Grief and Ammends

Half Moon Bay Weyr - West Bowl

The western end of the great bowl of the Weyr. You can see the steep walls of the crater to the south and south, with small openings and ledges in the cliffside. These are the individual weyrs of dragons and their riders. To the west you can see the great natural arch, and the lagoon, to the east, the center of the bowl. To the south you see a large natural cave opening that has been made into a tunnel. It is the main entrance to the Weyr from the road to Half Moon Bay Hold.

It's getting on towards Dusk at Half Moon and Daranyl is leaned against the wall, looking down at the sleeping baby in his arms. It's an unusually tender moment, an odd sort of smile on his face even if he looks tired, too. Anyone who didn't know better might think the little one is his, but no, he's just the very content baby sitter.

Sundari didn't go into detail where she was going, but where it was she couldn't take Sarina, though where she went did involve a dragon flight. Irkevalath bugles his return as he glides down from the sky after appearing from Between, the large blue is settling down in the bowl off to the side and turning his head to croon out at his rider once his wings tuck back close to his sides. Sundari stays put upon her dragon's shoulders for a few moments, a hand moving to rub across her eyes before straps are undone and she drops down to the ground undoing her flight jacket and yanking her gloves off.

Daranyl looks up at the bugle, the moment shattered, though his smile widens to a grin, "Do ya hear that, Li'l Bit? Yer momma's back." He takes a careful step away from the wall towards the blue as he settles, "She's alrigh'." He offers the baby to her mother, "How was yer trip?" He has no idea the trip might have been more stressful.

Sundari doesn't look up just yet, tucking the gloves into her jacket before she looks to Daranyl and Sarina. "Hey.. There you two are." This offered while she takes hold of the girl and tucks her close hugging her softly while the girl coos out. "It It was a trip." This said softly, there is a possibility that she was crying at some point, eyes a bit red. "She do alright with you?" Sunny expects that she did knowing how the two get along rather well.

Daranyl despite offering the baby, he seems just a little reluctant to release her, but he does, "'Course she did. She fussed a little, but I got her to settle. She's been sleepin' th' last… good while. Kinda lost track of time." He goes quiet, his usual just… quiet, then he pauses, "Are ya alrigh'?"

Sundari smiles at this and nods while letting a hand softly brush against Sarina's cheek. "You was good for Uncle Daranyl? I knew you would be." She offers softly while looking to him. "No worries, I'll let you hold her again in a moment alright?" This questioned with an amused tone. At the question she is quiet now while looking to Sarina. "I'm.. alright.. Just had to go and check on something. More questions then answers now."

Daranyl reaches to touch her shoulder gently and nods, "Alrigh' then. Not questions I can answer, I assume." He scratches at his scalp lightly, totally at a loss, but he's trying, "Do ya… wan' some klah?"

"Not unless you know someone interested in sinking ships." Sundari says with a shake of her head. She glances to him, a faint smile seen at the touch to her shoulder. "Yeah sure.. I'll take some. I honestly wuld like omething stronger for once." Though with Sarina that isn't an option right now.

"Not really, no. Sorry." Daranyl nods towards the caverns, "Wanna head in, then? Or shoul' I getcha a cup?" He glances at Sarina, then gives his head a shake, "Not until you've weaned her." He listened to the healers. Someone check hell for snow.

Sundari nods a bit at the talk of the caverns and will follow along it seems once he turns. "I won't drink until she's weaned no problem there." Sarina wiggles a bit in her mother's grasp, a soft little cry heard while Sunny moves her around a bit so the girl can get a better look of where they are heading. "I went to see my parents ship, to make sure it was really there's." So no good visit in the least. The two (well three with baby) are moving in the direction of the caverns, it's late afternoon.

Daranyl looks back when Sarina starts to fuss, "'s okay, Li'l Bit. Nothin' ta fuss over." It's duskishtimes and Sundari and Daranyl are moving towards the entrance to the lower caverns when he pauses and looks at her, "Oh. An'… was it?" It's not the most tactful question, but he does actually want to know the answer.

A red-haired young woman is making her way across the bowl to the caverns as well. It's difficult to tell when Ezrayl's been on-duty or off-duty since she's almost always wearing leather armor over her normal clothes, but she's done for the day. Her long locks whip behind her as she moves at a quick pace, and it isn't long before Ezra has caught up to Sundari and Daranyl. "Good evening." The greeting is said quietly, but there's a smile…for Sundari and Sarina at least. Daranyl earns a brief downward twitch of her lips, but at least she isn't kicking him.

N'mon comes ambling up from the east bowl, whistling softly to himself and offering a slight nod toward others assembled or passing through the different sections of the bowl. He rocks back on his heels, stopping to watch a small procession, with a slightly raised eyebrow, but other than that, he's pretty passive.

Sundari is quiet at the question from Daranyl while hugging Sarina to her a bit more. "Yeah.. But looked like something attacked the ship, or.. Blew a hole in it or something." She frowns somewhat at the thought and a soft sigh escapes her. The new voice catches her attention and she peeks up a bit nodding. "Hello Ezrayl." As for the new person she sends a glance to N'mon and peeks at the rider a bit as if searching for a name it seems. "Hi.."

Daranyl actually looks sorry for her. Just for a moment before the arrival of his sister and the unknown man has him schooling the expression away to the safer neutrality he usually espouses, "Ez. How long're ya gonna be mad at me this time?" The two are as different as night and day, and yet so similar at the same time, but while Ez is kitted out for battle, Daran's armament is subtler, mostly the knife on his belt right now. Make a note, when he watches the baby, he doesn't carry the crossbow around like his binky! He glances past Sundari to N'mon, then pauses, "Who's he?"

N'mon wanders over, still ambling slowly. "And a good evening to all of you. What's got a group all out and about?" He nods back to the other rider. "N'mon, Odamith's rider. I transfered here, oh a sevenday or so back." He frowns. "Actually longer than that, now." A glance at everyone. "Are we worried the tunnel snakes will be vicious now?"

"Is she doing well?" Ezrayl's question is apparently directed towards the mother of the mother-daughter pair. One similarity: a soft spot for kids. Not that she's good with them, but they are cute. "Oh, I will be mad for a very very long time Daranyl." There's a distinct scowl on her face meant expressly for her brother, but that turns into a quiet smirk at N'mon's words. "A vicious source of protein. We're clearly hunting for our food in the bowl." Maybe not the best first impression. "Ezrayl, one of the guards. Well met."

Sundari smies a bit to Ezrayl. "She's doing great.. Daranyl is a natural honestly." This said with a soft amused tone to the hunter that is near her. Sarina wiggles a little hand about and grips onto her mothers shirt with a soft cooing like sound that little babies her age might make. "Well tunnel snakes are rather nasty. I did happen to catch one as a weyrling that didn't like that I was yanking it from his hole." Yes she has the scars that are rather faded by now from the animal on her forearm from that beastie. "Sundari with Irkevalath. Welcome to Half Moon Bay.. Were on our way to the Living Caverns." She glances to Ezrayl and grins a bit seeming amused at her comments to the other rider. Totally hunting for nommings here. The talk of her familes boat is left along for now, and Sunny honestly has handled it rather well.. Either that or she's just going to break down at some point when it fully hits her after everything she saw some hours ago.

"Never hurts ta be prepared. Some of the snakes here're poisonous 'n' all." Daranyl nods towards Ez, smirking dangerously, "And they are good eatin'." The look he gives Ez is… almost pleading. She's his sister, Shard it! "Ya'll hafta forgive me eventually, Ez. 'N' we're both alrigh'. 'Snot like I died." He offers N'mon his hand, but no explanation, "Daranyl. 'M a hunter." He had rumors circulating about him a month or so back, but they've settled now.

N'mon takes the offered hand, looking a little confused, then wary at all the talk of poison and dying. "I suppose I had better read up on the local flora and fauna then. Hadn't thought it would be too different from Monaco Bay here, where I was born. But I guess one can never know." He ahs softly. "Well, if you're on the way to the caverns then, I won't be keeping you. I'm just trying to explore a bit. So I won't feel quite so lost around the place."

"I'm very glad to hear it." Ezrayl smiles at Sundari, though there's another look for Daranyl. "Eventually maybe, but not now. You came pretty close to dying." And perhaps she's noticed N'mon looking a tad confused because soon there's a shake of her head. More ranting will be saved for another time. "Lots of people mentioning Monaco lately." And by lots Ezrayl means two. "Are you actually looking around or have we scared you and chased you away from the caverns?" Which wouldn't be unusual considering the topic of conversation between her and Daran.

"I have to adit Daranyl I agree with her.. You /could/ have." Sundari points out with a glance to the hunter. Sorry but yes she is jumping on Ezrayl's side for that talk. A glance is offered back to N'mon ahd she ahs softly. "Well, somewhat like Monaco Bay, we jut have more jungle and thus more creepy critters at times." Which can be dangerous. "Your welcome to come along, sure there are others there to talk with too." She totally just invited the other rider to tag along it seems.

N'mon waves off the concern. "No, no. I really am trying to look around and get an idea of where everything is, so that I don't keep getting lost around this place. So much to see around here and when you're not familiar with it all, makes for some very confusing times. But I do thank you for the invite, it's very generous of you." With that, he's off and striding away looking up at the walls of the bowl, and then heading out toward the lagoon.

"Better me than you, Ez." In this, Daran sounds deathly serious. It's not that he doesn't know Ez could have taken it, just that he'd rather she didn't have to. The other man moving on allows him to feel more comfortable continuing the conversation, too, "Jus'… trus' me, Ez. You weren' there. Ya think I'm not keenly aware that th' only reason I'm here is that Meren let me go?" Not that that name is likely to make Ezrayl any happier, but it is the truth. "'M no' sayin' I did the righ' thing, Ez. 'M sayin' I did wha' I though' was bes' at th' time."

"What you thought was best at the time was the a terrible idea. Can you honestly say you wouldn't be flipping mad at me if I'd disappeared without a word to the most dangerous place for us and you didn't hear from me for days on end? Then, to top it off, you appear bruised battered and clearly tortured." Ezrayl apparently decides to let loose when N'mon is gone, and things are not getting any better for Daranyl. Sundari and Sarina are the only things that seem to be keeping her from going totally ballistic and there's a glance their way that may be slightly apologetic.

Sundari is quiet while her gaze drifts between the two while Sarina seems to be dozing off there in her mothers arms. Sunny isn't about to jump in this conversation, letting the siblings talk about it does give her a few moments for her mind to wander it seems and she is looking off slightly towards the Lagoon.

"I would've been slower if we'd gone together. Would've had ta meet up. And you know they would've done worse to you, Ez." Daranyl grits his teeth, "I would've been furious, but you would've tried to stop me if I'd've told you and one of us had to go or they would've come looking. You know that as well as I do." Say 'would've' one more time. Really, Daran, get a vocabulary, already. "If it weren' fer Meren, I wouldn've made it. An you don' have anyone there atall ya like 'n' who likes ya. Leastwise as anything but a pet."

"I would have. Even if it had slowed you down, two is better than one. I am a woman, but that doesn't mean you can protect me as you see fit without telling me anything. You made your choice, but you should have given me a chance to make mine. YOU do not protect ME. WE protect each other." Ezrayl takes a step forward, her eyes meeting her brothers. "Get that through your thick skull before I force it in there."

Sundari frowns as she hears the conversation between the two which sends her gaze back towards them both, watching them a few moments. "Siblings help one another out through thick and thin…" She pauses slightly after saying that, so much help she get her own which is a thorn in her side. "You both have the Weyr to help you now.. Along with the fact that I'm your two's friend and I got a rather grumpy blue dragon that no one wants to cross if they try to harm you two ever again." Forget Irk, Sunny has the ability to do a pretty good job herself if she gets the chance.

Four words. Four words is all it takes to break Daranyl's resolve. He takes a half-step back and looks away from her challenging gaze, "Yer righ', Ez." Of course she is, she's the smart independent one. He's just a hunter. "I jus' couldn' stan' th' thought of one of them…" He trails off. She knows what he's implying. "'M sorry, Ez." He dares to offer her his hand, "'N' Sunny's righ'. Fer th' firs' time in a long time, we're not alone anymore." Even in the camp, they were alone.

Ezrayl's fit of anger doesn't so much stop as slowly die out. It's perhaps Sundari's words that begin the process and Daranyl's that end it. They may be part of the Weyr, but she hasn't made many friends nor talked to her fellow guards that much. So the woman's words? They earn furrowed brows from the red-haired woman. It's a foreign concept, someone else having their back…/really/ having their back. "Thank you." The words are hardly a lot, but forcing Ezrayl to show any real sort of affection is quite near impossible. That's when Daranyl offers his hand to her and the guard looks at it for a moment. She takes it, but her other arm is moving up and tapping Daranyl lightly with the front of a fist. Tapping, not punching. "Don't do it again." It's the closest she can get to 'I forgive you' right now.

Sundari glances to Daranyl as she hears him and smiles before she looks over to Ezrayl now. The looks from the guards are noted, and she does not take any offense to it, she has been around people before they don't do well with showing emotions. A nod is seen to her as well. "Hey.. No problem, whenever you guys need I'm there for it." Friends to that after all, watch out and help one another through tough situations when able and she will do just that. She smiles seeing that they have 'made up' to some degree. "So.. You want to come get klah with us Ezrayl?" She's thirsty and thus heading towards the cavern once more, with a lil bit sleeping against her.

Daranyl returns the gesture of affection with his own fist-tap and a nod, "I won'. Truth be told, it wasn' all that pleasant." Har har. He glances at Sundari and murmurs a quiet, "Thank ya." If Ez wonders who's responsible for the changes in Daran? Well, Sundari's definitely part of it. "Le's get some klah. seems like I've hardly seen ya, Ez." They should touch base… you know… before they forget they kinda like eachother.

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