Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

Winter has always been something of a joke for Half Moon Bay Weyr, its weather still what the rest of the world might consider balmy at worst, but it's a seasonably cool day all things considered, enough so that R'hyn is clothed in full pants and a long-sleeved shirt to brace against cool, cloudless skies and a faint breeze. Said sleeves have been shoved up to his elbows to clear them out of the way of handfuls of oil, which he's presently rubbing into the nooks and crannies of an itchy eyeridge, much to Xermiltoth's pleasure. The great, dark beast has sprawled himself over an impressive amount of beach, not at all caring who he inconveniences or almost takes out as he shifts and fidgets, tail flicking back and forth happily, as a cat's might. "Settle, will you? The last thing we need is to get held back because you've gone and brained somebody," R'hyn chides, digging deep into an itch that will apparently chase the bronze the rest of his life. « I CAN'T HELP IT, » comes a reply in a voice that is no less booming than the day he was born, though there is some effort put into limiting the words to the people in their immediate vicinity; at least the whole weyr no longer hears about how itchy he is. Small blessings - hopefully passers by don't mind a beam of gold and a rush of diamonds in their heads.

A chill in the air? HAH! V'nyk is out enjoying said weather. He might not /need/ the sweater he's snuggled himself into, but it's at least an excuse for the Fortian to wear some of the clothes he'd brought from home. Fingers pluck at one of the sleeves though, working at a loose thread as he makes his way down toward the water. Lychenth it seems is above, as she has no problem swooping over the mass that is Xermiltoth before skittering to a landing in the sand. Landings she can now make quite easily and primly, thanks to all the practice. Her wings are held aloft though a moment longer, poised to check herself over a bit before finally settling down. V'nyk on the other hand has to /poke/ the bulk that is the sprawled dragon. "Wow, really? You're like /everywhere/. /R'hyn/! You have a mountain for a dragon, did you know that? Feel like I need climbing gear to get anywhere around the barracks half the time with so many bronze tails snaking the place." He takes the long way, alas, trudging around until he can finally peek out around Xermiltoth, grinning widely. "These guys are gonna outgrow what room we've got!"

Sundari is rather happy for a bit of cooler weather rolling in, but then let's face it being pregnant on a island is not a best place to be at times. At the moment Sunny is making her way on down to the lagoon, she has a shirt on that is clearly not her's (being a few sizes to big that is) and a pair of shorts, no shoes because honestly who needs them? The voices are caught as she glances over towards them offering a soft smile and slight nod towards the few that can be found, though she is a bit busy as Raylin is walking with her and the girl is carrying a bucket and shovel for playing in the sand it seems. Irkevalath is gliding down into the shallows with a light bugling escaping him, which offers up who might be around incase the other's have no spot the WLM and her daughter just yet.

Xermiltoth bugles greetings to both incoming dragons, his vocalized tone ironically quieter than his mind. It figures. The great bronze hesitates - where there is an Irkevalath, there is usually a Sundari, and he does so try to avoid accidental bespeaking of the Weyrlingmaster but… He is weak. « GREETINGS, LYCHENTH, IRKEVALATH. A GLORIOUS DAY FOR FLYING, IS IT NOT? » Someday, someday soon they will be able to do so fully unchecked, but for now he is content to lower his head back into R'hyn's awaiting hands, aiming only an amused grumble down at V'nyk. "Hey!," the bronzeling greets, ducking around Xerm's jaw to aim a grin over at his fellow weyrling. "Shells, but you don't have to tell me. I can't shardin' believe he was this big, once," he says with a hand gesture and a roll of his eyes. "Though Lychenth's no tiny kitten either. She's grown into herself, though." A snort. "Hang climbing gear. Should just install zip lines throughout the barracks and be done with it," he drawls with a wink before his eyes wander, catching on Sundari and Raylin. AS IF HE COULD MISS YOU, SUNNY. "Hey!," gets offered in greeting, a hand lifting in a spirited wave, not quite beckoning the weyrlingmaster over if she didn't want to spend time with both of her sets of charges on her free time, but the greeting is there if she wants to inspect!

There is an immediate finger pointed at R'hyn, V'nyk's eyes wide. "I am /for/ that!" And really, who /wouldn't/ be for zip lines in the barracks? Crazy people, that's who. There's a quick look send over at Lychenth though, smiling a bit since the green doesn't seem terribly interested in doing anything but frolicking along the water's edge. "I know, but at least I can bathe her and not take half the day doing it." There's something to be said about the advantages of smaller dragons. He makes his way fully around though to plop right down on the ground, puffing out a breath of relaxation."At least she doesn't fall on her face anymore. I was starting to worry she'd break something. Namely, herself." Thankfully, Lychenth has indeed seemed to grow out of her clumsy awkwardness. There's a bit of a peek upward when Irk comes in, leaning then to peer around R'hyn towards Sundari before lifting his own arm. Wave time!

Sundari looks on a bit amused, her eyes closing just a bit at the words from Xermiltoth, normally it doesn't bother her thogh at the moment it does come in like a smack to say the least. A soft breath escapes her but she does offer a smile still. Raylin gives her bucket a slight rattle. "Do you want to build a sandcastle?" Well it isn't like they can build a snowman! Sunny nods and lets go of the girls hand while pointing over to Irk. "Go on over to Irk, he'll help us." Raylin giggles and nods before she is running off towards the blue that has moves further in and is actually blocking some water so wet sand is easier to get to. « Indeed, it is always a good day for flying. Everything goes well wth you both with the flying…things…? » Irkevalath questions with a tilt of his head while loking towards Xermiltoth and Lychenth. Sundari is left on her treck towards the two werylings on her own. "Afternoon you two, how are things?"

R'hyn laughs for the wide-eyed pointing, grin flicking wide. "Right? Though shells, the way red tape goes up for construction around here, by the time they installed it, we'd be out and wouldn't even get to enjoy it," he drawls. "And no sense letting the next generation have all the fun, right?" Smirk. He's terrible. A grimace is given for the idea of it taking half a day to bathe Xermiltoth - the boy isn't wrong - but he does add an amused, "True, though people tend to take one look at him, take pity, and offer to help. You know. Right up until he shouts at them and then they suddenly have better things to do." He has no room, therefore, to judge about Lychenth's clumsiness, though he does nod. "I have noticed that. Good for her. Might've just been a bad case of growing pains, you know? Get used to things being one size, and then suddenly everything's all cattywhompus again. Poor things. I'm glad to be past all that." Or at least, one hopes R'hyn doesn't still have growing room. Bless. Xermiltoth, meanwhile, winces and tries his best to whisper back at Irkevalath. The result is… inept. « SO FAR SO GOOD. » It's still shouting, but it's quiet shouting? Eh heh. R'hyn grins as Sundari sends her little girl off to build sandcastles before glancing over at Sunny with a nod. "Going as good as can be expected. Fixing itches - Dragonhealers seem to think this patch of skin was damaged in the shell, so I'll probably always have to tend it." A shrug. "How're you?"

V'nyk can't help it. There's a bit of giggling that goes on at the term 'cattywhompus' being used. Though there's still a bit of wide eyed wonder, before he rather conspiratorily leans toward R'hyn. "What about..between /weyrs/? Like if the ledges were near each other. That..would be /so/ much fun and so /high/ and…and..splat if you let go, I guess, but still it /sounds/ fun." Soon there will be an entire criss-crossed webbing of zip lines and /netting/ around the weyr. Just wait. It will happen. Lychenth lifts her head in a trilled little noise though, managing her own politely /soft/ thoughts. Despite being sprayed with glitter. «Things are ever so well!» V'nyk himself throws a grin up at Sundari, innocently beaming at the weyrlingmaster. "Oh I'm great! Can barely keep Lychenth on the ground anymore. Which I sure don't mind. Heck, I'd float around everywhere if I could.."

Sundari looks a bit amused at thet talk of baths and the like, a soft chuckle is heard. "I have you all beat when I giv Irk a bath so I don't want to hear any complaints." Which yes the blue is on the larger size of the scale, but the extra time comes from all his scars which take extra time scrubbing and oiling. "I'm glad to hear everything it going well though with them both. Along with the flying going well." At least from everything she's sen, and heard from lessons and not from lessons, oh yes she is keeping an eye on ALL of you! Irkevalath warbles softly while shifting in the wet sand and pushing some up so Raylin can use her bucket and shovel to work on making her castle. "I'm good, one day at a time an all that good stuff." This said with an amused tone. Forget the fact that she looks tired, that happens with added stress, and lessons, and oh yes growing baby that gives mommy little rest.

R'hyn's nose wrinkles over an amused grin for Ven's giggling, but there's no further push on that particular conversation, gaze instead going distant as he considers stringing weyrs together via zipline. "I mean. No less dangerous than getting drunk on your weyr ledge, really, and I've seen plenty of riders do that," he says as though he's actually thinking about it. Danger, Will Robinson! "And it'd be easy to at least get in one direction without your dragon. Brilliant. This'll require serious testing, but I think you're on to something," he says with a flicked grin. Faranth, but zip lines really are just going to appear one day, aren't they? Yes, yes they are. Sunny should hurry up and hold them all back now, before they get weyrs of their own! "You do have us beat," R'hyn agrees with a laugh, finally finishing with Xermiltoth's rough patch and pushing the dragon's head away from him so he can attempt to wipe the oil from his hands with a cloth. "If nothing else, in sheer terms of how often our dragons get irredeemably dirtied. Irk blows us all out of the water," he says with a wink towards the blue. "As for flying, it's taking everything Xerm has to behave in lessons. He says the second we're free, he's going to do barrel rolls until he's sick." A growled glare is earned from the blackened bronze, but R'hyn laughs, totally unrepentant. "Well you did. We'll just make sure you're in clear airspace." Smirk, and a nod of understanding for Sundari. "Quite right. As always, if there's anything we can do." Shrug, shrug.

Thought you were going to get away with a peaceful gathering on the beach, didn't you? THINK AGAIN! There might be bronze dragons and riders of all types, but NO DRAGON IS AS MIGHTY AS THE DRAGON THAT COMES NOW: Ila'den's got his arms spread, and he looks /ridiculous/ in that ever-present choice of long-sleeved tunic rolled up to his elbows, wild hair defying gravity without an ounce of grace, legs wrapped in riding leather with his jacket - STILL - missing. There is a /gaggle/ of children gathered around him, twins, and a much smaller child who has to race to keep up. Katrel (the only boy) is wearing his uncles helmet while Kiorel (his twin sister) is sporting her uncles goggles. Kiric (the youngest girl) has been left to pick from the ribs of her uncle's riding gear: gloves. It's okay. She doesn't seem to mind it, especially since the bronzerider's jacket is MYSTERIOUSLY UN-RETURNED. RUDE HALF MOON JACKET GNOMES. So people are talking about ziplines, and Sundari is being CUTE AND PREGNANT, and Ila'den is looking truly pitiful in one of the things he /always seems to be doing in his free time/: playing with his sister's children. /His/ children are much too old to enjoy these games of chase anymore, but Kiorel and Katrel, even little Kiric, are squealing delight as short legs labor to keep pace with their uncle. "YOU WILL NEVER CATCH ME!" comes a breathless shout from the bronzerider - and well they might not. Kiorel's feet seem to forget what cooperation is the minute grey eyes land on R'hyn and she's tumbling to a graceless halt that lands her on the ground, eyes wide, mouth parted in a mystified little 'o'. Katrel trips over her, Kiric trips over him, and suddenly there's a mess of tiny, flailing limbs and incoherent sounds from Kat as he attempts something rather daring, and breathes sand. Kiric's already blinking at her sister, to her uncle who's coming to a surprised stop, and then blinking after R'hyn. Pause, SMILE, and she ducks behind a giggle. "Hubband," is all she says. Kio swats a hand at her sister, who giggles all the more, and Kat sits up to see what the fuss is about. STARE, and then he's leaning /sideways/ to his sister. "I'm more handsome," he tells her, wickedness in his tone despite the sand coating tongue and lips, but NOTHING. NOTHING can disturb her stare. Ila'den doesn't have to ask if the kids are okay, they clearly are, and so the bronzerider turns to face the company he's so RUDELY INTERRUPTING WITH HIS REINDEER (DRAGON) GAMES. A smile for V'nyk, a raise of brows for R'hyn (DON'T PUNCH HIM BRO), and an almost-attack on Sundari when he pulls the bluerider in for a hug, plants a sound kiss right on the corner of her mouth, and then presses hands to her stomach. Kiric, in the meantime, is pointing at V'nyk and nudging her sister. "Hubband," she whispers, and this time /she's/ looking wide-eyed. OH YES, V'NYK. WELCOME TO THE OOGLE TRAIN.

V'nyk has started something. Oh yes, he has. The zipline trend is /upon/ us! And in fact, V'nyk looks quite pleased with himself. He opens his mouth again though to reply before there is a sudden trainwreck of /little people/ happening, and the greenling can only stare a bit with his mouth still open. "Uhm." /Hubband/? There's a wild look thrown at R'hyn for a moment, eyes wide. "A /little/ young for you, don't you think?" Wait, now /he's/ also hubband? Flail. A finger points at Ila'den, waving his hand uselessly at the children afterward. /Do/ something. Though thankfully it seems he becomes distracted again at the sight of someone /else/ lurking near the beach, a darkly clad teenager near his own age. There's a grin of recognition then, before he makes himself a quick escape, hurriedly jogging that way.

Sundari says, "Some how I think a zip-line would be a bad thing. Can you just imagen a young dragon, or well… a dragon like Irk running into one?" Sundari questions with an amused tone at the idea. "You all will have your own weyr's soon enough. Just a bit longer honesty." There are a few lessons left before such things! She grins a bit and chuckle softly. "I know some oil that will help with the itcher bits R'hyn, i'll get you sme and tell you where to get it when your able to between." WHICH they stil have not been given the ok to do just yet, sorry kiddes that will be just around the bend though. She looks over to Irk and Raylin watching the two with a soft breath escaping her and she glances back to the two weyrlings. "Thanks, ou all just keep to your lessons and your dragons and that will be plenty I assure you." Tis said with a smile and nods before she looks towards the approach of others and there isa slight squeak heard as she is hugged and that kiss is felt. "Ila'den…" Is offered along with a slight swat, the 'hubband' bit is totally missed, though she does catch sight of one sand covered kid now. "What did I miss?" Well stuff was going on behind her."

Damnit, Ila. This is why we can't have nice things, and why YOU CAN'T HAVE YOUR JACKET BACK, either. Like V'nyk, R'hyn is sidetracked from current conversation, impishness concerning ziplines giving way to raised brows and sharp smirks as the bronzerider enters the scene, chased by a flock of kids. Eyes start to roll, but then Kiorel spies him and trips, and down go the rest, and rude Ila, not even helping your nieces and nephews up! So rude. Must he do everything. Tutting quietly at the kissy-facing, belly-touching bronzer, R'hyn goes to offer hands-up to the kiddos before hiking Kiorel up into an air-spin before balancing her on one hip and making a 'thhbt' face over at V'nyk. "This is my wife. And this must be your brother and sister." Names unknown, but he's already returning to his original spot, Kio in tow, smirking a fey little smirk when Kiric calls Ven 'hubband' next. "She's even younger," he says in the same way one might say 'scandalous!,' but he grins and waves the greenling off regardless. "Later." Blue-greys scrunch over at Sunny then, head tilting. "Well, they couldn't criss-cross the weyr, but if they ran parallel to the bowl wall, it wouldn't be much trouble. Still, thank you, I'll try anything." The bronze is already turning his head to itch at it with one forepaw before he lumbers his feet and wades off into the water, perhaps to cool the itch instead. A nod is given - of course they are behaving as best they might during lessons - before he snorts and aims a wry look over at Ila. "Abject chaos, of course. That's what you missed." A smirk, and a glance back at Kio. "I like your goggles. Are you a rider now?"

WHATEVER ILA'S AWESOME (not). The bronzerider's response to Sundari's swatting at him is low, husky laughter, decidedly brief before the bronzer relinquishes his hold on the bluerider - stomach and all. Grey eyes trail to V'nyk, brows raising at the motion for him to /do something/ before those broad shoulders roll in a shrug that mutely communicates: 'Like what?' R'hyn goes to help the children up, and Kio's face turns a vibrant shade of red before she's hiked up, and spun, and landing on a hip with a peal of delighted laughter. She clings to the weyrling, positively /beaming/ when he refers to her as his wife, and then she's tugging on her (Ila's) goggles with a shy giggle. "Yes," she says, and she's pulling them off to put on R'hyn's head instead, studious momentarily in her work. Katrel is rooooolllling his eyes and slinking off to play, whilst Kiric watches V'nyk retreat with a pouty bottom-lip to out pout all pouty bottom lips. Those feelings? TOTALLY HURT. HER HUSBAND REJECTED HER. Ila'den's attention is only partially on the retreating weyrling as R'hyn turns on his smarm and Ila'den's rasping more short-lived laughter. "He's right, you know. It follows where I lead." There's a gentle shoulder-bump for the bluerider alongside him, before Ila'den goes to retrieve Kiric who is right on the verge of wailing her hurt when - DARKLY DRESSED TEENAGERS? There's sharp call of Katrel's name that has the younger boy scurrying back to his Uncle, blinking grey eyes in a manner that says it's not a tone he's used to hearing at all seconds before the bronzer gives the boy a push behind his hulking body and sweeps Kiric up onto his hip, grey eyes focused on the V'nyk-friendly form. There's something completely animalistic about the way Ila'den momentarily holds himself, as if he's waiting for a fight, as if he's ready to thrust Kiric into R'hyn and regress back to renegade-esque problem solving. But it's shortlived, Ila'den relaxing with a huffing growl as both figures TRA LALA and disappear. Give the man a moment, and there's a /pointed/ look being fixed on R'hyn before he's all eyes on Sundari again - with a smile. "So when are you supposed to have that baby anyway?" SMOOTH TOPIC CHANGE. Kiorel is looking confused, Kat is peeking around his uncle's legs, and Kiric is sniffling her rejection into her uncle's shirt as he smooths her hair and croons an assurance to her that doesn't exactly translate on his features.

Sundari shakes her head slightly while eyeing Ila'den a bit once he let's her go. "Honestly… All grabby-mic-grabbtin." She says with a teasing tone before glancing over to R'hyn. "Have you seen Irk fly before…? I'm rather certain he would find a way to crash /into/ them just in SPITE. Or throw some herdbeast into it." Has anyone met her dragon before honestly? Though the idea is an amusing one. "Perhaps… Someplace else, away from the Weyr itself would be an idea though." She does still enjoy a thrill thank you. A soft hum escapes her while she looks to R'hyn and Kio and she looks amused and smiles before glancing over to Ila as he takes on some super defensive moment there and she lifts her head a touch while looking off towards where the greenweyrling if leaving and glances to Ila'den pondering what he saw now. Irk let's out a low rumble, a foreleg is slowly curling around Raylin while the girl still plays with her building her sandcastle, though she is well protected from her blueguard! "Honestly… Whenever she damn well feels like it at this point. Hopefully sooner rather then later, I feel like a balloon…" She will just leave it at that, no need to talk about OTHER things right? There are CHILDREN around she doesn't want to scar them for life.

If Kiorel is beaming, I don't know what to call R'hyn's grin. It about splits his face, when the girl removes the goggles and places them on his head instead. One hand lifts to adjust them into place, fingers fluffing and tucking overlong strands of his hair around them artfully before he flicks a look Ila'den's direction. Guess what else the bronzerider isn't getting back. "Well, you make a very lovely rider," he says to Kio herself, "though it's hardly any fun to chase bronze dragons unless you're chasing them away." Amused cadet blues roll over to Sunny, then, quiet laughter preceding a low, "Yeah, that's fair. He'd get caught just to prove a point. Maybe somewhere out in the jungle, then, where he wouldn't be flying anyways." Snicker! Still, the amusement is short-lived, broken apart somewhere between Ila'den's posture and his tone, R'hyn tucking both arms protectively around Kiorel even as he takes half a step in Ila's direction, as though indeed ready for Kiric to be pushed his way, and perhaps to take Katrel, too. It doesn't happen, in the end, but R'hyn also doesn't need pointed glances - he watches the pair of teens leave until they are out of sight, expression parked on the cool side of neutral before he breaks out of it. "Hey," the bronzeling says, mostly to the kidlets as he bounces a confused Kio and peers between Kat and the sniffling Kiric. "You ever heard a dragon sing before?" One arm gets extended for the girl in Ila's arms, and R'hyn tips his chin at an angle towards Katrel, even as Xermiltoth slogs back up out of the water, shaking off before lumbering up to sprawl out on the beach quite nearby. Paws spread widely apart from each other in invitation for the kidlets to join him, the bronze's back to the receding danger down the beach, wings spread wide to dry - or perhaps block the children from view as R'hyn ambles that-a-ways, asking quietly after favorite songs that he or the bronze might know.

Ila'den mouths the 'grabby-mic-grabbin' words back to Sundari, looking wicked if not amused, and then he's rolling his eyes with another chuckle. Granted, his attention is swept away shortly by mysterious teenagers and ALAS. R'hyn is offered up Kiric, Katrel follows him, and all three children chime favorite songs one after the other, all childish, all excitement at the prospect of a dragon gracing /them/ with its mindvoice. This leaves Ila'den with Sundari, eyes on her blue and her child before he exhales. "Be careful, Sundari," he murmurs, clearly thinking /now/ is not the time to elaborate regardless of R'hyn's interference on the entire matter. He gives the weyrling perhaps /minutes/ alone with the children before he's pulling Sundari back into a hug, depositing a kiss on the top of her head, and giving her stomach another rub. "Aye, well. Better in than out, in this case. Sleep just never seems to catch up after they're born." NOT THAT SHE DOESN'T ALREADY KNOW THAT. And then Ila'den is stalking to the bronzer-to-be, leaning in to murmur something in his ear before gathering up the children with a husky, "Thank you." And then OFF HE GOES. TO RETURN THE CHILDREN TO THEIR MAMA AND DO WHATEVER IT IS THAT ILA'DENS DO.

Sundari chuckles softly and smiles to R'hyn. "Well that is an idea. If you all still want to do it we can figure something out how's that? I'll give the full ok for a well though out plan of course." That should keep them busy right? Well for a few hours at least! She tils her had to look after the children and R'hyn before glancing over to Ila'den at the warning. "Have you heard of something…?" May not be the time but it won't keep her from asking seeing how she has been in the dark a bit lately. With the Healers stressing on her to cut back on things it is hard to get a word out of D'nyl lately and that is enough to add more stress to her plate. Though with no answer she just frowns but doesn't push the matter, which honestly is strange even for her. She'll give Ila'den a hug back, one that lasts for a moment before letting him go. "Maybe. I can't get much sleep now as it is thank you very much! I'll see you later Ila'den." Is offered after the fleeing bronzer and the children once he has rounded them all up it seems.

Gracing. As though Xermiltoth doesn't bask much less willing citizens of the weyr in his mindvoice on an average day. STILL, they don't and need not know that, even as one of the (blessfully shorter) songs is selected and dispensed in the dragon's bright, rolling tenor while Ila and Sunny exchange cautions. It rolls to a close as the bronzerider approaches, and R'hyn rumbles an amused, "We'll have to do this again" to the kidlets even as he lowers Kiorel back to the sand. Words pressed to his ear earn a steep frown, pursed lips, and a nod as blue-grey eyes flick back out to the point where teenagers disappeared, but in the end R'hyn merely snorts a humorless snort and fixes Ila with a similarly grumpy look as the man gathers the children. "You're welcome," is said tersely, hand flicking through his hair and then he's walking away quickly before Ila can remember the goggles. Back to Sundari he hastes, brain filtering back through their conversation so he can issue a relatively cheerful, "It certainly sounds like a fun project, if you ask me, so I'll see if maybe Ven wants to give me a hand drafting plans up. I'm sure I could get a couple of the others interested, too." A beat, and a glance towards the Tiki Lounge of all places, considering before: "In fact, I think I know a good place to start. Take care, Sunny. Xermiltoth wants to catch a few rays, so he's going to stay - let me know if you need anything." It's said again, needlessly he knows, but there are dangers and postures that can be read, and perhaps the bronze is staying as much at his weyrling's insistence as he is to bask, though he does stretch out with a rumbled croon even as R'hyn backs away with a wave. "See you 'round, yeah? At lessons if nothing else." And then he's off at a trot to seek out someone to lend a hand with zipline plans!

Sundari the warning from Ila'den may have made her a bit more tired looking honestly, wait is that even possible? Though Raylin is running over to her talking about something she found so she is quickly showing a smile to her and R'hyn. "I have a feeling you might enjoy that. I know a few areas that it would work out well in the jungle actually." She nods while moving to lightly take hold of what Raylin has, some shell it seems. "Oh isn't that pretty! We can put it with the other's." This is of course what the youngster wanted to hear and Raylin is peeking up to R'hyn whom is getting a slight wave with a sanding hand. "Bye!" Sunny smiles once more and nods R'hyn. "Thank you R'hyn, I appricate it. But… I just want to make sure you stay out of trouble, alright? Course, go have fun before lessons tomorrow." She won't go into more then that as he is leaving and her daughter is tugging her back over to Irk to work on that sandcastle it seems. Do you want to build a sandcastle is totally the theme today.

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