Gold Miraneith Clutches

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Row after row of hard benches to sit on, with a good view of the sands below and the action that takes place there during every hatching.. Despite the times, people still come to see the new pairs formed and place bets on the outcome.

Torian heard the commotion of the mighty gold as she made her way to the hatching sands. Curisoity caught the best of him, and he followed.

From the sands> Miraneith is cranky, very very cranky indeed. Especially since the queen hadn't been able to hold out till the dark hours of the night as before. Now, her labors will be observed by the masses. There's a surly glance sent in the direction of the galleries, the ungainly gold stumping her way towards the further reaches of the sands, plump tail dragging along behind her. And no amount of scolding from her rider is going to make her pick it up, shard it! "What's your problem, Mir?" Enka says, coming out into the sands behind her dragon. "Why're you wantin' privacy anyway?" There's an unruly snort from the queen, she pawing at the sand with restless anxiety, swirling around with a flutter of wings. Her short neck turns, prodding at her belly before she crouches, eyeing the galleries again. People. Watching. Grr.

Edani just happens to be here already. Hey, it's a quiet and secluded place to study, at least it was before Miraneith showed up. He's sitting down by the railing, feet propped on the thing with one of the texts open on his lap, pouring over the words while his lips wove silently. It's all about concentration, man. And there are no girls here to distact- ohwait. Does Bethanny count? If she doesn't, that big gold gal certainly does, although he gives the teen a nod of greeting that includes anyone else who happens nearby. Then he's watching the sands, his book all but forgotten.

There is a sound of running feet, and then Bethanny enters the gallery, chest heaving as she tries to catch her breath. "D..did I miss it???" she asks breathlessly, before looking over the edge of the gallery at the sands, and see's that there are no eggs yet. "Phew!!" she adds, before turning round to see who else is here, giving Torian a shy wave, as he is the only person that she really knows. This done, she takes a seat on one of the benches slightly away from everyone, as she doesn't do THAT well with strangers.

Torian smiles at the young girl running in and waving at him, then he turns his attention back toward the sands, having read about clutching, being able to see it is certainly better than all of the healers documents. He remains quiet, content on gathering everything in he can.

From the sands> A ripple of discomfort over ivory-and-mustard hide, Miraneith grunting softly before she finally must move, scooping out sand carefully with her front paws, moving the pale sand about to her satisfaction before she settles, wings mantling before she's hissing, a quick darting glance sent to the watchers in the gallery — disgruntlement building, but quickly lost because it's time to lay her eggs, and the arrival of the first one occurs. Enka's standing off to one side, still remaining close to the entrance, her gaze on her dragon. The hatching grounds might be big, but that back corner is not far away enough, the first egg can be seen clearly from the stands, and Miraneith takes a moment or two before she finally moves to cover it up with sand.

Experimental Prototype Egg
Unremarkable from top to bottom, this egg is a middle shade of gray, bright points and dark points intermingling to create a pattern across the shell. With the even placemnt of spots, the shell seems almost textured. Here and there, a pale hint of color lingers, like a light overlay, as if someone has set lights to the shell to make it more impressive.

Meo slips up into the galleries, taking a seat near the back as she watches the clutching.

Torian's eyes grow wide, taking in the sight of the massive queen as she places the egg then covers it up.

Edani's attention is on the sands, but Bethanny's question, whether it is to him or not, garners a headshake. He's oblivious to where she sits or even that Torian, whom he knows is here. It's not exactly a first-timer's awe on his face, but he's certainly interested in what is going on below.

From the sands> Enka stands with her arms crossed over her chest, leaning against the wall of the entrance, shifting her feet occasional as the heat of the sands sifts up through the soles of her boots. It's one egg to go so far, and Miraneith is moving away slightly to scoop and paw at the sands a few feet away from the first half-buried mound. She does snake her short nack back cover her shoulder, the gawky looking gold huffing at the watchers. Why must she be watched doing this? But she can't argue. It's not like she can hold them back — whether she wants to or not, eggs are coming. It's two trenches dug now, Miraneith angling herself for a little bit of privacy before she hunkers down again, and voila, just like that, there's two more colorful eggs to be seen.

Only a Legend Egg
From the top down, this egg starts out a sky blue color. As he it heads down, it slowly fades, to a pine tree green, that continues all the way into the bottom, giving the outlines of trees as it goes. That just fades in comparison to the most prominent color on here. Two bands of bright yellow wrap around the egg, one from the side, and one from the bottom. Where they meet in the middle, they loop around each other, like large arches. The one from the sides goes up and over, while the one from the bottom goes through it before they shoot back off the ways they came, disappearing from view. At intervals, wider bands of dark brown rise up, and meet with the yellow as it supporting them in their positions. Right at the tops of the loops, are twin bands of reddish orange, and black, held up by only the bands of yellow, and seemingly frozen in time.
Tree of Life Egg
Coiled veins of dark sepia wrap this huge egg in a wash of rich hues, the mass of earthen colors making it appear like the wood of an ancient tree. Thick knots of deep sorrel intersperse with smooth spirals of darker sienna, creating intricate looping patterns that dominate the shell with their abstract beauty. Hidden images nestle amongst nooks and crannies in the curving designs, looking almost like various animals creeping along the shell. Hollows of black shadow linger near the base of the egg, while dancing motes of sunlight gold and palest green wreathe the apex in a halo of bright color.

Bethanny lets out a gasp as the gold hunkers again, and then moves slightly "OOH… 2 this time… that makes 3 now.. wonder how many there will be??" She says, more to herself than to anyone else.

From the sands> Miraneith moves around the two newest clutched eggs, patting up sand about them until they too are half-buried beneath a blanket of warm pale sand. Her stumpy tail flicks, the gold settling down for a moment to rest as she casts a baleful glance up at the galleries, rumbling a little before turning her neck about to nose at her stomach. "Just get it over it, Mir," Enka scolds from the edge of the sands, watching the queen. "The sooner you get done, the sooner anyone watchin' will go back to doin' whatever it was they were doin'." It's advice given, but is it heeded? Nevertheless, Miraneith goes back to hollowing out two more little hammocks of sand, a hiss given as a second pair of eggs is deposited onto the sand. Looks like it'll be going two at a time now.

Ghost Miner's Misery Egg
Gunmetal gray coats the shell of this rather large egg with a metallic sheen, shimmery in the heat rising from the sands beneath it. The outside edge of the shell looks as if it has been polished to a brilliant shine, stretching inwards for about three fingers-width to form a circular rim from which the gray color deepens into a darker shade — giving the illusion of a concave bottom as if the egg itself were a rather large flat pan. At the very center of the egg, blotches of white bubbles can be seen, a brief undulating line that intermingles with patches of sandy-tan and rocky brown, larger blobs of grit interspaced between grainier spots. And tantalizingly, teasingly — barely seen, are rather shiny pieces of glimmered gold, hidden away amidst the rest.
Caught in a Crafted Dream Egg
This egg's base color is just slightly silvered in appearance. Layered on top of this almost imperceptible sheen are six other distinct bands of color radiating from slighty-off center patch of deep-sea blue. One section features rich browns and reds, while another is clearly metallic, sporting copper, a silver, cobalt, and emerald hues that feature a just-perceptible sheen that makes the egg look crafted by a skilled team of artisans rather than naturally occuring. Still other sections seem to borrow from the dazzling combinations of broken light that make up the rainbow. Crimson, bright emerald green, deep violet hues. Every time this egg is viewed it seems to present something different. That's no mystery. Surely, different sections are exposed each time the Queen dragon who cares for it shifts its position. Each visit is a new creation, but the changing face that is put forth isn't random. There's a definite, planned, overall design that is only revealed by careful study. Provided of course that one is not distracted by the dazzling combinations of creative possibility that emerge from the shifting colors.

Torian can't help but let out a soft whistle, "five so far.. " his eyes watch, "I wonder how many total?"

Jingling! There's quite a bit of jingle-jangly noise as Lyrifah comes up the steps, taking them two at a time. "Crap crap crap craaap.." At the top he takes one more stumbling step, before he has to lean forward, hands resting upon his knees as he sucks in a few rapidly panted breaths. "Ugh..stupid..stairs.." Another gulp of air is taken before he manages to straighten himself back up, and then nudges along through the crowd in the galleries all watching the sands. "Come on..hey, s'cuse me.. Yeah, thanks! That's—sorry!" It takes him a bit, but the boy manages to get out where he can take a good look, eyes wide as he watches the dragon..and the eggs that come out. "Wow…heh..that's so gross!" He's grinning though, laughing faintly as he finds a better place to settle and watch the..squishy event.

From the sands> Five done is well begun! Miraneith scoops and pushes sand around the two newest eggs, giving them brief cursory attention before she scuttles a little ways forward, bringing herself closer to the galleries where she can watch the watchers for a moment or two. Behind her, five neat mounds of sand can be seen, her clutch half-buried in warm sand for incubation. Her tail thumps, the gold grunting softly as her sides ripple, and she starts digging another little sandy nest, followed by another. And then there's two more eggs, squelched out in a rather oozy sort of plop, their glistening shells already beginning to dry in the heat radiating from the sands.

Relaxing River Egg
Bordered on the rim of this rather globular looking egg by a band of marbled white and gray, the inner most section of the egg appears to be a dragon's eye view of a gently winding river from above, interspaced with patches of minty green and clumps of forested-emerald. The undulating strand of sapphire blue winds back and forth gently, shallow loops and curves that weave about the easy bend, ultimately joining upon itself again — a never-ending spiral that continuously flows. Such a gentle river would be quite relaxing, an endless ride of bliss and laziness.
Ominous Darkness Egg
Darkness reigns over the shell of of this egg. As if backlit by some unknown light source, there's a tower that looms out of the darkness. The top of the tower starts out triangular, in a dark klah brown, with an icy spindle on top. Where the roof meets the rest of the tower, it squares off. The tower itself is blackey, and stone gray, with several arched windows adorning it. If that wasn't chilling enough, seeming to drip down most of the structure, is white ice, some of it coming to where it's broken off, while others seem to continue until it hits the bottom of the egg. At the base of tower, and close to the bottom of the egg, looms a pair of equally frozen figures, that of fierce canines, standing in front of a gate way. They're snarling at those that come near, warning them to not trespass on this land.

If jingle-bells doesn't get a guy's attention, the word 'gross' certainly will. Edani shifts his attention from the grumpy queen to send Lyrifah an amused glance, a soundless snort of laughter through his nose and a grin quirked in the younger boy's direction. "You think it's gross now, just wait until they hatch. Slimy goop everywhere." He says it like he's an old hand at seeing them, but the knot on his shoulder is from beastcraft. And since it's finally become uncomfortable to continue leaning forward with his feet on the rail like he's been doing, his feet hit the floor with a thump as he re-arranges himself, leaning elbows on the rail so he can see better.

Lyrifah blinks somewhat, turning his attention away from the slimy discharge of eggs to instead take a peek at Edani. There's a broad grin though for that, and the boy nods, though he makes a face at the same time. "Oh, I'll /bet/. I remember being there when my mom had another baby..well..not /there/. I mean, I wasn't in the /room/ or anything, but they hurried the kid out and she was /really/ nasty looking. And red. ..I guess dragons wouldn't be /red/ when they come out but it's the same basic thing. Right? Not like I've never cracked an egg open. ..Is it /like/ cracking an egg open? Probably less stuff in it, since the dragon's there, but still..yeah. That's a good word. Goopy." He turns then, making a hurried path over to sit down near the newly-found person to talk to, and he juts out a hand, even if his attention does slide back toward the sand a moment later. "I'm Lyri, good to meetcha!"

Bethanny looks at the two boys in front of her and rolls her eyes a little. "It is NOT gross… it is amazing!" she says, then blinks, a little suprised at her own little outburst, before hangin her head and pulling her arms around her and hunkering down into a smaller shape.

Now see that? Is TMI. Edani may be a good three turns-something older than Lyrifah, but he visibly blanches- an expression of distaste that fades just as soon as the teen corrects himself. With a look askance at the idea of watching his mother give birth (ick), he nevertheless grins and quips, "With a squished head and cheesy complexion?" See, he's probably been in the same spot. One hand rescues his textbook from the seat before the other boy sits on it, the other reaches to give the offered hand a firm, brief shake. "Edani. Right back at you, man." He glances back at Bethanny's objection, ducks his head to hide the grin that he can't keep off his face. No sense making the girl any more self-conscious now, is there?

From the sands> It's groooossss. Very very gross. But at least there's no blood or other bodily fluids or anything like there might be at the birth of a human baby. Instead, well … it's just a little goopy. Enka's standing at the entrance of the hatching grounds, peering out over the sands as Miraneith hummocks two more mounds of sand around her precious brood, the last two eggs given the same minute attention, sand patted down around the eggshell to cushion it, and warm it. And then she's shuffling off a few more paces sand flying everywhere as the gawky queen digs in with her forepaws, sand flung helter-skelter as she works to clear out two more hollows for the next round of eggs. And here they are!

Power and Parapets Egg
Towers and arches of grey build quickly upon each other, layer upon later of imposing stone, curling around this rather large egg without hesitance. Perched quite precariously upon its very end, the greys almost seem to move, shifting, changing, the pattern never remaining the same for any length of time. A flash of brown, a streak of red, and the hints of brighter hues chase each other around the shell, caught in endless pursuit.
Blue Horizons Egg
A stunning motif of azure and cerulean with hints of turquoise and sapphire dominates the coloration of this egg. In short, it's very very blue. And yet, the separation of the sky — so blue, it looks as if it were the tropical hue above the island itself — and the perfect shimmer of watery-blue is neatly separated by a sudden line of tan, rocky gray and green that shows a mimicry of the island coastline — looming rocks that form the boundary between water and sky — a band of white-gold that stretches along beneath the rocks to resemble the beach sands. In the centermost portion of the egg, four sleek gray shapes can be seen; beautiful dolphins leaping skywards, a froth of foamy white spray in their wake. The leap is a glorious one — each gray shape curved just so as they arch in unison towards the blue skyline above, together and majestic.

Torian simply shakes his head at the exchange, "I think it is incredible, to think that each of them has a new dragon inside. And look at the gold, how proud she looks at the eggs.. and so protective."

Lyrifah takes a peek back toward Bethanny when there's an outburst. Thankfully though, he keeps his own mouth clothes on the matter. "Oookay.." He shifts then, settling back in his seat to watch the sand get pushed around. And then? Then there's more squatting and squishing. "Yes, that's exactly it though! Looked squished and..yeah, ick. Guess it's normal enough but I kinda hope dragons aren't as gross as /people/ babies." With more talking going on nearby, he takes a peek at Torian as well. "I dunno, sure, she can be proud of 'em. Doesn't change the fact that it's kinda slimy and…other stuff."

Souvani slips in very, very quietly at this point. So quietly that it's likely those watching the sands won't even notice her. Yeah, that quietly. She wrings her hands a little, then slides along the very back of the gathering to find a place to peek.

From the sands> Miraneith might be proud, but she's also getting tired. As she scoops sand around the two most recent eggs, there's definitely a droop to the gold's wings as she scuttles to an open patch of sand and begins to dig, but with less energy and enthusiasm before. It's just one single little sand hollow though, which means there won't be a pair of eggs being deposited out onto the sand. Just one. The queen grunts, whining a little as she noses at her flanks, Enka looking worriedly at her. But then, it's all over, and there's a total of ten eggs in little half-mounds of sand, arranged so the queen can settle herself down to rest in the middle of it, curled exactly so she's within reach of all of her clutch.

The Happiest Place on Pern Egg
Slate-gray covers the lower portion of this good-sized egg; irregular lines of a darker gray seeming to form a pattern as if a great many rocks had been laid down and cemented into place to form the bulwark of a great wall or gate, the rounded arch of the entry way seen, splashes of purple and red like banners in a triangular fashion seen along either side of it. There are turrets here, the protective wall that keeps the great hold safe and protected, while behind it, rising in whimsical fantasy towards the apex of the egg, pink and blue form a magical confection of a lady holder's bower, delicate and pretty towers looming upwards. A place for a great lady holder perhaps? What magic lies within?

They may be dragons-to-be, but irreverence is only natural for some guys and Edani is, at least old enough not to mock Torian for his. He keeps his expression neutral while watching Miraneith do her thing. In an aside to Lyrifah, he says, "The one I saw at Fort Weyr was pretty messy, but nah, not as bad as that." His fingers are falling asleep wedged to keep their place in his closed book and since he's unlikely to get back to studying anyway, gives it up by pulling them out and wriggling the creased digits to restore circulation.

Torian points, "I think she is done, ten in total." he finally sees Souvani there and reaches back, pointing at the eggs, "I only wish I can work with the DragonHealers in Xandu in the future to understand more what happens with the eggs."

Lyrifah definitely looks..relieved. "Oh good." And at least at the point when dragons are coming out of eggs, they're not coming straight /out/ of another critter at the time. That'd be a lot more..awkward. Still, he rocks forward in his seat just a little, peering out at the sand as the gold finally settles. "Whew…ten's a hard job, huh?" He gets up then, still making a bit of jingly noise from whatever might be in his pockets.

Souvani shakes her head a little, staying where she is, not moving towards Torian. She eveh shoves her hands behind her back.

Torian turns back to Souvani and looks puzzled, he makes a come here motion with his hand, "Ani, come look, look at the Eggs, and Miraneith. It is just facinating."

From the sands> Ten, lucky ten. "That's it?" Enka doesn't move from where she's standing, her gaze flickering over the mounds of sand that the queen had arranged neatly about her. "Not that it's a bad lot, love. Ten's a good-sized clutch. Bigger'n your last one." the goldrider nods briefly, watching as Miraneith squirms down onto the sand, her belly resting atop the pale grains beneath her, wings tucked tight against her spine. She's tired, for sure. "So ten it is," Enka nods with satisfaction. "Very very good."

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