Half Moon Bay Weyr - Infirmary
This long, rectangular cavern smells faintly of antiseptic and strongly of pleasant medicinal herbs. The general atmosphere is one of bustling but orderly quiet and strict cleanliness. The back of the room is dominated by a small hearth for heat and medicinal preparations and by swinging double doors that lead to a small DragonHealing bay, an emergency surgery for human patients, the main storage, and the staff area where Healers can eat, shower, change, and the like during their longer shifts. The front of the room is a waiting and reception area where patients and staff can check in to receive treatment and begin work, respectively. The east wall of the room features examination, birthing, recovery and outpatient treatment rooms while the opposite wall is curtained off to provide privacy and bed-space for patients requiring overnight care.

It is winter is around the weyr, a slight cold strip of air flowing in which has a few people even fleeing the lagoon as it is not a palce to be even for this normally warm weyr. Sundari is pacing quietly, waiting for a healering to come and give her to ok to go it seems, though honestly should she leave giving what is going on with everything in her life right now? Her gaze drifts to Sunara who is asleep in the little basket, a pair of bronze firelizard settled upon it almost daring someone to get to close. A faint breath escapes Sunny and she sits upon the bed next to the basket, hand lifting to rb at her eyes a few times while she eyes the floor, she never was good at the waiting game and this one of those times.

At least there's a spot of excitement to stir up the tedium? Not that any more excitement is what Half Moon needs just now, but in a weyr whose populace is suddenly bottled up, something is bound to happen. It's inevitable. "If you aren't going to help, then get out of the way." And of course, it somehow manages to involve R'hyn, staggering into the infirmary supporting a limping rider with a crossbow bolt that's sprouting from this thigh like some kind of bizarre feathered flower. The weyrling is unharmed himself, outside of his now-customary haggard features and a several-days-old bruise on his cheekbone, but somehow he manages to be the angry one, guiding the rider past a gawking apprentice Healer before he finds someone with half a brain. "Thank Faranth." Allowing the journeyman to make off with the rider, R'hyn shifts back, watching the infirmary buzz and swarm like a VTOL hive before slowly, surely, his gaze tracks over to a familiar figure perched on the end of her bed. "Hey," R'hyn murmurs, ambling her way with a small, weary attempt at a smile. "They finally setting you free, hmm?"

Sundari hears the voices and the movement and looks up blinking as he watches the movement, and the one getting carried which makes her stand up. "R'hyn… What the heck is going on?.." She glances to him noting the bruise and points at him. "What happened??" Not that she has been asking, but no one has really told her anything mind you. A glance iss ent to her daughter before she looks back to him, a soft breath escapes her. "Yeah… Once we are given the ok to go." Which really, she isn't sure if it is a great idea, but staying here in the open is drivng her a bit crazy. She looks tired, but hen how can she sleep?

R'hyn's look sours somewhat, less for her questions, and more for their subject. If looks could kill, the rider would have much worse problems than a mere crossbow bolt to the knee. "Idiots," is his initial reply, and only after realizing how harsh his tone is does he scale it back again. Blue-grey eyes track back to her, realizing she's pointing at him, and it takes a second before he realizes what she's on about. "Oh. That. They have us learning self-defense. Talee headbutted me to get out of a headlock. You would have been proud," he says, actually managing gruff amusement this time before his features flick back to anger, daggering another look at the rider over yonder. "He and his stupid buddies were messing around, talking big about how they were gonna violate curfew and ride out on their own, and while I doubt they had enough balls between the lot of them to actually do anything, their damn crossbow misfired." And here they are, or so says his gesture, hands waving sarcastically before finally he looks back Sunny's way, some of the harshness fading out of his features for her soft exhale. "Are you feeling well enough to go?," he asks, perhaps echoing her own thoughts about if it's such a good idea, a concerned look raking over the bluerider before eyeing the bundle in the basket as well. "And none of that 'I'm fine' crap, either." Sass. So much sass. It's no wonder R'hyn is so tall - he has to be in order to try to contain it all.

"Headbutted you?" Sundari questions with a curious tone, looking if it could be amused honestly for a moment. A faint smie seen. "Bet it hurt huh?" Hey she's been headbutted before she knows just how it feels. A glance is sent towards the one with the bolt as the healers work upon him and a soft breath escapes her. "I see." No other qustions on the matter while she shifts to sit back next to the sleeping baby, her hands resting losely upon her lap and she glances of slightly at the question. She was going to say she was fine, but well now she can't say that and a tired breath escapes her. "I'm tired and numb. I feel empty… If I stay they will send me south, if I go I have to deal with a mindhealer every day. This is the lesser of two-evils because I'm not leaving." Oh they want her to leave, to be watched over but good luck there she refuses, the only way that will happen is if Aggie walked in and ordered her south.

ENTER RISALI! I bet you thought you were going to get ILA, DIDN'T YOU? ILA IS CAPTURED AND POSSIBLY DEAD, SILLIES. NO ILA FOR YOU. But Ila's /daughter/, you can /totally/ have her. No, really. Take her. She's letting not-so-long-but-long-enough legs carry her into the entryway of the infirmary, looking for all the world as if she's possessed by the spirit of her father (who art not in Heaven). She's all predatory finesse with just enough of her mother's bubblies in her to keep her looking soft and feminine. "Where is Sundari?" she snaps to a nearby apprentice, the same one who was likely steamrolled by R'hyn only moments ago, and so is rendered rather speechless when she is on the receiving end of some /misplaced ire/. Again. Risali gives the apprentice all of five seconds to try a mental recalculation and form a response before she's pulling a clipboard out of her grasp without an ounce of ceremony. "Give me that," she practically growls, sounding put-upon as she scours the list and, not seeing Sunny's name, looks up in just enough time to see - Sunny! She shovels the clipboard back to she from whom it was stolen in the first place, and gives a rather sarcastic, "Thanks." This leaves her stalking to Sundari's bed, for some reason /oblivious/ to the giant monstrosity /also/ occupying Sunny's space with a rather beat up looking box and a /much/ gentler expression. "Auntie said I would find you here," comes a reverent tone, so out of place and /worlds apart/ from the one that she used just /seconds/ ago that it's almost like coming face to face with a real life Jekyll and Hyde. The box is extended, with a soft explanation of, "And these are from Mama, she baked some bubblies for -" Hackles suddenly rise, as if Risali can no longer ignore R'hyn's presence, and those grey eyes flicker to him with accusation. It's like he's said or /done/ something to offend her. She might be smaller than he is, but it doesn't stop her from jabbing a finger /right/ into his sternum. "Get out." WHAT? SUNDARI SHE IS JUST KICKING OUT YOUR GUESTS. STOP HER.

"It did," R'hyn confirms, not quite managing to reach full humor again, though a small spark of something like his usual self flickers in his eyes. "I'm just lucky she missed my nose." The weyrling, too, withholds further commentary on the rider, abandoning him to his fate, though his future may well be filled with Citayzleat-jabbings, depending on how R'hyn's mood goes. Which. Doesn't bode well. But you know. On any other day, the bronzeling might be amused that he's caught Sundari at her 'I'm fine' games, but not today - today he purses his lips, hard lines of his features softening with understanding, chin dipping in a shallow series of nods. "I don't blame you." For the emptiness, for the stubbornness? Both, most likely. "Though daily seems a bit much." It's said in her defense, at least, irritation crinkling his brows. "If you want, I'll sit with you when the 'Healer comes to call. Give him something to think about." It's an idle threat, though - surely they have their reasons, he's just trying to cover up layers of horror with terrible attempts at humor and camaraderie. There might be more forthcoming, but just then a brusque, unfamiliar voice sounds nearby and R'hyn's jaw clicks shut when he recognizes the young woman behind it. The weyrling watches on in silence as Ila's daughter likewise bullies the apprentice around, shoulders stiffening slowly when Risali's attention focuses in on them - or, more appropriately, on Sundari. R'hyn looks half-tempted to run interference, but holds himself in check, perhaps wisely when it turns out the woman comes bearing gifts. The man doesn't speak, but relaxes by slow fractions — until he's jabbed. Up go his hackles again, eyes narrowing, really just not in the mood for bossing judging by a low, unamused, "Make me."

"Broken noses arn't fun either." Sundari offers softly. One has to wonder just how many bones and injuries she has had in her life at this rate. As for the rest she glances to him a moment. "Do you blame them R'hyn?… My children are gone… It's not really the first time something like this has happened…" This part is said a bit quiter, she didn't honestly mean to say that out loud but she can't take it back now and pain creeps across her face slightly. "You need to worry about it is alright." Honestly the fact that she has to sit and talk to someone is not going to be pretty. There is a pause as the voice catches her attention, tired gaze lifting to wath the girl and she watches her a few long moments before Risali is before her and there is a slight pause at the offered back to her. "Thank you…" Though it doesn't last long as the other has turned on R'hyn. The box is taken and set to teh side while she slowly stands and just eyes the (most likely) taller woman a moment. "Sit down and stop acting like a child. He is a friend and I want him here. You can stay if you don't act like a spoiled brat that needs a timeout sesson." As for the box, it is opened and she even offers one of the baked godies to Risali. "Thank you for bringing me the gift. How are you doing?" More then two can play the double personality game here." As for R'hyn she points him to a seat too also offering him a bubble.

And oh, if Risali had any self-preservation, she might back out with timid grace and offer R'hyn up Sundari's bubblies as a peace offering. She doesn't. Instead, she's got her mother's spirit, and her father's horrible penchant for toeing lines. Those shoulders roll, nostrils flare, and that chin comes up /just/ a smidgen more in defiance. Risali's even opening her mouth to make some assuredly /scathing/ retort when Sundari's voice cuts through the air like the crack of the whip and has her clamping her mouth shut with a teeth-jarring quickness. Since R'hyn is facing the smaller woman down, he'll be able to see the tell-tale signs that she, also, is /not/ okay. Those grey eyes are rimmed with red and puffy, her cheeks are red with a hint of rawness, and her hair is just enough out of place to signify that she couldn't be bothered to put it in order, but didn't want to look on the outside like she felt on the inside. Imagine /that/. A nineteen-turn-old woman being called a spoiled child by Sundari, and the embarrassment is enough to have her backing off of R'hyn - /just/ slightly. "I know who he is, Auntie," but she spits the words at R'hyn, all accusation, no gentleness, with something much closer to sorrow than rage suddenly taking over. Then she's turning to Sundari to size up the little woman - pausing briefly on her child as she reigns in her anger. One, two, three, and she seems to deflate. "I just wanted to check on you, since Daddy can't." It comes on a softer breath, as if she can't muster the strength to force steel back into her words, and then that illusion is /ruined/ by the sideways glance she cuts at R'hyn. "But if you want to spend your time in the company of his feral strays, then I won't keep you." And then she's turning back to R'hyn, finger going into his chest with /force/ each and every time she speaks a new word. "Don't touch her bubblies. They aren't for you." And just like that, she's turning again, giving Sundari a faint smile, a dip of her head, scowling at R'hyn for good measure, and side-stepping him like he has the plague. She /does/ pause briefly, eyebrows going up before she departs.

R'hyn rolls a look Sundari's way, the sort of look a person gives when they know much more about a given situation than they're letting on. "Is it going to help you, Sundari?," he asks to that point, voice too-grave, eyes too-serious. "Because if not, then yes, I do blame them for making you talk to someone about it every damn day." He's defensive of his friends. Fight him! There is a surprised blink when words sink in, when he realizes she's just said this isn't the first time her children have been taken, but he's too sensitive to ask - not in public, anyways, instead accepting her dismissal with a begrudging, "Alright" that really means 'I'll drop it for now,' if only because Risali is on the scene and ready for a fight, and R'hyn is there. His hands curl shut, eyes flashing with no small amount of irritation, lips pressing together to await her commentary because it's bound to be something good and— Bam! Sunny'd! Even R'hyn backs down for the bluerider's tone of voice, perhaps overused to it, since… you know… weyrling. He winds down from knee-jerk rage, but not before meeting Ris eye-to-eye, exposing just as many hints of a person suffering and trying like hell to cover it up before he allows Sundari's gesture to be his reason to break the thrall. Eyes go down, chest-pokes and slung words borne in silence, tense jaw the only indication of any kind of a reaction until she's gone, back the way she came. Slowly, R'hyn shifts to take the seat indicated for him, though he doesn't take the offered bubbly at first. Instead, his lips flick up at the corners, a bitter little gesture as he says, "You shouldn't feed strays. They tend not to leave you alone afterwards."

Sundari looks to R'hyn slightly, a moment there and takes in a soft breath. "It brings up many things from the past…" The cat is out of the bag now, if R'hyn was to ask what happened she would most likely tell him at this point in time, well maybe not in /this/ moment right now. Her blue gaze lifts slightly. "It would help, but also hurt more in a sense." She is soon looking back to Risali. "I am sorry Risali… Please do not take anything I say to heart." Her emotions are raw to say the least. "Thank you for coming… If you wish to come back later…" The daddy bit makes her wince a bit and then the feral comment makes her look to R'hyn her gaze softens a moment before she looks after the girl. "We're talk more talk." Is sent after the fleeing one before she sits down and smirks a bit. "You do know who my weyrmate is don't you?" She questions osftly while offering a bubble to R'hyn anyway. "I happen to love ferals and strays. If you hang around the Weyr long enough maybe your find out how I met D'nyl." She isn't the WLM right now, right now they are just friends after all so they can talk like this.

R'hyn exhales long and quietly before offering a murmured, "I'm sure it does." Not that he knows, but based purely upon what she's said, what he's gathered, what he's pieced together from interactions with others… he can guess, and it's enough to bust out his protective streak. There's a moment of silence when he considers her words, but eventually he relents, giving up faint indignation with a conceding, "Fair enough. But the offer stands, if you ever need someone who's a nuisance enough to chase away a Mindhealer." The attempts at jokes are back, realizing that now is not the time for discussion. The weyrling adjusts his posture in his seat once, twice before he rises back up out of the chair, unable to keep still for long. "I did always wonder how D'nyl managed to land a pretty lady like you. He followed you home and never left, didn't he?," he asks, head tilting to one side, small smile fond and friendly, even if it's quickly swallowed up by sadness, a distracted frown notching down his brows for a long, quiet moment before he shakes his head and moves on. "Anyways, I should be going. I want to get back before the lesson is over." There's another pause, and then he takes the bubbly, taking a neat bite out of the side and considering for it as he chews before he speaks up again. "Thank you, Sunny." For more than simply sharing her treats, his tone implies even as shoulders square, a brave face put on before he goes back out into the weyr, eyes crinkling around the edges as he drawls out a, "If you need anything, let me know. If not, I'll come scratching at your door anyways." Bless, but that 'stray' comment got under his skin, but he makes light of it behind the mask, flicking her a wink before heading for the exit, munching as he goes.

Sundari won't bring up the past right now, she is trying to not fall down that hole again at the moment. "I might take you up on that." This said while setting the box down after taking one of the bubbles out and it chewing on a bite of it. Her gaze lifts a bit and she looks a bit amuse while grinning a bit. "Perhaps I never left alone? I was his AWLM after all." Talk about AWKWARD TIME that was! A slight nod is seen and the thank you is noted and she pondersit a moment before a bit of a smile is seen. "Your welcome. Remember to duck the headbutting next time, or at least move to the side to take it at the shoulder." If D'nyl wasn't on sweeps she knows the lessons would be well, better. "Scratch away, always welcome too, just no fleas." She'll watch him go before glancing to Sunara, whom is a good sleeper, for now it seems.

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