Babies and Sibling Rivalries

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Rooftop Patio

This roof patio extends over the part of the living caverns that juts out into the bowl. A set of stairs has been carefully hewn from the rock, leading up to a flat expanse that is covered with normal dirt and topsoil. Trees and flowers grow in this section of the created gardens turn-round, all carefully trimmed and cultivated by the weyr staff. There are several benches scattered about, each secluded and private due to the surrounding foliage. A stone path winds through the expanse, leading to the other parts of the gardens.

"Hey," Jonteim reminds importantly, stubbing out under his heel and then lacing his fingers behind his head. "She also has a very lovely p-" Lots of words start with P, including at least one that would probably rank high on the list of things important to Jon when it comes to women, but he ends with: "-ersonality." He waves away the offer of klah, no stimulants for him, and continues being as lazy as humanly possible. He and Kyra are sitting on a bench together, her with a napkin full of warm buns and a pitcher-mug-combo of klah, him with a slouch to his posture and little else. "Anyway, it just comes down to working with what you've got, I guess."

"Yeah, I'm sure her p….ersonality is great," Kyra drawls, pausing just like Jonteim did before she does seem willing to acquiesce, "She does seem nice, so I'll give you that. I'm sure the rest of her looks as good as the bits you can see, too." It's easy to tease Jon about busty waitresses. Low-hanging fruit being the major joke here. She takes another swallow from her freshly refilled mug, clearly not having as much of an issue with stimulants, even if she doesn't much look like she needs any caffeine. She's sitting with her legs folded underneath her while she chills out with Jon, drinking her klah and giving him a hard time. She nods agreeably to what he says last, of course, quirking a grin, "Yes. And I make up for what I don't have." For Jonteim's sanity, she doesn't elaborate, just taking another drink as she casts a look upwards.

"Do you, though?" See, Jon can give as good as he gets when it comes to the mocking. He squints dubiously at Kyra, making a show out of trying to imagine that the girl makes up for what she doesn't have - where what she's lacking is clearly all the curvy-curveness that the aforementioned waitress totally has. "Have to take your word for that," he decides finally, though he says it in that 'not really buying it' tone of voice even still.

d-nyl doesn't look as if he's slept much as he makes his way up to the terrace with a large mug of klah. Yes, his crossbow is in evidence, but unloaded, as usual. He zombie-shuffles, flopping down on the grass near the others, but not directly in their midst, "Nothin' wrong with what you've got, Kyra. Not everyone's lookin' for double-sized redfruit."

Kyra gives Jonteim a dirty look for that mocking question, though she takes a drink from her klah and motions towards Daranyl with the mug as he appears, "Ask him. He'll tell you." So there. She waves a bit in his direction only to laugh brightly at how he references, ah, certain things. She nods solemnly afterwards, commenting, with a light drawl, "Though Jonteim does seem to love his fruit." Heh. She nudges the flopped hunter with her foot curiously, "What happened to you? You look dead."

Ask him, she suggests. "Take a pass on that," he answers promptly, shifting the way he holds his head in his laced fingers to give Daranyl a once-over. Jonteim agrees with the meat of Kyra's summary, though he contributes helpfully, "Death warmed over, really," for clarification purposes. There's no further argument from him about the size of fruit that he prefers, thanks.

"Ask me wha?" Daranyl blinks blearily, not quite processing, then sucks down more klah. What has he gotten himself into? "Sunny had the baby. Been up late helpin' with Li'l Bit." Bored hunter who can't do much hunting = a lot of free babysitting for the new parents. More klah! Not that it's helping.

"Don't worry about it," is Kyra's answer to Daranyl, grinning at Jonteim a little bit only to start at what Daranyl says about Sundari, "Oh, what? Really? When? Today?" She'll share over some klah from her jug, taking a drink from her own mug even as she sits upright and attentive, looking rather more like a prairie dog than an otter right now.

Jonteim echoes Kyra's sentiments if not her exact words, saying simply, "Nothing important." The fact that they start talking about a baby probably accounts for the fact that he completely checks out mentally, and then decides that his actions should follow suit, peeling himself off the bench at long last. There's no farewell to speak of, though he does nod at the two of them in a way that could be construed as 'yep, bye.' Regardless, he strolls off, bent on doing Jon-like-things elsewhere.

"Kay." Daranyl offers a smile for the klah being shared with him and sucks more down, starting to feel almost a little awake now. "Yes.. wait… what day is it?" He peers at the sun, then sucks down more klah, "Migh' be two days? or three? Kind of a blur, yeah?" He laughs, though it comes out a bit dry and tired, usurprisingly.

Chrystyne side steps Jonteim as he heads out. "Heya Jon…" is murmurs to his retreating back before she looks forward to see who else is in here.

Speaking of the little devil will of course mean she has to appear at some point right? Sundari is making her way on towards the patio, carrying said baby that is tucked close to her. Seems Daranyl isn't the only one that could use some sleep as the new baby mommy could use some extra sleep honestly. A tired smile is ent towards the ones here. "Hey.." Is offered with a soft tone to Daranyl and Kyra.

Suddenly, people! Kyra makes a face after Jonteim as he just gets up and heads out, well aware that the conversation chased the commitment-phobe off into the wild blue yonder. She's surprised to see Chrystyne standing there, however, and suddenly hops to her feet, "Chrys! Hi!" She trots over towards her, reaching over to take her hand in an effort to pull her along towards the stone bench she's inhabiting with a poor flopped Daranyl nearby. To him, she comments, with mild amusement, "It's night time." That's right. The sun set a while ago and the garden is nice and cool. Sundari is there as well before she has a chance to speak further, turning to beam at her as well, "Sunny! Daranyl just told me you had your baby. What is it? What is it?" Nosy, she skitters over once more to try and peek in at the infant, at least lowering her voice the closer she gets. Unless Chrystyne can stop her, Kyra will forget that she's basically hanging onto her friend and may very well be dragging her around. Poor Chrys.

Indeed the question could be raised of why is Chrys here and not at Ista. But here she is and…oh! She's grinning widely as she lets herself be pulled around. "Heya Kyra!" is said amidst laughter. "I hoped I would find you at some point!" this is said as she's hung on and drug around wherever Kyra wants to go. "Awe!" is said in a bit more subdued voice as her attention shifts to the baby. She's a sucker for the little ones.

"Oh. So it is." Daranyl sits up a bit more when he realizes there are other bodies about, "Huh. Oh… hey Sunny. How's Li'l Bit?" Is that a note of concern in his voice? Yeah, he might have a soft spot for the spawn. The rugged hunter looks tired and doesn't seem to even notice Chrystyne at first, just sort of levering himself up to a stand and moving towards mum and child while sucking down more klah. Who needs sleep?

Sundari doesn't get very far as it seems everyone is moving towards her! She blinks a bit and looks amused while lowering her arm a touch which allows the little sleeping baby girl to be seen by the three. She smiles to Daranyl before looking over to Kyra. "A little girl.. Who rather likes her Uncle Daranyl I have to admit." This said with an amused tone and wink to the hunter. "Did you ever get any sleep after last night? She's good.. Asleep now which means she'll be awake later." Another sleeples night for mommy it seems!

"Did you decide what to name her yet?" Kyra asks curiously while peeping at the baby, though she doesn't go so far as to actually try to touch her. She doesn't want to wake her up! Withdrawing a little so Chrystyne and Daranyl can see the baby easily, she motions to her poor friend, blushing as she finally relinquishes her hand, and says, "Sundari, baby, Daranyl, this is Chrystyne. I met her at Xanadu, too. Chrys, this is Dar and Sunny and baby-Sunny." Best at introductions ever, yes.

When the hand is freed she gives her friend a half hug. "Well met Sundari, baby and Daranyl." a nod is given to each though her gaze stays briefly on the slumbering infant. "She's so sweet looking." coos the Istan.

…says Chrystyne.

Daranyl looks Chrystyne over in a purely appraising manner and mutters, "She much like yer… other frien' from Xanadu?" He scoots around so he can take a peek at the sleeping baby, then nods slightly, "Li'l Bit's a handful, but cute 'nuff ta make up fer it. I… sorta slept a little? Then Rukbat came up…" He sucks down more klah, "I know I slep' some."

Sundari smiles and nods to Kyra while she lets the little sleeping girl settled there in the crook of her arm tucked close to her chest. "Yeah.. Actually I went with Sarina, though the nickname from Daranyl has really stuck." She grins over to Daranyl before looking to Chrystyne. "Nice to meet you, and yes sweet looking for the moment. Welcome to Half Moon Bay."

Kyra gives Daranyl a bit of look for that question before she sighs and smiles at Chrystyne, "Briari visited a couple days ago and left kind of a bad impression… and /no/, Chrys is very nice, Dar." She pokes her tongue out at him just a little bit, then looks to Sundari and smiles brightly all over again, "Oh, yeah? I like Sarina. My brother's a Harper for, um, historical stuff and studying some of the stuff they get off AIVAS. He told me once about… tzarinas? Tsarinas? They were like… weyrwomen. Queens and stuff." She has no better way to really explain it so she just winds up shrugging haplessly, blushing a little once more as her words sort of wander on without her.

Chrystyne casts a confused look briefly at Daranyl's question before flickering her look back to Kyra as she explains. "Oooh?" curiosity flickers briefly in her expression. Then it's back to baby talk for the moment. "Sarina's a very pretty name." her head tilts. "Tzarinas sounds familiar. I think I remember Red Sands harper talking about that before." perhaps. Or maybe she's trying to make her friend's comment have more merit.

Daranyl offers Chrystyne a tired smile around another drink from his mug of klah, "I don' much like her, I don' think. 'M glad yer not like her. Pleasure." He's forming words, Kyra should be happy, right? "Dunno 'bou' all tha', but it suits Li'l Bit." He pauses a moment, as if his brain's just now catching up, "Have you slept, Sunny?"

Sundari makes a slight face at the name that is brought up. "I have to admit.. I don't mind her leaving when she did the other night." This said wth a slight shake of her head. No, Briari did not leave a good impression with the bluerider it seems. She smiles and nods while looking to Sarina, whom wiggles around a bit in her mother's arms but is staying asleep still. "Waz a Tzarina..?" Seems she missed that class or somesuch. At the question from Daranyl at sleeping a soft slight shake of her head is seen. "Not really.. Waiting for S'rorn to be around a bit longer. I'd bother you more but you need more sleep then I do right now." Because handling a crossbow on mimual sleep is SUCH A GREAT THING!

"Is S'rorn /ever/ around?" Kyra says with a hint of sullen reprimand towards someone who isn't even around. She props her hands on her hips and casts an appreciative glance in Chrystyne's direction when the other girl backs her up as best she can. There is a hint of discomfort as people discuss their feelings regarding Briari, but Kyra only sighs and says, "Guys, can we drop it, please? She's not even here." Stern! She moves to go sit down on the bench again, patting the bench before she says, "Sunny, you should sit down, at least. If you guys want to get some sleep, the Weyr has nannies." She'd offer to watch Sarina, but frankly, she's not sure she'd trust her with a baby. She pours some more klah into her mug and seems ready to offer it over to the new mom as well, looking to Chrystyne as she does, "So what brings you over to Half Moon? Just coming to visit?"

Is there a sudden sense of foreboding in the air? As if all the happiness around Daranyl is suddenly being sucked into an extremely unpleasant emanating from a red-haired woman that has quietly made her way up behind him. Her face is dark, not because of her fair skin, but because of the expression she wears while reaching out towards him. It really is a sigh to see, Ezrayl standing there in her leather armor with a sword at her hip and a hand suddenly placed upon the hunter's shoulder. "So. This is where you are." He is spared immediate anger though, and that is thanks to the guard being suddenly distracted by the rest of the group. She doesn't exactly smile, but Ezrayl does manage a nod at the group. Kyra's face is familiar, but the rest not quite and so there is a quiet pause from the young woman.

Chrystyne glosses over the talk about Briari easily enough though she's still a little confused over it all. "What's got you so tired?" is asked towards Daranyl as his brain slowly catches up to things. Since Kyra's the only one she's not just met tonight she ambles over that way to join her on the bench when she does sit. "Actually I had heard of all damage and stuff of everything happening and wanted to help. I talked a green rider into giving me a ride." a quick laugh is given at that. "Actually I traded him a date some time for a ride. But I wasn't sure exactly where to go so this was the first place I peeked into." her haze slides towards the newest person entering, Ezrayl.

Daranyl raises a hand to indicate the baby, "Been helpin' out with Li'l Bit. S'rorn's jus' busy helpin' folks, is all." Surprisingly, he doesn't jump or twists or threaten when Ezrayl suddenly touches him out of nowhere. He just stiffens, taking a step away from the others, and turns to look at Ezrayl, "Hey, Ez. I was wonderin' when ya'd come lookin' fer me." He hesitates, entirely unafraid of her accoutrements, then hugs her. That should freak her out.

Sundari pauses slightly as she ehars Kyra, a soft ah escapes her and she pauses a touch. "His.. Just busy Kyra.." This offered softly with a slight shake of her head to the talk of S'rorn not being around. There is a good reason! Even though it makes her a touch sad at the thought honestly. She clears her throat a touch and smiles. "Yeah I know, I just wanted to spend time with before before I /have/ to give her over to the nannies. Daranyl's been super nice in helping me watch Lil Bit too so I am rather lucky honestly." A glance is sent over to Daranyl whom gets a warm smile. The new voice makes her look to Ezrayl and she is pondering a moment. "Ezrayl.. Right?" She remembers meeting her /once/, not that it was long.

"You had a damn baby, Sundari, it's not like you asked him to come to a recital," is Kyra's unrelenting statement, condemning S'rorn for not being around because SHE CAN. She drops the issue, however, since it's certainly not doing anything for the woman's mood and she doesn't want to belabour the point. Instead, she smiles at Chrystyne and gives her shoulder a squeeze, "I appreciate it. I'm trying to talk Jonteim into rebuilding the bar or building a new one. He said he might wait until he can get free candidate labor." Bwehe. The sudden appearance of Ezrayl earns a reaction from Kyra as well, who hops off the bench with a brilliant smile once more, "Ezrayl!" Everybody gets an exclamation point. She trots over to stand near the twins, smiling up at her cheerily enough, "It's nice to see you again! Do you remember me? I had a cast on my leg last time we met." She points to her face as if that would somehow help, big hazel eyes the exact image of a puppy seeking validation. YOU REMEMBER, RIGHT EZ? You wouldn't forget, would you?! Ahem.

We can only hope that even if Ez doesn't actually remember that for the sake of those big, pulp-like, eyes she'll say yes regardless. Chrys bobs her head. "I got permission from my captain to stay a few days to see what I can do and longer perhaps if needed. Though I imagine free candidate labor beats all!" she says wryly. "How bad was the damage?" meaning everywhere really and not just the bar. Since she doesn't know Ezrayl at all she stays quiet towards her with only a nod in greeting.

Ezrayl practically freezes when Daran hugs her. The woman goes still except for one slow blink and then another. Unfortunately for him, that doesn't last very long because the hand on his shoulder is now moving to give him a swift, and painful, kick to the shin. "Stop that. Don't think you can get out of this with a hug, there is plenty more where /that/ came from." She pulls back then and sends a long glare to her brother, brows knit together. The guard may have said more, but soon Sundari and Kyra are calling her attention. "Yes, and you are….Sundari?" Ezrayl doesn't seem entirely confident when she says the name, but it's right! Kyra also gets a swift nod in reply, and for a moment Ezra is staring at the young woman's face. Honestly, it kinda looks like she wants to reach over and pat her head. Puppy! But she doesn't. "It's good to see the two of you again…and, some others I'm not familiar with." Chrystyne and the child.

Daranyl jumps back at the kick to the shins, "Faranth's egghole, Ez!" Oh, crap, sleeping baby. Daran glances over to ascertain her state, "Jus'… shards, Ez. Li'l Bit's sleepin'." He takes a rapid couple of steps, putting Kyra between himself and Ez, "This is Chrystyne. She's a frien' of Kyra's from Xanadu." He looks like he honestly expects Ez might hit him again… and he might deserve it.

"It isn't like I'm the first woman on the face of Pern to have a baby Kyra. S'rorn has been around.." There is a pause as she just peers at Kyra a touch, she shouldn't have to defend herself or S'rorn honestly,yet at the moment she feels like she needs to honestly. She smiles to Ez and nods. "Yeah that's right.. It's alright Daranyl." Is offered while she moves on over to sit herself down finally, letting Sarina rest upon the crook of her other arm while she cuddles then girl to her while she still sleeps. The glares, and kicks are caught upon the rider and she is curiously looking to he brother and sister pair.. Well perhaps more on the sister part of the pair really.

Kyra seems pleased that Ezrayl remembers her, dropping her hands to clasp them loosely together, "Good, good." Apparently Daranyl doesn't get too much sympathy for being kicked - she's got siblings, too. She blinks curiously up at Ezrayl when she mentions not being familiar with some people, all but throwing off sparkles now as she declares, "Oh! Sundari had a baby. That's Sarina. This is my friend, Chrystyne. She's a guard too! She's visiting to help clean some stuff up." The weird happiness of encountering Ezrayl is thrown off by Chrystyne's legitimately serious question and she frowns just a bit, turning to properly look at Chrys and ruffling her fingers through her slowly growing dark curls, "Some people lost their houses. Plenty of injuries, from the quake itself, the wave that came in, and just people stumbling around in the dark. I wouldn't be surprised if we lost our traders, too. They don't tend to do good business in a disaster zone."

Chrystyne doesn't seem overly surprised at the kicking that ensues from one sibling to the next. Certainly she's got siblings as well so there is understanding along those lines. At the introductions she bobs her head. "Pleasetameetcha." she says all in one word. At the frown that touches Kyra's expression she gives a sympathetic look. "Well I can hopefully help out where I can then." is said in all seriousness. Her gaze does briefly touch on Sundari too since she was listening to that conversation and not ignoring her but she's little to say about two people she hardly knows. "Actually I'm from Ista now technically." she does offer up that. "Only was at Xanadu for the hatching." then a random thought strikes. "Oh! We never did go clothes shopping, Kyra." she notes.

"If you don't yell, then no one will wake up will they?" Ezrayl takes a step forward, her teeth bared. She looks a bit more animalistic than proper guard at the moment. If Daranyl thinks that putting Kyra between them is going to stop her, he's sorely mistaken. The red-haired woman reaches over, takes Kyra by the shoulders and carefully nudges her to the side. The sparkles, they are blinding but she just can't be mean to the girl. Daranyl on the other hand…he's soon being rushed and there's an attempt to put him in a headlock. Now, finally, she pays attention to the introductions she's been hearing. "It's nice to meet you Chrystyne." Which could be a mildly disturbing greeting if she /has/ managed to catch her brother, it doesn't exactly give off a friendly vibe. "And congratulations on your daughter, Sundari."

"I know Lisbei's still around, at leas'. Been bringin' in supplies 'n' such." Daran nods to Sundari, glad she's taking Li'l Bit away from the raging Ez. "Jus' say what ya've gotta say, Ez. I made it back alrigh', didn' I?" For some values of alright. He puts up a good fight, really, it's clear the two are fairly evenly matched in the fisticuffs department, but his heart isn't really in it and he ends up in that headlock.

Sundari is quiet as she watches, sure she'll take her daughter on over here but if for /one/ moment she thinks that fisticuffs is getting a bit out of hand one better bet she'll say something on the matter. "Thank you Ezrayl.." There is a pause before she is smirks a touch. "Your brother is being rather helpful in giving me a hand with her, so no broken bones just yet with him. If that's alright?" This said with an amused one. A glance is sent to Sarina as the little girl is a bit wiggly, even a faint little cry escaping the baby which gets Sunnys attention more so an she murmurs softly.

Kyra finds herself being moved to the side and gives Ezrayl a curious look, though she doesn't fight it, instead turning a little to watch her head for Daranyl. Her expression seems mostly contemplative, however, and she winds up looking over at Chrystyne, "That's right! We never did. I'm not sure there's much we'll be able to do here, but I'm sure we can go some time. Bri told me you're staying with her, right?"

"Some time soon." Chrys clarifies. "I figured though that it wouldn't be too soon while there is plenty of stuff to do first." Chrys knows this much. She just had to remark on the lack of shopping trip while she was thinking of it before she forgot it again. She grins faintly as Daranyl gets caught in that headlock. "Well met to you too, Ezrayl." as if she doesn't have her twin in a headlock. Prfectly normal! "Um…well she invited me to stay with her. Iv'e not really made up my mind yet though so I went back to Ista."

"Just say what I have to say? Fine then. You are the single most idiotic human being on the face of Pern and if you /ever/ and I mean /ever/ disappear like that without telling me again I will personally break both of your legs and make sure that you will never be able to move farther than ten feet on your own." Ezrayl's voice is little more than a hiss now, and though her teeth remain bared at Daranyl she eventually releases him and shoves him back a step. And she has so much more to say, none of it nice…but there are others there and that would be ruder than she is already being. "No broken bones. Not today." But there are no promises for the future Sundari, sorry! It's only then that something registers, "Clothes shopping?" Yes, the red-haired woman that is always wearing leather armor is interested in clothes shopping. Actually, she's very interested considering the sudden glint in her eyes. Go figure! Also. "Have you not made up your mind about moving here?" That's what they're talking about, right? Maybe.

Daranyl grits his teeth, prepared for worse than comes, "If I'd told ya, you'd've tried ta stop me 'n' things would've been worse. Or worse, you'd've insisted on goin' with me 'n' you know wha' they would've done ta ya." He shakes his head, "May've been stupid, but it was fer th' best." And far be it for him to get between her and clothes shopping. It's not like it's a luxury they've had in the past. He stoops to scoop up his spilled klah mug and starts towards where Sunny's sitting, only half-hoping he might actually get there before Ez does something more.

Sundari looks a touch amused as she hears what Ezrayl says to Daranyl. She is left peering at the hunter. "She sorta has a point.. Maybe next time you won't go falling down any mountains with a busted leg?" This questioned whiel she eyes Daranyl, she is joking, trying lighten the mood a bit. Sarina, seems a bit more awake now wiggling wihtin her grasp and crying out once more while wiggling her little fingers in the air. "Its alright." This murmured softly while she tucks the little child closer to her.

Kyra can't really blame Ezrayl for being angry, so she lets the two siblings work that one out on their own, only adding to Daranyl's words with a drawling, "Well, /that's/ not condescending. It's not like you did any better." Hearing that Ezrayl might be interested in clothes shopping has her looking quickly up to her, of course, and Kyra smiles brightly once more, "Oh, yeah. Chrys and me and Briari had been planning on going at Xanadu, but we never did. You want to come? I've gotten some girlier clothes, you know, since I don't have a lot, but I haven't really gone on any kind of whole… shopping trip kind of a thing yet." Sparkle. Ahem. What Chrys says both about having to do stuff and about being at Ista earns a nod followed by a blink of surprise, "Oh. Really? Weird. She's mentioned you staying with her a couple times now. Maybe she just figured it was going to happen." A mild shrug. The little bit of crying from Sarina earns a peer, though Kyra seems unwilling to try to help, largely because she knows all of nothing when it comes to babies. Sundari seems to have that bit handled, anyway. Ahem.

"I've not a lot of /girly/ clothes though really I just need something newer no matter what the style. My parents would be /thrilled/ to hear of me shopping!" Chrystyne says in amusement. A shrug is cast to Kyra. "I just told her I'd think about it. Nothing for sure yet though." cue her own shrug followed by a shake of her head towards Ezrayl. "No no, not moving here. In to Monaco with Briari. I'm still considering it." she clarifies.

"I'm not a child. In case you haven't noticed, I can handle myself perfectly well." Daranyl isn't getting away that easily. Ezrayl reaches out and grabs his shirt. She pulls up and back, trying to stop him before he escapes. "Before you decide what's best for /me/, maybe you should stop and talk to /me/ about it first." Her anger might slowly be winding down, but she isn't quite done talking yet. But as much as the red-haired young woman is trying to hold onto her anger, the joke from Sundari and the talk of clothes from the girls has the scowling guard relaxing just the slightest. Does her expression soften just the slightest upon hearing the baby cry? Perhaps. But then she's suddenly looking very mechanical when Kyra invites her along shopping with her and Chrystyne. "Yes. I think I'd like that very much." Her voice has suddenly gone full on computer here. One would think she's never actually gone shopping with other girls, or hung out with him. Oh wait, that's true…she hasn't! Ezrayl's face might not say it, but her eyes still hold that gleam at least.

Daranyl fights the attempt to tug him back, which may be a mistake. At least the scars and marks on his back are mostly older, but when he tries to turn to face his sister again, the front comes up as well, showing much fresher scars in a pattern all too familiar to Ez, "We've bot' seen what they do to the women they take, Ez. I couldn' risk tha' happenin' ta you. We're here now, both of us. We're free, we jus' gotta… live. 'N' ya made Li'l Bit cry. Lemme go, Ez, 'n' plan yer shoppin' trip. It won' happen again b'cause it can't, yeah?"

Sundari is quiet during that conversation between the siblings. It was one that had to happen, at some point right? "Your both welcome to stay here.. No problems and nothing asked on it." This said with a glance to Ezrayl and then a glance back to Daranyl as he knows the answer to this talk already after all. There is a slight pause as Daranyl's shirt is pulled and yanked which makes her frown a bit. "She's fine.. Little cry is all." Sarina is quiet once more, perhaps sleeping a bit again even if they are all lucky.

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