Celebration And Conversation (Not Finished)

Winter - Month 1 of Turn 2715

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Tiki Lounge

As one walks onto the wood panelled flooring of the patio, they are greeted with the scent of burning oil, the likely source the various torches burning along the perimeter of the flooring. The flooring is littered with tables shaded with umbrellas, matching chairs tucked beneath when not in use.

The inside of the Tiki Lounge seems far bigger inside than outside, even when full of relaxing weyrfolk and travelers. Towards the front, in the western corner, is a small stage, generally occupied by harpers. Several tables with chairs decorate the floor and a small area is open for dancing. The bar is rather long and well stocked, glasses of different shapes and sizes hanging suspended from a rack above the bar. Behind the bar is another open window that gives one a view of the forest behind the tavern. Turning around, one is greeted by a lovely view of the lagoon. A decent breeze helps to cool the room. Up above, rafters provide a perch for fire lizards and local avians. The thatch roof, made of straw, rarely lets in any rain.

Note: This scene is not yet finished, but I figured I would post what I've got so far.

Well its not often that Kelani has found herself at the lounge. Nope, well barely ever. A good little apprentice she has been, no drinking, no more boys, no breaking of the rules. Wildest thing she has done is get a tattoo. So that she is here this evening sitting at the bar pondering a cocktail ,complete with umbrella and cherry on top, is quite a notable thing. From the looks of things she has yet to touch it, but maybe stirred it a bit with the straw.

Enter S'van, stage left (or whatever direction the door happens to be). There's a glance around, a quick assessment of the joint, and a half-step towards a table before his grey eyes land on a familiar figure at the bar. She may not be facing him, but Kelani's hair is distinct enough to identify her and so, after a moment's consideration, the bronzerider makes a beeline for her. That he is going ot be stealing the seat beside her is no question; he doesn't even ask. Just plops himself into that stool as though he owns it, drops his arms to the bar top and flashes her a grin. "That," he tells her, finger lifted to point at her drink, "Is dangerous."

The voice nearby causes Kelani to jump in her seat and she very nearly nocks her glass in the process, but saves it with only a few bits ending on the table. "Yes, but its a celebration and..well I am allowed now." She says and looks up at him, "Want to share a drink with me." There is a nod for the new knot on her shoulder for the rank of Junior Journeyman. There is a hint of a smile playing on her lips, "I made it."

"Celebration," repeats S'van, an eyebrow lifted as he glances from face to knot when she nods her head at it. "Ah…" as understanding dawns. A corner of his mouth quirks up in a half-smile, and he offers a quick shrug. "Well, in that case, I suppose I can," share a drink. "But just the one," he decides, turning to signal the bartender and place his order; a drink and a plate of oysters. Gotta have food! "Congrats, too," he decides, grinning Kelani's direction. "Must've worked hard for that," he decides. "You're still pretty young."

"Yeah, but it was worth it. Coming here has played a big roll in it, I have gotten to see so much more and stretch my wings a little." Kelani elbows him slightly, "I am seventeen now, I will have you know." She enlightens him, sitting a bit taller in her seat. As he orders his drink she finally starts on hers by popping the cherry in her mouth and pulling off the stem in the process. "So how are you going?"

"Stretch your wings?" and this time, S'van is definitely teasing, grinning a bit as he glances sideways at her. "Hmm. I'm not sure whether to be pleased that Half Moon has helped further your career, or concerned that we've apparently got enough injuries to warrant promoting apprentices at such early ages." He shifts a little, half-turned in her direction as he engages in the conversation while keeping an eye on that bartender. "Considering I'm in Search and Rescue… theoretically that's job security, right?" And finally, drink is settled in front of him; a dark amber liquid that is distinctly lacking in umbrella adornments. "Cheers, then. Do promotions," and he offers his glass toward her for a 'click'. As for him? "I'm good I suppose. Still alive; still in one piece."

Kelani rolls her eyes at the teasing though glances down at the winged tattoo on her chest before looking back up at him. "Well several have been from sailors, so not the weyr itself and that Hurricane definitly caused a few as well, and the heat here for the visitors, have had a few heat strokes." Clearly she is too nice to wish evil on people but she does speak of her job in such enthusiastic tones all the same. "I am still a junior for another turn or so, so not…completely free, but I can do more stuff on my own now, but I still have to report to a journeyman and be watched over." At the toast she lifts her own glass and clinks before drinking through the straw. Indeed these things are evil with their sweetness. "Oh its nice." She says before looking back to him. "That doesn't sound very good.."

"Still," continues Sev, in regards to junior status. "An accomplishment none the less." A clink of glasses, and then a sip is taken. There may be just a slight grimace from the bronzerider, but it doesn't stop him from taking a second sip before setting the glass down on the bar. As for her drink being nice? That earns a bit of a snort and a dry sort of half-smirk. "Yeah… be careful with that," he cautions. "Especially if you haven't really drunk much before." There's a question there, lingering at the end of that sentence, made more obvious by the way he's looking at her. "It is, actually. Very good. I'm finally getting to do stuff besides just train for it. Nothing super exciting yet, but the odd missing person or missing boat."

Kelani nods to S'van's warning even as she takes another sip. "Bartender warned me as well. It is very nice…" And another sip before looking back up at him already a little bright eyed. "Nothing strong, just watered wines and stuff." She answers to the question before she listens to his answer, "Well if you have any injuries, I would be happy to go out with you guys and help out. I am cleared to do triage at least and can give me more experience for when I go full Journeyman." She says with a nod, "But yeah its nice to…be a thing and not just train to be a thing."

S'van is gonna just keep a close eye on that drink. Or, rather, the newly minted Junior Journeyman drinking it. "Uh huh…" for watered wines 'and stuff'. "Have you eaten?" is asked casually enough, and happens to coincide with the arrival of his oysters, which he is all too happy to start in on, picking up a shell and a lemon-slice. "Help yourself," he offers, pushing the plate over until it sits between them. "Thankfully, no injuries. Beyond some minor bumps and scrapes. First aid stuff," he tells her before tipping that shell right back and swallowing his first oyster. A pause for the consumption of said delight and then a, "most of the time, people are more relieved to be out of the situation, than needing medical attention. Anything major would be… bad." As for 'being a thing?' there's a grin and more-or-less agreement with a nod of his head. "I get that. Kinda like getting to be a 'rider after training as a Weyrling for over a Turn."

At the sight of the slimy oysters, Kelani gives a curious look to them, to S'van, then to the barkeep, "Can I get some tuber fries?" At least taking the advice on eating before taking another sip of her drink. She watches him eat the first oyster curiously, "So does it taste better than it looks?" She asks and leans forward to look at one and back to S'van, "I don't mind if they are fried up , but like that..they looked a bit of slimy necrotic fat."

At the clear rejection of his offer, Sev just shrugs and adopts a 'more for me' type expression. He does, however, thoroughly approve of the ordering of fries, displaying as much with a quick incline of his head and flash of a grin. "Dunno. How does it look?" he wonders, reaching for the next. "Though honestly, they don't really taste like much at all. A little salty, a little slick, and a little bit sour with the lemon," which he is currently squeezing atop his next victim. "But you don't chew them. You just kinda swallow it." And now he will demonstrate, lifting the shell and tipping it back. "Although," he muses once having swallowed, "you can always try them a different way, first. Like in a stew or, like you said. Fried." As for being slimy, necrotic fat? Sev just grins and reaches for the next one.

Kelani lifts an eyebrow at his description of the oysters, "So what do you get out of it?" She asks with a speculative look before shaking her head and focusing on the drinking of her cocktail. Half gone and already she is a little bright eyed, but relaxed. Body not being held up against the world, just settled loosely on the stool. "Fried was ok..still a weird texture." She says with a little nod them reaches for a tuber fry as the bowl is placed between them. "These are my favorite though." Ah the simple pleasures.

"Hm. Good question," answers S'van, glancing curiously at the oysters. But he doesn't seem to have an answer, so simply shrugs and picks up another shell. His own alcoholic drink is ignored in favor of oysters and, with a quick request, the glass of ice water. Oh, it's likely he'll sip from that darker brew now and again, but certainly not with any speed. "They've got that salty taste. And a bit of a crunch," he agrees. "Pretty good with a steak, too." A foodie he is not. "So what're your plans, now that you're all Junior Journeyman-ed? Still trauma?"

Kelani nods to him and a grin, "Of course. I really enjoy it…it just such a rush. I mean…I don't wish people to get hurt but I enjoy putting them back together when they do. Like…I can find that calm place when time seems to slow down and just focus on the pieces of the puzzle." Kelani tries to explain, her hands coming up in expressive gestures to try to show what she means.

S'van eats oysters and listens, occasionally sipping at his drink (water or alcohol, in turn) as Kelani explains. There's an attempt to understand; a sort of furrowing of his eyebrows and intent look to his grey eyes. In the end, though, Sev has to settle for, "I think I get it?" because maybe he does, maybe he doesn't. "Can't say I've ever tried to put someone back together before. 'Least not physically. But, I do understand that sense of… focus," he decides. "But all that matters is that you enjoy it. Well. And that you're good at it. Would suck if you were bad at putting people together…" He is definitely teasing, the corners of his mouth curled up mischievously.

"Reckon everyone who enjoys a thing must get that at some point? Maybe when butchering, where you get this rythm and suddenly you realize time has passed and all your work is done. " Kelani says expressively leaning forward a bit , "Its a wonderful feeling." She says with a firm nod and then another sip of her drink. She laughs at the last, "Yeah, that it would. Put someone back together with a leg where the arm should be. They would have to walk sideways!" Laughter follows. Yep drunk laughter at a really bad joke.

"If that thing allows for it," agrees S'van, though the philosophical nature of their discussion is starting to lose him, just a little. But he grins cheerfully enough when she mentions his former occupation. "Eh… butchering was a bit more mentally intensive; gotta make sure I don't cut off something I'll miss later," like a thumb. Or hand. "But I got that way when making Aede's straps. It's sort of monotonous work, punching holes, working the awl, threading… you get into a pattern and kind of vanish into the task." Best he's gonna be able to do, deciding to leave it at that as he reaches for his final oyster shell. That drunk-laugh of Kelani's is getting her a rather studious look from the bronzerider, who can't help but to laugh at her laughing. Because it is amusing, even if the joke was not. A second later, he's ordering another water and oh-so casually pushing it in front of the healer, maaaaybe even trying to sneak it between her and her other drink. As if he might fool her into drinking it instead (yeah, right). "I kinda hope you never have to sew a body part back on though…" he notes dryly. "Bad news for that guy."

"Yeah that is harder. All the vasculature and nerves. The landing files have some information on it but we just don't have the resources to replicate it yet." Kelani says as she reaches for her glass and drinks and then looks down at the water, looks back at S'van, rolls her eyes and drinks all the same. "I haven't had that much to drink yet…can't I just have some fun without you mothering me.." She even as she takes another drink of the water then picks up her cocktail again, "Because I rather you didn't think of me as a child." A blush of her dark skin And so she quickly takes another big drink of her cocktail again before turning to face the bar once more.

Dark eyebrows lift, curiosity apparent, and S'van emits a soft, "Huh," for the idea that such a thing is, actually, possible. Reattaching limbs. Who woulda thunk it? He's done with the oyster plate, moving it aside with a slow push of his fingers to indicate it can be taken away. His own drink is finished (The alcoholic one) and now he's just got water to sate his thirst. There's a briefly all-too-innocent look for Kelani's statement of mothering, though it dissolves into something much more serious when she continues. "I don't think of you as a child," he states firmly. "That's not why I ordered the water." A press of his lips into a thin line before he continues. "If you wanna drink, drink," he asserts. "Just… you should know your limits. Make sure you don't drink too much." It is not patronizing, simply honest concern. "And no, I'm not trying to tell you that your limit is one," he continues with a half-smirk. "Just maaaaybe suggesting you sip some water between dangerous, fruity concoctions."

As he reasures her, She glances back at him and back to the drinks before her and nods, "Alright…" She says and drinks the water next. "Just..nevermind." She says with a little shake of her curls. "Its a nice feeling is all. I don't think I have ever felt this relaxed." She says with a sigh and takes a drink of the cocktail, "But yeah, I have treated enough hangovers I know …you are right I should drink and eat as well." She responds and looks back to S'van, "So how are you going?"

A subtle incline of his chin, almost a nod, as Kelani explains the feeling associated with her drink. Relaxed. A soft huff from S'van, who turns fully toward the bar and reaches for his water. "Relaxed," he murmurs, with something akin to dry irony. As though he were privy to some sort of dark, private joke that he is not about to explain. A moment of silence, of fingers curled around his glass and another understanding sort of nod of his head. "Sure," he decides of hangovers. "But there are other reasons you ought to know your limit and stick to it. You're not a kid, Kelani. You're not stupid, either. So yeah, relaxed is good. Until you're agreeing to things you shouldn't be." A shrug, and he moves on. There's a bit of a 'mm' for the question. "Alright. Thinkin' of going to Fort for a bit. It's snowing, this time of turn." Nevermind that baby sister of his that lives there.

"Yeah, like going on dates with older men?" She says with an arched brow but at least a bemused look on her face. Water under the bridge now, mostly. She looks back down to the choice of drinks again and picks up the cocktail once more. At the mention of going to Fort she coughs nearly choking on her drink, before she looks up to him and blinks, "Oh..I hear there is a blizzard up that way. Probably not safe to travel." Yep, thats it. No going to Fort!

Dates with older men? There is an arch to Sev's eyebrow that says rather clearly he was not talking about dates. And so he will say so, with a clear and enunciated "No," as he turns his face toward her for full emphasis. "I am not talking about agreeing to dates Kelani. I am talking about agreeing to go home with someone." Grey eyes squint as he frowns at her, as though assessing whether or not she's getting what he's trying to say. Mention of Fort, however, pulls his attention away from attempting to discern Kelani's level of naivety, one eyebrow arching now as he offers, "Oh really?" in a tone that says he DOES NOT BELIEVE HER because, "Aede says the blizzard has passed." Because Aede can talk to the dragons up there, ya know. "Lots of snow, but the gold's aren't restricting travel anymore."

"Yeah yeah…I won't go around having drunken sex with people. I would hope even alchohol wouldn't make me /that/ relaxed." She gives him an elbow nudge and fingers the glass thoughtfully, though right now not meeting his gaze. For perhaps several reasons. "Oh…well even Da wasn't able to make it up for Turnday is all…I well…I don't want you to get hurt is all or that grumpy bronze of yours." She says in a rush of words, though nope not gonna meet his eyes.

"You say that now…" Sev does not believe her. But he doesn't push it either. A half-grin is tossed her direction for the nudge, and he lifts his water glass in a pseudo toast gesture before taking a long gulp. Gaze-avoiding is left unmentioned; either he does not notice or does not wish to comment on it, though there's a lingering, assessing sort of look, for the healer. "Hm," for the dangers of Fort's weather. "Sorry he couldn't be there for your turnday," he says honestly. "Aede's giving me the impression that everything is fine," but, well. "How much of that is arrogance, I dunno?" Shrug. "Guess we'll wait. S'not like I have that much free time. And Jae hates snow."

Kelani arches a brow at him, finally looking at him. "S'van…I do care what you think about me, perhaps more than I should. So…I want you to know….this.." She motions at herself , specifically the the chest area near the tattoo, "Is a fortress. The key is kept close to my heart and only someone I really care about will get to see it." Metaphorically and realistically given the placement of said key. "I like..how this makes me feel…but well…ain't anyone in here looking any more desirable for the drinking of it…" She starts but looks away again with a blush creeping on dark cheeks again. The agreement to not go to Fort makes her visably relaxed, "Good…its very snowy right now. I would hate to see you hurt."

S'van is NOT CONVINCED. Really. He's not. There's a look on his face that says so, though he's not going to try to argue. What he will contribue is, "I understand what you are saying," as far as the whole locked-up situation, "But… alcohol does shitty things to your brain. Two more of those, and you might not remember your name, let alone that you're not interested in anyone rubbing up on you." And in full circle, "So know your limits, and don't go over them." COULD BE EXPERIENCE TALKING HERE. Maybe. "So stick to the warm fuzzy, but not beyond. That's my advice, at least. But you're an adult," he finishes with. It's not placating or passive-aggressive; he's honestly conceding that she is an adult who can make her own decisions. Even if she's now BLUSHING. Hrm. As for Fort? Well. There's an arched eyebrow for the safety concerns. "I'm in the Search and Rescue wing. I am going to be doing a hellova lot more dangerous things than visiting somewhere that is currently under a blanket of snow."

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