Meeting on Emerald Beach

Emerald Isle - Sunset Beach
Soft pink sand lays along this stretch of seaside like a comfortable blanket. Its hue is a soft one and comforting to look upon, as is the smooth aquamarine of the ocean. Although the beach is beautiful at all times or day and night, it is the most profound at sunset when the sky is painted with the soft pastel colours of a setting sun. Dramatic reds, pinks and peachs stretch into one another, the seperate colours' boundaries left undefined, but as it gets darker you can notice a light purple continuely creeping into the others. Even the pink sand's shade changes, ranging from containing an almost fiery element to being a smooth pinkish purple.

It's a warmer mid-afternoon on the sandy beaches of the Western continent, only a slight breeze ruffling the warmer weather as a few people from Weyr and Hold take advantage of the local beaches. A few dragons can be seen in the waters, hide glimmering from the water as they too take in the moments of warmth. Rea is amoung them, perched near the edge of the surf as the golden form of Bennueth lounges nearby, body half way on the beach, while her tail and legs get gently splashed by incoming surf. Rea's in her normal attire of pants and t-shirt, though the pants are rolled up to her knees to absorb some of the sunlight on her pale skin. She's quiet, not really talking with anyone as she stares out to the waters… possibly contemplating, or quietly chatting in her mind to her lifemate, one can't be entirely sure…

Keyn comes in after a bit, smiling softly and dressed for this as well, a pair of shorts and a light shirt, his everpresent shoudler bag carrying his stuff, plus his little blue lizard snug on his shoulder, this time awake, but not yet creeling for food as is usually does while awake. He looks around as he gets to the beach, looking at the slightly more busy time of the day.

Rea turns her eyes to look over the beach again, almost as if taking note of those she recognises here, though obviously she couldn't know everyone that lives on Western's continent. Trailing eyes finally fall upon Keyn as he makes his way to the beach, noting his shoulder bag lightly before giving a nod to him. "Hope you weren't expecting an empty beach by which to visit, atleast, not during this time of day." She grins nonchalantly, shrugging her shoulders as she leans back, "Your… Keyn, right? From the Weyr?" She remarks again, haltering in her voice as she tries to recall… "Been trying to get to know everyone at the Weyr. It's taking me a bit, yet." She says in kind to explain her sudden talkativeness in his direction, and then she's quiet once more, staring outwards.

Keyn smiles a bit as he's spoken to, looking over towards the speaker. "Aw, no…not really." he says. "Came by to relax in such a beautiful place, whether its busy or not. he says. He nods a bit and laughs. "I'm trying to meet people as well, as I'm new by a few days." he says to her.

Rea smiles back, nodding her head slightly. "I thought so, but wasn't entirely sure. Welcome to Western, then, if I haven't gotten to welcome you before in a more formal setting." Her grin widens in her teasing, turning back to see Bennueth use her tail to splash a few kidlets who run away giggling. "Western's continent has quite a few different places tucked away that are quite surreal, I'm sure you'll enjoy the experience over-all, once you get familiar with the in's and out's of it all." Finally lifting up and dusting sand off herself, she extends her hand to Keyn in a more formal manner. "Well, might as well get some formalities out of the way, mm? Rea, and that," She points back to the gold, "Is Bennueth, of Western Weyr."

Keyn nods a bit, smiling. He looks over a thte splash as well, chuckling softly. "Oh, I'll be looking over the place as much as possible." he says. He takes the hand and shakes. "I'm Keyn, formerly of Telgar Weyr, just moved here this week with my family. And this little guy is Rathan." he says, indicating his lizard. He glances at the dragon again. "She's beautiful." he says, complimenting both dragon and rider.

Look who has finally decided to come out of the tavern and actually enjoy the sunlight. It seems that either Ivan has finished feeling sorry for himself, or he was thrown out against his free will, and forced to socialize, and join the land of the living. Carrying his shirt in his hand, and wearing just a pair of pants, Ivan makes his way along the sandy beach, shifting his toes in the loose grains beneath him. In his other hand is a beer, which is nothing new. At least it is still capped. Good chance he may be sober.

"MMm, yes, better to familiarize yourself with the area, if your going to be here a while…" Rea agrees, sitting back down in the sand after she shakes his hand. Shivering a little at where he's from, she clucks her tongue. "Probably not quite used to this tropical climate yet? I know Telgar certainly gets snow… kinda makes me glad I didn't get searched there, I don't think I could stand the cold. Born and raised in the desert doesn't help much for acclimating to snow." Flicking her eyes the Rathan, she smiles a little and takes note of the size of the blue, tilting her head in the little lizards direction, "He's still young yet, but a handsome fellow, none the less." Ivan catches Rea's glance then, and a shocked look crosses her face for a second before she yells out to him, "Nearly forget what the sunlight looked like, Ivan? Needed a reminder?" She laughs, buffering the beautiful comment given of her gold even as Bennueth snorts at the compliment. "Get your but over her, young man," Like he's younger then her… "And come socialize!"

Keyn nods to her a bit as she speaks. "Yeah..I'll be here a while, as both of my parents are riders and transferred here." he says. "Sure, I'm about old enough to go wherever, but for now, I'm comfortable still hanging around and being with them." he says. "The heats a bit different, but, at least there's ways to cool off around here. when she hollars to Ivan, he looks over and smiles to him, wondering about what she was saying, as of course, being the new guy he'd not know.

Being in the daze that he is, Ivan misses a couple of catcalls tossed his way by a few ladies lounging on the beach. The carpenter lets out a heavy sigh as he turns his eyes out towards the water for a moment, staring at the rise, and fall of the crests which lap along the shoreline. "…Where are you?" He whispers softly under his breath, before Rea's voice catches his attention, and he tugs himself back to reality. Running a hand back through his brown hair, he tugs it back over his eyes, then looks over towards the gold rider, and the stranger near by. Lifting up a hand, the one holding the shirt, he motions towards her. Yes. Hello. I see you. With a drop to his broad shoulders, he makes his way over towards them, drinking in a deep breath, and forcing up an awkward smile.

Rea nods her head a bit as she turns back to the conversation with Keyn, watching Ivan slowly making his way over prior to turning back. "Oh? So Weyrstock, then… Not that riders don't create enough children as it is," She rolls her eyes a bit in her amusement as the fact, "Makes getting around a lot easier though, with rider parents. What brought them to Western? Needing warmer weather, or are they craftriders?" Well, spanish inquisition is one way to get to know someone, right? Even if it is a bit nosey that way. Nodding her head in admittance to the reference of cooling of, she points to the others enjoying the beach. "Aye, as this place has proven for a long time, I'm sure." Once Ivan arrive to where they are, the goldrider is quiet for a moment, almost observing Ivan with obviousness before she speaks up. "How're you fairing, Ivan? I mean, your out and about, but… Physical appearances never foretell emotional ones." Her voice is quick to sober to seriousness on the topic, lips turning slightly down on the subject. "I'm sure we'll find her, and that she's perfectly fine… maybe she just needs time?" She gives a tentitive smile for his awkward one, before jutting a thumb at Keyn then. "Ivan, this is Keyn, Keyn, Ivan. He's new to the place so… he's not up to date with everything…" Introduction and explination to Ivan aside, she turns to Keyn and frowns, "One of our goldriders at the Weyr… Took a small vacation." Yeeaahhh…

Keyn shrugs a bit. "Not sure. I'm guessing a change of scenery, I never asked them. But They moved out here with me and my brother, so I'm ok with it." he says. "Gives me more things to see, more things to possibly sketch. That sort of thing." he says with a smile. "Like me, mom is an artist of sorts, though she's the one trained by the Harpers." he says. He listens to her speaking ot Ivan as well, curious as always and ten when the introductions are met, he smiles to him. He'd hold out his hand to shake too. "Nice to meet you Ivan." then whens he says that last bit to Keyn he chuckles a bit. "Everyone needs one."

When the tall man finally finishes his walk towards them, Ivan throws his shirt over his shoulder, then crosses his arms about his chest. Taking in a deep breath, he says, "I am fine." Though it may be obvious that he isn't really quite fine yet. As he wiggles the unopened bottle of beer in his hand, he licks his lips in thought. "Yes, everyone needs one." To the extended hand, he reaches out with his large paw, grasping Keyn's and giving it a firm shake. "Ivan." He introduces himself. "I am the Weyr's carpenter. Apprentice of the Smith craft." With a shift of his gaze towards Rea, he studies her for a moment. "How are you doing?"

Rea raises her brows the Keyn, flicking a finger towards his bag, "An artist, mm? Well, travelling would be a grand adventure for an artist, then, especially if you favor scenery art." Not pushing any farther about parents, she continues on the art subject, "Do you draw scenery? Or possibly just animals and people? I know some who can do well in one specific area, and struggles in others." Flicking her eyes in Ivan's direction, she smiles sweetly to Keyn, "Hold on," Then turning entirely to Ivan, she takes ahold of his bottle and once again tries to steal it, "Bennueth would like me to inform you that your going to ruin your liver that way." Giving the bottle a tug, she isn't entirely sure she can hoist it out of his stronger grip, but the small lass tries, atleast. Maybe the hand shake will distract him a little… Frowning a bit at them agreeing with her, she makes a slight 'meh' sound. "Well, it's true. But I'm sure she'll be back soon enough, and clinging to you like a wanton bar maid." Rea laughs, wiggling her brows a little at him, and shrugging her shoulders, "I'm doing fine for the most part, dealing with a little dissent at Jolie randomly becoming Senior, but… Oh yeah, and trying to /steal/ your beer bottle. Do you mind?" She snides, tugging again.

Keyn nods to him and smiles. he would let the two talk of course, as they knew each other better and after the shake, he stands there, thinking and looks at his lizard a bit, making sure it was still ok, as young as it was. He smiles to Rea again when she asks. "Oh..I do scenery and living things, though scenery is a bit easier for me. I'm getting better with living things, though not nearly as good as mom yet." He listens to Rea speaking to Ivan again and waits again, smiling and waiting, enjoying talking with the two of them.

"I haven't had a drink yet today, Rea. I haven't had a drink for a week since you threatened everyone at the Tiki to no longer serve me." Ivan says with a frown on his face. "I had to barter this bottle from a rider who was traveling back to Ista. So, I would like to keep this one." As she tugs on it, he relents, finally, letting her steal it away from him. "And Bennuth doesn't know anything about livers." He mumbles under his breath as he reaches up to rub the back of his neck.

"Well, you certainly chose one of the better spots for scenery… Maybe your mother felt a need to draw scenery, too? Though I've heard the southern continent has plenty of jungle, I haven't really seen too much of it yet. Never a reason to head that way." Rea continues her conversation with Keyn even as she holds the bottle Ivan won't relinquish, almost like she's playing stand-down with the much bigger man. "If you want, I think there are a few people in the Weyr willing to let you have a hand at drawing them, and plenty of living things to draw around here. Had one artist test his coloring by painting eggs on the sands… Plenty of different ways to flex your skill." See, she's kind… still involving him in the conversation! Once Ivan relinquishes the bottle, Rea looks a bit smug and holds it out infront of her a little, almost as if the bottle was a tunnel snake. "Well, I'm glad they listened to me, you don't need the stuff. Well, maybe you do a little, but not to the point of durnkeness, mm? This bottle," And she wiggles it for emphasis, "Won't bring Aerhi back any faster." She amends for Keyn's knowledge, "She was our former Senior Weyrwoman… Before he unexpected vacation." Back to the arguement at hand, "And I know what a liver is, so Bennueth would, too. Or atleast, to a certain extent…" She frowns, contemplating, but still holding Ivan's bottle hostage. Suddenly, she turns to Keyn and hands him the bottle, "Here, hold that. No giving to back to him." She grins, holding it out for Keyn.

Keyn nods a bit and smiles. "I've found at least two that I did a drawing of so far." he syas, blushing a bit. He smiles a bit. "Would it be possible to sketch a clutch of eggs, or even the hatching?" he asks. That wouldb e something, to catch those moemnts on paper." he blinks a bit as she hands him the bottle, looking at it. He nods though. "Ok." he says.

"Like you said, a little bit won't hurt, so you should let me have that beer." Ivan says as he licks his lips a bit, almost hungrily. "And I know it won't bring her back, but sitting around and moping about it won't either." He looks a bit frustrated despite his calm demeanor. The exchange of his beer from one to the other causes his eyes to shift, tracking it slowly. Rolling his broad shoulders back a bit, lets out a loud pop from one joint in particular, the scarred up shoulder on the right side.

Rea holds her grin in her amusement over her own antics, looking up from the bottle to Keyn's question. This brings her lips tightly together in though, 'hmm'ing lightly under her breath as she does so, "I don't see why not? I'm sure others have done it. As long as you stay in the galleries and off the sands, it won't be a problem. Golds tend to be protective of their clutches, so going on the sands is a good way to end up with a pissed gold in your face." She warns, pulling herself out of the contemplation of it. "That's good that people are allowing you to draw them already, then… means well enough, I suppose, that people don't mind being sketched." The popping of Ivan's join makes Rea visibly wince, and his earlier comments are forgotten for that pop. "Shells, are you alright? I've heard people pop their muscles before, but wow…" Frowning a bit at his calm demeanor, she reaches and grabs his arm in a reassuring measure, "Well, you don't have to mope… but do a lot of different activities, to keep yourself busy?" Her eyes turn to the bottle as well, but she's not confiscating it back from Keyn, quite yet, and a teasing flicker crosses her face, "Keyn, do you like alcohol?"

Keyn nods a bit and smiles. "I can do that." he promises her. He looks over at the popping of the joints, but smiles still. he continues holding the beer, not really sure what else to do with it. He looks back at Rea. "Well, I've never really drunk any before." he says. "I've tried a bit of the light stuff." he admits. "Butt hat's it."

"I'm alright. Just an old injury that gives me some trouble now and then." Ivan says with a shrug, glancing over to his scarred shoulder and arm, where the jagged marks are pink against the tone of his bronzed flesh. When Rea grabs his arm, it tenses for a moment, before relaxing a bit as he sighs out. "It's a little bit weaker than the left. I can't move as much weight with it." He admits, despite the fact that his lumberjack frame looks like he wouldn't have much trouble moving most things around. "There is not many things to do to keep myself busy. Business is slowed down, and I can't seem to come up with a project to work on for my journeyman's knot. I'm just..fresh out of ideas." He worries his brow a bit, then gives Rea a look' when she all but practically offers up his beer to Keyn subtly.

"Well, that's good to know. Livers are important, so not drinking too much is a good thing." Letting go of Ivan's arm and blushing just a bit at his tense reaction, Rea gives him a look of slight apology before leaning to Keyn in a conspiratory manner, "I'd offer you his beer, but I'm afraid what the maniac might do." The last part is loud enough for Ivan to hear, and it's obvious she's teasing him a little with her antics. "I'll take it back, now," Taking the bottle, she holds it in her left hand, and then switches to her right, watching to see if Ivan once again will follow the progress of the bottle. Back to Keyn, "Next time Bennueth clutches, you can come ask me, and I'll let you have a bit of time in the galleries to draw…. I'm never one to discourage skill, after all." The smile she gives him is a genuine one, none of the teasing she's been wearing on her face, before. Taking in Ivan's scarring then, the goldrider frowns, clucking her tongue, "What type of injury? One you got while doing your crafter duties, or…?" She's focusing on the scarring that she can see, almost if they tell there own story, "Well, bluerider F'inn carves wood, and you cut it. Could always see if he could use a hand? Or maybe I can come up with something… Though, I'm sure A'ven's kepyt you busy with the searching."

Keyn laughs a bit softly at that. He shrugs a bit. "Not sure if I'd like it anyways." he says. He lets her have the bottle. He smiles a bit at the offer. "Sounds good to me. I'd love it, especially if she poses with them." he grins a bit. Then he would listen to the story a bit. "I met F'inn" he comments on that. "I'm doing drawings for him to carve, too." He grins a bit at that.

Indeed, Ivan's eyes track the bottle slowly as they pass back, and forth in Rea's hands. With a deep breath, he relaxes his arms back at his sides for a moment before reaching up and rubbing his shoulder. "I injured it a few years ago while working with some fellow wood workers. Tree fell on me because the team I was with didn't handle the weight properly." Leaning down to brush some sand off his knees, he says, "I do some carving. I gave some of your graduating class some pieces I did. I created book ends for most of the Weyrlings." He didn't get anything for her? Well, maybe he had, but he had a certain psycho ex-girlfriend occupying his time.

T'ev comes walking down the beach and he spots some people. He waves politely, "Hello there." He smiles at Keyn, "Hey Keyn. How are you?"

Rea grins at Keyn, "That's okay, I've tried his alcohols before too… Nearly died coughing. Burns the whole way down." Wrinkling her nose at the memory, she finally passes the bottle back to Ivan, "I catch you drunk, though… And- and when Aerhi gets back I'm gonna get her to whip you!" She snickers, trying to be threatening but failing miserably. Sobering a bit at the explination of his scars, she nods lightly, in a bit of wonderment, but at the same time, holding that wince on her face as she finishes examining those marks. "Must've hurt pretty badly, seeing as they left the scaring…." Trailing off at the mention of carvings, she furrows her brows and hrms, before snapping her fingers together. "Ah yes, I do remember them! They're in my weyr… couldn't remember if it was you or F'inn that gave us, though. Too many wood carvers…" Hearing T'ev's call of greeting to Keyn, she flicks her eyes to him, "Apparently F'inn isn't the only one you've met, though nice of him to let you draw what he'll carve…" As T'ev draws closer, the goldrider proffers a wave, "Hello."

Keyn nods a bit and smiles to Rea. When he hears T'ev calling out to him, he turns a bit and looks, smiling a bit, waving and, is that a blush on his face a bit? "Hey there, T'ev." he says to him with a smile when he gets closer. "How's things?" he asks. He continues to listen to everything that's gone on around here, always curious, but being polite not to interrupt or say much through things unless he had somethign to day about something.

Taking the beer back, Ivan examines it for a moment, before letting his arm drop down to his side, allowing it to swing slightly from the motion. "Aerhi encouraged my drinking." He murmurs softly as he furrows his brows in thought, then cracks the cap off the top of the bottle. Lifting it towards his lips, he hesitates before the first gulp, then sighs to himself. Turning it upside down, he drains it onto the sand, watching it foam up at his feet. "Yeah, it hurt pretty bad, though, I was knocked out at the time, so I guess I was lucky enough to only wake up sore, and in stitched, as opposed to laying on the ground and bleeding.. or something." He says with a clear of his throat. "I hope you like the bookends though. I know they aren't much, but I figured they'd be useful. You seemed like the reading type."

T'ev nods politely to both Ivan and Rea, "Good day to you both, T'ev, Istan Rider of Blue Ruanath." He smiles at Keyn, "I'm doing all right I came by to see if you were around and wanted to hang out."

Rea notes Keyn's blushing, flicking her eyes back to T'ev and then trying to cover her small smirk in quiet acknowledgement. Turning back to Ivan as Keyn chats with T'ev, she jumps back a little as he suddenly tips the bottle ont othe ground, her eyes watching before she looks back up at him, frownings. "She encouraged you to… Ivan, are you giving up?" She mumbles, shaking her head, "She'll be back, soon! I know it! Have faith…" She's trying to hearten her friend even as she watches the alcohol soak into the sand. Wincing at his discription, she nods soberly. "Aye, better passed out then feeling it, though always better you here, then dead, of course." Noting T'ev's final greeting, she smiles warmly to him and extends a hand, "Rea, Bennueth's rider of Western. Western's duties to Ista."

Keyn nods to T'ev and smiles. "Sure, I don't mind hanging out. "Glad you decided to come back." He smiles and watches the others as well, but is a bit glad that one of his firends decided to come back and say hi again.

T'ev smiles as he takes Rea's hand, "Ista's duties to Western and her queens." He gives Rea a firm handshake. He looks over to Keyn, "Yah sorry about leaving so suddenly last night, had to help with some wing stuff."

"Aerhi would drink with me. She made drinking fun, because I could unwind with her, and relax, and just enjoy the evening after a long day's work. Now? Drinking isn't as fun when you're alone, and I'm not relaxed, and…" Ivan says as he stares at the empty bottle. "Now I'm like this bottle here. Just feel like there is nothing there but foam at the bottom." With a frown, he shakes his head with a bit of resignation, then says, "I'm going to head back to the shop, and finish up some work. I'll see you around Rea. Nice to meet you, Keyn." Words of encouragement fall on deaf ears, because perhaps she was right, he has given up. With a shift of his frame, he starts off along the beach, passing T'ev only a brief nod of his head, before shrugging his shirt on over his frame.

Keyn nods to Ivan and smiles. "Yeah. Hope to see you around sometime." he syas, waving as he watches him go, hten watches as rea too looks like she's leaving as well. "Nice to meet you both, though. And you too." he says to the dragon as it comes over. "See you around perhaps." He turns to T'ev with a smile. "So, what you want to do, or where do you want to go?" he asks.

Rea gawps a bit at Ivan as he trails off, contemplating the soaked ground before turning to T'ev and Keyn, "I apologise, I- I'm gonna…" She points in Ivan's direction before she runs off, her gold reluctantly following after her at a slower pace, "Ivan! I didn't mean it like that! Ivan!" She calls, flustered with it all…

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