On the Road

Half Moon Bay - Outer Reaches
Not so much a road as a wide path marked by the hooves of runners and boots of travelers. You can see the gates of Half Moon Bay Hold to the southeast, and the mountain where the Weyr is housed far in the other direction. To the south, there is ocean visable and a road winding off towards a beach in the southwest.

The ravages of the quake have rocked Half Moon Bay and everyone is still trying to find equilibrium. As part of the Trader community around the area things have been nothing short of hectic for Lisbei who's been working on orders and shipments around the clock in an attempt to provide supplies for the many areas in need right now. Today her focus lies on a bulk delivery being sent both by boat, and by dragonback, to the nearby Sykan hold. She'd just finalized things with F'iar and brown Melementh in the bowl, sending them off before tromping down the tunnel towards the entrance to the weyr, where she meets a dredge with the rickshaw carrying the boat load. Together the pair make the trek to the outer reaches, on to the 'open road' where a pair of runners and their rider will hook on to the cart to carry the basic necessities to the ports of call for delivery. "Thank you much." The blonde bubbles despite the gravity of the current situation. A few papers are signed and Lisbei hands each of the gents a mark for their help. "See you back here in two days." They agree and part ways. Looking around she sighs and starts heading back towards the entryway tunnel.

With an undeterred look on his face, Eryzan finds himself approaching the entrance of the Weyr, his pace rather quick. No light and frivolous behavior. Taken a month before, he'd have be thrilled to finally find a way back to a more clement weather but not in those conditions. As s Harper he volunteered immediately after hearing the tragedy Half Moon Weyr suffered. He may not be as helpful as a Healer, he still wants to offer all he's got and all he can to help. After nodding to the two riders he hurries after a familiar silhouette. "Lis." He calls first, "How are things?"

Lisbei perks an ear, surprised to hear a familiar voice calling out to her. Turning on one heel brow arches quizzically "Eryzan? Long time gent. How have you been? All things considered that is." There are still some piles of rubble on the walk, clean up crews working here and there to break up some tree trunks and boulders that fell during the quake. A quad pack of wild firelizards zip by, playfully chasing each other and oddly staying in the general vicinity of Lisbei's presence. If one were to look closely they may also see a few small wherries hopping from tree to tree along with her strides, and a row of tundlebugs marching along a few paces off to the side. The Farmcrafting trader sends a few clicks and trills to the firelizards who flutter above head and takes note of her entourage before asking "How have you been?"

Certainly, the seven days since the quake have been busy for everyone at Half Moon Bay, though for the Search and Rescue riders, they have been particularly crazy indeed. With reports of minor aftershocks popping up here and there, many of the outlying settlements have been holding their collective breath, hoping to Faranth that there is no big one to come along. Raev, meanwhile, has been on sweeps it seems, dropping smaller deliveries here and there along her route - medicines, perhaps, or various dispatches - all the while keeping an eye out for those that may be in need. The movement of a rickshaw on the road below has apparently drawn Taiyokanth's attention upon her return, however, and they are spiraling downwards, staying just high enough to avoid spooking the animals, before she backwings to land off the side of the road, Raev tugging her helmet off as she watches the comings and goings with detached interest.

"Well I guess. Trying to survive Fort's weather at the Hall." he first replies, eyes darting from one flit to another. But there's a moment of discomfort and he frowns at the very bad choosing of his words. Survive. He who breathe and walk. More lucky than some, considering the recent events. "I mean, I'm well and as soon I heard I volunteered to help. I was gonna ask to be posted at the Weyr tho but never thought it'd be in such circumstances." And his eyes betray his strong determination. A shadow above them makes him shield the sun with one hand to look and he keeps staring until the green dragon lands. "I just don't know….how to help." Volunteer but rather clueless, this lad.

Even the scatids and wrigglers come out to say hi, popping up and burrowing along both beside and in the wake of Lisbei's path. Yep, as strange as it may be critters of all shapes and sized seem to be magnetized to the girl, whether she likes it or not. A hand is extended to a nameless green firelizard that looks pooped from a day full of playing. As she perches for a rest Lisbei admires the tiny firelizard's unabashed way of living even when the energy around her is stressed. One hand gives headknobs a few scritches and just like that the little wild emerald flutters away to join her friends. Frosted jade orbits peer upwards towards the shadow the small lizard makes as she disperses light with her silhouette, one of which is soon replaced by the much large shadow of an approaching dragon. All fair sized creatures hold their own, but some of the smaller creepy crawlies go back to their hiding spots. "Half Moon Bay's best to you." She calls out in greeting to the greenrider with a bow of her head. Turning her attention back to the conversation with her Harper friend she nods with a bit of a bobble and 'hmms' "It's getting really cold there now?" The nod turns in to a more of a no-motion with her confession "I just couldn't handle that. I love my sunshine, even if we're in shambles right now." A hand reaches for Eryzan's shoulder to ease "It's ok. Thank you for volunteering to help. We all do what we can." The warmth in her smile is unyielding and she adds "A little musical relief goes a long way you know."

The shape of the cart disappears along the road, Raev's gaze flickering after it once more, before there is a greeting that may be meant for her, and she is nodding in Lisbei's direction, slipping down from the green's side with a soft thanks to her life mate, Taiyokanth dropping her head to settle down, wings relaxed even as she keeps an eye on the critters coming and going. Closing the distance to the pair stopped to talk, she offers a smile, before a thumb is pointed over her shoulder at the cart headed down the road. "Where was that headed, do you know?" She asks, curiously, launching right in.

Eryzan's smile finally reappears on his lips, both from Lisbei's comforting hand and her comment about musical relief. "That's what I first thought…" he trails off suddenly, his voice turning into an embarrassed cough. "I…will have to borrow instruments tho. I just forgot my guitar in the precipitation." There. He admitted it. Maybe the first Harper on Pern forgetting his instrument. Ever. The greenrider gets a polite nod and a smile, eyes turning to Lis's iridescent ones again as a question is asked.

Lisbei finds the greenrider's flickering gaze and interest in the supplies cart curious, so her kindness is laid on only thicker. That warm smile remains despite having never met the rider before. The trundlebugs keep on trundling, that solid line of direction passing right by the dragon's dropped snout. What a sight! This makes Lisbei giggle softly as she addresses the question "It is headed for port to be shipped to Sykan hold. The necessities went through on dragonback about half a candlemark ago and we are hoping those back up supplies make it in half a sevenday or less." A hand is extended in greeting "My name is Lisbei, Farmcrafting Trader of Half Moon Bay Weyr." Once introductions are made, she leaves space for Eryzan to add his own bit before she comments about his lack of instrument "I know of at least two people that will let you borrow any instrument you wish. There's even a guest hut near mine if you plan on staying for a bit Eryzan." Her piercing gaze of frigid mint is relentless as she looks back in to the amber eyed gaze of the harpers.

"Sykan, good. I must have just missed the other rider, then." Raev replies, though it seems mostly to be for her own benefit, as it is more mumbled than clear, and then she is shaking her head, pulling off a glove hurriedly to extend a hand to Lisbei with a smile. "Raev, Half Moon rider to Taiyokanth, and just back from Sykan. And thankfully with no more reason for this headache." The dissipating cloud of dust from the cart is glanced at once more, before she is glancing back to Eryzan with a nod. "I'm sure you can rummage something up. Maybe not the best, maybe out of tune, but." A shrug. "At this point, music is music."

Eryzan slowly nods. Twice. Acknowledging Lisbei's advice and crucial information. Yes, crucial at least for him. "Like I said, I planned to ask for a posting here. Maybe you could show me around. When you have time I mean." He then forces himself to turn his head and attention to Raev. Seems like quite an effort as he's for an instant bewitched by such an intense jade gaze. "So I guess I'll be Eryzan newest Harper addition to the Weyr. Well met, Raev. And be sure I'll try to manage the best I can to stir up decent melodies."

Lisbei nods like she didn't miss a beat despite the self mumblings from the rider. "Well met Raev, rider of Taiyokanth and welcome home." That relentless positivity shines and hopes to ease those that welcome it's calming effect. Openly she notes "It's been quite a fortnight, but I am amazed at how everyone has pulled together." Before addressing the greenrider directly "Thank you for doing what you do. I've heard wondrous stories of our search and rescue team, everyone is so grateful, including me." Raev sure said it, music is music! As for the handsome harper's request she says "It'd be my pleasure. That was the last of the duties for the day and I'd gladly help you find your way around as well as make contact for your post transfer." She aloof, or used to boys falling in to her eyes, so she thinks next to nothing of it and just giggles at his antics during his introduction.

"Well met, both of you. If you find yourselves at loose ends, particularly until you find an instrument that doesn't sound like a suffering herdbeast.." Raev nods her head in Eryzan's direction with a bit of a smirk, "We can always use extra hands. Day or night." The green rider rolls her shoulders a little, bit, nodding absently at Lisbei's greeting. "Things may be a bit.. tight while we sort out which of the refugees can return home, but I'm sure Kadesh or Ila'den will make sure someone sees you. At least we aren't the 'Reaches.. get is getting too cold there for people to risk sleeping outside to avoid the aftershocks." Raev meanwhile busies herself tugging her glove back on, glancing over at Taiyokanth, the green shifting a bit, looking antsy.

For some reasons, Eryzan straightens some and finally lets a heartily chuckle burst out of his mouth. "Don't tell anyone but the time I emitted suffering herdbeast's sounds even from the finest instruments is not that….old." Coughing some, he quickly tries to regain his serious self tho a large smile is still splitting his face from one ear to the other. At Lis's comment about the search and rescue team he nods in admiration, jumping in. "And I'm hoping to be a little more than simply a Harper." Which cane quite a lot but still. "Day or night. But first I will try to settle down with Lis's help hopefully." Another glance at the trader girl here.

Lisbei is full of chuckles at the thought of music like a suffering herdbeast and mentions "You sure have a way with words Raev." Then the blonde is mostly head nodding while someone who knows a bit better handles the business side of getting posted. "Thank goodness!" Is agreed about the weather and sleeping outside. A smirk turns on Eryzan, though it is hardly a judgmental one. Rukbat is on her lazy descent, the horizon is not far off and the creatures of the night start to chirp and chitter as they welcome dusk. "Speaking of day or night, we should probably start heading for the Weyr. Or at least I know I should. I just remembered I need to check in back at the bowl. I'll wait for you there Eryzan, or we can all head that way together." A pleasant expression for the rider "Again, it was nice to make your acquaintance. I am sure we will bump in to each other again and if there is anything I can do to be of service feel free to send for me." With that she heads for the tunnel and the entrance to Half Moon Bay Weyr.

Raev lifts a hand as Lisbei excuses herself, shaking her head a little as she disappears, before glancing back at Eryzan with a grin. "Good luck getting settled, and good luck if you the drinking sort of man. The Tiki Lounge.." And the green rider trails off, with a bit of a shrug. "Let's just say, it isn't the top priority." Taiyokanth meanwhile is becoming more antsy, wings spreading and folding back, shifting where she remains on the side of the road. "Apparently all this talk of things to do.." And she waves a hand, excusing herself to return to Taiyokanth's side, soothing her for a moment before mounting up, waiting for the road to be clear to lift off, in an attempt to avoid wrapping any unsuspecting passersby up with a dusty wing-tornado.

"I think I will manage…with some minor help." the amber eyed Harper replies, his voice as melodic as the instruments he keeps talking about. "Thanks for your advice, Raev." he continues, commenting the Tiki lounge part. "And you don't have to worry as I'm not the drinking kind. Not that I don't like it. It just doesn't like me back." He amusingly snort, flashing a grin as he waves at the departing rider. "Clear skies." he calls just before hurrying after Lisbei.

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