Flying Flaming Marshmallows

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon

A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

It's been an eventful few weeks across the island, what with earthquakes a-tilting and queens a-rising, and it sure would be nice to just sloooooow down for a while - go somewhere relaxing, sip a nice drink with a paper umbrella stuck in it, and watch the sunset. Unfortunately, the place that seemed suited for exactly that got totally destroyed and hasn't yet been rebuilt, so the next best thing, at the end of a long day, is a beachside fire. The fire itself has just been lit, so it's more smoke-than-flame right now, but a handful of people are already attracted toward its light, dragging driftwood logs or beach towels or what-have-you to sit around it. Jonteim seems to be the one in charge of this particular fire, and already has a log there, along with a stick for poking at the firewood.

Fires on the beach attract all sorts from so many different directions. Keldan's is from the water though, with the teenager taking his time with paddling his way in. Maybe that's why there's been an abandoned towel and a few articles of clothing there in the sand. Once toward the shallows, he gets to his feet, slogging his way through the water until he can drip all the way back up. Now that there's a /fire/ going, however, he grabs the towel and other items to simply take them along, throwing them down comfortably near the heat of the flames before plopping right down on the splayed towel. "Whoever's idea this was?" There's a thumb's up raised above his head while stretching out, before that hand joins the other in folding behind his head.

Fires are good! Especially now that the nights are getting cooler. With his precarious political position, d-nyl's been limited in his travels to the Weyr itself since his dubious return from 'home' and, while the injuries are no longer apparent or slowing him, he doesn't seem to be complaining about it, either. Except when he gets bored, but right now, he's heading down the beach towards that fire like a vtol to, well, a fire, his crossbow slung over one shoulder and a gutted and prepped whersport carcass hanging from his other hand, "Hey, Jonteim, mind if I use your fire for a bit of cooking?" His accent is still in full force, making him a bit thick to understand, but it has mellowed some in his time at the Weyr.

"Idea?" And Jonteim hooks his own thumb toward one of the girls spread out on a towel herself, letting the flames dry her hair. "Implementation," with a change of that thumb's direction, indicating himself instead, and he chucks a few sticks from near his feet into the fire, trying to get the slightly damp wood to do less smoking and more burning. The arrival of raw meat earns a squint - or maybe it's the crossbow, it's hard to tell what with the smoke blowing into his face - but he ultimately shrugs and indicates a spot on the far side of the fire from himself. "Just don't blame me if someone whines that your dead meat's taking up the space they were gonna use for marshmallows," he warns helpfully.

Makoto passes by, bag by her side and looking a little tired and disheveled. Clearly a long hard days work. She spots and starts to peak over to see if she notices anyone else she knows. "H-Hey…" she says nervously as she approaches. She was feeling a little bit more socially brave lately, but was still intimidated by the idea of approaching a group of people. But the nice fire just seemed too tempting….

"Meat /and/ marshmallows… This night is great." Keldan does tilt his head a bit, able to look at the approaching Daranyl and Makoto from a slightly upside down perspective. "Yo, there. ..Wait, who /has/ the marshmallows?" Because if there are some, he wants some! But he doesn't seem in too much of a hurry to go after them, of course. He's still damply laying on that towel, after all. Fire can't /instantly/ dry him without actually jumping into it. Which he is not doing.

Daranyl shrugs slightly, "It's a big fire, I'm sure one little whersport won't ruin it." He nods towards Keldan, "Plus, I'll share." He nods to Makoto as she arrives, crouching by the fire to lay the already-prepped future-food into the coals before he glances at the lady, "Hope you didn't want any privacy, then, Jonteim. Because the fire seems to be a beacon." He pats the ground beside him as he sits back in silent invitation to Makoto.

Some other girl (random girls are awesome) has the marshmallows, and she wiggles a paper bag full of them toward Keldan, asking, "Now what'd you bring to the party?" Jonteim, who has started the fire, opens a hand toward it as his contribution and looks expectantly at Keldan, much like the girl just without the slightly lascivious edge to it. He also has booze, or so says the flask that materializes right around the time that Makoto (toward whom he nods a greeting) shows up, and he uses the flask-hand to wave aside Daranyl's comment about privacy. "Have to be a bigger fool than even I am to light a beach fire and expect to be left alone."

Makoto gladly takes Daran's cue to sit. That made things less awkward. She gives Jonteim a nod in return and looks around nervously. She at least recognized Keldon… She folds her legs and just looks at the fire, staying quietly to her self for now.

Keldan laughs lowly for a moment, but remains on his back. He is /comfortable/. Or as comfortable as laying on the sand can get him, anyway. "I brought my endearing company." It's all he has! He doesn't sound terribly worried about that fact though. "See? Daranyl will share. Doesn't even ask me for anything in return. He's a good guy." Finally he does sit up, giving a quick ruffle to his damp hair so it's not all sticking flat to his skull.

"Don't see a sign saying to bring a contribution." Daran sets his crossbow to the side, leaning back a bit to let his cook, "Besides, what are 'marshmallows'?" He glances over at Makoto, twitching a slight smile, then turns back to the flame, "Maybe I just can't finish the whole thing myself."

The girl makes a face at Keldan and argues, "And clever quips, no doubt. Sheesh, these boys." She rolls her eyes, prompting Jonteim to point out, "Hey, don't lump me in on that. Did my part." Again, he gestures toward the fire in a 'look what I have created!' moment. "Sticky candy crap," he explains about the marshmallows, pantomiming to the girl: get one out, put it on a stick, "Enlighten him already." While she makes ready to do just that, he holds the flask out toward Makoto, a wordless 'want some?' in the lift of his brows.

"W-Wait we were supposed to bring something…?" Makoto gives a panicked frown. "I-I don't really have anything either…." but it seems like they were just hassling Keldon so she just pretends she.. didn't say anything. When the flask gets handed she holds up her hand to decline but gives an appreciative smile.

"Take the compliment, man." Keldan smirks just a little, throwing the look off toward Daranyl with a nod. He reaches to brush sand away from his feet before he tucks them in under himself to sit cross-legged. "It /is/ true that there wasn't a sign, though. I can't really be blamed for not bringing anything." Daranyl's lack of experience with the candied treats though has the teenager looking a bit wounded, and he too waves at the bag-toting girl. "Yes, yes. Poor man needs educating on—and don't you wave those off, either. You /try/ one before you turn your nose up."

"That… doesn't sound especially appealing, to be honest. Crap isn't usually very tasty." What's scary is that he's serious. Daranyl takes a breath, then looks at Jonteim's flask like it might be the last flask on Pern, "That, though, I wouldn't mind having some of, if you're willing."

"'Supposed to' might be overstating it a tad," is how Jonteim explains the unspoken rules, his arm extended toward Makoto for just an extra second - really none? - before he shrugs and knocks back a sip, watching the girl in question while she goes about collecting a pre-sharpened stick from the sand nearby and impales a pillowy treat; rather than pus it toward the fire, though, she holds it toward Makoto, too. See what happens when you show up being all shy? Everyone gloms onto you. She's got more sticks and more marshmallows, so there's probably one with Daranyl's name coming up. "Your friend seems to think you oughta try the candy first," he notes. "Toast a marshmallow, have a drink, call it a deal."

Makoto looks pretty firm about it. Conversely she perks up with the marshmallow is offered! She takes it with a smile. "T-Thanks..!" she almost seems too excited, as she turns it toward the fire. It's been… years since she's been able to do this. "You should try them, Daran, they're great…"

"They really are.." For all that Keldan seems excited for Daranyl to try one, he's not being grabby for the squishy things himself. Though he does get up to scoot his towel in the sand more toward the hunter and the food /he/ brought. He leans a bit toward the fire and the cooking whersport, but leaves it alone. "It's not like it's actually /crap/ crap, you know."

"Then why did you call it crap?" Daranyl will take a marshmallow when it's offered, though, "And I'm supposed to cook it?" He just… sticks it in the fire. WOO, FIRE! "How do I know when it's done? Are we cooking the insides?"

Jonteim's shrug precedes him saying, "Figure of speech. Not actual - yeah, what he said." He adds a squint, quick-like, at Daranyl, like he's trying to ascertain if the dude's being serious, but the squint is gone when the girl face-palms, slapping her forehead. "It's candy, you dope. You're supposed to toast it, not ignite it. Shards and shells, they just keep getting dumber as I get older," she complains, then points at what Makoto is doing with hers: not shoving it right into the fire. Meanwhile, Jon drinks, 'cause that's Jon's coping mechanism.

Makoto shakes her head too. "… You wanna make it golden, Daran…. Just outside of the fire… Or by the embers…" embers were the best when you get them. "If they start changing color too fast, your too close…" Makoto rotates her. "… hey're good to eat whenever, even if you burn em… Just let it cool off first… but I think they're best when they're nice and golden…" she grins. Girl was serious about her marshmallows.

"Erm..less enthusiasm with the fire, eh?" Keldan laughs lightly for a moment, then waves at Daranyl's marshmallow stick. "Blow that out or it's gonna get blackened and..gross. Stuff's pretty..goopy so giving the outside a real quick toast is what's best." The teen gets up then, however, finding one of the bagged bits of candy to quickly pop in his mouth, sans-toasting. He chews a bit though, waving at his towel on the ground. "Nobody move my stuff, kay? Yeah, let Makoto there show you how to do it, I'm gonna go find Kyra and drag her down here. This is great." He kicks up a bit of sand as he heads out, still chewing the softness of marshmallow. Yum yum.

Daranyl tugs it out, eyeing the flames, then turns as the woman insults him, "Didn't want none of your sharding crap candy anyhow." He's not really aiming for her, but the stick (and its flaming cargo) fly that way. GRUMP.

And here's where Jonteim decides it's a good time to intervene~ The stick, with its flaming cargo, goes flying, and the girl, who doesn't get hit or hurt, is visibly ready to fly off the handle. She bolts up out of the sand from where she'd been sitting, her arm cocked back to throw a punch. But he pretty much saw that coming and, inebriated or not, catches her arm by the elbow as casually as he can (under the circumstances), and - with a smile pasted in place - says amiably, "Excuse us, will you." Thankfully, with even a half-second of pause taken, the girl realizes that she may not actually want to get into a fistfight and lets herself be lead away from the fire, looking mad but not so tremendously vicious now. The two of them slip away post haste.

Makoto's eyes bug out when Daranyl throws the stick. She watches the girl get up to hit him, face widing with horror… even though he probably deserved it. Thankfully Jonteim disarms the situation. Makoto looks over to Daran. "-D-Daran what were you thinking!" She actually sounds kinda mad! "That's really dangerous! That stuff is gooey and sticks to you and just burn your skin off!"

Daranyl is on his feet as soon as the woman starts towards him, not that he would have hurt her (probably) but he wasn't going to let her hurt him, either. As soon as Jonteim snags her, though, he relaxes. Until he jumps back at the sudden scolding from Makoto. His hands come up defensively, then he flips her a rude gesture, stooping for his bow, "Get scorched. I'll just take my wher and go." A piece of wood is liberated and he stalks up to the fire to start nudging it out of the coals. his anger is almost palpable.

Makoto gasps at said gesture She was surprised at his response, but she's the bravest when she was a little heated. "Oh is THAT how you apologize to being a rude jerk to people?! How dare people be mad that you did something dangerous! Just go off and run! Big man you are!" she puffs out her cheeks in anger, sitting there, arms crossed.

Daranyl's back stiffens at that accusation and his jaw sets. Slowly, he slings his crossbow back up over his shoulder, then turns slowly, his expression dangerously neutral. "'M leavin' b'fore I do somethin' I regre'." He stoops, touching the wher to check the temperature, then scowls and pulls his knife, spearing it carefully.

Something he'd regret? "… Do something you'd regret?! What is that supposed to mean!" she shakes her head. "You should already be regretting a jerk! Maybe you should just -apologize-. Or do you think throwing a flaming stick at a woman is something you were -totally justified in doing!?-. Maybe she was being mean but that's no way to behave!"

Looks like there is another wandering out along the beach once more, Sundari is wandering a bit, and why that may not be a good thing she feels the need to get that little walk in. Her walk is bringing her on closer towards where Daranyl and Makoto happen to be, a smile and wave is sent towards the two. "Well hi there.." She catches some of the tone and there is a blink as she looks confused. "What's… going.. on guys?"

"Do ya really think I regre' that? B'cause I don'." Daran's voice is getting slowly louder, the anger and frustration still palpable, "I wanted ta do much worse 'n' I don' care what ya think abou' that." Sunny's arrival draws his attention as he straightens with his prize perched carefully on his knife, "Jus' bein' reminded how well I fit in here." His tone implies not at all as he turns, starting to stalk up the beach.

Makoto looks at Sundari with a big sigh of relief. "Daran decided to throw a flaming marshmallow at someone and now he's acting like he didnt' do anything wrong!" she shakes her head. "Don't give me that! I've never fit in anywhere! Dealing with people is hard but it doesn't mean you give up!"

Sundari lifts a brow and peeks after Daranyl before looking to Makoto. "Just one little marshmallow?" The glaming part is heard but still.. "Whatever for?" She looks after Daranyl and frowns slightly. "Daranyl… You do belong here."

Daranyl stops walking away, but he doesn't turn back, either. He adjusts the way his crossbow hangs from his shoulder, his head tilting forward slightly, and just stands there, waiting to see where this goes now.

Makoto sighs. "She called him dumb for setting his marshmallow on fire. So he threw it at her…" She shakes her head. "Daran it's not like she represents what everyone things about you." she sighs and gets up. "… But you still shouldn't have done that."

Sundari still looks confused. "Who called him dumb?" She thinks she is missing something of this story. "Maybe it wasn't great plan, but it was just a marshmellow.. Better then what my brothers threw at me." A slight shake of her head is seen. "An who ever said that is wrong.."

"Jus' some stupid girl." Daranyl adjusts his crossbow again shrugging as he does, "Naw. 'M jus' too horrible a person ta be here 'cause I don' deal with people righ'."

Makoto is an exaserbated sigh and gets up. "Daran, that's crap! Like you're the only person to ever overreact to something!" She sighs. "… I have to go home." she gets up and shakes her head and starts walking away.

Sundari shakes her head. "I have to agree with Makoto.. That is stupid. Your not a horrible person Daranyl.." This said while she sends a glance after Makoto before peeking back over to Daranyl. "Not everyone in a Weyr gets along, there are issues with everyone from time to time.. That is life."

Daranyl's head turns enough to look over when Makoto starts taking her own leave, "Yer the one tha' started yellin' at me fer it." There's a fragility about the anger around him now, as if it could all shatter in a moment.

Sundari makes her way on over to Daranyl, a glance is sent his way and she looks curious at the yelling bit. "I bet she didn't mean nothing by yelling." She offers softly while she looks up to him now.

Daranyl shrugs, looking away, the arm holding up the knife and wher starting to vibrate slightly. "Dunno." Maybe if he keeps telling himself he doesn't care, maybe he won't.

Sundari continues to watch Daranyl, her hand moving to lightly try and take hold of his arm that is holding the knife and wher as she catches sight of the movement. "Daranyl… You do belong here, I promise you that. Sometimes people yell, but I'm pretty sure Makoto didn't mean it. She doesn't seem to have a mean bone in her body. I am sorry someone called you dumb, your not. Your a hunter, know more then a few people and that means a lot when it comes to being out in the wilds."

"Yeah she did." Daranyl sighs, letting the wher drop to the ground, "May not've meant ta upset me, but she mean' ta yell. Shouldn' bother me, tho. Dunno why it does."

Sundari doesn't look at the dropped wher, instead she is watching him. "People yell and don't always mean anything, sometimes it just happens." A slight shake of her head is seen. "I'm sorry that it did bother you though.." She can just imagen why, perhaps something from his past? She gives his arm a squeeze before lowering her head. "Did you catch the wher?"

Daranyl looks down at the wher, then nods, "Yeah. In some ways, things're easier in a camp. More violen', maybe, bu' I woulda hit th' person who offended me 'n' it woulda been done."

"Perhaps it is easier, but it isn't the right way." Sundari offers with a slight shake of her head. "Me and my brothers got into plenty of scruffles, fist fights and the like. We made up afterwards, some of us has bruises but nothing that bad.. Point is things happen and people move on from them.. An they can still be friends too at times."

"Perhaps." Daranyl sucks in a deep breath, closing his eyes, "I though' she was my frien'."

Sundari shrugs slightly at that while glancing towards where Makoto went and then back to Daranyl. "I'm sure she is Daranyl.. Friends have fights too and get over it just as well."

"Woulda though' she'd at leas' think I might've had a reason." Daranyl scowls sullenly, but part of him knows he's not being teh most reasonable guy on the block.

Sundari lets a soft breath escape her. "Sometimes people don't think.. At least not fully." She points out softly. "Friends and family can have some of the worst fights around. Things are said before one can take it back too."

Daranyl nods. It's a simple motion, but it carries a lot of emotion with it, too. "Do ya want ta share my wher?"

Sundari peeks at the wher a bit and looks amused. "Depends.. You going to roast it or somesuch?" Because she is /not/ touching it right now, well if it is raw that is which she isn't to sure as she was more worried about making sure Daran was alright then paying attention to the thing.

Daranyl stoops to scoop the now-cooler wher back up, wiping his knife on his pants before sliding it into its sheath, "I cooked it in th' coals of th' fire."

Sundari ohs and looks amused before nodding. "Well then that works huh?" This questioned with and amused tone. A slight wave of her hand is seen while she moves off to find a place to sit. "Come on? We can go get something to drink with it maybe." Well it's an idea, maybe some tidbits to go with roasted wher.

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