How Much Truth is Too Much?

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon

A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

Makoto is hanging out at the lagoon in the afternoon. Dressed in a one piece swimsuit, with some thin wraps around her to protect her form the sun and… hide her figure. She also has a big dorky straw sunhat on. It was nice to finally have some time off and Makoto decided to spend it on the beach, drinking juice and reading books. She tucked her self comfortably under a tree, puts on her glasses and pulls out a book.

Daranyl may not be at his best at the moment. He makes his way down the beach, dressed as always, though his feet are bare today, and his crossbow isn't in evidence. He comes to a stop in front of where the bar used to be, then raises one hand in a rude gesture. Grumble alcohol grumble mumble.

Sundari is wandering, though not to far it seems as she has caught sight of Makoto and is in fact heading on over to where she happens to be. A tired smile is seen while she moves along and she is soon taken over a spot under that tree without asking if it is alright. "Hey Makoto, how goes it?" This questioned while she settles down and gets comfy, a arm resting losely upon her belly. There is a moment where she glances over and catches sight of Daranyl, a sof smile seen and she waves him on over to where they happen to be.

Makoto gives a typical nervous jump as Sundari greets her. "S-Sunny!" she smiles. "I-I'm good! I.. I'm sorry I missed the fishing… I ended up doing work down at the hold all that day…" she lets out a big sigh. "It's just nice to finally have a day off… how are you doing?"

Daranyl looks over and spots Sundari's wave, so he moves that way, flopping down beside them on the sand, "mmmf, shardin' pub shardin' closed. Just when I need a drink." GRUMBLE. "Hey Mako'o. Sunny. I don' suppose either of you has some booze on ya."

Sundari smiles to Makoto and nods. "That's alright.. We're go again sometime how's that?" She questions with an amused tone. There is a slight pause and she peeks over to Daranyl, she looks amused and a soft chuckle escapes her. "Really?.." There is a point to her belly. "Sorry not right this moment."

"… Hopefully I'll make it next time…" She gives a big smile. "Been pushing for osme more… time off after all of this." she looks at Daran and sighs. "Sorry, I don't drink… W..Want some juice?" Probably not but… maybe he'll want some!

"Ya don' drink?" Daranyl blinks owlishly at Makoto, "How can ya not drink?" He looks at Sundari as if she might magically have the answer then back at the juice. His next deep breath comes out as a sigh, "Sure, I'll take some juice. Thanks. Can't hunt, can't go to th' pub. Wha' in Faranth's name'm I supposed to do?"

Sundari smiles and nods to Makoto. "Sureness." A peek is sent over to Daranyl and she shifts to lean against him. "Your a pretty good pillow to lean against." She is joking of course. " What do you /want/ to do?"

Maoto blinks, wideyed at Daran's reaction. "I..It's pretty easy. B.. By not drinking? It's… pretty easy?" she frowns but hands Daran one of her bottles of jugs. "Why can't you hunt…?"

Daranyl shrugs, shifting slightly under Sundari's weight to be more comfortable, "Dunno." He looks at Makoto again and just stares back, "But it tastes good 'n' helps make everything better." He casts a longing look at the forest, "They don' want me huntin' until they're sure everything's healed."

Sundari will stay put if Daranyl doesn't make her move, she is super achey and tired after all. "Drinking any bad.. My brothers and I would have drinking contests to get out of chores.. Who ever won got to skip there chores for the day." Perhaps have a hangover but details!

Makoto frowns. "I assure you that drinking doesn't always 'help make everything better'." though she doesn't offer more than that. She looks at Sundari. "T-That sounds… like you all did a lot of drinking…"

"No, not always, but it can, when ya let it." Daranyl glances at Sundari and shifts slightly again, relieving the pressure on his chest without making her get up, "Done things like tha'. Are ya comfy? 'Cause I'd've thought I was a bit bony fer whatcher doin'."

Sundari smiles a bit as she hears Daranyl and shifts so she is sitting back on her own. "Your not that boney.. Just aching." As for the drinking bit she shrugs. "Not all the time honestly. Ever few seven-days or so.. Was in the middle of the ocean on a boat had to do something for amusement."

"It can for some people…" Makoto agrees. "But not for everyone." she chuckles at Sundari. "Oh right… yeah I guess you don't have much to do on a boat…" she takes a sip of juice. "That… must have been really boring sometimes."

"Have ya tried it? Don' know if'n ya like it if ya don' try it." Daranyl reaches out to pat his side, "It was fine, Sunny. Go ahead 'n' lay back down if it helps. Drinkin' games were pretty common where I grew up, too."

Sundari glances to Daranyl, who gets a soft smile and she shifts to lean back against him. "Thanks Daranyl." Is offered softly, as it does help somewhat. "We did have other things to do, just did the drinking game for fun." She's quiet for a moment at the htought of her family, the boat and a soft breath escapes her. "No harm in trying it sometime. Then you know what its like even."

Makoto frowns and looks away. "My mother is my worthless drunk. As are many of my aunts and uncles." she looks back at Daran. "So I'd just rather not. I'm already more like them then I'd like."

Daranyl frowns slightly, crossing his arms up under his head so he can tilt it and look at Makoto more seriously. He opens his mouth, starting to say something then closes it again, craning his neck a little to watch Sundari. This is something he just… doesn't know how to deal with at all.

Sundari blinks a moment and then again before she looks to Makoto and watches her a few moments. "Your nothing like them.. Why would you ever think that?" This is questioned while she sends a glance to Daranyl before she glances back to Makoto. "We didn't mean anything like that either.."

Makoto puffs out her cheeks and pouts a bit at Daran's reaction. "I-It's okay, Daranyl, you didn't know. It… just gets hard when people get pushy about it. T-They assume I'm.. just being me and being afraid to try stuff." she looks to Sunny with a frown. "… You don't know that, but…" she forces a smile. "But it's okay. Now you know a-nd I'm sure it won't be a problem."

Daranyl reaches to squeeze Sundari's leg, then nods slightly, "'M not sure, honestly. Part of me still thinks ya shoul' try it just once, but that's me. Can't really say if'n yer like 'em, though, since I haven' met 'em, but there's nothin' more wrong with you than there is with me." Not that that's necessarily saying much.

Sundari takes in a soft breath while she watches Makoto, the frown is noted and she is quiet for a few moments before glancing to Daranyl and nods slightly before her gaze settles off on the water. "Things change, people change too. Anyway it is up to you if you want to try it or not in all honesty. No one will judge you for doing it or not doing it."

She nods to Daran. "But what do I get to that? I find out I like it? That's kinda the problem." she tries to give a little laugh to calm things down and smiles at Sundari. "Things change, but not blood, but…" she shrugs her shoulders. "… How are you two doing? I-I don't wanna focus on me being a bummer."

Daranyl manages to kind of a little shrug in the position he's in, "Maybe find out ya don', but then at leas' you can tell folks as much." The mention of blood has him turning his head enough to look out to sea instead, "Blood doesn' mean as much as some folks think it does. Don' let it weigh ya down." Him? So not talking about how he's doing.

"Just because one is related by blood doesn't mean they are all alike." Sundari points out. "Most of the people I consider family an't blood related to me in the least. As for following in in their footsteps that does little for someone. Everyone makes their own way in life, their own choices."

Makoto can't keep the smile up and ust gives a depressed frown. "… I already know we have things in common… I… I know I won't just be like the,… or that I have to be responsible for who they are, but…" she taps the side of her head. "… I know a lot of… emotional problems I have are… shared among that side of the family."

Daranyl's frown deepens, but words fail him again. Instead, he shoots a look at Sundari, his brows furrowed not in anger, but in confusion. He studies Makoto a moment longer, then turns his gaze to the sands before him, freeing one hand to poke at it. AWKWARD.

NO ONE TO SAVE YOU NOW, Daran. Makoto stays unusually quiet too for a bit. "It's okay Daran, I… I know this about my self and… have been able to keep it… usually under control…"

Daranyl looks up at Makoto for a long moment, then back at the design he's drawn in the sand. It looks like a very rough map of the Western continent. He smooths over the sand, then does that awkward half-shrug again, "No one's gotta be somethin' specific jus' 'cause their parents were."

Makoto nods. "But… we are born looking like our parents. We share the same… physical characteristics of our parents and we also share some of the… minds of our parents. It… doesn't mean you have to be like them but…. you also can't just ignore it. Especially if you wanna be different…"

"'M nothin' like my parents." Daranyl says it with a stark finality as he starts drawing in the sand again, this time sketching out the rough idea of flames in the moist earth.

Makoto frowns. "Well I am… I might not be a drunk, but… I know I suffer drop depression… So does my mother…" she sighs and looks down. "… and… so is a lot of her side of the family. I have that. I can't change that. I can only change how I let it effect me…" She watches Daran drawn in the sand…

"Also doesn' make ya bad. Having somethin' of 'em in ya? That's normal. My da taugh' me how ta shoot, but it doesn' make ya the same, either." Daranyl emphasizes his point but thrusting his finger into the sand a few times to add deeper features to his fire.

Makoto smiles a bit. "… Dad taught me how to smith… but more than that, I think I have his… disposition for smithing. His… mind for it." she shrugs. "… I… take it your relationship with your parents aren't great either?"

Daranyl's shoulders twitch uncomfortably, "Don' really…" He smacks his hand down on the drawing, marring it but not totally destroying it, "They're dead."

Makoto gives a deep sigh… She was tempted to say she's sorry, but… given the context… "… My dad is dead. Thats when… everything went down hill." she sighs and sucks her knees, staring at the sand.

"Well, yer here now, yeah?" Daranyl looks up enough to pass on just the slightest of smiles, "Jus'… leave it all behind ya. 'S the only place fer it."

Makoto nods. "… Well, that's why I'm not in Ista anymore. At some point I just had enough…" she sighs. "I'm sorry for being such a downer."

Daranyl pushes off the sand until he's kneeling there, looking at Makoto, then he tugs up his tunic, revealing the pale white of new scar tissue there in that sigil and that word. His brows arch, then he lets it drop, "We've all got things we regret in our pasts. I shoul' get back up ta th' Weyr."

Makoto sees the scar tissue and remembers what she saw back in the infirmary… -Oh-. She gives him a… knowing nod and forces a smile. "D-Don't let me keep you…"

"But the regrets aren' always what ya think, either." Daranyl can't help it, just thinking about it makes him scratch his chest through his shirt, "'Snot the action that got me this I regret, it's associating with those people in th' first place. Ya can't let those things weigh ya down or ya'll be buried in 'em."

Makoto gives a slow nod. Seemed finally the time to broach the topic. "… It wasn't a fall off a mountain was it?" she gives a sad frown.

Daranyl gives a slight shake of his head, "'Course not. But there are some as woul' want me out or worse if'n they knew the truth."

Makoto sighs and nods her head. "… W-Well that definitely isn't you now, Daranyl… Not you at all…" Well, that made everything sure as hell make a lot of sense.

Daranyl inclines a nod, "Some of it is. It's not all wha' folks've been led ta think, but… as I said, don' let yer past weigh ya down. But now I really shoul' get back 'n' check my traps."

Makoto just nods again. She had a hard time thinking about what to even say. "T-Take care, Daran…"

Daranyl glances over his shoulder and nods, "You, too, Mako'o."

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