Green Mhaemoth's Flight

Western Weyr - Center of the Bowl
This is the center of the huge oval crater of the Weyr. Standing here you can see how immense it is. The cliff sides rise up all around you, dotted with the caves of the dragon rider's weyrs. To the west you can see the arch open to the sea. North is the hatching grounds, south you see the cave entrance to the living caverns, and to the south east the entrance to the infirmary, raised a little from the weyr wall.

Mhaemoth is in the middle of the bowl, eyes whirling red as she looks around her. Her tail is twitching behind her in agitation. It is only early in the day and much of the weyr is asleep including her rider, but she has chosen this time to fly and fly she must! She hardly waits for the sleepy arrival of any dragons before she hisses and with a scream takes to the skies.

"Blasted woman… can't make up her.. bloody mind…" mutters an irate dragon rider after descending from his mount's back, "Go here, go there. Why can't she just pick a Weyr. Fly all over the sharding world at her heels. Don't you say anything Nas. It's not like you've got the best of luck either." Scrubbing the back of his head after removing his helmet and sticking it up underneath an arm, he has a good gander of the area, "Western. Huh?" N'kor says with a cynical eye, and one would hope he's talking to his dragon, because the bronze doesn't seem to be too interested in listening - head cranked to the side as if he were picking up on something, or some female.

Nasrinth hisses at his rider to clear the space and launches himself into the morning air with flight straps and all on. N'kor is left to sputter some where in the uplifted wind, shaking a fist, "There you go! Having to prove me wrong by chasing this early!" He shakes his fists in the air comically, a frustrated gesture, "So much for looking around before I'm needed back at Igen. I'll just have a drink then you wool-head." He tosses his helmet down and reaches for a flask tucked away in a pocket. Meanwhile, Nasrinth happens to be rapidly ascending beind the screaming green who had caught his attention almost immediately - his loose flying straps clinking and flapping in the wind as he goes.

In the dark corners of the Weyrbowl lays the shadowed form of Kieranth, the midnight blue laying quietly there for one reason or another. His rider isn't in sight, likely transporting a Computer Crafter, or helping with tech work, herself. With the twitch of Mhaemoth's tail, the lids covering Kieranth's red and purple eyes slide back to reveal his not so inattentive attention. Pulling himself up in the shadows, he arches his wings a little, looking threatening… Before he roars his challange to the other males as Mhaemoth suddenly takes flight, the dark blue pulling his leg muscles tight and forcing himself into the air after her. If people are sleeping, so much for that… Kieranth could care less.

Mhaemoth really was never one to care about the sleeping habbits of her own lifemate much less those of a Weyr she is new at. She is high above the Weyr when she looks to those that would try and catch her and past them to the feeding grounds below. She swoops through the pack and catches a young beast on the fly taking it back up in the air screaming as she bleeds it and drops it from the air at some hieght to land with a sickening thud. She screams a challenge to her suitors again, a mind filled with bloodthirsty anger and challenge.

Nasrinth tries to dislodge the flight straps from his shoulders, clawing at his midsection as the clanking clinking flapping things are hindering him enough to lose a bit of speed on his ascent. Failing at removing them however only increases his own frustration, feeding off of his rider and that of the angry screaming female in front of him. Ignoring the beasts, the bronze has to work hard to just keep pace with her - his larger frame not moving as quick. Thus, he has to keep some leverage by using whatever slows her down to get near.

Kieranth is… is allowed to blood? A strangled, happy squeal comes from the midnight blue, shocked at first as she suddenly dives for the corral in passing, taking up whatever animal may be within it's reach. Taking it up with him like the green did, herself, the blue shows his true intent… for the herdbeast in his hands is ripped in two with the strength of his forelimbs, tongue lashing out in revelry even as the blood and internal organs potentially littet the ground below, and those unfortionate males that might be behind him. Taking even greater glee in lapping up what he can as he rips limb from limb, discrading away pieces as he goes until little is left but a pulp. As there is little left of the creature, Kieranth takes note of the green and uses a bit of energy to catch up with the pack, not having tailed *too* far behind, but enough to allow him his morbid entertainment. His body shivers then, as his direction changes from herdbeast to green Mhaemoth once again, answering her call once again with one of his own and dipping and diving between his advesaries, enjoying his small angile form even as he waits for the moment to strike…

Mhaemoth hears the scream of Kieranth's beast and looks over her shoulder, an almost morbid delight on her features before she hisses and screams at those that have come way to close to her. She even changes direction in the sky in an artistic loop to snap angrily at her nearest followers before diving between them and down barreling to the earth below again, swooping over the feeding pens again. This time she does not grab any, the paniced herd screaming against the smell of fear and blood already passed by two of their fellows. She spins again and stars her ascent again wingtips nearly close enough to graze a certain bronze and blue before she puts in another burst of speed.

Nasrinth delights in the chase of these precious gemstones, especially the rough ones that have sharp edges needing to be smoothed by his wings. Adding to the screams of the animals behind him, his own bellow is thunderous but needy - if only he had brown wings instead of these dratted bronze ones. Too slow they are for this green. He does manage to dip low however to avoid the angry snaps, backwinging to hover and watch with his neck cranning. Her movements like a slithering snake are watched like a hawk, with every intent to move when the time is right. To his luck and patience, she swings back the way she came - fortunately for him or otherwise it might have been the end of the chase for this slower bomber. A whuff of air flaps his nostrils together as she passes by, the near graze enough to get his whole body in quick motion once again as he gains speed behind her.

Kieranth is all for this dipping and diving, intent on matching it with his own agility… Though at first the loop catches him off guard and as she twirls he mearly watches… Like a spectator at a tennis match watching the ball, his whole head moves with the movement. Uh-oh! Dodging quickly from the angry snaps she makes, even though he's not that close, before pulling his wings together and letting gravity do it's work on his weight, so he may follow after her to the earth. Snapping his wings open as she suddenly changes direction over the feeding pens, he pulls himself sharply up from his dive and angles out evenly with the ground, close enough to make a few quick snaps of his teeth at running herdbeast, lashing out a limb to knock one ruthlessly on it's side. As she ascends once again, he lifts past the corral, pulling up short just as she whips past, nearly knocking his muzzle with her wing tips. « Tease… » He growls admirably, shifting his pinions and darting after the fleeing green.

Oh she is a tease alright and evil on top of that. Mhaemoth the green dream is more like a nightmare, but even nightmares have to end and she is finally starting to tire after all her aeriel maneuvors. Yes she has made the lads work for this one as she always has. One Brown already dropping out to a strained wing, another blue fighting strain himself. She looks over her shoulder to see Nasrinth and Kieranth so close, both just within claw reach. She lowers her tail, just out of reach of them and hisses her defiance at them. They will not catch her! No one will! With that she makes strokes her wings against the early morning sky, fighting to get away from her suitors yet as she tires she gains less and less height with each beat.

« They are trying to out shine you … » Burning acid smoke filters through the area, with a stunning darkness closing off the touch so abruptly it might sting. The voice was that of Nasrinth's, who merely bares his teeth in his effort at not only catching but at ignoring the straps which he would rather rip to shreds than continue to wear. In fact, with all the twisting and turning the bronze has to make, one of the longer portions of the straps flaps up and hits him square in the jawl. An aggrivated bellow, like a thousand trees burning, echos behind her. Although he might not be a chromatic, not built to follow her agility, he has remaining stamina and strength left in store - and his patience of waiting in hover mode had proved to keep him in the chase. Not that it mattered as he fought neck and neck with a blue who was much his match for this fire-spitting emerald gem. All that's left for him is to push it. In a rippling movement that seems to start from his back haunches, his body seems to curl into itself until like a spring, he propels himself in the air with one loud snap of wing which might even clip other suitors as he tries for her… His neck is almost long enough to bite the back of her's.. Almost… Streeeeeetch..

Kieranth snaps his tail out at his competitors, smacking against one dragon enough to cause a bit of snapping towards it. As the agility trials begin to wane, the midnight blue tilts his head to examine his pray, old enough to know the signs, but young enough to not be grayed in the muzzle, Kieranth gauges her ability to outlast them much longer. Taking whatever reservations he might have left, the blue puts on a spurt of speed, giving a maniacal laugh as she pulls her tail low. « Oh no, dear lady… It's not your tail I want. Half the catching isn't pulling by the lure, but having the fish. » Taking just a moment to hiss and spit at Nasrinth for his lashing comment, the midnight blue takes no more then that, pushing forward his limbs and tail to attempt to coil around her, keeping his wings wide so he's able to keep them a-flight if he does manage his pray… Maybe a little too assured that he will do so. « Such a firey creature as you? No, never caught… Wild things were never meant to be tamed… » And he goes quiet again, silencing the dark and blood of his mindvoice to just concentrate in his effort to entwine with her…
So close they are! Too close, she is not ready. Mhaemoth turns her head and hisses to the Bronze then to snap at the blue. «I will not be caught!» She says in a challenge to them both. She screams to the sky as her strength starts to fail her. Defiance to her own weakness, though she has done well to lead them this far. She sways towards the bronze for but a moment before perhaps a drift of wind or her own bloodthirsty desires sways her to the path of the blue and it his his claws and wings she finds herself, tail lashing, defiant to the last. She screams to the sky, though oddly it is one of victory this time. It was a good chase and those that remained to the last worthy. «Let us fly and afterward we dine…» She hisses into his mind as the tumble to the ground in their mating dance.

Nasrinth is beaten by the much faster blue. Be damned the colour of his own wings! They fail him as the gemstone of his desires is snatched by the wing of a chromatic. What must it be like to be a blue? He can only ponder this before his frustration at losing makes him snap hold of one of the straps and tear it clean off with a spitting hiss left behind and the odd smell of hair burning. Flipping downard, the bronze makes for the largest formation of water to be hold — need to try to scrub the bronze off maybe? Or shrink the straps? Or… well.. he's gone to leave the pair to their dance.

Kieranth twines about the green, crooning softly, « We shall, lady of the dark, we shall… » Ripples of blood caress, spreading his wings wide to hold them aloft in their "dance" in the morning light…

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