Awkward Party

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Living Cavern

Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

Makoto is up late in the living caverns, catching a late meal when things are dying down. She sits alone at a table, idly picking away at her food. She has dark bags under her eyes and her clothing and hair are in disarray. Despite the time, she almost looks like she just woke up.

Daranyl is a little grimy when he makes his way in, snagging a couple of meatrolls as he adjusts how the crossbow hangs from his shoulder. He's not even aware of Makoto at first, just turning and continuing to wind his way through the tables.

Lisbei wanders in to the Living Caverns hand in hand with Tifla in search of food and refreshments. Lis has a smile on her face and is polished and bubbly as usual with a little hop in her step. Fortunately no creepy crawlies are following her at the moment, however at least two people's firelizards wander over just to say hi when they're grabbing drinks. Each receive scritches and Lisbei will wait for Tif before they head towards the seating area. "Where should we sit?" Lis asks Tifla.

Tifla follows along close to Lisbei, almost sort of hiding behing the other girl. She tends to do that around crowds of any size, even the relatively small ones in the caverns this late in the day. "Uhm, I'm not sure…" She answers Lisbei, her gaze sweeping over the tables. "Do you see anyone you know?"

Sundari has spent a long day out on sweeps, taking needed materials in and out, working here and there. She is wandering on into the caverns, unzipping her jacket as she goes and running a hand through her hair a few times that is still a bit wind swept. A soft huffle escapes her while she goes to find something to drink, anything at this point would be good.

Makoto seems rather caught in her own little world. Or is just really interested in something about her food as she stares at it. The influx of people gets her attention a little though. She notices Daran and forces a smile his way, though he probably doesn't notice. Lisbei's voice makes her perk up a bit and she looks over to her and her friends, offering a small little nervous wave.

Daranyl looks up at Lisbei as his little green lizard flits in to alight on his shoulder with a soft croon, then nods to Sundari. Tifla gets a once-over as he sizes her up, then he turns and spots Makoto. Whether she likes it or not, she's getting a grimy hunter at her table because the caverns doesn't have a lot of open space right now.

Lisbei recognizes Makoto and Daran with warm smiles and a sweet wave back towards small little nervous wave, add Sundari in to the mix- and we definitely have a little party going on now! Tifla gets a solid, reassuring squeeze and they head for the crowd. Oh how perfect! Makoto's table definitely has some room at it, Lisbei leads that way with a smile and head flick to Sundari hoping she'll join them. Daranyl has the same idea and the smirk on Lisbei's face is priceless "Mind if we join you two?" Lis waits for an answer… mostly, before settling in to a chair "How's every one's day?"

Tifla is slightly reassured by Lisbei's squeezing, but meeting strangers always brings out her nerves. She follows over, but is less certain about immediately leaping into a free seat before the others answer. Still, she manages a friendly, if shy, sort of smile. "H… hi. I'm Tifla." She says, looking to Makoto and Darany with slightly wide eyes.

Sundari is around, yes! Watchout or something like that, though honestly no she is in a good mood really. She is wandering with said drink in hand and shifts taking a bag from her shoulder that holds some sort of instrument within it, just the neck of the item seen which for any that know it is a violin. The small group of ones she knows is seen and she smiles while moving that'a way. "Hey.." She offers, and without asking to sit is totally taking a seat next to Daranyl.

Makoto gets a little tense as a group converges around her. "H-H-Hey e-veryone." Her stutter seems a bit worse than usual, though she manages to put on a smile. Her tired eyes look around and she perks a bit. "… T-Tifla?" she looks back also rather wideyed. "M-My friend Nae uh.. uhm, she told me about you…"

Daranyl grunts non-comittally at Tifla and mutters, "Daranyl," before promptly filling his face with meatroll. Don't mind the grime and stains; he always looks that way. He leans slightly to peer at Sundari's contraption, swallows, then asks, honestly, "Tha' some sorta torture device?" Poor violin. So insulted. He breaks off a bit of the meatroll and offers it up to the little green, who eats it daintily enough in juxtaposition to her human. Lisbei's question just earns a shrug. Would it matter if he did?

Lisbei had almost forgotten about that stutter, but her smile and demeanor doesn't falter towards Makoto, even as the infamous Nae comes up. "Oh?" It's a funny smirk she shares with Tif, nearest hand nonchalantly falling to her lap and slightly lateral for a quick squeeze because of the irony of it all. "Hey Sundari." She raises her glass and adds "I didn't know you played?" Some nibbles of stew are taken (daintily), Lisbei is a pretty lady like eater, a couple sips of redfruit juice, eyes wide like frozen mint colored saucers. Thank goodness for the grimy shrugging relief of Daranyl and she decides he's not going to get off that easily asking him "Have you seen that kitten around? The calico one. Hasn't been back around much since that day."

Tifla gives Sundari another little friendly smile once she comes over to join the group, greeting her the same as the others. Then Makoto mentions her name, and Tifla looks over to the smith with considerable confusion. "She… she did?" She asks, tilting her head to one side. "What did she say?" She glances to Lisbei, smiling a little bit at her. She seems to be helping with the crowd-related nerves, if only a little. Still, she looks back to Makoto for the answer.

Sundari blinks as she hears Daranyl and smirks. "Not at all. You never seen a violin before or osmething?" This questioned with a curious tone and a soft huff at the idea. Her gaze drifts towards the others and she offers a slight nod before the question is brought up about the calico kittne. "I haven't seen it around in a few days actually."

Makoto eyes the violin curiously and chuckles at Daranyl thinking it's a torture device. Her attention snaps back to Tifla though. She seems to get a little nervous at Tifla's question, causing her to blush a bit. Her big blue eyes looks about from Tifla to Lisbei and then to her food. "I.. Uh.. S-She… She said you're really sweet… And.. that you're a little shy." She gives an awkward smile. "L-like me…"

Daranyl gives his head a slight shake, grunting around another bite of meatroll. Never seen a violent torture device like that before, but he can imagine that it hurts. Once he swallows, he grumbles, "Sharding thing keeps followin' me around. 'S off righ' now, but it'll be back. Always is."

Lisbei is all about comedic relief, even if her bubbly personality doesn't quite meet the mark when it boils down to the funny business. So she'll nibble, and not talk too much, wiping her mouth here and there, feeding bits of meatroll to the firelizards who's owners didn't train them not to beg (and don't seem to care that their doing it either!) Someone's gotta feed them- Lisbei pretty much avoids and mention of it but people have even started to notice the strays getting a little plumper these days. Some where along the way a meatroll or two make it in to her purse wrapped up in napkins for her regular post dinner walk. That piercing gaze floats to Daranyl after being worried about Sunny not seeing him lately and she lets out a deep breath a pleasant smile returning to her face"Good to hear. Maybe he's just your meow for awhile…" that makes Lis happy, so does food. Yum!

Tifla still seems rather bewildered by the whole concept that people are talking about her when she's not around. Usually she seems inclined to try to just fade into the background. Still, she gives Makoto an equally awkward smile in return. "Y… yeah. I guess I am. Shy, I mean. I dunno about the rest. I… just make stuff in the kitchens…" She fidgets a little, glancing back to the others.

Sundari looks back to Daranyl and a soft breath. "You haven't ever seen a violin before?" This questioned while takes the violin out along with the bow and looks to Lisbei andnods to the bi ton the feline. "I'm sure his around somewhere.. After tunnelsnakes or somesuch, they do that right?" Heck if she knows! As for the violin she sets the bow upon the table while she goes about tuning it, tighting the strings a bit. The bow is then picked back up and she tucks the violin under her cheek and the bow slides across the strings, a soft little melody picked up, nothing at all like a torture device.

Makoto watches Sunny tune the Violin intently. Instruments were always interesting to her and for all she could study them she could never figure out how excellent ones were made. She smiles at the sound. "That sounds beautiful, Sunny…" Makoto gives a reassuring smile to Tifla. It was… somewhat comforting to deal with someone else who was shy. She gives an embarrassed giggle. "Well, you seem sweet… and it's not like baking stops people from being sweet." she pauses for a moment. "O-Oh right! I-I'm Makoto. It's nice to meet you."

Daranyl shakes his head again, still chewing, then nods when he swallows, "Never seen one 'fore. 'N' the feline'll come back. Waste o' space." He quiets when the playing starts, oblivious to the nervous chatter also going on at the table, just listening to the unexpected music.

Lisbei will listen with gratitude as Sundari tunes and plays her violin, sitting for a good long while, finishing her meal and leaning in to Tifla from time to time. There's a nod in agreement with Makoto about the violin yet a quickly passing raised brow for how quickly she and Tifla click with their shy dispositions. It's pretty cute Lis thinks to herself, and right on time- special delivery, a small brown messenger pops in from between with more special orders for Lisbei. Guess it's her lucky day now. There's a sigh and a head shake "A woman's work is never done." Half a chuckle escapes for what Darnyl says, and she secretly suspects he likes the little guy. "If you all will excuse me. It was good to see you again, but I must tend to this." She'll give Tifla a sweet smooch on the cheek and a squeeze of the hand whispering something in to her ear before gathering her plate and pushing back with a wave. "See you all around soon I'm sure. Thank you for the music Sundari."

Tifla smiles, somewhat reassured by that smile from Makoto. But it takes more than that to get her to stop being nervous. "It's very nice to meet you, Makoto. I'm Tifla… I… I said that already…" She realizes that a little late, wringing her hands and squirming again. The music is not helping to calm her. Or maybe it is, and she'd be even more panicked otherwise. When Lisbei pecks her cheek and whispers, she blushes brightly at one or both of those things. "H… hope it goes well…" She says, smiling at Lisbei again.

Sundari isn't comment on the feline, she doesn't honestly like them that much if one was to get right down to it. Not that she wants anything to happy to the little fuzzy thing. She half listens in on the talk around her while her eyes close and the tune goes on. It is slow, soft little melody something just to offer background music and hey she likes to play and it has been a while. Her fingers glide acros the strings during each note that is heard. Somewhere a certain blue dragon is bugling out as if attemping to sing along, Irk may have other ragons tossing things at him if he isn't careful.

Makoto giggles a bit as Tifla reintroduces her self. "Its fine…" She watches Lisbei and Tifla and blushes a bit her self, fidgitting a bit nervously in her seat. "B-bye Lisbei!" she smiles. She seems to have regained a little bit of spirit from when she was trying to eat all alone but was still nervous. Though apparently less so than Tifla. She'd try her best to make things comfortable. "If you need anything, just ask… I.. know how weird it can be to be stuck at a table with strangers… b-but… they're very nice. Even Daran." she gives a little smirk.

Daranyl snorts when Makoto says he's nice and offers another tidbit to the green firelizard. His head is tilted slightly to the side, listening to Sundari's addition for a few moments before he asks bluntly, "Ya from here, new, or visitin'?"

Tifla seems to calm down a little bit. Maybe the music really is helping? Or it could be Makoto's words sinking in. She gives the other shy girl a grateful smile, scooting her chair in her direction a little bit. "Th… thank you. Sorry. I always stutter and stuff when I'm around strangers. I guess that's why Nae said we're alike?" She suddenly goes wide eyed and a little panicky. "Not that I'm saying you stutter, or you're like me, or… shards. Didn't mean that…" And she was doing so well, too. She blinks at Daranyl, uncertain. "Are… you asking me? I'm just here with the bakercraft…"

Sundari continues playing that bit of music, though it won't take to long for her to stop as a bronze firelizard appears before her carrying a note which she takes hold of. A soft sigh escapes her and she peeks to the others. "Seems I need to get going, you all have a good afternoon." She smiles to Daranyl and Makoto ebfore nodding to Tifla. "Hope you enjoy your stay." This said while she is heading off, violin tucked under her arm, firelizard on her shoulder while she tucks the note into her pocket.

Makoto giggles at Tifla. "Oh come on, I know that I stutter too." she gives a bit of a goofy grin. "I was worse than you when I was first meeting everyone. I'm… honestly a little embarrased I still do in front of people I know." She was fine now though! Something about Tifla's nervousness gave her confidence. It was… refreshing to meet someone she could relate to like that. She gives a smile ot Sunny. "T-Take care!"

Daranyl frowns slightly at Sundari's sudden exit and reaches up for his own little green, murmuring something to her, but training? Not going so well. She chitters scoldingly at him, ganks the last of his meatroll, and flits /between/, almost certainly not on whatever errand she was supposed to be going on. He sucks in a deep breath and grumbles something about whiskey.

Tifla gives Sundari a grateful little smile. "Thank you for the music." She says softly, giving a little wave goodbye. Then her attention drifts back to Makoto, a little bit of a blush barely appearing on her dusky cheeks. "I… I know exactly what you mean. The nerves. And it's… nice to know I'm not the only one. Maybe we can spend some time together or… something?" Awkward. More squirming. There's a sideways glance at Daranyl, uncertain.

Makoto blushes a bit too and covers her mouth with her hand to hide an excited smile. Of course she can't hide that she's excited by the offer. "A-Awwh I-I would love to, Tifla!" She wiggles excitedly in chair. How her day got turned around. Who knows what Daran thinks of all this.

Daranyl's dark gaze flicks between the two women. Without Sundari to give him focus, he's the one growing increasingly uncomfortable now. And he has no alcohol to help lubricate the system.

Well, now Daranyl can join the awkward and uncomfortable party. Though Tifla's actually looking a little more at ease now. A smile grows on her at Makoto's reaction. "R… really?" She's beaming almost ear to ear. "That'd be great! What sort of things do you like to do?"

"Y-yeah why not?" she smiles too. "S… S-stuff I like to do?" she looks up in thought. "I dunno I'm…. pretty boring!" she laughs nervously. "… I read a lot… spend a lot of time working on craft stuff… It's almost like a hobby that's also my job… Oh hey, you're a baker, right? I like eating!" she giggles.

Daranyl pops a last bit of meatroll into his mouth, then scoots his chair back, swinging his crossbow into his lap so he can start polishing the stock of the weapon. How does Daranyl fight social awkward? He just pretends it doesn't matter and doesn't apply to him.

There's something very unnerving about a near-stranger just nonchalantly cleaning a deadly weapon a short distance away. There is a glint of fear in Tifla's eye as she glances in Daranyl's direction. She edges closer to Makoto, trying not to sound too freaked out. "I like that too. Eating, I mean. You have to, in my craft. Are there any places around the weyr you like?"

Makoto senses Tifla's discomfort and than turns to see… Daran cleaning his crossbow. She looks back with a bit of a smile. "… Don't mind him, he does that all that time. I've never seen him point it at anyone… Just… likes hunting. Right Daran…?" she gives Tifla a nod. "Yeah I'd imagine… Mmm… places around the weyr." she laughs a bit. "I'm usually a homebody and spend a lot of time in my room, but I go out to the beach and read a lot… OH — there is this awesome rooftop patio with all these plants and stuff! That's where I met Lisbei!"

"Wha'?" Daranyl's gaze comes up, suddenly realizing he's a subject of discussion, "Oh? Naw, I point it at people, but only those what are a danger. No one here." The way he says 'here' implies the Weyr as a whole.

Tifla tries to look reassured, but it's plain to see that Daranyl's answer still leaves her more than a little unnerved. "Well that's… good." How else is she supposed to react to that? Her gaze flicks to Makoto again. "Oh! I know where you're talking about. It's very nice. I go up there to read sometimes, too…"

Way to go, Daran! Being… honest! Sometimes you just gotta roll with it! "Oh you read too? — like… often? What do you like to read?" Makoto seems to get kinda excited about this!

Daranyl shrugs, grunting softly, and turns his gaze back to his work. The way he runs the cloth over the smooth wood surface, it might almost seem like he has more care for the dead weapon than for many of the people around him.

Tifla seems oddly fixated on the terrible shiny crossbow, glancing between it and the much safer-seeming Makoto. "Y… yeah." She answers, smiling a little. "I mean, mostly craft stuff. But other things too. Like… adventures n'stuff. What do you like to read?"

Makoto pouts a bit as Tifla glances at the crossbow. Oh well, the best way to get disensitized to Daran was exposure. "M-metoo! Well, obviously different crafts, but… Adventure. Old rider stories…" she gives a big goofy grin and she things about it. "I got like… tons of books in my room." she laughs a bit. "I swear my bookshelf is the only organized thing I have."

Daranyl raises the crossbow, rotating it to the side so he can examine the grain, then shrugs, "Have a good one." That's it, no fanfare or self focus just a quick farewell and then the hunter is making his way towards the living caverns

Tifla looks surprised and confused by the sudden departure of the man with the crossbow. "… Bye?" She says, uncertain, giving him a little wave. Then she looks back to Makoto. "Is he… always like that?" She smiles a little more. "I'd love to see your books sometime…"

"Bye Daran…" She gives him a little wave. "… Yeah, pretty much. He's an intense fellow, but he does have a, well.. Not a sweet side but a… caring one? He's a good guy, just… rough around the edges." She shrugs. "… It's… awkward aroudn him sometimes, but I never feel too bad, because he's awkward too, ya know?" she gives a smile. "I'd love to show you them sometimes! Even if my room is… kinda a disaster sometimes." she slumps and sighs.

"W… well… I'm sure he's less scary once you get to know him." Tifla says with an uncertain smile. The sighing is met with a quick shake of her head. "Oh, no, no, no. I'm sure my room is worse. Plus I track flour everywhere…"

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