Bacon Bacon Bacon

Western Weyr - Living Caverns
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

Bacon. Oh yes, yes, there is bacon. Despite the hour, it seems that someone in the kitchens decided that cooking up strips of meat would be an easy way to feed those people that trickle in during the hours after the main dinner time. Thus, there's a rather pleased Lyrifah settled at the edge of his seat, with a meatroll..wrapped in bacon. Humming a bit, he takes a peek at his hand, quite purple along the area between thumb and forefinger. There's a slight face made, giving it a poke with a free finger before taking another large bite of his food. Bliss.

Torian walks in from the bowl, having spent the day out in the greater areas of the Weyr. He heads for a table just as the kitchen staff had set down a fresh pot of Klah and pours himself a cup which he hastily takes a drink of. "Ok, that was certainly needed."

Enka makes an escape from the sands! Or maybe not. The goldrider doesn't look nearly as sweaty or wrung out as one might expect from hours spent nursemaiding a broody queen dragon on baking hot sand. A folder of paperwork goes thunk onto the nearest table, barely glanced at, as she makes her way towards the serving table. Oh, bacon! Yummy yummy gresy dead pig. "Oughta give a medal to whoever thought to make this up," she comments, to anyone in the area who cares to hear. "Just goin' to grab me a quick snack, and head back home to check in on the boys."

Sometimes being a parent meant that your schedule changes a little based on things the babies needed. And since the babies were due for a check up and mom was on the sands that meant dad had to wait to get dinner. But now here they were! K'ael is pushing the double stroller with the two boys inside who are surprisingly awake at this time of night. The caverns weren't someplace they got to venture into every day. Food! Glorious food! The bronzer makes a mound of meatrolls and whatever else is left from dinner on a plate. He sneaks in behind Enka, chuckling a bit. "No need, I've got them here."

Lyrifah pauses in his eating, mouth held gaping open around his meaty goodness, when that folder goes down on a table. It's a resounding noise in the mostly-quiet cavern, after all. Night is the best time for eating, after all, when things have calmed down quiet a bit. Teeth finally close down on his meatroll/bacon wrap, and there's some slow chewing involved, but a grin does make it's way across his face. "I'd say it was me, but if I thought of it, there wouldn't /be/ any here. Would've done eaten it all before anyone could've thought to put it out." There's a slight crunch as he nibbles on the end of a bacon strip, and then leans to get a look as K'ael and..babies..enter. Greasy fingers just give a bit of a wave at the stroller.

Bethanny is in her room, but has been drawn out by the smells… freshly cooking food.. even though she doesnt eat much, it never fails to do the job. Comming into the LC, she takes a deeeeeeep breath, then open her eyes, wondering if anyone saw her. Taking a look around finally she notices Torian, and also the Weywoman herself, along with another boy round her own age, and also another rider with the WW who she doesnt know. She makes her way over to the counter, and gets herself a small meatroll and a couple of strips of the beautifully cooked hot bacon, and then a small cup of klah and goes and sits at one of the tables, away from the WW, who still gives her the.. well, intimidates her.

Torian pauses mid drink, and realizes that he is far from the only person in the cavern this evening. Scanning around he flushes a bit as he notices that of all people it is the Weyrwoman herself. He finds a corner nearest the firepit taking pot of Klah and Mug he sits.

"That's just bein' greedy," Enka says in mock disapproval, wagging a finger in Lyrifah in jesting amusement. "On the other hand, I can see if it had been you who'd cooked all this up, I can see why you'd horde it for yourself. It's delicious." she's popping one of the strips into her mouth, chewing with enthusiasm as she putters about. A bit of bread, some salad greens, and tomato, with a few more strips of bacon laid on top, and voila, it's a BLT. For someone who doesn't really /cook/ anything other than desserts, the goldrider's got a pretty dab hand at making a meal. On the other hand, she's got a family now, which means more in-weyr time, and less running down to the living caverns for a meal so she's had to learn. At the sound of K'ael's voice, she turns, grinning broadly. "Well, so there they are." It does mean she can relax. "Find us a seat." she suggests, pointedly NOT looking at that folder of paperwork. Anywhere but /there/. "You need anythin' up here?" she offers to the bronzerider before giving Torian a slight nod in greeting.

K'ael chuckles at Lyrifah. "I woulda probably done the same thing. If my arteries didn't explode beforehand. They'd find me tomorrow morning, big as a house just sitting in a pool of bacon grease… mmm.." The bronzer for his part can't be bothered with bread or vegetables or anything good for himself like that. At least he can't at this time of day. The bronzer still generally can't manage more than simple things that didn't involve much cooking. Stick in oven, take out a predetermined amount of time later. He could handle that. "Yes ma'am." He nods to Enka about getting them a seat. "Juice if you please, love." The bronzer takes a seat near Lyrifah, forever hence known as Bacon-man. "So Bacon-man. You got a proper name?"

"Well I don't have any problem admitting, ma'am, that I'm definitely greedy with this stuff." Thankfully, despite his own growing body, Lyrifah doesn't have the stomach to horde /that/ much food. He seems quite content enough with his own as he finishes it, sticking fingers in his mouth to savor the last of the lingering bacon taste. Bethanny's arrival gets a look, and vague recollection is met with a slight wave before grabbing at a napkin. At least he had the forethought to get one of those and /not/ wipe his hands on already stained pants. No need to add to /their/ troubles. There's a bit of snickering though at K'ael, and the apprentice leans forward on his arms just a bit now that there is no longer food in front of him. "Wow, that'd be a sight. Though really, if you did, you could sell /tickets/. Everyone would want to see. I'd want to see, anyway, that'd be of those really amazing things people go and stare at. Could even sell little bacon pieces to remember the day they saw the ballooned bacon rider. It'd bring in lots of marks, guaranteed. Wha—oh! My name? It's Lyri."

Bethanny nods in return to the small wave from the boy, not knowing his name, but having seen him in the infirmary a few times when she has been working in an area that ISN'T the storeroom.. which is rare.. the healers seem to think since she is a healeraide, she is in fact a storegirl… Giving a little sigh, she turns and looks at Ori in the corner, but he looks like he wants to be alone, so she just looks down at the table, nibbling at the roll she has - the smallest one that was there.

Torian raises his hand in kind to the nod from the Weyrwoman, its not like he is afraid of a crowd of people, but he is more uncertain. In particular people he has not had much interaction with. Having spent the majority of his waking hours studying healing documents, he really does not have that much interaction. So finding the caverns so busy at this late an hour has him a bit uncertain. He tils his head slightly toward Bethanny offering her a faint smile before he burrys his face in the mug of klah once again.

Enka's lips thin into a faintly tolerant smile at the banter between K'ael and Lyrifah. "Be awful messy," she quips with good humor, "you, sittin' there in the middle of a puddle of grease. You'd have to exercise double time to get that weight off." she shakes her head with bemusement before pouring two mugs of juice. She's not a miracle-worker, she can't make one trip with everything she's got in hand, but at least she's quick about returning for the juice, having brought her plate over to the place where K'ael is seated. Along the way, she acknowledges Torian's uplifted hand with a smile and a nod, before flicking a glance in Bethanny's direction. "That all you're havin'? she queries, looking pointedly at the roll for a moment and then shrugs. No point in making anyone stuff their gut, and besides, the teen might have had dinner already. Plunking the mug down onto the table, she pushes it over to K'ael, kissing his cheek gently before she leans over to look at the two babies in the double stroller. "Were they any trouble, love?"

K'ael laughs. "Sell tickets? Well, I wouldn't be able to, being incapacitated by the bacon and all. Maybe Enka could though. Or whoever found me first. In either case I'll be sure to let you know if I find myself engulfed by the bacon. For right now I'll do the engulfing." He demonstrates by taking a big bite of bacon-wrapped meat. "If I ever get to that point I'll be done exercising. I'll just get a big ol' pot belly." The babies are squirming around a bit in the stroller but aren't crying or anything. The bronzer rubs at Enka's back a bit as she sits down. "Ah they were a little cranky after their checkup, so I let them take a nap. They might be up a little bit late tonight. Liam was angry at the bottle I think."

Lyrifah props his chin up in a hand, still grinning. Perhaps his mind has wandered off to all the odd bacon possibilities. Still, there's a bit of a snicker given after a bit, and he reaches out to snag his own cup off the table to sip at. "Of course, if the bacon's all /over/ you, I probably wouldn't be too interested in it, come to think of it. I mean..that's like licking a redfruit and then offering it to someone." He wrinkles his nose just a tad, tongue poking out. "Ew." Though he does seem a little distracted by squirmy things, and he leans to take another peek at the stroller.

Torian slides closer, ever so closer to the rest of the occupants of the room, listening to the conversation, then cant stand it any more and has to comment, "Rider, if you gained that much weight, I think Azaeth would himself tell you to stop and decide to put you on a diet. Remember, you reflect on Him, and he reflects on you. If you are lazy, he will turn lazy and then who will fly Miraneith?" this is all in response to the bacon conversation which has gathered most of the rooms attention.

Bethanny looks up as the weyrwoman talks to her, and then looks down at her plate, as it does seem… rather empty, but then nobody really see's her eat a lot. "I..I'm not that hungry really.." she mumbles quietly. That said, she doesnt even finish it, leaving about 1/4 of the roll and one of the pieces of bacon, and gets up, taking the plate and her cup and putting them on the counter for clearing. "I.. I gotta go.." she adds, before very quickly dissapearing up the hallway heading for the residents hallway, the sound of running feet soon to be heard.

"Could sell tickets for five marks a-apiece," Enka suggests with a sudden wicked little grin. "Maybe even ten marks. Come one, come all, see the greasy baconated bronzerider." She taps a finger along her chin, looking decidedly thoughtful. "Might be a good way of makin' a little side income." Hey, this weyrmate thing has its perks. "You, done exercising?" K'ael gets a look. "Aint goin' to happen, I'd say." Not if the goldrider had anything to say about it. Lyri's peeking at the stroller and it's occupants has her smiling a bit. "The boys," she nods at them proudly. "That's Liam. And that's Ken." Thankfully, they're not identical, so it's easy to see who is who when Enka points them out. "Ought to take them for a bit of a walk then," she suggests to K'ael. "Seein' they might be up late. Poor Liam." she leans over more to chuck the baby under the chin. "I'll make it up to you later." Torian's outburst has the goldrider's brows rising in surprise as she looks up. "It doesn't really work quite that way," she remarks, "although I think in Azaeth's case, the feelin' is mutual."

K'ael chuckles. "Well yes, it would be kind of gross. I can't imagine a bacon bath is very good for anyone. The person in the bath or whoever has to do… clean up afterwards. Ten marks! Enka no one has that kind of money to waste on me but you." He laughs. "At any rate it's good to meet you, Lyri. I'm K'ael and this is Enka.. though you might know her already." There's a peer to Torian then. "Resident I don't aim to tell you your business, so I'd appreciate it if you stayed out of mine. At any rate I was joking around. There are plenty of bronzes to fly Miraneith around. I've had my fill of being weyrleader for one lifetime." He grins to Enka then. "I do miss Sharix though. Anyways I'm going to wrap the rest of this up and get these two out for a walk." The bronzer gives Enka a kiss and then waves to Lyri. "Keep an eye on the weyrwoman for me, will ya?"

Kyldar comes in from an inner cavern and waves friendlily to those already gathered. "Hello, good evening, all you fine folks," she greets. "It looks like I'm missing the party?"

Lyrifah rolls his eyes just a bit, head lolling to the side just a little as he peers at Torian. "Oh come on. It's called joking around." But K'ael seems to do a well enough job in interjecting on his own behalf. Thus, the boy closes his own mouth for the time being, although a salute is popped off at the bronzerider. "Yessir!" His head does give a turn at that, to stare quite meaningfully at Enka. "Keeping an eye on you, ma'am! Watchin'…yep." Alas, the appointed job brings only another fit of laughter from the boy after a moment, before he settles back in his seat with his drink, downing a bit more of it. "Party?" He certainly perks at that, brows lifting as he sends his gaze sweeping around the cavern.

Torian tilts his head, and then simply shakes it, he is in litteral mode after pouring over those documents all day. Even with a full mug of klah in him, he does yawn pretty heavy.. rubbing at the sunburnt skin he stands and takes whats left of the klah pot over to the night hearth. "I guess, after reading about the Dragons all day, that I took the conversation a bit to heart. I should be cautious as to only half hearing the topic of conversation when this tired. And with that, I should turn in for the evening. Good 'eve Werywoman.. " he nods to the others in kind as he makes his way toward the dorms.

Enka grins cheerily. "I'd bet you people would be willin' to spend ten marks for a spectacle like that." Maybe she's dreaming, really. But since they're just joking around anyway, what's the harm. "Gotta be some way a gal can earn a little extra marks around here." Not that way, thanks. She does grin wryly, nodding as K'ael mentions taking the twins for a walk. "Try and keep 'em up a bit, I'll be home later." Right now, she has a sandwich to eat. Which she proceeds to do, nodding at Torian's departure before she chuckles at Lyri. "I already got me one assistant, you tryin' for a guard position or somethin'?" She's teasing of course, she heard K'ael issue those orders. "Aint much of a party, Kyldar," she calls out to the greenrider. "Just a few of us hangin' around late."

Kyldar grabs a mug of klah and takes a seat. "Well, it certainly looks like almost a party," she says. "Anyway what am I missing? There are not many 'specatcles' for which I'd shell out ten marks."

Lyrifah drains his cup, giving it a vaguely forlorn look once empty. It's put down on the table, however, and the boy just sits there, leaning forward on his arms for the time being. "Hehe..I could be! Could, if I didn't like smithin' so much." Though he eyes his empty cup, before turning his eyes toward Kyldar with a grin. "I think parties need more music, really."

"Well.." Enka drawls out the word, "I'm not sure if you'd be willin' to shell out ten marks, but we could have sold tickets to see a baconated greasy bronzerider. Interested? Or no?" Considering that the bronzerider in question is no longer in the vicinity, well… that's a moot point. "Shells, nice to see you know what you want to do with your life," she comments to Lyri. "Smithin' and all. When I was your age, I didn't know what I wanted, 'cept gettin' a place of my own and havin' a home that nobody could pry me out of. Didn't even start bakin' as a craft till after I graduated from weyrlinghood." she grins a little. "Yeah, music. Lots of music. Don't suppose you could sing, could you?" she eyes Lyri. "And Kyldar, you could play an instrument, right?"

Kyldar quirks an eyebrow. "Baconated greasy bronzerider?" she echoes quizzically. "Um. Maybe, depending on how the bronzerider turns out to become baconated and greasy, and what ensues from the grease and baconation." Pause. "As for my own craft, I'm getting pretty well behind since I got myself Impressed to Sinasapelth, but yes, as a harper I do play a few instruments, actually."

Lyrifah tilts his head a bit, and just smiles. "Hehe, yeah. Well, at least it's what I'm pretty sure I want to do. I like making stuff so it seems like a good fit. And if I'm good at it people will even buy the stuff I make. Once I get good enough to really make the good stuff." Though there's a pause at that, with the apprentice looking just a bit…blank. "..Jewelry, I mean. That's what I do." Well clarification is important! He does get up, however, climbing to his feet with just a little bit of a yawn. One hand covers his mouth for a moment..although it's drawn away with a grimace. Bacon smelling hands! "Er..eheh..might not want me to start singing, ma'am. Not unless you want me to send all the firelizards about, shrieking. I guess..I should probably go wash up though. Much as that all tasted good, I don't think I should wander about smellin' like bacon when I go to bed.."

Enka quirks a brow at Kyldar. "Eatin' bacon. Too much bacon." she supplies, "although, I'm sure we could find ways to consider the alternatives for the baconation and the grease." Cough. She applies herself to bacon sandwich and juice for a moment, before nodding. "Well there'd be the music right there." Lyri gets a wry grin. "Well, no singin' from you then. Which aint much of a loss. I can't sing to save my life either." she nods slightly. "Go ahead, wash up. Can't go to sleep like that. Someone in the dorms might start dreamin' about bacon, and you'd find 'em gnawin' on your ankle or somethin'."

Kyldar looks at both and knits her brow. "Um, really?" she says. "Neither one of you? It's not as if only a trained harper can carry a tune in a briefcase, y'know. As for the baconation, yeah, I might pay admission for that, though ten marks is a little steep. It's several month's pay for a craft apprentice, y'know."

"..That wouldn't be very cool." People crawling into Lyrifah's bed..gnawing on him in his sleep? Wait until he's old enough to get drunk for something like that! Another sniff is taken of his hands though, before quite purposefully dropping them to his sides. "Mmhm. Washing is..definitely where I'm going. Lots of soap..never gonna come out though. Bet I smell like bacon for a /week/ and get eaten by someone in the dark, and.." He pauses, peering at Kyldar for a moment. "Doesn't take a harper, but sure doesn't make everyone sound great when they start trying to belt out tunes, either. Nooo thanks." He does move then, however, hurrying off around the table and off toward the lower caverns. He'll just have to endure the bacon scent that clings to him..for now.

"Can't sing to save my life," Enka remarks, it's much to the disappointment of her Harper mother, whom Enka /never/ sees anyway and refuses to acknowledge. "My little brother now, he's an apprentice back at the Hall, and shells if he's goin' to be a master someday. Got all the talent in the family." Just like Enka's the only one of her siblings to ride a dragon like their father. "Be awful that would," she calls over to Lyri. "Bein' mistaken for bacon." His departure is greeted with a farewell wave.

Kyldar sips her klah and nods. "I'm only a second generation Harper, though I am a fifth generation rider, but I do tend to concentrate on vocal performance on the harper side. Singing isn't hard, though. 'If you can talk, you can sing.'"

Enka polishes off the rest of her sandwich, mumbling something around a mouthful of food before she chews and swallows, chasing the meal down with a gulp of juice. "Ah." she nods, understanding rather well indeed. "I think there's a difference though between talkin' and singin'. Some people just aint got the throat for the latter." she grins faintly, chair scraping back as she glances over to eye that big folder of paperwork sitting on a nearby table. Oh, /now/ she looks at it. "I probably ought to get that back to my office, and head home." She doesn't seem to relish the idea of toting the thing though.

Kyldar shrugs. "We all have our talents," she says, "and we all have our niches." She looks at the folder and gives a quick nod. "Well, if you're heading back out then good night to you, Weyrwoman."

"Mmm, true enough," Enka nods briefly, finally rising to her feet, taking the time to bus her table before trooping past Kyldar to retrieve that folder of paperwork. "G'night," she says, smiling a bit at the greenrider. And then, well, it's time to go. So off she goes, headed for the entryway into the bowl.

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