Gossipy Visitors and Unexpected Arrivals

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Rooftop Patio

This roof patio extends over the part of the living caverns that juts out into the bowl. A set of stairs has been carefully hewn from the rock, leading up to a flat expanse that is covered with normal dirt and topsoil. Trees and flowers grow in this section of the created gardens turn-round, all carefully trimmed and cultivated by the weyr staff. There are several benches scattered about, each secluded and private due to the surrounding foliage. A stone path winds through the expanse, leading to the other parts of the gardens.

Its a lovely afternoon around the Weyr, a slight breeze found coming in off the water, and while the Weyr is still in a bit of a mess people find some time to relax and take it when able. Sundari is settled at one of the areas that have been set up around the Patio, extra chairs and tables are set up seeing how it is one of the few places that actually was left standing seeing how it is above the caverns. When it comes to lounging Sunny does it rather well, and even though she might look comfortable she is anything but that at the moment as a certain kidlet is being very troublesome and she isn't even born yet. "I wish you would stop moving for a bit." Sunny murmurs out faintly while eyeing her belly.

"She can' hear ya, yanno." Daran's looking better for some rest, even if the strain of being stuck in the Weyr has settled around him. He leans on the railing near Sundari looking out over the bowl, "Are ya wantin' more cheese or somethin'?" He turns enough to smirk at his friend, "Or would it help if I rubbed your tummy?"

Some people are rarely seen relaxing: Maire, a face that's slowly growing familiar over the past two sevens, is apparently one of them. With her sleeves rolled up, hair escaping its usual bun and a stack of paperwork bundled neatly under her arm, the new headwoman's assistant seems determined to waste no hours of the day, no matter how pretty it may be. Pale eyes flick a cursory sweep over the patio; the path will undoubtedly require more sweeping, the amount of extra chairs and tables should be checked - and her gaze pauses upon reaching first Sundari, then her conversational companion. "Actually, " she interjects offhandedly as she moves to dust off a nearby seat before settling primly, "the fetus should be conscious of her speech and feel calmer while she's talking." And with that rather out-of-place remark, she promptly unties her papers and begins reviewing the first one, brow furrowing.

"How do you know what she can hear or not hear? You been talking to her?" Sundari questions with an amused tone while she looks towards him, a tired smile seen. "Naw no cheese." The thought of food making her a little queasy at the moment actually." Why, you offering?" Her tone is joking none the less as she is very sure that he is. There is a pause at the voice and she looks up cuirously towards it. She tilts her head as she watches Maire, a soft smile seen. "See?" This said with an grin to Daranyl seen.

"Course I have. She's swee' now, but I think she'll be a righ' terror when she finally comes out. She's gettin' bored, tha's why she's movin' so much." Daranyl nods sagely, then glances over at the sudden appearance of the unknown, his expression shifting to a more neutral one, but it's to Sundari that he speaks, "Yeah. If'n ya think it'd help."

Maire's eyebrows lift a little as she crosses out a line or two, adds notes to a margin and continues her work without glancing up. It's the only outward reaction that she gives to the topic at hand on in utero boredom. There's a rustle as she shuffles a couple of papers to the bottom of her stack, then a carefully polite, "So it's a 'she?'" Small talk is challenging, her tone declares, but she'll try it.

Sundari chuckles softly an soon nods to Daranyl. "Well, yeah I'll agree with you there." This said with a soft smile seen. "She'll be a terror for certain." A glance is offered towards Maire and she is a touch quiet for a few moments. "Yeah… So the dolphin said. Well.. That's the idea, bit jibberish from being very excited, think it was the first time for the dolphin pair. Just kept saying 'she'." Sunny tends to be a very friend person, very outgoing but today she isn't feeling much like herself which she blames on baby.

"Considerin' her da, ain't no surprises there." Daranyl finally pushes off the railing and moves to dare to touch the belly! He offered and she didn't say no. He glances at Maire, then shrugs, nodding towards Sundari, "Have y'all picked a name yet?"

"The 'she' could have possibly referred to you, no?" Maire inquires, looking up at last to study the bluerider's appearance. Observing Daranyl's movements silently, she taps her pen against her chin and purses her lips, expectantly looking to Sundari once the other asks if a name has been chosen. Even if she appears to be engaged in the conversation, her free hand is flipping through the corners of her papers, perhaps in a bid to estimate how many yet remain.

Sundari points a finger at Daranyl. "No tickling." She offers with an amused tone, though no she doesn't stop if he attempts to touch her shirt covered baby belly. "We've a few tossed around.. Though not really a firm name picked out. I keep poking S'rorn to pick or I'm going to." A slight nod is sent to Maire. "Well that is possible, though I don't think so." It is a nice afternoon around teh Weyr, and between cleaning up, fixing up and anything else 'up' people are found getting a bit of rest in around the Patio.

"Wouldn' dream of it." And Daranyl doesn't, keeping his touch firm but gentle, just enjoying the feel of the kicking baby. It's one of his soft moments of just… being a person excited for a friend who's with child, "Naw, tell 'im that if he doesn' pick soon, you'll let me pick. That'll get him goin', yeah?" He nods slightly to Maire, then shrugs, "Won' know 'til she comes ou'."

"It could turn out to be a 'he, '" Maire cautions needlessly, seated within speaking distance of Sundari and Daranyl. "I do hope you've names prepared for both scenarios." It's absently delivered, however, as she's returned the majority of her attention to her scribbling. A passing whisk of breeze prompts a low, frustrated sound as her papers nearly get away from her, causing the woman to hunch a little lower over her work in an attempt to keep everything in its place.

Sundari chuckles softly and smiles to Daranyl while glancing to him then back to her belly. As for kicking and movement to be found the little unborn kidlet is indeed wiggling around a good bit, perhaps knowing that someone is touching? Sunny glances over to Maire. "Well there is a 50/50 chance for a girl or a boy. As far as names go we just have girl names so far but if we need some boy names I'm sure it'll be alright." She holds back the 'thanks Capt. obvious' comment that is running through her mind at the moment.

Kyra isn't really trying to find anywhere to relax in particular, making her way up the stone steps to peek into the garden so she can see how much it suffered during the earthquake. She's wearing a sundress, of all things, pink with little white flowers, skinny straps, and a bit of an empire waist going on. The girliness of all that is decidedly cut into by her usual tattered sweater-jacket and a pair of knee-length black leggings she has underneath it, as well as some admirable black boots. Stompity stomp. Well, at least she tried, right? Once she's actually in the garden, she brushes her small curls off her forehead and peers around curiously, tilting her head as she listens in on what sounds like familiar voices. Heading in that general direction, she swings a canvas bag from its longer strap at her side, entirely too cavalier about whatever its contents might be. Once she's in actual sight of the others, she flicks a small wave off to Daranyl, Sundari, and even the unknown Maire, grinning a bit, "Hey, guys. What're you doing? How long do you have to come up with a name, Sun?"

Keldan is there. Just there, wandering along somewhat behind Kyra. Not that he's /following/ her, of course. Certainly not! Not with his nose in the book he's reading. Granted, there are some subtle glances over the top of it, but maybe it's just to prevent him from running into something. Or off of something, considering the elevated garden. He stops right behind Kyra however, finally lowering the book enough to show his entire face, even as he leans around his sister to get more of a look. "They appear to be /sitting/. I have no idea why you're confused about that, dear." There's a slight smirk given for the sibling as he moves around her though, closing the book with his fingers trapped inside. "'Lo there."

Maire pushes to her feet, efficiently rolling her papers back up to tuck beneath her arm. "Some of us are making attempts to work, " she says mildly, looking over in time to catch Kyra's wave and query. "The breeze seems to have other ideas, this afternoon. If you'll excuse me - " It's purely a perfunctory by-your-leave, judging by the quick strides she takes toward the caverns, nearly brushing past the newcomers on the path.

Daranyl shrugs at Maire's sudden exit, then nods to Kyra, "Afternoon, Kyra. Long time no see." He was crouching, rubbing Sundari's belly, but now he stands quickly, as if there's something wrong with what he was doing, "Keldan." He studies Kyra a moment, an odd smile on his face, then nods again, "Jus' discussin' Li'l Bit's disposition."

After catching wind that her best friend and twin brother are out and about up here, Briari comes up the steps to the patio. She is sporting a sun dress of her own, a bright blue with a hint of playful yellow stitching that cuts off just below the knees. Her boots heavily clunk beneath her as she goes. "Hey, Kyra!" She calls out joyfully to her as she lifts a hand to wave. Her long blonde hair has been cut just above her shoulders in a cute little bob, something new for the warmer weather.

Sundari peers after Maire and shakes her head a bit before she glanes back to Daranyl, does she care about the belly rub? Nope.. Should be? If it was some off the weyr stranger she might but this is Daranyl so she is actually ok with it.. An it would seem the little one is calming a bit at that attention which helps mommyrider relax some as she's been a bit on edge all day. "Hey Kyra.. Doing alright, how have you been? We're still working on names but, a bit longer.. Hey Keldan." If she's lucky at this rate. A glance is sent towards the new voice and she is peering at the girl in the sun dress, someone she doesn't know.

"I'm going to elbow you so hard into your own book, you'll become a secondary character," is Kyra's sarcastic quip back to Keldan, turning her head a bit to poke her tongue out at him. Bwaha. She arches a brow at Maire curiously when the woman rather coolly responds and moves to leave, waving a bit after her only to look to Sundari and Daranyl, jerking a thumb after Maire with a decidedly quizzical, perhaps not entirely complimentary, expression. What's her problem? She is surprised by the sound of Briari's voice, of all people, and turns with that surprise on her face, "Bri? Hey. When did you get here? I like your hair." She's growing hers out. Not that you can really tell yet. Cough. She meanders over so she can sit near Sundari and Daranyl at least.

"/Could/ you? It's real interesting, after all.." Keldan sighs, giving a vaguely forlorn look at the book in his hands before he moves on. Alas, he'll have to settle for being a part of the /real world/, and that involves the people in it. So he smiles for Daranyl and Sundari, barely passing a glance at the face he doesn't know when Maire scoots off. There's a somewhat quizzical look given around though for the departure before he gives a shrug, simply finding a comfortable patch of grass to settle on without crowding around toward anyone else. He's perfectly fine staying out of potential elbowing reach, after all. "Daranyl, Sundari. Hope it'sa /good/ disposition at least? You don't look like you're about to hurl or anything, so that's a good sign.." Briari's arrival does get a bit of a surprised look out of the teenager though, brows arching upward as he looks that-a-way. "Well there's a surprise."

Daranyl follows the glance, then looks back at Kyra with a shrug. He thought he was anti-social. He glances at Sundari, then back at Bri, letting his weight come to lean against the railing again, just watching the interplay. He taps Sunny's shoulder gently, then gestures towards Briari, "Briari. Met 'er at th' pub th' day I snuck out."

"Just got here a couple hours ago. I got bored living in paradise so I thought I'd come hang out with you for a bit and catch up. I've missed you way too much." Briari's smile is as bright as a sun as she lifts her hand up to wave to Keldan as well. "Hey Kel! It's good to see you again as well." She gives herself a quick stretch of her body before she ambles over the rest of the way to them, arms out, looking to wrap her best friend in a quick hug. She gives a smile over to Daranyl and Sundari as well, recognizing at least one.

Sundari shrugs a bit after the leaving Maire. "Not to sure about that one.." Meaning she hasn't had a chance to talk to her that much it would seem. "Who looked like they wanted to hurl last time?" She questions with a cuirous tone as she peeks to Daranyl. She doesn't recall that, or maybe it was her? Who knows at this point. A glance is sent back to Bri once Daranyl goes about explain it and she ahs softly. "Hiyas." Is offered with a friendly tone, as grumpy as the bluerider could possbly be at the moment she is certainly trying to be nicenice.

Kyra shrugs haplessly in response to Daranyl's own shrug. Some people. She folds her legs up under her, grasping her ankles loosely as she grins at Sundari, "I hear Kyra is a GREAT girl's name…" Bwahaha. She is somewhat surprised when Briari makes her way in for that hug, returning it lightly if with a mild blush on her dark skin. Apparently she's just not at quite that level of cheer at the moment, maybe because she's been throwing her lot in with many of the others to clean up after the earthquake. She does look like she might be a little less energetic than usual, but who knows? Ruffling her fingers through her hair, she clears her throat and motions to everyone in turn, "Ah, guys, this is Briari. Briari, you've met Daranyl and Keldan. This is Sundari. Sundari, Briari and I are friends from when I was a candidate over at Xanadu."

Where did Zu'to come from? It's hard to say as he seems to have magically appeared. Maybe not so magically, since he did come from the direction of the berry bushes and has taken a few for himself as he walked by them. He walks right over to where Sundari is and invites himself to stand close by and drop a berry on her pregnant belly. "Getting big there, clutchsib." He teases with a smirk, and then looks for some chair to wander over and flop himself into. Names are getting flung around, so he tries to keep up with them, or not. Hard to tell, he's stuffing berries in his face.

Keldan tilts his head ever so slightly, laughing. "Bored of paradise, so you figured you'd slum it with us up to our ears in rubble? That's sweet." Oh so dry is Keldan's tone. There's a slight two-fingered wave at least for the visiting girl, and watches with a look of amusement as she hugs Kyra. "Well I just figured.." The teen trails a bit, gaze roaming back on over to Sundari with a smile. "That if you were discussing the whole..disposition of..you know, the little thing, that a /bad/ disposition would sort of lead to..issues with puking? Hell if I know about babies all that much." His book is waved in that free hand a moment, lightly tapping it on his forehead. "Suppose I should find a book on it. But..well I dunno if I really want to do that either." Zu'to's arrival is met with a slight nod from the teen as well, lips quirked upward. "Yo, there."

"This is paradise." Daranyl says it with a staunch finality of belief. He's never been where Bri comes from, but this, right here, is paradise for the hunter. He scratches at his chest through his shirt and glances at Sundari, "Seems a bit too much like me." He nods to Briari when she greets him, his expression carefully neutral now, that tender moment of before lost, possibly forever. He takes a step sideways to close in closer to Kyra and dares to snake an arm around her for a gentle hug, "Doin' alrigh'?" He glances up as Zu'to arrives, studying the unfamiliar man and sizing him up quickly, "Kyra is a good girl's name, bu' tha' migh' get confusin' fer th' others." Keldan's commentary earns a smirk before Daranyl shrugs again, "Coul' name Li'l Bit lots of things."

"Well, that and I wanted to see if I could help you guys out any after all that you went through. I'm sorry to hear what happened. Between the disaster here, and the fire at Fort, it seems that everyone is having a bad time." Briari says after giving Kyra a big hug, followed by a smooch on the top of her head. "And yes, this is also paradise." She says wryly over to Daranyl, giving a wave to Sundari as well. "You're peppy as always, Keldan. Whatcha reading?" She asks curiously as she takes a seat next to Kyra, smoothing down her dress with her hands.

Sundari chuckles and smiles to Kyra. "Oh I bet it is a great name! But To many Kyra's in one place will cause the Weyr to fall apart I hear so I think I'll pass on it this time." She glances up, who brought her a berry? "Zu'to.. Can't give me just /one/.." This said with a shake of her head and grin towards the greenrider while she does indeed eat that better. "At the start of it yeah there was plenty of said puking. Now not so much so I'm rather thankful for that in all honestly." Because if so she would be even more grumpy! She smiles to Daranyl. "Somehow I think S'rorn might object to that being her real name. Nickname? For certain." The comment from Briari before does leave a sore spot with the expecting rider. "Honestly.. We have plenty of issues after all. So nice to know people can be bored around Pern while we're still digging our homes out from rubble. But, yes it is indeed still paradise for some."

Kyra blinks when she is hugged once more, this time by Daranyl, her brows furrowing slightly as she waves her hands a bit, "Why's everybody hugging me all of a sudden?" Jeez. She doesn't sound overly cross, just sort of confused and perhaps a bit embarrassed. She looks up at Briari when the other girl is called out on her reference of Monaco as paradise, shrugging mildly as she says, "Yeah. Nobody died, so there's that, at least." She recognizes Zu'to and offers him a grin by way of greeting, holding a hand up and waving it idly, "Hello again. Killed anybody with a dart lately?" She'll look back around to Sundari, unable to keep from grinning at the idea of multiple Kyras trying to take over the Weyr. Muaha. Shaking her head after a second, she pushes herself to her feet rather suddenly and offers, "I could jog down to the living caverns and grab you some more if you want, Sun?" It seems the amount of people surrounding her at close range has made her a little antsy for the moment, though it's hard to say exactly why.

"You'll have to catch, if you want another." Zu'to even goes so far as to lift one in his hand and looks like he's going to throw it from where he's sitting a fair distance away to her. Too bad his aim is terrible and Sundari probably knows that, besides, it's the last one and he pops it in his mouth. "Too late. No more. Sorry, Sunny." He says with a wink at Sundari, and then watches all the hugging and kissing and talking, but he doesn't seem that concerned about any of it. Just grins a little as Kyra offers to get her more. "Sari for a girl, and Rory for a boy. Those are the names I choose for your kid." Because he's totally got a say, and short names are all he can think of. He scrunches his nose at Kyra, "Not yet, though maybe sometime soon." He answers her, and stretches with a bit of a sigh. "Maybe you look like you need hugged, or he's looking to show that you're his." He glances between Daranyl and Kyra and simply shrugs. Nope, no clue, only speculation.

Keldan looks from the cover of his book, right back over to Briari again. "The art of knot tying. You wanna let me practice on you?" Whether or not that /is/ actually the contents of the book remains to be seen. But the teen does lean back, resting on his elbows in the grass after a moment or two. There's a laugh however, and he lifts a hand again to reach toward Kyra when the girl stands up again. "People ache to be near you, sister dear. So much that they lose all self control. You're going to need to start putting little metal spikes in your clothes." But that hand waves her over all the same, an offering of a place to settle down near her sibling.

"Usually I only let boys tie me up after the second date, but for you, I'll make an exception." Briari says with a wide grin over to Keldan, flashing her pearly whites to him in a shark like manner. "Though you better make sure you get them right the first time, because if I get out of them, it means it'd be my turn, and let me tell you, I'm /great/ with ropes." Because, mountain climbing. Her brows lift upwards coyly before she cackles to herself. "Kyra, you're just so darn attractive. Thus why, all the people you're attracting. Like an orbit or something. So, anyways, you want to do dinner tonight and catch me up on all the gossip? I'm going to try and get Chrystyne out here too."

Daranyl blinks, taking a step back from Kyra, "Jus' missed ya is all, busy as we've all been." He shoots Keldan a death glare and leans back against the railing again, his trademark scowl firmly in place as his arms cross over his chest. Kyra may be acting oddly, but there's no way he'd broach it in this kind of crowd. One hand lifts, rubbing at his face, then scratching his chest before returning to rest in that crossed state.

Sundari smiles to Kyra and shakes her head. "Just a hug.." She grins and wiggles her fingers at the girl. "I'd totally give you a hug if I could get up quick enough and catch you off guard." She doesn't move to quickly anymore after all. "That's alright, I'll get some more later." Hearing Zu'to she looks over and smiles a bit. "Sari huh?" This makes her ponder a moment actually with a soft breath escaping her as she lets a hand settle upon her belly. A glance is sent over to Keldan and Bri at the talk of knot tying but she is /so/ not about to comment on that one.

Kyra seems gratified to be given an invitation to sit by Keldan, flopping onto the grass next to him on her stomach and folding her arms under her. She groans loudly at all the jokes about how attractive she is, plopping her face into her crossed arms and muttering, "Hopefully I'll attract a rock large enough to crush me to death." She will lift her head a little when it comes to knot tying only to pull a face and roll into a sitting position, legs folded under her. It's clear now why she wears the leggings. Lack of being able to flop around like an idiot would just be depressing. She folds her arms again as she looks up at Briari, mildly conflicted emotions showing on her pixie-style features, "Er. Well. There's not really a lot of gossip, Bri. We've got a new Weyrleader, the old one died, and a bunch of stuff got broken or swept away during the earthquake. We've all just been sort of busy dealing with that kind of a storm, you know? You guys coming for an extended visit may not be feasible right now." She's avoiding the whole bondage joke entirely, personally. She just doesn't have the brain for it. She won't comment on Daranyl's motives for hugging her, either. Nope.

Zu'to arches a brow as Keldan practically just offers to tie up a girl, but he just shakes his head and turns his attention towards Kyra who is supposed to be so very attractive /and/ people ache to be around. Huh. "I must be broken. I don't feel particularly attracted to her, nor do I ache when I'm not around her… But, maybe that guy does." He means Daran, though he doesn't mention names but the only other option would be her brother and that'd just be weird, probably. He idly muses from his distant watching spot, and then looks to Briari who is so /great/ with ropes. Intriguing. All this sitting and not having anything in his hands like a drink or snacks is starting to get boring for him though, so he pops right back up to his feet. "Yep. Sari. Though I guess it sounds like an apology, so maybe not."

Keldan sniffs softly. "Good, because I sure as hell am not interested in anything involving dating with you." Pleasantly spoken enough, but there's a smile that doesn't quite seem genuine. At all. Daranyl's glaring at him? There's nothing but innocence given back, glancing briefly down at Kyra when his sister flops next to him. "You keep your face in the dirt like that, you might as well just lick a rock." There's a faint groan, however, irritation finally manage to flicker across the teen's features. He sits up fully, arms falling into his lap as he looks Briari over. "You want to catch up on all the gossip?" His voice..somewhat comically, goes a bit higher, feminine as he mimics the words, then gets to his feet. "Is that really /all/ you can ever think about? Where do you think you are? If you want to /gossip/, go somewhere else. Like Kyra said, our Weyrleader /died/, we've had a certain amount of chaos around here with everything else. You wanna wet your flapping tongue with the misfortunes of other people, you can damn well do it elsewhere." There's a brief glance down at his sister then, before the teenager makes his way out along the edge of the garden, for the steps. Stomp stomp.

Blinking her eyes a bit at Keldan, Briari rocks a shoulder back and forth a bit to loosen up the joints, then pushes herself up to her full height. "It was nice seeing you again, Kyra." She says in a bit of a strained voice. "Maybe we'll do dinner when things calm down. Take care, sis. I'll tell Chrys you said Hi." With that, she turns and heads for the stairs, fingers flexing in and out as her back teeth gently grinds upon one another.

Daranyl's scowl swings around to Zu'to, "I don' ache." Because that's helping. He pushes his jaw out, puffing out a frustrated breath, "How 'bou' Sarina. Get some more of her da in there, too." He's just pointedly ignoring the bondage discussion. Kyra's comment about a rock draws his attention, concern there for a moment, but he just can't seem to say anything. Then people are calling Briari on her rumor-mongering and he blinks, any harsh words he might have for the girl already well covered, so he just stays there at the railing looking stoically grumpy.

Sundari is quiet for a few moments, her gaze settled upon Briari.. Who is not welcome anymore in her mind. If she wasn't leaving she would be telling her to get out of dodge. She's quiet for a few moments, recalling the night everything happened and a soft breath escapes her and she lowers her head to rub at her eyes a few moments. "I have to admit Sari isn't bad.. Though yes it does sound like sorry to some degree. I'll keep it in mind." She smiles to Zu'to "Sarina?" Is questioned and she smiles a bit while glancing over to Daranyl. "That one's cute."

Kyra watches as Keldan loses his temper and the general atmosphere drops a few degrees, followed by Briari leaving after Keldan's stomping off form. Okay. Well. She remains sitting in the grass, clearly uncertain exactly what happened or what to do about it. In the end, she just looks over at Sundari, Zu'to, and Daranyl and complains, "Social relationships are difficult." That's one way of putting it. Deciding she's done sitting upright like a regular person, she flops over backwards into the grass, spreading her arms out with a huff.

"Shards, needs to be more alcohol here to curb people's tempers. Or.. maybe that'd make it worse and we'd have a brawl." Zu'to decides, watching one person stomp off after another, though he doesn't really know either of them well enough to follow after. Sitting back down seems like the best option, so he just sinks into his chair. He shrugs as the name he suggested is changed to a new one. "Feel sorry for you girlfriend, in the middle of those two." He says to Kyra, and then scrunches his nose at Daranyl. "And him too. Right in the middle of all the grump going on." He looks at Sundari and shrugs, not much he can add, really.

Daranyl relaxes once it's clear Briari isn't going to turn around and come back, a small smile appearing at Sundari's acceptance of his name idea, "Yer head hurtin', Sunny?" He grips the railing and kind of rolls his shoulders until he's seated, still leaning against the railing there, "Is she always like tha', Kyra? Don' righ'ly see why yer her frien'. She seemed more interested in shaggin' yer brother'n in seein' ya." Zu'to's words just earn a shrug, "Don' mind th' grump as much as th' petty scorched… that." He gestures in the direction Briari and Keldan both stormed off in.

"Not me head, just aching again honestly." Sundari offers with a slight shake of her head. "I.. Get the feeling that Lil Bit wants out sooner rather then later in all honesty. Haven't felt this bad in a few days." She offers with a soft breath escaping her. A glance is sent towards them as she listens in on the talk of Bri. "I don't like her.. Where is she from? Cause she can stay the heck outa here for all I care."

Daranyl frowns at Kyra's sudden departure followed by Zu'to's. Suddenly, the patio seems a whole lot emptier He takes a breath, letting it out as a long sigh, "Anythin' I can do fer it? Dunno where she's from, but I don' like how Kyra gets all… dunno how ta describe it. She's not herself when tha' woman's aroun'."

Sundari is quiet for a moment, her eyes closing before she nods a touch. "For someone that seems to know about Weyr's one would think she would know what has happened here." This said with a soft murmur while she glances up to him. "Can you help me to the Infirmary..?" She says that rather calmly really.

"Even I knew better'n ta think it was somethin' ta be-" Daranyl blinks, halting at that question "Wha? Yeah!." Daranyl doesn't really know why she's asking, but he figured it must be important if she's asking. He pushes himself to a stand and offers her his arm, "Can ya walk… shoul' I send someone fer S'rorn?"

Sundari shakes her head slightly while she takes hold of his arm and is getting herself up. "Not yet, not until I talk to a Healer." If she is actually thinking about going to the Infirmary she is a bit worried that something is going on. Her fingers grip at his arm slightly, a breath escaping her.

Daranyl slips one arm around her for extra support, not even grimmacing at the squeeze of her fingers. "Okay. Jus' lemme know if that changes." He lets her set the pace, doing everything he can to keep them moving and keep her steady as he does.

Sundari nods slightly as they go, the pace won't be that quick though. "I will." Is offered while she has to lean again Daranyl on the way there. Irkevalath is at the bottom of those steps, the blue crooning out with worry, which takes Sunny a good few long moments to get him to calm down enough before she is even able to get to the Infirmary. Either way she'll be staying there the night, and there is a really good possibility there is going to be a new addition to the Weyr at some point during the night as well.

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