Sevaruth's Leadership Flight

Western Weyr - Corrals
Enclosed by a high wooden fence on one side and the steep walls of the weyr on the other is a half acre of grass that holds the Weyr's herdbeasts and wherry flock. While this dragon feeding area is smaller than most of the Weyrs on Pern, there is still enough room for a large dragon to swoop down and grab his dinner with relative ease.
Electric lights light the entrances as those on night duty come out to take over, moving quietly in the night so as not to disturb those sleeping about the Weyr.Winter has descended once again upon the Western island, though those from the north would never be able to tell it, but the short days and the cooler nights are painfully obvious to those born here.

Sevaruth wastes no time as she enters the corrals, even to ignoring the other dragons crowding the area. She quickly finds her prey and lands, before she begins to blood at the ovine she killed, mantling slightly over her kill to protect it from others. Another hissing cry of defiance as one bronze gets to close to her prey and there is a lashing of her tail to show her fury.

Glyith is already blooding as well, sucking dry his first heardbeast from the throat. It squirms a little, and then lies still. The dragon lifts his muzzle to the wind for a moment, to test it.

From the lip of the bowl a shadowy bronze rumbles, eyes whirling a slight purple in his sudden attentiveness of the gold in the corrals, Lupiciuth swaying his head back and forth slightly as he watches. Spreading his wings suddenly, he dips down towards the fencing, hissing at a bronze that he lands a little close to. Noticing others already working on their kills, Lupiciuth paces the length of the fence before bunching his limps and launching at a passing herdbeast, clamping his jaws on it's throat to cease it's death scream.

Sevaruth moves from blooding to flight, in the few seconds it takes her to discard the second carcass of another ovine and then she is up and into the air. There is a great snap of golden wings as she seeks to put as much air space under her as possible and then she simply works on lift, leaving her farther and farther away from the ground the weyr below. Heading on up, toward the clouds so far above and seeking to hide the flash of gold hide, in the sunlight hit clouds.

Glyith takes to the air after the gold flash that is Sevaruth. He lacks the sleeker shape of his rivals. Knowing this, and knowing that his strength will carry him through to the end, he's not concerned to be first of the ground, or even first behind her. He is, however, faster off the ground than even he's ready for, somewhat surprised to be in the air. Quickly, the dragon shakes his head clear, and gets down to the business at hand, a bright croon of excitement escapes him as the wind catches under his wings.

Lupiciuth seems a little stressed that he must leave the carcass behind, ripping into it jsut a little more before he suddenly bunches his limbs like a spring and lifts after the glinting golden one. Roaring at his excitement, the dark bronze snaps his teeth again at a close competitor, causing the brown to squeal a little and make Lupiciuth a bit smug with himself. But alas, less for the competitors, and more for the competition. Pushing his wings to catch the air about him, he lifts ever higher to chase Sevaruth, giving a little croon in her direction as he tries to close the distance, slowly but surely… Possibly.

Nebryth drops his latest kill and heads after Sevaruth. His dark hide allows him to blend into shadowed areas. He also uses his coloring to 'play' shadow as he follows the glorious golden one into the skies.

Sevaruth has settled in for flying for distance now, this day. Her wings are spread wide as she moves from the path of thermal to thermal and leads the way far, far away from Western. She is not taunting her chasers so much as simply enjoying the path to freedom and the delight in rising into the skies only to drop into a free fall seconds later. As the hours pass, she eventually begins to tire and consider those that linger behind her, still with her on this tumultuous dance across the skies.

Glyith rumbles, pleased. The queen's decision to fly for distance favors him. He tries his best to match her speed, but can't — she's just too determined. He settles in for the long haul, biding his time and knowing that some of his rivals, at least, won't be able to last. But of course it's not those rivals he has to worry about — it's the others, the ones with the strength to match his!

Lupiciuth curbs his flight which allows him to follow after the golden Sevaruth, sustaining his stamina which his color was built for. The sudden dive she takes from the air catches him off guard, but was just a bit of hesitance the dark bronze folds his wings in and lets gravity catch him up, if it's possible. Finally kiting out his wings suddenly, he catches himself in the air a little above and behind the queen. Frustration makes the bronze snap his teeth in Glyith's direction, but being a bronze as well, Lupiciuth doesn't push it. He sends another croon to Sevaruth to show his appeal of her, and bides his time for the gold to make her choice, or to tire enough for a bronze to swoop in and catch her.

Nebryth is still following like a shadow will, for that he is a shadow. He also enjoys the flight, the sun warm on his dark hide. He checks out his competition, he may be on the small side for a bronze but he has staying power. He continues on, flying, chasing a dream.

Sevaruth is moving to allow her chasers closer, to allow a better chance to see just who is available. She doubles back, checking out each bronze and brown as best she can without being ensared before she is ready. She has had enough experience to attempt this, although she still takes her chances, sometimes getting to close it seems as she watches their flying abilities , in her sheer joy at unfettered freedom. But now, now perhaps she has gotten too close and someone may ensnare her.

Glyith startles. Now is the moment! He only has a seconds to decide and get into position. He drops his wing, gaining speed. He stretches them outward, but his gesture is tentative and she threatens to slip away. But those wings are strong, and with a fresh surge he comes closer. Perhaps… just perhaps, they can share freedom.

Nebryth reaches, is this his chance, will he catch the gold this time? The shadowed bronze stretches forth with paws, mind, neck and tail as he attempts to woo the golden Sevaruth.

Lupiciuth watches the queen try to make her choice, banking his wings to always keep her in sight ,even as she tries to stay out of reach. With an impatiently whipping tail, he suddenly dives outward as she passes a little too close to the pack, limbs extended in an attempt to encircle her. He croons again, trying to encourage her to him, even as he attempts to close the distance.

Sevaruth has miscalculated, wary of those bronzes she knows and not giving enough credit to those that are not as familiar. She is successful in avoiding both Lupiciuth and Nebryth, carefully dodging their attempts to grab her but it is Glyith that is able to capture her in an unguarded moment and she squawks in first surprise and then eventually capitulation.

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