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Half Moon Bay Weyr - Living Cavern

Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

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Sundari ahs softly and chuckles a bit at the question. "It had ups and downs. The healers grounded me before I wanted to be." So it wasn't the easiest pregnancy for her at least being a rider the thought of not being able to fly was a issue to her. "It was stressful, plenty of emotions and the like running high all the time. Especially at the end." Which she managed to handle well. "Was good to have a few friends around to help with things." Ilyse and Sunny are sitting off at a table talking over dinner, Sarina is sitting there upon the rider's lap, the little girl gumming on a bit of bread.

Ilyse nods her head as she takes another munch of her meatroll before she shakes her head back and forth. "Seems a lot of work to me. Maybe I'm just not ready." She admits, rubbing the back of her head as she shrugs.

Hotaru waddles into the caverns! She's five months along and starting to get big. She's not eating as much as Nae is, but she's still hungry what seems like all the time. She's without her other pregnant half today, Nae must be working late. She grabs a tray though, filling a container with food for Nae, and a plate for herself. When she scans for a seat, she spots Sunny and Ilyse sitting together and heads their way. "Hey, you two! Oop, three. Didn't notice the little one!"

Ilyse stands up and pulls her chair out for Hotaru and beams at her. "Hiya Hotaru." There is warmth there, a genuine fondness. "Please take my seat so you don't have to walk around." She moves over to another chair and slides into it. "You feeling well today? Nae helped me float!"

Daranyl makes his way into the caverns from the living areas, his hair damp from fresh washing and his clothes clean enough. His crossbow hangs from one shoulder, unloaded, of course, and a small wherhide pouch clutched in his hand, but he pauses when he sees the ladies, just for a moment, then closes the distance, "Hey all." There's a slight strain in his voice, trying so hard to pronounce things clearly, He leans down to ruffle Sarina's hair, "Hey, Li'l Bit. Looking forward to your new friend arriving?" He nods towards Hotaru's pregnant form, then nods to her, "How's he treating you?" Presumptuous much?

Sundari is quiet for a few moments while she lets her arm curl a bit more around Sarina. "They are a lot of work. I thought a dragon would be but she is right up there with it honestly." She smiles to Sarina and places a soft kiss to the girls head that makes her giggle. Sunny looks up to Hotaru and nods to her. "How you feeling Hotaru?" Hearing Daranyl he gets a smile while Sarina waves her hand about as her hair is ruffled up some. "Want to join us Daranyl?" She peeks over at Hotaru curious of the answer to the hunters questions as she sips at her drink once more.

Hotaru gives Ilyse a hug before she sits down, and slides gratefully into the seat. "Ah, thanks, Ilyse. That's sweet of you." She laughs. "I'm well enough. She helped you float, hm? That's the first step to swimming, I suppose." Hotaru waves to Daran as he heads over. She pokes at his crossbow. "You know my parents are moving here, right?" There's a bit of an eyeroll at Daran and she laughs. "SHE is doing just fine, thanks." She smiles to Sunny. "We're both good. Heading into month six."

Lisbei is… distracted- shuffling in with two dredges at her sides talking some nonsense about shipments, deliveries, payments and accounts. There interaction are of a slightly harried business style, this being uncommon for how the blonde usually goes about her tidings. Desperate times call for desperate measures. There are people in need all over the place and no time to haggle or stall. It seems they finally come to an agreement about details, papers are signed, marks are passed around and the deal is done. *Sigh* a moment to herself is a good moment for klah and she heads for a mug before iced jade saucers for eyes scan the various groups in the caverns. Spotting a couple familiar faces she heads that direction and puts and smile on her face. "Sundari, Daranyl. Pleasure to see you both out and about. How goes these days?" Looking upon the little Sarina who's mid giggle, Lisbei smiles and notes "Isn't she just the cutest!" A nod in greeting is shared with the other two ladies whom she isn't acquainted with as of yet. "Hello there" is said nicely with a smile.

Back again to visit it's been a little while since her last time here. Chrystyne strides in but pauses just inside to peek around to see who is in here today.

Ilyse looks up at Daranyl and she waves at him before she looks to Lisbei and she gives a nod and a wave to her. "Hello." She says, flicking her eyes back to Hotaru. "You're welcome." She eyeballs the crossbow. "Why have that in here?" She wonders, mostly to herself. "I bet its a girl." She grins impishly. "Well it wasn't hard to float." She leans over to whisper something to Hotaru and giggles

"Have it most everywhere." He really does. Daranyl grins a little at Sarina's giggling, then nods to Lisbei, "Li'l Bit is indeed." He glances at Hotaru, his shoulders lifting, "Are ya sure?" He was involved, after all. At least potentially, "How much longer do you have left? Not too much longer I hope." He reaches around to tug in a chair, settling his crossbow against the side before settling himself on the seat, "Should be some good whersport t'night. I got lucky and found a nest."

Hotaru waves to Lisbei. "Hello there. Hotaru." She extends a hand to her with a smile. Yes, Hotaru is the pregnant one! Also, she's in here today! She chuckles at Ilyse. "This is Daranyl, Ilyse. He's a hunter." Hotaru looks a bit surprised. "No? You're so skinny, I thought it might be a little tough on you." She blinks then and laughs. "Nae would say that. Should I be jealous now?" Hotaru grins to Daran and shakes her head. "No, I'm not sure. Are you? Did you look up there and check or something?" She grins. "Few more months. In a hurry?" She perks up at the mention of whersport. "Can I come?"

Sundari smiles to Lisbei and nods while looking to Sarina. "Thanks Lisbei." She offers softly. There is a curious look between Daranyl and Hotaru but she won't be commenting on the sex of the unborn baby. "Did you?" The question to Daranyl at the talk of him finding the nest of some whersport. "Maybe I could go with you? Been practicing with my crossbow a bit more."

"I'm Ilyse, by the by." She mentions quickly to Lisbei, her face flushing sharply as she forgets to introduce herself. "And no, silly Hotaru." She tells her very pregnant friend. "She's quite in love with you. It's so cute." She clasps her hands together and giggles. She turns her attention back to the others, flicking her eyes around to all of the new people. "So many people." She murmurs, "I'll stay here for that." She admits.

Lisbei smiles with a nodded agreement towards Daranyl before asking "And how is all that helping you have been doing going?" Smiles for Sundari preface a "You're welcome and well done." A finger wiggle extends to the small girl before attentions fall on the sweet whispering giggler and her pleasantly pregnant friend (aka Ilyse and Hotaru). Introductions follow with an extended hand first to the expecting "My name is Lisbei. Farm-crafting trader of Half Moon proper. Well met Hotaru and congratulations!" She beams then turns this on Ilyse "Ilyse. Lovely name. Are you new around here? If so welcome!" She's never seen the redhead before, and knows she'd remember uniqueness like that had their paths crossed before.

Chrystyne spies people she knows! Or at least recognizes a few faces from having met them before. She slides closer to the group with a tentative smile towards them. She doesn't want to intrude but here is she? "Heya all. Isla's greetings and all."

Daranyl shrugs easily, "Guess we won' know until he comes out, then." Now he's just being stubborn, "Wouldn't mind some company, though. Split the take evenly?" He bobs a nod to Chrystyne, vaguely recalling her, then indicates Sarina, "May I?" He glances at Hotaru and shrugs again, easily his most common form of expression, "Curious, mostly." As more people show up, he gets quieter, slowly building walls about himself.

"Mostly new. Couple of days." Ilyse says to Lisbei as she turns her attention to Hotaru for the moment. "You okay?" She asks, before flicking her attention back to Lisbei. "I used to be a trader." She muses. "A lifetime ago." She looks around. "Did you get stuck here because of the earthquake too? Another person I met was."

Sundari nods to Daranyl and smiles to him. "Sure, no worries on sharing the take evenly with me." She titls her head and nods once more while holding Sarina up for Daranyl ot ake hold of her if he wishes. The rider knows very well that with Sarina with him he'll keep put too. Also with him holding onto Sarina she ges to finsh her dinner. "Hey." Is sent towards Chrystyne as she is joining in the conversation as well it seems.

Hotaru chuckles at Ilyse. "Is she now? People keep saying that. I'm starting to think it's true." She teases about Nae. "I suppose it works out, since I love her quite a bit, too." Hotaru smiles and pats Ilyse's shoulder. "Ah, thank you, Lisbei. Well met. I'm a vintner, myself." Hotaru waves to Chrystyne. "Hello there. Welcome to Ista. Hotaru." She extends a hand to the guard. She shakes her head a bit at Daran. "Should I invite you to the birth? You can come to the prenatal sessions Nae and I have with the healers. At any rate, my mom likes you. So… that's good."

Daranyl takes Sarina gently with a nod to Sundari, it's easier to focus on her, too. He leans down enough to touch his nose to her forehead, hoping for another giggle. He straightens, taking his time to just bond with the baby, it seems, letting the conversation swirl around him, finally murmuring, "Glad she likes me 'n', naw, I don' want to go to yer sessions." And one birth was enough.

Lisbei shoots a warm and welcoming smile to Chrystyne along with a head bob and a "Hiya." A smirk falls upon Daranyl's realism and she shrugs in agreement choosing mostly to stay out of the who's who's bebeh talk. Good timing for conversations about arrival times and she says to Ilyse "Well isn't that wonderful! You chose a good place. What brings you to Half Moon and what keeps you busy if you're not working the Trader biz anymore." As for her question a solid headshake no and she responds "I actually relocated from Half Moon Bay Hold a couple turns ago. Stuck isn't the descriptor I'd choose, though I will say business has been rugged like egg shards after the quake. Not a moments rest it seems." Eyes sparkle a brilliant mint frost at the mention of Hotaru's craft "A vintner! You don't say. Maybe we can talk business some time? I have been keen on getting a solid libation export out of here with requests from both Southern Boll and Telgar as of late. Seems people are branching out from Benden and we could be the next wine country!" Plus she really just wants to taste test and see how it all works.

Chrystyne takes the offers hand for a quick shake as Hotaru offers it. "Christina. Thanks!" she grins brightly. "I was hoping to run into Kyra again. But…" her gaze flickers around the room. "I think I missed her." a nod and smile is cast to Darnel. "Heya again." another nod is given to Lisbei as she catches the other girls welcoming smile towards her.

Sundari shakes her head a touch and is rather amused to say the least as she hears the talk between Daranyl and Hotaru. She smiles while looking to Daranyl and Sarina as she sips from her drink. Sarina does indeed giggle out at that nosing while a hand lightly takes hold of his shirt and tugs upon it, she is still working on this whole grabbing and holding onto things it seems. As for the conversations around her she'll just listen in n the moment it seems.

Hotaru smiles to Ilyse. "Yep, I'm fine. Did you get enough to eat today?" She asks, finally starting in on her meal. Hotaru chuckles a bit to Daran. "Good. Because I think it might be crowded with my parents here." And Nae. And maybe even Makoto if the smith was adamant. Hotaru nods to Lisbei. "Indeed! I'd love to talk business to you. We'll have to catch a meal sometime." She laughs. "I dunno. I didn't think Half Moon was much suited for wine. My specialty is more in the spirits area, but we can talk." Hotaru shakes Chrysty's hand. "Well met, Christina."

Ilyse smiles at Chrystyne as she approaches and waves at her before she places her hand on Hotaru's shoulder and giggles. "Don't invite me, I'll probably pass out." She remarks and then looks up to Lisbei and she looks blank a bit. "Uh.." She makes a face there and shakes her head back and forth. "It's just.." She shrugs… "I did, thanks HOtaru."

Lisbei smirks and head bobbles "You have a point… spirits pushing it is. Let's talk when we have some free time eh?" At that moment a gruffy looking gent comes in and bellows "Lisbei. We need to talk." Uh-oh! He doesn't look happy. "Excuse me." She says politely, stepping away from the group for a few moments to address the ominous looking man.

"You do make good spirits, Hotaru. Why are yer mums goin' with ya?" Daranyl's focus is slipping, the baby is more interesting and the crowd more straining for the hunter. The giggle makes him grin before he nods to Chrystyne, "She's always abou'." He reaches, carefully interposing his finger between her and his shirt. "Don' be doin' that now, Li'l Bit. Yer too young to be takin' my clothes off."

Chrystyne settles back to listen to the conversation and that's what she does. Soon enough though she slips away in search of her friend!

"She might be huntry." Ilyse says to Dara, nodding towards the baby before she leans back and looks at the gathering of people. Her own anxiety is up, but she's managing it fairly well. At least taking decent amount of solid breaths.

Hotaru chuckles a bit. "Noted, Ilyse. Probably not something you want to attend either way. I was mostly teasing him." Hotaru grins and nods to Lisbei. "Lets. I have my apprentice taking care of most things for me these days, due to…" She motions to her baby bump. "I'll make sure to get some bottles of our latest batch for you all to have a try." Hotaru shrugs. "Because that's how they are? I'm their only kid. And you've met Cassara. She can be overbearing. Hika is nicer, but not much better." Hotaru finishes up what she's eating and grabs the container for Nae before getting up. "I should head home. My other half is gonna be hungry when she gets home. I'll see you all later!"

Sundari peers over at Hotaru at the talk of spirits. "Hey.. You haven't shared any with me yet." She points out with an amused tone. Once a seacrafter always one, she does love a good drink. Hearing Daranyl she blinks and glances over curiously to him and her daughter. A soft chuckle escapes her and she leans down checking her bag and finds a little rattle which she wiggles a bit before offering it to Sarina while smiling. "Sorry, Daranyl." As the rattle is seen Sarina lets go of the shirt and is grabbing at it a bit before taking hold of it and gives the rattle a good shakeshake. "See you later Hotaru, tell Nae I said hi."

Daranyl chuckles softly and nods, "That she is. Doesn't she already know how to breath and push, though?" He does look a touch relieved when Sarina takes the rattle, giving his head a shake, "No problem, Sunny. 'Snot like she was doing it with any ill intentions. Silly Baby." He takes a slow breath and lets it out before he shrugs, "I don' make what she needs if'n she is."

Sundari chuckles a bit while she leans upon the table as she watches Daranyl and Sarina. "Well that is true." She says with a shake of her head. Hearing the bit on the possibility on Sarina possibly being hungrey. "Possible, but not likely as she nursed before I came in here myself so she should be good for a bit longer at least." Sarina wagglewaggles the rattle about and seems like a rather happy little thing there in Daranyl's grasp. "Ever thought about babysitting on the side Daranyl?" Sunny questions with an amused tone.

Ilyse nods her head towards the pair before she grins at Sundari's words and she brushes herself off, having finished her meal. "I feel like such a terrible eater." She blushes and stands, pushing her chair into the table. "I'll be right back." She says, moving over to get some sweets.

Daranyl gives his head a slight shake, "Naw, jus' Li'l Bit. 'N' maybe Li'l Figh'er," he jerks his chin towards where Hotaru retreated to, "Once he comes." He reaches up, stilling the rattle briefly, then releases it. Babies are like toys. Toys that cry and poop and barf.

Sundari glances after Ilyse and nods a bit before she looks over to Daranyl and Sarina, she smiles. "Li'l Figh'er huh?" This said more with an amused tone then anything. "Well I'm thankful that Li'l Bit has your attention then seeing how it isn't given out easily and the like." Sarina giggles up until the rattle is stopped and she looks confused up at the rattle trying to figure out why the sound has stopped. Then when Daranyl lets go Sarina gives her hand a good shake and bonks him with the rattle a moment later. Totally accident.

Ilyse is headed back to the table with a small plate of sweetrolls when she pauses. "Oh, oh I forgot." She moves up to the table and holds the plate out for Dara and Sundari. "Here." She says, "I forgot I was supposed to meet someone today." She looks stricken with embarassment. "I'm sorry I have to leave all of a sudden. It was good seeing you both again!"

Daranyl grins, giving a playful yelp when he's rattle bopped, "She's too cute not ta, yeah?" He nods to Ilyse as she offers the plate and takes one for himself before hesitantly offering Sarina back to her mother, "I need to do a little prep before tonight."

Sundari smirks and shakes her head while she moves to take hold of Sarina. "Well of course she is cute.. Just like her mother." This said while she winks to him and grins. She looks after Ilyse and nods. "See you around." Is called out before she glances to the hunter once more. "Let me know when? I'll get someone to keep an eye on Sarina."

Lisbei finally gets things taken care of, returning to the group only to find much of it has either dispersed or are currently departing. A nod is shared with the new arrivals and it looks as though she's just had a verbal lashing, sinking in to a chair and burying her face in a mug of klah. *Siiiipppp*

Ilyse turns and looks to Lisbei and waves at her. "Going to the lagoon if you want to come and watch me not swim." She giggles and waves to the others. "Take care." She waves and heads out

Daranyl nods to Sundari, "Of course I'll letcha know." He gives Sarina one last quick rub of the head, then stands, snagging up his crossbow and nearly running into Lisbei. He looks her over once, then decides discretion is the better part of valor and flees.

Sundari nods to Daranyl while Sarina rattles her rattle after the leaving hunter, even giggling a bit. Well at least she really is a happy baby! Sunny glances over to Lisbei and waves to her slightly. "What's.. wrong?" Seems the rider noticed something off and well just has to ask. Though a glance is sent after Daranyl sure, leave her to ask this question!

Lisbei foibles a bit when she nearly collides with Daranyl and after a few moments in her chair, lost in that klah, she looks up and smiles half heartedly. "Oh nothing. Just a messed up order is all. Someone tried to pin it on me, but I had my copy of the delivery notes and everything was set on my side." A head shake "Sorting that stuff out is never fun." Pushing back she rubs her chin and resolves that "I should probably follow up on things though. Hope to catch you both again soon, and if you need anything please don't hesitate to ask."

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