That's Some Special Klah

Western Weyr - Living Caverns
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

Torian is seated on one of the benches that lines the table next to S'chez, he has hsi arm around Souvani, as they both drink from steaming mugs, it would be a good assumption if you thought it was klah they were consuming.

Souvani has eyes that are slightly wide as she sips at the drink, "This's good I wonder why mom never let me have any 'cause it's realy delicious and I like the flavore and how it just warms you up from the inside and…" she stops talking here to take another drink.

It's been a long day for somebody by the looks of it. Edani saunters in with that sort of step that lacks the energy it otherwise might have. He's washed up to the elbows - the edges of his rolled up sleeves - dampened - give evidence of that. He's got most of the grime off his face too, but missed the back of his neck. He's missed the main meal too, as evidenced by the bowl of stew he's carrying in from the nighthearth, wearily finding a spot at the table the young couple are at, sliding into a seat while setting his bowl in front of him. "Hope you two don't mind some company for a few. Won't be long." And he's following that up with a huge spoonful into his mouth. Hungry young man!

Torian shakes his head with a grin, "By all means, sit, company is a rareity at this time of evening, and S'chez is normally drifting off to sleep." he fills a fresh cup of klah for the boy and slides it in front of him.

Souvani widens her eyes a little as Edani slips in accross the table from them, then ducks her head. Now, at this point in time, her hair is not braided, so all that curly mess is free, allowing a thick swath of it to shift in front of the left half of her face, a curtain that slightly seperates her from the newcomer accross from her further.

Mouth full, Edani chews, swallowing hastily in order to speak, wincing at the heat as it goes down. The young man waves the klah off with a rueful glance at the steaming mug, an apologetic twitch ghosts his lips in what is meant for a smile, "Sorry man, it'll keep me up all night. And I'm gonna hit the sack as soon as I can manage it." Head ducking from the girl draws a glance of dark eyes, perplexed if anything, at her apparent shyness. "I'm Edani," he tells the pair in a slow-drawled friendly voice that carries a local accent, bobbing his head politely while taking another bite.

Torian offers a nod as he removes the mug of klah, "Nice to meet you Edani, I am Torian, and this hear is Souvani." he comments with a smile as he looks at the girl next to him. "you look like you have a rough day.. everything ok?"

Souvani looks into the mug she's holding at the mention of klah keeping someone up all night, then reaches out to very carefully set the mug on the table. That done, she pulls her knees up, heels balancing on the edge of the bench upon which she sits, and wraps her arms around her knees. Nope, aside from that outpouring of words she'd said before Edani showed up, nada.

Edani almost -almost- grins at Souvani when she sets that mug down. Aside from a flash of humor in his eyes, his face doesn't show his amusement though. When his mouth is clear, he murmurs a quiet, "Well-met Torian, Souvani." His spoon pushes around the vegetables seeking meat, find it and lifts only to pause while he shakes his head in response to Torian. "Just… lots of work lately." A pale smile follows that while that spoonful is delivered to his mouth while a wry quirk of brows at the teen says what he thinks of Torian's day: he's got his arm around a girl. Can't be all bad.

Torian smiles in kind, "Any day that you can say you did something productive is a good day." he grins and looks at Souvani, "Our day got off to a bit of a slow starts, but we did tend the runners, and I did get at least a few hours of study in today.. not as much as I should that is.. but the distraction was well worth missing the study"

This is when the small female under Torian's arm starts to speak, her voice just a light and delicate as she appears to be. "We had to clean the hooves of the runners today and that was interesting 'cause Ori had to show me how to hold 'em so they didn't jerk thier legs out of my grasp or knock me down but once I got the hang of stroking the flank just right then they let me do it and that was real fun and satisfying and then while Ori was studying I finished S'chez's blanket .." she doesn't even suck in a breath here, folks, but just lifts her head to look up at Torian while tugging on her own earlobe, "..and I think I finally understand why mom never let me have klah do you 'cause I feel like I could go circle the Weyr without a dragon, boat or runner."

Edani tilts the bowl with one hand while scraping the last bits of stew, shovels that into his mouth and places his spoon in the bowl. He rests his forearms on the table, leaning on them while pushing his still-damp hair off his forehead with an absent gesture. "Maybe." It's not quite the agreement perhaps the younger boy is looking for. His fingers pause there with his hair sticking up through his fingers, resting his head on his hand while giving Souvani a bright glance at that admission. "You ran your hand down the back of the runner's leg, right? They'll just lift the foot for you if you do that. Chased herdbeasts," he breathes out on a weary sigh recounting his day. And maybe that's something Souvani can put her newfound energy to instead of sleeping this late evening.

Torian nods to Edani who is sitting across the table from them, "She learned, it does take some practice though." he smiles as he looks to Souvani who is seated right next to him. He gives her a bit of a squeeze with his arm which is wrapped around her.. "If you are awake, maybe we get bathed before you fall asleep in the pools tonight?" he offers a bit of a grin in her direction.

Souvani manages to keep quiet while the boys talk, but then she's taking a deep breath and sitting up. Her feet hit the floor as she tosses her curls back, "I am feeling remarkably awake right now like I could go bathe a green all by myself though really only the tail but maybe the head, 'cause I liked the one that was singing with me the other night and.." She takes a deep breath and grins bright as the morning sun.

T'burk walks into the large cavern, his hands in his pockets. He's humming a bit of a tune, then whistles a phrase. "Evenin', folks!" he greets cheerily as he nearly struts over to the hearth for a mug of Western's Best (tm) Spiced Klah. "How's it rockin'?"

If anything, it's a slightly envious look Edani shoots Torian at the mention of bathing with, well. A girl. He refrains from saying anything about that, even keeps his eyes politely fixed… eleswhere while that squeezing is going on over there. Forgive him. He's still new to Weyr life. A dryly chuckled, "You do that, Souvani. Makes me exhausted just listening to you." He's in the process of drawing long legs under him in preparation to pushing up from the table when T'burk approaches. "Long day." It's sort of groaned while his eyes take in just who he's speaking to and he tacks a respectful, if belated, "Sir" onto that.

Torian holds up his mug in greeting to the Rider, "Evening Rider, he comments with a large grin." pushing the mug that Souvani so conviently pushed from her, back a bit closer, "Drink up, it wont hurt you.. may make you a bit more energetic, but it is a good thing to get used to.. I found that going between, when you get to the other side, you hunt for the klah cup.. "

T'burk chuckles. "Naw, it's just that the klah here is so much better than anywhee else!" he admits. "THough, afate flying through a light rain then going Between is a bit nasty, I'll admit. Klah is awfully nice after that. But still…the klah here is mighty good!" He sips at his to test the temperature then takes a bigger swallow. "Just don't scald your tongue on it."

Souvani bounces up off of the bench at that voice and turns, "T'burk!" She says, eyes shine and she bounces up to him and tosses her little arms around him, giving him a hug. "You're here!" O..kay..where else would he be?

T'burk just smiles and wraps an arm around the girl. "Souvani! You're here too!" he says cheerfully and hugs her back. He holds his mug out so nothing gets sloshed out of it and onto the girl. That wouldn't be nice. Eighty-one Turns and still grabbing the attention of the ladies. Now that's staying power! "how you doing today, sweetheart?" he asks her as he smiles down at her.

Edani can't resist. With a sly look sent Torian's way, "Or a hot bath, yeah?" He says that as he drops his hand to the table, leaving his hair in little spikes of disarray, uses the knuckles of both hands to push himself up with. He's standing there rolling his shoulders, working his neck back and forth to get the stiffness out while the others talk. Though. With Souvani passing out hugs, he mutters under his breath a rather awed, "What DO they put in the klah around here?" And where can he find someone to feed it to?

Torian chuckles as Souvani bolts out of her seat and flings herself at T'burk, shaking his head, "Maybe you are right Ani, maybe I shouldnt have given you that klah after all." turning back to Endani he simply shrugs, "Lots of girls around here, you just have to look." his eyes a bit on fire with a bit of a playfull sparkle.

Kyldar comes in. "Hey everyone," she greets brightly. "Good evening and all that." She helps herself to a mug of klah, and then goes over to T'burk and gives him a quick hug. "Hi, granddad," she greets him personally. Then: "How's everyone doing?"

Souvani releases T'burk in just enough time for Kyldar to come in for a hug. Sou then shifts away and hops up on the end of the table, her feet swinging a little. She's not heavy enough to even jar the table a little.

T'burk sets down his mug and uses both arms to hug his charming Grand daughter, the fabulous Kyldar! "Ah! It verily rains beautiful young women here at Western tonight! I am a happy man!" He gives Kyldar a kiss on her cheek. "For myself, I am well."

Edani's brows hike up just a bit as he gives Torian a sardonic half-smirk. He was that transparent, was he? "So I saw," he murmurs without interest. But then, he looks almost asleep on his feet, so perhaps that's why. As Souvani hops up on the table, he leans to make a hasty rescue of his empty stew bowl, though it's more from reflex than anything the girl is doing. "Nice meeting you all," he says of the group in general, including Kyldar in that with a dip of his head while backing away from all that hugging going on. It's like a family reunion - or something. "I need a bath. And sleep." If they can't smell the herdbeast on him, they can certainly see the dust. He heads off to the bathing caverns - hopefully before hugging teens invade to bathe. Holder. It's written allllllllll over him. Yep.

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