Huntin' Lessons

Half Moon Bay Weyr - West Bowl

The western end of the great bowl of the Weyr. You can see the steep walls of the crater to the south and south, with small openings and ledges in the cliffside. These are the individual weyrs of dragons and their riders. To the west you can see the great natural arch, and the lagoon, to the east, the center of the bowl. To the south you see a large natural cave opening that has been made into a tunnel. It is the main entrance to the Weyr from the road to Half Moon Bay Hold.

After a morning of sweeps Sundari is looking forward to do something besides that, even if it is for a little while. Sarina is getting watched, by Irkevalath at that, the blue is settled a dozen or so yard off with a basket settled between his forelegs that holds a sleeping baby Sarina. Who needs a babysitter when one has a dragon? As for Sunny she is looking over a crossbow she has picked up along the way and waiting for Daranyl it seems. Lesson time! At least that was the idea that she had when she found a crossbow she to lift easier than his. So for now she is off at the edge of the bowl near the trees, Irke there with the baby but they are a safe distance away from the lesson grounds.

Daranyl emerges from the general direction of the corrals with his beautifully maintained crossbow hanging from its strap on one shoulder and a large bale of hay in his hands, which is promptly propped against a tree before he offers Sundari one of his small smiles, "So… tell me abou' yer bow."

Sundari glances up as she hears the movement and smiles while seeing Daranyl. "Hey there." She offers with a slight wiggle of a wave. As to the question of the bow she ponders a touch. "Isn't anything like your bow." She points out with an amused tone. "Was able to give it a good clean up though and all the parts are in working order at least."

Daranyl pulls out a small selection of bolts and offers her one, "We can see abou' cleanin' it up real nice later, firs' lets see how ya handle it. Do ya know how ta load it?"

Sundari takes hold of one of the bolts and nods to the bit on how to load it. "That I do know how to do. Though getting to actually aim it and hit something worth a darn now so much."

Daranyl shrugs and nods towards the crossbow, "Only way ta learn's ta practice, load up and I'll see whatcha can do, yeah?" He can't resist, he puts his foot in the claw and loads his own, but he's watching how she works.

Sundari smirks a touch. "True.." Though she never could hit anything even with practice. "I agree with you.. Though honestly I worry about any of the trees out there." She says with an amused tone while she goes about loading the crossbow, which she does rather well.

Daranyl grins, leaving the crossbow pointed at the ground, "The nice thing about trees is that they don' hit back and ya won' accidentally kill 'em." He nods at her loading, finding that, at least, efficient, then raises his bow, letting the stock settle against his shoulder naturally, "When you fire, it should be comfortable. The stock rests here." He taps against his shoulder lightly with the stock to illustrate, "In from the actual joint so the recoil doesn't hurt you, but tight so it doesn't bounce. You sight down the bow and just squeeze the trigger gently." He demonstrates, the heavy pull of his own bow burying the arrow deep into the hay, then he lowers the weapon and nods to Sundari, "Try to get as close to my bolt as you can."

Sundari doesn't go shooting her foot, which honestly that would be bad right off the bat there. She looks over and chuckles softly. "Well that is true." A grin is seen before she is quiet to watch and listen. She nods slightly and takes in everything there, lessons is something she is good at in all honesty. The shot he takes is noted and she ohs a touch before actually seeming to fret a bit. Though soon enough she lifts her crossbow and goes about trying to line up the shot in question, looking down bow as told and she squeezes the trigger. The bolt goes flying past the haybale and slams somewhere off in the forest with a thunk.

Daranyl slides the strap over his shoulder and moves closer, "Not bad." COUGH. "Go ahead and reload." Once she has, he moves behind her and reaches to help and guide her stance.

Sundari knows very well that was /bad/. "What part of good would that be.. So I can hit a plant." She points out while taking hold of another bolt and goes about loading the crossbow once more. Once that is done she goes about lifting the bow up once more to try it again. "I'll take any pointers."

"You didn' hit me or yerself. Small victrees." Daranyl reaches around her, gently guiding her arms into the best position and nudging her right foot a little further forward, "Find yer center 'n' focus on th' target. Breath in deeply," he demonstrates, "Then let it out slowly, sighting the target. Don't squeeze the trigger until your whole focus is the target."

Sundari chuckles softly at the bit on not hitting either of them. "Well there is that plus side." She says while glacing a bit to see where abouts he moves her arms and how they should be before she is looking back to target at hand. "Be one with the target mayhaps?" Her tone is amused though it makes a bit of sense while she takes in a breath and is looking down the bow once more before squeezing it once more. This time the bolt at least hits the haybale but it is on the outer edge and thus goes right through it.

"See, better already." Daranyl smiles, taking a step back, "Did it feel differen' that time?" He nods towards the hay bale and offers her another bolt, "Try again."

Sundari grins a bit at the sight of her at least hitting the haybale. "Yeah it did feel different, then before. Like I had a bit more control with it." She takes the next bolt and is loading it once more. "How long did you have to practice to get to where your at now?" He sort of does it for a living being a hunter and all, but hey she is curious.

Daranyl scratches the back of his head, looking up at the sky, "Hard ta say, really. Started when I was jus' six or seven turns. Prob'ly didn' really get good until I was 16 or 17, though. Why?"

Sundari lifts the crossbow and is iaming once more for the haybale, making sure to have the same stance as before. "Six turns?.." That was young in her mind. "I was just wondering is all. I'll make it a point to never go up into a contest when your in it." She says with an amused tone before squeezing the trigger and sends the bolt flying, this time above the haybale and into the tree it is leaning upon. She smirks a bit. "Hear anything screaming yet?"

Daranyl shrugs slightly, "Was good at it 'n' Ez 'n' I didn' like hangin' aroun' th' hold. Pa figgered if'n we were out in th' fores' anyway, might as well put us ta work, yeah?" He smirks at the comment and gives his head a shake, "Nope, the trees stand strong. Not bad, still woulda hit somethin' vital."

Sundari nods at that and glances to the tree as if making sure that indeed she did hit it. "Well.. yeah that is true." She grins a bit at the talk of her managing to hit something vital like. "Suppose I'm not as bad as I htought then." Not that one lesson means anything. She glances over to him, smiling. "Your not a bad teacher either. Well.. It worked out yeah?" Being out in the forest and so forth learning things.

Daranyl gives his head a slight shake, "Not bad at all. Yer no' gonna be killin' a feline in one shot yet, but with practice… How often do ya want ta practice?"

Sundari makes a slight face at the thought of killing a feline. "I didn't ever get a shot in on the one I saw, that never crossed my mind." She glances to him and smiles. "How often you want to give me lessons?"

Daranyl shrugs again, "As often as ya'd like? 'Snot like I've got a lot else ta do, yeah?"

Sundari smiles at that and nods before a soft ah escapes her. "Well, other then Sarina and sweeps I tend to have some free time for such things." S'rorn's busy with keeping his wing in order, working on getting the weyr back in order after everything. Which she helps with when able like any rider. "We're just figure out times and go from there maybe?"

Daranyl inclines a nod, "Sure. Anytime ya want to, we can prob'ly figger out somethin'." He glances towards Sarina, nestled as she is with Irk, "How's Li'l Bit doin'?"

Sundari nods at that and smiles. "Alright that works." She glances over to Irk and the basket he is protecting. "She's doing good. Sleeping more then I thought. Though only when I let her sleep with me, I'm going to come to reget that at some point I feel." A glance is sent to him and she smiles. "Go say hi, I know you want to. I'll go grab the bolts." Not point in letting them go to waste.

Daranyl glances towards the woods, then nods slightly, "I'd appreciate tha'." He is trying to speak more clearly, he's just not always succeeding. He leans towards Irk, then just moves that way, leaning down to check on Sarina, "I swear she's growin' every day.

Sundari smiles and nods. "Sure thing." She offers while shouldering her crossbow and is off to collect the few bolts. As for his speech, she has noticed that it is more clear. "Yeah. Maybe I should stop feeding her for a bit." She grins a bit and shakes her head while searching for the first bolt that she fired into the underbrush. Irk keeps a close eye on Daranyl as he moves over to check his charge, though the blue is content to allow him to check in on Sarina as his rider is relaxed.

Daranyl settles down on Irk's leg if the blue is willing, content to just enjoy the quiet, undemanding company of the infant.

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