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Half Moon Bay Weyr - Hot Springs

Created by the fires of the volcano a pocket of ancient air has created this huge open cavern in the black stone. Most of the floor is covered by bubbling mineral water that gleams azure in the dim light of glows. Swirls of green, blue, red, yellow, black and white are awash on the walls and floor, earmarks of earlier times when the hot water boiled out of its bed and rose to fill the dark cavern.

A few signs of humanity can be found. A trunk with soft fluffy towels, soap and a boardwalk erected through the middle of the four pools so that people can find their way to the hot water without burning their feet along the way. It is rumored that an hour in the hot water can melt away even the worse of troubles, leaving a person relaxed and ready to face a new day with vigor.

Outside it is hot, warm, all thta lovely stuff that happens when one is out and about around such beachy sort of places. Sundari is making her way on into the baths, a towel wrapped around her while her clothing is tucked up and folded nice an neat, she lets it rest upon a chair before she snags a bag of soapsand and is off to the pools. She picks one near the back dropping the bag and pulling her towel off so she is a bit on the nude side, well this is the baths after all. She hops down into the warm waters of the pool and a soft sigh escapes her. Nothing like the warm waters to help acheyness.

Already standing in the Hot Springs is Ilyse. She's surpisingly busty for someone that's soo thin. But she looks up in time to see Sundari and moves to cover herself and then laughs at herself. "So silly." She murmurs and waves to Sundari. "Hiya." She moves over to the water. "Mind if I join you?"

Daranyl looks very much like he dropped himself into a mud bog or something. It's not quite head to toe, but it's close enough. His recently acquired modesty is forgotten as he peels off the soiled clothing and tosses it to the side. He must be moderately aware, though, or at least cautious because he slips into the pool next to the one the girls are in with a grumpy groan, not even bothering with soapsand at first. Instead, he just lets the hot water work at the sticky muck.

Sundari blinks and peeks up at the voices, a slight wave is seen and she smiles. "Hey Ilyse. Sure, that's alright with me." She shifts then to lean against the edge of the pool and peeks towards Daranyl, so sorry she did sput you there! "Daranyl, what happened to you?" Yes she saw him all muddy.

Ilyse looks at Sundari and smiles as she looks over towards Daranyl. "Is that him? It looks like a Mudmonster ate him." She says, looking out to Dara. "You okay?"

"Jus' mud. Slipped trackin' a wherry 'n' ended up covered." Daranyl rolls his shoulders, making the water move in the pool he's in and draw more of the icky stuff away, albeit slowly, "Pass me th' soapsan'?"

Sundari shakes her head a touch and smiles to Daranyl all the same before grabbing hold of the soapsand and tosses it on over tot he edge of the pool he is in. "Wherry around the Weyr?" This questioned while she grabs another bag of the soapsand that was closer to her pool.

Ilyse's hand reaches out for the soapsand but she doesn't when Sundari gets to it before her. She leans next to Sundari and hmms. "That's pretty rare, isn't it?"

"'Scaped th' corrals 'n' I was tryin' ta help round it up." When Daranyl reaches for the soapsand, the water sloshes and some of the mud has melted off, revealing bits of scar here and there, mostly lines with a few curves, and all looking fairly new, but not especially awful. "Thanks, Sunny."

Sundari ahs at that and nods while she leans against the edge of the pool. "I should have sent Irke over then.. You didn't get hurt or nothing right?" She is eyeing him a touch to make sure it seems. As for the scars she catches sight of them a touch and coughs a touch while lifting her head to try and get his attention on the matter.

Ilyse tilts her head to the side as she notices a few of the scars, but heck she's got those on her shoulders and arms. It happens when you have to live in the forest for a couple of turns. She turns her attention to Sundari at the cough. "Are /you/ well?" She says, genuine concern

"Naw, no mountain ta get me down this time." Daranyl takes his time lathering up, working hard at his shoulders, arms, and chest first, "Didn' soun' like a bad cough. Prob'ly jus' the steam, yeah?" He totally misses what she's trying to mention to him, though. Need to be clean is winning out over focus.

"Yeah I'm fine, I never get sick." Sundari offers while eyeing Daranyl. She doesn't want to draw attention to his scars, which might happen if she goes about bringing it up. Also, yes she does get sick and the last time that happened it was badness to say the leat. She turns to pick up the bag of soapsand and looks over to Ilyse. "So.. How you fitting in around the Weyr?" Maybe she can keep the others attention on her instead?

"A mountain?" Ilyse asks as she glances back to Sundari and she nods to her. "Sorta." She muses, going back to look over towards Dara. "How did a mountain get you down?" She wonders. "I don't think a mountain has ever gotten me down." She looks to Sundari again. "You?"

Daranyl continues, blissfully oblivious to the fact that he's slowly scrubbing mud off his chest and revealing what lays beneath… and it's starting to look like letters: TR… The rest is still obscured, but those two letters are eerily well-defined. "Fell down a mountain a month or two back, laid me low fer longer'n I'd've liked." He nods towards Sundari and echoes her questions, just as eager to not be the center of attention for his own reasons.

"Well… Not a full on mountain to say the least." Sundari offers while scrubbing at her hair a bit after getting it wet. "Most I did was get a bad sunburn that left me in the infirmary for a while. There was the feline that try to chew on me but he didn't get to far." She goes on talking while she gets her hair nice and clean.

"I got scratched up pretty good along here." Ilyse motions to her shoulders as she gives a small sigh. "All of us have scars, eh?" She says, seemingly slightly stunned by the letters, but she looks away. It's not her place to stare.

Daranyl nods slightly, "Everyone does. Jus' not all of 'em are in th' skin." He glances down at his chest, realizing for the first time that the letters T-R-A-I-T- have been revealed through the mud now. He shoots Sundari a quick look, then ducks deeper in the water, hiding the scars as he increases the rate of scrubbing.

Sundari is quiet at the talk of the scars, though more so at the comment made from Daranyl while she glances to her hands a a moment before she looks up a touch. "Yeah.." A glance is sent back to Daranyl, she didn't notice the letter until he was basicly ducking down and she blinks a moment. "Everyone has something." A slight nod is sent to Daranyl whom gets a slight smile before she peeks over to Ilyse pondering if the girl saw those scars or not.

"I don't mean to pry." Ilyse murmurs to Sundari as she nods to Dara. "Why did someone carve Traitor onto his chest?" She sounds nervous about it. "I don't want…I don't want to embarass him." She murmurs, keeping her voice low. "That's horrible someone doing that to him." Her voice is wracked with sympathy.

Daranyl shifts uncomfortably, but gives no overt sign he heard Ilyse' words, just continuing to scrub at his chest, the water growing ever darker with mud.

Sundari lets her gaze linger on Daranyl even though she hear Ilyse, a slight frown seen while she glances to the one in her pool. "Someone that needs to pay for hurting him." This said with a faint tone, no joking there nope. "Promise me you won't tell anyone what you saw?" This said whiel she is watching Ilyse, her gaze narrowing just a touch.

"Renegade?" Ilyse's face suddenly drains of most of it's color. "A Renegade group is who killed my family." She looks to Sundari and nods. "My word." She gets up out of the pool and leans over to attempt to give Daranyl a huge hug from behind if she manages it.

Daranyl stiffens at the unexpected physical assault, but doesn't lash out, his usual excuse dying on his lips at the show of affection. The scrubbing stops while his brain processes, then he murmurs softly, "They're no' all bad. Only most of 'em."

Sundari is quiet at the question to Ilyse. "Seems they go a lot of that anymore." Plenty of people at the Weyr have lost family and loveones to the Renegades. "But.. like Daranyl says there not all bad." She smiles a touch and is shifting to give the hunters hair a slight ruffle.

Ilyse pulls back some as she looks between the pair and she places her hands on each person's shouders and squeezes them softly as she moves back some to sit back and give the friends some room.

Daranyl ducks the hair ruffle, but Sunny still gets some of it. His shoulders lift and fall, going slowly back to scrubbing and peeling off mud. Finally, he manages to draw his gaze back up to the ladies and murmur, "We've all made mistakes."

Sundari smiles a touch as she looks to Daranyl while he escapes her hair ruffling. She sinks back into the water as she goes about scrubbing some sandsoap over her, well it is a bath after all. "Yeah.. Everyone does." She offers softly, a slight ook is sent back to Daranyl.

Ilyse nods her head as she moves back into the water and she slides away over to herself and she gives a long slow sigh.

Daranyl inclines a nod, "Yeah." It dribbles out softly as he reaches for more soapsand. He meets Sundari's gaze, just for a moment, then shrugs slightly, "How's Li'l Bit?" Muuuuch happier topic.

"She's good, spending time with S'rorn so I could have a few moments to myself." Sundari offers with a slight shake of her head. "Anyway I needed a bath so it worked out." This said with a slight smile seen at the talk of Sarina. "She's already growing to fast though."

Ilyse sits over to herself for the time being, her hands taking up some of the soapsand and scrubbign along her neck and chest. She leaves the pair alone for now.

Daranyl glances over at Ilyse, then nods to Sundari's words, murmuring in the newcomer's direction, "Sometimes talkin' helps?"

Sundari does notice how quiet it has gotten over with Ilyse and she is left peering at her curious like. "What… firelizard got your tongue?" This questioned as she grins a touch.

Ilyse looks up towards the pair. "I just didn't want to stick my foot in my mouth." She admits to the pair. "You two are obviously close. And I feel like a third leg, considering." She motions to Dara. "Even if that sort of includes."

Daranyl glances at Sundari, then shrugs slightly, turning his gaze back to his own scrubbing. Social awkwardness is best combated with taciturn silence, right?

Sundari glances to Daranyl a moment once more before a soft ah escapes her and she looks over to Ilyse, whom does get a faint smile. "Nothing wrong with you Ilyse, everyone has to start out somewhere and over time friends are made that way." She points out with a slight nod. "I suppose Daranyl an I just get along rather well." With that she she pulls herself on out from the water and wraps that towel around her while sitting at the edge of the pool. "But that doesn't mean we can't be friend too Ilyse."

Ilyse nods her head at Sundari as she gives a warm smile. "I guess I just crave for new friends after being so alone for such a long time." She admits, blushing some as she looks at the water around her.

Daranyl shrugs again, leaning forward enough that he's likely on to washing his lower extremities. Friends are really something he can help with, after all. He's just… who he is and who he is is pretty socially inept. Sunny just… likes him despite all that.

Sundari does indeed like Daranyl even if he is all social inept and such. She smiles and nods once more to Ilyse. "Friends are good to have.." No that she honestly has that many, she can count on one hand the friends she has. As for Daranyl she eyes him a touch before leaning over when he isn't looking and tries to rest a hand on his shoulder and thus attempts to push him down under the water quick like!

Ilyse nods and listens before she grins broadly suddenly as Sundari moves to try and dunk Daranyl's head as she gets a little giggle as she watches Sundari's actions as she leans over to see what happens

Daranyl dunks under, pushing up quickly with both feet until he's standing, spluttering water everywhere as he wipes at his face and eyes, the 'TRAITOR' across his chest clearly visible, along with the swirling renegade sigil beneath, both no more than two months old. Generally, this combination comes on those who betrayed the Renegades from within. "Sharding shells, Sunny. Ya tryin' ta kill me now?"

Sundari peers at him innocent like. "No.. Don't tell me you sister has /never/ dunked you under the water before." As for those scars of his, she is slipping quiet and feels bad for dunking him under the water now. "Sorry.."

Ilyse gives a bit of a wince before she nods to the pair. "No, she's not. It's playing Daranyl." She calls out, softly. "But I've spent enough time lounging." She stands and moves to leave.

Daranyl snorts darkly, giving one foot a shake before he climbs out of the bath, "I know she's playin'." It's just a risky play. Anyone else but Sunny or Kyra probably would've gotten decked for it. A clean towel is acquired and his chest quick wrapped over (the rest doesn't seem to matter to him), "'M gonna go get inta somethin' clean. I'll see ya aroun'."

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