Crayon Kama Sutra

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Weyrling Training Field
Near the tall black eastern wall of the crater is a cleared field. The earth there has been churned many times over by the landings and take offs of young dragons and only a few patches of grass cling to life in this active area. Wooden props and markers used to assist the weyrlings as they learn the precise maneuvers required for the rescue and protection work that the weyr is famous for, litter the training field. Close to the rimwall, in the east where the sun is usually shaded is a large wooden slat barracks for the weyrlings to live in. Tropical trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow here, perfuming the air with a floral scent.

It is early evening, ad this is th time set for the flight lecture and as such there are some chairs set up in the area before the barracks for the Weyrlings. The young dragon's are allowed to join though it is not required. Irkevlath is there, th blue settled off to the side keeping a clear eye on the area while seeming a bit on edge as if something has him a bit nervous, or it could just be how the blue is and that is a bit high strung. Sundari is there sitting on a chair looking over some notes while she waits for the the Weyrlings to show up and take a seat. Her flight jacket is settled behind her on the chair and she is in a oversized (for her) tunic still and pair of shorts, who says she has to stick to a dress code? This is a important lesson, not just because of it being the 'flight' lesson but because after this they will be considered Senior Weyrling's and able to move out of the barracks and into Weyr's all on there own. Though there will be a test of course to prove they are able to reach that stage!

N'lan with Jabreth walked over to the meeting, the young rider deciding on taking a seat near the outside so that Jabreth could rest next to him. The bronze was shiny in the evening light from a fresh coat of oil. N'lan's hand rested on the bronze's head grining as he watched his lifemates eyes whirl in delight.

Test, schmest. Xermiltoth has been studying, using R'hyn as his beloved proxy, judging by the tunnelcat markings surrounding both the weyrling's eyes. The incessant yawning and the Ryn-sized mug of klah might also be ample evidence of a bronzeling spending much more time awake than asleep, but you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at Xermiltoth. The blackened bronze sashays into the grounds from further out in the bowl, sunbright mind blossoming over all present. R'hyn must have said something to him, for the bronze holds back his words, trading them in for scattering diamonds of greeting instead. "Hey!," R'hyn greets, hand flipping in a wave for N'lan and Sunny before settling into one of the provided seats, elbows leaning forwards onto his knees, clearly interested in the lesson to come (or perhaps the move out of the barracks to follow) despite obvious exhaustion.

And then there is Ila’den! I BET YOU THOUGHT THIS TALK WAS GOING TO BE FULL OF SERIOUSNESS AND WELL-PLANNED THOUGHTS, DIDN'T YOU? THINK AGAIN. The bronzeriders looking amused despite obvious tensions in the set of his shoulders, grey eyes sweeping the attendees for this lesson so far without the barest hint of emotion. It’s Sundari, /really/, who seems to garnish the most thought from the former weyrleader, as he rolls the long sleeves of his tunic up to the crease in his elbows and then sits beside her. He leans right into her personal space, eyes roving over her notes before brows lift up at her in time with a slow-coming, Cheshire smile. "You mean to tell me you actually wrote down what you're going to say?" he inquires, and there's teasing reproach in his voice, as if WINGING IT IS THE BEST PLAN. Finally, he turns his attention to N’lan and R’hyn, a polite dip of his head for the former while the latter gets pinned with a grin that's all deviousness. And then hes all eyes on Sunny again.

Sundari lifts her gaze slightly to that are settling into seats, a soft nod is seen. Fyffe, Myalli and O'oodle also getting a seat here and there. "Afternoon." Is offered with a friendly tone before she blinks and glances over to Ila'den, that tired look taking on a bit of amusement and she chuckles softly. "Oh?… Would you rather wing it then?" She questions curious like while waggling one of the papers at him. "I figure it is better then me start rambling off about something honestly." Along with the fact she looks tired she also seems a bit pale, reason for her sitting before the lesson even get's going. "I attempted to talk Pieta into the lesson but she ran away screamng." Well not really but that isn't the point! She glances back to the Weyrlings and clears her throat a bit. "So, before we go about getting started do you all have questions about this lesson?" Irk looks to the group of young dragons, most are larger them him sure but he doesn't care, nope.

N'lan nodded to R'hyn and Ila'den as they arrive wincing at the diamonds from Xermiltoth but thankful that it wasn't as severe as it once was. Jabreth gave a small bugle to his clutch mate as he rested next to N'lan. With a faint smile appearing on N'lan's face as he heard Ila'den reveal that Sundari had notes for this talk, at the mention of questions he shook his head, "No I'm pretty sure most of us have either seen what happens first hand or have heard plenty of stories."

R'hyn doesn't even apologize for his dragon's mind anymore, having accepted that the bronze is going to be terrible no matter how sorry he is. Instead, he lifts his chin in acknowledgement of the return greeting, even as the seat next to him gets occupied by Taleekah. "Hey, Squirt," the bronzeling trills, twitching a pigtail, much to her chagrin. This is a lesson, and a serious one, gosh, R'hyn! Or. Well. It would be, but look at what the feline dragged in, or so reads R'hyn's face when Ila'den shows up, of all people. Up slides one of the weyrling's brows, gaze switching between Sunny and Ila and back as they exchange banter. He might snort for the idea of Pieta running screaming - fictional or not, can you blame her? - but you bet his hand is first up in the air when the blueie opens the floor for preliminary questions. "I've got one," he adds just in case there's a chance he'll try to get passed over, further insolence coming as his hand lowers in a gesture at Ila'den's person. Yes, all of it. "What's he doing here?"

"Absolutely," Ila'den informs Sundari when the bluerider questions what he would rather be doing with this entire lesson. He snaps his teeth at her around the smile that lingers in place, and then turns that amusement back onto the weyrlings as they slowly but surely start to occupy seats, filling up the vacancies. N'lan's smile is noted, regarded with deviant appraisal in the form of brows that lift high over grey hues projecting wickedness, and then his attention goes to R'hyn as the weyrling's hand goes up in the air. The CONFRONTATIONAL motioning towards his person is met with hushed laughter, but the question has the bronzerider rolling his shoulders and reaching out a hand to very, very gently place it on Sundari's belly. There's a gentle rub, an amused, "I've got this one," and then Ila'den leans forward to inform R'hyn that: "/That's/ because they needed an adult to explain to you children what happens when your dragons find something glowing that they like. /Also/, it just so happens to be my favorite subject: /sex/." The level of absolute devilishness is indescribable, and Ila'den is leaning back again, arms coming over his chest. "Any others?"

Sundari ahs a bit as she hears N'lan, and sends a curious look towards the weyrling, pondering it seems before chuckling osftly. "I see, well then you want to give the lesson?" Expecting WLM is a bit moody at the moment. A slight wave of her hand is seen and she lifts her head a bit as the notes are set upon her lap and a hand rests upon her belly lightly. "Stories never give the fll truth, the full truth is always a good bit darker when it comes to flights at times. Be it that there are so many bronze n this clutch it means you lot that have them are to be held to a higher standard ten many of the other's. Do you know what that is?" She questions softly before a glance is sent over to R'hyn and a soft smile is seen. "Because.. I'm not suppose to be here, an until D'nyl is here I needed to have someone give most of the talk as Pieta didn't wish to do it. Ila'den agreeded, sorry R'hyn. The healers want me to step back until the baby is born, you lot are causing me to much stress right now." Not really but it sounded good at the time! She blinks hearing Ila'den and sends an amused glance his way after that touch to her belly with a soft breath heard. "Sure, start the lesson. Want the notes now?" This said with a waggle of her brows and offers him her notes even.

D'nyl arrives, fashionably late, which isn't much like him, actually. There's a fresh shine of oil on his vest, which might explain it his tardiness. Or the way he's lingering on the edge of things may imply that, like the sadistic jerk he is, he's waiting to see how Ila starts before jumping in.

N'lan grins as he listens to Ila'den talk about how the conversation was about sex, he had plenty of experience with the topic but he supposed that he may as well listen close. More so when Sundari mentioned that they were held to a higher standard then the average rider. "I would guess it's due to the fact it's generally bronzes who catch golds and that results in clutches, poor flights mean poor clutches as far as I understand, plus we carry the repuation of the Weyr all across Pern." He seemed happy with his answer and Jabreth gave a small snort as if he was too.

Despite aggressive tiredness, R'hyn laughs for Ila'den's answer, noise sharp and barking in stark contrast to Taleekah's scandalized little gasp. "Faranth help us, if you're the best adult they could find." Blue-grey eyes twinkle over at Sunny, as though asking if this was really the best she could do. The over-bright look dims somewhat when the bluerider implies they're the ones causing her stress, wincing with an honest, "Sorry, Sunny," even if she might be exaggerating. Still, he's not sorry for giving Ila flak, if the crooked grin that works its way up onto his face is any implication, even as he heaves a longsuffering sigh and drawls a wry, "But we're going to need an adultier adult sometime soon." And oh look, here's D'nyl! Praise! Movement catches the bronzeling's attention, blue-grey eyes flicking over the assistant weyrlingmaster with another chin-lift of greeting before his eyes are back on Sunny, backtracking through conversation so he can ask, "Darker? How so?" Yes. He'll just tapdance around the Bronzes Have Higher Standards conversation. He's not even going to invite the proverbial fishbowl effect in terms of his obnoxious, arrogant, loud-mouthed dragon. Not a chance.

"The whole lesson? I thought I was just here to talk about the /fun stuff/." Ila's voice is cheerful, but no less full of accusation as he pulls the proffered notes from Sundari's hands and glances them over with quick flicks of grey eyes. This means either Sundari will have to confirm, deny, or correct N'lan's observation - or D'nyl will need to stop lurking - because Ila's not listening. He's not listening then, he's not listening when R'hyn insults his adultiness, and he's not listening now, when R'hyn inquires after what Sunny means by ~darker~. In fact, Ila'den seems lost, right up until those brows furrow, and grey eyes roll from paper to Sundari with /clear/ exasperation at something the bluerider has written. "/Really/?" he inquires after her, tone full of teasing disbelief as he hands those papers right back. It's with an exaggerated sigh that the bronzer leans forward and, in a fluid motion, gains his feet before the weyrlings. Fingers slip into the back pocket of his leathers, and when they come out, he has a piece of paper trapped between two fingers. "There are lady dragons, and boy dragons, and like /people/, when the lady dragons feel generous, the male dragons get to compete for their affections. Blah, blah, blah, I drew you a picture." AND LOOK AT ILA'DEN, WITH MUTED HORRIFIC AMUSEMENT, unfold that piece of paper, admire the handiwork, and then turn it to the occupants like this is show and tell. There's what MIGHT bet two dragons locked in the horizontal tango, along with a /lot of other stick figure people/ in various positions of the - "As you can see, these," a tap to the possible-dragons, "are your lifemates, and these," tap, tap, tap on various pairs of stick figure raunchiness, "are you. D'nyl?" HE NOTICED YOU BRONZERIDER. Grey eyes go to him expectantly, because SOMEHOW THIS FEELS LIKE THIS WAS NOT THE DEAL.

Sundari just looks to N'lan curious like a bit while pondering it seems. "Not fully, clutches are improtant yes but the most improtant thing being a bronzer is the fact that you have the chance of being Weyrleader. That means you and your dragon would be incharge of a Weyr, in charge of the people there so you must be on your game at all times." There is a pause and she half points to Ila'den. "Ila'den was Weyrleader before, it is not a easy job." See what happens? It can drive you insane! But she did not say that now did she? "You must do a lot of work while Weyrleader, along with that you have the whole respect of not only the weyr and your riders but think of all the other weyr's around Pern. Having a bronze is just as important as having a gold." She catches sight of D'nyl a moment later, a tired smile sent his way before her attention turns to R'hyn and she chuckles softly. "Sorry… Some people do not enjoy this talk. I have no idea why not…" There is a pause while just peering at Ila'den for a few long moments as he goes about talking, is it talking? She lifts a hand to cover her face a moment as she tries not to laugh. "Why don't we just show them with puppets Ila'den? Maybe show them the 'naughty' places as well?" This questions with a teasing tone.

N'lan frowned slightly at R'hyn and Sundari mentioning the darker things that can come with a flight and having grown up in the weyr he was all to familiar with them but elected to allow those better trained to mention them. The frown quickly fades and smile returned at Ila'den's drawings, "Wow I never knew Ila'den was a harper, such majestic artwork." He gave a quiet laugh that grew into a rumbling laugh, "I kid but I understand what your trying to show Ila'den." He could barely contain himself when Sundari seemed to get in on the joke but also nodded his head at mention of possibly being Weyrleader he had never considered it before that.

D'nyl offers R'hyn what he hopes is a comforting smile, closing the distance with a smirk firmly plastered on his face, "Well.. that was more… colorful than expected… are thsoe crayon, Ila?" GRIN. His bronze is not in evidence even now and he gives a slight roll of the shoulder, "I think what our illustrious guest has failed to express is that it's not just that you're prone to copulation when your dragons bump uglies, but that you don't really have much choice in the matter. I know some of you have grown up in Weyrs, so that's not a shock, but one thing I can't impress enough is that it's a lot more unpleasant than it sounds."

R'hyn hardly notices the skip - he's far too busy focusing narrow blue-greys on the paper Ila'den has drawn out of his back pocket, gaze flicking from the single piece of paper to Sunny's copious notes and back with rising, very justified alarm. This can only end in tears and madness and— "A picture," R'hyn says in a faint, deadpan voice, brows raised, expression parked somewhere right between 'complete incredulousness' and 'unholy amusement.' His gaze tracks the bronzer instead of the paper at first, but even he glances when it passes by in true show-and-tell fashion, tone just as bone-dry as he adds a resigned, "Yep. That's a picture alright." He flicks a smirk and a raised brow upwards with a sighed, "You're incorrigible." A beat, a glance at Sunny, and then a reproving huff of a chuckle. "Don't give the man ideas. Next thing you know there will be marionettes, or worse." R'hyn laughs for N'lan's joke, fixing his fellow weyrling with an amused look before the weyrlingstaff draws his attention back to actual, serious topics thankyouIla'den, a slight wince offered to the idea of being weyrleader potential due to circumstance (who wants to see Xermiltoth in a position of power? NOBODY, that's who!). "Don't suppose, if that occurs, there's a manner of backing out of it, is there?" Asking for a friend… As for 'bumping uglies': "You hear tell of riders taking substitutes and proxies. Is that not as feasible as it sounds?," is asked of D'nyl because why the hell not. He'll be the one to ask the questions that makes the likes of the barely-teenage girl next to him blush furiously. NO SHAME.

Yes, know /true/ terror. Ila'den /was/ the Weyrleader once, before Aggie and L'ton. With Kadesh. LET THAT SINK IN. Be happy if you were absent from Half Moon for their reign. N'lan's 'praise' has Ila'den moving in for a HIGH-FIVE. And even if it's not returned Ila'den will SELF-FIVE and point at N'lan with a huskily amused, "He gets it." TAKE AFTER HIS EXAMPLE CLASS. What Ila'den does not do is elaborate on Sundari's very good points, merely gracing the woman with a wry smile from over his shoulder before his attention shifts to R'hyn. Brows rise, and he's /just/ opening his mouth to retort when DUNADUNADUNADNA D'NYLLLL arrives on the scene. D'nyl, who has the grace to explain why there are /so many little indecent stick figures/ on his page doing /so many indecent/ things. The smile that Ila'den gives his fellow bronzerider is absolutely wicked, and Ila'den moves closer, one arm going over D'nyl's shoulders so that he can lean in and whisper a not-really-a-whisper of, "What could be more pleasant than waking up next to you, D'nyl? Should we give them a demonstration?" The squeeze to the bronzer's shoulder is good natured, a wordless, 'I kid, I kid,' before he relinquishes his hold and steps back in front of them. "Can it, R'hyn. Don't stifle Sundari's creativity, thereby stifling mine, and D'nyl is right. More often than not, your dragon decides, the rider obeys. That means that you could be chasing after little miss pretty, but mister ugly's green decided it was time to fly, and you wake up next to someone who looks like me." Fingers scratch momentarily at the stubble on his chin in an /almost/ pose, and then he continues with, "And while I know waking up to me is an /extremely/ exciting thought, you can ask D'nyl how /unexciting/ it really is. If you like women, you are going to sleep with men, and if you like men, you are going to sleep with women. /Sometimes/ you get really lucky, and you get a mixture of the two." Ila rolls up his paper, gestures between Sundari and D'nyl, and then tilts his head towards the two riders with him. This is /their/ class after all. THEY LIKELY HAVE MUCH KNOWLEDGE TO ADD. And anyway, R'hyn asked /him/ the question.

Sundari peers over at N'lan once more smirking a bit before a soft breath escaping her before she chuckles softly and nods. "Right… I think he takes commsions if your interested in such things. I bet he can draw you like one of tem Iren ladies people are so fond of." Yep she went there. Sorry! He gaze drifts to D'nyl and Ila for what is said about who will sleep with who. "Your not have much control when it comes to a flight, your dragon takes over and your along for the ride. Sometimes you may be able to offer ideas, or thoughts but honstly it dosn't work that often." She smirks a bit. "Irk proved that by chasing a certain gold." Actually it was the weyrling's clutch that her blue felt the need to be 'special' and go after a gold of all things! A soft ah is heard once R'hyn offers his question. "It happens, but I suppose it hasn't been done that often. I haven't heard of it oming to pass honestly." A glance is sent to Ila and D'nyl to see if they have a answer on that question. She chuckles one Ila is off to in once more before a soft smile is seen. "No worries he won't can my creativity in the least. I may have to make some puppets now." Maybe for graduation gifts?

N'lan gives a grin and a high five to Ila'den, why not it would be rude not to complete it. He contuned to listen to the lesson but many of the details he already knew from growing up locally, including the rider's lack of choice in the matter, he had family who were riders so it was a reality he was prepaired for, "Appearently the bond between you and your dragon is way more intense during flights then at any other time." He gave a shrug deciding to sit back and listen for a bit.

D'nyl snorts to himself, "I won't say it's impossible, but it's not tea and biscuits, aye? If you plan and lock yourself away, you can, but it hurts. And it's cruel if you, as the rider of the male dragon, leave the female's rider without a partner. Truth told, with the amount of involvement, she might get taken care of by one of the loser's riders, but it's not the same." Ila gets a LOOK. A LOOK! DEATH WILL COME. "You can also try to stop your dragon from chasing, but that can hurt them."
THE HORROR, truly! Praise be that this class of weyrlings missed the reign of terror entirely! This mental scarring is enough, judging by the way R'hyn has to pat Taleekah's knee to even get the girl to peek out from behind the hair that she's pulled over her face at the mere intimation of a demonstration. Bless. He doesn't even comment on waking up next to D'nyl - look at how good he is! - though there is a definite snort for winding up with people that look like Ila. "I think there's a phrase for that. Something about chewing one's own arm off…" Twinkle. Still, some part of the man is taking the lesson seriously, nodding with a contemplative 'hmm' for the rest. "Good to know. Does it actually hurt them that much, though? With as often as greens are said to go up, if a dragon wanted to fly them all, it seems like that'd be just as problematic." He aims a wincing look back at Xermiltoth. "Not that it won't be problematic anyways-" You know. What with the whole no-volume-control-thing. "-but tell me they're at least a little picky."

MENTAL SCARRING ABOUNDS! Sundari's glance towards Ila'den is met with muted amusement, and then D'nyl and Sundari are feeding the class information. While D'nyl talks? Ila'den shifts back to find a chair and settles back into it, reaching out once more to rub Sunny's stomach without an OUNCE OF SHAME. R'hyn asks another question, and Ila'den rolls his shoulders. "Once my best friend won my weyrmate's - ex-weyrmate's — flight, and I got between them. The three of us ended up sleeping together, but I can tell you that Iris was /very/, /very/ last on V'ric's to-do list. My weyrmate's lifemate was a gold, so while /she/ picked her winner - Iris confided that to me - obviously the rider's feelings weren't really taken into consideration on the matter. I don't know that greens necessarily make that choice." But that's all he says about that, and it seems that giving that personal piece of information is enough to draw Ila'den into momentary silence. He will let D'nyl and Sunny speak for now, THANK YOU.

Sundari lifts a hand to scratch slightly at her neck. "Strange things can happen when a flight happens…" Why is she blushing there a bit? No REASON at all! A nod is seen as she ehars D'nyl. "What D'nyl says is true, if your dragon wins you should follow through. I hate to tell you it doesn't matter sometimes, during gold flights I'm sure some of you have seen the after effects on people so even if your not a winner if your even in the flight with your dragon you could be a bit well eager so to speak. I can show you on Ila'den's drawing if you like?" A slight shug is seen. "Sometmes they can be picky, sometimes they can't be. Irk wil go after all green's and like I said a gold now and then out of plan stupidness on his own part." The blue snorts at this and his tail slams against the ground not agreeing with /that/. "But now and then you can sometimes win out with asking them not to, on a very rare chance."

"That might be a better question for a rider of a female dragon, but when you're part of a Flight, you and your dragon are one." D'nyl weaves his fingers together, making a feeble flapping motion in an ill-conceived attempt at being demonstrative, "To only have one of you enjoy the experience is… You know that feeling when you're complete revved up, but for some reason you just can't squeeze it out? Eventually it calms down, but you never feel that relief you needed so badly? It's like that." Of course, it's not much better if you lose a flight, but he's working up to that.

N'lan shakes his head as if he was just caught in a daze of some odd circus act that he was trying in vain to follow, "Yeah, I understand that it effects people in the weyr gold flights much more so then green ones." He gave a slight chuckle to the memory he had of the first gold flight he experienced after coming back from being at the crafthall for years. "I could only imagine how much more intense it is being a member of the flight."

It's a tiny thing, but one of R'hyn's brows twitches infinitesimally for information from Ila'den, expression parking itself somewhere right around pensive even as he looks the rider over. It takes a beat, maybe two, but eventually the weyrling nods, lips pursing with another thoughtful hum. "Noted." And then he's moving on flickering a too-wide grin Sundari's way for that blushing, trying very hard not to look smug about something and failing utterly at it. He manages a nod, gaze switching between N'lan and the weyrlingstaff for their inputs with an understanding, "No, yeah, it makes sense. At some point it's just out of your control and the intensity wins over, and you're right, it just has to be worse if you're a participant rather than a poor, errant resident." Or. You know. Not-so-errant, if you're Irkevalath! "I was just curious as to selectivity and whether or not that's a thing." But apparently, the answers are good enough as a whole to satisfy his curiosity, for he points an amusedly squashed face over at D'nyl with a nod. "That does sound unpleasant and not entirely worth the effort it'd require, depending," he agrees, segueing right into the bronzer's next topic with a, "Though that's if you win." Cue expectant browraise, curious gaze flicking between all three riders, doing his absolute damndest not to start smirking again. Look at him. Look at him try!

AND THEN THERE IS ILA'DEN. Ila'den, who notes the look that R'hyn makes, who notes Sundari's blush, who nods agreement with N'lan, who gives thumbs up to D'nyl from behind, and who STANDS UP when R'hyn asks about /what happens when you lose/. "Well, I've outlived my usefulness. I wouldn't know a thing about losing." It's /teasing/, of course, but it doesn't stop the bronzerider from /actually/ leaving. "Mind your mentors, children. They've got a lot of good information for you." And then off Ila'den goes, presumably to find a vat of firewhiskey and lose himself within.

Sundari peers over at N'lan curiously a few moments and smirks a bit. "You have no idea… It is very intense, your unable to stop the thoughts. Once a flight happens it happens and you have very little chance in getting them out of the sky. A injury might do it but I've seen some riders get into a fight and that didn't eve stop the dragon's." As for the answer from D'nyl she glances to him, and can't help herself b looking a bit amused to his answer there. She leans back in her chair a bit and looks to D'nyl fully while letting a hand rest against her belly, which kicking baby and all at the moment. "You wan to answer that one deary?" She can't help herself there. She knows what /they/ do when they lose a flight mind you! A glane is sent after Ila'den and she waves after him. "Thank you Ila'den, see you soon."

D'nyl holds up a hand placatingly, "That's what happens when you win and have no means to slake the outcome. Call this my warning against locking yourself in a closet. When you lose… that depends on having a willing partner, too. But, generally, it's no worse than being rebuffed and having to take care of yourself." He glances after Ila, then shakes his head slighlty and turns back to his students, "If you're able, I can recommend either getting comfortable with finding someone willing or find a partner you can turn to with regularity."

N'lan nods his head, "Well that all makes sense to me and Jabreth. Isn't that right?" the massive bronze gives a huff before nodding, slowly raising from where he had been laying in the dirt. "Well I feel like we've beaten this topic to death is there any additional information you would like to give us before we start getting ready to move out of the barracks?" N'lan stood up from his chair stretching out sore muscles from how uncomfortable the chair had been.

R'hyn issues a sharp snort and a twitch-up grin for Ila's insistence he knows nothing about losing, the weyrling flicking him a sassy, "Mmhmm," for the claim. There might be a rude little gesture thrown his way for calling them children again (though honestly, Taleekah might fit the bill at this point, bless her heart, she hasn't done anything but squeak and fidget with her hair in minutes), along with a wry, "See you, Ila" that almost matches Sunny's cadence. Blue-grey eyes watch him go with no less amusement before his gaze flicks back to Sundari, both brows lifting with interest. "An actual fight? I've seen a rider punch somebody before, but not fight. Shells." It's all sounding less and less fun by the minute, not that R'hyn was ever terribly far from realistic on the topic. He takes D'nyl's answer in far too much stride, nodding an absent nod of consideration before he speaks. "Makes sense. I'm sure having someone specific you can dredge up in the recesses of your mind would help, all things considered. It's solid advice, thank you." And he really means it, even as his gaze flicks up at the stretching N'lan, not moving himself as his gaze filters back to Sunny and D'nyl, awaiting further information if there is any to be given - he has learned something, our R'hyn!

"If you don't have someone you trust to be with things can get complicated, quickly." Sundari offers softly, as if knowing that one first hand. Her blue gaze settles upon N'lan watching him a moment and lifts a finger slightly to point at him. "N'lan… You will be moving out of the barracks last. The one thing that you and Jabreth have a serious issue with is respect. D'nyl an I are the ones that say when the lesson is over, not the other way around." This said with a slight shake of her head. "I would have hoped honestly that you would have learned that by now. Perhaps I was wrong. Sit back down until the lesson is done. You all are about to be senior werlings which means your going to be riders soon and guess what that means there is no more sugar coating things. You lot have not graudated yet, and I hate to tell you until I have the baby after this lesson I leave you in D'nyl and Pieta's hands so I'm sorry…maybe…" Most likely not! "Yes, flights bring out the worst and best in us and our dragon's it is a primal urge in the dragon both female and male if you think about it like that. The female's want the best male to win, the male's want to prove they are the best and it can have a trickle down affect upon the riders from time to time." With that said though she looks to D'nyl to see if there is anything else he wishes to add for before even thinking about ending the lesson it seems. She's stayed longer then she planned though leaving in the middle of the lesson wasn't something she wanted to do either.

It might not be noticed at first, but there's a sudden hush about the weyr; it's eerie, the stillness, the kind that comes with a static feeling of /something's not right, something's not right, something is definitely not right/. And then it comes, a slow building, horrendous, /terrifying/ scream, a keening from a dragon that starts as something near grief and then gains vicious momentum until it's furious. It's a snarl, a sound that echos and seems to go on, and on, and on - until just as abruptly, it's gone. It flares back to life as a blizzard through any minds open to its projection, the mental talons gripping for purchase as Teimyrth informs, « THEY'RE GONE. THEY TOOK THEM. » He's gone, just as abrupt as his keening cry, suddenly silent, unreachable, preceding the appearance of a haggard brown firelizard - Ila'den's Ghost - who squabbles with evident panic when he leaves between and lands on D'nyl's shoulder. That tiny maw nips furiously at the rider, intent that he takes a letter tied to his leg. It's clear it was tied with haste, as it seems to only /just/ survived the trip between but is quick making its way loose even now. The flit is screaming too, furious, grieved, a mix of emotions that he projects. And once D'nyl secures the letter, the flit is gone, disappearing back between.

N'lan gave a sigh as yet again he was being punished, every step of the way if it wasn't something Jabreth did it was some mistake N'lan did in his haste. He bit his lip holding back choice words he badly wanted to use, "yes, Weyrling Master." Retaking his seat as he listened to Sundari go on. Suddenly the commotion started and he put his hand to his head felt the mental talons. "What's happening now?!?"

D'nyl's expression sets into a slight scowl at N'lan's words, but Sunny beats him to that. "I can also only make this so clear, if you haven't enjoyed some pleasures of the flesh yet, you sho-" He cuts off, his head jerking around at the sudden keen, "Faranth's Egghole." His jump back when the brown lizard suddenly appears is automatic, but it doesn't take more than a second's look at that letter before his mood suddenly darkens, "FARANTH'S EGGHOLE!" He's already reaching out to the mind of his bronze, but Czaith's bellow is one of pain. He can't reach Teimyrth. D'nyl presses the note on Sunny, "CLASS DISMISSED!" He's trusting her to keep the 'lings organized now as he turns and bolts at his top speed towards the bowl to meet his descending bronze.

R'hyn is far too tactful to comment on the dressing-down going on, instead leaning to shoulder-nudge Talee into some form of normal human existence. It almost works. Both pigtails are finally lowered, the girl giving a squeaky nod to Sundari's explanation of the trickle down effect and then— "Shells!" Both hands clap over her ears, eyes scrunching shut as she hunches down for the mental assault, while R'hyn does the exact opposite - this time, it's him that gains his feet, whipping around to face the bowl even as Xermiltoth's mind flashes, hot gold and diamonds flinging up between his mind and Teimyrth's. Xermiltoth snarls aloud, an unusually callous sound from the dark bronze, even as R'hyn's gaze snaps back to D'nyl and Sunny for explanation - or perhaps a reason, any reason, to keep from abruptly departing himself. "Sunny," he says, harsh, grating, because she'll understand. "What?" And then, "Who?" They are questions rather than demands by sheer force of will, hands clenching and unclenching at his side even as his dragon makes it to his feet, eyes whirling with murderous colors. D'nyl departs, and R'hyn's jaw tightens, holding himself in check, but perhaps only just so. Not good.

Sundari just eyes N'lan, try it.. say something! She is a mother of four she will win! The sudden keen has her gaze turing to the weyr and she blinks while looking to Irkevalath as the blue is shifting upwards rather quickly something has happened. Sunny looks to the brown flit and is standing from her seat. "One of Ila'den I think…" A glance is sent to D'nyl and she takes the note while Irkevlath is letting out a bugle that echoes across the yard calling out other dragons and riders in the process. "Raylin…" Is murmured softly while she grips the note tightly in her hand and her pair of firelizards that was sitting on a chair are gone zipping around the weyr, searching. She hears R'hyn but doesn't offer him a answer. "Go to the barracks and stay there until someone comes to say you are allowed out." She can't bring herself to look at any of them, her orm is shaking and Irkevalath is shifting closering to his rider taking on a protective stance.

N'lan move quick enough but before he had gone more then a step towards the call of the dragons with Jabreth beside him he had been given a order to return to the barracks. Jabreth still tryed to bound toward the sounds like a bolt of lightning only returning at N'lan's call, "No Jabreth, we will do as we are told." The two made their way into the barracks quickly but constantly looking out over their shoulders.

Not the answer he wanted. Not the answer he needed. R'hyn's near about vibrating out of his skin before Talee's hand touches his arm, startling the weyrling out of what were undeniably dark thoughts with a quiet, "R'hyn?" Blue-grey eyes focus again, flicking from the tiny greenling to the others caught in varying states of surprise and obeyance, shoulders squaring before he growls a rough, "You heard her. Go. Now. Follow N'lan and Jabreth." He gives Taleekah a push at the small of her back, urging her off with Fyffe and O'odle before he turns back to Sunny, eyes raking over the stricken woman before saying, "You, too." A beat, and then, much quieter, much more like the tired candidate that made her a promise so very many months ago now, "Please?" Because otherwise he really might finish what Jabreth started, whirlwinding off into the face of a threat he doesn't have the capacity to understand and then where will they be? He extends one hand to the bluerider, ignoring the fact that it's shaking even as he backs towards the barracks.

Sundari watches as each one goes to the barracks and then looks to R'hyn, she is shaking by this point and has gotten rather pale as she stands there. "I… I can't. My.." She pasues as she doesn't go on with that but she looks as if she is about to honestly ust lose it. Her firelizards can't find what they are searching for and she shakes her head once the tears roll down her cheeks. "Go to the barracks now R'hyn." This is said while she turns heading back towards the weyr, Irk following, though they bearly get to far when Sunny starts to stumble and is soon nearly falling to the ground in a heap, the only thing stopping it is her blue who's large head lowers quickly to help her not fall. Irkevlath is soon crooning out with worry, his eyes a swirl as he looks back to R'hyn. « Healers…»

N'lan looking back just as he saw Sundari stumble and Irk catch her he took off like a rocket, more punishments be damned. Jabreth following the weyrling in hot pursuit only for them to stop next to Sundari, Jabreth on the defensive as N'an took a knee next to the woman. "Sundari?" He remembered a few things from the basic training he recieved in dealing with injuries. "Can you hear me? It's going to be ok just relax and breath healers will be here soon."

Luckily, R'hyn hasn't made it far, stubbornness and warning bells as loud as klaxons going off in his head when the woman can't properly finish her initial sentence, when tears track down her cheeks. His backwards path is abruptly reversed, already moving forwards when the bluerider collapses against her dragon's head. "Shells," the bronzeling breathes, flicking a hand up to stay Xermiltoth as the blackened bronze moves as if to intercept Jabreth and N'lan's return, some inner overprotective nature needing to be quelled by his rider. "Screw that," he says, totally unrepentant for the harsh phrasing as he catches one shoulder up under Sundari's arm to keep her from hitting the ground. "Keep an eye on the others. Nobody leaves. Nobody enters unless they're of authority. You've got this." As for him, he ducks to scoop his other arm in under Sunny's legs, pulling the fainted woman up against his chest before he turns, hastening for the infirmary as fast as he can without jostling her about, followed entirely too closely by his near-black, harlequinned shadow.

Sundari can hears N'lan in that moment before everything just goes black in her world, her eyes closed and she is left leaning limping against R'hyn. Her breathing faint but there so hey that is a plus. Irkevalath is cast into a world of worry and uncertainy, a place he has been before a long time ago but that does not help at the moment as a low rumble escapes him while he is left watching helplessly. The treck over to the infirmary seems forever for the blue whom follows just as close as a certain bronze at the moment, though his mind is reaching out clinging to his riders with worry the whole way. At least Sunny is /little/ wouldn't what dear R'hyn to break out in a sweat now with his shirt on!

N'lan nods his head to R'hyn as Xermy lets him past and nods to the other bronze as he made the decision, "You got it R'hyn, get her to the healers quick, I'll keep everyone here safe." The lightning fast bronze bowing to let N'lan up on to his shoulders as he watches the others take off towards the infirmary. Moving to block the entrance to the barracks with the girth of the massive bronze, firestone close by from recent training and if need be N'lan was ready to feed it to his lifemate and flame at someone who didn't fit the area.

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