A Little Sunny

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Infirmary
This long, rectangular cavern smells faintly of antiseptic and strongly of pleasant medicinal herbs. The general atmosphere is one of bustling but orderly quiet and strict cleanliness. The back of the room is dominated by a small hearth for heat and medicinal preparations and by swinging double doors that lead to a small DragonHealing bay, an emergency surgery for human patients, the main storage, and the staff area where Healers can eat, shower, change, and the like during their longer shifts. The front of the room is a waiting and reception area where patients and staff can check in to receive treatment and begin work, respectively. The east wall of the room features examination, birthing, recovery and outpatient treatment rooms while the opposite wall is curtained off to provide privacy and bed-space for patients requiring overnight care.
Western can certainly handle most of the routine and sometimes urgent treatment needs of its residents here. It lacks some of the equipment available at the main Healer Hall. Once they are stabilized, patients requiring specialized or ongoing care are surely transferred there.

Since everything has happened Sundari hasn't really been given the OK to leave the watchful eye's of the healers, which makes more sense now seeing the night before she finally did have her baby, which thankfully is a healthy baby girl. As hard as she wanted to wait for D'nyl to be there said baby would not wait any longer, pushy little thing she already is it would seem. Now it is late afternoon, mother and baby are getting to rest, while Sundari is keeping a very close eye on the sleeping little girl in fact she hasn't left many anywhere near her. Given that her other three children are gone can anyone honstly blame her? Still the healers are most likely getting a bit at odds with her, and they can only hope when D'nyl does return from sweeps he will be able to talk some sense into the bluerider. Good luck there!

Nobody can blame Sunny at all, least of all R'hyn - he looks guilty for even presuming to impose upon the bluerider, sidling in from the bowl beyond and beelining for the Weyrlingmaster and her newborn daughter. He looks no better than the last time Sundari saw him, all haggard edges and tired eyes, but at least he looks no worse at the moment, hitching a ghost of a smile up on his face as he approaches, cautiously enough that she can probably manage to send him away before he gets too close, if she so chooses. "Hey," he greets from said distance, "you're awake. I tried to swing by earlier, but they said you were asleep." Or perhaps that was Polite Healer Speak for 'go away, nosy weyrling,' but you know… "Regardless, congratulations. I heard it was a girl?" Blue-grey eyes fasten on the bundled baby in Sunny's arms, but he doesn't descend just yet, lingering out of polite wariness, not quite sure what to do or say just yet, sensitive to joy amidst the horror.

In the back of the infirmary, Citayzleat is wearing an expression of supreme patience as she bears the angry grumbling of an older healer. She murmurs something to the journeyman, clasps a hand on his shoulder briefly, and then moves off to examine a chart. Absently straightening her over-tunic, the apprentice takes a moment to examine the infirmary closely. Cita glances up when a kitchen-worker appears, cart of dome-covered trays in tow. Summoning two of the aides to pass out the food to the few infirmary-bound residents, the healer takes the topmost one herself. Balancing it on one arm, she shuffles through cots over to their resident new mother, smiling wanly. "The cooks made a pot of wherry and greens soup special, Sunny. It will help you keep your strength." Is her greeting, as she sets the covered dish on a handy rolling tray and scoots it closer with slow, deliberate movements. "How are you feeling?" She's definitely not acknowledging the baby — above her paygrade, likely to incur wrath, one. She does smile for R'hyn, nodding towards the cart over across the way. "Eat." Not a patient? Just you wait.

Sundari hears the movement around the room, but honestly her mind is anywhere but who might be near her, her gaze lowered to the sleeping baby that is nestled in close to her and rather close mind you at that while the little one sleeps. At a voice towards her she lifts her head a bit, blue gze drifting towards R'hyn whom well she doesn't mind seeing only thanks to the fact that he did get her to the infirmary after thta little fainting spell after all. "Yeah, for the moment at least." Though sleep doesn't come to easy for her right now, whch isn't that big of a surprize. "Thank you R'hyn… Yes a little girl." Those blue eyes of hers lower a bit to said baby whom moves a bit but is still asleep. A slight wave of her free hand is seen towards the weyrling though. "You can si if you want. I won't throw anything at you right now." She is saving that for a certain head healer! Cita is heard and the food is caught sight of but she makes no move for it. "I'm fine." She is anything but fine, but don't expect a clear answer right now. "How have you been Citayzleat?"

R'hyn takes encouragement from the fact that the immediate reaction isn't to throw him out, from Sundari or the approaching Citayzleat. Closer he sidles, lingering with that same here-nor-there awkwardness a moment longer before it's indicated he can sit. A seat is fetched, drawn up vaguely close to the blueie's bedside, blue-grey gaze sweeping the infirmary before R'hyn finally looks Sunny's way again. Some of the brittleness eases out of his eyes for her thanks, chin dipping in a nod for the woman before his attention returns to her newborn daughter. "She's adorable, Sunny. What's her name?" A flickered smile. "And thank you. I appreciate your willingness to leave me unscathed." He's trying to joke at least, though the smile fades only too quickly. "No complications, I hope, from the other day? We've been worried about you. Half the damn barracks wanted to come parading in. Pieta's about at her wit's end, trying to keep us away." BUT HERE HE IS, defiant. His gaze lifts to Cita when the Healer finally approaches, lips tweaking up when Sunny insists she's fine, brows lifting as though to say, 'I'm fine too.' Though, all things considered… "I'll eat if Sunny will." Gauntlet thrown.

Citayzleat doesn't much look like she's about to pitch R'hyn out when Sundari doesn't react too negatively — whether for her wary glances at the infirmary doors and the supposed protection outside, or simply because of friendship, it's not clear immediately. "Sure." The healer agrees for the rider's fine-ness, not much inflection, but she does continue slightly more specifically. "Any undue pain? Are you feeling weak? Do you need any blankets?" For thoroughness' sake. Cita smiles after a beat, tired and drawn, and shrugs. "I'm fine, thank you." They're definitely all fine. A beat, and she makes a vague face, only mildly chiding. "If you need anything thrown, I can do that. You should rest." A stern nod, and not at all a distantly smug look for R'hyn. Watch it, you, with those faces. "They better not all come parading in here. I'll —" Not do anything, because she's an apprentice. Cita sighs. "If you can think of somebody to help with your baby while you eat, Sunny, I'll send for them? Or I could help you eat the soup." She offers, tentatively, smile going a little rueful. Hard to eat without any hands available. "There's redfruit pie if you'd rather." For either? Both? Who knows. Worst healer ever. Dessert first? Tch!

Sundari is quiet for a moment once R'hyn asks the name of the baby and frowns just a moment. "Sunara…" There isn't anything wrong with the name, she just feels so out of place saying it right now it would seem. "Other then the healers don't think I can leave? Then no complications." Not that she should be leaving, even she knows that, but she can still complain over the matter can't she? "Please don't let them come in here… I think I would have a bit of a fit if that happened R'yn. Irk might also toss a few of them out the door." The blue is absent at the moment only because he has to eat at some point himself. A faint look is sent towards R'hyn at the 'I'll eat if she eat's' bit and rolls her eyes slightly. "Childish…" Indeed! As for Cita's questions there is a soft ah heard. "I'm ok, some pain but…baby…" She faintly points out, perhaps more then some but she won't go into detail right now. "No… I mean not until D'nyl or Aerza are back." At the thought of someone feeding her she shakes her head a bit at the idea. "No, I'm fine for the moment." The talk of redfruit pie doesn't even seem to change her mind.

D'nyl's arrival is… precipitous? The stress he's carrying on his back is palpable in his demeanor as he enters the infirmary. Well, more stumbles in… well, more falls. He's trying to rush, but his exhaustion and his need to be with Sunny causes him to scuff his feet at the door and trip over his own feet and goes sprawling across the floor in front of the admitting desk. Oops…

R'hyn sobers entirely for Sundari's silence, lines of worry exaggerated by tired eyes and slumping shoulders. "Sorry," he says, not meaning to have caused her to take pause. Still, blue-greys flick down to the bundled child for the given name, and he can't help the small twitch at both corners of his mouth, the quiet, "A little Sunny," he utters before a hand comes up to flick through his hair, a nervous gesture that's been done quite a lot of late, trying to reel himself in. "That's good, at least. I was worried maybe something was wrong with i— her. You know. After the initial…" Nope. Not going to talk about the post-mating-flight-talk drama. Off he goes, seizing on the topic change. "I won't let them come, and they know better." A beat. "Well, most of them do. They're just worried." Bless, but they care for their tiny Weyrlingmaster, d'aww! "Though I'd pay good money to see Irk toss A'xar around. Or Cita toss him, for that matter." That one has been trouble, or so his expression reads, going hard and steely for a moment as Citayzleat asks her Healer-type questions. R'hyn lets her go at it, glancing their way only to flick Sundari a wink for being childish - you bet your buns he is. His mouth opens, perhaps to take another stab at strained humor when — suddenly, a D'nyl! R'hyn's to his feet in a blink, bristling for the fast-moving, stumbling figure, recognition coming hard on the heels of irrationality, just in time for him to witness the sprawl. Wince. "Shells," R'hyn mumbles tersely, shoulders rolling to expel sudden tension, shifting over to offer the man a hand up if he needs it, a minute smile crooking up his mouth as his other finger points towards Sundari's bed and the seat he's just vacated. Thattaways!

Cita has no comments at all about the healers not letting Sunny go, instead she's scanning the infirmary again, only mostly subtly. She's paranoid, but who can blame her? "They wouldn't be allowed in." The apprentice does assure, quietly, firmly, glancing in R'hyn's direction with a little smile. Well, a smirk, given being called out on his shenanigans. "Do you know, I think that can be arranged." She murmurs, grumbly. The expression clears into a more professional mask quickly, however, and she's nodding. "That's normal, yes." The apprentice agrees. She'll probably leave it to Telj to break the news on further exams, bless. And speaking of D'nyl — there he is! And there he goes. "Shells!" Cita echoes, skitters a little, not falling on her face as she trails off and lets R'hyn do the helping-up. The rider gets narrowed eyes, and a sharp look, but she won't interfere with the reunion except to subtly wave off a wide-eyed healer. Not so much the time, just yet. "I'll just. Go talk to him. Please, sit." It's not actually a plea; but Cita doesn't stick around to mother-hen, just goes to head off the healer. She'll buy him a few.

"I was under a lot of stress…" Sundari offers softly to R'hyn, given what ha happened let's face it! "But yes I was worried about it was well to say the least, but thank you R'hyn I appricate what you did." There is a bit of amusement at the thought of Irk tossing people around and she smiles. "Stick around long enough an anything is possible with that dragon of mine." A slight nod is seen to the Weyrling's being worried. "I can understand they are worried… Tell them I am fine." She doesn't want them to think otherwise at the moment. A slight nod is seen as sh hears Cita, as for exams ha… Telj may get a black eye this time around! She is about to say something else before D'nyl is there and her eyes widen as she watches him, and she looks almost pale for a few moments. "D'nyl…" Oh yeah she looks worried now, stumbling /into/ the infirmary isn't a good sigh givn what things might be happeneing!

"You were," R'hyn agrees in a tone of voice that implies he doesn't think she's quite out of the woods as far as stressors go, but he doesn't beleaguer the point. Instead, he lets the hard lines around his eyes relax, head shaking ever so slightly. "Nothing to thank me for. I'm just glad we were there to help." R'hyn doesn't quite make it to laughter for Sundari and Citayzleat both agreeing that a thorough tossing of A'xar may yet be in the cards, but he does manage a smile that's much more him, amusement a brief flicker in his gaze before it flees again. "He'd deserve it, at this rate. He's one encouragement away from making bad choices." But he nods to her request to reassure his fellow weyrlings, attempting to reassure her with an agreeing, "Of course. I will. Not that they didn't believe Pieta, but…" Maybe if two of them say it? "I don't know. Anyways, sorry, you're supposed to be resting." And he'll shut up about her job!, waving Cita off with a small smile and a mouthing of 'later' before he's up and off to help D'nyl up! Or… so he thinks, seeming thoroughly unsurprised when the bronzer is back up and rushing past him without notice at first, eyes scrunching up with vague amusement as the man goes skidding to Sunny's side. "Hmm? Oh, nothing," the weyrling drawls, dropping the pointing finger as he ambles his way back, back to awkward hovering at the foot of the bed, not quite certain it's time to leave, but not sure what to say if he's staying, so he settles on, "There's food." For D'nyl's sake. "You both should eat something. I might— Might stop in later. Maybe tomorrow. I want to talk to you. Sometime. Faranth." Hair fluff. Shuffle. "Anything else you want me to pass on?" Because if not, he'll just be on his way before he tongue-ties himself even more.

Sundari isn't out of the wood but any degeee, nope sorry kids. She could only wish. She smiles a bit to R'hyn though and nods to him. "Still… I do need to thank you no matter what, and so I will keep doing so get use to it." A bit of her oldself there it seems for a few moments. Still her gaze is back to D'nyl there one he is sitting down and her free hand is held out for his. "Got nothing to be sorry for D'nyl." He doesn't so that is the truth. "I know…" As for baby, Sunara is still asleep and Sunny shifts a bit to make it easier to hold the girl and allow D'nyl to see and take hold of her when he is ready as well. "She just didn't want tow ait anylonger is all." R"hyn isn't forgotten, just a moment here between the two and Sunny is looking over to the weyrlng. "Thank you R'hyn.. You can come back, just don't tell the rest that I don't need them all wandering in it if you understand. We can talk more then. Just tell them to mind Pieta, don't give her a hard time." Sunny is strying hard to not fall apart mind you, her kids are gone, baby in her arms and the whole time she is on a emotonal ride and is not enjoying any of it to say the least.

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