Half Moon Bay Weyr - Lagoon

A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Given the weyr's tropical climate, riders and dragons can be seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting nearly turn-round. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl.

It is a nice day to go to the beach for a swim, which is what a few riders are doing along with plenty of other people around the Weyr. It is nice to have a day off at times even with all the crazy that has been going on. Sundari is making her way on out to the beach, she gets a few hours now and then to herself while S'rorn gets to spend time with Sarina, and this is one of the moments where Sunny is taking advantage of going to the beach. Her steps takes her on to a small spot off to the side and sets her bag down, humming a soft tune to herself she goes about pulling out a towel and gives it a shake and lets it rest upon the ground before tugging off the shirt she has on, no worries fokes she has on a bikini top. No she would not go nude swiming this close to the weyr. She fishes around in her back for a hair band and then goes about pulling her hair up.

Daranyl is in trunks and a t-shirt. The last time he swam, he had no trouble going nude, but now he seems to. He's out in the water with a few others. More refugees from Sykan Hold have made the Weyr even more crowded, and Daranyl even more cautious about keeping his shame hidden. He raises an arm in greeting to the beach-bound Sundari, but stays out to sea, enjoying the gentle buoyancy of the locale.

Sundari glances back across the beach and is soon looking out to the water, she smiles as she catches sight of that wave and is soon off heading into the water. It'll take her a few moments but she'll soon catch up to the hunter. "Hey Daranyl." There is a pause, and she eyes the shirt looking almost as if she was about to ask why but it dawns on her soon enough and she reels that question back in. "How you doing?"

Daranyl's shoulders lift and fall, his feet working to tread water beneath the waves, "Well as can be. Hate seein' all these folks displaced. Can't help feelin'… bad fer 'em."

It is a warm afternoon, plenty of people out and about enjoying the day while some are swiming. There is a nice warm breeze blowing across the beach so anyone that is out and about will be able to enjoy it for certain. Sundari is off in the water, floating at the moment it seems while the waves roll on towards the beach, Daranyl is there as well. "Yeah.. I hope there be able to go home soo for there shake. Never easy to be away from home long after all."

Daranyl is wearing a light tunic out where he's treading water beside Sundari, "Soun's like it's only gettin' worse. Hear tell the water's dried up entirely now." He bobs up, then down in the water, trying to keep himself afloat, "Jus' hope it ends well. Can't 'magine losin' a whole hold."

Sundari nods a touch at the thought of losing something like a whole hold, a soft breath escaping her at the idea. "I just hope nothing else goes wrong.. Enough happened after all." A slight shake of her head is seen before she grins a touch and splashes a bit of water towards Daranyl. "You been out here long?

Ilyse wanders up just at the tip end before she tilts her head to the side. "Losing a whole Hold? Where?" She frowns, shaking her head. "That.. I can't.."

Daranyl and Sundari are out in the water, swimming gently in place. Daran frowns, scratching lightly at his chest through the tunic he wears, "More'n enough." He glances up at the sudden voice, failing to answer Sundari's question as he pops momentarily beneath the waves, then surfaces with a cough, wiping water from his face before he manages, "Haven' ya been hearin' abou' whassup at Sykan Hold?"

Sundari looks up at the voice that is calling out towards them. "Hey!" Is called back to Ilyse before that rolling wave dunks her under the surface for a few moments. She is soon poping back up and sputters a bit while pushing a few strands of hair from her face while she glances around.. No one saw that right?

"I've been a little busy myself, remember." Ilyse says, flushing with slight embarassment at her words. "I know about an Earthquake, but nothing else." Her eyes flick between the pair and she swallows.

Daranyl saw nothing! His shoulders lift and fall at Ilyse' comment, "Fair 'nuff. Jus' been a lotta folks comin' 'n' goin' lately 'cause of it 'n' all. Havin' trouble with their water 'n' such. Migh' hafta close down th' whole hold."

Sundari nods a few times as she hears Daranyl explain to Ilyse what all is going on it seems. "Pretty much.." She offers while lifting her head a touch. "You gona come on into the water then?" This called out to Ilyse.

Erina seems to have finished her day's duties on the early side today. Since the weather is so lovely, it's out to the beach she goes! She's wearing a short yellow sundress and carrying a little basket full of beachgoing goodies, practically skipping towards the water.

"Oh, hmm." Ilyse says as she moves to sit down near the water and she gives a gentle smile towards the pair. "Two problems." She begins. "I don't have a suit, and I can't swim." She giggles and turns looking over her shoulders as she waves and blushes at Erina. "Hello."

"Ya don' really need a suit." Says the guy wearing a tunic. Daran moves back a little to make space, happening to glance over and see Erina on the shore, "Huh. Haven' seen her in a while."

Sundari chuckles as she hears Ilyse. "No need to wear one honestly." Though this from the rider that has on a bikini so what does she knows honestly? A glance is sent over to Daranyl and she glances towards another person on the beach. "Who's that?" Is questioned to the hunter whom is in the water not all that far from her.

Erina beams a little at Ilyse. "Hello yourself! I was hoping I'd get to see you again…" She blinks and wanders closer. "It's like this handsome fellow says. Since when do you need a suit? And swimming's easy, I can show you how." She winks, then beams at Daranyl and Sundari. "Good to see you again, sir… ah…" Her gaze drifts to Sundari. "This must be the lucky girl you wanted a present for?"

"Why are you both wearing one then?" Ilyse seems dubious at that before she snerks at Erina and sticks her tongue out at the other young woman before she shakes her head. "I might just sit for a spell. And for who, what?"

Daranyl glances at his chest, then shrugs, "Got some nasty scars is all. Don' figger others wanna see 'em." COUGH. He motions slightly to Sundari, "This is Sunny… 'n' no, tha's fer Kyra. 'N' they're both jus' frien's. Sunny, this is… Rina? She's a trader."

S'dny arrived in Half Moon a little earlier in the day and after completing the reason for his trip he hit the tavern. After a pleasant evening of drinking he has made his way to the lagoon. He's not drunk, at least not something Syd would consider drunk, but he is well on his way to that state. He wanders along the path down toward the lagoon and surveys the place upon arrival. There are people here! And he recognizes none of them, except for Ilyse, "Hello." he says with a wave.

Sundari blinks as she hears Erina and smiles a touch. "Naw.. I bet its Kyra." She calls out with an amused tone. She isn't the lucky one nope! A point is sent to Daranyl. "Daranyl and I are friends." Though hey there is a slight glance sent towards the dear hunter. Onwards! "Maybe we should go back to the beach, easier then to talk over the waves?" Hey that's an idea and she is heading back towards the beach.

Erina looks a little sheepish when her guest turns out to be proven wrong. "Ah. Well. I still have an excellent selection of jewelry that'll be sure to impress Kyra." Totally ignoring Daranyl's claim to be just friends. Sundari's guess is proof enough there. Erina moves over to Ilyse, giving her a little smile. "Wanna sit with me? I've got wine… or did I scare you off last time?"

"So? So do I." Ilyse says as she motions to her arms and shoulders. "All over." She turns to glance at Erina when she notices S'dny and wavees at him, remembering the rider. "Hello!" She calls out, smiling before she laughs at Erina. "I'm here, not leaving." She giggles.

Daranyl scratches his chest subconsciously, "Worse'n them." Not that he's rushing to show them off, either, it seems. He will lean towards shore, though, eyeing the new arrival with a hint of uncertainty, "Allo?" He glances at Sundari for signs of recognition in her of the man. "'M no' lookin' to impress Kyra, jus'… be nice." Riiiiiiight.

S'dny catches hints of the conversation here and there, though not really enough to put two and two together yet. That has never stopped him from being prematurely helpful before, "If you are going to impress women you have to get them lots of nice things." Syd is most assuredly not the expert on women by any stretch of the imagination. He offers a smile to Ilyse, "Sticking around the place I see. Good." he says as he plunks himself down on the sand to get comfortable.

Sundari smiles to Daranyl at the bit on Kyra. "Right.." Is all she can say on the matter. Sorry but she knows differently! She is good at picking up on things. She wanders on up the beach, stepping out from the waves and giving herself a slight shake. She glances to the form of another and peers at the man pondering it seems. "Hi there.." This offered with a smile. "I'm Sundari, rider of blue Irkevalath.." She isn't to sure who he is though while looking for a knot and she soon catches one. "From Monaco?" In other words no she doesn't know this one it would seem.

"His name is S'dny or something close to that." Ilyse says as she moves to sit with Erina. "Why doesn't everyone come on over and sit." She calls out before answer to Dara. "I've seen worse, trust me." She tells him, her eyes going distant for a moment.

Erina smirks and wraps an arm around Ilyse once she's seated by her. "Good. I'll try to tone down the scariness." She looks over to Daranyl, a good bit of amusement in her face. "This fellow has the right idea." She says with a little nod to Syd. "But don't you worry. I can help you find a piece that conveys the exact message you wanna send. I'm good at it."

"It's not so much the scars themselves as what goes with 'em." Daranyl drags himself up onto the sandy beach as well, flopping down not far from the others, "What're you sayin', Sunny?" He turns his head enough to look at Erina, "'M sure I'll fin' somethin' I like for her."

"Thats right I'm S'dny, rider to bronze Marzoth." Syd elaborates on the introduction already provided by Ilyse, "Monaco's duties and all that…" He's willing to let formality slide for the moment, "Hopefully all of you are having a pleasant evening." At Erina's comment about him being right he nods, "Yes. You see. Women and shiny things just go together."

Sundari peers innocent like as she hears Daranyl. "I an't saying nothing." This said while she goes about picking up her bag and towel and wanders over to where Daranyl is. The towel is offered to him while she pulls another one from her bag and goes about drying herelf off somewhat. "Half Moon's duties to Monaco." A glance flicks to S'dny and she smirks at the 'shiny' comment.

Ilyse snugs Erina gently before she smiles at her warmly and leans into her side a bit. "You are still soo scary." She teases before she tilts her head to the side. "So, I'm confused?" She asks. "Your Sundari's baby's father, right?" She asks. "But you like Kyra?"

Erina provides her own introduction after a salute to S'dny. "Erina. Trader. Nice to meet you." She says with a warm smile. Ilyse's comments have her laughing a little bit. "Oh, yeah? Well. Can't do anything about that." She squeezes Ilyse a little closer, then smiles at Sundari and Daranyl. "Leaving so soon?" Clearly she wants answers to Ilyse's questions.

Daranyl takes the towel, rubbing it on his hair, "'M Daranyl." He is, as usual, less sociable around the unknown quantity that is S'dny, "Kyra's not like mos' girls." The question about him and Sarina actually elicits a laugh from the taciturn hunter, "Shards, no. Li'l Bit was on th' way when I got here. I jus' like 'er."

S'dny listens with a certain interest to the potential drama that is being discussed, though Daranyl seems to clear it up rather quickly, "Good to meet you all." he says to complete the social niceties that are required in a situation like this. Not knowing Kyra he'd have a difficult time commenting on if she was similar to other women or not, "Sounds like someone might have a bit of a crush. Good for you. Go for it. Get her something shiny and profess your undying love." Because that always works. Right?

Sundari blinks a few times as she hears Ilyse and a soft ah escapes her. "Well.. No.. S'rorn is Sarina's father actually." She lifts a hand to scratch at the back of her neck a few times. "Daranyl is my friend.. and Sarina just really likes him." That makes sense right? Sure, it makes sense to her after all.

Ilyse ohs and blushes sharply at that and she ducks down and tries her level best to melt into the sand on the beach, not that it's all /that/ sucessful. "Okaay." She squeeks and hides more.

"I am certain I have a few pieces that Kyra would love. Pieces that no doubt would send exactly the right sign from a gentleman looking to impress her." Erina assures with a wink. She gives Ilyse a little smile and another squeeze. "Hey, it's okay. I don't think anybody was offended."

"'M no tryin' ta 'press her!" As frustration settles in, Daranyl's accent thickens. He gives his hair one last rub with the towel, then offers it back to Sundari, "'Sokay, Illyse. Not upset or nuthin', jus' settin' it straigh'." He shoots S'dny a glare. Manly men like Daranyl don't have crushes.

"Oh. If you aren't trying to impress her then by all means don't tell her you love her or get her a gift then. Women tend to think that is a sign that you like them or something. If you really want to make sure she knows that you aren't trying to impress her throw mud at her or something. That way she'll get the message loud and clear and so will everyone else." Syd says with a grin. He's well aware of what is going on here and it is very funny indeed. He glances over to Erina, "Whatever you do. Don't sell to this man even if he chages his mind."

Ilyse nods at that as she gives a small smile as her eyes flick to Erina and she shrugs slightly at that before she allows another smile to come to her face for Sundari and Dara. She still doesn't feel all… confident.

"Alright alright.. Enough." Sundari finally says while peering over at S'dny as he is there poking at Daranyl. "It doesn't honestly matter why or why not Daranyl anything for anyone." Point end really. She takes the towel from Daranyl and looks to him before glancing over to the Weyr. "S'rorn has Sarina in the caverns, I'm going to go get her as he needs to get out on a sweep. You want to come with me?"

Erina rolls her eyes at Syd, smirking again. "I sell to anybody. That's the trader's way. If I didn't sell to anyone who didn't have a perfect idea for their grand romantic gesture, I'd be making very few sales indeed." She says with a little laugh. She shoots a smile to Ilyse. "Hey, it's okay. It's a weyr. Lots of people have… unique arrangements here." Just what idea does she have now?

Daranyl snorts darkly, "She's still my frien' 'n' all." He glances at Ilyse, then shrugs slightly, "'Sokay. Really. No' like ya though' I was doin' my sister or somethin'." He rocks up to a stand and nods to Erina, "We'll hafta take a look some day soon. See what ya've got." S'dny just gets a manly, slightly judgy look before he nods to Sunny, "Yeah, I'd like tha'."

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