Sneaking a Peak

Half Moon Bay Weyr - West Bowl

The western end of the great bowl of the Weyr. You can see the steep walls of the crater to the south and south, with small openings and ledges in the cliffside. These are the individual weyrs of dragons and their riders. To the west you can see the great natural arch, and the lagoon, to the east, the center of the bowl. To the south you see a large natural cave opening that has been made into a tunnel. It is the main entrance to the Weyr from the road to Half Moon Bay Hold.

It's daytime, which probably isn't the best time for someone to be doing sneaky things, but nonetheless Daranyl is loitering outside the stands, eyeballing that 'no entry' sign with a dark glare on his face. It thwarts him. He leans a little, trying to peer beyond it. What lies in the galleries?

A blue dragon sweeps down from the sky, his Irkevalath's form twisting a bit while he lands and wings shake out before folding at his sides while Sundari hopes down and gives her jacket a slight shake while she unzips it. A soft warble escapes Irkevalath as the look tilts his head to look off and catches sight of Daranyl over near the galleries. With a slow sway of his tail he moves on over towards the hunter and lowers his head to peer into the galleries himself, his head is even at the same level at Daranyl's. Sunny glances after the blue and blinks before grinning a touch as she watches.

Daranyl leans forward a little bit, tilting his head to try to catch a glimpse of the sands without actually crossing the threshold, then turns and sees Irk. His reaction is automatic, yelping and jumping back from the BIG BLUE HEAD and stumbles back to the ground.

A bugle escapes Irk, there is amusement in his swirling gaze while his head shakes and there is a glance sent to Daranyl as he seems confused as to why he would jump away. Sundari shakes her head a touch while she moves on over and offers a hand to the fallen Daranyl, a soft smile seen. "Sorry.." This said softly. "He was just wondering what you was looking at. I thought you heard him." Not like Irk is /little/ after all.

"Heard him how?" Daran dusts at his legs and takes Sunny's help getting back up to standing, "I'm just wondering why we can't go in. I… kind of want ta see the eggs, yanno?"

"Because he is a huge lump of a thing and walked up next to you." Sundari points out amused like. "We're be able to see them soon enough. Don't want to make Celimoth and Weyrwoman Kedesh upset after all." Irk warbles a touch whilehe moves back from the galleries, wings tucking close to his sides as he goes.

"But if I wait, there'll be a crowd lookin'." Daranyl glares at the blocked entry, "Why don't they want us ta be able ta see? I don' see the harm in it. Not like I'd hurt 'em."

Sundari shakes her head slightly while peeking at him a few moments. "Because.. Celimoth is protective of her eggs, her children. If she doesn't want people to come see them then she doesn't want them to come see them." A slight glance is sent to the galleries once more, though she is a bit curious herself for a moment.

"Tha' soun's silly. I mean, they're gonna have candidates out there touchin' 'em 'n' impressin' 'em." Daranyl gestures towards the gallery stairs in obvious frustration, "She can' hide 'em forever."

Sundari smiles and nods at that. "True, though before that they have to harden up somewhat. Can't just go about touching 'em and the like for a bit yet." A shrug is seen. "She's just bring a protective mommy. Which I can understand fully."

Daranyl shrugs, "You didn' min' people lookin' at Li'l Bit, though. 'Snot like people in the galleries are gonna do more'n look at 'em."

Sundari shrugs and looks a touch amused. "She's a dragon, she has more weight to toss around honestly." This said with an amused tone at the thought. "You really dn't like doing the whole 'wait' thing do you?" This questioned with an amused tone.

Daranyl snorts softly, looking over at Sundari, "Me? Never had much need ta wait jus' 'cause before, I guess." He looks at the galleries again, "Never seen dragon eggs b'fore. Or… I dunno, it jus' feels… I want ta, yanno?"

Sundari ahs a touch and ponders this while looking up to the galleries. "Point of the matter is… Kadesh put that sign up, do you really want to anger her by taking a peak if she caught us?"

Daranyl shrugs slightly, "She seems ta favor th' bold."

Sundari is quiet for a few moments while thinking on this is would seem. She glances to Daranyl and lifts a hand finger pointing at him. "We have to be very quiet.. Only a peek, nothing crazy, in and out." Did she just agree to go and do something that could being getting yelled at? Why yes she did.

Daranyl peers at the gaping maw to the galleries, then takes a step that way, "I can be quiet.." He crosses the threshold, but doesn't go much further."

Sundari nods as she hears Daranyl and is soon moving forward after a quick look around. So far so good! No one is stopping them, and she didn't see anyone when they slipped inside.

Daranyl looks back at Sunny, momentarily nervous, then jerks a nod and turns, stepping up the stairs into the darkness, slow enough to be quiet.

Sundari caught that nervous look and only smirks a touch while she moves onwards.. Oh there is no turning back now!

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Hatching Gallery

An amphitheater cut of rock with row after row of hard benches to sit on. The galleries have a good view of the sands below and the action that takes place there during every hatching. Despite the times, people still come to see the new pairs formed and place bets on the outcome.

Tip… toe… tip… toe… Daranyl's moving exceptionally slowly. He freezes a step or two in when he spots Kadesh, snoozing on a bench with a few beer bottles scattered around her and even one up under her head as a pillow. EEEEEEP. Are they caught?

Sundari les Daranyl go first once they hit the steps, for why not? His bigger then she is and she can hide a bit there behind him. Fearful, her? Perhaps just a touch as she doesn't want to face Kadesh's rath. She is looking behind them so when Daranyl stops she walks right into his back with a faint oof escaping her before she peeks around him. There was a pause as if she was about to ask why he stopped and then she sees why. She stays still and her eyes widen while she bites down upon her lip fearing the weyrwoman will start flinging the bottles at them before nothing happens! A poke is sent to Daranyl's back and she points to another path so they can go around the sleeping rider.

Daranyl sidesteps carefully and inches along a few levels down until he can make his way down to the rail that overlooks the sands and just leans there, eyes locked on the eggs below him.

World of Balance Egg
Coal and crimson glow at the round base of this rough textured egg, sending tendrils of smoke to whisp and rise across the surface. Those tendrils reach out hungrily, tiny flecks of metallic ore dancing against the dark silhouette as they reach higher and higher to the top. The darkness in battle with the sky; illuminating amaranthine holds strong at the apex, sending reaching tendrils of it's own intertwined with strong cobalt tones down to combat the force rising below. The final touch giving watch to the battle upon this egg is a small oval of jet back, a flying vessel floating across the raging shell.
Tumbling Blocks Egg
Built up from the where it lies on the sands, this egg appears to be bottom heavy with bright colors concentrated there, on the bulging widened end in random patches and blobs. A darker expanse across the top, devoid of any color at all, beyond the blank and black nothingness that might the same as between where the egg narrows to a nearly impossible thinness. Before here, it starts now, a stripe of squares, falling down to meet the tumbled blocks toward the bottom, a quick blink and they are lower if possible. Then it is banded across the middle with parts where the colors appear to flash and rotate slightly, as if the diamonds of color might appear and disappear at any moment, with nary an explanation before they are gone.
Dreaming Knight Egg
Perfectly plump and perfectly pink nestles comfortably in the heat of the hatching sands, not a rhyme or reason where this spherical form begins and ends. Softest hues completely engulf the shell, free of shimmers, shine or sparkle to adorn the unchanging flat tones of this imposing rotund figure. Rosy blushes erupt against the pure soft pink on either side of this egg, giving the illusion of vibrant heat rising from the warmth deep within while it slumbers in auspicious silence.
Whale on the Moon Egg
Swirls of yellow, purple, and deep blue cross the surface of this mottled little egg. The coloration varies wildly in brightness, with radiantly light bits scattered amongst great dark swaths. The surface is oddly rough and irregular when touched, marked with pocks and divots that almost look like little craters. A few little patches look as if they were marked with almost crystalline patterns, a web of regular lines hidden amongst the otherwise rough, irregular surface.
Platinum and Gold Egg
Is that an oval? It should be an oval. Eggs are supposed to be oval. This egg, though its not quite oval; its not quite /any/ shape that you ever recall having learned a name for. Theres too many colors to describe it as pretty: iridescent blotches of egg, riddled with red, and green, and a vibrant blue. There appears to be fire sweeping one side, and water the other. Somewhere in between theres a pattern of plants, each spoiled by a shock of lightning through each painted portion.
What a Boo-tiful Egg
Lurking ominously amongst the clutch off brilliantly hued eggs, this one rests in pallor on the sands. A faint grey covers the entirety of this perfectly round shell, a drab and unsightly thing, seemingly out of place. Two black spots adorn the front, dark as coal as they seem to peer into the gaze of the observer with unblinking eyes. Shadows on the belly of the egg are tinted a faint rosy hue - the gaping maw waiting for anyone foolish enough to get too close.
Shadows of Nightmares Egg
Wispy shades of of purple and blue mingle, fighting for dominance as they wind feathering fingers around the shell, stretching to envelop the surface in their dark hues. Shadows gather, here and there, darkness pooling near the base of the egg, while firm brush strokes drag the inky shades upwards, dark, rigid tree-trunks against the nighttime sky. And yet, in the midst of the darkness, there is a spark of light, a bit of brightness - a spot of yellow, attempting to chase the shadows away.
Trifecta of Perfection Egg
This egg is hugged at the by a lush green carpet, the color of freshly cut grass or new spring leaves. Set against the lovely green backdrop sits a kite-shaped band of silver, bright and shining against the sea of green and large enough to consume an entire hemisphere of the egg. There is no tapering of color, from the green to the silver, just an edge cutting through the former like a sharp blade. The silver band traps a sea of cerulean blue, deep, dark and vast. The southern sea is occupied by a semicircle of long feathery islands connected by an inner half ring. These rusty red fingers circle a golden triangular patch. Three similar patches are stacked above the set of thin red islands, accentuated by two horseshoes of silver on either side.
Here Thar Be Pirates Egg
Orange, amber, copper, and gold - rich, warm hues of each blend together upon the shell of this large egg, seamlessly dancing upon the surface, forming an impenetrable shield, protecting the precious contents within. And yet, there is a splash, a hint of something different, though hardly a weakness. A patch of bright green is gathered upon one side.. distinct, rich lime, seeming to become brighter and more defined with each moment.
Big Green Blob Egg
Roooooound. Well, not quite. There is *just* enough of an imbalance in this egg's shape that it seems naturally inclined to lay on its side. It is a very attractive shade of vivid, warm green. The color is solid throughout, and the only nuances of light and dark are those cast by shadows or lights in the hatching cavern itself. Truly, the only thing remarkable about this eggshell might be the two large white splotches at the apex. Large and squarish in shape, they might be considered buck teeth if they were appearing inside a human mouth.

Sundari sends a slight look towards Kadesh to make sure she is still asleep while she follows Daranyl on over to the edge to look down at the eggs. She smiles while letting her arms fold upon that ledge while looking. "Look at them. Cool huh?" This questioned very softly to Daranyl.

Kadesh groans a little bit, rubbing across her nose with the back of her hand before settling back into a deep slumber. Her eyes are baggy and grey from lack of sleep, her raven hair all over the place with a frazzled braid resembling a stressed feline's tail. Celi isn't in the picture, naturally, thinking her rider needed sleep more.

"I never…." Daranyl gives his head a shake, at a loss for words. His jaw is a little slack and after a moment to think, he reaches up and rubs his cheek absently, then leans back on the railing and whispers softly, "So many colors."

Sundari freezes as she hears the movement and sends a slight look back towards Kadesh which makes her swallow and then she glance back to the sands. Hearing Daranyl she smiles and nods. "Yeah.." She murmurs out softly. "Dragons eggs, even firelizard eggs tend to be colorful."

Daranyl lets out a soft breath, his gaze lingering over them, "Why is tha' one so dark when th' others're all so brigh'?" He raises one hand to indicate the dark, shadowed egg with the single point of light on it. "'N' I swear tha' one's changin'."

Sundari grins a bit as she hears Daranyl. "I dono if that is possible, perhaps just the way the light hit it? Irk's looked like it was covered in fur at times. Like the fur one of them little crawlies. It was rather cute."

Daranyl's shoulders lift and fall. It's safe, right? "It jus'… looks so sad. Th' dark one. 'N' th' green one is jus'… creepy." He won't even mention the pink one.

Sundari nods and smiles while she glances to Daranyl. "They can be a bit creepy at times I suppose. Sometimes people say they move. Which honestly that isn't possible." Being an egg an all.

"Kinda like Celimoth sneezed on the sands and it went solid." Tactful he ain't. Daranyl leans a bit further forward over the railing, a slight frown on his lips, "How come each one is so diffren'?"

Sundari chuckles a bit, her hand moving to cover her face in some attempt to hide that sound. "Well.. Sorta I suppose." She grins and then shrugs. "The eggs are all different, the dragons in them are different so no reason the eggs can't be different either. Lets them sand out."

Daranyl shrugs again, "S'ppose I'd never… I mean, didn' even realize dragons had pers'nality 'fore I came here. They're… kinda beautiful."

Sundari smiles and nods while she shifts back a scratches at her neck a moment in thought. "Well I have to agree with you. I didn't think dragons would be so different, act so different. Though after being here a while things change quickly in thought about them." At the beautiful comment she smiles. "Yeah they are." She glances to him and nods a touch. "We should go before she wakes up.." Meaning Kadesh.

Daranyl glances at Kadesh, then shoots one last look at the eggs before he nods, and tippy-toes his way back around the WeyrWoman and out of the galleries.

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