first time. The sudden unexpected voice garners an immediate response as he drops the rod (sorry Sunny!) and reaches for his knife, ducking a bit and turning to face, "Hotaru's mom?"

Cassara gives a low chuckle to the young man's response. She had to respect that to some extent. She struts over, hands her pockets and with a confident smirk on her face. "Hotaru's mom." she confirms. "… Cassara. Don't think me or my weyrmate caught your name when she was… giving you a stern talk." she grins and and gives a nod to Sundari. "Hope I'm not interrupting anything. Things seem to finally be getting a little boring again over here."

Sundari smiles to Daranyl and is left scrambling for the pole before it goes dropping into the water. She sputters a bit and smirks before she glances over to him and then to Cassara. "Hey.. That's alright." A glance is sent to Darayl to make sure before she looks back to Cassara. "I'm Sundari, nice to meet you."

Daranyl's fingers twitch near the knife, then retreat, forcing himself to relax, "Sorry. Yeah, 's been a bi'… rough lately. 'M Daranyl." He blinks at poor Sundari, then reaches for the rod, "Sorry 'bou' tha'."

While relaxed, Cassara watches Daran's hand until her pulls it away. "Mmn… Daranyl." she nods at Daranyl's statement. "… Sundari…" she repeats to her self, eyes looking up in thought. "… with Search and Rescue, right?" she asks with a more relaxed but faint smile.

Sundari looks to Daranyl, smiling to him once more before nodding. "It's alright." She offers with an amused tone while giving him the rod back. "If you drop it then you go after it." A glance is sent back to Cassara and she nods a moment. "Yep, with blue Irkevalath.." There is a slight pause. "I remember Hotaru said her parents are riders, sorry for not being to sure on your name."

Daranyl's shoulders shrug slightly, "'m no' afrai' o' wa'er, bu'…" But he'd rather not chase the pointy on a string on a stick down there, either. "Hopef'ly we won' have any more trouble?" He may hope too much, really, "How is your… weyrmate?"

"Cassara… With brown Golth." she repeats, though she doesn't seem to mind. "… Her other mother is Hika, with green Amekasith. We did Search and Rescue out of Igen. We plan to do the same when we transfer here." she turns back to Daran. "Hopefully." she gives a troubling grin! "… She's doing well. I promise you she's usually not that… fiery. That's usually my job."

Sundari chuckles a bit while looking back to the water. "Maybe." Though even she doesn't want to go jumping into that water at the moment. She glances back to Cassara and nods. "Well.. I hope you all might enjoy it with my wing. Good place to be I think in all honesty." So she thinks so at least!

Daranyl flicks the hook back out into the water. It's a worthwhile distraction, "How're those transfer reques's goin'? Seems like you'd be shoe ins." He flicks the rod slightly, "She didn' seem ta take kin'ly ta me carryin' my bow."

"Hopefully… I think we will. Kinda hard to change gears after like… 20 turns. Fortunately there seems to be a weird overlap between finding things in a desert and finding things in the ocean. It's not the same but the adjustments been… more barable than I expected. The… recent mess over here was a good chance to test ourselves." She looks out across the lagoon. "Transfers won't be a problem. Amekasith injured her wing though and we've been letting it heal over in Ierne. When we transfer will ultimately be up to the healers." Cassara have a laugh. "Some people don't take kindly to folks walking into bars brandishing weapons. People around here might know who you are, but we sure as hell didn't."

Sundari tilts her head and is curiously listening in on the conversation before her dealing with tranfers and the like. "I hope it all goes well with you on that one." There is a faint pause at the talk of such tests so to speak. "It was a bit of a mess that is for certain." Which she didn't get to help in thanks to her being pregnant and healers making sure she doesn't do anything stupid as of late.

"I hadn't realiz'd her green was hur'. I hope she heals alrigh'." The statement about brandishing makes him scowl, though, "May no' be th' smartes' guy, bu' las' time I check'd, havin' an unloaded weapon hangin' agains' yer back wasn' th' same as brandishin' it." Daranyl's gaze goes to Sundari for support on that one, missing the conversation about the quake completely.

"Doing a lot better." she smirks. "Was able to do some Search and Rescue work, but she had to take it easy… We're basically at the rehabilitation phase of things. Can't push her, but gotta have her move." she gives a hardy laugh at Daran's indignation. "Look, she was the one who started it, not me. I told her to leave you alone." she gives a big grin. "But when my weyrmate does something, I support her 100."

Sundari shakes her head slightly an is agreeing with Daranyl it seems. "Wasn't a threat when it was on his back I have to admit.. But It isn't like they went and told you to leave with it either." She points out with an amused tone while she glances to Daranyl. Well of course she has his back, friends do that after all!

Daranyl heaves another shrug, "Yer th' one tha' look'd fit ta pick a figh' with me." His focus stays out to water, his free hand scratching quickly at his chest through his shirt, "Past is past, though." He shoots Sundari a thankful smile and gives his rod another little twitch, "Why d'ya think she took such offense ta it?"

Cassara gives a creepy chuckle. "I'm not going to lie, when things with down I was hoping for you to say the wrong thing and get outta line." she gives a confident grin. "But you handled your self well and removed yourself from the situation without seeming like a coward. I can respect that." she gives grin. "Can't imagine how that conversation with Hotaru would go." she shrugs… "She had some drinks in her and, if it were loaded, woulda been a boneheaded thing to do. She just got a little ahead of her self. I promise both of you she's actually very sweet. She's where all of Hotaru's nice traits come from… But they also have the same… nosiness."

Sundari smiles to Daranyl and nods to him a bit to show she is with him on it. The comments from Cassara makes her look back towards her a bit. "His.. not coward." She shakes with a slight frown seen at the thought. "What conversation did I miss that involved all this?"

Daranyl shrugs yet again, "Ya don' stay 'live by givin' someone bigger'n stronger a reason ta hitcha." He's not stupid, a bit of a egotist, perhaps, but not stupid. He glances at Sundari, then nods towards the remains of the Tiki Lounge, "There was alc'hol involv'd."

"No, he's not…" Cassara confirms to Sundari. She chuckles at Daran. "You say that now but I explicitly remember you saying that I couldn't." she gives a big grin. "I wanted to punch you so bad after that but again you.. handled your self well. Guess you had to protect your pride at least a little, mm?" she nods. "Yeah, alcohol didn't help." Not that she really needed it.

Sundari nods a moment and just peers at Cassara a bit at the punching part. A soft breath escapes her and she looks a bit sheepish for a moment before glancing to Daranyl and offers him her fishingpole. "I.. need to slip off for a bit." No asking, just let the expecting rider go! "I'll be back with some goodies." This said while she slowly but surely gets herself up, perhaps even using Daranyl's shoulder for a bit of help in the matter.

Daranyl blinks as Sundari as she suddenly stands to leave, "Li'l Bit alrigh'?" There's honest concern in his voice for the little one on the way for all he keeps it carefully managed, "Still no' sure ya coul' hit me, bu' it'd hur' like a scorchin' if'n ya did. No reason ta fin' ou', yeah?"

Cassara watches her get up and tries to give as.. postive a smile as she can. She seemed to be making her a little uneasy… or at least that what he seemed like to Cass. "A'lright…" she nods, ready to help the woman, but… with a little help from Daran she seemed to have it under control. Cassara laughs again. She seems quite amused by Daran. "Yeah some guys can be scrappy like that. But it's hard to dodge a punch once you're grabbed." She grins. "But you seem like you know how to handle your self in a fight."

Sundari isn't uneasy because of Cassara, she just worries about her friend in all honesty. "She's alright." This offered softly to Daranyl, along with a slight squeeze to his arm before she looks over to the other rider and offers her a smile. "I'm sure I'll see you around.." When it comes to fighting and the light she has a few tricks up her sleeves, well as long she isn't how she is right now. A slight wiggle of a wave is seen before she is moving off heading back to the Weyr.

Daranyl returns the squeeze and a slight nod, setting his rod aside (carefully, so it doesn't roll down into the water), to watch his friend leave before turning back to CAssara, "Go' some 'xperience with it, yeah." He studies her again, scratching at his chest again, "Bi' early fer all tha' now, though."

Cassara just grins as he looks at her, still relaxed. She's like a big, lean, long leaver. She gives him a look over too. "… I take it you aren't originally from a Weyr, are you?" She raises an eyebrow. "Mmn? Bit early?"

Daranyl gives his head a slight shake, "'M no'. 'M from Blue Fire Hold originally."

Cassara nods. "Mmn… Not a lot of… hard people born at Weyrs in my experience…. You're a hunter, right? That always the case…?" she folds her arms and looks at him curiously.

Daranyl's eyes narrow, perhaps catching onto the reason for her line of questioning, or at least what she thinks she suspects. Subconsciously, he itches his chest again, "Pre'y much. Since I was li'le."

Cassara nods. "Mom was a hunter too… Among other things." she gives a slight laugh. "Could be a… rough woman too, sometimes. That life style can breed tough people." she eyes his chest rubbing and raises an eyebrow. "… You alright?"

Daranyl inclines a nod, "Lotsa time alone, focusin' on th' hunt." He looks down at his hand on his chest and forces himself to set it on his knee, "Took a nasty fall a li'le 'fore th' quake 'n' 'M still healin' is all. Itches sometimes."

Cassara nods. "Never quite had the patience to excel at it. Used to be able to shoot a bow pretty good, but never had those… hours of patience it seemed to require." She shrugs. "Mmn, damn. Lotta nasty falls you can take in a place like this." she doesn't persue the chest anymore, thankfully!

Daranyl inclines a nod, "'Speci'ly down a moun'ain side. Look a sigh' be'er'n I did when I firs' go' back." Anyone could tell her that… was his story. "Never really used a normal bow, bu' Hotaru's pre'y goo' with it."

"I'd imagine. Chest injury musta been bad." She leans against part of the pier. "Yeah my mom and dad fostered her so she got to get some of that experience. Though last I saw her, her arms looked a little bit too flabby for the bow she was usin'. She's starting to let her self go." she gives a laugh. "Hoping kids will give her a nice kick in the ass."

Daranyl inclines a nod, "Healin' slowly, tho'." The speaking ill of Hotaru draws out a scowl, "She manag'd jus' fine. Couldn' aim a crossbow fer all th' eggs in Benden, bu' she was goo' 'n' fine wi' th' bow. I thin' she looks jus' fine th' way she is."

Cassara's eyes perk open with his reaction and she grins. "I caught her shooting awhile back and her arms were shaking from the draw." she gives a laugh. "She's a slacker. I know she doesn't wanna look like me, but she can afford to move a little more."

"Didn' have any trouble when we sho'." Daranyl says it with a flat finality. He doesn't like Cassara insulting Hotaru. Hotaru is his friend. his scary, scary friend.

Well now he needs to deal with her scary, scary mom. She looks amused at Daran's response. "Why you being all defensive for her?" She asks with a chuckle. "You think she can't take a little criticism? Come on, she's a tougher girl than that. We've already talked about this."

"Because she's my frien'." Daranyl says it simply enough, leveling a flat look at Cassara, "'N' she's no' here ta do it herself."

Cassara gives a big laugh. "That's cute." she smirks a bit. "… Do I hurt her feelings? Are there things she's not telling me? Because last I checked I was gonna help her and probably Nae exercise after they get those babies out. She knows how I feel and I'm pretty sure I know how she feels."

Daranyl shrugs again, his hand returning to scratch at his chest, "How shoul' I know? I jus' think she's fine as she is."

Cassara eyes his chest rubbing again. Her tone gets more serious "… If she was tellin' you I was being a bully to her and ripping her down and making her feel like shit, well… I'd wanna know that because I don't want that relationship with my daughter." she gives a chuckle. "But if you just wanna defend her like she's a little princess, whatever. She doesn't really need it, but I guess it's cute she has such… nice friends." She shakes her head and grins. "I should probably get goin'. Imagine they probably got more work for me now."

Daranyl snorts softly, "If'n she were tellin' me tha', I'd be askin' why she hadn' had a go atcha herself. Me statin' my opinion ain' nothin' more'n tha'." He inclines a nod to the brownrider and waits to be sure she's actually left.

"Good to know…" She grins and nods her head before walking off toward her lazing dragon. "Take care of your self."


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