Some Pain is Shared

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Rec Cavern

This large cavern is painted a pleasant shade of pale blue-green, with purple highlights along borders. The weyr's badge is featured in a twin tapestries hanging on either side of the entry. Directly inside the doors and to the right is an area with bookshelves and a long computer desk for the public computer. Several chairs line the desk so that people waiting for the computer may pursue other studies. To the left of the entrance is a sitting area with a chess set built into a table.

Along the wall to the left is a bar, set up against the storage closet. Tall metal chairs with bright purple and blue-green cushions line the bar; beside the bar is a pair of gambling machines. Prior to recent renovations, the bar was set up on the other side of the room in front of a huge mirror inset into the wall. Now that mirror is behind a slightly elevated stage featuring a piano recently built by the Harper Hall and transported to the islands. Several music stands and musician's chairs are stacked against the wall, for use when Harpers or weyrfolk desire to perform.

Along the wall opposite the entrance are dart boards, each with a set of couches and chairs nearby for relaxation between turns. And all throughout the room are sitting areas with similarly constructed couches and chairs, all featuring blue-green or purple fabric. Short, darkly stained wooden tables are centered inside each sitting area, for games, food, drinks, and whatever else weyrfolk need. Near the center of the room is a large, long table useable both for crafty pursuits or table tennis, and interspersed throughout the room are card tables with wooden, cushioned chairs.

The news of the settlement with fouled water put Daranyl into another grumpy funk, making him especially surly for the last few days. And now, whether it was intended for that purpose or not, one of the cork target boards has been put to use by the hunter. Two long, thin blades stick out of the springy cork board and Daranyl is preparing to throw another while a few others watch with varying responses.

While Daranyl isn't able to leave the Weyr, Sundari on the other hand can and does thanks to her wing and the work that needs to be done. There was a moment out in the cavern where she was able to get Sarina back from the one watching her while both she and S'rorn had to go out on sweeps. So with Sarina in one hand and a mug in the other she moves on towards the rec room as it seems to be a bit on the quiter side. She smiles catching sight of Daranyl, a glance sent to the board in which he is taking his anger out on it seems. "Nice hits there."

Daranyl throws that third knife, landing it in a tight cluster with the other two not on the bullseye, but not far from it, either. He grunts softly in his throat and murmurs, "Yeah. Sometimes it's the better way ta catch some stuff than the bow." Which is conspicuous by its absence, but it's certainly not like he needs it in the Weyr and it's not like he's unarmed if something were to happen. He doesn't look over at Sundari, though, glaring at the target quietly.

Sundari is quiet for a touch as she watches Daranyl, soon sitting upon a chair and places her mug upon the table while letting Sarina rest upon her lap. The little girl giggles a bit while letting her hands smack upon her mothers arm a few times. "True.. I've used a knife before, had to on that stupid feline that wanted to chew on me before Irke sent is flying. Though I couldn't do that with a target like you have there."

Daranyl takes the few steps to the target and pulls the knives free one at a time, each with a quiet grunt, "Hard to be sure it won't get back up if you don't practice." The baby's giggle finally draws his look in that direction and he looks torn. He does always love her, even when he's at his darkest, "Hey Li'l Bit." It comes out quiet and almost breathy, watching the baby.

Sundari is quiet for a touch on that, letting her cheek press lightly upon Sarina's shoulder. "True… I still have somewhat of an idea on how to use one." She looks a bit amused while peering at Daranyl. "Maybe you could give me lessons with that too? Your good at it." Sarina wiggles in her mothers grasp, hand reaching out in a grabby movement towards Daranyl. "I swear someday she likes you more then me." Sunny says with a soft laugh heard.

Daranyl puts the knives carefully away in their little wherhide leather case and offers Sarina a slight smile before shrugging to her mother, "Dunno why." He reaches for the baby if he's allowed, "Hey, there, Li'l Bit. You got a crush on me?" He doesn't quite smile, but he's more relaxed and calmer with the baby there. She gives him something positive to focus on.

Sundari pauses a bit at the question and is a touch amused while she watches Daranyl. She shrugs herself and soon chuckles. "I don't know honestly.." She offers softly while watching as Sarina moves to try and grab at Daranyl's hand. Sunny smiles and lifts the girl letting the hunter take hold of her if he wishes to. "Kids.. are like animals, they know good people when they see them. She trusts you, likes you. Though it is honestly not to hard not to like you." A wink is sent to Daranyl.

Daranyl takes Sarina, cradling her carefully in his arms. Despite any protests to the contrary, when it comes to this little girl, he's a natural. "That wha' it is, Li'l Bit? I pulled the wool over yer eyes?" His speech is precise, it's clear he's working on speaking more clearly with… some success. "Or do ya jus' wan' me ta teach her ta shoot a bow 'n' throw knives?"

Wandering around the Weyr is Ilyse. She's a bit sunken in still, cheeks a smidge of hollow and her clothing still far and away too big for her. She is mumbling as she walks. "Said she'd be down here… but is she? noooo." She frumps

Sundari smiles while watches Daranyl and Sarina, the little girl giggles and lets her hands wiggle about and grips out at the hunters hand. "I thought you was going to teach me how to use a bow, and the knives now?" This questioned with a teasing tone. "Though when she's older I don't see why there is a problem in teaching her as well." A glance is sent over to Ilyse and she offers her a wave. "Hey there."

Daranyl is a tall, narrow man, but there's a definite strength about him despite the infant being bobbed in his arm, "Well, of course I'd teach ya firs', Sunny. Ya gotta know how firs' or she won't have anyone ta practice with." He glances up at the unknown woman, his eyes narrowing slightly, "Ya alrigh', miss?"

Ilyse gives a wave and a small smile to Sundari before she looks up towards the tall narrow man. "I'm fine, just lookin' for the Headwoman. I need a job." She admits, small flush hitting her cheeks before she nods to the pair and the baby. "But I cant find her anywhere."

Cue Felix, who can't help but overhear Ilyse's comment about not finding the headwoman as he slinks into the rec room, looking a little dusty, right down to a smudge of floury white on his cheek. "Still looking for a job?" He smiles at Ilyse, a hint of a dimple showing in his cheek as he turns to the two unknown faces. "'scuse me for interrupting."

"Good luck with that. Finding tha' woman can be like findin' a wherry nest." Daranyl glances at Felix as he arrives adjusting the baby just slightly into a more naturally defended position, "If'n she wants to, Sunny, I'll be glad ta. Li'l Bit's gonna have wha' she needs."

Sundari ahs softly at that, a slight nod seen to the talk of Ilyse looking for the Headwoman. "Well I'm sure someone could get a note to her if you like?" This questioned curiously before she glances to Felix now and she ponders a touch. Both are ones she doesn't know. "That's alright.. You two new to the Weyr?" Or maybe she just didn't pay attention enough. She has been a bit busy lately after all. Her gaze turns to Daranyl and she smiles to him while he holds Sarina. "I don't see why she wouldn't want to. Thanks Daranyl." Is said softly to the rest knowing he will.

"I'm new yeah, so is he." Ilyse jerks her thumb over her shoulder towards the young man standing behind her. "I don't know who to give a note too. I don't know anyone." The young woman admits, making a bit of a face. "I'm Ilyse from somewhere." She eyeballs Felix for the moment.

Ilyse answers for him, so Felix just shrugs before chiming in. "She's Ilyse from somewhere," he says with an approving nod to the girl for copying his own words. "I'm Felix from the no-longer-somewhere Wandering's End." A Western coastal holding evacuated before earthquake-triggered waves swept most of it away. "You could give a note to me, y'know? I'd take it. I've seen the Headwoman a few times today."

"Hear' abou' that." Daranyl shifts his grip again so he can get one free to wiggle his fingers in front of Sarina's face, "'M Daranyl 'n' this is Li'l Bit. 'M a hunter 'n' she's my apprentice. I borrow her from her momma." He nods towards Sundari, but his smile is somewhat strained, if not, perhaps, for the reason some might think.

Sundari ahs a touch and nods once they give who they are and where they are from. "Welcome to Half Moon Weyr then. I'm Sundari, rider to blue Irkevalath." She sends an amused look to Daranyl at the talk of her daughter and she chuckles a touch. "Well.. She'll be his apprentice at some point."

"She already looks like a fierce hunter." Ilyse says, grinning at the trio. "I bet it'll be sooner than later. Nice to meet you both." Ilyse's stomach grumbles a bit. "Sorry." She says, blushing a bit at her stomach

"I was gonna say, she's a bit young…" Felix grins in reply to Sundari's addition to Daranyl's comment, wiggling his fingers at Li'l Bit. "Pleasure to meet you all. Sundari," he points to her," Daranyl, Li'l Bit." They both get pointed to, followed by: "Ilyse. Hungry Ilyse from somewhere." The trader-in-training grins, slipping his hands into his pockets. "There'll be a fresh spread in the living caverns soon. I was just helping to prepare the bread." Hence his somewhat floury appearance.

"Never too young to learn, yeah?" Daranyl grins and offers the little one a finger to hold and tug on, "How to hol' onta things. How ta disarm people with yer cuteness. How ta wake mom up in th' middle of th' nigh'…" He shoots Sundari a sly smirk. At least he's not grumpily slinging sharpened steel blades at a target, "There's always some food on, jus' gotta know where ta look. Normally, I'd have somethin' goin' myself, but I'm actually startin' to have trouble findin' tunnel snakes."

"Oh… so that is how she knows that." Sundari says while eyeing Daranyl a moment before grinning. "Your a really good teacher then." This said with a teasing tone on the thought of it. "The cavern has food, drinks and the like during the days, snacks too. Or you could even ask one of the workers in the kitchen too. Well unless you like to find something yourself. I got fishing when there actually is fish out in the waters." Sarina giggles a bit while trying to get hold of Daranyl's finger, she is getting better with the game but manages to miss it a few times before finally grabbing hold.

Ilyse laughs a bit at that before she nods her head. "Yeah, I've eaten earlier." She says ashamedly. "I'm just not used to having food in easy reach." She looks from person to person. "But I'll find her myself Felix, thanks." She tells him. "It's just me." She looks around and her stomach rumbles again.

"No worries. I was just offering." Felix shrugs, digging his hands deep into his pockets. "We've been baking sausage rolls for the mid-meal spread. Alongside the bread, that is. But I can tell you now, they're way, way better than any tunnelsnake… do you really eat those?" He looks curiously at Daranyl. "Aren't they kind of gross?"

Daranyl shrugs, "Didn' grow up here. When yer huntin' fer dinner most every day, ya learn to eat a lot other folks might not. Tunnel snake isn' actually tha' bad." Daran glances at Sundari, then takes a breath, realizing, it seems, that he might be hard to understand and making an effort again to speak more clearly even has he plays baby tug'o'war with Sarina, "Tunnel Snake stew is actually quite good." He nods towards Ilyse, "Having food available at any time of day takes some getting used to."

Sundari chuckles as she hears the question on the tunnel snakes. "Its actually not that bad in all honesty. Daranyl makes them rather good. Me, I'm just good with cooking up different fish." After spending half of her life on a boat she better know how. A glance is sent to Daranyl and he gets a soft smile once he goes about trying to speak more clearly. Sarina pulls on the dear hunters finger, though she is a little thing so not much strength honestly. A soft giggle escaping her and the girl is al smiles, which is making mommy Sunny happy.

"I didn't have food for sevendays at a time." Ilyse admits, looking a bit ashamed about that, but she still manages a small smile, forced there.

Felix looks thoughtfully at Daranyl, after Sundari says the tunnelsnakes aren't as bad as he thinks they are. "I've never tried them, but if you're ever cooking them, maybe I could get a little piece? We had plenty of fish recipes at home too, Sundari. The joys of being a coastal hold…" And then Ilyse adds her bit, and Felix frowns guiltily. "I'm sorry to hear that, Ilyse. If I were you, I'd take advantage of what the Weyr's got - they won't begrudge you food if you're working for it. Which you'll be doing once you find the Headwoman!" He dusts his fingers across the front of his trousers, then smiles to the little group. "Speaking of work, I ought to get back to the kitchen and finish my shift there. Nice meeting you all; good to see you again, Ilyse." Felix dips his head to each in turn, then spins on his heel to trot back the way he came in.

Daranyl inclines a nod to Felix, "I'm generally willing to share. Hunting's my contribution to the Weyr." Just ask the ladies who work in the kitchens, they'll tell stories. He blinks as the man turns to leave so soon after arriving, then reaches to beep Sarina's nose and murmurs, "Didja know there's a nose on yer face?" He beeps it again, "See? There's a nose on yer face." He turns those dark eyes up at Ilyse subtly and adds, "Nothin' ta be ashamed of. Facin' hardship's not yer fault, gettin' through it is."

Sundari smiles to Daranyl as he goes about playing with Sarina. Which of course has the little girl looking crosseyed and is soon giggling each time her nose is beeped there. "I'm sure your be able to talk to the headwoman soon enough. She'll get you all settled." This said with a nod while she is standing up and moving over to Daranyl and Sarina. "I think its about time I go let her nurse some. I'm surprize she isn't getting all fussy as its been a while honestly." Sarina makes a grabby hand over at her mother, perhaps knowing what is up and agreeing with mommy that she is hungrey.

"It's nice to meet you both. It's so comforting to not have to look over your shoulder all the time." She says, her hands going to her hair to pull it away from her face. "Have a good lunch, lil." She tells Sarina.

Daranyl watches Ilyse for a long moment and that comment, then nods slightly, "Hard ta stop, though." He gives Sarina one last beep on the nose before moving to give her back to her mother, in a much better mood than he started the day, at least, "Take good care of yer momma, Li'l Bit. I'll see you both aroun', I'm sure."

Sundari smiles while she takes hold of Sarina and hugs the girl do her, the baby is clinging to her shirt. She gives Daranyl's arm a soft squeeze. "No gloomyness when we leave ok?" This questioned softly while she looks to him. "We're be back after her nap to bother you." A glance is sent to Ilyse and she smiles a bit before she is moving off to take care of Sarina, and perhaps get in a nap herself.

Daranyl nods to Ilyse as she exits, then more seriously to Sundari, "Think I'm gonna go huntin' 'n' see wha' I can find."-

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